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Your oshi

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It's obvious...

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Damn cocos got legs for days

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Your oshi

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It's so obviously Haachama.

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Hopefully Susan from youtube.

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her lung is going to graduate from her body

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The next one will be someone nobody expects, life likes to give its hardest punches when we're already down

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Giant tits

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Marine. She's been talking about it. Ichimis already know so they aren't up in arms about it.

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Pekora, because its unexpected

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Your oshi

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Not friend!

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(you)'re NEXT!

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wait... lulu?

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Yes anon, Lulu.

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Can Cover afford to lose a Gen3

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Flare or Noel going will probably cripple the other one in the long term.
Pekora is too active and pulls in her own numbers, Marine is just behind her, and Rushia is the current paypig.
Probably no but Coco is literally leaving and they'll prob survive that.

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The left field pick would be Gura.

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Left field would be Kagami.

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If they can survive Coco leaving, then I don't see how Flare or Noel leaving would be a big deal for them. Heck, both of them could leave and it wouldn't make as big of a dent as Coco.
Pekora, Marine and Rushia would fucking cripple them though.

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If either of them graduate people are gonna have a cow and know Cover is doing something wrong. well, more wrong than usual.

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Haato's practically gone already. Aqua is probably next. I don't follow Niji so I don't know.

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Is the Zhang spam really that bad for aqua right now? I don't follow her

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Who would miss that old hag though?

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It's gonna be Kanae.

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Too late.

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The three emotional pillars of the company are FBK, Coco, and Marine. Losing Marine is almost a deathblow.

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pokimane will outlive all of them. Imagine taking up youtubing and just stopping cold turkey after 3 years

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will lose to suns in the playoffs

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Aqua has Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese going after her

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hopefully, me

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TIME TO KEEP MOVING I WANT IT TO STAY STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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EOPs rn

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I assume for being a fence sitter and not talking to coco?

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There is also Apex drama.

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Time-travel poster here.

It was Okayu. And it wasn't graduation.

Nobody saw it coming and nobody was prepared for it. Korone was devestated. Hololive's death spiral really began then.

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Yeah but Cover in a stroke of retarded brilliance built a support group of Nene and Shuuba around her.

We might be schizos but at least we have the decency to keep it to ourselves.

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>gets a new outfit
>gets a new outfit
>gets a new outfit

New outfits are not a good sign

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Lulu is graduating? Why?

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Fuck if you had rolled triple sixes

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Haachama and Shion

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Nice dubs though.

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I'm another time traveler. It'll be Lamy. Digit confirms.

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I wish this happens

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Digit confirms you're a fag and no one graduates

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Tokyo Ghoul...

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these two

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In all seriousness, Shion is probably already graduated. She just doesn't announce it to stop Aqua from having a mental breakdown.

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Mostly the Apex shit and her not talking to them after while she took a break.
They really felt empowered when she showed how much it was getting to her.
Feeding trolls is bad yo.

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If it's Pekora, I will commit suicide

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More like,
> very popular vtuber obviously would get a new outfit
>she announces graduation
>better hurry to finish that outfit so it wasn't all wasted

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The free market will fix it. Ai, Mirai Akari, and Siro all outliving these 2d streamers. Waiting for a vtuber that creates content that respects the viewer's time while also not under the threat of having their content wiped when they quit

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either Miko or Pekora

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If we are getting any more Hololive graduations, they're probably going to save them for after Coco's graduation so they don't steal any thunder from her. If we aren't getting any more graduations, Cover will definitely want to announce a new generation of vtubers to make people move on. Either way, expect big news in July.

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If it's Pekora, right now, then Vtubing is done. Not just Hololive but the whole dream is over.
Just like if Coco and Haato were fired in October instead of fazing out.

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Haato and Shion.

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What would Pekora even do aside from being a vtuber?

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>inb4 the whole hololive fucking graduate

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She did say everyone Has to be there for her anniversary stream (08/17), because it's really important.
She was the first to give out red flags and with all the shit she's been through the last ... 9 months, she hasn't been the same.
But unlike Coco, who keeps getting back up no matter how many times she's punched down, Shion leaving is really worrying for her. Because she's a shut-in with few friends outside of Hololive, low social skills and tendency for depression.
If she leaves, maybe she can get back to school and find something else in time.

