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Did the zombie start to lose fans after she piss off some Indonesians?

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no, it's just workdays and workhours. the only one who's watching vtubers are either just those who slacks off or unemployed retards

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Probably the interaction with anitubers on twitter. 99% of people are cool with Merryweather or the Homostars, but someone like Connor who's badmouthed Hololive fans and isn't even a vtuber is going to turn people off.

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that's a low numbers for a comeback stream, i think the consequences of her actions are finally creeping in on her.

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I only watch jp.
What she said this time?

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nothing is gonna happen, the zombie is fine,
no one in this board matter, post zombie lewds

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She went off on like a 4 minute tirade about indog fags that kept posting "I don't speak english," and how shit they were basically. My favorite part was all the pussy betas in the chat getting scared of her and typing shit like "p-please calm down." kek

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>She went off on like a 4 minute tirade about indog fags that kept posting "I don't speak english,"
Fucking based. I read somewhere on here that Ollie was trying to speak more Indonesian in her streams recently. So I guess that's not true? Can any indonesian confirm?

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Dude, no one know about this in 4chan?
it's like super funny man wwwwww

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>have you been to elementary school. How hard can English be?
>You guys aren't unable to understand it, you're just lazy
>why are you guys showing off your inability to not understand? It's not cool, it's just disgusting
>you guys definitely would not get a date, in fact you will absolutely get shunned
>maybe you guys have a disease or weird genes that makes you allergic to english


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It's true i guess, ollie is live now and she mostly speak indonesian and mixing it up with english here and there.

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Holy based zoombie I kneel

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Holy shit she actually called them disgusting I always liked Ollie but this is next level based

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wtf /vt/, you fags said she was cringe
this is beyond based

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she actually gained a sizeable indoga anti because of this, which is good because i want to see her fail. she need to do more of this to alienate more of indog market.

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Well that's a shame. I preferred Ollie when she got 1000-2000 viewers and only spoke in English 90% of the time. Now it looks like she's trying to go 50/50 and it's shit.

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I listen to it every day. Sometimes I play this first.

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>i want to see her fail
How can someone live such a miserable existance, anon?
Do you drink to numb the pain? Take heroin maybe?

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There’s nothing as based as an upper class minority woman who hates her own race. It’s her right as to hate them when she’s socioeconomically white

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Holy fuck i think she just became my new fav Vtuber

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i enjoy every second of it and i won't be having it any other way.

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has thea same atmosphere to that Hatoko rant from Inou Battle

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Is she on summer break now? I don't know how school works in Indonesia?

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Didn't she just diss almost all of her JP's senpai with this? Orri....

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Did she take a break why is she having a comeback stream?

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Ollie's predicament looks the same as the JP Holos. Their chat is mainly in Japanese, they mostly recieve JP superchats. But they almost feel obligated to respond in English because of the very small amount of chat and SC messages that come through English, even if they don't really want to. Except swap this around with English and Indog, since it's clear she knows the people mainly interested in her are English speakers and not the lower-class indogs who can only speak Indonesian.
If only Ollie was part of EN and she would have avoided most of this and could focus on speaking English like she wants. She would also be more succesful.

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thats funny but she still got fingered

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Okay I'm subscribing to her now.

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Doesn't her family live state side anyways? I recall in Mario Cart streams where it shows a country flag next to your name and mii hers was an American flag.

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she is right to call them out, though. everyone should know the fucking lingua franca

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Ah, psychopath then.
Get a trip so we can filter your "opinions"

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That shit was extremely based. I was laughing my ass off the entire fucking time.

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There's no summer break in Indonesia. After school's academic year end/semester end, students get vacation for 1-3 months until the start of the new academic year/semester

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Either >>5566311 or the fingering incident.

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she pissed off different demographics at different time it's hard to pin point. this place with anituber stuff, indog with the clip, purity and idolfags with fingering incident and stuff she does on her twitter etc.

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>Fingering incident
Oh you mean that dead as fuck rrat that's been debunked a million times and is to date one of the laziest rrats ever made? If anyone actually believes that, they need serious help.

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So it's just like America where you take off from June till Aug/Sept.

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>My favorite part was all the pussy betas in the chat getting scared of her and typing shit like "p-please calm down." kek
they are called zomcucks for a reason

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Maybe she's in a similar situation to Hana, going to university there because it's cheap?

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on one end you are holodlive ID. On the other end she is bilingual. I think the ID zombies gotta calm down a bit. Or learn some english. Honestly if they watch Ollie for that long and try learning English they'd probably be fluent by now.

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I thought she and Anya went to Reine's mansion in an offcollab.

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She's literally been to Reine's mansion with Anya. She lives in Indonesia.

