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I miss her so much bros...

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Lying whore.

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i don't

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I never liked her, I'm glad it's her that is gone. Small loss.

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she is ugly retard

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Пшeк тe нopм?

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She doesnt miss you.

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I don't miss her white trash bogan accent

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>nerissa has already beaten astrogirl with her cover

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Stop embarrassing your country, nigger.
Pretty sure it's Czech, he has no excuses to act like this.

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This. Some faggot holovirus wished her a happy birthday and she blocked him. While faggots are insufferable, that was still a bitch move on her part.

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I dont, i hope she is a war prisoner of the Emu war.

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Czech who? They never accomplished anything

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>Pretty sure it's Czech, he has no excuses to act like this.
Could be a slovak basically the same anyway

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I miss her too, that's why I bought her Smol Plushie

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I feel bad for Sana and was rather obvious that she was fighting with management and her contract wasn't renewed. The first HoloEN graduation was really a termination. Was far too suspicious how the radio silent "health breaks" started with Sana but later that year the same thing happened with Ina and Gura.

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Am Czech, not Slovakian.

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I miss her too

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Had a pretty good army back in the 1930s, you know? Made high quality tanks, too. Too bad their leaders were a bunch of pussies and ol' Adolf got their country without a fight.

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I refuse to believe that anyone actually watched this boring bitch.

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I still do not understand why Sana left. Was it the compounding effect of multiple long breaks? Did she realize her model & voice debuff had already lead to a viewership plateau? Why abandon Ina and Bae anyways?

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>domovska stranka
And you wonder why we laugh at your language

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garbage taste, good riddance

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Because back then she thought hololive would never become big enough to rival her main job.
She IS crazy successful as an gacha artist, so i can't say if she was right or not.

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ina gave her a golden chance and she fucked it up, i'll never understand that. like seriously, she's probably the only member who was already hyped enough by a myth girl to already have a good reputation from the start, how did she not take the given chance? she was in a mio situation, if she didn't like being a streamer then why did she apply instead of turning down ina's proposition?

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Bullshit, show me all the characters she designed.

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It makes me sad I spent months defending her until she revealed she really did not give a single fuck and did not even want to really try to use her birthday to revive her interest in hololive, merely because she wasn't allowed to just fuck off like an ADD kid off his meds to do whatever the fuck she wanted besides her supposed job. Yeah I know her other job is being an artist but make a fucking schedule.

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>hates her fans more than her antis
To be honest if there was some fag who wanted to suck my dick and I treated him like garbage and he kept crawling back for a little sample of my semen I'd probably hate him too.

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Well, there's this one.

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me too anon

And this anon is correct

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quick google for you too anon. She have done more, but just some of them.

Arknights - Goldenglow
Arknights - Mizuki

FGO - CC42 - The Great Fool of Owari
FGO - CE707 - Although Its Scent Still Lingers On
FGO - CE1139 - Chaldea Park Caravan

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He's full of shit and is operating off some meme where a few gacha characters makes a person a millionaire. If that was true why the fuck did Ina even join hololive. The actual reason is probably that being an artist is 'easier' and hololive involves working with management/dealing with antis, being a pseudo-neet gacha artist drawing for chinese companies (who might not give her work if she works for hololive) she chose the job she understands is easier/dealing with contractors over the hecking you need to do your TPS reports and submit a file for all the games you want to play and we'll get back to you in a few months job.

Ina probably sold her that being in hololive was just playing videogames as anime girls because she is a lying bitch.

That was before AI of course, since anime art is all kind of the same and not super hard to draw.

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She's been gone longer than she existed with cover, let it go

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its mizuki and goldenglow from arknights. here is her charging 500 bucks to meet her and get an autograph. any convention she goes to has massive lines for her.

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but Ina still has time for hololive

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>jew prices

I won't say her art is ugly, but by just going to Comiket, you'll see many artists there that are just as good, if not better. And they do meet and greet for free (or with purchases).

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What I got from her announcement was that she didn't like to stream. And wanted to go back full time as a character illustrator. And not that she didn't have time for both.
also jackie is a good design, to bad she sucks ingame.

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I see a lot of gacha porn on the internet and NEVER even once did a saw one of her characters and i honestly know why...they look like generic shit. I dont understand the rare character or higher star number stuff but just because a character is more expensive doesnt make the design better.
No, i really dont think what she does is good, im sorry.
(a Korone knock off, seriously?)

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Not even a loss at all but a gain. So many future collabs safe

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her masters are chinese gacha game studios

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>never see porn, has over 1000 images on gelbooru
>rarity have nothing to do with good design true. are 6 stars that look like trash and 3-4 stars with amazing art
>is a cat, not a dog. look at the name tag for confirmation
also she is a character illustrator. The company gives her guidelines and what they want the character to look like. And she draws them best on those specifications.

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>Was far too suspicious how the radio silent "health breaks" started with Sana but later that year the same thing happened with Ina and Gura.

