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What is Bae missing to finally have her big breakout in popularity? She's grinded a ton of consistent streams with some gaining huge attention as well as a good number of highly praised projects with a lot of love and care behind them (not to mention all the big collabs) but none of it has seemed to translate into a huge boost in general popularity for her.

What else can she do?

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>What else can she do?
Not be Bae.

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Her debuffs are stronger than her buffs anon.

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>What is Bae missing to finally have her big breakout in popularity?
My magical semen which brings fame and fortune

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Vtubing has stagnated in the west. Simple as.

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Invent a time machine and prevent herself from mentioning stars during debut and doing homocollabs.
Funny how Fauna is gaining viewers.

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She's cannibalizing other Holos, your own table shows it.

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Why are you only showing these 4?

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Nigger didn't we have the same fucking copy paste thread last week? Oh wait, no it was a Kiara thread you just purloin the whole thing, almost to verbatim and put someone else in the picture.

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This thread has nothing to do with Kiara schizo what are you even on about

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more PP

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It's the same fucking thread moved from one girl to another, I'm just telling OPnigger to be a little bit more original that's all. It's not a gotcha moment, more like criticism.

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Who cares because she's still at least doing better than IRyS

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Stop pandering to zoomers, they clearly dont watch her streams.
Stop being a holostar cocksleeve
Stop screaming randomly

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>Why are you only showing these 4?
Showing the rest just doesn't go well with my agenda anonchama

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Bae fucked herself by collabing with men. Simple as. If she never did the stars shit and the rat voice she would be more popular. She is a nice girl, but I'm not going to go out of my wat to watch a faggot collaber

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shes fucking annoying. im not watching someone actively trying to give her audience hearing damage

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>only -10 with all the yabs
Imagine the timeline where Kronii went the route of Chole and just did heavy pandering.
1.5 million subs at least?

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Have an actual creative direction. Stop being such a flatline of an entertainer

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I legit think if we remove the homocollab and zoomerism in then she'd be one of the strongest in holoEN.
Its just that her several good traits gets trashed by her bad ones...

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Is this even true?

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>heavy pandering.
With that lack of energy and enthusiasm? Would never work anon.

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I fucking hate the poor quality bait charts that always get posted here, give the full data or kys
This thing is worthless and anyone using it to post is too

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I don’t know what’s worse people pretending not to know why bae is shit or people lying about the other girls numbers.

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billions must graduate

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curious about more detailed info, i'm pretty sure i've seen mori and bae play some long running rpg streams with abysmal numbers, which would fuck up the average. i don't actually watch them though, just noticed the streams on the list. but deep dive of data is always fun

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>Same guy
>Same exact talking points
>Been doing it for over 3 weeks already
Desperation does come in many forms

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>mindbroken by homos
The homo collabs didn't affect shit. If you're not a good entertainer, you're not getting good numbers.
Kiara is homo-free for as long as she's been around and look how well picrel is going

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I always hear this criticism but I highly doubt your average vtuber watching redditor cares enough if a girl does male collabs or not to reject watching her altogether for it

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Look at their music

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i like how you omitted mumei who reclined 17% just like ame

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this will be the 3th or 4th time i see a thread like this about bae.

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Bae and IRyS have always had roughly equal music popularity

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She already got her big break when she joined Hololive.

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Funny how this jrpg debuff doesn't affect Ina.
Now post Bae's subscriber growth.
Source: my ass

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Ina doesn't play long, invested JRPGs

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Those other holos better step up their game then.

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I hate them to but the only thing more data would prove is that Gura is the only member unaffected on account of being perfect. The rest of ens numbers are down across the board but you can’t argue with schizos

If you remove her bad traits you’d have to remove everyone else’s.
>Kronii being a piece of shit
>Mori being a clout chasing whore
>Ame being a bitch
>Ina having a second job and being a prude
>Council being mind numbingly boring
Kiara can’t be fixed her being a MEMEME whore with a gun to her head is probably her peak performance

So do you really think Bae is beating out 3 members from myth and kronii without them being shitty people? Actually she can probably take kronii

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Those people don't watch streams. Only clips. Updoots don't make you money, pandering to gachikoi does.

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It mattered when she just right off the bat pronounced herself as a homolover at debut aka when the channel has the biggest growth spurt, which basically chased away all the potential unicorn viewers.

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Is Gura actually unaffected after all the breaks?

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Fair enough you are right anon, just felt that her traits would be easier to fix but its also part of persona so...

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She has always had great potential, but there are zero timelines where she utilizes any of it because of her personality. She simply can't be bothered to put in any amount of effort.

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Ina dropped multiple RPGs you dumb threadreading nigger, why don't you actually sit down and watch our cute priestest you fucking nigger?

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Despite how much you want to believe this there simply aren't that many unicorns to begin with that would make such a wide difference

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Oh Ina's already on part 22 of her FF series?

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i don't ever notice ina streaming so i didn't realize she played long rpgs, but i don't see her info in the picture

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>Homocollabers reclining hard
>Fauna inclining hard
>Homos (borderline) 3 views
>It's all a fucking coincidence

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>homo collabber
She's done bro. She peaked and what is left is downhill till she graduates.

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Nah man. She doesn't really have any standout points beyond dancing and singing, and those are tertiary at best when 90% of what you're doing is talking and playing games. Look at Fauna for example. She's terrible at singing, yet does well. Why? Because she has talent for run-of-the-mill streaming. Bae does not.
Actually, look at JP. Same thing applies there. Pekora is not the top dog because of her dancing and singing.

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Bae made too many mistakes in her first few months.

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Too many immature pp jokes, simple as that.

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>What is Bae missing to finally have her big breakout in popularity?
Pointless drama.

