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miko is not a lesbian.

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Miko isn't a lesbian. She's just a common whore.

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Miko is definitely a lesbian. Anyone who disagrees doesn't watch her streams.

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Miko is a degenerate that'll fuck anything that moves.

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>he thinks Miko is an actual lesbian
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You guys must be fucking with me.

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Ok sure. The character of Miko is a lesbian. True.

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and here i thought u got some confession stuff making this thread.. Me and your ancestors disappointed with u anon..

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Miko is not a lesbian

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Your face <-----Miko was not lesbian
like that?

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It's OK and normal to be a lesbian no matter how hard you try to convince yourself they're just acting, chud. Just look at yourself if you wanna know why Miko hates men.

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All women are whores, no exceptions.
Nothing they say in character is real.
Grow up and get a clue about how women and the real world works, instead of being a cuckold.

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The real truth is that miko is actually an ALIEN, "her" human speech isn't complete and they haven't found out much about human anatomy, pekora has been mind controlled and they've been acting like they don't talk to each other but the truth is they don't want you to know pekora has been ALIENED.

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Miko is a lesbian but MSR isn't. It's just yuribait.

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what happened?

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Why you faggots care so much if she is or isn't gay

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she's a lesbian until she meets me

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She's probably Bi. Like Matsuri. Maybe that's why they don't stream together alot, because they can smell each other's gayness

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What a fucking dyke

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She never lusts at men as she does with women in games, also she literally said she's not into men so i think it's safe to assume she a fag

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>She never lusts at men as she does with women
Attraction to males doesnt work like attraction to males, wew who could have guessed

And she just refused to say what her type of men is

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Miko is not a lesbian. She literally has an ex-bf.

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Yeah, me.

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>she [rrat]
Try again.

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I know you have no idea but a lot of lesbians do

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>he doesn't know

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Sure but shes bisexual at most not lesbian

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Okay what is it this time?

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What'd she do this time that makes you so sure she eats carpet?

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Did something happen or are you just being a schizo?

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>what happened
Faggotry happened because people were being disrespectful to Miko. Is it that hard to understand?

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Why are you so desperate for her to be a carpet muncher?

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You guys realize as an ex-cam girl shes used to yuri baiting or even doing actual gay for pay right
its just business

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disproven rrat from antis on nico nico

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/u/fags are some of the most schizo retards of all the boards.

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Yuriniggers are niggers

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go back

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You guys say fujos are crazy but /u/shippers seem crazier.

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Miko literally keeps talking in detail about the plots of Eroge and terrible little sister light novels aimed at horny men and has mentioned multiple times that she's not comfortable around men irl.
I don't know why there's so many people doing mental gymnastics to prove that she's 200% straight. That would mean she studied all this shit in detail to larp as a dyke. Not to mention that she know Japanese gay subculture slang and that Marine pointed it out.
I swear, she could one day literally invite a girl on stream and both and then both of them would start moaning with accompanying moist and wet sounds and straight schizos on here would claim that she's 300% straight and that they were just doing rigorous physical exercise.
I see the same thing in Moona threads. Moona outright said she likes Yuri during a membership stream. And there's schizos resorting to insane mental gymnastics to explain what she ACTUALLY meant. I don't know how you can be so unhinged that you can't even conclude that they have to be at least a little bi-curious.
And I say this as a /pol/ack who would literally gas all American faggots for all the troon shit and pedophile shit they keep pushing. I'm fine with faggots if they're subtle about it and don't attempt to force people to accept and partake in their faggotery.

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You're just autistic. Miko can turn her character off sometimes and speak straight and it's obviously she plays up the yuri for a larp.

She unironically likes GL eroge though. Also she's a social recluse like many of the Holomembers. Her being uncomfortable with men is hardly unique to her. It's pretty common with women in Japan. None of this is mental gymnastics. It's just common sense combined with an ability to read between the lines.

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Why would someone be into media aimed at male coomers if they're as straight as a ruler.
If anyone on here would be like, "yeah I read and enjoy trap manga about dudes fucking but I'm straight". They'd rightfully get a million (you)s calling them fags.
And you completely ignored the fact that she once used the Japanese slang for a bottom feminine dyke to describe herself and that Marine realized it.

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Miko is whore

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>she's not comfortable around men irl.
How does this help your argument exactly?

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lesbianism doesn't exist all women are bi by default

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>"What kind of men do you like?"

