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i got an add with a black woman saying "make the leap with adobe" and i thought that was what you linked

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This one is pure sex

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bros...they're letting me into holostars en

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They banned my boy george floyd gaming.

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https://www.twitch.tv/charlottebear_ch https://twitter.com/Charlottebearch
One of her streams https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1057017910

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Damn, that's cool, are they making a Marvel division of Holostars?

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They could be anything so they chose to be ugly.
Flare isn't black and neither is Mirko.

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Because Youtube is bad for streaming

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>streaming on youtube while not being a corpo
Enjoy literally no views

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i miss him...

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Watching her twitch stream now and this is unironically the most stereotypical ghetto black woman I have ever seen on the internet.

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If you're American. It's repulsive to everybody else, including black people.

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Her model makes it hot to me, but I have a black girl fetish.

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By allah I can already imagine what she looks like in real life, I don't even need to see her police mugshot photos

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Her porn tag is #Charlewdart

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only in burgerland

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this is not niggerman

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Who is she, design is cute

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Someone already linked her twitch but here's her twitter

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Her tits are K cup

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thank you fren

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>no giant lips
>no afro or pube-like hair
>no ugly nose
>nice voice and not a entitled bitch
This chick is not black

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let me direct you to general or /pol/ sir were you can be as racist as you want

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I found her recently. Her ghetto personality is hilarious but not for me.
This one seems really cute, I'll check her out next time she's live.

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I agree. Dark skin is my weakness but I despise the negro facial structure, among other things.

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I hate that this makes me as hard as it does after having already jerked it twice.

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I can't stream

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Buck breaking themed vtuber when?

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>Flare isn't black
half, confirmed by flare

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How long before the vtubers in this thread have to take vacations for getting arrested or graduate after getting shot in gangland crossfire?

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only americans are hellbent on hating Afro americans

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Nagoriyuki chuuba when?

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he's not racist tho it's a fact

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Finally someone who's legally allowed to quote Lamar in GTAV.

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Everyone hate American niggers. Even the blackest African from Africa.

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I don't hear voices like that often. Neat.

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He is never going to stop playing epic 7 right?

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Ah yes because the other corpo run by trannies is the patrician, thinking gentleman's choice

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Only quads can kill him...

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wait till you see what jap vtubers look like irl

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>bushy eyebrows
>floofy hair

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Why is she dressed like a watermelon

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Oh man i forgot to crop the bottom lol

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Don't fucking link me to mobile pages ever again

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George Floyd gaming changed after the Taiwan yab..

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flare is black

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I enjoy her streams but she always seems to be streaming when one of my favorites is streaming and I'm not adept at multi-stream drifting so I don't catch her often
>no results found

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Why didn't you link her Twitch channel? https://www.twitch.tv/infinitychen

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Better get to drawing some

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>Hoodrat must've sucked so much dick to afford streaming equipment

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built for BWAM

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I appreciate chocolate queens, but this is too much

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It's okay anon, i already jerk thrice as she stream

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>black vtubers
This sounds like some illegal chuubas which you can only watch in 144p after downloading from some shady forum in i2p.

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this one likes to get blacked

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Double Yikes!

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Stop shilling your shit video.

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