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she took like 4 days off because she had a fever

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nah it's more because leeching off a bigger vtuber works better than being entertaining

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At least if my investigation is right, and from the supposed to be her facebook account.

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Guess Risu and Moona are secretly American too

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Never heard of any. What's supposed to be the 'debunking' of her moaning and trying to finish stream sooner?

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I have no idea why is he "famous" but I guess girls like him because deep voice, that seem to make them really wet for some reason but man liking cute high pitched anime voices are creepy weirdos... Anyway yes I don't think many people like this sort of interactions other than hags from his fanbase.

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Moona is the legendary NPC in the JP minecraft server. People would tune in to watch what contraptions she'll do. I tuned in Ollie's stream and she started cutting up trees, what a poor fag.

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there's legitimately none, zomcuck just imagining things as a way to cope.

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kek she can suck cock on stream and her chat would apologize to her

>> No.5567591

So it's just your usual SEA youtuber/streamer things.

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pretty based she should start fingering on the stream again to scare the unicorns away

>> No.5567612

those are her normal numbers schizochama...

>> No.5567681

I mean it was like a year since holo was taking of internationally, more than enough to polish your eigo skills from school, at this point if a JP holo is not more or less fluent you can say she probably doesn't care which is like all of them, go watch beatani or even Uto instead.

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Anons, please seek help. You seem to be missing some brain cells.

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For context, the "I dont speak english, please speak ID" people are kids more often than not, and they plague all the ID vtubers, company to indie.
Almost all ID vtubers are annoyed by this on some level.
Though its not as bad as the BR fans asking any vtuber no matter the language to say their names.

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They probably use VPNs for everything. Indog government likes to block stuff.

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normally, spoken bahasa has a rather grating quality to it, but it works really well when spoken with rage, the rolling r's especially. god that was great. i kneel to the zombie

>> No.5567823

It tends to work well in movies in my opinion. It sounds better than Chinese at least.

>> No.5567824

>debunked a million times
KEK literally less than 5 cucks coping for eternity, and maybe then it's probably just you samefagging

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The elementary students KNEEL TO OLLIE AND ANYA

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She should just stop speaking ID altogether, outside of superchat responses. By speaking ID while streaming normally and while playing games she's simply enabling it and doing herself no favors. She gets mad at the "Speak indonesian" comments, but It's her own fault because she constantly swaps between English and Indog at the drop of a hat. Literally just drop Indonesian and only respond in it specifically to the donations she recieves written in it, out of courtesy.

>> No.5567917

>mad at indogs asking to speak their language more
>starts speaking more in indog language
Is she retarded?

>> No.5567931

I can't watch a stream if it has less than 10K viewers. No fun in ghost towns, simple as.

>> No.5567940

>The rrat is literally almost a year old
>Some schizo decides it's actually some huge yab
>Even though the smallest bit of logic makes the entire rrat fall apart
Do you unironically believe that Ollie is so stupid, that she would risk her entire career (after making it into hololive as a huge fan) by not only having her bf over while streaming, but also letting him fingerblast her on stream, and not just muting her mic, or telling him to wait?

>> No.5567960

more like
>stream nothing but apex
>barely stream

>> No.5567984

I just dont understand this rrat at all. Any thought put into it and I feel like its just too stupid. Ollie would have to be turbo retarded to let someone finger her on stream. Like anyone with such a huge career potential would probably just dump the person who did that on the spot simply for risking their entire fucking lively hood. Also why not just mute her mic if that's the case?

>> No.5568001 [DELETED] 

she need to denounce the entirety of her indog fanbase and treat them as if they don't exist desu, they're just deadweight for her.

>> No.5568090

No, I'm sure is a management decision, not hers

>> No.5568137 [DELETED] 

zomcucks coping Ollie got fingered on stream

>> No.5568155

I wonder if Chinese sounds as bad to other Asians as it does to euros. I don't know if it's Cantonese or a dialect of Mandarin but the one with thr guttural R's is particularly gratting

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cringe is part of her name

>> No.5568184

another good one
i respect Indonesian in a whole new level now

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Try to cross-check the stream by yourself. You are not ollie and have no capability to say she will not doing some retard things like this.

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After all, it is not ollie who starts the scene first and you can't satisfied yourself with a mere minute.
She tries to mute it but her gemmates trying to talk to her along the stream (it is supposed to be her solo stream btw).
>So, she unmutes it and this thing happen

>> No.5568283

>Tries to break down the timeline
>is clearly an autistic virgin
Yes anon, Ollie is such a retard, that she just let someone take off her panties mid stream, and fingerblast her. She has no self control at all and would happily make her friends uncomfortable and risk ruining her entire fucking lively hood. Do you think girls have zero self control anon? You seem like the type who actually believes girls can't beat the cock and lesbians secretly want dick.

