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She thank them are you happy now

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She's doing them a favor by acknowledging those leeches.

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Chumbuds don’t care about Hololive or anyone else besides Gura

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these twitter acc are usually puppetered by PR firms.

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Why should we care about inferior content, exactly?

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Stop caring about the opinions of retards.

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No shit, they're the same age as k-pop stans and suffer from the same kind of mental illness as well.


Gura has 2 million subs, not 200 million.

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Why are you all so fucking miserable all the time?

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Absolutely pathetic. Seethe and cope.

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So? Gura is objectively the best Holo. Give me 1 (one) reason why I should care about ANY vtuber besides her.

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Go back

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Don't try to understand why a bunch of joyless fucks do what they do. It's either incomprehensible or really depressing.

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You have to go back. Unlike K-Pop stans we Chumchads not trannies and libtards.

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Go back already. This is a Gura thread. We only care about Gura here. Go fucking back.

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Who the fuck are you to tell someone to go back? Fucking redditor scum cumbud.

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Seeing Marine draw a full happy birthday illustration for her and not getting a word back feels bad.
But she did drop a like and they probably talk a decent amount in private as well.

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>they probably talk a decent amount in private as well
Ah yes, with Marine's amazing English and Gura's incredible Japanese.

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She's so fucking cute but I do wish she would collab more with likes of Fubuki and such.

That being said, I know how nerve wrecking it can be when you dont share a language with somebody.. She did surprisingly well with her mama, even though 50% of the stream was silence.

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This is a Gura thread. Fuck off.

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I don't care about any of these people

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why is /vt/ like this?

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Good thing I was talking about Gura then.

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Why do you faggots think she should be thanking them in the first place?

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>Twitter for android

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TB had a "twitter guy" when he was alive. Someone else manning their twitters is not outside the realm of possibility.

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a like isn't a "thank you"

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>why are people talking about unimportant leeches over the person singlehandedly carrying Hololive's relevance worldwide
I don't know why don't you tell me, weeb.

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Who the fuck is TB?

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Thank you. Those leeches don't deserve shit.

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>highlight text
>enter "deepl" into a browser
>ctrl+v into the text field
What era do you live in you dumb retard?

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Retards on /vt/ being happy ever is not possible. Theyll just find something else to bitch about

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Gura is the type of a person to respond to a message years later after it got sent, a like is like poem in this context.
Also, fuck twitter, so this to me looks based

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Kek, typical Chudbud.

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Terrorblade. It’s a shame that he got ganked by that triplenigger Anti-Mage.

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ITT: Jealous trannies.

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Total Buttholecancer

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Go back

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>teatranny weeb calling anything inferior

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No, schedule おねがい.

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eat my ass

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Is this the liking system on this site?

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Not an argument

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Can we finally admit how chumbuds are the worse fanbase of any holo?

Those fucks will go after anyone if gura so much as slips slight anger.

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mike tysonchama?!

>> No.5494139

neither is go back niggerchama

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usually we just call things we don't like faggots, faggot.

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The only people denying it at this point are Cumbuds themselves. They're all growth-stunted tranny numberfags.

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There are twitter accounts with 10k followers that pays a social media guy to make tweets for them. you're a retard to to think Gura is any different especially after this https://twitter.com/gawrgura/status/1399105383684263940
>I'm ready to eat only ice cream and melon
you just know that some retarded nip typed this tweet for her.

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Jesus Christ how horrifying

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>anon found one tranny in chumbucket

>> No.5494254

>54 replies
>28 posters
I don't even know who is falseflagging anymore

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You're right, that wasn't enough proof. Here's another.

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A wise anon once told me
>Just cum in any random direction, you’ll likely hit a cumbud
Words to live by.

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now two, i posed whole chat of them

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Kill yourself. Gura hates trannies.

>> No.5494382

> ITT eggs falseflagging as KFPs falseflagging as cumbuds

>> No.5494399

Are chumbuds usually this autistic?
Man it’s no wonder gura is so depressed

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Good point, here's a pedophile for good measure.
She also hates numberfags, yet here we are.

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Here's another one kek https://twitter.com/UrFriendlyTrap/status/1406486066224193547

>> No.5494470

>She also hates numberfags, yet here we are
I thought the fanbase was supposed to reflect their oshi not be the polar opposite

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Gura is unironically bigger than Hololive.

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Where do you think you are?

>> No.5494495

not an archive... are you even tring?

>> No.5494509

Considering they harassed FBK and Iofi of all people, yeah.