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People keep refuting single arguments but nobody has yet to refute the fact that she once outright told marine that her type of man was "none" and then proceeded to use the word for a feminine bottom to describe herself.
I'd like to see people try to spin that stream into somehow meaning she's the straightest woman alive.

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She's had a kid.

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*gets panic attack when a holo uncontrollably lusts after an anime girl*
*primal fear kicks in when holos casually say something teetee*
*refuses to go on mainstream sites to see how the fans appreciate yuri in fear of a heart attack*
*mental gymnastics through sexually suggestive content between holos*
*parasocial fantasy gets interrupted and stress floods in*

Stop choosing to suffer.

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Reminder that these ***people*** literally try very hard to mental gymnastics their way through a chubba being a lesbian so they can delude themselves into thinking they have a chance with them. Now they are triggered and enraged because this thread is reminding them of reality. You LITERALLY can't get lower than these retards. You need a really low IQ, social anxiety and some real dedication to come to a thread like this calling people who recognize the truth "/u/fags" and "schizos".

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Not only is she a dyke, but it compromised her oldest friendship in the Holos. Carpet munchers and the /u/faggots who support them should be euthanized or dicked into submission for the betterment of everyone around them.

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But I'm gay.

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You realize girls act all lovey dovey to other girls all the time right? This is just something friends do

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OK, now read the actual thread and refute the other evidence.

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/u/fags are extremely delusional schizos on par with some of the worst fuckers on /cgl/ and /r9k/.
I also don't even think of Miko like a coomer. She's just one of my favorite entertainers.

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>le /u/ boogieman
I'm a /pol/ack faggot. I loathe American style faggotery.
There's just so much evidence and statements she made that point to her being sexually attracted to women. Maybe not exclusively, but anyone that claims she's as straight as they come is retarded.

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>come to a thread about a vtuber that everyone agrees is a lesbian and never tries to hide it
Look at these things, and you wonder why they fucking hate men? Look in the fucking mirror for fuck's sake.

Let's imagine a scenario. Watch a random clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc-bUv0Ra1E and call the person featured a lesbian like it's nothing just as all normal people would. Then, a mouthbreather suddenly comes to you and says "/u/fags are some of the most schizo retards of all the boards." and "/u/fags are extremely delusional schizos on par with some of the worst fuckers on /cgl/ and /r9k/".

Take a moment to think through what exactly went in his mind when he chose to say it in this situation. Would you even dare to imagine his motives? Can you imagine what kind of person is behind these simple words? Evil is not when a person knows what he's doing is wrong but still does it. Evil is the creation of these complete delusional and insane people who you can't ever reason with.

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>he says while posting a raging dyke

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you don't need to be a lesbian to rape. just need the right amount of... horny

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sankyou, sankyou

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she can lesbian my cock

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Uh oh

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Mikos not a lesbian you yuribait dyke. Kill yourself

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Yuribait redditor, go back and never come back. Fuckin hang yourself actually

>> No.5361565

is this thread one guy samefagging over and over again? having a mental breakdown, it seems

>> No.5361583

/u/ bros we lost...

>> No.5361595

>he never watched the Yakuza gameplay

>> No.5361642

Mate you're being disrespectful to miko by trying to make her a dyke for your pleasure

>> No.5361643

miko hates men and she hates you

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stop making these useless fucking threads onegai, think of the indie threads

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You wish dyke. Hang yourself, stop believing in rrats you ignorant fuck

>> No.5361883

Cope all you want, your existence disgusts her and you'll only ever make her miserable as she pretends like she wants to entertain you.

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You need to go back mate. You fell for bugmen rrats, you are a useless cunt spreading demoralising shit just because you cant think right in your alzhimer enduced brain

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Miko was sexually abused by his father when she was young causing her to hate dicks/want to have a dick of her own. She tried releasing all that stress on the Pekora collab and tried to rape Pekora just like her father did to her.

>> No.5362038

Anyone who thinks miko hates men is clinically retarded and needs to follow these steps.
>Step 1 delete system32
>Step 2 hang yourself

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Fuck off birdkun

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if you were a true /pol/ack you would know that modern conceptions of different sexualities like lesbianism are just tools constructed by jews to damage behavioral patterns of goyim in their host nation, not actual distinct categories of people.

>> No.5362453

You are mad because you can't deny the truth. You know how she reacts to men when there's female options. It's amusing how she puts with all this male audience shit and keeps it to herself, what's more amusing is the way some of her male viewers mental gymnastics their way through and delude themselves into thinking miko doesn't hate them. You are one pathetic dude.