>> No.5568297

Try to read my second comment retard

>> No.5568301

When are they going to ban all the seamonkeys from this board

>> No.5568317 [DELETED] 

Management want money. She recieves more viewers, donations and interaction from English speakers (even if they are indog themselves, which Ollie even alluded to). Management wont push her to do something which would negatively affect income. Other HoloIDs sometimes do the "ID Only" streams and they tank in viewership, and so it's clear they only do it of their own accord.

>> No.5568324

And ID gen 2 chat?

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I know it is better to be ignorant than accepting a truth like this. It is ok

>> No.5568352

>Somehow this turbo virgin trying to explain things makes the rrat true
Anon, have you ever actually fingered a girl before? It's kinda loud, and 100% something yab would've been picked up by the mic. Also Ollie would have to have zero self interest to let that happen. This rrat is dumb.

>> No.5568366

>wants to change "hololive community rules" and do whatever the fuck she wants
>drags other IDs into fangirling anitubers, playing with them offstream, posting it all on twitter. pissing off moona gachikois, starting a chimpout to the point they come here to read their threads. ID management gets involved.
>i did nothing wrong these people are monsters
>plays the victim and takes a break
>literally tells her designed viewerbase to fuck off
she does not give a single fuck

>> No.5568404 [DELETED] 

This is a mental language. Literally how can anyone who can speak and understand a language this fast, with that many syllables per-second, NOT understand or learn English?

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Bro this shit is ancient. Why are we even acknowledging this rrat as being worth discussion? It's clearly just a couple of seafag antis grasping at straws to shit on Ollie.

This shit is over a year old. Christ almighty find new rrats please. This is literally the timeloop to beat all timeloops. It plays out the same way every time. Some idiot posts it, the debunk picture gets posted, and the retards claim "N-no, its true trust me!" and thus the loop goes on.

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It depends on the speaker. I agree that bahasa indonesia is a rough-sounding Austronesian language with hard stops and rolled r's, but Reine speaks the language softly.

>> No.5568457

>wants to change "hololive community rules" and do whatever the fuck she wants

And she succeeded, i kneel pllie!

>> No.5568481

holy shit, shes on fire! angry Indonesia sounds kind hot...

>> No.5568487

Yes anon, cause she wants to be able to stream with whoever, therefore she's so inconsiderate and retarded she'd let herself get fingered on stream. Nearly right after her debut too. Why would someone who loves vtubers and hololive as much as Ollie risk her career and life so quickly over something that stupid? Please enlighten me.

>> No.5568491

You won't get money If your image keeps falling, your work is basically making everyone who watches your stream being entertained, even the grey ones who don't pay anything counts for it

>> No.5568633

At this point, Reine is carrying ID 2.

>> No.5568717

>Moona carrying ID1
>Reine carrying ID2
Blue and purple is the best

>> No.5568749

I really love her voice

>> No.5568796

only the trifecta of cringe are pushing it
>n-no those moans of pleasure are just random sexy ollie noises, they are relief moans!!

>> No.5568837

>Is known for screaming like a fucking banshee
>Is known for being super loud and moaning.groaning all the time
>This time though its clear her being fingered
There is something wrong with cuckfags I swear. They lack all critical thinking skills.

>> No.5568933

yeaa.. actually.. you read too many schizo's here, you can put that fingered on stream aside.

>> No.5569010

So what if she fingered herself on stream? Noel literally just made a stream where she using a masturbation tool to sing and nobody gives a fuck

>> No.5569052

Kek, good joke anon.

>> No.5569066

This is just the usual. Moona gets huge numbers for Minecraft because of her Usaken connection. Ollie gets better numbers than Moona for everything else.

>> No.5569075

Built for BWC

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They just can't accept the truth anon. It is their oshi after all.

>> No.5569107

i hate the fact that the one who make a petitions for id management to speak more indo's is reine's fan

>> No.5569165

nah zembos still got less viewers than moona on average, zombos win on the sc's tho, her fans pretty loyal

>> No.5569188

Switch flags can't be really trusted since you can set the region to whatever store you need. I show up as murrikan because my main account is murrikan.

>> No.5569257

>and makes and exasperated but relieved sigh.
holy fucking lmao

>> No.5569353

>therefore she's so inconsiderate
i already said why, maybe you can try read more than the first line

>> No.5569459

Holy fuck I thought she's cringe this is based

>> No.5569497 [DELETED] 

I don't think so, she still earned more than the entire ID gen 1 put together, and her average viewers are pretty much consistent no matter which game she plays, for example she got the same number playing apex as she did minecraft, can't say the same about other ID girls whose viewers are petty much took a nosedive outside of minecraft streams

>> No.5569506

Jealous anon?

