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>HoloEN creates the leg meme
>HoloJP copies it
>HoloEN plays TTRPG
>HoloJP copies it
>HoloEN does drawing streams
>HoloJP copies it
Do they have no creativity in the japanese branch?

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>>HoloEN plays TTRPG
>>HoloJP copies it

>HoloEN does drawing streams
>HoloJP copies it

? Do you think JP hasn't had drawing streams and ttrpg before EN? Also what TTRPG streams are JP doing recently,

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You don't realise that their audience has a lot of crossover and they're spamming those ideas constantly. Only natural the JP branch listens to their audience.

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>HoloJP exists
>HoloEN copies it

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>Japan creates Virtual YouTubers
>America copies it

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weak bait

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Because they're trying to grow their channels and EN's been extremely popular, so they're going to be looking at what they're doing and emulating it where appropriate.

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Oh, and before someone calls me a liar...

JP girls copying the leg memes:
JP girls playing TTRPG:
JP girls doing drawing streams:

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>>HoloEN plays TTRPG
>>HoloJP copies it

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Not really no.

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See below

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Marine never did drawing streams before very recently. Probably decided to do them after seeing how successful Ina's drawing streams are. Do japs even know what TTRPG stands for? Bet they learned from Calli's stream.

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This bait is obvious and lazy to the point of it being extremely frustrating to read, but

>HoloEN plays TTRPG
>HoloJP copies it

Tell me this is true, that sounds fucking dope.

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newfag. Check her archives.

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More like they were instructed to do that by management. You didn't point the most obvious one like holoJP playing Henry Stickmin, but it's likely the management instructing them to.

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JP holos have done ttrpg collabs years ago

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Oh yeah, you're right. I found it really strange that Pekora played that game a few days after Gura played it, I never even heard about that thing before.

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How new?

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Let them be leeches. Anyone with a brain knows what's really going on.

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>4 days ago is years ago
yeah sure

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Which ones? I'm guessing no clips exist, but I'm still curious.

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Uhm, ok sure i concede. But the fact that they just made one very recently is still because they saw Calli's stream and decided to revive it on their branch.

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What's the system they are playing? I love the name Noob Bomb.

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I know you are just baiting but please lobotomize yourself as soon as possible

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give up newfriend

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Well, why don't you address the other points then? Including the Henry Stickmin one.

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Don't forget Friday Night Funkin' and Henry Stickmin.

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90% of boys are having girl friends
while 10% are busy having a brain

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>>HoloEN creates the leg meme
>>HoloJP copies it
>>HoloEN plays TTRPG
>>HoloJP copies it
>>HoloEN does drawing streams
>>HoloJP copies it
>Do they have no creativity in the japanese branch?

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Dude fubuki has like 4 different campaigns all going on since before holoEN was even created, just give up

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This isn't bait anymore it's retardation

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it's been retardation the entire time.

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Stop trying fucking fag

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You do know that when they get permission to play a game a bunch of them start playing that game, right?
This happened countless times before HoloEN was a thing.

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Jesus christ you're an idiot.

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newfag bait 下げ

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Pekora and Gura both scheduled it at the same time. Pekora actually seems to often jump on new permissions like that regardless. The others though probably were either management suggesting it due to numbers or the holos themselves seeing the numbers and opting to schedule it.

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Why do you guys think management has any say on what the girls play or not? They don't play games just for numbers, retard. It's pretty clear they love their job and choose games that they think they will have fun with.

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>>HoloEN does drawing streams
>>HoloJP copies it

Anonchama, Marine is literally a mangaka

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Weak bait

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marine's been drawing for years lad

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magnificent, just splendid, just beautiful. the inability of blind praisers of anything JP to tell apart such weak bait in this post is a testament to the disconnect from the real world and real people that results in their fantasized view of a foreign country in the first place
you will never be japanese, you dont and will never have any skills that would make japan want you in their society

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I'm pretty sure Korone started the whole png limbs thing that Nene copied that was featured on a reddit meme that then appeared on Ame's stream. Ame can't draw so she commissioned one.

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All all of those things the EN girls just stole from random youtubers that have been doing that shit for a decade lmfao

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/jp/ was right to gatekeep after EN debut....

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Yeah korone has been drawing limbs on her for long time already. Also ame didn't even create or commission the legs. She found it on twitter from her fan and used it as asset. People liked it there first so she then decided to do an official one after that.

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Lmao at your cope that Korone was the one who started the leg trend


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the entirety of holoshit has no creativity,
in fact before 2019 third gen etc,
they literally used nijisanji meta tags and copied them, they didn't even do the idolshit thing untill 3rd gen and bilibili got popular with them

look what they did to haachama and coco when they tried doing something new....

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I will eat all baits and kill all rrats.
I will defend my oshi even after she graduates.

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I guess it's mostly disbelief in the mass appeal.
>Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft
>APEX (you WILL play it)
>Among Ourselves
>Getting Over It
>Undertale arc
>poor man painting game whose name I forgot
>Sausage King (though I don't know the timeframe or extent of that one being popular)
>Night delivery / horror kusoge
>new RE
>Henry Stickman
>Collabhouse 52 (though I believe this one is mostly an icebreaker, same for Super Bunny Man)
>Phasmo (when your internet is having those days)
Of course if 10 people play the same game, that's still 1 in 4 which isn't that incredible. And I am sure we didn't have much more than that for most of those games (at least the single player ones)

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>HoloEN does drawing streams
>HoloJP copies it
now that's what I call shitposting

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Why does EN have to copy Pikamee like that?

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It's been ages since someone played Ark on Hololive. Korone and Okayu don't even play Minecraft anymore. Among Us is a FOTM game, it will die in some months. Undertale is huge in Japan. Only 5 people played henry stickmin

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Literally who?

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You have a bunch of girls saying on stream that managers tell them "hey x girl played this game, you should play it too", of course it's up to them to actually play it but it's not like they have anything else in mind

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Marine is doing that because shes retiring when her contract is up

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She's one of the most passionates, she's not quitting anytime soon.

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Get a better bait retard

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Anon I know this gets done in every thread but pretending to be retarded won't always get you the sources, like I'm spending my time looking thorugh which of the hundreds of zatsudans subaru said this

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It's almost like that's how a trend fucking starts, dumbass. Somebody does something, others try doing it too, another person does it in some wild and crazy way, and suddenly it's super popular amongst everybody.

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Marine was famously good at drawing and semi-regularly did drawing streams before she became a one note reddit joke

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Nigger they work for the same company, it is normal for them to push a trend started by a fellow coworker. The true leechers are the indies and the ones from other companies that steal their ideas without giving back to cover...

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