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Are you ready?

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Gives me Neir vibes from the preview.

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Why does Cover keep pretending the western fanbase doesn't exist?

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Are you a veneco?

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>8K waiting

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My sleep schedule is shit already, why not.

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EST would be 5 AM

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Really hope it doesn’t end up like the other official songs Gura is in

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so the evil side is supposed to be reminiscent of >HER right?

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Please Cover don't autotune her voice to the max, pls Cover I'm begging you. She has a nice voice, you don't have to do it, pretty please.

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Cover didn't mix the song

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Every song is auto tuned, yes even your oshi's, what makes the difference is who's doing it, a good tuner can make dogshit sound passable a bad tuner can destroy good vocals.

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Ty for explanation, lemme rephrase it then:
Pls tuner be good and don't autotune her voice shitty, pls tuner I'm begging you. She has a nice voice and pich control, I believe you didn't have a tough job, pretty please.

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>Every song is auto tuned
Perhaps maybe even Calli's collection but not by much

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wtf I thought it was tomorrow?

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>20k waiting

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4 minutes let's gooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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So did she write this song or what?

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>not reading the description

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>nearly 30,000 waiting

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It's time, everybody quiet.

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Gura, I'm racist, let's gooooooooooo!!!"

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Not bad Nihongo desu

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Liking it so far.

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of course it's japanese lmao, just give her an english song

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nope for me

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>sandnigger music

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>another japanese song
>from hololive ENGLISH

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It's shit.

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that giggle

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it has English subtitles at least.

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First part of the song is kino
The breakdown sucked

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pretty bad

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Hey DJ, drop the cunny!

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god damnit....

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Hmmm -_- ... This sounds a bit... err how do you say... retarded

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Can't speak a lick of japanese. Her original song is 90% japanese.

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ابلع خراء

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its shit

i waited for this

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the red/blue colors on the subtitles are a nice touch as well.

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Hahaha it's shit. Chumbuds oh no no no

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She has an unironically good singing voice, why can't they take advantage of that instead of having her whisper into a fucking autotune machine

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Not quite what I expected coming from Gura, doesn't necessarily showcase her talented soft voice.

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It's good.

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I enjoy it!!

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voice edited to shit of course, why does cover do this

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What were you guys expecting from one of the laziest holos?

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its hololive, thats a given

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This is unironically fire.

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It's really good

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How is it her fault the production is shit

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So bad lmao.

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Yeah, I was expected something more on the acoustic side, that would've been good

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gura is famous for city pop, slow songs and English memes and they give her edgy jpop garbage with autotuned voice. GG

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oh god the english part is reminding me so much of sen, much more than any of her karaoke

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So the song is basically a farewell to snzw isnt it?

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OK I see. This lyric is conscious of HER.

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Anyone else jerked off to this?

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this is her way of saying she's graduating

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Wish she’d played more into her strengths with slower songs

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It's good but i prefer her speaking English

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>Unironically speaking greek because atlantus memes

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keep trying seanigger
you have all day

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I'm guessing that part is supposed to be "Altlantean"?

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Not what I expected but I enjoyed it!
We at least know the kind of music she wants to make now

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Probably the worst original song Hololive has produced. What the fuck were they thinking

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>Auto tuned to shit

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The fatal flaw about a lot of these songs is that they don't have a unique taste. This shit sounds just like any other overproduced EDM/nu-dubstep shit with gay japanese vocals. Gura's voice pitch is unique in english songs, but it sounds very standard in japanese, I don't care what anyone syas, Calli has hands down the best original songs of hololive.

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fuck you niggers I liked it

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This song does not fit her lyrically at all does it.

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It's Greek (turn on subs) so yes, but also no

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Quality Islamic electronic music. Certified halal.

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cute Haachama song about the duality of shark with deliberately foreign music to both EOP and JOP ears. Atlantis is in Arabia I guess.

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i had the same feel...

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What do you expect from clipwatcher?

>> No.5432171

>autoplay to Roki (English Rap Cover)
why are you doing this to me youtube

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It's decent.

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not bad gura

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The lyrics sort of imply Gura may be catching a case of the Haachama brain, rrats???

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This shit slaps!

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is it really?

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I liked the deep voice part, I wish it was longer though, But why doesn't it have MV?

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Its great and no amount of anti posting will change this fact

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Gura is such a chuuni

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ahoy is unironically better than all of caliis songs BUT i do like red quite a bit

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No video is a bummer.
Weird start, but gets better over time.
The english parts sounded like another of Gura's "persona".

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Reminds me of Jpop songs from a decade ago.

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I thought that was pretty fucking good.

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I've always thought Gura's Japanese pronunciation, like when singing and reading things out in the language, was really impressive, especially considering she doesn't really speak the language at all. Like, just the way she's able to pronounce stuff, she can sound close to native sometimes. Hope that over time she learns the language properly

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>Lyrics - Neko Hacker, Gawr Gura
She wrote at least part of it, anon

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Fucking retarded chumbud children without a lick of taste. This is fucking amazing.

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Gura needs an English speaking song producer

>> No.5432248

Could be better

>> No.5432249

this song is about HER, isn't it? Even in the imagery, the red Gura on the left is supposed to represent HER, isn't it?

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and I don't mean "sa-me"

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hololive EN*

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Time to wait for the live cover I guess

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I like it but my autism is flaring a bit over it being mostly japanese with english sprinkled in, easily my favorite EN song so far

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sure son, sure

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Better than hinotori so I'll still put it in my playlist

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Lounge music is really what lets Guras fantastic voice shine. Who the hell decided that her first original song she be...whatever the fuck this genre of music is. Also, while it would have been find to include some Japanese, it was a stupid decision to have basically the entire song be Japanese.

This is the sort of song I would expect from a member of Niji. Not hololive and cirtainly not the top dog of hololive.

>> No.5432280

Wait you're right

I kek'd

>> No.5432285

The 1% of it in English.

>> No.5432288

>Nooooooooooooooo members of a Japanese company can't just speak Japanese!1!1!1

>> No.5432311

Beat was too loud, mixer hate, the other parts are good but it was a bit loud

>> No.5432313

I know what I wrote

>> No.5432315

The schizo arc is dead. Long live the schizo arc

>> No.5432321

Sounds like it'll make a good beatsaber map

>> No.5432319

Maybe youre thinking of falco from law of ueki op?

>> No.5432342

It sounds like what Kiara would like to sing but can't because she doesn't sound like Gura. I like it. Not my style but it is so good. There are so many things happening that you can't get bored especially if you are zoomer. I would give it an 8/10. Great job. Nice effort on trying to be unique by not choosing the generic idol beats

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That was fucking shit, hell I bet Amelia Bleed-Your-Earson would have a better fucking original song

>> No.5432349

I didn't like it

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Song contains Greek, English and Japanese. Her Greek accent was kinda bad though.