>> No.53665607

Some sort of viral clip or a hit song on Japanese TikTok or something, probably. She needs something that will grab attention from outside of the usual HoloPro fans.

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>Homo free
Talks to them on twitter, allows their raids, talks about them on stream, collabed with a cat homo for dokomi like what are you talking about? Kiara is the worse person in hololive to me because she has no standards. If they brought big numbers or she was 100% sure she wouldn’t take a dip she’d collab with them in a heartbeat unlike the other girls. It’s not because of any autistic promise she made her fans, genuine lack of interest, or because of the possible rape fantasies she has about other members/her fans it’s purely numbers. I don’t like any of the holos that do male collabs but I can respect them because it’s their choice.

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You don't have to be conscious of something to be affected by it. Most normalfags don't even think about why they enjoy something or not, they just go by instinct.
>hmm, i did not enjoy myself for whatever reason. ill skip the next stream, I guess it's just not for me

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did anycolor hire holo antis again?

>> No.53665817

>Homo free
she may not collab with them, though we'll see how long before she gets pressured into that by her "fan"base; but even speaking about them with any regularity is too much.

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I'm saying I would specifically watch Bae and Mumei, but don't watch Bae because she collabed with the faggots and I want the faggots to all die and cover to lose money and for them to never hire a fag again
there is no way people watch anime girls streaming and aren't unicorns
>>Council being mind numbingly boring
we both know that isn't the reason people don't watch Mumei and Fauna

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Okay nigger I take your side when it comes to the reclining of it all, homocollabers and all that bullshit. However, you keep bringing up the point of
>Fauna inclining hard
What is this fucking incline here? Her growth is at almost at the same pace as the fucking homocollabers. If for instance, as you said, as Baelz has been reclining and Fauna inclining, their growth differential would get more and more drastic. But the reality is, the subs difference has been getting smaller and smaller over the last fucking year.
Stick with the statistics that you know you got in the fucking bag nigger, no need for all the razzle dazzle comparison, because you're fucking amateur at this shit.

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>Gura is the only member unaffected
Did you look at her stream hours? When every single stream is a "return stream" or a big event, your average gets inflated. I love Gura, but let's not kid ourselves. It would be a lot more impressive if she managed those numbers on consistent streams.

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I cannot fucking imagine the majority of people who chose to watch an anime girl playing videogames poorly aren't unicorns.
The whole streaming personality of someone like Bae, Gura or Mumei is based on being the cute autistic girl next door for unicorns to have a crush on

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go look at the full recline chart and then we can talk

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>Funny how Fauna is gaining viewers.
And yet no one outside of the HoloPro fandom gives a shit about Fauna either.

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Don't be Australian

>> No.53666119

nothing. even her "famed" concert performance didn't affect her numbers afterwards. She's just not that relatable to the core NA audience

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Subs don't mean shit and don't make you money. Views do. Look at fucking Mori, she used to be number 2 vtuber in the world in terms of subs and is on her way to getting less views tan IDs streaming Minecraft. Moona fucking mogged her already while overlapping and streaming Minecraft.
Fauna's CCV inclined hard and that's an objective fact.

>> No.53666163

Ccv wise like people here focus on yes she’s been largely unaffected since the change. Vods however are in a weird position, well they’re always weird, but need more streams to be sure. I think her channels no longer in the algorithm

>> No.53666251

How can you be such an amateur at this that you decided to bring up the one who has been getting the most corpo bucks AND USED HER TO TALK ABOUT MAKING FUCKING MONEY.

>> No.53666264

>Go look at this shit I made up
>Nobody cares about one of the vtubers with some of the highest viewrship numbers
Genius arguments.

>> No.53666268

>holopro fandom
holy shit go back

>> No.53666341

If they were less boring people might look past the background but fair point I’ll give you that

>Not streaming will be the death of her
>Streaming too much will be the death of her

>> No.53666357

>that isn't the reason people don't watch Mumei and Fauna
Mumei was top dog in Council for a while. She fell off because of illness/inactivity mostly. As for Fauna, she is actually second of the whole of HoloEN right now. (Unless you ONLY look at subs, which is really stupid.)

>Her growth is at almost at the same pace as the fucking homocollabers
Anon, you know that anyone can read the charts, right? Fauna is inclining slowly and steadily, like she has been doing for the past 18 months. It's not a meteoric rise or anything, but considering everyone else in HoloEN except Gura are actively reclining to some degree, Fauna's stability is impressive.
Of course, you seem to be another clown who thinks sub count is the only thing that matters, which is explains a lot.
>the subs difference has been getting smaller and smaller over the last fucking year
You're actually just an idiot. Bae had a lead on her for subs, but Fauna already passed her. Unless something changes, the trend indicates that Bae will remain below Fauna on sub count.

>> No.53666364

>And yet no one outside of the HoloPro fandom gives a shit about Fauna either.

you say that likes its a bad thing

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Calm down with the essay ESL-kun

>> No.53666425

>Source: my ass
I'm looking at objective facts. 2.5k during ffxvi kek.

>> No.53666543

It’s not an objective fact it’s actually a lie

Calm down schizo you started lying trying to call him a moron. She’s not even cracking the top 10 and most likely not the top 20 either in Hololive

>> No.53666545

Cool. Nobody watches Bae and Mori. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

>> No.53666558

As I thought, you don't have a leg to stand on.

>> No.53666648

If you look at subs vods and ccv she’s not even 4th but more importantly why are people lying about her ccv? There was a whole second half to the year

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I see this thread every week and it makes me laugh at how long this timeloop has been ongoing. Do people really not realize that Bae won't ever attract huge popularity? And that's not me trying to be an anti or anything either, it's just the way it is.

