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I come here to escape Fate shit.

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This guy comes in and gives your oshi a dick
Would you still try to save her?

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I’d encourage it.

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Please save me senpai...

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Only if shes buster type

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You cant save all of them emiya shirou

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>how the average saviorfag sees themselves.

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I don't mind lending him a hand

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That would make her even more perfect. We can finally share each other's cum in our lips like chewing gum, or rub our dicks together until we cover each other's cocks in semen. Very hot and it wouldn't even be gay

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Go, Hero of Justice

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This is your punishment for rejecting Nasu.

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I am the savior of my oshi.
membership is my body and subs is my blood.
I have created over a thousand superchats.
Unaware of loss,
Nor aware of gain.
Withstood pain to save vtubers, waiting for one’s arrival.
I have no regrets. This is the only path.
My whole life was Unlimited Savior Works.

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I ask of you
Are you my... uhh.. *slurp* master?

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Well that’s just because Archer is a version of Shirou Emiya from a further time where he failed and couldn’t save them became a counter guardian.

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Hi Francisco

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Look and despair at all who will fall to the side, destined to be forgotten and alone. You can't save them all

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Just opened 100 tabs to watch all of them at once

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>open video
>they notice and say hello

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Holy shit that lots of literal whos nigga what the fuck

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reminds me of this one fatefag I met in the psych ward... one day he decided to show me the fate artwork folder on his laptop, and within the first five pitures there was one with a closeup of Saber taking a shit.

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Aqua would fit better as Medusa to be honest

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>psych ward

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Anonchaama your fate reps.

Archer succeeded and died happy. It was when he became a Counter Guardian and was being sent in to nuke cities by the counter force that he became bitter.

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I don't know if you're the same person that posts all these fate saviorfag threads but I want you to continue regardless.

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My boy shirou gets too much hate. Good character.

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This. I was scrolling through a game nobody played. Found this one chuuba playing the game with like 5 viewers. Join in to watch. She said hello and someone gifted a sub. I instantly got out of the stream. Too much pressure.

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What the fuck man

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I do this all the time.
>search Twitch for games I like
>chuuba is playing my favorite game
>open stream, don't even chat
>get gifted a sub because there are 3 viewers
>follow because i feel bad for being subbed but not followed
>log out of Twitch suddenly and never open it for about a week
>never go into that chuuba's stream ever again
>sometimes remember this and cringe really hard for 15 min then get over it

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This genuinely got a laugh out of me. But you better make up for this and watch her again.

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>a closeup of Saber taking a shit

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Bruh, go back there and apologise

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kek. But, who knows, she might be cool. She plays the game you like. Give her a try.

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Fuck saving them all. This is you go Miyuverse shirou for your oshi and only your oshi.

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Original lore where each Archer is Shirou from another route > official canon.

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I get banned for posting coco in the tank man photo, for “off topic”

Then this dude gets to post shitty fate memes

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File: 383 KB, 1280x720, Fate-Stay Night UBW (TV)- Last Stardust Scene (EP20) (UTW English Subs & Lyrics).mp4_snapshot_00.17_[2021.06.21_08.03.22].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that's twitch you're walking into

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Found some tranny burn victim angel chuuba in your link. He's ringing doorbells before looting the houses in Fortnite.

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I kept being told that basically fate stopped being canon after HA, and that Zero was essentially a bad idea.

How close is this to true? Gatchafags need not reply

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Based autist.

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FSN>FHA>Zero>El Melloi files
Everything else is irrelevant.
Zero is good to see Kiritsugu, Irisviel and early Kotomine. Servant stuff is just there as a backdrop. It became a success because of the more serious tone and insane budget, comparing to previous fate adaptations.

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NTA but I can't understand why fatefags hate zero so much when it was so much superior than ubw/HF.
Watching a battle between adults with actual consequences and dirty tricks was entertaining, watching a bunch of teenagers cry and sperg about it was excruciating. I hate Shirou and his weeping ass so god damn much

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Save this (literal 2 view)

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Zero is arguably the best story in the series.

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It hurts bros... I keep getting recommended indies with 2-4 viewers and I check their channel they have been doing it for years ;_;

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don't you have 4 whole boards to post this shit?
why are you here

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Play VN

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zero's alright, but it's mostly secondaries and edgelords who like it over the original and HA

the VN definitely is much deeper story-wise and thematically than the anime adaptations (not that ufotable did a bad job, it's a limitation of the medium- anime can't really do internal monologues the way VNs can)

zero works better as an anime then FSN does, but the hardcore fate fans are the ones who love it for what the VNs do

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Like >>5427278 said, you won't miss much, everything else is just to milk fate

Source: a guy who likes fate lore alot

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Jeanne Alter should be a vtuber

>> No.5427862

Nero had a "stream" once in 2014
Our cute and powerful empress

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Wait a sec this isn't /jp/

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Whats wrong with liking something over original? Pretty much anything beats HA. Yes i like iron blooded orphans over original gundam, suck my dick.

Youre conflating more stuff = with better.

just like some ppl who think more world building =better. More internal dialogue isnt necessarily better, it can also be worse because of repetition, tedium, bad pacing and just being boring.

Hardcore Fate fans are some of the most ungrateful fucks out there, ready to blow the top for not including x thing or what not, shitting on everything for not agreeing with their headcanon and having different preferences.

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we have to get offtopic threads to find actually on-topic and quality posts on board.

Keep that in mind.

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this is fgovtaltertmg

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The schizos won't open the off-topic threads
Here look at this:

Pekora and Miko are good friends

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Since no one actually answered your question, i will.

Everything is canon, and most stories are in their own parallel timelines, all of them are canon though.

You can argue that prisma illya isnt exactly canon, because Nasu doesnt supervise it.

But Fate/apocrypha, fate/extra, Fate/Grand Order, Kara no Kyoukai, Fate/Strange Fake are 100% canon.

Whoever said something "stopped" being canon is a fucking moron.

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We need a fgo-knock offs chuuba agency with minimal changes to designs so they don't get sued.
Like that one big tiddies eroge that aped like 15 characters from other franchises.

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>Gachafags need not reply
>they still reply

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fgo characters should all be turned into vtubers

>> No.5428415

See I keep looking at ways vtubing can die

and this, right here, this is the most kosher idea I've seen so far.

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Stop lizfags are already annoying if they get a liz vtuber they are not going to shut up

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just stating facts

You realize original author writes and supervises it ?

Yeah fgo is a gacha game, but its a gacha game with more reading than gameplay with more text than original visual novel.

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shut up it would be kino

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its not really new idea anon

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>liz vtuber

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I just noticed how similar they are what the fuck

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Yeah, that's the defining thing about tertiary gachafags, that influx any series: butt in when no one wants them.
Good thing that Nasu keeps milking them for his own magnum opus that is gonna be Tsukihime Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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>you will never watch a cute BB chuuba being smug and laughing at us

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