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What killed their numbers?

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yo mama joke

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Aren't two of them literally suspended right now and potentially getting fired? kek.

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Hololive declining deflection thread?

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kek you wish

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pomu got 3 million yet?

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Reimu yab butchered his career and the pasta killed it
He is at the point where not even graduating would make people give a fuck about him

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Even HoloID have better CCV than him LMAO

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lmao how could they steal their viewers when they don't have any viewers? i hate both holostars and nijisanji but this is complete and utter copium

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do your reps dipshit, two of them got suspended and it was announced at the same time, which heavily implies they didn't just both coincidentally get sick at the same time, we have no infectious diseases in the west that can fuck you up so badly that you can't use any social media, the fact that cover themselves announced it for both of them simultaneously strongly points to the idea that they ae in trouble, not necessarily with cover but they could have been arrested, gotten in a car accident, idk it could be a lot of things but something somewhat big definitely happened

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>we have no infectious diseases in the west that can fuck you up so badly that you can't use any social media
Covid never went away........

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It hasn't been announced that anyone is suspended lol do you guys just make shit up nowadays?

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They stopped being fun. That's honestly what happened. The two most popular members Vox and Mysta have hardly streamed for the last half a year and when they do if it's Vox he's whining about his mental health, his content and numbers and if it's Mysta he's talking about how he doesn't give a fuck about this job and he doesn't want his channel to grow anymore. Shu barely streamed to begin with and was always being carried by he others. Ike spends most of his time dicking about doing music shit behind the scenes and Luca has been taking breaks constantly or been ill. They're like Myth in terms of hardly streaming but even when they do stream the most popular ones don't make it a fun time. They barely collab together anymore and the most defining feature of Luxiem that attracted so many jap and chinese fans was how much fujobaiting they did because japanese male vtubers will never go that far. They're just a husky of what they used to be too hung up on their own egos and too busy being menhera to be fun anymore or know they have enough heavily attached fans to make a living regardless of what they do so stopped trying like Mysta.

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when vesper got suspended last time they flat out said he got suspended, this time they said the two of them have to halt their activities.
It's more likely something on their end that went wrong.

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Well, sound worse than myth, at least those girl dont keep whining nonstop like them

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Well you have a point, if both of them have an STD that make them imunodeficient and they cought covid they probably are in coma right now. If not then not a chance it is that, covid currently isn't virulent enought to prevent 2 adult without comorbidity to use social media.

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The truth is that Luxiem fans don’t care about their oshis playing vidya, they only want them to pretend to be their white BF. It’s every extreme you can think of for male unicorns but taken to a new level.

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Anon how naive do you have to be to think they aren't in trouble? If it was medical cover would have said so like they do for every other talent. If it was tech issues the two of them would announce it on their own twitters because it's literally impossible in the modern age for them to not be able to access either them or management to tweet something for them.

They have either been suspended and cover is not saying that because last time was a shitshow or something big and bad happened to their roommates. The former is far more likely given magni and vespers histories in cover.

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They arent in trouble YET
But it is obvious that they are currently being investigated for something. You can copy paste that retarded 1000 word post for reasons but all of that is schizo shit and nobody knows since theres no proof of anything

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how is it obvious that they are investigated for something? the only thing we know for sure is that they it's not a planned suspension

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That is usually the case when they take away access to all their accounts

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I will never understand why "males" watch male vtubers
Are you gay or just mentally ill

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Changed his design from a rich pretty boy to a fivehead demon, scaring off his Chinese fans in the process.

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unicorns watch gfe because theyre single. "brotubers" are for people with no friends. its funny when unicorns are called parasocial wheb the latter is actually more pathetic.

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I have no friends but I'm never going to watch a male vtuber who does sexual pandering because I"m not gay

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All of the Holo Covid announcements very clearly say "Covid 19"

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>having commitment
lol with an e

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Seethe more nijikek. They took all your paypigs.

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>Playing a game no one's given a fuck about for over a year
That's one, for starters.

Yeah, it's incredibly fucking ugly. I don't know what he was thinking, but he got at least mitigate it by not using it so much though.

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Ex nijifags now figuring out that they(all of nijien) have no personality and only rely on sex jokes.

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told his fujos to fuck off and then pull a male rushia.

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Sisters find out his roommate ugly

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did he ever post a face
he only posted his beer belly on her own Voxakuma twitter

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He kinda looks like Connor anon, his looks are definitely not the reason the white cock craving bugwomen left.