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>sorts by latest
>Miko stops responding to him after late 2019 when hololive starts to gain traction
She dropped him when he was no longer useful, just like those nijis. Can't blame her either. Her and Pekora got along so well for such a long time because they're logical thinkers who know what will make them the most successful (their current feud is part of it too).

>> No.5362687

Mate she doesnt react in a negative way at all with eirher gender you munted nigger. You're either a shit troll or mentally disabled

>> No.5362722

Are you the same kike who said miko was a slut who used pekora in the Sakura Miko thread?

>> No.5362816

Your mental gymnastics gave me a stroke and you're 100% a tourist. You do realise that miko would have quit hololive and cover would have either slowed down or ceased to exist without her saying nigga if it wasnt for the boom in popularity by her 35p

>> No.5362935

Based grudgeanon

>> No.5362956

Yep, you don't watch streams or are just that delusional. It's kinda sad the money bags aren't even self-aware >>5362816

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Miko is not a lesbian.

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I don't even know what you're getting at. At first, it seems you're coping. Then, you're saying that PekoMiko is a yuri fraud to get yurikeks. So, I half agree with you?

>> No.5363171

You sound pretty desperate.

>> No.5363199

Is shitpost.

>> No.5363210

gaybe miko

>> No.5363300

Say something like that in her comment section and see how she and her fans would react. Man, you are one fucking weirdo. It's almost like you believe people are calling her a dyke to insult her and she has done nothing to earn it. If she knew one of her fans is "defending" her online by saying she's not lesbian and implying being a lesbian is an insult, I can't imagine how repulsed she would feel.

>> No.5363372

you might be right but I hate the word "lesbian" because western culture ruins everything

>> No.5363419

What is the alternative lmao?

>> No.5363485

I like lesbian porn like anyone else but yurifaggots ate the most annoying fags om this board. Now someone spoonfeed me, did something happen or is this just a genral schizo thread.

>> No.5363573

Reminder that unironically that lesbians DO NOT EXIST. It's just bitter woman that need a dicking from chad thundercock. Not any of the faggots from here but an honest to goodness 10/10 pussy slaying chad to bring them around. /u/schizos can dream all they want but chad can easily swoop in and steal the girls they're too beta to go after so they fantasize about the girls fucking each other instead.

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Gossip never changes.

>> No.5363637

It's just business yuri. Weebs can't handle female sexuality. Real girls lust after cock and that upsets weebs.

>> No.5363658


>> No.5363692

No matter how many words you say, how many people you cancel, sexual deviations will always remain just that - deviations.

>> No.5363728

Im a huge gosling and i still can't understand why a chuuba being lovey dovey with another women is better than her being with a man. How does that help the GFE experience in any way?

>> No.5363820

Anon she is the biggest yuribaiter in hololive, when she started she literary was Nyanners x 100, she would use and discard faster people than paper napkins. Literay everything she does is to gain numbers, she was a desperate bottom Holo headed for graduation until she daid the soft gamer word and got a viral boost.

>> No.5363846

Schizo thread whete fags and rrats come. Anyone getting offended by saying miko isnt a lesbo or by sayinf dykes are fags from plebbit or even worse >>>/lgbt/

>> No.5363887

Nice ESL xi

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Males are obsolete
Think about it. Males are a disposable mutation with the Y chromosome, whereas femaIes are the real compIete humans. Now that there are machines to do labor that males would do, and there's so much sperm in sperm banks, why should we keep males? They are more violent, rapists, and they start all the wars and are the source of most human suffering.
I think we should get rid of males completely, or if we're going to keep them around we should use genetics to make them small and cute, sort of like pets to own. They'd be much better that way and much more safe.
What do you think femanons? Let's build paradise.

>> No.5363946

Are you retarded? She got shit characters in a GACHA GAME. She does the same shit in horse racing you negro

>> No.5363992

You schizo motherfucker. You know what, ok. Your precious numberscunt is a lesbian and she eats pussy. There, happy now?

>> No.5363996


>> No.5364021

Reminder that unironically that gays DO NOT EXIST. It's just bitter man that need a pussy from stacy. Not any of the dikes from here but an honest to goodness 10/10 dick slaying gigastacy to bring them around. /y/schizos can dream all they want but stacy can easily swoop in and steal the guys they're too beta to go after so they fantasize about the guys fucking each other instead.

>> No.5364024

Yeah she didn't act like that when she gets bad female characters. Keep coping though, it's pretty funny

>> No.5364033

Wait a minute, are that lesbian from /v/ who freaks out and posts those long ass copinh essays on men.