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File: 1.28 MB, 4096x2304, __hakos_baelz_and_mr_squeaks_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_jeze__44dfa9a65c1418c21fa1a0a4ef0d3e55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She could play into her kayfabe just a little bit more.

>> No.53666779

You dumb fuck the Nips play her shit music unironically at their stupid fucking cafes all over Tokyo, she got signed with an actual music label, she literally just collabed with Mid Piece, your fucking measurement of success doesn't mean shit when the Nips raise her up on a pedestal like she is some sort of big time musician.
Your view literally doesn't matter when it comes to making actual fucking money, which was your original talking point, if you keep reaching at financial success then Mori is always on top of EN whether you like it or not.

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My love

>> No.53666831

I don't watch Bae that much, but I feel like she needs more confidence in her improv skills and to not be forced to resort to LOUD REACTIONS to fill dead air

>> No.53666912

>only -10 with all the yabs
Viewership doesn't tell the whole story. Kronii's revenue took an absolute nosedive.

>> No.53666930

>unlike the other girls.
Which? I can’t think of any HoloEN that avoids male collabs because they actively wouldn’t like collabing with males, rather it is just numbers poison in Holo.

>> No.53666996

>Stop screaming randomly
anon... where do you think you are?

>> No.53667020

>Kiara explicitly states she'll never collab with Tempus
>somehow you think this means she's going to collab with Tempus
You dropped your meds, Anonchama

>> No.53667042

>Mumei was top dog in Council for a while. She fell off because of illness/inactivity mostly. As for Fauna, she is actually second of the whole of HoloEN right now. (Unless you ONLY look at subs, which is really stupid.)
He is saying Mumei and Fauna were boring and that is what is keeping their viewership from going up. That really isn't the issue with either of them considering everyone thinks Mumei is cute and Mumei and Fauna (and Bae) really should have been able to take those Gura views when she wasn't streaming, but can't.

>> No.53667049

Outside of Gura, Fauna is the CCV darling of HoloEN right now. Please explain why you think this is a lie and point to others you think are above her on this. (Keeping in mind that we're talking average CCV here.)
Vod views are a bit harder to calculate since some members (like Mori) rely heavily on looping songs. Fauna gets surprisingly good numbers on her ASMR, and those are longer than average. (1 vod view for a 2 minute song is not the same as 1 vod view for an hour long ASMR for example.)
Subs are mostly used for milestones. Who cares if you have millions of subs if they don't result in the other metrics? Naturally it's always good to have more, but it just goes to show how loyal Fauna's viewers are.

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The fact that OP had to run to the catalog because even /#/niggers were sick of is both hilarious and depressing.

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Weekly fan meet and greet in gloryhole format

>> No.53667316

Council was never going to get the same numbers as Myth at their peak. (The timing of Covid was crucial.)
I agree that being "boring" isn't their issue, but I don't think that it's all due to dox details either.

Gura is an anomaly. There's no use comparing everyone in Council to her and making out anything below her numbers to be a failure.

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>samefag on the 'log

>> No.53667344

Just imagine how hard the person who made this image was seething while he did it.

>> No.53667462

The blood moon does not buff the rat, it makes her sore.

>> No.53667533

I ain't reading all of that shit. Nobody watchea her Hahahahaha.

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>Just imagine how hard the person who made this image was seething while he did it.

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Honestly, move to JP and start hanging out in the office trying to slide into every Live 3D. Her biggest asset is her dancing.

>> No.53667788

Council & Hope

>> No.53667893

she isnt gfe enough.
she doesnt stream long enough.
every time most of her audience sees her is right away waking up and she has no energy. her timezone is a curse.

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>she isnt gfe enough.

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A couple is not all over and even Kanata has her song’s playing in places
>One Piece top 20 biggest IPs
Collab doesn’t relate to money, UMG has had an in with One Piece since film red so not a show of status, and companies smaller than Mori have also done collabs.
>More hyperbole
The closest to being considered a big time musician among vtubers isn’t even in hololive and even that’s an extreme exaggeration
The biggest thing Mori has done till now and probably forever will be signing with UMG. That contract is top 5 most prestigious things to come out of Hololive maybe top 3, no exaggerations and no downplaying. Even the stuff you tried to brag about, wrongly I might add, is because of that contract. If one of her albums or eps ever medal that would actually beat it though depending on rank.
Back on topic music contracts are already notorious and hers is split 3 ways so there is no way to know the worth. Her merch performs worse than Ina both overall and in Japan, Mori takes vods and supers, Ina takes members though. Without knowing exact numbers Ina would barely edge her with umisea but with numbers she might beat ina maybe easily but she’s not beating Gura she’s literally worth her weight in gold. I’ll be real nothing about Gura makes any logical sense but as far as making money she might’ve been number 1 in the company last year and that’s huge gap between 1st and 2nd

>> No.53669483

nta but music success doesn't equate to vtuber success, if the nips venerate her that much they would show up to her streams, despite what COVER says streams are the bread and butter of Hololive and vtubers in general.
A lot of people have unconscious unicorn tendencies but simply won't admit it due to it seeming like a chud thing to due but even the greatest chads don't want to watch 2 guys watching the Barbie movie with Bae or seeing other guys play games with famous women, like other anons said they simply move on.
This pretty much sums up Kiara, but I'd like to add the Nuero-sama collab. After she had the collab with the Niji girls she said the way they set up collabs is DMing on Twitter and then running it by management, Vedal says that he personally acts as a filter for his chat bot to stop it from saying anything objectionable, which means not only did Kiara slide up in his DMs he was probably talking with her on Discord during that stream as well the practice stream 2 days prior. I would also like to mention her numerous male friends she mentions, she always adds that she's a "perpetual third wheel" but I personally don't believe it. I don't want to go in to RM territory but she has no issue hanging out with males so the only reason to ignore luxiem or Tempus is money.