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The next one will be a death. Screenshot me.
Shame I will also be dead before it happens.
Maybe it was my own death I foresaw.
Take care of your oshi bros.

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She has been dealing with some anti through some legal process. Whether it is taking its sweet time or it is making her reconsider her position I guess we'll see with time.

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Go back to cosplay. Sing. VA. Become tiddy streamer.

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so do the same thing

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this fucking sssssssuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkssssssssssssssss like with Coco it's whatever since she will still be ONLINE, she will still be on her other channel. But Gibara and Lulu, they just left... no more internet nothing.... LIke....

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I lost both Saine sisters i was having fun watching, i don't even care anymore. I will just stare at the ceiling with blank eyes hearing about the eventual upcoming graduations over and over while mumbling "another graduation..." to myself until the whole vtuber world crumbles into dust

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If they can survive Coco then they can survive Anything. That's an "If" though. Remember Coco hasn't graduated yet. Meaning it's not a certainly how badly her graduation might affect Cover. But The Great Migration that will soon happen come July 1st will have long lasting effects.

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>The Great Migration
What the fuck is this supposed to be?

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Pretty much, just IRL. Maybe even get herself a new model and become an indiechad.

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No. Hololive can't survive Pekora leaving. And Niji can't survive Kuzuha leaving. If either Pekora or Kuzuha leaves, everybody will get depressed and stop vtubing

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i still think shion or aqua gonna go first

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good do this world a favor, nousagifags are literally the main reason why this board is so shit right now,
all of you are dramafags or zhangs

>> No.5587586

thats a good thing though.

everyone then can start indie without the black cover

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Lulu is happy as fuck playing Pokemon and Subnautica, try actually watching streams

>> No.5587679

the only reason why they survived coco leaving is people still white knighting about her leaving on her own accord,
eventually some rrat will actually get through, aside from shirotaki and narukami the obscure youtubers,
perhaps pewdiepie or cr1tical gonna make some weird call out on cover,
then they are finished when twitter starts shitting on them for firing coco

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Watch Kurea you faggot
Their sisters would not have wanted you to ignore her

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Na, Nijisanji could easily survive Kuzuha leaving. It'd hurt, sure, I'd miss his dumb face, but he's his own small group, and with a few good friends, and larger loose friend circle.
Pekora, however, is DEEPLY nested with most of them. That'd be a gaping wound.

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Kurea... I wonder if she will ever call it quits soon. All alone...

>> No.5587904

The entirety of JP could collapse in on itself and EN could hold itself up. not even an indictment about the relative strengths of the branches, its more that Covers insistence on isolating EN would probably insulate them from a fallout.

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Last night when i was about to sleep i heard Peko-chan's voice telling me sayonara.
I legit did hear a girls voice telling me goodbye, it was scary as hell tbtbh

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>> No.5588087

>She's been talking about it
When? I can only think of one occassion when this happened and she affirmed right after that she wasn't leaving.

>> No.5588195

Some people don't understand that Pekora is Hololive. If she goes, the company is doomed.

>> No.5588233

>Some people don't understand that Gura is Hololive. If she goes, the company is doomed.

>> No.5588237


On the Nijisanji side Ange and Mikoto are looking suspicious. Especially Mikoto

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be gone falseflagger

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she already has a model anon

>> No.5588297

because people started spamming supas saying they will kill themselves

>> No.5588343

Mikoto debuted in August. Nijisanji has 2 year contracts so if she's going she'll be leaving then or soon after. Ange's second year already passed so she's probably "safe" for another year or even two.

>> No.5588364

Does Shion wrote anything on her other twitter/fanbox lately? I thought that she's getting better now.

>> No.5588393

Mousey has been in this game longer than anyone else and she'll be here long after everyone else. She has literally nothing else.

>> No.5588399

Hopefully Korone, she's so boring.

>> No.5588456

in context it was not her talking about leaving hololive soon though, she was talking about doujins and that she might make one once she left in the future.

>> No.5588470

Substantiate your claim.

>> No.5588493

your bait is boring

>> No.5588518

I get bored when I watch her.

>> No.5588573

It still shook her enough to publicly chastise doomfags. She didn't mean it like doomfags say but it is obvious that she backtracked once she noticed she hit a nerve.

I thought Ichimis were chill and not emotionally dependent on Senchou...

>She has literally nothing else.
Sakura Miko is the same. She will leave when the company goes bankrupt or the Lord takes her.