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The entire thing feels quite underwhelming.

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>EN fags who didn't do their reps seething that it's in Japanese
Ahhhh, now this is comfy

>> No.5432363

In terms of listening, I enjoyed it. But this is far from her best performance. They sacrificed a lot of SOUL for TECHNIQUE.

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Unbelievable. This went above and beyond my expectations and then some. A certified hood classic.

I'm really impressed, Gura. That was well-worth staying up to enjoy.

>> No.5432378

Marine's has a unique flavor because IOSYS did it. And Calli writes her own music. The rest of these songs are usually produced in house and it seems like whoever is churning them out is a basic bitch.

>> No.5432384

It looks like Gura wrote the whole lyrics in English, while Neko Hacker translates it into Japanese.

>> No.5432385

Does it matter? They don't fit her.

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But its overproduced as per Cover's usual shit
The song is about HER but towards the end it says "A shark is all you'll ever be" meaning that Gura is the NEW HER and she'll never escape it.
The """arabic""" part is basically cover trying to rip the JAWS shark incomming theme without copyright

And clearly people calling it the worst song they've heard means that shills are in full force so therefore it must be good

Im glad the song took itself seriously rather than just memes and jokes
But -1 point for HoloEN with a Japanese debut original


>> No.5432401

its trash

>> No.5432403

Maybe... maybe not, it could as well be just Gura saying farewell to her old "pre-Hololive" self, not just HER but the entire baggage she had and is trying to left behind for her own good.

No, but good idea.

>> No.5432404

This. Her karaoke shows she seems pretty good for soulful music but kawaii pop makes much more sense for her actual character

>> No.5432408

Anything is better than that

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It was pretty good, not the best but pretty good

>> No.5432413

Huh im pretty sure she said it was on June 22th

>> No.5432421

a banjo fits gura's voice much better than electronic music

>> No.5432436

Her voice is overprocessed. Which maybe fits the techo vibe of the song. But it's still not why I like Gura's voice.

>> No.5432450

Getting the same feel. Listening to it again, looks like it's Gura saying "Yeah, I was HER, not going to deny it, now let me be myself please"

>> No.5432453

Loved it. The lyrics are that sold it for me. Also, I like this kind of songs. 10/10

>> No.5432455

Gura's done a bunch of longue music before and it's boring.

>> No.5432462

is this the level of seanigger posting we are in for for the rest of the day?

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>> No.5432472

GOOD point

>> No.5432473

Didn't like the part in the middle but the rest is pretty good. Good instrumentals with nice bass.

>> No.5432483

it's like they went out of their way to pick a song that fits Gura the least

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That was better than it would be, especially considering it's her first song. Congratulations, little shark

>> No.5432498

It's shit and so is she

>> No.5432500

It was alright, might have to listen to it a few times for it to grow on me. The funny part is that she needs subtitles to know what she's saying in her own song.

>> No.5432522

Overproduced bullshit. Voice autotuned into flatness.
Weird genre/style choice - why not some citypop, or some mellow/acoustic songs she actually excels at?

Overall, pretty disappointing, especially for the hype of being Gura's first original song. It's worse on average than over half the cover songs she sang in her karaokes.

>> No.5432525

A bid to get the JP girls to notice her?

>> No.5432531

That's what I'd imagine. Or at least, she came up with the core concept.
Anon... If she wrote the lyrics, how would they not fit her?

>> No.5432533

i'm very proud of my daughterwife/10

>> No.5432539

You guys know this is her music right? Cover didn;t lift a single hand here. She could have chosen to have it in English but she chose not to

>> No.5432544

Hololive Hellas when?

>> No.5432547

She picked it, Anon.
You don't watch her so you don't know she LOVES the edgy chuuni characters in everything.

>> No.5432549

I am EN fag but is this song a conversation between HER and Gura?

>> No.5432563

*better than I thought it would be

>> No.5432565

Pretty solid, that part in the middle voice with the beat switch was pretty nice, sold it for me.

>> No.5432581

And now for the rrats to begin their whining threads.

>> No.5432583

I like it. I think the japanese are going to eat it up

>> No.5432587

if someone played this randomly to me I couldn't even tell it's Gura

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I'm not gonna say "it's shit" or anything - I actually kinda like that style of music - but it was really... weird. It felt non-fitting of Gura?
Like, fitting of the CHARACTER maybe, dangerous predator blahblah, but it really didn't seem like the type of music that fit her voice.

Like, I still liked it, but I feel like I could have been so SO much better.

>> No.5432599

Turn on captions and judge for yourself anon-chama

>> No.5432605

> #1 hololive member
> most known for her amazing singing voice
and we get this shit?

>> No.5432606

wish the song had been more like the teaser but it just drifted straight into idolpop shit with like 10 seconds of le edgy shark
good for what it is though

>> No.5432618

Would Vtubers save the Greek economy?

>> No.5432627

She's the billed music talent no? I just can't stand her voice. Sounds so juvenile.

>> No.5432630

What the fuck is HER

>> No.5432632

Words for this one Gura wrote herself. Neko probably transitioned them to Japanese, to get the flow.

>> No.5432638

There was one single part where it sounded like herself for half a second, that's it.

>> No.5432640

yeah that's why she NEVER sings these kind of songs during karaokes. You totally got me there

>> No.5432663

Why do they always autotune the shit out the idols untill they sound like vocaloids?

>> No.5432668

The song is a rollercoaster of emotions.
Too bad there is no video.

>> No.5432672
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If you know who she is, you'll know how much this song means to HER and how fitting it is for who she is, anon.

>> No.5432688


>> No.5432693

seemed deliberately weird, but I like it. There's a lot of different singing in this, it's not appropriate to point at any single part and say "it's this, and I don't like this", when +/- 30s the song isn't that.

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Yeah, with the previous covers, people could excuse Gura for giving her terrible mixing. But now, it's clear that Gura herself has terrible taste when it comes to mixing her own voice. Maybe she likes the tin can sound. It's funny that 2-bit indies have better mixing for their voices than the top dog.

>> No.5432699

past identity circlejerk

>> No.5432703

Do your reps anonchama

>> No.5432704
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its literally coming to terms with HER

>> No.5432716

They were on. This is why it made me feel that it might be the case. the song sounds very personal.

>> No.5432734

literally this

>> No.5432737

Who can say? In the context of knowing Gura's past persona, it might be. But if you take that away, it's just a chuuni song

>> No.5432742

Really liked the eastern sounding part at the start

>> No.5432744

no shit.

