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Nabi showed part of her IRL hand and she panicked and deleted the stream, why a thing like that has to be so taboo? are people that autistic to dislike or stop watching someone because of that shit? how far does the autism go? are vtubers a mistake?

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post her hand

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Was it a fat hand

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She can't reveal hat she has hands irl

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no one wants to get identified by some turbo sperg who combs through millions of handpics to find the one that matches yours

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Any screenshots?

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Haachama wears gloves when cooking solely because her chat will cause YouTube's servers to explode if she doesn't.
But Nabi's still streaming atm, so I don't know what you're talking about "deleting" anything.

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Are you telling me a turbo virgin with rage who lives in a bubble and thinks anime cartoons are real is not supposed to get upset at a 3d hand?

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Imagine she has a mole or somethin and gets recognized.

You can never be too careful when your audience are hundreds/thousands of severely lonely, probably autistic young men.

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Anyone saved the QR code??

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>Being this much of a pussy about showing your hands when handtubers exist


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she deleted the stream in a panic and started a new one

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can you post the hands and qr code? I might as well see her face before she quits vtubing cause of this

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it wasn't her hand she literally doxxed a friend

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>why a thing like that has to be so taboo?
Shien showed his feet during a cooking stream by accident and the managment scold him because of that >>5562449 reason

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I heard some people found what kind of trains some idol uses based off of the reflection in her eyes in a photo. So maybe they are scared of people going through that much to try and find who they are.

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I still remember the Christmas gift exchange at KanaCoco house where Rushia's hand got in the shot and it got clipped. The clipper either deleted the video or Cover claimed it within about a day. It matches the roommate stuff out there of her since her hands look a bit older than someone in their 20s.

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reminds me of Haachama's last cooking stream where she showed her bare arm despite using gloves for her hands.

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Nabi panicked cause of the QR code in the Photobooth pictures she showed. Scanning it may give you the raw image

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nabi is an indi, right?

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Train station

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I'm guessing that she's wearing nail polish or something that makes her hands stood out? How are you gonna doxx a person by hands?

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meanwhile Chihiro (go to 12:20)

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nabi is showing a lot of irl stuff, I blame Mori for this

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bruh, /pol/ located Shia's flag using airplane flight patters, autism can't be stopped

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Its kiara's fault

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It's not working.

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Thanks for the dolphin porn

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thanks going to rape her now

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She is really cute

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You can tell the gender of a person by the length and shapes of their fingers and Nabi has a males hand. This is why “she” panicked

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I swear it's like mutts law but for chicken

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>Showing hands is the problem
>Not the immense hunger from looking at a nice meal

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>are people that autistic to dislike or stop watching someone because of that shit?
Ina got flak because of that hand thing when it was found out that it was near the vicinity of a male's hand

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Post Moona cute white arm

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>I want to communicate with you!

Oh no! nabi wants to communicate! What should I do?

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You underestimate the power of devoted autistic weirdo idolfags trying to hunt down the object of their worship.

Shia is a faggot, HWNDU was 4 years ago. The USA is a pozzed authoritarian state that would literally be freer under Chinese rule. SAD!

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Good try. Nabi is black.

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Not again

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>pew pew pew

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>He doxxed?

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How new?

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she showed her own feet so i don't think she cares that much

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>The virgin Ame mama
>sweet girl
>psychopath inside will probably kill you listen to her laugh
>nice to her daughters would never say anything bad about them
>concious about stalkers

>The STACY Mel mama
>actual sweetheart will probably date you "boyfriend"
>Will call her daughter out on making her lose mama/daughter co-op games (jokingly)
>boldly shows hands in streams has not heard of the word "stalker", they would fear her anyway less she burn them to death or her house 1st


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>Arm reveal

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Pics or it did not happen.

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ayamy carried that collab and i was happy af when she kept speaking english to involve ame

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>freer under Chinese rule.
>bannned Winnie the Pooh
>dictate how much kids you can have
Go back behind that wall and suck Winnie the pooh’s dick.

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thanks, subbed

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Speaking of Ayamy, I wonder if she's the same artist who used to do illustrations for rhythm games way back.

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Ask her on stream if she's that ayamy.

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Based Xi tells me to my face I'm getting docked social credit points for liking a "free tibet" post. Unbased American government uses their tendrils in the banks to knock points off my credit score for merely not being in debt. China superior.

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I can probably do that, but considering that illustration was drawn like 17 years ago, I might be digging too deep in her past.

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Could someone really doxx and kidnap Shien just from a picture of his feet, not even his toes?

>> No.5564055

This is your definition of freer? Come back to me when you are allowed to post Winnie the Pooh in China and not having some faggot tell you how many kids you are allowed to have.

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China lets Chinese people have 3 kids, America is too expensive to have even 1 kid. China 1 America 0.

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thats gotta be bullshit, surely he must've just gotten the geocode off a pic. The article must not have wanted to say cuz they don't want more tards trying this.

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That is the most Asian pair of feet I've seen in my life

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All the more reason you should watch the truly based Korean, Ayamy.

>> No.5564352

There's also Nene's mama if you want a full body reveal.

>> No.5564417

This is terrible bait

>> No.5564454

The point still stands, anon

>> No.5564551

He simply identified the train station which is a public place. That doesn't sound too hard.