>> No.5588599

Don't fucking talk about Ange retiring ever ever ever

>> No.5588613

She said she had a important announcement to make at her big birthday stream in 2 months. Pretty likely it's a retirement

>> No.5588738

>because people started spamming supas saying they will kill themselves
That's honestly fucking disturbing. And it's also extremely rude and insensitive to say that kind of shit to the streamer. It's wrong and manipulative to guilt-trip people like that.

>> No.5588958

*we* all know that
these people are schizos anon, they cannot be reasoned with

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my mind says it probable
my heart says it´s impossible
my ears say big red heart

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People were saying that about Coco's reach, that once she leaves the EN dream is over, yet 8 months of slowly fading and visible frustration softened the blow.

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But in those 8 months the EN girls manage to make their branch their own. Especially with Gura on their side. Holo JP can't work without Peko.

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Of the 3 that got me into Nijisanji, Ange, Lulu and Gibara, Ange had me the most worried with how bad her health had gotten. Thankfully, at least she looks to be bouncing back.

>> No.5589227

shes already gone,
indefinite haitus is basically hunter x hunter levels of never continuing,
they just gonna put her on haitus forever, shes basicly gone for good already

>> No.5589261

>Debut in August.
If she comes back around that time with a 'special announcement' you know what it is.

>> No.5589268

Anon, i tried i really did, i wanted to enjoy all of them but i just can't. I've got nothing against her but i don't get any enjoyment out of her streams.

>> No.5589352

>Bouncing back
She really isn't. She's streaming less and less. Though thanks to Niji's contracts being 2 years and her already on her third year she's probably safe

>> No.5589383

My rrat is that she feels guilty of Coco's graduation and its affecting her mental health even more.

>> No.5589520

The saddest part of all this is that THEY KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT!

>> No.5589526

>filtered by comfy radio
Zoom zoom

>> No.5589576


>Believes in that conspiracy

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Man this song is still a bop. I miss peak Haachama

>> No.5589628

You should have listened to it before she went full schizo.

>> No.5589630

Her spirits have been higher. I think she is better. Also what the fuck is it with half of vtubers being super sickly?

>> No.5589657


>> No.5589677

The Zhang virus mainly affects Japanese vtubers because of what Coco said some months ago.

>> No.5589854

Wait what, what have I missed? I was legit in hospital recently. Thought I was having a heart attack but it was my pancreas.
Fuck Susan for real though. Worst thing to happen to Youtube, besides Google in general.

>> No.5590297

I mean without Coco proving there's a big market for it, the very idea of an EN branch might not even exist

>> No.5590414

Who do you think are the main candidates for
being vtubers? Certainly not athletes that exercise regularly and take care of their mind and body

>> No.5590415

Wait, is Lulu actually leaving for real?

>> No.5590654

She would have likely given them a Spanish branch as well if she could have gotten the momentum.
They still to this day sub all their vids with Spanish despite dropping every other major region outside the current branches.

>> No.5590695

Unfortunately yes, seems like she did everything she wanted to do as a vtuber for now. Don't know what the future holds

>> No.5590861

Came to post this, based

>> No.5591751

Miko, Marine, Haato and Gura

>> No.5591786

But you are already retired comdost

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She's all we have left of Su and now Lulu.
I will stay by her side while she tells me horoscopes and browses food on twitter until the very end...

>> No.5592255

not my doggo bros

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>> No.5592454

I don't know if I should be worried that I know all but one of them, or that I don't know the one with a blue flower towards the top right.

>> No.5592491


>> No.5592575

Somehow, Kizuna AI will graduate from Hololive.

>> No.5592606

Someone quickly post the teletubbies Chowa webm

>> No.5592638

>Coco had the whole situation going on
>Lulu acomplished that she se up to do
Why dod oto leave tho?

>> No.5592706

please no I need my teasing nee-san (male)
>tfw hunterfag and hachaamafag
feels pretty bad bros

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>> No.5592778

Yeah, I'm already getting in the mindset that she's pretty much gone.

>> No.5592782

i thought they already fired her

>> No.5592797

they would sacrifice half the roster before they let gura go

>> No.5592826

With how different the appeal of her reincarnation is, she might as well be dead.

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>> No.5592837

thank you

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i know

>> No.5592935

she will graduate the day of her literal death

>> No.5592972

It can't be suisei, her and Pekora are flagship Holo idols. It'd be a devastating blow without someone else moving up in the ranks.