>> No.5432746

Is that confirmed? Kiara is credited with lyrics for Hinotori, but she revealed she only did the English parts, someone else made the Japanese lyrics. Until we get a release stream I think it's a lot more likely the same happened here.

>> No.5432756

B-but I need an external scapegoat to blame, because it can't be that my amazing Gura herself made an underwhelming track due to her own bad decisions, no, some other nefarious outside force must be responsible for this discrepancy!

>> No.5432760
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Lurk a gorillion years

>> No.5432759

Gura's last vtuber life that people are trying to make into a traumatic Haachama-style backstory, like she was on the verge of turning into ONLYUSEmeBLADE

>> No.5432773

There's way too much tuning used on her voice that it's almost unrecognizable and it's so low volume too. The music kinda drowns it. To melody is not too bad but I hope Gura didn't have to pay for the song herself.

>> No.5432782

do you wanna get b&?

>> No.5432787

>he doesn't know

>> No.5432794

still wondered why didn't they ask Neko to produce the song as well, or cover as stingy as ever chose the cheaper option and hire the indogs producer

>> No.5432801


>> No.5432804


>> No.5432805

So anything she writes automatically fits her because she wrote it? If she wrote a song about killing fags with aids that would fit her?

Just because she wrote them doesn't mean they fit. She is not infallible.

>> No.5432820

same, almost had a Bastion OST vibe to it.

>> No.5432821

Fair enough. Then yeah, I'd say partially that and partially general high expectations/imposter syndrome. Also that rrat about Gura being distant from her family because something something rural area and not straight, clearly.

>> No.5432831

s to the e to the n to the z to the a to the w to the FUNNY SHARK LETTER

>> No.5432837
File: 3 KB, 179x180, REFLECT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got everything I wanted.
Did I become the me that I wanted to be?
Will there come a time, somewhere, when we understand each other?
You and I are different.
You made me who I am today.
Do I not need the past? That' s not true.
Please watch over me quietly from here.

>> No.5432845

I'll re-listen to it. If this is true then I'll accept it.

>> No.5432847

>Calli has hands down the best original songs of hololive
EN only fag

>> No.5432860

Yes, and what percentage of hololive viewers are weeb faggots?

>> No.5432866

Idk what the schizos here are saying, I like it and I don't even like Gura.

>> No.5432883

Jesus Christo.
Gura has been working on this for months and this is the result? Who thought it would be a good idea to make someone who don't understand japanese sing a Japanese song?? Couldn't even listen to it more than 1 minute.
Cover always find a way to punish the hype lol

>> No.5432897

Don't let the globalfag redditors fool you

It's a pretty underwhelming song and I was expecting an English song
The song was shit but Gura carried the shit out of it

I prefer Senzawa's "I wanna be a cowboy" song. Give me good shit like that

>> No.5432901

because it's her project?

>> No.5432902

senzawa is a vtuber
listen with subs

>> No.5432912

I hate Japanese and listening to it grates on me, couldn't even finish the song

>> No.5432916

so you're telling me gura herself made this mess? Why the fuck would she go this direction when that's not what her strength is. What a stupid shark

reddit eating it up of course, but this is straight up awful

Can't wait for Ina's song to sound exactly the same

>> No.5432922

woww this is good!

>> No.5432924

The song is good but the mix on her voice is horrible, it makes her sound so soulless like a fucking Vocaloid.

>> No.5432939

>indog producer
>sandnigger beat
Gura all misses on this one

>> No.5432943

I got it, I wasn't sure but then someone spoonfed the thread with a picture

>> No.5432944


>> No.5432950

opinion discarded

>> No.5432960

>make someone who don't understand japanese sing a Japanese song??
... watch a lot of Gura, do you?

>> No.5432961

is there any point in looking into the lyrics for a deeper meaning? Like sure you could argue that the lyrics could be talking about past identities versus her current position as well as thinking toward the future, but it all just feels like a giant rrat to me.

What are the odds there is no deeper meaning and she just wrote whatever edgy anime lyrics she wanted to?

>> No.5432966

They're not the same person, stop this dumb theory

>> No.5432970

Good lord where did all you circlejerking HERfags come from? Go the fuck back.

>> No.5432973

the song is so anime. i lyk it

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>> No.5432997

Like all her previous covers / collabs. They all sound good if you just consider the songs separately, or don't follow Gura. But for people who listen to Gura's live singing voice every day on youtube, there is just no comparison.

>> No.5433003

Cumbuds will defend this

>> No.5433005

>Calli has hands down the best original songs of hololive.
lol Red and Live Again are the only good ones
And they get completely shit on by any of the Bloom or Azki songs, and those aren't even the best originals

>> No.5433008

>reddit eating it up of course
Kek go back faggot.

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Exactly my thoughts.

>> No.5433017

they're coping because they read the lyrics, give them some time to come to their senses

>> No.5433022

Enough Phrygian mode but not enough bouzouki 6/10

>> No.5433032

Gura did fuck around with autotune during live streams

>> No.5433031

>What are the odds there is no deeper meaning and she just wrote whatever edgy anime lyrics she wanted to?
I'd say around 50/50

>> No.5433040

on 5x. it's good.
the lyrics are fine without trying to stretch them anywhere.

>> No.5433050

...null? is that you?

>> No.5433061

My first impression of the song is really good
I don't think this is shit
I gonna pay for it

>> No.5433065

yep now that i've all the lyrics this is definetely a song about HER, same as Mori's Live again

>> No.5433075

>If she wrote a song about killing fags with aids that would fit her?
It would say something about her that she chose to write that, yes.

>> No.5433080

I miss Senzawa guys, she was fun, this is garbage tryhard crap

>> No.5433081

The lyrics are the most importan in the song, those of us that have followed her for a long time understand.

>> No.5433089

how quickly will it reach 1M views

>> No.5433090

I like the edgy music and it makes EOPs seethe and dilate for some reason so it's good, 9/10

>> No.5433095

Japs are loving it

>> No.5433096
File: 290 KB, 1276x2048, 1609051758336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hope this first song paved the way for Gura to get more into music production in the future

>> No.5433122

>so anime
Nope far from it. Listen to Aqua or Fubuki or something
I want Gura to sing something like this instead

>> No.5433129
File: 203 KB, 666x943, 1614207862429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Shut up niggers. Post your favorites and I'll reconsider

>> No.5433137

I like it. I like all of Gura's raps, she has a good flow.

>> No.5433140

all of which are for comedic effect, this is not

>> No.5433143

Almost 200,000 views in the first 30 minutes

>> No.5433145
File: 55 KB, 749x794, sad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that doesn't mean they all understand japanese.
this part of the company is meant to cater to the english fanbase, which means you'd expect them to release more songs with primarily english lyrics.