>> No.5569545

The reason is because Indogs does not have Nintendo eShop so she changed her zip code probably to Oregon cause of no tax charge resulting in the flags

>> No.5569596 [DELETED] 

lol Ollie going in on the Indocucks calling them poor and irrelevant to their face. Holy shit. What is even the point to HoloID again?

>> No.5569733

>Masturbation tool
I know you are an EOP but you could at least google the first part of the title of the video.

>> No.5569753 [DELETED] 

lol Ollie going in on the Indocucks calling them poor, dumb and irrelevant to their face. Holy shit. This is not how an idol should behave.

>> No.5569777 [DELETED] 

loyal cuck fans

>> No.5570025

shes gonna start a class war!

>> No.5570100

>watching vtuber instead of tiktok sluts
boss ciyuslah kau

>> No.5570286 [DELETED] 

A clever fan, trying to sabotage the competition. They know Reine's streams are purely in English so try to derail the other ID channels into speaking Indog so Reine gets all the EOP viewers. Pretty based.

>> No.5570316

How is this over a year old isn't it from december?

>> No.5570812

Holy fuck Ollie kek, I love you. Never change.
Don't take shit from your chat.

>> No.5570952
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Lofi is consistent too anon but her number is just low

>> No.5570999


>> No.5571115

The best part is you can't refute anything she said

>> No.5571144

How do I say I can't speak English in Indonesian?

>> No.5571177

Gua kagak ngarti inggris-inggrisan bosque

You're welcome

>> No.5571278

That explains why she gets along with astel

>> No.5571308
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of-course we'll never know for sure but Anya and Reine were clearly uncomfortable with what was going on. Ollie was moaning like a cat and saying "I don't want to" and they were confused.

>> No.5571310

Kek so it's a thing in indonesia too.
t. Malaysian

>> No.5571529

I... Kneel...

>> No.5571701

Indogs have english as a second language in a real sense, whereas english in japan is more like learning spanish in meric.

>> No.5571717


>> No.5572249


>> No.5572400

Moona has a stronger presence in minecraft than Ollie with the Pekora association. Moona also is a bigger face of ID than Ollie, even if she earns more SCs than Moona. Her indo streams get more views than what Ollie gets if she did a pure indo stream. Ollie appeals more to the english audience.

This probably won't earn her any more favors for her indo audience but she is right. This can go for any language where you refuse to learn the language but you actively listen to it without understanding it. Likely relying on clips which only present maybe a 5% out-of-context representation of a vtuber's personality. It would easier to learn a language when your young but it's never too late to learn another language. You just have to try harder the older you are.

>> No.5572469

How the fuck does she speak so fast? I speak slower than normal, but still, this is so fucking fast, holy shit. Do all indos speak like this?

>> No.5572506

Sounds annoying as shit, like I'm getting chewed out by some retard teacher or hypothetical psycho girlfriend. The moment she pulls something like this, I'm out.

>> No.5572541 [DELETED] 
File: 160 KB, 1082x720, 147182943_4807225376014299_6229632297179351107_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My new waifu :D

>> No.5572556

Indogs are so butthurt that they attempted to make a cope thread lmao

>> No.5572598 [DELETED] 
File: 997 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20210225-2250562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All me

>> No.5572614

i like ollie now
evolved indog

>> No.5572666

fucking rrat. Connor never badmouthed anyone who isnt a schizo. Also wrong on 99% lol. There are way more unicorn fags than you think,

>> No.5572834

holy based i love the zombie now

>> No.5572923

Asian here, I don't like chinkish at all. Shit's annoying.
>uuhshwah shwah uah jiuah ching chong ping pong
Korean is also grating. JP is cool.
Euro languages are mostly alright. I think Swedish sounds fucking retarded, and I dislike Polish for some reason.
Italian's cool, but it can sound pretty retarded
>eehrrrrattatia rrachia rratata pepperella mozzaroni i fucka yo mama in de poosi

>> No.5572946

yeah i dont know what's the deal with indogs and their broken english. compared to other people's broken english, the indogs hit different.

>> No.5572992

This is the only good reply in the entire thread. Moona is a Minecraft god, and she's building something important to the server and the next big event. Zombie by her own admission never knows what to build in MC and just fucks around.

>> No.5573344

yeah, that's why BI is more unique than BM, bosque

>> No.5573756

Ollie did pretty much say “if you don’t know English you’re a dumbass.” Because people asked “why doesn’t she speak more Indonesian in a Indonesian group” I wouldn’t be surprised if that pissed people off.

>> No.5573920

Saying “you’re Hololive Indonesia” is a pretty easy refute.

>> No.5578414

>Connor never badmouthed anyone who isnt a schizo.
>There are way more unicorn fags than you think
You know these statements contradict themselves right?

