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The Phaseshill fears the kettle.

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He fears everyone recently, Phase is not doing to well they've stagnated

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>Tfw buying bnuuy did not help the company prosper

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Phasefag here, ignore OP he suckled a black dick and almost died. So much pent up anger.

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didn't this guy pay more than $30 for a prerecorded concert like a month ago lol

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>meme arrows on Xitter

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reddit spacing too

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never forget

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Literally nobody gives a shit about Phase. The only relevant is Pippa and her fan base is a cesspool of shit. Everyone else in Phase is a mid to low 3 view. Henya's ccv is like 3 times the combined of all of Phase together. If you see this KYS Bannedvtmemes.

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Why the fuck would he try to greentext on X? Is he really the retarded SEAfag that people claim him to be?

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Buy an ad

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Uhh no we don't. I like the kettle bro.

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>most probably pre-recorded footage
Just like every vtuber concert

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Stop making me like BVTM

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I like how you guys talk about this account so much you've even got an acronym for him

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I hate BVTM but I hate Henyafaggots even more. They act as if she's the most special thing to happen to the entire VTuber community because she had to undergo harassment; well every VTuber undergoes harassment and she isn't special. They also pretend she's the most influential VTuber ever because she said "FUCK THIS IM SELLING METH" 3 years ago in her PL. Yeah very inspiring, what a way to attract ironic weebs to the fandom. And the worst part is they treat arguing on 4chan like its a bloodsport and are just waiting to use the usual non-arguments like Cope/Seethe/I Accept Your Concession/Thank You For Your Concession Bud! Really Appreciate It!/KWAB and accuse everyone that disagrees with their worldview as a Holobrony. Holy fucking shit not even Deadbeats or the worst Pippafags are this bad. They need to understand that they are not protected at all on this website and that Henya is just an ordinary VTuber just like the rest of them here. Good lord ever since Henya was created you faggots have been the most insufferable twats this board has earthed. Good riddance I couldn't imagine this being the case when she started anew but no, you fags had to make yourselves way worse than those who harassed her by fighting your childish war against everyone who dares consider Henya mid at best, like she is. And before you call me a Holofag my oshi is an indie and I barely watch Hololive so please keep your childish quips to yourself.

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*since covid
Older concerts had plenty of audio fuckups like them forgetting to breath correctly while singing/little stumbles in dances. Covid was a great excuse to just record and refine everything.

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Two retards fighting to see who is a bigger faggot

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>They act as if she's the most special thing to happen to the entire VTuber community
She always had that reputation

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>BVTSEAMonkey trying to pit Henyabros and Phasefags against each other
>When Henya and Pippa interact with each other https://twitter.com/henyathegenius/status/1689483496308527104
We should be encouraging UNITY, not division and tribalfaggotry.

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She's also raided both Pippa and Tenma

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I refuse to watch anything related to Vshitshow.

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henya and pippa exchanged crocs pics

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Pippa can be a vshoujo watching retard all she wants but I'll never spare a single positive thought towards those people.
Unity hate.

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This, based

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This guy's seething so hard you can feel it coming off of him. Imagine running a Twitter account this poorly

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Counterpoint: Sniff 'em

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I hate Bvtm and twitter threads.
But the obvious seething is really funny.

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There's clearly quite a lot of effort put into the feet but this artist should really work on faces a bit.

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BVTM made this post

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go back and stay back

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Wanted to read more mad posts, but the replies aren't actually circle jerking him this time.
The seethe really was too obvious.

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This guy's intentionally trying to hurt Henya again. Pretty fucked up.

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He did. And they were brown.

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>I hate BVTM but
BVTM post.

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This isn't about Henya, not really at least. It's about the fact that anons can't handle there being anything positive said about Vshojo, ever. The idea that Henya could be happy and legitimately achieve her goals there angers them because it goes against the "Vshojo bad" narrative. It's embarrassingly transparent.

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Hurt Henya again? Did his posts somehow get to her or something?

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Try as she might she can't stop herself from looking at Twitter, and she comes across his tweets sometimes
I think what gets to her more are the replies, which, again, she really shouldn't be looking at

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And I can say my indie oshi that no one watches is also the most special thing to happen to the entire VTuber community whereas I personally find Henya and her fans extremely annoying. Believe it or not, the hugbox you Henyafags have fostered here doesn't invalidate my opinion.
Not an argument

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She randomly opened Twitter on stream a couple weeks ago and one of his seething posts was in her For You feed thanks to Twitter's shitty algorithm. This one specifically.

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BVTM lives rent free in your head. Just fucking ignore him like I do.

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nigga this happened on stream

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Fucking thank you. Henya fans have actually surpassed Brats and KFP in terms of smugness.

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Cute that you think people are here to argue with you and not point fingers and laugh at how retarded you are.

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thats because henya is actually entertaining and being hentai is based

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It's stupid because two of the main reasons people here hated vshojo fucked off.

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greentexting on twitter
remember, bvtm is supposedly an "oldfag" lol cringe sea retard

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Retarded because I dare call your oshi mid as she is?

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He's a containment breaking brown shitter, what did you expect?

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I didn't even say I hated Henya. What if I told you I liked her? I just don't find her special at all and think that her fans need to get some fuckin humility for once.

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>thanks to Twitter's shitty algorithm. This one specifically.
Pippa really likes that account for some dumb fuck reason. A lot of fans follow it too. So maybe that's why.

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Tourist from /m/ here,I may be an ignorant retard, but I don't get why this twitter account is brought up so much.