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But my oshi is Lulu...

>> No.5593039

her illness is exaggerated to create sympathy and easy money

>> No.5593113

>never really streamed that much
>bullied by the company into retiring and now Yagoo is trying to make money out of here with the merch
>lost consciousness on stream two times and could die at any moment of overworking. At this point It's better for her health if she retire and just do the voice actress shit
If I had to bet on who is gonna retire next I would say Sasaki for niji and Haachama for hololive

>> No.5593142

All the vtubers who are quitting at really out of left field. So the next one would probably be just equally baffling.

Something like the omega sisters would be crazy.

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>Taiwan controversy apology ===>DENIED
>HoloEN gen 0 ===>DENIED
>play in HoloEN minecraft server ===>DENIED
>Schizo Arc Grand Finale===>DENIED
>Tarantula Eating Contest ===>DENIED
>Yabai Content ===>DENIED
Everything has a limit anon, you have to understand and let go

>> No.5593406

Regarding the Omega sisters, I heard that one of them gave birth.
Is that true?

>> No.5593430

the worst thing about her graduation would be that she likely won´t continue streaming as someone else and we will lose her forever

>> No.5593713

Yeah they're both pregnant by me

>> No.5593777

How are you in every fucking thread?

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>Sasaki for niji

>> No.5593978

wish you a speedy recovery

>> No.5594030

the domestic abuse vtuber still makes unconfortable to this day. anybody know anything about her?

>> No.5594066

I know, all her shenanigans are too tied to the character, plus she already considers this vtubing thing as something to fill time and ease her mind. Once Haachama is done, she'll move on pretty quickly.

>> No.5594100


>> No.5594117

Haato and Shion.
Sukoya will go on her 9 month break, then graduate when she gets back.
774 is in a great spot right now. I don't see anybody wanting to leave, but maybe they will get frustrated with low growth.

>> No.5594224

Hanayori is basically dead now. Why did Kano have to erase her past?

>> No.5594284

I only really knew this group because Kano was part of it and I knew Kano for a while from her utaite days. People actually cared about those other bitches?

>> No.5594375

He's been talking pretty often about it. He always ends it on a lighter tone saying he's not leaving but I don't know if I totally buy it.

>> No.5594440

Why would he leave? He's very successful.
I know he said he wanted to kill himself by 25 (or 30?), but that can't be the only reason.

>> No.5594569

Gibara Coco Lulu were all successful and they still left. There is no fucking way any of them are going to be more successful regardless of what they do

>> No.5594624

probably not but kano was and still is quite sick
also she is still an utaite

>> No.5594628

It's different for the girls, because there is the expectation that they settle down once they get to a certain age.
Kanae isn't limited by that - he's at peak performance right now. Does he just not want to risk getting complacent in his position? Move onto something else before things get stale?

>> No.5594749
File: 559 KB, 1080x1080, Eri3_4tW4AIcFeN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That anon is being a bit dramatic but Pekora is currently one of the most successful female streamers, and losing her would be a hit to vtubing as a whole. I'm pretty sure this ranking got updated since then and Pekora is third now but I don't have the image of it.

>> No.5594890
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stop, if i lose my daily dose of kanae i'll never watch a nijisanji stream again

>> No.5595536

Sorry anon, everything has to end someday....

>> No.5595604

She is still fucking around in Niji streams. C'mon at least pick someone believable

>> No.5595656

Kanae has been a utaite for god knows how long. Why would he quit now?

>> No.5595728

I hope it only ends when death do us part.

>> No.5595792

i know everything ends but he's been such a constant in my life i would be devastated. i pretend to not notice when he jokes about graduating because he seems like someone who would upload their consciousness into the virtual world to continue streaming long after humanity crumbles

>> No.5596487

I am omnipresent
I am fucking everyone's oshis and impregnating them all at the same time

>> No.5596599

She announced a 9 month break starting at the end of June, a month ago. Did you miss it?

>> No.5596699

And did you miss her showing up in collabs and shit? She's just taking a break from streaming.

>> No.5596913

We should be good for a while. Celebrity deaths come in threes.

>> No.5596956

The rrat, ironically, is that she's graduating from university. So to move on in her life, she's also graduating from vtubing.