>> No.5578534

wtf you guys said she was like a mini kiara so i never gave her a chance. but shes actually based .

>> No.5578570

It's Thursday during work hours for the timezones she's most available with right now.

As >>5565389 said she's only getting autists and NEETs now.

Fucking BRs are really the scum of the Earth aren't they?

>> No.5579169

>Though its not as bad as the BR fans asking any vtuber no matter the language to say their names.
Pretty sure this also applies to spics. I've been wondering about this, is this some sort of drug to them? Some sort of sexual gratification? Most of the time these faggots join a stream, indie or corporate they do this shit, and if not catered they start a tantrum or keeps spamming. Any BR or spics can explain this shit to me?

>> No.5579493

no, feelings of bad apples dont matter.

>> No.5579684

It's like the faggots that go in Coco's zatsudan streams and say Speak English. despite the fact that over 70% of Tatsunoko are Japanese. The only JPs that cater to EOPs are the ones that have big foreign viewership such as Akirose. Haachama gets the same bullshit comments in chat since she doesn't speak English at all unless it's a designated EN stream.

>> No.5579781

>xQc speaking Indo

>> No.5579914

They just need to move ID in with me and out of that third world country so they can cater to their real viewers in the only 4 timezones that matter

That just comes with the territory with haachama, she tried to rebrand as a 50/50 streamer and even built up the audience for it before someone in management got butthurt, she can't break the fourth wall so the comments will never end

>> No.5579934 [DELETED] 

Cucks love spending money

>> No.5580016

The hard Rs is big city Mandarin from Beijing. I actually prefer the way Cantonese sounds much more than Mandarin when spoken.
It makes sense. It's the same as a young person from Western Europe not knowing any English.

>> No.5580045

No, Moona just started inclining harder, while Zombie growth dropped of after her break, moona usually had better viewership than ollie even before that though

>> No.5580157

New or retarded? She never gets more than 3k viewers on her streams
old drama, kys

>> No.5580179

slutty cuck fan

>> No.5580269

So you admit to being a beta cuck that can't make their own decisions. Neat

>> No.5580340

The point is she wants those dumbasses to stop the meme of showing off their inability to speak English. If anyone takes offense from that, they deserved it.

>> No.5580410 [DELETED] 

While i agree those who keep typing "speak indon onegay" or "speak englishu pleazuu" is annoying af but it isnt as many as she made it out to be and easily ignored or bonked since it's mostly just trolls.
Ngl, this rant is as cringe as when kiara numberfagging in the middle of a celebration stream.

>> No.5580489

No she didn't. She complained about indog greynames who memed about being unable to speak English and spammed the chat. Her indog viewers mostly supported her if you look at the chat during the rant, and she's not alone. Iofi the supposed indog bastion and even alot of NijiID members have complained about the same thing. And no it doesn't "cost them viewers" because chat spams of overused memes genuinely ruins viewer experience even for indogs.

>> No.5580622

so there is summer break

>> No.5580710

>There is no summer break
Describes a summer break

>> No.5580762

I was looking through the archives and Ollie mentioned doing a tarot reading on EN and ID and things looking bleak. Was that real or just a schizo rrat?

>> No.5580794

Yeah pretty much but replace "summer" with "dry season with occasional rain"

>> No.5580884

yeah i couldnt be bothered to research some indog vtuber. i tuned out as soon as i heard kiara.
sorry your oshi kiara is still talentless trash though

>> No.5581010

I sense powerful energies at work here.
Anya has taught her well.

>> No.5583065

is her bf white? that's hot af ngl

>> No.5583137

English is basically a default second language there because there's about 2 billion actual languages/dialects in the area.

>> No.5583179


>> No.5583288

They would never have got in Hololive if they had to compete in the EN auditions. I don't even Anya streamed at all and Reine and Ollie were really really small time. Like, probably wouldn't have even been able to get into Niji EN small. For all the trouble the ID tag brings it was absolutely good fortune for them to be able to exploit that as a backdoor into Hololive.

>> No.5583358

Ina always shows as Japan, not sure how the flags get determined but it's not based on where you live for sure.

>> No.5583621

You have to be a schizo to watch hololive, connor insulted schizos, therefore he insulted every hololive fan

>> No.5583699 [DELETED] 
File: 452 KB, 1329x1329, 124955346_4413961942007313_5124998807142797405_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5584084

She also called out Indogs for almost never giving SCs. It's so rare that any poor indos donate anyway that I can't remember if it shows up as 'RP' or 'RUP'

>> No.5584182
File: 488 KB, 945x726, scared_suika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shiet
Are ID people this ruthless or is it just Ollie?

