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Holy shit my penis

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Yes Shiori we all know you're /here/. Just listen to reason, don't collab with males, and your Hololive career will be a big success.

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>Just listen to reason, don't collab with males

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>just listen to reason

Anon... she's a woman...

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I can fix her

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>Just listen to reason, don't collab with males
do your reps about her "friends" anon

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>Just listen to reason
Oh, so she shouldn't listen to anything anyone says here then

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>im going to fuck males behind your back
>im going to fix you by making you like it
I k-kneel

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holy cringe

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Anon stop, let her go. Not all Holo girls are good.

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I think as far as fixing or being fixed goes, I'm just going to treat you like a Five Nights at Freddy's animatronic.

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Her PL is full of friends, very well connected, so any hint as to which of those friends?

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This. She's free to do what she wants so long as she doesn't bitch about not doing as well as the others later on though.

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Her page on virtualyoutuber.fandom.com lists her best friend.

That's actually how people knew it was her before debut >>54462774

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So true, redditbro!

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are you unironically implying that men "listen to reason" lmao?

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Too late for that, bitch.

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This is calling for a two panel instant loss of rough sex

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her with tempus can fix me

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>chinese ESL
>will attract bug people when they find out, the same that ruined niji fandom
the other 3 girls are promising at least

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Science proves men are more logical, which means reason works better on them.

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Do you really think she has been here astroturfing the whole time since the announcement?

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With a voice like that? CRIIIIIINGEEEEE

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As that is my field I am (not really) interested in hearing how you think it proves this. In most cases very few people can actually apply logic in their thought process or act rationally. It's a problem that continues to drive investigation.

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That worked real well for Magni.
When will they learn?

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Stop being such a cuck. Watch her and if she does what you don't like move on. Stop seething.

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If she's smart she'll listen to this. Nothing beneficial has ever came to the girls doing male collabs

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It's not fun when you talk about it, just act out being 'broken' and do the role reversal without talking about it and you'll be much better. Problem is given your acting during debut, you can't actually 'act' well so it's easier to just act all ironic about it. Fuck that.

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no it doesn't. also science lies about a lot of things (covid, vaccines, etc)
why should I believe garbage like your saying?

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>basedence proves

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Here comes the anon who says vaccines are a lie, as expected.

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Ok fujo

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>Just listen to reason
>don't collab with males
Stupid unicorn thought he was smart. Die.

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not an argument

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own his ass fujosis sksksks

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Listen, vaccines are not a lie. If you need any proof, we erradicated smallpox because of it.
Now the covid "vaccine"? That ain't even a vaccine, that's a bullshit booster shot that doesn't even work.

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You see my point then because you replied with a non-logical and emotionally charged dismissive response. Unless you're trying to tell us that you're a woman and that proves your point.

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you will watch the kino male collabs and you will like it

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They do have a team that shills and covers bad pr for them, they didn't have to shill for her predebut but they had to brigade with posivity after it happened.
A pr team is not exclusive to hololive, nijis have one that also does slander for giftcards, other small corps do some slander some times against other corps but mostly they just shill themselves.
All of that was revealed to me in a wild dream of course.

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How can EN management fails so miserably ? At least Bijou seems fine and the Twins are promising...

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that's what I meant desu

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Unless she knows about Global /vt/ is too toxic right now to get any real feedback that isn't some schizo's rant. Likely she went to rabbit's stream as those exact words were echoed there. A debuting idol raided him last time during a watchalong so it is possible.

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well i mean... there is quite literally nothing to gain by doing it, which makes avoiding male collabs the most reasonable option

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it's not astroturfing chief, she was already here long before joining hololive

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>I'm totally GFE guys!
>Oh btw you better not be mean to the guys I'll collab with :(
She's another Bae.
At least Bae didn't sound condescending when she gave her viewers the talk.

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>Science proves men are more logical
>when two MALES are missing

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>Giga nerd trying to act tough now
Sorry Shiori, nobody's buying it.

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Astroturfing is making it appear as a grassroots thing. Being here or not is irrelevant, Shiori, if you're pretending to be your own fan or 20 of your own fans then it's astroturfing.

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You are a cuck if you watch her. Trying GFE plus male collabs is targeting unironically cuckold fetishists.

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*Flayon's penis

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thinking a woman is cucking you because she talks to another guy is unironically cuckold fetishists

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Backwards logic

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i will save "fix" my menhera wife

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This buck here has already been broken.

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blocks your path faggot

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She's a piece of shit. Try to save the others instead

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What if she collabs with only troons? Will that make this board seethe even more?

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I can fix her

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There's MORE??

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disgusting whore, she for the streets

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and since you're not the only one watching streams when a vtuber does GFE you're unironically getting cucked by hundreds of other guys anyway.

sorry to break it to you bro, but you're a cuck through and through. best embrace it than continue to fight it

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she was never here, retard. she never migrated to the new board.

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I hope she listens to you anon

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I'm a unicorn but somehow this only makes her relatable to me. It's like any girl capable of making the odd rape joke can't be so bad y'no. I feel like she'd get me. Or that's she must be a bit weird (in a good way) if you know what I mean.

And before someone tells me to watch Nijisanji instead. No, I won't because such things are not a replacement for humor and Nijisanji EN is nothing but a gaggle of unfunny whores too ugly to make it in the fleshtubing stream.

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What are you talking about? I’m the only viewer

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>nothing to gain
I dunno, collabing with people you wanna hang out with seems pretty fun

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do you REALLY want to blow up Shiori? clarify your statement on collabs to meaning no males. after all the shitposts here, can you imagine.

