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Fuwamoco should never have been in EN. They're just JPs. Once JP7 comes out they'll be dropped by their JP following and most JP members and no one will give a shit about them.

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You’re so smart dude, you’re totally right. It’s not like JP bros already have JP talents to watch or anything.

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I 100% agree with your opinion, they deserve better than the half dead broke, EN branch, less opportunity, longer times for 3D and concerts and shitty management. In JP they'll mog HoloX and Gen 5.

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Sana is a bitch that didn't deserve Hololive, good for the puppies

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>Letting white girls that live in Canada be in JP Branch
Terrible idea

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>White women
>In JP

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What went wrong?

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They get bored and love an ephemeral gimmick. Put anime girl or sakura on any food product and they'll eat that shit up. These two are just a fun little gimmick for them whilst they're waiting for their next gen. The JP girls will see their numbers and want to collaborate...once...then they'll drop them. These two were a mistake for EN. Great for the EN fanbase whilst it's exciting and fresh, but they're cringey as hell already in collabs. So painful for their genmates to talk to because they act so ignorant of everything when they're clearly not based on their tastes and experience. I can't stand them but I'm happy for those of you who get something out of it.

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What debuffed Sana more, the skin tone or the thick aussie accent?

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Sana had a hard life
>shafted at debut by Susan
>got her content ideas shot down by retarded management
>dog died
>back broke
and in general didn't have the knack for streaming

the twins and all of advent instead seem created in vitro to succeed, they're fucking great

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Her love for genshit and several months breaks because tummy hort

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accent. her model is sex.

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NTA, but do you now what "in JP' means?

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>Bijou last

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FWMC counts as 2 so that's 205k each putting them last

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That idiot doesn’t know what ‘white’ means

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Japanese people are white. An excerpt from the 15th century mentions that the Japanese empire that Dutch explorers encountered was full of white people, of good character.

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Bau Bau motherfluffer

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All that shilling and shioris is still near the bottom....

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>zoomers who lived in japan never watched my hanna barbara cartoon from america
>they must be lying about that, who could possibly not know about scooby doo and his marijuana habit?

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Interesting that there is no clear runt this gen.

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Her lack of streaming.

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They're the same people who think Gura is big only because of her cunny model

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Keep in mind that HoloCouncil had their subs culled a dozen times or so at the start.