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That's Nene's mama?
She looks fun

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I just searched that up in Japanese. Scary stuff. Apparently the stalker tweeted this every day.
>I'm thinking of you again today

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>why a thing like that has to be so taboo?
I am assuming you are inexperienced. There are legions of people who are both certifiably insane while being simultaneously ultra capable. Any girl, or person for that matter, could theoretically be found by something as trivial as that. She didn't delete it because of her fans or potential backlash, but because of security reasons.

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She does look fun.

This thread's got 71 replies and no actual fucking hand pics. I'm out.

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How long before one of the Hololive girls get raped by a fan, realistically? It's not hard to find info about their roommates.

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Anon, they're cultivating a horde of obsessed otaku who see them as their girlfriends. It's only a matter of time.

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How often do actual idols get raped by their obsessed otaku fans? There's your answer. Now go take your meds. Nenechi has water if you need to wash them down.

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More often than you think, clearly. Google "japanese idol raped". And Hololive fans are more intimate with their idols than any real idol wota could ever dream of being.

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She is very fun and creative

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Post her hand

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>why a thing like that has to be so taboo
it doesn't, some people have done face reveals and some do both irl and vtubing

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>China lets Chinese people have 3 kids,
Your master calls, he needs you to clean his ass.

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>why a thing like that has to be so taboo?
>they are people so new here they didn't even watch Christmas collabs

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Never forget that /pol/ found a flag against a sky in 28 hours based on nothing more than the movement of the stars, airplane con trails and the croaking of frogs.
Internet autists are scary people and will stop at nothing until thier lulz and/or lust is satisfied

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Who knows, Ayamy shows her hands all the time when she does cooking streams, she even puts a ring on her middle finger to drive rrats crazy like a true stacy

>> No.5565954

Wow can't believe her mama posted that. She has a really cute face with a good body, won't be surprised if she's gonna get stalkers now.

>> No.5565972

>/pol/ found a flag against a sky
? What's the context behind this?

>> No.5566058

Shia LaBeouf put up a webcam feed of a flag and 4chan found out exactly where it was one day later and replaced it with a MAGA hat. Google reps Anon.

>> No.5566069

Look up internet historians vid He will not divide us newfag, it's pretty based.

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The opposite, vtubers who are posting their hands on every occasion are pissing me off. You are virtual for fuck sake, why remind me that you are just 3DPD behind an avatar. Some girls would rather stream with facecam, but they do vtubing because it's popular. Not showing their face is a nuisance, not a convenience to them. Because they are used to earn position in society solely based on their physical appearance, they have insecurities about that viewers might think that they're old, fat and ugly, or a dude with voice changer, so they show their hands as a proof that they are young and taking good care of themselves. For me, seeing hands is a huge red flag.

>> No.5566313

>Uses a navigation method that is literally thousands of years old
>Mutts are impressed with how far we have come

>> No.5566444

>Is stalker
>Find vtuber IRL
>It's Marine
>Gets raped instead

>> No.5567044

based beyond belief.

>> No.5567450

So that's why Uto is so all over her. She wants the kimchicock.

>> No.5567477

Always remember a JP idol fan managed to find his Oshis real life home from a reflection in her eye


>> No.5567479

Nabi's streams are ruined now it's full of gooks watching her.

>> No.5567564

How did she manage to catch the korean viewers when she doesnt even speak korean on stream much and nijisanjiKR didnt it makes no sense

>> No.5567686

They showed up after this stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rcE53Dm5zI&t
She just announced that she will be doing Korean/English streams on her new Twitch channel.

>> No.5567721

Probably because Ame became popular in KR recently and got found out that she is the artist behind Ame

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If only you knew how great things are

>> No.5567763

How did ame become popular in KR?

>> No.5567828

I think it gone like
>Some famous murder occurs
>Some shitposters made a meme about UK's greatest detective(Ame) is on the case(her picture is there too)
>Some journo thought it's legit
>put it one tele
>people mock journo for taking a shitpost seriously
>resulting people searching for Ame and being introduced to Vtuber/Hololive

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koreys hate ame because she fucks her dog and your not suppose to fuck your food

>> No.5568049

More like I'm impressed they tracked it down to within about a square mile within a few hours

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Everything about this picture is infuriating.

>> No.5568710

Rushia has old lady fingernails

>> No.5568801

i think thats cute and endearing

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All the vtubers have already had their identities revealed. They don't care that just means more publicity for their other stuff.

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Meds. Now.

>> No.5569179

They do care because if you make it too low hanging fruit it attracts the stupider and autistic-er spergs

>> No.5569886

What is that duck shit on the side of the plate?

>> No.5569946

Why the fuck would I want to post disneyshit? If I could live in a world completely devoid of that shitpile of a company I would pay for it.

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This board is not worthy of such cultured content

>> No.5570510

Meds are not going to save him. That is a complete lost cause.

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scrumptious feet

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>All the vtubers have already had their identities revealed. They don't care that just means more publicity for their other stuff.

>> No.5572404

already happened twice

>> No.5572431

Yeah, your oshi, by me./spoiler]

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>already happened twice

>> No.5572448

There's also that guy who tracked an Idol by her eyes reflection

>> No.5572459

lucia has old lady hands

>> No.5572526

dude were you that guy who made a bot to reply basedjaks to every tweet that mentioned 4chan

>> No.5572565

Mori probably got raped by Kiara at the spa, does that count?

>> No.5572588

trips of truth

>> No.5572958

>Internet autists
Anon, that's not regular internet autism. That's /pol/ being /pol/

>> No.5574042

>ina got flack
when was this? can I get a quick rundown?

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