>> No.5584228 [DELETED] 
File: 1.43 MB, 2048x2048, 118468087_4073051222765055_2972602198338860531_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5584293

>Ollie mentioned doing a tarot reading
Isn't that pretty haram of her? Also, that's Mio's thing.
SEA culture is pretty blunt in general. Kinda like East Yuros.

>> No.5584370

well, I mean, you literally can't SC in ID, so the few that do probably shows up as $ or Yen

>> No.5584473

This was one of Ollie's better streams as she wasn't playing Apex and the live viewers went over 4K a few times.

>> No.5584510

Absolutely based lmaao

>> No.5584771

>the only one who's watching vtubers are either just those who slacks off or unemployed retards
You just described 99% of /vt/ and 100% of /jp/ once people started going back to work.

>> No.5585340

it's just dopamine, anon
Don't even ask why or how, it just hits differently to people

>> No.5585406

Spics are just huge attention seekers, and they will alway try to make anything about themselves. As for BRs, the whole "say my name" trend started after Goularte, a big animetuber in Brazil, did a video where he went to different vt channels and superchat messages trying to see if anyone can pronounce his name properly. Big mistake, as this not only introduce vtubers to his huge kid audience, but also influence them to start spamming messages. Got so bad, that Goularte did an apologizing video telling them to stop, but a year later and you still see those messages pop in.

>> No.5585554

Then again cover never catered to ID's most important wish till now, local donation method, like NijiID had it for almost a year now, being JP based agency is no excuse to being illiterate to the state of ID vtuber scene rn

>> No.5585767

She's totally right for any nonbeliebers here. I don't go on JP's stream going: I don't speak japanese and neither should anyone. If the main language of a stream is not your own you got two options: Cope, or GTFO.

>> No.5585895
File: 200 KB, 463x453, 1624125390823.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah, just like this anon said >>5584370 you can't SC in ID so most of them do an SC by stream lab (attached on holo desc.) or SC in foreign currency (usually in ARS because they are cheap)

>> No.5586080

>Handwaves rrat that is more believable than the alternative.
>Believes that the meme copypasta represents the actual, unironic beliefs behind the rrat.
>Hasn't even watched the video in question, refuses to look into the situation himself, and instead claims that some anon debunked the rrat, despite being unable to present any of those arguments for himself.
>Is perpetually surprised that the rrat persists.
Good job anon, because of people like you, this rrat, while most likely untrue, will never die. You will always be there to convince others that they're right just because they're not on the same side of the argument as you.

>> No.5586128

>usually in ARS because they are cheap
fuck shoulda know there's better currency to use other than fucking yen

>> No.5586184

Ollie is the embodiment of "no fucks given". Good lord I thought Coco was an unchained dog Cover had a hard time taming, but Ollie is just straight up Cujo.

>> No.5586797

Holy shit Ollie really hates her race huh...

>> No.5587435

Are you referring to Streamlabs donos because ID1 had that for over a year.

>> No.5588752

Explain how a company that has fired talent for much less would allow her to get away with having sex on stream without even a hint of an apology and less than 2 weeks hiatus.

Until you can, it's pure rrat.

>> No.5588972


>> No.5589104

It's not even a fucking rrat, hell, it's not even fucking bait, the guy's just straight-up insulting you, moron.

>> No.5589725

>it's like you were in a date with a girl and you'd say "I don't know the difference between left and right, haha"
>She would be put off by that
so, that's how she sees herself huh? a bunch of guys paying to impress her and date her

>> No.5589780

I liked Ollie before liking her was cool.

>> No.5589832

this is so cringe, how do people even watch this whore

>> No.5589859

So you DO understand English.

>> No.5589887

Well, is it wrong?

>> No.5589910

>cringe that she calls out faggots complaining about English
You walked right into that one, eh?

>> No.5589934

>if you don't like retarded whores yelling at 120 decibels then you're an indog
not really helping your case here

>> No.5590077

Unfortunately Streamlabs ain't local enough for ID since ID don't use credit cards and instead they have e-wallets, most ID vtubers use trakteer and NijiID partnered with Sociabuzz

>> No.5591117

yes zoomers are complete retards

>> No.5591180

Holy shit, im not defending the Indonesian trolls who spam that sentences. But of course you don't demand JP to speak english because it's a fucking JP branch you retard. ID case is different, They mostly speak english while their branch is called Hololive INDONESIA. Yes, i know the reason why they mostly speak english.

>> No.5591257

God that's hot

>> No.5591342

Most of Indonesian streamers use saweria/trakteer because underaged teenager can donate by using those two and pay with their e-wallet

>> No.5591542

Yes. I wish someone would finger me

>> No.5591690

Stay mad indog

>> No.5592052

holy based

>> No.5593306

Reading comprehension reps anon... I don't think the rrat is true, but it's ridiculous to think that some just dismissing it will make it go away.
Also, why would Cover know what happened there anyway?