>> No.5433147

>she sounds like a vocaloid ew
her voice varies a lot across the song. Fucking listen to it.
But she's going to do this again in karaoke, so just wait for that version.

>> No.5433148
File: 22 KB, 899x271, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's simple

>> No.5433149

can you give us a quick dumpsterdive rundown?

>> No.5433161

Ghost is better than any song Mori has put out

>> No.5433164

Why is the colored fucked up? Any better version of this cropped image, Anon?

>> No.5433166

Ghost or NCP

>> No.5433174

You hate to see it.

>> No.5433177

Here’s my rrat: Gura is Proto-Indo-European.

>> No.5433212

You retards really put the fag in HERfags, the song is literally just about shark Gura vs human side Gura that’s why the shark side is saying she’ll only be a shark and the human side denies it.

>> No.5433216

I think that was the point

>> No.5433217

It's a fucking song and I already know Japanese. My problem is that the ENGLISH Vtuber should have ENGLISH original song. Even nijiniggers got it right despite their numerous retardations.

>> No.5433223

There has not been a single good song from EN so far

>> No.5433232

In the rural US Southeast? She wouldn't survive there

>> No.5433239

Imagine if she had posted a nice and emotional acoustic song where her vocals have a chance to shine... oh well. The nips demand more slop.

>> No.5433246

This song is ok at best, gura has a great voice but they always fuck up with the mixing.

Live again is still the best song from hololive

>> No.5433267

I doubt that. It's clearly made in the same style as Hinotori, so either Gura took a lot of inspiration from it or some of the same people were involved in making it.

>> No.5433277


>> No.5433286

Gura has an alright voice

>> No.5433287

All of the livestreams on Hololive EN are in mostly English, what does it matter if a song is mostly Japanese?

>> No.5433290

>Live again is still the best song from hololive
I agree, fuck these fags.

>> No.5433298

>can't tell apart autotune from harmonization

>> No.5433301

Gura's was my main hope since her karaoke is actually decent, but nah just more Japanes weeb rapping shit and some static album art

>> No.5433314

the lyrics are really really really good, Gura has been inspired by Calli's Live Again as it seems

>> No.5433316

Tell that to all of Kiara's songs.

>> No.5433322


>> No.5433331

As far as j-pop is concerned yeah it's real bad. I've heard plenty of j-rock that has proper mixing though, seems like idol companies just have zero confidence in their singers sounding crisp and at the front of the mix.

>> No.5433333

Not surprising at all considering Ado fans among JP chuubas and viewers. The song's style is probably decided with them and Mori's songs listeners in mind, also Gura being edgy as usual.

>> No.5433344

Kiara literally applied for JP Gen5 first

>> No.5433350

She has plenty of karaoke for that. I absolutely loved that it was something different. And lyrics seem very personal.

>> No.5433356

cope Deadbrap

>> No.5433359
File: 309 KB, 1367x1352, 1610277262538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope. That's how I found it. It's an edit from this one.

>> No.5433376

>acoustic song
For that, all Gura has to do is request it

>> No.5433379

Mori's rap mixed with the Kimpossible theme was pretty good. But yeah, I wouldn't put any of these songs on a playlist.

>> No.5433382
File: 234 KB, 600x800, funny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, you're proving my point.
they're meant to cater to the english audience. why the hell is the song in japanese, which the majority of the english audience won't understand?

>> No.5433387

>shark Gura vs human side Gura
thats just dumb. this is her first song im sure its more personal than just "u shark y u no come to water"

>> No.5433396


>> No.5433437

Hololive EN fanbase also loves Japanese shit retard

>> No.5433444

you think she has a deep personal connection to the Greek at the beginning and the end of the song? What's the HER rrat about that?

>> No.5433445

It wasn't written by Gura is was written by Cover so it's not personal to her at all.

>> No.5433468

>Japanese company
>Japanese greetings
>Japanese friends
>Japanese managers
>weeb af girls
You tell me?

>> No.5433471

why did they even make EN if they still cater to the japanese fans.

>> No.5433473

They're meant to cater to the english **weeb** audience.
Also, just turn on CC, retard.

>> No.5433484

Anon, things can have multiple meanings. There's this thing called a metaphor, it's pretty cool.

>> No.5433492

I like same song

>> No.5433496

management probably told her she had to put out a song for her birthday but she was too lazy to write it so they did it for her

>> No.5433497

>check JP subtitles
... they don't translate the English at all.

>> No.5433498

She's Christian. She's talking about the Logos, which is Jesus Christ, the Word. It's from the Bible.

>> No.5433508
File: 1.31 MB, 2048x2048, 1620437509569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As in the song, the shark is the past self.
One story ends, and another begins, as she says. The shark side says she will only ever be a shark, which is the past, but the Gura side is determined to step into the future.

The lyrics aren't deep. In fact they are straightforward and easily understood. There aren't even more than 2 layers of separation. So in this case it's not people injecting words into her mouth, but words directly from her mouth.

>> No.5433518


>> No.5433521
File: 982 KB, 1758x1762, Reflect.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.5433525

Ghost, Palette, Ai Mai Chocolate,and Suspect

I'd even say Lunch With Me is better than most of Mori's songs, at the very least is caputres the singer's personality better. Mori wishes she was a competent rapper

>> No.5433532

Gura would never allude to HER in an original song and you’re just an idiot for thinking so
The face the /u/ schizo could tell the meaning of the song easier than you is hilarious.

>> No.5433540
File: 334 KB, 420x420, 1610276079212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not impressed

I love Suisei but the sound is somewhat generic. I will say that they are well done, so it's probably just a difference in taste.

>> No.5433543

Read the description nigger. Also
>Thinking Cover gives enough of a shit to give their girls songs for special events.
Lmao. They pay for that shit out of pocket or they wait for concerts.

>> No.5433560

you can't be this retarded, do you even watch her streams?

>> No.5433571

This could have gotten the same or better effect if she just sang it in a stream. In fact I'll be waiting for that to happen. Shame about the wasted time and effort gura.

>> No.5433584

>not understanding the HER narrative

>> No.5433586

Dang, she put some work into this. She's been doing her reps, for sure, and it feels like there's some personal stuff she's been working with in there. I hope she's doing alright.
Also, was that greek at the beginning and end?

>> No.5433605

>why did jp restaurant served sushi when they are in new york

>> No.5433606

Not a Chumbud or what have you, I kinda like it. Certainly doesn't fit my pre-perceived image of Gura though.

>> No.5433607
File: 169 KB, 298x295, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay strong, Gura.
Never forget who you are, even if you can't go back to being HER, she's still part of you, she can still be happy expressing herself through your new experiences and new friendships as a fully realized person.