>> No.53669790

I meant company in general but Gura if we’re talking en. The most anti numbers girl in the entire company. She doesn’t care about numbers in the slightest, and she ignores all attacks against her doesn’t matter who it’s from. Not collabing or mentioning homos is her choice

>> No.53670200

No I said her growth is a lie her average ccv in the second half the year was better than it is now.
Now you’re lying about asmrs not being loopable. The second biggest vod in the whole company is Noel’s asmr it’s also Mori’s biggest.
Subs directly correlate to vods

>> No.53670452

The rrat is a silly, energetic girl on a real idol journey. Westoids don't care about this and the people invested aren't growing as is obvious looking at the general recline in EN, the fanbases were established a while ago and unfortunately the young genki rat had some growing pains getting used to the life and figuring herself out.

Zoomers are more likely to watch twitch thottubers than anything else, at the very least just watching pure gamers or normie clickbait talk/react content, not heavily Japanese flavoured idols.

>> No.53670543

Bae is cute, she is perfectly happy with where she is
In other words, KYS

>> No.53670732

Bae's talked about her recline and how she's working hard to counteract it multiple times

>> No.53670742
File: 1.17 MB, 1080x1435, 1689632990317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Funny how this jrpg debuff doesn't affect Ina.
The fuck are you talking about? It affected Ina too

>> No.53670767

The more you lie, the closer you get to the noose

>> No.53670833

literally watch streams, she's used the word recline verbatim

>> No.53670870

No she has not, literally shut the fuck up monkey

>> No.53670926

That's like almost 3 fucking times the views Mori and bae get for persona.
Mori had 1.8k during one persona stream.

>> No.53670930

Oh so you're a grey

>> No.53670944

She could have started a year sooner.
Also stop shouting

>> No.53671096

Yes, and Mori and Bae were less popular to begin with.
Might as well compare Ina to fucking Pekora

>> No.53671140

>5 minutes apart from OP
Disgusting samefag

>> No.53671177

Which members stream you talking about mate? I don't remember her mentioning anything about a recline.

>> No.53671239

Wait isn't this old data? a more recent one whoed that Fauna, IRyS and Bae were the three least reclined ones

>> No.53671269

Ina is very popular with people who already like her. She has had very stable snd fsirly decent numbers since she started.

>> No.53671326

I like GFE not CGFE

>> No.53671448

Jesus Christ shut the fuck up already, I know exactly who you are, go back to your fellow cord-boyfriends so you can figure out the next big shill campaign for your twitter page

>> No.53671506

a good numberfag is a dead numberfag

>> No.53671558

A large JP fanbase.

>> No.53671579

What's wrong with cute girlfriend experience

>> No.53671604

She's a normalfag and that's slowing her growth.

>> No.53671695
File: 104 KB, 620x1034, Fz9GuXVakAUUloC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy has been spamming the chart for weeks so yes, it is old.
The truth is that all these charts will change from month to month and the percentages will change accordingly. No one is going to take those percentage comparisons seriously when they're extremely content dependent, there's a reason this guy is spamming these in the catalog and not in /#/ where he'd be laughed out.
Best to just look at the raw numbers from month to month and work from there.

>> No.53671835

And it debuffed her so much her average is lower than Fauna now when Ina is usually much more popular, see >>53671695

>> No.53672124
File: 832 KB, 1200x675, HUGEANNOUNCEMENTpng_114841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The month when Mori spammed openVC
Kek she was struggling to make 3k during ffxvi and if she overlaps gura today she'll drop down to 2k or less.
She spammed so much openVC (with nobody showing up) that people stopped tuning in. It can't save her this month.

>> No.53672165
File: 82 KB, 620x876, Fz9GvWOaEAAhBTL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's the second half of that chart. Part of why doing month vs month comparisons is a meme, Mumei's average here is incredibly buffed because half of her streams were karaoke. Usually she'd be around where Fauna or Ina's averages currently are.
Gura'a turbobuffed average is an extreme example of this because her only June stream was her fucking birthday.

>> No.53672201

>with my friends

>> No.53672274

That fanart is obscene

>> No.53672300

How the fuck does this schizo's blatant bait thread have this many replies and IP's. You fags deserve the state of this board.

>> No.53672388

She was a homocollaber friendly streamer from the start, instant debuff. She just needs to try harder to catch up

>> No.53672529

Vt has literally never been in a good state lmao. How new.

(Also I'm just amused by the shitflinging I guess. Strikes me as kind of funny)

>> No.53672634

It's a mixture of numberfags, holotourists and IP resets

>> No.53672655

What kind of retard puts the most recent year on the left?

>> No.53672880

First day on /vt/? You should see the copy pasted "Kiara is doing everything right, why can't she incline" threads. I mean hell, this thread is basically a baby version of that.

>> No.53672949

These threads are always a little funny because there’s almost always 1-2 retards unironically fuming in them.

>> No.53672984

It was a members zatsu at the end of summer 2022 where she mentioned it iirc

>> No.53673071

A good voice that people can listen to for more than 5 seconds. Voice on debut was better.

>> No.53673119

No, IRyS's streams perform much better than Bae's. Their music is roughly on par with each other.

>> No.53673609
File: 542 KB, 1448x2048, F0hG3ZLaAAAtcbn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

idk, have a bae here

>> No.53673840

You mean the one where she said that numbers can be a good snapshot/indicator of where things are at but it's not good to obsess over them since the real important stat is viewer interaction?

