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>english quiz
>shitty rpg maker game
>flavor of the month indie game from 3 years ago
>latest popular shitty switch game for babies
>singing the same 10 songs (usually badly)
Is anyone else getting tired of vtubers doing the same shit all the time?

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>he hasn't taken the Western Indie pill
Come home, white working class man.

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I watch vtubers outside of Hololive so no

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could be worse. could be just minecraft and apex

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If that's what you think they do all the time, why did you start watching them?

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I was hesitant to take the pill myself but when i did my quest for an oshi finally ended

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it was probably all the cum countdown asmr

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I only watch zatsu/talking collab streams now
Actually more entertaining

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From Risu viewer perspective
> Already speaks 3 languages, no quizzes needed
> Minecraft streams are extremely rare
> None of those terrible games if you're referring to what Korone plays
> No.
> Also no.
> Risu is top 5 of Hololive singing talent, so her singing is guaranteed to always be good.
Get a better chuuba to watch.

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>wojak thread
I'm getting tired of something

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>he says while gigachadposting
Pot meet kettle

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Wait you’re saying you don’t like 50 Apex streams in a week?

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Enough with this FOTM shit. Any game with any degree of popularity could be considered FOTM, faggot.

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why the fuck did the faggot jannie delete the image?
that image is literally the face i make when i open youtube and see 4 different vtubers doing a variation on one of the things listed in the op, therefore it pertains to virtual youtubers.
how about you go back to deleting >her and >she in shartemis threads you diaper-wearing piece of human garbage.

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Jannies deserve death.

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You don't really know jack about Korone,do you.

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