>> No.5593602

that was hot.

>> No.5593700

It's really not the same. Learning English in Japan is like learning German, French, or even Spanish to a lesser degree in the US. It's something that most kids do for a couple of years and then never use again. English in countries like Indonesia, India, and even the Philippines is much more important because they are incredibly diverse countries where people the next province/island over more than likely speak an entirely different language in their day to day life.

>> No.5593973

as if u could become fluent in japanese in a year faggot

>> No.5594046

Your right I was trying to pin down why it sounds familiar. It's sound like my teacher or girlfriend getting really angry with me.

>> No.5594514

Ollie true GFE

>> No.5594718

They should just shut ID down and shove them into EN0 with haachama, SEAniggers have proven over and over they don't deserve vtubers

>> No.5595506

>third-world GFE
No thanks, I'm here for escapism

>> No.5596368
File: 8 KB, 239x211, curry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


She sounds like that but it's hot instead of setting my fight or flight reflex off.

>> No.5596383

Japanese are horrible at learning languages there were a few of them at my uni and their english was comparable to an elementary school student in Hungary

>> No.5596388

Any language that's phonetic can be spoken at a faster pace. Look at Spanish as another example.

>> No.5596420 [DELETED] 
File: 26 KB, 413x341, images_222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They should just shut ID down and shove them into EN0 with haachama, SEAniggers have proven over and over they don't deserve vtubers

>> No.5596642

>tfw I just subbed to her because of this rant
I mean even Moona has a strong grasp on English, so her viewers really have no excuse.

>> No.5597101

You know what? At this level of basedness, she deserves to get fingered whenever she wants to.

>> No.5597169

This has literally zero bearing on anybody watching her regular streams at all.

>> No.5597574

>"I will exterminate the Indonesian language. With this, I'll rid the world of infestation. All men will breathe free again - reclaim their past, present, and future."
Jesus Ollie calm down

>> No.5597742

Yep. There's about 700 native Indonesian languages. Indonesian, a basic form of Malay, is used as a lingua franca, while Javanese has the most native speakers. English is becoming much more common as another lingua franca, to the point that some say it should be an official second language.

>> No.5597802

Indonesian grade schools actually do offer multiple foreign language courses

>> No.5597836

Pretty great, if you watch something in a different language and plan on enjoying it might as well learn the language while at it, it's fucking annoying dealing with fags who want everything made on their own language just because they are being lazy on trying to learn.
Hell, at current times you gotta learn at least one second language to do anything important and English is pretty much one of them given it's one of the most used languages in the world.

>> No.5597884

Its not cringe considering the context. Those subhumans sent petitions to the fucking ID staff demanding them to change streaming schedules and speak only indonesian for MONTHS
Moona spoke out against these retards too but she didnt rant on stream like ollie

>> No.5599052
File: 209 KB, 480x473, 1624483782084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright I'll give you a shot corpse, that was pretty based.

>> No.5599314
File: 194 KB, 709x588, based moona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of the indonesia girls are based and arent afraid to say you are a piece of shit for being a annoying faggot

>> No.5604836

Just because he deleted the archive doesn't mean he didn't say it.

>> No.5605069

Ollie is so fucking based

>> No.5605283

She's right about the lazy part. Malay uses roman text, similar words and structures in English, so it should not be hard for them to learn.

>> No.5605501

Malay colonized by brit, ofc it's easier for them to learn english (some english words even used regularly)

while indo was colonized by dutch and nihon, english isn't really that commonly known until 21st century

>> No.5608351

I know Iofi ran a smack down on someone for something, lemme see if I can find it

>> No.5608659

"hololive fans are so weird" "wht the fuck with exclusivity" "the fans are gatekeeping their idols for growing"

>> No.5610412
File: 2 KB, 125x83, 1624042387603s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Never try to cross-check the stream by themselves
>Say the rrat already debunked but never try to give an explanation
>Just want to believe the rrat isn't true
>Always use the same argument "Why she is not getting fired yet?" to a literally who not Cover itself
>Accept being a zomtards

>> No.5610701
File: 163 KB, 687x1024, 1622604209262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all these bandwagoners
You should have kneeled when you first had the chance

>> No.5611374
File: 19 KB, 294x294, 1622258989428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I legitimately thought I had the playback speed set to 2x on accident while I was watching this.

>> No.5613912

There's no summer in Indonesia retard, the month students get vacation variate every year

>> No.5614162

That's the main audience for vtubers though.

>> No.5614493

This is some next level shit

>> No.5614890

I bet Ollie fucks like a fighter jet

>> No.5615057

How do Indonesians with autism track and interpret all those syllables? Must be a nightmare.