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>Asking what a woman what she has to do.
Anon i....

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Oh nononononono

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Didn't Bae talk in a condescending baby voice, like she was talking down to a 12 year old?

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I've known other girls like that on 4chan and adjacent chats for years. All I can say is many guys found them relatable and they can't be so bad. Many got their STD and then changed their mind.

Find someone that can take care of themselves and actually bathes and brushes their teeth at least.

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it does, but you can do that offline without the pressure of having an audience tho, this is work, not a fairtytale where everything goes according to your wishes.

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This is very disturbing for an adult woman.

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>Listening to shizos

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delete this RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Holy shit thats hot, id love for her to pretend to be my little girl

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It is work, but does her boss prohibit her from male collabs? If not I don’t really think theres any issues here.

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>that completely monotone inflection for every single one
Shiori should have swapped models with Ollie. Then Ollie could be crazy menhara goth girl and Shiroi could be completely emotionless zombie

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I kneel...

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Listen to this man, Shiori!! Don't sabotage yourself like Kronii did!!!

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>gfe right off the bat while talking about male collabs and anime husbandos
This girl is confused about her demographic appeal. You gotta choose one aisle, it makes no sense otherwise.

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I will pass, ask vesper to fix you

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Guess if you're around for a long time, people can dig up some deep nasty dirt.

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Of course not, if she wants to sink her golden ticket that's on her anon, but if she wants to do that stuff and then ask herself ''what is wrong with me, am I not enough?'' when her viwership sinks then I'm gonna laugh in her fucking face, until that happens idc who she collabs with, I ain't watching nor commenting on it.

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>He lacks critical information

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“Science” didn’t lie people lied

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>deleted post
Holy fuck

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Nope. Only if you're dirt.

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I love her already. I swear I can fix her. All she need is some deep throat correction

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Her voice is a bit monotone that's the main problem.

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Nothing will happen. I will bet you anything.

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I don't think she has a mental disorder but I think she just has a very cynical attitude towards it. She knows what some anons want to hear, but that's it.

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Holy shit if she has to graduate id laugh my ass off

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All you're going to do is give her 5 managers a boner anon, Cover is a JP company they don't give a shit.

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She sounds completely broken. Like fucking Matou Sakura or something.

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God this is fucking hot

>> No.54696599

Nah, broken is so dramatic. She's disinterested and going through the motions.

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they already knew. that's how she got hired.

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Same shit she sounds like a robot.

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Anon she is in Hololive, not Nijisanji.

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Difference is how she sees her customer. Like a hentai of a whore that fucks a guy while on her phone.

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You won't do it.

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I know nothing will happen, what I don't understnd is why she didn't go the loli route if she was already familiar with the character

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Lame. Zero menace emanating from her after hearing her voice and watching her demeanor.

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We're both broken, like synchros in an abused gearbox. Hot, grinding, and completely unrepeatable.

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jealous roastie made this post

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well fuck, with those other longer ones in the mix I no longer believe the guy damaging controlling that this was some trap.

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unrepairable, fuck you spellcheck that absolutely is a word.

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Ok? Do that off stream, what is there to gain from doing it on stream? You’re not gonna gain viewers from it cause holostars has barely any viewers in the first place, literally all it accomplishes is upsetting fans and that is it

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>let's cancel her for problematic content
I don't even like her and those posts make her come off as a nasty whore but kys

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>Just listen to reason
So she should avoid this board and any advice from it?

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I know they never recast people once they debut but imagine if she gets fired for this and all the complaints about the voice not matching the model prompts cover to hire someone else more fitting.

>> No.54699323

Hitomi Chris. Mano Aloe. And now Shiori Novella.

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that was right before tempiss, not at debut

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>Voice, personality, and model don't match up
No thanks.

>> No.54699599

>do it offline

>> No.54699756

this, you can't name one objectively good benefit from collabing with males, literally none

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>still forcing the "fix me" thing
You need to let shit like this grow organically. Let the fans say "I want to fix her", instead of saying "You want to fix me don't you? You can totally try fixing me"

>> No.54700672

Where are they, I want to listen.

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There's 5 nijis in your pic retard

>> No.54701394

Scratch that there's like 7 nijis in your pic

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Jesus christ I knew she was a big red flag but this is just something else. What the fuck, Cover.

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Her fans and Mumei have already been saying this for days though?

>> No.54701976

where are the fucking links faggot

>> No.54702100

boku no archive this very thread

>> No.54702119

never ever, she wasn't successful for 5+ years because of her homolust mindset, she isn't stopping now

>> No.54702428

A year ago this would've been a smoking gun. But in 2023 she can claim it was AI.

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You don't get it. Normally, people don't want that kind of attention. They're vaguely aware of it and then if it happens to them they try their best to deal with it. If someone proactively plays into it then it's because they will do anything to become popular. They have no attachment to the character or the actions, and therefore no attachment to the fans. It is the hollow shell of pandering in its true form. She understands perfectly and wants people to make more noise, it doesn't matter why.

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so true, sis.
Lets's forget the 2 WEEKS of fanart and discussion based on her model!
what a try hard!

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It's fine as long as she's not being physically intimate with men.

>> No.54707257

100% this

>> No.54707868

Is there one where she says "I love you for who you are"?

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I've read this over several times and I still can't see what the issue might be.
Did you mean to say that she wasn't doing it often enough? I will pass it over to her, thank you for your feedback
t. Dimitri Jap

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I need more, someone find out where she has the full versions of these

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What I want to teach her is that there is no process to fix.
all we do is leave

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