>> No.5596981

If they fired her, she wouldn't have called her pre-retirement a hiatus. I think she's just waiting until Coco's gone before announcing her graduation as to (theoretically) lessen the impact on the fans..

>> No.5597099
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It's going to be Korone. Haato can keep doing her break cycle but Korone is someone who will either keep streaming overtime or quit for good and we know something has happened recently that made her want to do it.

>> No.5597213

Shion has straight up said that she isn't graduating when she came back after Coco's announcement. It would be really shitty of her to lie.

>> No.5597253

She's a terrible voice actor (by her own admission), she's an average singer, she only did that one cosplay, and she lacks the sexuality to be a titty streamer like Noel or Choco. The rabbit/comedian shtick, with her iconic silhouette, needs to be milked for as long as possible.

>> No.5597383

>missing the most iconic retirement of japanese vtuber

>> No.5597510


isn't she all face? Doesn't she have a fridge body.

>> No.5597533

Who? Luna?

>> No.5597551

Well, in her case, she will quit when she finishes her medical school and get a real job, the medical job is pretty brutal and I doubt she can have time for streamnig

>> No.5597581

the one and only angel

>> No.5597627

>she all face?
Go find her without the makeup. It's a disaster. Twitch standards are disastrous.

That is something weird about Japanese idol culture. They seem to be here today gone tomorrow. In the West these types go way beyond their useby date and clearly begin to rot. Both are horrible but I guess the former can be nice. I just hope the ones that do retire have made a small fortune and have something nice set up for their future. Knowing that they had nothing else to look forward to would be depressing.

>> No.5597638

Pekora leaving would do some damage but I highly doubt it would cripple hololive too much. Why? Because Pekora isolates herself so much. Outside of Minecraft, she's basically a loner. Marine leaving would have way more consequences, just because of how many emotional and social connections she's made with other holos. If Pekora leaves, other's will think she's just lone wolfing it. If Marine leaves, other holo's will think something is truly wrong with Cover, especially since Marine has a history of ditching black companies.

>> No.5597651

still a 9 month break. just showing up twice a month doesn't mean it's not a break

>> No.5597704

Ah, the one that got shamed by her parents into retiring?

>> No.5597857

>I thought Ichimis were chill and not emotionally dependent on Senchou...
She's told them not to be and that she's out of reach. That they should all work on being self reliant so they don't need her some day. But gachikois are gachikois...

>> No.5598046

If we're talking about fans who would lose their shit, and even the vtuber themselves, it's probably watame.

>> No.5598147

I'm not emotionally dependent on Senchou. But her zatsudans are, at this point, one of the only sources of "normal" conversation I have. Obviously it is completely 1-sided, but that doesn't change things.
If she were to go, I would probably move on from vtubers in general, and I would have to find a real hag.

>> No.5598148

They really didn't have to go all political on china

>> No.5598360

>Its nobody from hololive
>The world pulls the biggest troll and Ironmouse fucking dies

>> No.5598405

>I would have to find a real hag.
You know she would encourage you to do that now, not wait until she retired.

>> No.5598406

I think I'll just go back to anime bros.
I don't want to feel this feels...

>> No.5598450

lmao sauce that up bitch

>> No.5598611

Problem is, HoloEN as a focus in itself is a bit of a dead end in some ways. Superchats aren't big money for a company the size of Cover, and with the girls being split up all over the globe, there's little chance of getting them to the offices and studios in Japan on the regular to do business-generating, high visibility content like 3D events and concerts, let alone the coaching required to perform in them. As big as HoloEN is, Cover still needs to maintain their domestic roots over everything else since it's what they can reliably grow their business on, and what other japanese companies look at when deciding whether to invest or not. HoloEN can't hold HoloJP up, only funnel some extra traffic and side income towards them; HoloJP can, and has to, hold HoloEN up. If JP falters, Cover might not be able to afford to support HoloEN's activity in their current capacity.

>> No.5598629

Dola is too old to do anything else anon....

>> No.5598660

Imagine being so petty to attempt taking a bunch of teenage shitposters to court. Literally EN whore-tier

>> No.5598661

>has a history of ditching black companies.

>> No.5598708

Kiara actually thought she would be travelling back and forth to Japan monthly to do 3D streams....

>> No.5598888

Yes. She used to work the office life and did the whole "riding the last train home" shtick. She left that despite the social pressures Japanese culture imposes on people who quit.