>> No.5433609

Gura doesn't know Japanese so she can't have written the lyrics. QED.

>> No.5433610

how can it be written by gura if she cant fucking speak japense. you cant just translate shit and have it rhyme and shit in a song u retard

>> No.5433612

I can't stand more than 30 seconds of that

>> No.5433614

it's always about numbers with tou chumkeks huh? can't wait for the next big thing to come so you all can jump ship

>> No.5433617
File: 26 KB, 670x314, k1390014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

icing on the cake
>written by cover

>> No.5433621

Gura alluded to HER even in her debut. Do your reps.

>> No.5433626

No anon you don't get it I'm an Amerifat I can't read the damn subs I don't even watch anime or like anime girls I just want my country singing meme girl GURA yodeling like a retard noooooooo

>> No.5433628

Mori is a mediocre rapper, I won't ever deny it or defend it like other deadbraps, but the beats and hooks are always memorable and unique, which is something I always look for in music. If it's not a new sound, why listen?

>> No.5433635
File: 242 KB, 638x717, 1621176889038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

best original song in HoloEn
fags that say otherwise are just copers

>> No.5433641

By any means, it's not an iconic song like Nene's Nenenene or Haachama's Big Red Heart.

>> No.5433642

yes, greek. Subtitles show it.

>> No.5433646


EN has no idea what an Idol is like. Westerners don't have any idea what a western anisong should be like.

>> No.5433650

>Write concept for lyrics
>Have JP speaker translate it and write English section yourself
wow, insane

>> No.5433653

>mostly Japanese lyrics, EOPs BTFO
>kino Greek parts
>amazing lyrics by Gura and Neko Hacker, clearly personal as fuck and obviously speaking about things that are very important to Gura. Literally a conflict between Gura and HER
>Gura managed to change her timbre throughout the song really well
>kino speaking parts
>overproduced? You people are fucking deaf. Gura sounds like herself yet all of the good qualities of her voice are enhanced to oblivion, I literally dropped a tear at "sayonara arigatou" after "shark is all you'll ever be" because that pitch was outright angelic. I kneeled to Farhan through the floor, reminder that he also made Reine original song and id:entity voices which are also really good.
Burgerchildren, keep seething, it's really funny. People with even a hint of actual taste are already listening to it on repeat.

>> No.5433656

wait for ame's original song

>> No.5433669

dumb newfag detected
a lot of girls in hololive have songs like that, Live again from Mori and Suisei's comet are examples

>> No.5433671

that's a pretty low bar anon

>> No.5433674

i like it. not what i(or most) expected but it looks like a lot of thought was put in to it. much better than those generic soulless pop they throw out so often, like everything kiara does.

>> No.5433683

just as i can't wait for the other orange woman to leave Cover

>> No.5433696

>EN has no idea what an Idol is like
I would class Taylor Swift as one when she was younger

>> No.5433707

Bait aside,
have you guys tried lowering the volume down a bit and take a second hear at it? I think it's best at 85% with my headphones. Higher and the bass overbears, lower and the bass pounds underweight.
Sasuga Aquatic Electro Bass. How fitting with her lore that she loves a good bassline

>> No.5433710

Anon, cover doesnt fund nor care about the talents solo and covers

>> No.5433714

>But its overproduced as per Cover's usual shit
Which originals are produced by Cover, I don't listen to too many besides Suisei's and that one Fubuki OP and I thought they sounded pretty balanced. Suisei's Saga Jiihen was pretty terrible aside from her voice so I wonder if that was also produced by Cover

>> No.5433719

Anon, it's early morning Monday in Burgerland. You know where most of the shitposters are from.

>> No.5433746

lmao the bad faith argument that i can't read // don't know how to turn on subtitles comes out.
you know people like to do things with music in the background right? can't exactly read subtitles if i'm playing a game or reading a book or whatever.

>> No.5433751

anon, humans live can't live that long...

>> No.5433762

>somewhat generic
>likes generic Eminem tier rap
are you ok, anon?

>> No.5433765

This is a rock solid take, cheers fellow chumbud.

>> No.5433767

>If it's not a new sound, why listen?
Because it sounds good? Holy shit, deadbraps.

>> No.5433774

As a racist, I was really hoping for kthe song to be a little more racist. I'll take what I can get.

>> No.5433778

You massive retard, Neko Hacker helped her, she probably wrote all of it in English and he helped to translate, maybe added some ideas of his own.

>> No.5433812

Anon it's sea hours, your best friends

>> No.5433814

I meant to say "pound below its weight"

Goddammit I didn't check it again before posting...

>> No.5433825

There's english in the song, which you would've known if you listened to it instead of just posting schizo shit to bait me

>> No.5433832

I thought so, I just wasn't sure I was recognizing the characters and sound as being greek correctly or not. Neat of her to do a bit in yet another language, too, and it's a neat nod back at the origins of Atlantis.

>> No.5433840


>> No.5433841
File: 48 KB, 622x629, 1602180573555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's a beautiful picture anon thank you. I'm saving it for myself

>> No.5433864

Lyrics felt personal and were decent. The music direction was kinda meh and it feels like it didn't fit her singing style. The overall song didn't really make use of Gura's strengths enough.

Passable but feels like another riggergate scenario here.

>> No.5433865

>Music/Mix/Master - Farhan Sarasin
it's literally mudslime music

>> No.5433877

Lol I wouldn't even consider Calli eminem tier lmao but yeah I like it. I can't stand the repetitive song structure of jpop songs. They always end the hook at 1:30 then there's a weird bridge for 30 seconds where they fill the song with random bullshit, then repeat the hook two more times. It's lazy. Composing new beats and writing interesting raps at least gives you something to chew on.

>> No.5433907

The evil Gura part is the part of her that wants to say slurs. She's been suppressing it for too long since the spic yab.

>> No.5433909

>not sing in EN
>panders jp
only ina and ame is the real holoEN

>> No.5433912

Seanig are seething as usual and I said this as a seanig

>> No.5433918

Just read it once or twice, then you'll know the meaning and will be able to listen to it 24/7. Holy shit, chumkeks reading comprehension is so bad they can't even handle 4 minutes of subtitles once.

>> No.5433927

kek, just as predicted >>5432756

>> No.5433941
File: 657 KB, 3063x3464, garu gura rabu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Εκ λόγου άλλος εκβαίνει λόγος.

>> No.5433944

>He thinks Ina's song will be in English

>> No.5433948

Who chose Gura's music crew anyways?

>> No.5433967

Ina teased a song and it's already gonna be Japanese
also you are a weeb so why you care that it is with Japanese lyrics?