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trap doesn't mean it's tranny... really you can give up.

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>not an archive
It's a /jp/ screenshot, look a little harder. You seem preoccupied on chat, so here's a screenshot of how the average Chumbud acts in another girls'.

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All of them. If you think any of the people in this thread actually watch or care about Gura, you're more deluded than they are.

>> No.5494586

>trap doesn't mean it's tranny
You're right, it just means they're a fag. Gura's fanbase is comprised of fags and trannies.

>> No.5494625

>teammates in chat doing the same,

>> No.5494636

Who's your oshi? Are you so insecure because she's far below Gura?

>> No.5494661

>Gura's fanbase is comprised of fags and trannies.
no that title is reserved for KFP

>> No.5494663

>It's okay because another fanbase does it too
Give up.

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>SEAs and other trash
imagine my shock

>> No.5494733

>let me paint chumbuds as absolute trash
>lets use screencap where steamer base is behaving exactly the same

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Yes. My oshi is Mori. I'm the average Deadbeat.
Look at this post and tell me it was written by a heterosexual man.

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lol so true

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Gura retweeted Marine's drawing you tard

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Go back

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I don't need to "paint" Chumbuds as trash, anybody who reads this thread can naturally come to that conclusion themselves.

>> No.5494843

Gura anti thread. The seethe and jealousy is great to see. No one cares about your slanted eye chubba.

>> No.5494857

Point out Pekora's chat raiding/shitting on other holos, go ahead.

>> No.5494930

>Everyone who thinks Gura's fanbase is cancer and the worst thing in VTubers fanbases is an anti

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Best girl. Most based fanbase. The numbers don't lie.

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Man, she really pissed you faggots off, huh?

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If anything this makes it worse since she proved she saw the tweets AND didn't thank them.

But this is literally nothing new, anyone still surprised at this is retarded. Gura is a sociopath who doesn't care about Hololive and it's been obvious for a long time.

>> No.5495100

Gura is unironically the biggest and best vtuber. You can deny it, but without her Hololive and vtubing in general would have died out last year. She makes fat stacks, she has the most members, and she gets crazy high views while streaming and on archives. In the future when anyone discusses vtubers, Gura will be THE example they point to that really kicked things off.

>> No.5495136

SEAniggers btfo

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>she makes fat stacks
Rushia makes her look like a welfare recipient

>> No.5495252

No lies detected.

Literal prostitute.

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I have no problem with either gura or kiara, but holy fuck, I hate trannies. They're literally incapable of not bringing up their gross life choices in unrelated discussions like these.

>> No.5495281

Vtubing survived for years without the introduction of the western market and it would have continued to survive without it.

>> No.5495333

>as if marketing appeal and views/subs aren't more important to Cover than SC donations

If Yagoo was in a room with Gura and Rushia and gun with a single bullet who tf you think he'd off if he had to pick one?

>> No.5495345

dont try to use facts and logic to talk to cumbuds. They arent old enough to understand anything other than "dumb shark funny"

>> No.5495426

Rushia makes him a shitload of money and isn't fading into irrelevance, and makes money despite "low viewers".

Same with Coco. Well, till 1 week.

>> No.5495445

Himself, probably. Or (You), preferably.

>> No.5495476

man this is some thick ass cope, can fucking taste it

>> No.5495519

Gura's merch sold out in literal milliseconds. A record for all vtubers. Nothing and no one can come close to how popular she is. Her 3D debut and merch will set records that won't be touched for years, if ever.

>> No.5495537

Gura is only big because of Hololive.
>but Senzawa
Senzawa wouldn't have gotten 3 million subs without Hololive.

>> No.5495557

>Demonstratable facts are cope
This is why attempting to reason with Cumbuds is a wasted effort.

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>literal revenue is a cope
you must be underage

>> No.5495579

>t. Cumbud
Why are you all like this

>> No.5495622

>fading into irrelevance
>2 million views on debut single

Where's the facts?

>> No.5495680

Who claimed Gura was fading into irrelevance? Take your meds.

>> No.5495734

And yet Gura is a the face of Hololive and will be for the far future. JPfags just refuse to accept the future of Hololive will be in ENs hands. Hope you enjoyed your little inclusive club back before EN came.

>> No.5495768

Cant wait for the little shark to relapse and hit the bottle harder than before

>> No.5495777

>the face of Hololive
that would be Usada Pekora. or as a brand, Sora.