>> No.5598995

She was 3rd, almost tied for 2nd for Q1 2021, if she keeps her regular numbers, no events even, Pekora's on her way to being the top female streamer for 2021.
With how much Valkyrae's numbers have dropped and how little Pokimane streams.

>> No.5599013

You don't know it is that, it could be an IRL harasser. Someone threatening her with blackmail, etc.
Japans legal system is fucked, but it still doesn't stop some right psychos at times.

>> No.5599035

We had almost 50 graduations in February though.

>> No.5599074

Gura would die before leaving Hololive right now

>> No.5599092

>Aloe next to Chitose

>> No.5599189

That is bound to happen eventually anyways. With her conditions, her life expectancy isn't all that long.

>> No.5599208

Loosing Coco is almost a deathblow.

>> No.5599252

You're right. Maybe I should start watching Botan.

>> No.5599265

being happy doesn't change she still graduating

>> No.5599409

that's true. i think anon wasn't implying it actually happen. but it is true, she's about to level Kizuna.
Gura, FBK, Korone, and Peko do a lot to prop up that company.

>> No.5599434

carbon monoxide leak

>> No.5599491

She vanished for a good awhile due to the death of a family member and she's been on and off never since, it was probably someone important to her and might have been extremely sudden.

>> No.5599519

Actually this is a normal phenomenon, I hear my mom calling my name soemtimes when I'm right about to fall asleep.

>> No.5599530

graduated. i didn't know either. I'm sorry.
she was a good meme, above all.

>> No.5599563

>Had a strange dream last night about Ame
>Stuff involving time gates and such
>It ended with what was essentially a narration on the passage of time and how you can't stop it
Woke up almost in tears and that thought has been lingering in my head all day.

>> No.5599772

>upon death
This. Ironmouse has literally nothing else to do but die.

>> No.5599897

from life

>> No.5599904
File: 29 KB, 399x399, 94854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Real talk. How do you peacefully graduate Rushia without fandead turning tokyo upside down?

>> No.5599910

Yeah that's probably way worse. From Lulu's twitter it at least looks like she's out and socializing so she has a future. Having to watch your oshi die must suck.

>> No.5599980


>> No.5600004

They could do what Heaven's Gate did.

>> No.5600065

please fuck off.
In case you didn't know, the OmegaSis aren't actually twins, they are IRL best friends forever and roommates. However, one of them was able to pull off getting married, which is why the other has pulled more tech work for the project, and it's why they dropped their sub-channel.
The OmegaSis, despite being relatively comfortable with their real faces, haven't leaked a ton of information. We do know that the baby, mother, and husband are all doing fine, and that their friend in Nijisanji decided to drop by and say hi, yet got corralled into doing a video about the event.
so, someone outside their inner circle has seek the kid.
they made 3 video's on the subject because new mothers are insanely child-centric.

>> No.5600397

Yeah. what people don't get is that Ironmouse's condition is survivable. if she gets the right medical supplies and keeps away from outside contact (sadness) she can live into her 40's easily.
one nasty Hurricane, an American Civil War / Caribbean War, or Full Communism, and suddenly Ironmouse is no longer well supplied. her days would be very much numbered.

>> No.5600467

I want a mom vtuber.

>> No.5600501

>if she gets the right medical supplies
Hows her monetization look? I don't think vshoujo comes with a healthcare program.

>> No.5600570

She's already utilizing medical supplies. She has been for a long while.

>> No.5600703

kek came to the thread looking for this

>> No.5600713

Kiara grossly underestimated how incompetent Cover actually is.

>> No.5600832

To be fair if there wasn't a global pandemic right now there's a good chance she would have done at least a few 3D collabs.

>> No.5600833

>The entirety of JP could collapse in on itself and EN could hold itself up.
5 members wont hold up the company

>> No.5600928

Did you happen to forget about the chink flu dude? Japan isn't even open to foreigners right now.

>> No.5600997

Since I don't even know one of their names, they can't be counted as Celebrities now can they?

>> No.5601202

Wtf not like this bros...

>> No.5601229
File: 16 KB, 563x291, one_after_another.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5601370

wait, that cerberus girl is graduated ??

>> No.5601528

There is rrat that they attacked some girl because they though that was Shion.
She didn't took them to court for mean things in internet.