.. And Ina and Gura have not graduated?

Sana quit, deal with it.

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>quits her streaming job
>What I got from her announcement was that she didn't like to stream.
Really anon, you think? Kek. Cover's talent scouting for Council was a fucking mess. They hired a girl who didn't even want to stream, a retarded menhera just because she had a nice voice, and a girl who sabotaged herself on her debut by saying she'd do male collabs. They're insanely lucky that Mumei and Fauna panned out.

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Thats honestly nothing if you look at the amount of what other characters get, but fair enough i guess.
Doesnt matter if it were a Dolphin, it looks like Korone and her art is still bad considering she is a professional. But if she makes bank with those, who am i to judge, still dont like her stuff tho.

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completely fair if you don't like her art style, as that's subjective. And do believe she makes good money for her work.

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I feel like we need to start banning people who make these threads, it allows devolves into roommate posting because she legitimately dislikes the fans and blocks them on main all the time

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Context/caps on this birthday shit?
There was some shitposting a few months ago about her blocking Hololive fans on Twitter but I couldn't find any actual evidence of it.

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Never forget, never forgive

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I dunno how she still has people defending after she said this.

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True, dead Vtuber arent Vtuber anymore and posts about them should be banned.

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hade a back injury in may recovered in march, leave in june and tweets that august.

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Probably the chink side of her job doesn't allow her to double dip, especially if it's holo.

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Definition of a wasted slot. Irys should've been an official council member instead of an honorary one.

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I don't.
I hate nepotism.

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Wasn't the Gamers gen a shoe-in because of Fubuki? Do they get a pass?

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>FGO - CC42 - The Great Fool of Owari
>FGO - CE707 - Although Its Scent Still Lingers On
>FGO - CE1139 - Chaldea Park Caravan
I know what CEs I'm burning then.

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They stayed so yes.

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Here, watch this:


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She's doing great don't worry

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she blocked me on twitter, so I don't miss her anymore. Probably for the best.

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One of them is the arguably the best JP in the company so yes.

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>get nepo hired into the most prestigious vtubing corpo
>expectations are very clear
>fail to meet them immediately
>give plethora of excuses why you never stream
>eventually stop streaming altogether
>quit after less than one year
imagine being one of the finalists for EN2 and knowing you lost your opportunity to this
the fact all of the advent girls are all amazing and each had to apply several times before being given the same shot just reminded me of this kek

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What for anon?

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>Sana quit, deal with it.
Why than did the other holoEN members act like Sana was fired? People don't cry after a graduation for someone that wanted to leave or encourage management to release merch based on her designs a year later.

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How much do gacha artists get paid per character?

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the most retarded "vtuber" to schizo. i watched her from debut to two weeks. absolute shitter of a holomem, managing to be more boring than bae. it doesnt help that she is an entitled nepo hire who outcompeted kronii herself in laziness doing a how many week long vacation for dog.
if she wasn't a waste of a slot for those who worked hard to get to hololive i wouldnt even acknowledge she existed.

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Wasn't it on her RM account? If that's the case, then no fucking wonder she blocked him.

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chinese games are replacing them with AI now anyway

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t. someone who never watched her

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>barely streamed
>had the most boring streams whenever she does
>outright lied about back hort and her dogs
>almost streamed everyday on rm account playin nothing but genshit and drawing genshit characters
Why do you miss her again? Just go watch her if you wanna her so bad
>tells people stop asking about her “back injury” on her rm account she said her back is fine nothing is wrong

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Newfags dont realize that holo birthdays arent real birthdays but dates set where you can shill merch

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ITT: Seething 2 views.
Sana did more in her one year than you'll ever do in your insignificant "careers". Kek.

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Ok Sana

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>last stream 1 year ago
Why is she like this?

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I did not watch a single sana stream after her graduation announcement

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Why are there so many genshitters?

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Gamers was a chain of nepohires, Fubuki wanted Mio, Mio wanted Korone and Korone wanted Okayu.
They’re all great though. That can happen sometimes. Pekora herself was a nepohire.

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Pekora was almost hired by Niji

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>knowing you lost your opportunity to this
She majes bank from her main job and doesn't need to put up with schizos, management and >>You
I would say she took the right choice.

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>be pro artist
>rarely do art streams
Really joggins the noggin

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She didnt want that to be her whole identity.
Theres nothing wrong with that.

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Weird she couldn't just graduate after the 1st council anniversary or after the concert. Would've cemented herself in hololive but now she is a case of wasted potential.

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Instead her identity became that of a lying grifter

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Only in your mind schizo.
Only in your mind.

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Do your job, AO-chan!

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Bohemia was at the forefront of European history for a pretty long time. Are you retarded?

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She was out of contract and for whatever reason didn't/couldn't sign a new one. As to why that didn't happen, we can only speculate.

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That's a stretch.