>> No.5364048

No she aint

>> No.5364071 [DELETED] 

Can I be your slave?

>> No.5364072

i'd never be with a real man even if he was a neutered pet

>> No.5364077

I feel bad for him... considering the collabs throughout 2019, he must have thought they were friends but she instead pulled out of a collab one day, said a couple weeks later that she would never collab with males because she was an idol and has ghosted him ever since.

>> No.5364105

Do I look like I can speak fuckin jap to you? If you are gathering all this from a clip you cant understand you seriously need to rethink your life

>> No.5364140


>> No.5364170 [DELETED] 

Serves him right

>> No.5364177

don't feel bad for him, him and his bro are doing fine and collab with a bunch of other people all the time

>> No.5364191

I doubt it was mikos descion, might of been a Cover thing

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Other holos collab with males.

>> No.5364282

Yeah she's a kusogaki who doesnt answer straight
I did but it's not like she wants to lick Kiryu's abs though she wants to be destroyed roughly by his dragon cock

>> No.5364284

/vt/rannies are really showing themselevs in this thread trying to be a woman and think that they can be a lesbo with miki. Pathetic

>> No.5364296 [DELETED] 

It was Miko's decision. She realized that he was only thinking with his dick and had to break any contact off. Miko knows that it's impossible for males and females to be casual friends. There will always be an expectation of sex and since Miko is a lesbian she broke off all contact with males.

>> No.5364304

>Miko is Nyanners x 100
What a bitch.

>> No.5364336

Everyone knows that korone and ogayu are the actual unironic lesbians

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>being lovey dovey with another women is better than her being with a man
It's simple, if "I" can't have her, no man can. The Japanese are so weak willed as men they can't even take indirect "rejection" from a parasocial fan-artist relationship, thus business yuri came to an existance.
"Rejecting" the fans with the white lie that there can never be other men either.

>> No.5364384

>admitting he doesnt even watch streams
Who would have expected

>> No.5364395

>There will always be an expectation of sex
Hence how pekomiko ended. Yuribaits took it too far and probably caused bad blood

>> No.5364568

What manga, also what does it mater if you are getting by a cucked or a women.

>> No.5364686

She was known ofr doing that bullshit man, she used people to climb the Holo ladder and it still didn't work, it pissed her off. All her popularity is because tje nigga GTAV clip, otherwise she would still be out there backstabbing people for subs.

>> No.5364732

I watch streams ya jew. But im asking do you even understand? If you say yes then you are either lying or an anti from NND. Either way kill yourself

>> No.5364796

If it wasnt for GTA V she would have quit

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Yuri = purity and wholesome
Fucking with men = sexually undesirable
Psychologically you don't feel the instinctive threat when the girl you fancy is making out with another girl instead of a male competitor unless you're very low IQ and treat it the same.

>> No.5365013 [DELETED] 

This is passed around all the time but its not true. People always bring up Shiba yet they always leave out the part where Miko already had more subscribers and viewers than Shiba when they were collabing together. She was not leeching off of Shiba. I don't know shit about this random male vtuber (I'm not gay so I don't watch them) but I'm sure the story is much the same, especially if they were collabing in late 2019.

>> No.5365021

In the original stream she was telling male characters to fuck off while immediately lusting after female characters after. It got privated so I searched for a clip WITH MY JAPANESE SKILLS. Your boogeyman anti from NND doesn't even exist.

>> No.5365496

Yuribaits are a cancer and must be dealt with

>> No.5365508

She wasn't good at leeching anon, she tried and threw people away but her plans didn't work.

>> No.5365739 [DELETED] 

My point is that it wasn't leeching. She was already more popular than the people she was supposedly leeching off of.

>> No.5366055

I'll make you a deal. If you touch me I shoot you dead? Hows that aye? You'll never reproduce

>> No.5366978

Yes and dudes just suck each others cocks because it's just what friends do

>> No.5368035

I feel like most people on this board dont have many friends so they dont know that sometimes people just dont have time or grow apart. If Okayu or Korone or any duo dont collab for a month or 2 people lose their shit and schizo post that they hate eachother

>> No.5368187

Bunnycunny destroyer 2020

>> No.5368317

the only exception is pekora and miko, that was because of the rape

>> No.5368857

Imagine having the audacity to deny that Miko is lesbian during pride month. Smh

>> No.5369054


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File: 29 KB, 440x332, Wisdom of the imam on yuri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that yuri is halal

>> No.5369087

Purest form of love

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She says these things and likes these things because she is fucking based and elite. Not gay, simple as.