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>> No.5495818

>the face of Hololive
Whose face is it that's a meme on this very board, anon? Hint: it's not le small shark.

>> No.5495841

Seanigger general (Timelooping edition)
I can’t wait for HoloEN Alternative and haters will still be mad about the early fanbase

>> No.5495848

>Gura is a sociopath who doesn't care about Hololive
She's a fucking ball of anxiety. She won't say anything, because she doesn't fucking know what to say. She turned down call-ins on her birthday because she knew she wouldn't be able to do anything except cry, and then ended up crying anyway. Saying she hates Hololive, or that she thinks she's better than anyone is absolute bullshit.
Of course, I don't know why I bother responding, because this entire thread is falseflaggers arguing with falseflaggers. Literally nobody here actually likes Gura.

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Gotta love this board sometimes

>> No.5496089

Go back

>> No.5496155

Seethe harder cumbud

>> No.5496181

I like Gura but I hate the fanbase she gathered around her. I think that if she had 1.8M or something like that, there wouldn't be so much weirdos and it would've helped with her impostor syndrome

>> No.5496209

You will never be Japanese
Seethe harder, weebtranny

>> No.5496252

>he's a newfag who hasn't been a fan since Sen
Look at this cuck coping and laugh

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>> No.5496424

Don't want to be one, supreme Slav genes give me power. Think of something better pedo

>> No.5496536

What illness is this?

>> No.5497070

>supreme Slav genes

>> No.5497082

both me btw

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That said, at the end of the day, the real retard is (You) unironically seething at this falseflagger.

>> No.5497381

Kek all you want, westerner, it's not us that suffer from obesity

>> No.5497409


>> No.5497679

>It's a HERfaggot
Reminder that Gura despises you HERsubhumans

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>world's most obvious falseflagging
>"this is why cumbuds are-"
What the fuck is going on here? Is this some form of performance art?

>> No.5497751

Don't care I gachi the fuck out of her, tranny

>> No.5497834

Sen belongs on Poast
Seethe and go back

>> No.5497848

>waah waaaah she has anxiety waah waah saying "thank you X-senpai" is just too hard whatever could she possibly say

Shut the fuck with your made-up headcanon you dumb cumshart, Gura doesn't have anxiety, she's not a hikkikomori like you fucktards like to pretend, and she's not depressed.

>> No.5497996

>d-d-don't care *sniffles*

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>Sen belongs on Poast
>complete and utter schizo thread

>> No.5498271

I know her IRL nigger. She's a NEET who hates other people, especially tranny freaks like (You).

>> No.5498401

>She's a fucking ball of anxiety. She won't say anything, because she doesn't fucking know what to say. She turned down call-ins on her birthday
Imagine believing this, the whore turned down call-ins because management didn't want anyone outside of EN leeching off of her clout. chumflakes are retarded beyond belief, I bet you also think she's an actual shark too huh? When are you faggots going to realize that she's playing a character and is by far the most tightly managed idols in the company. she's not anxious, or nervous you retard, that's just what she tells her audience so you faggots feel sympathy for her. She's actually a pot smoking drunk, not some uwu twitter faggot that's nervous over social interactions.

>> No.5498437

First time seeing falseflaggers reply to falseflaggers?

>> No.5498440


>> No.5498692

What book should I read this summer Mr. Novelist?

>> No.5498791

Cumsharts cannot refute this, they can only shart cum out of their asshole in a panic.

>> No.5498870

No, but damn, with such ferocity and an entire thread dedicated to it? This one has got to be up there.

>> No.5499055

Do we push them?

>> No.5499194

Why refute this when it's based and true?

>> No.5503980

>Gura is the beeeeeeeeest, smol shaaark
Shut the fuck up pedo

>> No.5506132

Oh, funny you say this. I loved Senzawa and I also like Gura but she moved on, the last song is a reflect of that and a last message to all of her fans who keep clinging to the past to do it. It's a goodbye but I don't know why I waste energy in this cesspool of a thread
>Inb4 cope
Hang yourself

>> No.5506355

Not according to Fubuki, unless if she's a big liar.

>> No.5507187

Not until she sucks my big indonesian cock

>> No.5508250

i doubt fubuki have the time for twitter

when her schedule is super tight with Slime diaries, the Slime Diaries Vocal album and keeping her Fubuki persona

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WTF is...

>> No.5508666

This is what happens when the site goes through one Chanology and then five years later decides doing it again would be a fun idea.

>> No.5512591

Drama threads for nothingburgers like this is pathetic.

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