There is an entire youtube sub-genre dedicated to reading greentexts, or talking about more well known parts of 4chans history
Some of the biggest internet properties like MLP,creepypastas, and SCP, along with memes like RickRoll got their start from a single 4chan thread.
One of Reddit's biggest subreddits is devoted entirely to screenshotting random 4chan posts/threads
Hell, there have even been twitter accounts just like this one for /x/, /b/, and /pol/.

All of these aren't liked by oldfags at all, but they tolorate them at best, and ignore them with a "go back" at worst.What's so special about this normie tourist twitter account that makes it so much worse than everything I listed above?

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Thank you for proving my original point. Whatever. Have fun with Midya. I'll watch her clips here and there but also acknowledge she's just as special as every other VTuber out there and that I'm entitled to my opinion.

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Really, if all he did was post screenshots or greentexts he probably wouldn't get as much shit. But he also constantly interjects himself into it, seethes openly, and is a blatant shill for a specific org. Going as far as to apologize for a post he made insulting someone in it, after hundreds of posts insulting everyone in every other group.

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He is a dramawhore

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They selfpost. Please understand, the poor seamonkeys can't afford the $20 to buy an ad.

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Irony-poisoned Redditors love laughing at people who they were classically conditioned to deem weird and hate anything remotely not deconstructed and everything sacred to others.

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im just here to laugh at you all as a holoGOD

ok bye.

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She can't stop winning

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you are mentally ill

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This thread just proves that Henyafags are genuinely the softest fans in the entire fandom. This is not an indictment on Henya, this is an indictment on the blatant little brother complex her fans have and its insulting to other smaller scale indies that have had experiences way worse than Henya herself has.

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>Huge phaseshill/bias
>Self poster
>Facebook Origin
>Anti to every other fanbase
And then also I guess he's Sea. There's a lot of reasons to dislike them Tbh.

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The big difference is that for the most part, none of these normalfag accounts really hurt anything. An anon isn't getting fucked over for his one off greentext being on reddits frontpage. This account actively spreads negative things and rumors about people whose entire career are based online. In some cases BVTMs will make posts about their non vtubing lives to shit on them, like Kiara.

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What an unpleasant person. Do people make money off of posting memes on twitter or is this just an ego thing?

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3 BVTM admins live in the Phillipines. Please cut them some slack. Being born in that shithole is a faith worse than death.

>> No.55720878

There were accounts like this posting /vt/ shit and people here got irrationally mad (as usual) and got them banned.
Enter BVTM to "replace" them. What that fag does is reposting random shit found here to create narratives on purpose to push his oshi (Pippa and PhaseCo) and shit on literally everyone else. He also posts "funny memes" (reddit shit) to anti and delete them when he gets caught. Another strategy is to spam garbage on the catalog, screenshot it, and post it on their account. Everything is fine that way because the bad 4chan guy did it.
To sum up, it's an anti/shill account using /vt/ to deny any acountability. Pure, unaltered cancer.

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That fag in particular is trying to make his favorite corpo more popular by praising them and shitting on the rest.

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Hey now
The fact that I like Henya should not in any way diminish the equally true fact that BrownVTM is a faggot

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You are not subtle BVTM.

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that is so fucking soulless and we lost so fucking much not being able to see Gura be a retard by not breathing, Ina having a literal heart attack from the exertion and Mumei tripping over her own feet and falling on her ass in front of everyone. Instead the only thing we get is mori being too fat for her model, Mori trying to air guitar to hide the fact she was too lazy to do a dance for her song and ina never dancing when its her solo.
Also I fucking HATE skinwalking so fucking much its unreal. at least with some of them you can tell when they skinwalk. Gura usually does the same couple of dance moves whenever she gets the chance. Ina and Mori don't dance, try to stand around, and Mori does stupid rap autist moves and Ame runs around like a retard.
I don't even understand the >muh $30 complaint. Like people spend way more than that shit on the holo concerts

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VShojo is not worth 30 bucks.

>> No.55722366

>I don't even understand the >muh $30 complaint.
people dont trust in the quality
the concert of holos are with live audience and with you know they are the once dancing becasue all their dance lessons they take and travels they do.
i dont think half of VSj recorded dances for this.but of course i could be wrong. Except with mouse that is for sure.
There is also it being bought trough a fucking memebership which make it seems unprofessional comapred to hololive and also low quality as fuck.

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I'm actually kind of amazed everyone is so willing to be fillians ladder willingly.

>> No.55722759

Are trannies still angry at her? At least Zentranny is cool with her

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he edits the posts (in one he took a post by marineschizo and changed the image to be kson)
he adds his own schizo commentary that's sometimes even contradictory to the post itself
he curates post to never show phase/pippa in a bad light
he chooses posts that aren't even attempting to be humorous when they're about vtubers he doesn't like
like a third of the posts aren't even screenshots but just originals from his sea discord

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Everyday i pray that this pagpag eating phaseshill accidentally doxxes himself at some point

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What the hell?

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Why does this faggot want every fandom to unite their hatred on Phase?

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Based. I hope Mouse's illness finally kills her and the rest of them graduate.

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>for some reason
M8 it's literally ran by one of the phase girls and her friends, Pippa likes it because they constantly puff up phase while trying to tear down everyone else.

>> No.55724163

isnt BVTM run by 10 different people who hate each other?

>> No.55724214

Everyone on the comments is shitting on the dumbass lmao we love henya

>> No.55724332

This is also failing to mention that he's been caught boosting his own posts /here/ more than once, when he replied to his own "epic" diss involving Kiara about 60 times and then screenshotted before the mods banned him for replying to himself that many times

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>replied to his own "epic" diss involving Kiara about 60 times and then screenshotted before the mods banned him for replying to himself that many times
Wasn't that Orcschizo?