>> No.5433984

>They always end the hook at 1:30
Gee i wonder why

>> No.5433997

>Confront your past
>Sneak in some nihilistic motives
>Picture inner conflict thanks to technology
But niggers still will claim it's bad song because mUh autOtUne.
I don't even watch Goorah, but this song gives me similar vibe to Haachama's Infinity and that's enough for me to like it.

>> No.5434004


>> No.5434010

>it's gonna be in bahasa

>> No.5434027

>Ina song will actually be kpop

>> No.5434042
File: 9 KB, 758x132, 12345123423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5434043


>> No.5434054

Unironically if Ina's song is in Korean I'll kneel.

>> No.5434067
File: 164 KB, 504x280, 1599928415315.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do I not need the past? That' s not true.

>> No.5434068

>implying Ina's song will be recognizable in any human language

>> No.5434073

Ame's song is going to be overproduced to hell to make up for her shit singing ability

>> No.5434078

Why are they whining about English so much then? Do they want her to make a fucking cowboy song or something? Why suck EOP dick this hard when neither English nor Japanese are your native language?
Also reminder, if you're a
>I don't even watch anime, I'm not like you weebs, I don't care about any JP vtubers
faggot, you should fuck off this board and never come back.

>> No.5434081
File: 32 KB, 612x503, ffcnse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nah, you are conflating many things. The lyrics she wrote are meaningful and tasteful. The different genres intermixing make it interesting. But the tin can sound problem that is characteristic of all her previous covers / collabs is still pretty much present. People who don't listen to Gura often would rightly think it sounds okay, but people who listen to Gura's live voice every day on repeat know all the highs and lows that were squashed and destroyed in the process.

Simply listen to Gura's live singing for a few minutes and compare with HoloEN's Country Road collab. There is no comparison. Even from the first verse alone, how she goes from low to high ("almost heaven, west virginia") is a smooth and sexy feat you will never hear in any of her recordings. That is why her voice is crazy appealing.

But if those previous recordings could be blamed on Cover, now we must start to consider the fact that Gura either likes these tin can recordings herself, or is too shy to tell the mixer to go back and redo everything.

>> No.5434083

>calling self-harmonizing autotune
do you retards really?

>> No.5434093 [SPOILER] 
File: 41 KB, 620x680, 1624272533113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5434101
File: 174 KB, 894x851, sneed white power.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

as a racist, the atlantis aryan lore that gura has, plus the greek part in this song, are very based, and, if i may, redpilled.

>> No.5434111

what i expect : smooth af jazzy music with sick harmony utilizing musical theory to its fullest, dominant subs/alteration, plagal cadence, min-Maj relation substitution, 'conflict to climax' dominant to tonic cadence with extra alteration, etc etc.
what i get : shit rap music
me : sadness *sob

>> No.5434124

>Constantly says she's ashamed of her past
>Sang country roads and when I'm gone
> Now she wrote an entire fucking song about coming to terms with her "past"

She just can't let it die, can her? I loved Senzawa and I like gura, but it feels like she's constantly trying to bait people in and cater to nostalgia with her old persona, all of this while claiming to hate it.

Can't wait for her to just cover I wanna be a cowboy or Belle Delphine's song one of these days.

>> No.5434139
File: 856 KB, 1080x1080, 1622465742330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spic yab

>> No.5434148

Ame needs it, Gura didn't.

>> No.5434156

you forgot to mention that atlanteans are all nudists

>> No.5434158

>why the hell is the song in japanese
i imagine making expressive songs is better if it's in japanese than in english.....if that makes sense

>> No.5434164

I know you're joking but adding the Greek really was kino and Euro-centric which I didn't expect from A JP-EN focused company

>> No.5434165

from the google translate of this tweet, it sounds like gura provided an overall concept/context and the japanese was written by nekohacker from there

>> No.5434174
File: 198 KB, 376x376, 1623529015752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fucking cringe
if you wrote this unironically you should off yourself
if you wrote this ironically you also should off yourself

>> No.5434187
File: 405 KB, 753x501, Niggaplz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5434206

Seanigs will whine about anything.
I do want her to make a cowboy song though.

>> No.5434209

IIRC, she said "spic" on accident while trying to say the word "spike".

>> No.5434221

fucking trannies on this board...
Go and learn Japanese, i watched so much anime i forgot to turn on the fucking subtitles

>> No.5434240

>le sad lion
>unironically writting "cringe"

>> No.5434249

Tried to say both "spike" and "stick" while talking about fence posts in Minecraft I think? It's been a while.

>> No.5434252

>not blocking ads in 2021

>> No.5434256

y-yeah... that was implied, anon... one would assume there is no need to explain what that number means to /vt/ posters

>> No.5434259

>you can't sing country roads and when im gone because past self sang it first
wow ok

>> No.5434289

I'll never understand why do people want the same kind of sound in karaoke streams and in original songs/covers. The latter absolutely aren't meant to sound like karaoke, it's just different things, why do you have to conflate them? Karaoke streams for more comfy, "real" sound, original songs and covers for more "professional" feel and perfecting all of the little imperfections. That's how it should be. The only problem is how well professional mixing preserves the unique voice of the singer, ideally it should sound refined (probably what you called tin can) but singer should still be recognizable and their voice's unique features should be preserved as much as possible. Reflect does really fucking good here, all of her voice imperfections are toned down and all the good traits are enhanced.

>> No.5434291

the ads come back if you restore tabs and stay that way until you open a new tab

>> No.5434309

Anon, she's been going as Gura for months.
Have you considered that her feelings might have changed? That Senzawa has gone from a recent shame, to something that won't stop her from singing songs she likes, and now to something she's accepted (or at least wants to accept)?

>> No.5434323

These dog whistles are the best she can do short of going back to the Senzawa account like Coco and Kson. At least Gura's dog whistles are often tasteful and artistic.

>> No.5434331

I get why someone wouldn’t like this but a lot of the negative reaction is just you guys being mad it’s not an english ballad or something.

>> No.5434343

what? update your blocklist... i have never seen an ad on YT

>> No.5434349

get better adblock.

>> No.5434360

Yeah, Gugulu-san got it for the most part.

>> No.5434365

he's right though, HERfags are the most pathetically cringe posters on this board

>> No.5434366

with uBlock they don't

>> No.5434430

this is vtuber board anon

>> No.5434472

300,000 views in the first hour.

What's the projection to a million?

>> No.5434493

This is a taste of what the 'en' vsinger will be like. Overproduced japanese with no soul. Look forward to it!

>> No.5434524

fuck of null you got 10 hours of feeder content to watch

>> No.5434527

rta 4hours

>> No.5434538

I do wonder why, actually. They can't have everything as OP/EDs, so my other guess is that Cover wants it in a rhythm game like D4DJ (or their own), but all songs there are around 2 minutes for full play and around 30 seconds as part of a medley.

