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ITT: Post an image of your oshi, and then say something nice about another vtuber who is not your oshi, or more than one if you like. Antis can suck a fat cock.

I'll start - I really like how creative Haachama/Haato's content has been lately and she totally deserves all her recent subs.

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This is Anya. She's not my oshi but she is an angel from Indonesian heaven.

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I really respect Fubuki for being the pillar of Hololive all these years and carrying them into success. She also seems like a genuinely good person that sticks up for her co-workers, even the Holostars.

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I'm in awe of Polka and how great of an entertainer she is
Okayu is a great singer and an even greater person
Amelia is a good friend and deserves love

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Kiara is such a hard worker. She's easily the most showmanship of the HololiveEN branch by coming up with creative and interesting streams.

Pikamee is genuinely one of the best Vtubers, that cute electric monster is just filled with pure charisma and will charm anyone with her hilarity.

Fubuki is one of the best members in Hololive and her presence is the staple that keeps everyone together, including the fans.

Tsukino Mito completely paved innovative ways to how 2D avatars are able to create content that isn't just singing/gaming/chatting.

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All of ID2 are wonderful in their own ways; Ollie's endless enthusiasm is nothing short of contagious (and her fangs are really cute!), Reine is a big dork with a great sense of humor, and Anya is super sassy and doesn't take any shit from her chat with a wit nearly as sharp as she is!

Roboco is absolutely adorable, I love seeing her variety of accessories and outfits each stream. Her voice is cute as heck and she has one of the most unique and memorable character designs of everyone in Hololive!

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Orange's old videos were kinda funny.

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I am blessed ever since I met Miko

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Gura seems like a funny person, I liked her content back in 2017 or so

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polkas laugh is addictive and Fubuki has the nicest voice of any human that has ever lived

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Gura is cute and funny!

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I like Kiara's kamen rider belt

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I like how funny Risu can be and she has an incredible range with her voice.

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Botan is really good at games.

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Coco got me through a depressive episode at work when the manager put me on crunch for 6 months with no overtime pay. Working 18 hour days wasn't fun but I would watch Coco streams and slowly learn Moonrunes to understand her better. If it wasn't for Coco I would've gone postal and try to make the high score

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That Gura looks like that Tamaki vtuber guy.

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I recall Ars talking about how shy and awkward she felt trying to interact with others. So it's nice to see how cheery she's seems to have become with others during collabs and projects.

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