>> No.5369452

>NOOOOOOO Miko can’t be a lesbian she’s based like me and my 4chan friends!!!!1

>> No.5369647 [DELETED] 
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Miko is the most based chuuba around. I'm think all of these anti threads lately are just from people who are jealous of her and her fans.

>> No.5369734


>> No.5370263

>NOOOOO everyone has to be part of my mental illness club despite less than 1% of the population being in it

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Miko would be the first to cheer for the LGBT movement if she was in the west, chud

>> No.5370596

Chud and clipwatcher alert

>> No.5370628

If Miko is not a lesbian then why is she having sex with me right now? t. a woman

>> No.5370666

but migopis are chuds

>> No.5370760

No we're not, you are because you're an anti

>> No.5370921

Stop replying to bait, you retards.

>> No.5371225

>LGBT movement if she was in the west, chud
Firstly, you are a samefag and retard. Secondly, no one in nip land supports your fag movement you spastic especially not trannies like you. Sneed, Cope and hang yourself dumb kike troon, go back >>>/lgbt/

>> No.5371263

I'm using the wonderful Options menu my friend

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That's quite some buzzwords there, chud. But no, there's no place for incels in Japan
Unironically have sex.

>> No.5371470


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I have a girlfriend dumb ass lmao. Fuck off tranny, go back. No one supports tranny movements

>> No.5371607
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Anyone who unironically uses chud is a new fag and seriously needs to fuck off. You cunts ruined this whole entire website, even worse than 2016 tourists

>> No.5371676
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>i-i have a girlfriend
kek sure you do chud, tell her to come read what you just posted will you?

>> No.5371711

Chud-kun please...

>> No.5371745

Hey, us croats are very "homophobic" unlike you amerimutts. How racist of you to assume i'm a mutt like you, also nice avatarfagging cunt

>> No.5372381

Miko is a dyke and a rapist

>> No.5372478

hang yourself

>> No.5372498

Very based if true.

>> No.5372572

>Tasted the disgusting rotten bunny cunny
>Will never taste the disgusting rotten bunny cunny

>> No.5372600


This is the typical migopi though

>> No.5372705

That's not a 35p

>> No.5372987

The only lesbian in Hololive is Matsuri and even she still likes dick.

>> No.5373035

It doesnt matter that's the people who represent miko's fanbase on 4chan

>> No.5373098


>> No.5373142

But he's not representing anyone, he just used Miko's pic for his post. That guy is probably (You)

>> No.5373277

>she doesn't lust after vidya males she's a lesbian
You're gettin' worked, son. Miko the character is a "lesbian" who safely pervs on 2D women from video games. This is a far cry from Matsuri the person who invades her coworkers' personal spaces and gets touchy feely with them IRL making them incredibly uncomfortable.

It's funny seeing as Pekora's the one most willing to shut down yuribaiting and basically started giving Miko the cold shoulder because she was sick of all the PekoMiko shipping bullshit. She'll eventually start ghosting Moona too when she's gotten sick of fans and their dumb shipping stuff.

>> No.5373302

What got you mad? She being a dyke or the fact that she raped pegora?

>> No.5373383

I have a female friend who likes eroge and yuri shit and is straight as an arrow having zero desire to ever be with a woman and only ever having been with men.

>> No.5373410
File: 56 KB, 500x500, bff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why would you retards even care about what her sexual preference is? it's not like she's going woke on her streams and twitter
and as for the whole pekora situation, they're obviously not as close as before and it's getting more noticeable as time passes i just hope that they at least reconcile or maybe rekindle their relationship soon

>> No.5373474

Because I want to know if I have a chance with her

>> No.5373489

Almost anything that happens onscreen can be taken as at least a partial work. Miko's one of the better ones at generally keeping herself separate from her character. The character of Sakuro Miko might be a lesbian androphobe but there's zero proof the real person that portrays her is.

>> No.5373490
File: 24 KB, 480x480, aea9edec931ceee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

migopi onegai...

>> No.5373573

The fact you're a retarded nigger who fell for anti's
You're the reason pekomiko ended, shoot yourself

>> No.5373583

>Ok fine, there is proof Miko is a lesbian! But it’s just elaborate kayfabe I swear!!
Non-ironic backpedaling and goalpost moving.

>> No.5373592

I'll rape her like she raped pekochan

>> No.5373620

But lesbians don't exist. That's why you don't see any of them in collapsed societies (Venezuela for example). You can still find gays in collapsed societies though.