>> No.53673952

NTA but that would explain why her merch is so consistently well sold in all merch runs, I guess it worked out for her if that's her focus

>> No.53675661

>Consistently well sold
Even if you go by the dubious numbers from the numbers thread that isn’t close to true. She does average at best

>> No.53676112
File: 25 KB, 1237x334, Summer acrylics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Akshually you are wrong

>> No.53676404
File: 2.01 MB, 1080x2340, 1688317548989398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's another one

>> No.53676828

What is Bae even trying to be as a streamer?
She's a good dancer and people like her singing but I can't pin her down as a streamer. Sometimes she's trying to be punk, sometimes she's trying to be cute, sometimes she's trying to be lewd in ways I wouldn't expect from Holo. Her popularity is in many ways from a corporate-approved "yab" of playing with dicks on stream for 2 hours.
She needs to decide on what she wants to be. "Chaos" is not an excuse for lacking a distinct stage persona

>> No.53677270


>> No.53677471

Most of it is really just the schizo samefagging his own thread, notice how the thread activity drastically dies down when he gets bored/fucks off

>> No.53677702

stop talking to yourself, shawn. you're obvious.

>> No.53678015

Her focus is pretty clearly just on being a more japanese-styled idol over anything

>> No.53678072

vtubing is dying, there won't any big breakouts like Myth again.
Bae should be grateful she got into the best company with any chance of a consistent future.

>> No.53678175

Those are all Homocollabers

>> No.53678650

This thread is about what it would take to make one of the girls have a big break, which would mean being like Mori, Gura, Suisei, etc., who are able to get attention from fans outside of the HoloPro audience, so yeah, it definitely is a bad thing in this context.

>> No.53678674

Clearly not, when she's collabing with men and playing dick games on stream.

>> No.53678960

Are we doing the timeloop where we pretend that idols never interact with men again?

>> No.53679034

You can't learn charisma.

>> No.53679247


>> No.53679284

>Her focus is pretty clearly just on being a more japanese
Her self hatred for being born Chinese and not Korean or Jap is a personal problem. She shouldn't be bringing that into streaming

>> No.53679358

>Incomplete and dubious numbers
And even then it’s still average at best. With the incomplete numbers Gura, Ina, Mumei, and Mori starts with less stock than Kronii which is laughable.

And with bushiroad she either had the least stock or all of hololive was equalized and she beat everyone.

>> No.53679401


>> No.53679412

Cope some more

>> No.53679439

This. Don't forget her desperate Gigguk/TT collab to try to garner viewers.
Oh, sorry, that male collab doesn't count because...*KFP flips notepad aggressively* UH IT WAS SPONSORED
She really is so embarrassingly numbers driven.

>> No.53679653

If you want to think Kronii is the biggest member of Holoen I can’t force you to be correct

>> No.53679848

Nta but bae has spoke chinese on stream once during Minecraft

>> No.53679906

We seem to be doing the timeloop where homobeggars change the definition of idol again. Classic brats.

>> No.53680014

Newfag, this info comes from streams. At least pretend to not be a tempiss threadwatcher, christ this is the most embarrassing post ITT

>> No.53680341
File: 85 KB, 1297x476, YeartoYear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since this unicorn faggot narrows my data to fit his narrative, here are the full numbers and updated to include June for a 6 month period of data from each year

>> No.53680422

Based true numberchad

>> No.53680434

Mori has a record deal with a major label in Japan, she got a tie-up with One Piece and she's been autographing piles of her next EP that fans rushed to order. People on this board comparing Fauna getting slightly higher views and CCV over time on some Minecraft videos to that as if it's impressive will never stop being funny.

>> No.53680787

>Cuckbeats saying Mori stablized
>She once again lost EVEN more viewers
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA can't wait for the day she's a 3 view. It's rapidly approaching it seems.

>> No.53680872

>If you're not a good entertainer, you're not getting good numbers.
There are vtubers who I think are boring who are super popular and ones I think are entertaining who aren't. Obviously everyone has different tastes. Being popular means appealing to the largest audience.

>> No.53680880

Damn. She has all of that shit and she can't get people to watch her?
She just lost almost 2k viewers when Gura's stream started in the span of minutes.

>> No.53681240

This has to be a falseflag, even cuckbeats aren't this delusional

>> No.53681256

look at here retard >>53680341
ill give it to you, ame is doing much worse than mumei now.

>> No.53681352

ITT - Brats manage to falseflag as both KFP and deadbeats to change the conversation away from their 2 view hoeshi. And it worked.
Stay on topic, don't get falseflagged by bratcucks.

>> No.53681590
File: 67 KB, 971x546, F0UngB4XoAYPQrx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

keep preaching Irystocuck

>> No.53681591

Someone posted a graph with her drop in viewership and suddenly someone in the deadbeat defense squad discord invited all his fags over to defend Mori because she had the highest deop in viewers in the table.
Bae not having insane white knights worked in her favor.

>> No.53681593

What compels you to post the same timelooping bait every week

>> No.53681693

Brats really are the most insidiously vile fanbase. All they do is falseflag and troon out over tempiss and homocollabs.

>> No.53681765

One your data is already trying to fit a narrative two your nonsense data fits his narrative even more if you complete it

Universal Music Group isn’t a major label in Japan it’s a worldwide label she’s just under the Japan branch it’s a really big deal. Put some respect on that. She does not have a tie up with one piece you schizo don’t use terms you don’t understand, and “piles” is such a vague number when it probably sold passably at best. She doesn’t even sell better than suisei who also does alright at best. There are clear standards for what’s considered great in music

>> No.53681871

>t. falseflagging brat

>> No.53681971

Kek it's pretending to be a hooman now. Yikes, way to admit I was right.