>> No.5615190

>main audience is indonesian
>panders to westerners
>indos leave
>coco's main audience is nips
>retard panders to westerners
>nips leave, shit hits the fan
Ollie graduation when?

>> No.5615653

>"the fans are gatekeeping their idols for growing"
Probably an exageration, but theres problably a 0.1% of people like that who consider themselves to be fans.

There was a Shion EN translated clip and some sperg went out schooling the cliper to not clip Shion to protect her from an influx of new fans because, in his opinion, Shion wont be able to handle it. It was the most gatekeepy pathetic shit i've read.

>> No.5615929



>> No.5616008

Here you go

>> No.5616276

No doubt.

>> No.5616810

I wish, but the amount of retarded zoomers watching vtubers is so high now that she's forever guaranteed to have a steady following

>> No.5616916
File: 32 KB, 271x403, ESL1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shit disturber
I wonder who could be behind this post

>> No.5618366

there's something special about listening to a rage-induced speech you understand 0%.
Reminds of that skit in Family Guy about speaking Italian.

>> No.5622430

How the fuck did you interpret it that way? She's saying that it's retarded to brag about being ignorant.

>> No.5623460

It's more that nips still have a complete world where they never have to deal with english without actively seeking it out, the brain doesn't bother trying to keep information it never uses

>> No.5623720

is there even any reason to like this bitch beyond "wow, she's just like in my zombieland saga anime!"

>> No.5623816

Her moans are hot af. You probably wouldn't last like after putting it in her.

>> No.5625171


>> No.5626047


>> No.5626091
File: 130 KB, 358x360, 1624559334380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She scream a lot. Like a lot

>> No.5626527

it is true that many of them retards anon

>> No.5627170


>> No.5628127

Yea that wasn't anywhere near as good though. tryhard

>> No.5629889

This is elementary tier women insults, they desperately try to get into your psyche and cause self doubt. It seems like every woman knows these lines verbatim, it's all so familiar. Sometimes their words can hit close and it can be way more nasty than this, but just remember that their goal is to hurt you. Not an incel btw.

>> No.5630189

what's the purpose of iofi if ina exists?

>> No.5632956

She really stays true to her name as "Crazy Ollie"

>> No.5636262


>> No.5636453

>moans a few time for coomerbait
The state of this board's average IQ...

>> No.5636479


>> No.5637327

This was kinda cringe, has that "I'm not crying, you're crying" vibe.

>> No.5638335

So far she's gotten mad at SEAmonkies twice on stream

>> No.5638800

Not only this was based, but she gave a valuable tip for men: women will always prefer the boastful, confident and jackass man instead of the whiny, lazy and lame boy

>> No.5638883

I do not hate nor I dislike both Ollie and Kiara, but I can't stand Mori
What does that makes me?

>> No.5639197

>first time this image has been posted
Please use it more often.

>> No.5640390


>> No.5640728

ID is NOT for English speaker and ID SHOULD NOT speak English.

>> No.5641218

Out of the people you mentioned, Mori is the worst

>> No.5641781

She even goes brraaap on live, no fucks given. What a chad

>> No.5644520

This is like saying what's the purpose of Roboco if Botan exists.

>> No.5644609

What is this language she is speaking. Its just noise.

>> No.5650537

>I don't go on JP's stream going: I don't speak japanese and neither should anyone. If the main language of a stream is not your own you got two options: Cope, or GTFO.
Not directed to you, but I cringed at Korone's chat for while when it was infested by spics doing exactly that.

>> No.5658393

What really? The fuck?

>> No.5658547

i like oily now

>> No.5664051

She lost fans after the whole "fingering" suspicion took off, and her "sister's" voice on stream.

>> No.5667322

seems normal

>> No.5667407
File: 445 KB, 423x644, 1624627294250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah sister with a manly voice

>> No.5667697

So all I have to do to make her this mad is to just say "gabisa basa enggres." Good to know.

>> No.5668639

i immediately thought of this video when listening to ollie

>> No.5668787

thanks for pointing this out. I usually have trouble with women insulting me. I completely forgot how women will typically say anything just to get under your skin, and that its important to remember that most of what they say is just pulled from their ass and is pretty low effort.

>> No.5669154

That's weird, despite having a loud voice she is good at singing, isn't she? She is even better than Moona and Risu combined

>> No.5669185

People actually tolerate her streams? I thought people only liked her because she spams her face all over YT and Twitter.

>> No.5669279

no, i already unsubbed from her couple months ago the moment i realized she's not idol material.
t. Indon

>> No.5674366

I wonder how many views they'd get if they just spoke whatever Indonesia's native language is.

>> No.5674389

>speak english or die

>> No.5675882
File: 193 KB, 324x324, 1571646486594.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does she sound so hot when rage ranting, what the fuck

>> No.5677133

I now wish to colonize her womb.

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