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glass cannon strikes again

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sora is a lesbo?????

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>they thought I was shitposting when I said Sora was going to rape Matsuri

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If Matsuri gets suspended after this we all know what happened

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Even Sora wants to fuck Matsuri

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cute girls

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She is a stacey

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who tops?

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Sora. Shes more powerful and Matsuri is naturally submissive when meeting any resistance. You should have seen what happened when Marine accidently grew male parts thanks to a Koyori experiment and she violated Subaru so Sora had to take the same concotion and punish/correct her for it. It was epic

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sora didn't know did she?

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based mat

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Later that night...

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I'd watch this

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Know what? she knew that she could lay down and stare at maturi, watching her lose her shit, then when she is finaly on the verge of tears, violently push her down and start eating her out while she is still confused, providing festival multiple orgasm before matuli pass out, and sora could victoriously lick the honey left on her face while staring again at the girl in her bed covered in sweat and juice. Sora knew all that before.

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can I have the sauce please? I can't find it

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nvm 413905

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matsuri is clearly a bratty bottom

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Sora gets more powerful by sucking the lifeforce out of her fellow idols. Matsuri is in danger.

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Help her

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she will finally get corrected sasuga Sora chad.

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it's all scripted

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Yeah, why not?

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Thanks for the info