>> No.5373629

You can still like her, even though she's a dyke, I find her very funny and one of the best holos.

Also raping Pekora was incredibly based, gotta show who's the senpai.

>> No.5373682

The mental gymnastics...

>> No.5373780

he said sweating in desperation
Miko likes girls

>> No.5373812

I've said from the start that anything said on stream in character should be taken as at least partial kayfabe. Sakura Miko saying things is different from, say, Matsuri's roommate saying things in a twitcast on her non-Matsuri social media.

Do you believe that the Undertaker is an undead zombie man who can summon lightning because you saw him do it on TV?

>> No.5373845

What gives you that idea? She hasn't shown any real interest in men.

>> No.5373875
File: 181 KB, 1450x1000, oh2za9o5j0a51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

35p here please do not fall for the falseflagging retards like these
they do not represent miko's fans, just the vocal minority 35p of obsessed and delusional incel schizos

>> No.5373905

rare footage of miko and pekora sleepover

>> No.5373922

She also likes girls because she's based and elite.

>> No.5373944

I haven't watched Miko or any of her clips since last year but she often says that men are gross and that she only cares about tiddies and prefer blonde girls. She even plays yuri eroges.

>> No.5374018

gfe-kun, the answer is no

>> No.5374050

Woman on woman rape is based, and therefore Miko is based.

>> No.5374075

But Miko’s lesbianism is beyond mere roleplay. At the point she is using niche lesbian terminology to describe herself she is fully gay-coded. It’s in-group slang, not a way people in the out-group aka straightoids speak to begin with. If you won’t accept the serious possibility of her being lesbian unless she literally posts a pride flag on her roommate you’re just being as stubborn as you can get away with.

>> No.5374091
File: 138 KB, 640x905, ca48887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5374244 [DELETED] 

If you watch the video where she uses the term "Neko" you can see that Luna was totally clueless as to Miko's usage of it. This adds weight to what you are saying.

>> No.5374275

all the people

>> No.5374301

This, Marine understood what Miko said when she said she's a Neko even teased Miko about it, but Luna didn't. Because Luna is in the out-group and doesn't understand the slang

>> No.5374332

Should of imagined there was no .38 snub

>> No.5374349

That was literally what happened, Pekora slept first then Miko woke up first in the morning to cook her breakfast.

>> No.5374499
File: 22 KB, 480x360, migomigo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tag: rape yuri ahegao mindbreak sleeping femdom cunnilingus

>> No.5374561

Related bonus evidence:
When asked what she’s really good at that she doesn’t get to show off often in her collab with Marine and Luna, Miko answered that she can “move her fingers really smoothly like they’re alive”. Now that is an extremely lesbian hidden skill

>> No.5374584
File: 145 KB, 1024x1024, 1591849539094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that every last one of the holos are lesbian and there's nothing you can do about it.

>> No.5374749

>move her fingers really smoothly like they’re alive
You wish

>> No.5374801
File: 120 KB, 568x707, facku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yuribaiting this hard
I shiggy diggy

>> No.5374821 [DELETED] 

Having really skilled fingers makes sense for Miko since she probably can't eat pussy that well due to her short tongue.

>you will never get to see Miko use her magic fingers to make some cutie spasm and squirt all over the place
Why even live

>> No.5374878
File: 1.81 MB, 498x498, 1611598569981.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/u/ schizos
>/u/ trannies
Reminder that Miko did straight porn ASMR back in the NND days.

>> No.5374920


>> No.5374953 [DELETED] 

That proves nothing. Straight people do gay porn all the time for a pay check. That doesn't mean they are gay. The inverse is also true.

>> No.5374978

It does, straight people dont do gay ASMR

>> No.5374998
File: 35 KB, 124x128, 1613253967749.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was just a phase. She grew out of it.

>> No.5375051
File: 278 KB, 220x214, 1611922089343.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5375077

why're you guys arguing about someone's sex

>> No.5375089

>Not knowing what gay for pay is
Take your meds, retard.

>> No.5375113

Oh but she can newfagchama. It’s within the first 30 seconds of the clip.
No wonder Pekora got mindbroken with Miko having such skills. How can she face Miko after experiencing pleasure like that?

>> No.5375122

If you support faggotry, you are supporting pedophilia by proxy.
Child molestation is how faggots reproduce.

>> No.5375173
File: 170 KB, 640x905, pekorape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What actually happened.

>> No.5375185

Schizos don't need reasons.
And when they do have them they don't make sense.

