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>completely forgot this person exists
>only knows her from /vt/ complainig she never streams
>just find out she graduated
lmao what??
imagine throwing a gold opportunity like that in the thrash.
any ratts as to why she left?

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She was a nepo hire artist friend of Ina's. She already makes more money as an illustrator for chink gacha games and couldn't be bothered putting the minimum amount of effort into her Hololive work so she just quit.

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back hort

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>She already makes more money as an illustrator
really? god damn, is she rich?
More money than potentially a famous v-tuber, from the biggest company hololive, working side by side with Gura?
is she rich

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No you don't. You never watched her, no one did.

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Anon i was subbed from the start, i have a shit tonne of fanart still, half the semi regular sana breads i baked

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They never told the official reason but it's almost certainly was simply her not enjoying the job and wanting to spend more time playing her chinese gacha vomit so she just simply didn't renew her contract.
As you said she never streamed and had gay excuses for it. Even made her fanbase think she retired due to a serious back injury, only to then much later smugly brag on her RM account "I'm perfectly happy and healthy and I'm gonna live my life!" (her exact words IIRC).

tl;dr Nepo hire from that cunt Ina, didn't respect the opportunity at all, and fucked off after getting bored

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why is she brown

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Illustrators and character designers make fucking Bank. While she isn't at the level of Ina, Ina has confirmed she gets less money from Hololive compared to her actual work.

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She just wasn't a good match for holo corpo streaming. She was a nepotism hire through Ina and started streaming less and less and then the moment she graduated she started streaming marathon streams of shitty Chinese gacha games on her indie account.

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Why are you stupid?

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Management wouldn't let her stream gacha so she left

>"Sana got convinced to stay neutral by Ina"
If it wasn't for Ina she would join the Kiara faction
>"She's been like that since we wouldn't let her play Genshin"
her roommate streamed Genshin a couple times to cope with the harsh reality, go verify it yourself
>Ame really liked Sana
because Ame was Kiara's lap dog and a Cover anti
>back hort so soon, it's very unusual
just look at the date

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>She already makes more money as an illustrator for chink gacha games
I don't even know how. She drew one (1) character for a single game and just keeps shilling it. Are the royalties off a single jpeg really that great to where she never feels the need to draw anything ever again?

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>marathon streams
>5 total streams on her YouTube channel
>about 9 hours total streamed

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I swear sana posts are either coom brains posting her fanart, which probably carries her legacy outside her mascot and smol drawings, or bored folks wanting to shit on her weekly.

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>talented enough to join
>figures out it's not for her
2views seething eternally
improve yourself

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Pippa sorry that you're got rejected saw your clips crying btw.

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>implying joining hololive requires talent

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Her back fucking hurts anon, she can barely get out of bed for more than 30 minutes. Just let her rest

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>Even made her fanbase think she retired due to a serious back injury

She is an ESL retard who is trash at communicating. Playing games for hours on end is not good for your back and that was what she was commenting on.

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broke her back in car crash. Her art job had healthcare, hololive didn't, and hounded her for not meeting min streaming requirements because you know, she broke her back and had to take time off to recover. Pretty easy decision desu.

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That's not at all what she was commenting on, she literally had a twitter stories stream through her cell phone because she said her back hurt so badly she couldn't get out of bed. She fully played into the back hort narrative.

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cute space baby

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>just find out she graduated
Why lie? What's the point of this thread? No one cares about her anymore.

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but I did
there's zillions of v-tubers out there, what makes you think people keep tabs on them? specially this absolutely who

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She has a good paying job and probably didn't really like some aspects of streaming (like people making fun of her dead dog or hating her for not streaming).
If she didn't have something else to do, like most menheras she would've have stuck with it tho. That's why it's good to have actual skills

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Life provided her with another "golden opportunity". She couldn't make both of it work together and so had to let go of one of them.

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indirectly outing yourself as a newfag is not a flex op

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She left due to chronic back problems keeping her from streaming. You don't need schizo faggotry, faggot.
>REEEEE she knew another talent that means the company was forced to hire her!
Do you shitlords know how retarded you sound? And why do you not go on about this with hologamers, which is fubuki, fubuki's friend, fubuki's friend's friend, and fubuki's friend's friend's girlfriend that she demanded be hired or she wouldn't take the job? Stop parroting words whose meanings you don't know.
They literally told us it was her back, retard.
>no seriously, they totally hired her because an underperforming newbie talent told them to!
Seriously why are you fucking retarded
That shit is no joke, cockbreath. Having spent a two week period where five minutes not laying flat left me trying not to pop vicodin like popcorn, I can confirm that shit it's no goddamned joke.
Fuck off and die, connor
Because she did? Just because you're a pathological liar doesn't mean everyone else is one.
Because it wasn't a rrat you stupid schizo.