>> No.53682023

They aren’t that delusional because she’s losing some of them

>> No.53682152

She already is popular though, what more do you want her to do? If you’re talking about being on the level of McDonalds like Pekora then she can start by simply being more entertaining

>> No.53682311

>being on the level of McDonalds like Pekora
roru rumao

>> No.53682386

I think they mean popular compared to the rest of hololive. I know compared to Indies she's popular, but she's scraped 3 view territory before which is unheard of for EN

>> No.53682643

>falseflagger calling out his own falseflags
What do you call this, triple layer falseflagging?

>> No.53682864


>> No.53682988

>One your data is already trying to fit a narrative two your nonsense data fits his narrative even more if you complete it
One, I know. My original argument when I posted it was that HoloEN as a whole was reclining which is arguably true with the exception of Fauna and IRyS and asterisked Gura*.
Two, if that truly was the case why does he keep using their truncated version?

>> No.53683048

Everyone note that all attacks on Bae are made by a single KFP schizo who saw Kiara praise Bae's 4th Fes performance on Twitter, and he has relentlessly gone after her and brats for months on vt. Just check the post frequency of Bae topics after the date of 4th Fes.
No one talked about Bae outside of her general before then, let alone make a thread about her. She literally just exists, and it makes him seethe. It's like creating a thread about Aki, and asking why she isn't as big as Pekora.
Also, no one cares that Bae is a homocollaber. She declared her stance on debut, and that's the best thing a holo chuuba can do. She set expectations properly, and she likes streaming and putting out content for her fans.

>> No.53683049

Has she really gotten that low before?

>> No.53683085

>quoting 5 of his own posts for attention

>> No.53683189
File: 22 KB, 977x292, 04827026272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your falseflags are getting way too obvious

>> No.53684006

I was turned off by her completely in the Monster Hunter shill stream when she kept thinking loud = funny. I only watched her debut and a couple of Council collabs before.

>> No.53684152

>the same 2 cock obsessed faggots talking to each other about how they hate penises over and over in circles
Nice thread!

>> No.53685510

She ruined that with cringe shit.
Anytime she gets momentum, she shoots herself in the foot.

>> No.53686280

She's a prime example of a chuuba hard carried by the hololive brand, there's very little she can do to attract a wider audience by now. She can only hope that hololive itself becomes more popular.

>> No.53687474

I'm not saying he's right about some KFP boogeyman making all these Bae threads, because the threads already started popping up even prior to 4thfes, but the tweet he mentioned did get under some KFPfags skin because their autism thought Kiara placing someone else over her equals to her self deprecating.
Every fandom has that kind of autists anyway since this shit is built on parasocialism, it really was not that big of a deal that could translate to spamming catalog with Bae threads.

>> No.53690984

>What is Bae missing

>> No.53693398
File: 582 KB, 624x832, 1686919195765150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mimi, please let me fill your barren womb with my seed, it'll be a much better use of your time than making seethe threads about the rat.

>> No.53693866

The hell is this

>> No.53693891

Looks like man hands

>> No.53694255

NTA, I've been here for like 2 years and I still don't understand why anyone actually tolerates this shit.

>> No.53694259
File: 6 KB, 326x44, ijfdfssf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

feel free to use my membership anonchamas.
Irystocuks are so pathetic.

>> No.53695244

She needs to be born again in a different country and without an ear rape voice.

>> No.53695312

I think her Aussie accent is cute!

>> No.53696347
File: 48 KB, 680x680, Fo0WVOUXgAE_67t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop self fagging irystocuck, have some shame

>> No.53696486

Literal who?

>> No.53698612

I miss the cool moom phoneposter...

>> No.53698732

Yeah, he was pretty based and was always there even when you did your page 10 bumps just like now

>> No.53698797

thats me, is just that i dont have time to keep track of all these shitty bait threads

>> No.53700689

Holy shit, Kiara must've been riding homo dicks 24/7 to get those number drops.

>> No.53700946
File: 57 KB, 1180x1400, seizure bae.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like the rat. Is cute and does streams. Sings nice

I hope you all enjoy her or other holo streamers

>> No.53701072

That’s a man baby!

>> No.53701114

>down 40%
WTF is happening to Mori’s numbers?

>> No.53701220

That thumbnail tells me she’s scared and desperate to stay relevant. She should just name drop the C man again.

>> No.53703779

you can make a separate thread for mori, this is a discussion on bae, brat.

>> No.53703819

That's because Kronii's merch was outright sabotaged between it not only being total shit compared to her first birthday, but the bug in shipping causing a fucking neck pillow to balloon costs by $150.
She's also the only one not to do a limited edition which also killed her revenue.

>> No.53704209

>200+ posts
>less than 100 ips
>same nigger who makes this retarded thread every week

Yikies senpai

>> No.53704439

>her growth is a lie
We're talking long-term growth in relation to the rest of her branch here. Given that most of her genmates reclined and she stood more or less still, we can count that as a win for Fauna.
>you’re lying about asmrs not being loopable
You misunderstood. My point was merely that "vod views" will obviously be higher for shorter videos.

>> No.53704489

>noooooo, you can't post more than a single time per thread!! :((((((
I'm not OP, but this is the most stupid idea of all time. God, I hate newfags

>> No.53704502

I think you should all hang yourself or seek a psych ward. You argue about youtube numbers in your free time

>> No.53704651

>I'm not OP
The worm wiggles in seethe as he is called out. Better hold on to this one for dear life, the thread isn't gonna bump itself

>> No.53704840

Being funny helps.
I'm not watching your oshi if all she's known for is being poundable, a holostars fan and a good dancer.