>> No.5375200

>Child molestation is how faggots reproduce
Obviously, that’s exactly why Miko molested Pekora retard

>> No.5375232

>I have a female friend
kek gr8 b8 m8

>> No.5375275

You know that squirting is just piss, right?

>> No.5375347

it's clearly fucking yuribaiting and obviously retards like (you) believe it

>> No.5375354

Yes it is. Fucking Kazuma Kiryu's seiyuu used to do VA jobs for yaoi eroge

>> No.5375472 [DELETED] 

>Miko works those fingers so well that her partner uncontrollably pisses herself
That just makes it hotter to be honest

>> No.5375492

That's a lot of fucking dedication to larp as a dyke studying all those eroge and light novel plots.
Instead of just putting no effort into it like Kiara.

>> No.5375528

the fact she's so dedicated and seemingly knowledgeable shows how much of a try hard she is
Kiara is genuinely gay, just obnoxious

>> No.5375555

>Kiara is genuinely gay
No she's not

>> No.5375560
File: 1.96 MB, 1399x2120, listener san.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You wish, most fag shit is already a phase

>> No.5375619

sure pal it was just a phase when you fapped to all that tranny porn

>> No.5375698

imagine liking an idol that enjoys cock. i got news for you - that means you're gay. you shouldn't cheer for your idol to take some random greasy dude's dick in her virgin butthole unless you're a fag who likes cock. lesbian idols are far superior and you should support them in their journey to sample the tastes of all their coworkers' cunnies. now that's being straight.

>> No.5375728

I'm not a faggot like you

>> No.5375902

You sound like a faggot.

>> No.5375944

So do you faggot

>> No.5375990

Take your meds, faggot.

>> No.5375994

Get a fucking room you two

>> No.5376041

This thread has really taught me that people who won’t admit Miko is lesbian are invariably newfags, clipniggers, and/or just coping chuds and incels.

>> No.5376072
File: 4 KB, 600x200, AoazO8s.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>coping chuds and incels.
And you just exposed yourself as an actual newfag /vt/ranny, go back >>>/lgbt/

>> No.5376098

But he's gay

>> No.5376201

eww, a chud

>> No.5376284

eww, a grooming tranny

>> No.5376389

OP is a fag for making this thread is quite obivously either an ignorant gay faggot or a retarded anti

>> No.5376573

>ghosting Moona

>> No.5376945
File: 774 KB, 1920x1357, pkmk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why the homophobia? you're making miko-chi cry

>> No.5377386

Shut the fuck up yuribait

>> No.5377734

>straight porn ASMR
Perhaps her audience was mostly male so lesbian ASMR wouldn’t make sense

>> No.5377887

Reminder that it's still for sale too.

>> No.5378248

why hasn't this thread been pruned yet

>> No.5378290

Because retards like you keep replying to it. Let it die

>> No.5378521

lesbian porn exists for men.
women lesbos spend half their lives butthurt and obsessed over porn.

>> No.5380068
File: 1.14 MB, 2146x3173, __sakura_miko_hololive_drawn_by_lims_neko2lims__32606caf4771df0a4ffc9cf93f325377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5382115


>> No.5382164

cute lil' lesbo

>> No.5382171

>imagine being this assblasted by the possibility that Miko is a dyke

>> No.5382557

>imagine being in denial over miko being completely hetero.

>> No.5382748

question: does it matter either way as long as it's hot?

>> No.5382983

I don't even know what straws your clutching at. She's never shown any real interest in men.

>> No.5383223

You're the one falling for painfully obvious yuri bait.
kys faggot.

>> No.5385204
File: 271 KB, 1920x1080, 1608758529475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Schizos don't need reasons
>And when they do have them they don't make sense.
Just curious, are you actually insane? Anyone who's known hololive for over a month knows Miko is a lesbian and literally everyone agrees with it. And there comes this one schizo who says "there's no reason and it doesn't make sense."

Like, do you even watch clips?


Your retardation and insanity are almost on pair with this falseflagging retard >>5380068 and it kinda amazes me

>> No.5385233
File: 111 KB, 600x1293, 1623143010935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Migo is just a whore

>> No.5385240

You're a yuribat fag

>> No.5385308

She literally outs herself as a lesbian in the last clip and Marine realizes it while Luna is oblivious because she doesn't know the slang. You'd know this if you weren't an EOP faggot.

>> No.5385315

Stop falseflagging and google what yuribait means. It's getting too embarrassing at this point.