>> No.5601824


>> No.5601932

Because he's being doing for so long, and has not achieved anything to a level that incentivizes him to continue

>> No.5602160

>borders closed
I doubt even Kiara is that clueless

>> No.5602936

what happened to Yuzuki Roa ?

Last thing she did was like apologize about something 8 months ago.

>> No.5602967

Pochimaru already exists

>> No.5603021

If Toko graduates, it's very likely because she found another agency (not in Vtubing, definitely) that is better at supporting her music aspirations than Nijisanji.

>> No.5603071


>> No.5603205

Miko will coerce her into lesbian JAV

>> No.5603452

>and we know something has happened recently that made her want to do it
Is that related to Coco's graduation rrat or something else I'm not aware of?

>> No.5603494
File: 187 KB, 398x467, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Teletubbies say "Bye-bye!"

>> No.5603504


It's okay, they can't touch Fubuki.

>> No.5603562

Nobody knows. Last she talked about it she said it's unrelated to Coco but she can't say what it is yet.

>> No.5603615

>Nobody knows
Her mom is bedridden in hospital, take a guess

>> No.5603680

Pochi has children (real)?

>> No.5603736

Hope is not as serious as it sounds, specially if is related to her mom.

>> No.5603830

Everything considered it probably is as serious as it sounds

>> No.5604691

She's on a break from solo streams becsuse with how busy she is she would literally not have any time in the day to do anything. She's associated with the Denonbu project as the poster girl of the series and has said she'll keep doing Vtuber activities as long as Nijisanji lasts because she finds it fun. The only possibility I can see for her leaving is if she switches career paths to be a stage actress IRL because her activities are a pretty obvious stand-in for that sort of acting.

>> No.5604843

Big shame if it is. I have been through that recently and is something I don't wish to anyone.

>> No.5605329
File: 25 KB, 354x400, 13db4a57c0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not until September but it still counts, I guess even upd8 is on hard times too

>> No.5605714

miya is going too? man this year is gonna be rough

>> No.5605935

Why would Lulu graduate? Why did Gibara graduate? I get Coco, but vtubing is such a profitable job when you are established like them that it boggles my mind people would give it up. You could move to streaming 1/2 your original schedule and do whatever the hell you wanted.

>> No.5605983

Her 2 years contract is up, she doesn't want to renew it because she wanted to get married.

>> No.5606059

Korone would go on a mass knifing spree in Tokyo.

>> No.5606495
File: 52 KB, 346x110, 1601200973512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're next

>> No.5606672

To the Anon who recommended me to watch Lulu during haachama's indefinite break. Fuck you

>> No.5606675

she's going over memories as we speak also
it's over...

>> No.5606734


>> No.5606777

It's only been 2 years but watching the 'old guard' slowly die out is making me feel like I'm so fucking old. I can't do this...

>> No.5606883

Ange is already barely streaming or posting anything anymore and complains about her health, sad to say she's probably going to graduate

>> No.5606919

It's the same how I feel about classic soratomo vs the new horny poster "Soratomo" I know. We're watching the end of yet another VTuber era even if it's only been like 3-4 years max.
Who knows maybe things will somehow improve because of these graduations maybe limits will be lifter idolculture as it is now will die out I don't know we have to just keep looking forward to what these talents may or may not do next.

>> No.5607497

The same one that leaked Lulu's graduation also confirmed this

>> No.5607519

Get ready for the coping of normies/coomers saying that Pekora's a corpo streamer and should not be the #1 female streamer worldwide.

>> No.5607574

The catto got too fatto

>> No.5607587

it's not every day but she's still chatting and making songs... she's eating more food it's not as bad as it was before i don't want to believe it

>> No.5607720

You don't, there's a reason protocol green has been building up for months

>> No.5607865

haachama is the next holo

>> No.5607884

I think you could tame them a bit if her graduation was less of a 'graduation' and dealt more like demolition man.

Rushia is sentenced to be frozen in a cube for being too dangerous to society. A sort of suspended animation concept for the graduation. Would be funny and they could even have officer Subaru show up.

>> No.5608506

didn't Pynchon write a novel like this?

>> No.5608584

It's Shion

>> No.5608719

Graduations like this would probably be better received, and it gives them a chance to come back to the character if they ever feel like it.

>> No.5608851

Serious question.
Is Vtubing such a hard job that people would rather go back to being salarywomen than Chubbas?