>> No.5434556
File: 5 KB, 283x101, the numbers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5434562

im only joking to a degree

>> No.5434567

When you talk about removing the imperfections and enhancing the good parts in a recording, that would describe Amelia in karaoke vs Amelia in holoEN collab, where her awful lack of pitch control is fixed. But in Gura's case, it is not really fixing or enhancing anything, and in fact robs Gura's best parts while giving it the tin can sound quality. If you want an example of good mixing for a good singer that enhances vocals and removes imperfections, look at, say, Leona's cover of Dry Flower. It's like the complete opposite. Soulful and raw, with crystal clear vocals.


>> No.5434730

yea, something like that.

>> No.5434777

>sub 1 million over an hour after release
Looks like it's not doing too well...

>> No.5434791

No wonder it's shit

>> No.5434838
File: 521 KB, 478x676, 1621359934235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok... well I loved it up until she started rapping in Japanese at 1:45. It didn't flow that well, and you could tell that it was not native, pretty heavy. The mixing was great imo though for the style she was going for. Gives you the 'yandere loli predator' vibes that seem to be like what she was going for on the cover.

I question making it mostly Japanese. Granted that is how alot of the songs have been so far, and maybe its expected because weeb audience, but I think Gura in particular could have made full english, or mostly english, work. She has that potential and has demonstrated it, and I think she is the 1 vtuber in the gen who has somewhat broken into a normie segment of the market at least.

Others have said this song was more a personal song for her, then I'll have to say, as a matter of release goals, I think she should have held off on that. Her first song should have been her coming out for her audience, something that would be meant first and foremost to wow us, something that plays to her explicit demonstrated strengths. This song comes out of left field with the direction she takes it, and is supposedly more about her coming to terms with her old and new identity. Its a 2nd or 3rd song to make, not a first impression. If it was her 3rd original, I'd applaud her exploring her past and coming to terms with it.

So ultimately I have lots of issues with the path she chose to go down, but its more a difference of strategy and personal opinion than something actually wrong with the music, aside from the bad Japanese rapping segment. Even in Japanese her voice flowed very well when she was flowing with the music. The Japanese and English translations don't exactly match, but I suppose it does its job well enough, if anything the Japanese gives less information than the English. If the English is the original intent and the Japanese is Nekohacker's translation, I'd say I think he may have done a bad job. I know Japanese is supposed to be a vague language compared to English, but I don't think you could infer alot of the things stated in English in the Japanese provided. Overall i'd say as a first original song to a huge audience...7.5/10, upgraded from 6.5 after listening to it a few times. Its good, and I think it will grow on you after listening to it multiple times, especially without particularly focusing on it, but it doesn't have any business being above 5 million views in the first year considering the size of her fanbase. If she was looking for this song to define her rise, it won't do that, it's not her Please RIP. If this isn't intensely personal for her and was a character song then I don't think the direction she took it was the best. For a first song play to the facet everybody knows, don't reveal a 'new side' of yourself. Could probably make some good lore with it, but this isn't a a story first, its music first.

>> No.5434849

wasted trips...

>> No.5434874


>> No.5434879

Absolute unfiltered kino, even you don't like the style of music or the mixing these lyrics were gold.

>> No.5434886

let me guess you are German or a SEAnigger

>> No.5434929


>> No.5434936
File: 124 KB, 1008x1200, 1623110586304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pathetic fake chumbuds shitting on the song that Gura put her heart on
get the fuck out of here
(you) are NOT a musician and you know shit about music

>> No.5434966

Greeks are subhuman. Worse than Albanians.

>> No.5434968
File: 128 KB, 554x554, xgvbxx2tc9c61.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes, i'm racist and?

>> No.5434971

I'm a bit disappointed that it's in Japanese without advertising it as such, but I warmed up to the song now that it's clear its really about HER and Gura's recovery from being a shitpostlord.

>> No.5434977

Greek, because Gura is Atlantean. And Atlantis was located near Grece.

>> No.5435011

ah, German it is...
I'm Polish btw

>> No.5435041

ITT: People don't realize that JP lyrics will pander to the EN base more

The english meanings of japanese lyrics are usually cringy, and the west is less tolerant of 'serious' lyrics that aren't love songs
Making it a foreign language adds a level of obfuscation so the cringe doesn't hit people directly, if it was sang directly in english people would be complaining about the edge instead

>> No.5435054

>Worse than Albanians
Now that is going too far anon.

>> No.5435069

I find her lyrics fine. She can speak about whatever as long as they are not explicit. Like all dog whistles, people who don't know the references, won't know.
The tin can vocal mixing on the other hand is not my cup of tea. You could excuse it by saying the genre is eletric or techno, and that Gura probaby made the decisions herself. But it's definitely not why I personally listen to her. So it's good by itself, but not good by the standards I have in mind for her.

>> No.5435070
File: 35 KB, 610x385, 8285311b7244b4c0c7a98233b92b8a72.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Greeks are subhuman
>refuses to elaborate further

>> No.5435090

I just realized the ironic and fateful feel that the lyrics can also apply to nyanners and her 4chan days.

>> No.5435145

based fuck her fags and their shit fucking oshi they should eat lead

>> No.5435155

The same idea was explored in [Global Rule 15] episode. Where you must come in the terms with your past no matter how fucked up you were, or you will never be able to move on.

>> No.5435175

HER is the best Vtuber to ever live

>> No.5435198

You can't just compare a ballad and EDM banger. In my opinion it's fine to have more effects in the latter case because genre calls for it. Also let's be honest, Leona is much more professional than Gura so makes sense that her voice needs less production.

>> No.5435207

It's also a core Jungian idea, to integrate the Shadow and all parts of your personality into a complete Self.

>> No.5435209

Except Nyanners call her past fans pedos while Gura gives a tasteful song as a farewell.

>> No.5435219

you ever visted Greece?
I have and i can second this anon. maybe once upon a time but they've fallen far

>> No.5435234

yet she keeps going back here. I'm sure the song is gonna hit her as well.

>> No.5435270

i mean...we are pedos right?
I know for fact its not just me in the very least

>> No.5435296

i dunno Germany looks like a Turkish colony...

>> No.5435316

I can beat my meat to drawn lolis all of the day bro but real children are fucking disgusting and need to stay as far away as possible

>> No.5435324

go back to twitter/discord/reddit
we aren't pedos here, but lolicons

>> No.5435346

Are the lines in Modern Greek or Ancient Greek?

>> No.5435353

There are 3D-liking pedos, and then there are 2D-liking lolicons, and then there are people who just think the gremlin is funny.