>> No.5385359
File: 87 KB, 620x860, 3-pornhub-insights-2019-year-review-gender-categories.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lesbian porn exists for men
>he doesnt know

>> No.5385454

Stop being a nigger and stop yuribaiting

>> No.5385463

She’s not a lesbian.

>> No.5385499
File: 245 KB, 1200x1552, 1200px-Shinzō_Abe_Official.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5385541

>she listed after men before being put in the idol project
well you see I have contradictory evidence and screenshots of her leeching men and trying to flirt for views.

>> No.5385551
File: 45 KB, 273x300, checkem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice dubs, checked

>> No.5385612

Not saying she isn't gay but got any proof that she is?

>> No.5385616

>no one gave this a (you)
schizos ignore the truth because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

>> No.5385619

>Slide threads on a fucking Vtuber board
Are you fucking retarded? What would you even slide? Do you even know what that term means retard?
Besides Miko is gay.

>> No.5385657

It's business straighting. She was pretending for clout.

>> No.5385658


>> No.5385707

>women porn sites

>> No.5385724

Abe isn't angry at you all for falling for yuribait - he's just disappointed.

I'm gonna go jerk it to that straight voice porn she did a while back.

>> No.5385733


>> No.5385748

Gay for my dick maybe

>> No.5385771

Based. Give link to btfo fags pls.

>> No.5385789

Has anyone ever bothered asking her in a superchat...?

>> No.5385806

She's straight for pay.

>> No.5385807
File: 259 KB, 1020x1500, E4J5qATVIAEiLAZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Miko pretends to be a whore to attract girls but fails miserably!

>> No.5385824

Nice try buster. No spoonfeeding. It's not hard to find though - it's still for sale on DLsite

>> No.5385844


>> No.5385893

but how do you define "whore"

>> No.5385928

Believes in a different ideology to me.

>> No.5386267

Good because I hate whores who sell themselves and are backstab

>> No.5386316

Ing bitches

>> No.5387877

Mods and janitors ban for dox links tard

>> No.5387904 [DELETED] 

Cmon anon, you gotta spoonfeed newfags one in a while
Definitely not a fake, I promise

>> No.5387934

Holy shit the amount of cope and seethe, look at all these (you)s...
I should make a thread like this so I can feel validated by (you)s too.

>> No.5388022

the way you worded it, i expected dolphin porn

anyway, cheers

>> No.5388091

What the fuck is going on in here?

>> No.5388728

Alligator bro

>> No.5388976

>rrat thread about Miko
almost 300 posts
>pekomiko rrat threads
3 threads with average of 100 posts
>posts about Miko's current stream
2 posts in the general

And people say EOP aren't the cancer of this community

>> No.5389298

You say EOP as though it's only them that are the problem.
I also speak German and Italian so I'm not EOP but I still don't know Japanese.

>> No.5389458

eh... fair point

>> No.5389493

Migopis are mentally ill EoPs

>> No.5389783

Post your N1 certificate

>> No.5389841

Miko was already more popular that the literal who men she's supposed to leeched off of you retard.

>> No.5389903

>no fun allowed
this is why your oshi is failing

>> No.5389983
File: 1.63 MB, 1513x2048, 1619898531266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5390119

I don't know what you're doing here if you just want to be jaded about vtubers, anon.

>> No.5390167

Whatever you say anonchama.
Miko has never leeched off of anyone, no sir.

>> No.5390324

reminder miko has a kid and also made a jav

>> No.5390401

This is a literal slander. Gonna report you to Cover.

>> No.5390417

That'd dox my nationality

>> No.5390527

So no proof? here's a challenge then, tell me what Miko is saying in her stream right now. Yes it has to be Miko.

>> No.5390609

She is bi

>> No.5390965

Reminder that you are the rrats, she's openly said she doesn't like men. If you are going to go against her word you'll have to post something that proves otherwise. All these insults only makes you look emotional.

>> No.5391032

>she's openly said
That she doesnt have a type of man

>> No.5391098
File: 230 KB, 1018x2048, 1621879346813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do you do this to yourself anon

>> No.5391113

I just said i have a paper confirming my japanese ability (from uni) i dont claim to understand migo

But i stand by my original claim

>> No.5391295

She said "ない" which means "none" verbatim. Which is even more specific than saying she doesn't have a type.

>> No.5391606

Anon if you can’t understand basic casual conversation like in a stream you literally don’t understand Japanese. That’s the most rudimentary baseline of skill you have to posses to claim you understand the language. It doesn’t matter what your paper from uni says then. You’re N3 at best, likely enough not even that.