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She makes costumes for other games but her main gig is being an AK artist, designed two 6* chars and one of them is mildly popular. They give her quite a few promo commissions.

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why does streaming have to be all or nothing for hololive? she clearly didn't need the money so they could have cut her pay and let her stream on her own schedule and keep it as a hobby

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She never designed a servant but she made some promo art for FGO, one of them got made into an exclusive NA CE

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I miss her, when she was into it she was pretty entertaining, whatever happened to her back or if it was lack of motivation due to her stream ideas not being allowed or people hated them (astronomy).
Pure sex design tho

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>She left due to chronic back problems keeping her from streaming.
As soon as she graduated she told everyone that was a lie and started streaming more than she ever did as Sana lol

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initial contracts require consistent streaming. She wasn't fulfilling it.
Even Gura streamed consistently for over two years before she took her breaks.

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So what do you think /vt/, troll or retard?

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I personally subscribe to the bad back reason because I find the idea of having tits so big it fucks up your job hilarious.

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>she told everyone it was a lie
She didnt, but some sanallites kept dming her and going into her RM streams asking if "sana was ok", she told them to BTFO
>stream more than sana did
She streamed twice for a game she was shilling and the rest are just her either playing arknights or creaming over her kids

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Shut the fuck up pathologically lying shitstain snake.
No, they never mentioned her back, ever, lying retard.
Yes, these tweets exists and your skin is browner than Sana's.

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She streamed like 4 times in the past 6 months didn't she? I've seen that posted but no clip or source ever.

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It seems like she never liked streaming much, she even stopped doing it on her RM account despite not having to deal with Holo restrictions. It still seems dumb to quit instead of just deal with it and soft-retire like a bunch of jp have done.

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>but some sanallites kept dming her and going into her RM streams asking if "sana was ok", she told them to BTFO
Why the fuck do people do this? Like I'm not into IRL streamers all that much but I understand the concept of separate channels/personas.

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>the dark one didn't want to work
Never could have guessed

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>completely forgot this person exists
>timeloop thread everyday for the past 2 years.
OP hello, *ding ding ding *, hello.

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Eh English is a shitty language that someone with a broken leg can be happy and healthy.

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>hade a back injury and need a break in february
>graduated first in july
>tweets from august long after she hade recovered she say she is fine.

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Because the dumb cunt never cleared up the misunderstanding. Literally all her fans thought she quit because of back hort despite that never being the stated reason simply because that was her last excuse for never streaming.
It was convenient to her to let people keep believing that instead of the truth (prioritizing chink dicksucking over hololive).

What she didn't realize, because her brain is so fucking chinese that she can't comprehend it, is that her fans would be genuinely worried about her health. So they acted like worried people do, at which point she snapped and told them to fuck off. Such a nice person!

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Esl understanding strikes agian.
Is English really that hard?

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And yet there are people in this very thread still going on about her back injury being why she quit.

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Vtuber simps are so gullible. Whenever a vtubers says "social battery hort", "back hort", its always an attempt to get pity. Manipulative.

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That's why cover have to learn for their mistake and don't hire another mistake like sana

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from what she said during the announcement I personally got from her that she just didn't like streaming. That's why she went back as a character illustrator.
her back injury just made it worse and never got the idea that she would have hated her fans.

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>she replied with funny images of polish pope John Paul II without any context

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Reminder that Ina literally took a holiday trip to Japan that she kept complete secret while allegedly being "sick" and "recovering", and it only leaked because a JP member slipped up.

Still funny to me that she completely got away with it because nobody can be bothered to anti her.

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That remains to be seen.
Though EN2 had three nepohires, while I haven’t seen much indicating the next batch of being any.

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Good for her.

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There wouldn't have been so many of the latter if the few remaining vocal fans she's got hadn't paraded her corpse around singing her praises

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>ame telling a "joke" about a company doing nothing but taking a chunk of thr money
She really chilled put since then huh?

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>be a fan of JP holos
>uses connections to get hired
>now has a way to directly contact JP holos
nothing bloddy personel...

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>Even made her fanbase think she retired due to a serious back injury
Cover makes hololive talents say they are on health breaks when they get suspended which is the same as Nijisanji and their radio silent vacations. Sana's RM not only said that she was healthy but specifically mentioned that she could say that because it was her twitter account. Cover shills ran damage control for weeks after that and because several of her VODs were deleted.

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If you read that tweet as "smugly bragging" then you're a complete schizo

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source? my ass.

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its not the money. Her performance is below the acceptable range. It's the same with Coco in an essence, so much negativity coming from the fans that she might as well just quit.