>> No.53704918

If all you have is descriptions redditors put together then no holo talent is watchable

>> No.53704984
File: 76 KB, 430x446, 1c13140ab2b578abde34645a5b4c42cc6028725c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She pandered to the ironic weeb and e-celeb watching crowd. Those people moved on to other bandwagons. When people say western vtubers are reclining they ignore those that pander to unicorns like fauna because those chuubas weren't targetting a crowd of bandwagon jumping retards. The same thing happened to Ollie. Used to be the biggest holoID, now look at her.

>> No.53705012

Not just Reddit, /vt/ as well.
I'm more inclined to watch Korone based off of public perception than Bae.

>> No.53705032

Cool chart dude, seek a rope since youre a failure of a human

>> No.53705077

/vt/s perception of every vtuber is the word "whore" except their favorite 1view
This place is just a bunch of underage niggers who missed the door to /r9k/

>> No.53705585

Are you incapable of forming your own opinions or something?

>> No.53705996

Can you let Kiara know once you figure it out?

>> No.53707052


>> No.53707196

Brats truly are the worst fanbase. Rangeban SEA, rangeban newfag brats. Win win.

>> No.53707202

Stop bumping your number garbage

>> No.53707359

But enough about brats

>> No.53707384

See >>53707202
And >>53705032

>> No.53707504

Newfag, you can hide threads you don't like instead of seething at objective facts.
You also need to be 18 to post here. Glad to have helped

>> No.53707545

Keep clinging on this thread like its your unborn child

>> No.53708784

Get some help man

>> No.53708868

Your mother is my personal onahole twinklet, that's the only reason you continue to cry for my name

>> No.53708898

that's right sister, please tell them to keep supporting homobeggers and collabers
i wish for them to fall further

>> No.53709036

>A normalfag and a zoomer
I can appreciate her grind, but she can't fit in

>> No.53709436

I don't understand how people can watch Gura. It's obvious that she's mentally checked out from streaming. How can anyone support her?

>> No.53709649

they're pedos who have oneitis

>> No.53709692

Jealous she didn’t collab with your homos, sis?

>> No.53709733

That's what gets me. How can Gura's fanbase watch ONLY her and no one else. Do they even know that other vtubers exist? Why not support multiple hololive talent?
Lol. Not even close, bro. Try again.

>> No.53709750

Cope harder clockcuck

>> No.53709800

I'm sorry you're retarded. But keep trying.

>> No.53710040

And this is all because gura isn’t a homocollabing whore like you oshi lol

>> No.53710176

The whole doomer thing has a niche, kronii just isnt smart enough to pull it off

>> No.53710267

Even retarded redditors with their forced globohomo views are getting sick of homobeggars.

>> No.53710368 [DELETED] 

Better model artist

>> No.53710399

Lack of standout talent.
>inb4 mori
Mori was a fluke

>> No.53710519

Anon, that isn't real thumbnail.

>> No.53710567

>Viral potential
Her being in a state of constant exasperation downplays her range of reactions so I don't think anything will go viral unless somebody else managed to fish an unexpected reaction out of her that catches on. It's why her most known content is with IRyS.
>Gaming rep
Another thing she's missing is that she hasn't had any huge bouts of dedicated autism towards one particular game or project that displays a genuine infectious energy and defines a part of her identity for a while.
Got big into MGS and brought a lot of eyes on her
Did her persona but ages ago, which is why Bae's P5 obsession doesn't stand out (that and Bae is horribly infrequent playing it). There was also jump king but I wouldn't say that was good
General obsessions with franchises have lead to a lot of moments: Kingdom Hearts impressions + ToMOrrow, TOGETHA when she got obsessed with Elden Ring, plus some smaller moments with her design in MH or love of Friend in HK.
Early MC projects endeared people towards her and crocodile detective game + Outer Wilds were defining moments. Outside of that she's often credited as being the one to do all the big innovative creative projects
DMC had a huge impact on her and came to a height when she got a ton of Birthday stuff to react to with it

>But Bae had genital jousting!
See my first point: her general exasperation limits the impact of her reactions and it was a one-off. Plus she will never lean into it anymore than she has.
Bae needs to get into something that's popular but not covered and something that will sweep her away so that she's not just commenting but actually excited. Uncharted might be a good pick, she could grow attached to Nathan Drake, be overwhelmed by all the action sequences and have a hearty cry at the end of the saga, plus it's been a while so that people's cynicism towards the series is fading just enough to relapse into interest.

>Creative works
She also could try the project route. Its got to be something frequent and have visibility both in discussions and presentation, like Legend of Polka or Holotalk, it can't be a hidden behind the scenes dump like Gura's projects because it has no buildup.
>But the Baegemite series
Nobody really gives a shit about nationality quirks, Kiara's German stuff is concrete evidence for that. Plus it's a series about reactions where you can't see the person visibly recoil, the numbers for that dropped off hard until people could see Yagoo's reaction. Baewatch had some promise but she dropped it after one episode, these girls are fucking up big time by not dubbing a miniseries of their own.

Bae isn't autistic enough

>> No.53712418

>What is Bae missing to finally have her big breakout in popularity?
She's already popular

>> No.53713458

Kronii is so fucking lazy it’s insane how cover’s recruitment fucked up on this one

>> No.53713551

Thanks for your contribution bumpschizo

>> No.53716379
File: 395 KB, 708x1025, 27c0d1b520809afd01d7bff3757499bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.53718491

She can kill herself because hololive is full of faggots

>> No.53719655

You can't imagine it because you're a lonely virgin who has not had any real contact or relations with a female besides your mother, so any sight of a female not your mom leads you to instantly developing romantic feelings for them, and you treat them as goddesses.

>> No.53720302

Not being a whore

>> No.53721616
File: 77 KB, 500x501, 1687661001784052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53721836

When Vesper and Magni get terminated in a couple of weeks ex-brats will feel safe enough to come back to her

>> No.53721840

that isn't true at all. I treat uggos and fatties very, very poorly

>> No.53722754
File: 2 KB, 112x112, 5931370521834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53722847

Retards who’ve never heard of the X-axis.