>> No.5435461
File: 46 KB, 330x327, 1622863453089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are people complaining about her song when fucking mogu mogu exists and is one of the most popular songs?
they are just some dumb vchuubas

>> No.5435467

This song was originally going to be given to Haachama (because of her schiz duality lore) but Cover decided to give it to Gura instead. Haachama was told this and rightfully upset her and afterwards decided to take a break from streaming. She will voluntarily graduate September or October of this year and will join Coco on her next business ventures... whatever they may be.

But of course, you don't have to take my word for it.

>> No.5435479

>laughing at your overlords

>> No.5435517

The lyrics in this song are pretty deep.

>> No.5435519

>But of course, you don't have to take my word for it.
OK I won't then.

>> No.5435524

Don't watch EN but the song was nice.
Didn't expect this style at all.

>> No.5435551

now this is the kind of shit I like to see

>> No.5435561

Because even a single tako can sing mogu mogu. It'\s fun and don't require brain cells to understand.

>> No.5435610
File: 210 KB, 1200x1500, 1623251528883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you mogu mogu is good

>> No.5435611 [SPOILER] 
File: 700 KB, 1192x796, 1624275088193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bombs away kraut

>> No.5435640

There are people with pretty valid criticisms who are willing to explain them here, instead of just complaining. And certain criticisms don't imply the song is bad by itself. And people can debate those criticisms as shown here. Just read the thread. If you want a criticism-free environment, try the other more official venues.

>> No.5435675
File: 773 KB, 1920x1263, athens-nightmare-stefan-rahmstorf-1985.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Germany, Greece and Turkey aren't the only countries out there. You don't need to be a rocket scientiest to know that this doesn't look like a place humans would choose to live in

>> No.5435714

I don't even watch Okayu but mogu mogu is catchy as hell

>> No.5435728

Did someone else got Higurashi and Umineko no Naku Koro ni vibes from it?

>> No.5435763

again, germans fucking went apeshit with Italians in mostly agricultural country and wonder why it build quick affordable housing for displaced families...

>> No.5435783

A nightmare of urbanist.

>> No.5435826

Haachama has had two songs over this shit. Bad rrat.

>> No.5435838
File: 86 KB, 412x394, 1614743419745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5435894

if you know her, you know that this song is the most honest and straightforward thing she has ever produced.

>> No.5435948

Anon what the fuck are you on about?

>> No.5435988

/int/ shitposters AWAY

>> No.5436083

pay reparations Hanz

>> No.5436152

The only thing that's away is your salary if you keep on shitposting instead of cleaning my toilet, pshek.

>> No.5436218

Mostly the talent themselves, if she had people in mind but no connection with them the management with help her. OGs and Covers are all self produced. That's why their their personal connection and reps play a huge part on the quality of the songs. Take Towa for an example, her error cover was iconic enough for her to ask the song writter, niki herself, to write her Pallete.

>> No.5436228

I told you I'm not German lmao. I'll stop bothering you now, it seems you need some time alone.

>> No.5436291

it doesn't surprise me anymore.

>> No.5436302

i hate it. i really, really hate it. it's such a waste of her singing talent to be put through an electronic meat grinder like this. i don't understand what she was thinking by releasing it in this state, and i don't think i ever will.

>> No.5436348
File: 17 KB, 369x152, image_2021-06-21_145429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5436379

anon, every single note she sings in this song is heavily autotuned. the only vocal parts that aren't are speaking or rapping parts. when she's singing harmonies, all of the separate vocal parts have also been autotuned. on one hand, i envy your inability to hear it, because for me, it's so obvious and distracting that it's all i can hear when i listen to the song. on the other hand, i am glad that i can hear the difference, because when i listen to her real singing, it means i can appreciate the beauty of it, which it seems you probably can't even hear.

>> No.5436426

One song she had to make herself after frankensteining some shit music she found online. I pity Haachama.

>> No.5436502
File: 911 KB, 592x919, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do we call it "Gawr"?

Do we call it "Red Gura", "evil Gura", or "Dark Gura"?

Or do we simply call it


>> No.5436580


>> No.5436731

Without going into HERfaggotry?
As Gura said herself in her previous Comfy stream ,"Gawr" means monster or something scary, big.

So I assume, it is better for us to call her Gawr.

>> No.5436858

I will just call it "her". Because it should be a dog whistle and avoid doxxing rules in many places.

>> No.5436925

Gate Open: Start! Is the best song from a holo, live again #2

>> No.5437032

For me the best songs are unironically 百花繚乱花吹雪 and HoihoiGensou Holoism.

>> No.5437144

Stop shitposting with Reine

>> No.5437632

NCP, Ghost, Inochi, and Marin's song must be there too.

>> No.5437971

Listen with earphones chumbuds. it'll drown the bass a lot.
It also may be the exact equipment the mixer used to listen to this...

Hmm, I wonder if the slower version might sound better and flesh out her voice more. Don't pitch it down though, the synthbass is already at the lowest regions of our hearing limit lol

>> No.5438168

Marine's song is just a catchy meme song, you can't seriously say that's the best of hololive

>> No.5438238

He said Marin's song. You know, like in Link's Awakening?

>> No.5438289

Not shit posting, die hard shrimp just keeping it real

>> No.5440011

This is Gura's current interpretation of HER as of this moment so that's probably the most appropriate for now. I hope we get lots of new art of her.

>> No.5440022
File: 66 KB, 1213x651, qewqeq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5440241

Gawr put a spic on a stick Gura

>> No.5440303
File: 1.24 MB, 1365x2048, gawr gura and bloop (hololive and 1 more) drawn by aboreen - 3c6764c6786c7e8258a8a2be681e644e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think I've ever emotionally connected to her more than I have after this song, I really feel like I truly understand on a fundamental level now what kind of a person she is and how complicated her feelings about her old persona and her new persona are.

She has a very somber and emotionally complex relationship with her old self and her old life, and has been learning to disassociate the positive elements of it from the self-destructive elements of it, putting those behind her and moving on from it, she wants to be as true to herself as she can possibly be and be the best she can be, and it's not easy with all of the baggage she's carrying, even with all of the support she has.

Gura poured her entire soul into this song, and it shows.

>> No.5441307

Agreed, hell OK Boomer was produced better than this slop.

>> No.5441452

>she wants to be as true to herself as she can possibly be
>poured her entire soul into this song
>it's an autotuned abortion

>> No.5441468

Yes... yes, that is EXACTLY how Hololive works...

>> No.5442266
File: 180 KB, 1073x859, shark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I heard it was a personal song but I don't get it.
Does she think she's literally a shark?

>> No.5442326

The leading rrat is that she's talking to her pre-hololive persona

>> No.5442401

What does the rrat know about her past life?

>> No.5442557


>> No.5443198

just her past content, which is not much