Unless they stayed long enough to retire at 35 this doesn't seem like the smart decision to make in any circumstance.
Like even if Coco feels too restricted she was raking in rushia-tier money.
Money doesn't buy happiness but getting a lot at a young age buys you TIME to do whatever the fuck you want when you're a hag

>> No.5609322

I'm not sure myself. I think there might just be this culture in Japan around idols that gives it a high turn over. I guess it's expected that women get serious about settling down sooner?

>> No.5609396

A swarm of faceless followers watching you constantly, judging, criticizing, making demands and threats while you're forced to smile and tell everyone you love and appreciate their "support" doesn't sound like the easiest job to me. Just the schizos in this place probably makes the job for EN vtubers 10x harder.

>> No.5609549

You mean predicting obvious telltale signs. Lize's a mitochad, she's going to be around for as long as Mito does. Ange in fact is in a good incline recently with a YT mangaka collab+solo cover blowing up. Inui is Inui and has been so for a year+. The fact that they haven't graduated despite akina having renewed their contract and Lulu ending hers, point to the fact that they'll be around for at least 1 years more.

>> No.5609624

Don't forget some of them also egosa a lot leading to them having to face directly all of that. For example Polka.

>> No.5609704

Welcome to being alive

>> No.5609928

I hope no one ever tells her to pronounce Pisces

>> No.5609938

Coco already has plenty of money so she can do whatever she wants, not to mention her roommate already has 500k subs even if she only streams like once a month. She now has no restrictions on streaming while also eliminating Hololive's cut from her earnings.

>> No.5610008

The best option would be to have coco ntr rushia from the fandead as in have the two graduate together and hint of rushia being a part of coco’s harem but with coco leaving ahead of time, it will be hard, what fanbase can match fandead?

>> No.5610279


>> No.5610549
File: 159 KB, 463x453, 1594744884011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Anya graduates
>nobody makes a fuss
I would unironically commit suicide out of guilt and despair.

>> No.5610623


>> No.5610637

Only downside would be less fanart, not like she gets too much anyway.

>> No.5610644

This but with Iofi.

>> No.5610672

I'm not the only one? Thank goodness

>> No.5610710


>> No.5610736
File: 5 KB, 229x229, 1555844723385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5610942

Please... This is a sensitive time...

>> No.5610972

Since Cover seems to be focusing heavily on their music projects recently I'd say people like Aki and Suisei are safe. Coco was definitely more into the streaming/comedy side.

>> No.5611224

>All those yagoo dream jokes
>Turns out yagoo really does want AKB48 and was just using comedy chubbas as a stepping stone sacrifices to grow his idol chubba subscriber count

>> No.5611324


>> No.5611342


>> No.5611354

Sephira su...i miss you...

>> No.5611451
File: 60 KB, 1150x1270, bob tako [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Ff3eff8.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not seen: hundreds of indies who quit after picking up 200 subscribers in 3 years

>> No.5611774

>Both names are 4 letters
>Both names are 2 letters repeated
>Who else has a name with 4 letters which are just 2 letters repeated.

She's next, get ready.

>> No.5611834

KEK, ever since she finally got over Aloe, she's been loving to be in Hololive, not happening any time soon

>> No.5611862
File: 1.48 MB, 499x380, tako night drive[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fdokei2.mp3].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's sad too but I think for me lulu was sadder for a couple reasons:
1 - She was the first vtuber I really got in to.
2 - I feel a little guilty because I went a period of time without watching her.
3 - It reminded me that 2 years have vanished.
4 - It reminded me out of touch I am with everything.

When Ina's time comes stay strong takodachi.

>> No.5612512

People say behind every joke a woman makes there is a little bit of truth after all. My prsonal rrat is that Yagoo has also noticed the big amount of people jumping on the vtube train, even well stablished Youtubers and streamers, and fears the market will be oversaturated so he wants to go back to his original idea or what he things will be more profitable in the long term.

>> No.5612995

>She did say everyone Has to be there for her anniversary stream (08/17), because it's really important.

Well tbf, it IS an anniversary stream. So it definitely is important that she wants as many of the holomems to be there.
Which is the correct translation of the context of her statement instead of "I want everyone to be there..."

What red flags? Her depression? Always been there for a long time. Unless it's something I missed, I require source, sir.

>> No.5613135

Lulu probably got married or something. She's been doing her idol gig for a while and has no desire for it anymore.

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