>> No.53722857

Bit sad to sit in a thread and watch it decline on a board this slow just to necrobump it

>> No.53722939

Agreed, I couldn't imagine sitting there all day monitoring the thread seething that somebody made a post. Must be peak mental illness.

>> No.53722946

>numberfag getting BTFOd by another numberfag
There’s always a bigger fish.

>> No.53723007

Timestamps exist for a reason, a post made 90 minutes later is inorganic. Learn to use 4chan and stop trying to make generals die off faster

>> No.53725076

>P5 doesn't count because I said so
>GoI doesn't count because I said so
>Big clips like the elbow incident don't count because I said so
>Creative projects like Baejemite, Baewatch, and the vlogs don't count because I said so

>> No.53726338

Only thing inorganic is you camping threads to seethe in. What went so wrong in your life that made you self flagellate so hard?

>> No.53727817

retard, he posted 20 mins after. what the fuck are you even bitching about 90 minutes for you obsessed schizo

>> No.53728119


Unironically she's debuffed by her base design and even some of the subsequent outfits. She's designed to look wacky and weird, not cute or sexy, and that's holding her back.

My advice won't completely fix her numbers but I sincerely think it would help.

> 99% abandon the debut outfit, only wear for anniversaries or whatever
> 99% abandon the kimono/New Years outfit, only wear when everybody else is in kimonos too
> Make the dancer outfit the new default
> Commission fully rigged live2D kits for the Birthday outfit (the casual sweater+shorts) and "Blackberry Bae" (from the EP launch)

>> No.53728184

Holy shit taste

>> No.53728307


You really wonder why?

>> No.53728328

Good to know you havent watched her in 3 years

>> No.53728432

I can fully get behind her getting strawberry bae as a 2d outfit, that thing is so cute

>> No.53728466

>What is Bae missing to finally have her big breakout in popularity?
>What else can she do?
Have anal sex with me

>> No.53728510

1 years of no homo collabs would make her 10% more decent

>> No.53728553

100% less cock on your mind would make you less of a homosexual

>> No.53728898

The brat camping this thread should just spam images till it hits bump

>> No.53730100

>What is Bae missing to finally have her big breakout in popularity?
Mating press stream, by me.

>> No.53730726

Hope she never does. Her and her fanbase are a blight that needs to be removed

>> No.53732072

I really think that her whole
>Oh guys I don't know what this thing is oh no I'm such a zoomer
Joke is a huge filter, People like streamers that know about shit THEY WANT PEOPLE THAT THEY CAN RELATE and share the same interests, the biggest debuffs in vtubing always seem to be
>Loud annoying voice
>Can't talk about things that the chat likes

>> No.53732303


>> No.53732518


>> No.53732783
File: 5 KB, 485x438, 1689595725774244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.53732905

There's something inauthentic about her that goes beyond the fact that she's playing an anime girl on a stream.

>> No.53733006
File: 32 KB, 1316x864, 1689629020429567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.53733109

One question
Why is OP so obsessed with brats?

>> No.53733429

>duuuurrrr.. w-why is bae missing popularity... dduuuuh why bae bissing bopularity.. waaaahhhh.. i am retard numberfag and i love cum... glug glug glug... santa maria... mm so much cum i love...be be be be... such a retarded faggot i am... mimimi... mm cock...
shut the fuck up retard

>> No.53733729

He got a glimpse of buffbrat and has never been the same since.

>> No.53733992

Cry all you want it won't make Bae more popular

>> No.53734079

Awww babby is crying after being called out
Seething about an anime rat girl you don't watch for 24 hours in your own thread won't unfuck your mom

>> No.53735992

damn, you're seething real hard man. maybe take a break from 4chan for a while, it's clearly upsetting you

>> No.53736139

My condolences to your mum and the amount of drugs she took before giving birth you

>> No.53736162

clear your tears clipnigger, it's ok, you made it too obvious this time, next time you'll contribute to a thread discussion and not look like a redditor

>> No.53736361 [DELETED] 

She isn't good enough at faking how much she likes being a VTuber and doing cute teenage crush voices. She plays an extremely extroverted character when she's a nice girl leaning introvert IRL. She was always honest and upfront about wanting Roberu's dick, which makes her out of reach from unicorns and regular loners alike from the get go. She's an idol in an age shitting on idols. Also, she's dumb enough to pal up with leeches like Mumei without leeching from her herself and retards like Mori that nuke all the chances idols-as-idols-are have to succeed, even if rrat isn't a perfect idol either on account of Homostars infatuation.

>> No.53736451

I didn't even know she streamed that much. Usually I get recommendations to watch Holomem streams. With her she's a ghost on the algorithm

>> No.53736591

>2 mindbroken replies
concession accepted RUMAO

>> No.53736814

You truly are pathetic, you know that?

>> No.53736891
File: 2.65 MB, 320x240, 1675309242254824.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

baeschizo mindbroken by brats.

>> No.53737089

If he was self aware he wouldn't be doing this shit kek

>> No.53737117

>this entire thread

>> No.53737204

Idk why you guys keep responding to him

>> No.53737247

The thread is near bump limit so why not?

>> No.53737312

Well it's at bump limit now, I just made these posts to get this to 310 so I can ditch now
See you all in the next thread

>> No.53737749

1 schizo and 2 retard brats, what a nice thread

>> No.53738061

All you.

>> No.53738280

Yeah youre gonna do this next week too
Better get some good sleep so you can samefag for 48 hours

>> No.53738481

All numberapes should be executed via a firing squad