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There are videos of his college years on YouTube anon.

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Magni's roommate was liking random stuff and replying to people on his twitter yesterday anon, they were not involved in some kind of accident or arrested, it's obvious they got suspended, cover is just figuring out what to do with them because they know firing them is basically killing the branch.

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>Yelling "Do your reps"
>Proceed to be clueless about that topic as well
Our schizo used to be smarter......

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Why are these threads always made during SEA prime time?

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But it's midnight in SEA right now.....

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Who? What do you by "their" is there a group of faggot that all call themselves "luxiem"?

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Mainlander mandate of heaven ran out.

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It's ironic, the classic Chinese Empire always connect the earth and heaven kindom will always connected.
As in, if the emperor on earth change, so do the emperor of heaven stuff like that.
But now, with the empire was fallen and replaced with communism, what will happen to their heaven's empire? Turned into a heaven commie?

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The fact that cover is not letting them stream, use their accounts or do anything as all as their tempus personas for an indefinite amount of time.

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They are nocturnal animals

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Chink Fujos got bored, and moved on to consume new vtuber product, which in turn caused Anycolor to stop paying for bots.

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I assume both of them had meltdowns about their new models or something. At this point axing them might be the best choice in the long run. Vesper is a menhera powderkeg that managed to get the first, and probably second, suspension in all of EN. Magni also doesn't seem very interested in actually doing the job.

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stop deflecting. this thread is about 2kxiem.

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There's a lot of ESL out there anon. South Americans, Europeans, Middle Easterners and Africans will welcome you with our ESLness

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My guess is cover is going to pull a kurosanji. Leave them in indefinite limbo until the first anni has come and gone then once people have gotten used to them being gone officially axe them.

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why are you responding to a braindamaged /MANS/ sister in good faith? Just laugh at their deflection, and screenshot every garbage post for grudgeposting when the graduations announced kek

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Who else gonna watch luxiem?

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This board is crawling with gossiping old hens.

So yes.

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>Put the blame on /MANS/
Nijisister is like American govt. Always throwing the blame anywhere else

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You mean Chinese govt right?

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Last time vesptard got suspended it had to be posted by the ESL JP twitter and not the cocksmoking HoloproEN twitter.

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all these threads about vox but hows his clone doing? the gray...green? groomer one, haven't seen any seething voxsisters threads about him for awhile

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Connor with no chin? Yankee with no brim? Face with baby fat? Face not worth looking at?

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>their autocorrect turned "husk" into "husky"
that's a femanon

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Niiji is no longer viewed as the underdog they once were. They've lost their magic and now it's just copy paste 50k+ twitter acc off rip. There is no soul in niiji new gens.

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American govt too.
The only difference is that Chinese govt openly controlling their population. American govt is far more subtle with CNN or FOX News.

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>Big corpo claiming to be an underdog
And you believe that?

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>What killed their numbers?
Post-rona economy and general streaming bubble shrink

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Their fans certainly did back in 2021

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Back in the day Niiji was the underdog to holo, and that gave them charm. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. They debut a new gen these days it's just 50-100k+ off rip on all socials, there is no heart in those types of communities, certainly not like the early days. And now it seems to be showing.

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Don't give a shit about Niji, they stay in their lane. Hate tempiss/tempoop and the troons it brought into hololive, and your constant shitposts on /vt/ to stay relevant. Go fuck yourself. YWNBAW

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>he doesn't know about Gura's troon akasupa
though fairly enough HoloEN never said any support unlike Tempus

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Anon go check whose audience Holostars overlaps with... its certainly not hololive

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The industry is shrinking and Nijisanji's inability to go eleven minutes without a major controversy isn't helping.

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The homocollabers like kronii bae and mori overlap a lot but yes the others nonexistent

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The CCP killing their own people.

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They have a billion, anon.

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chinksisters got bored of them, moved on to the next kpop shit

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That's not an infinite number

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Yea. But from what I saw they're so careless about their civilians because they're used to treat their civilians like cattle.

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Yeah, well now that their population is no longer growing it's not really a viable option for then going forward

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>Implying the middle govt care
The one panicking about depopulation are the top dogs anon. Their civilians are so whipped and censored they rarely have critical thinking. Hell, one of their most popular football coach got fired because he complained about the situation of his football team and blaming govt official in a family dinner and one of the family member snitched by recording him and sent it to the govt.

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Good point.

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Male vtubers are a monstrosity and they'll never be popular. Even if they start out with big numbers because of botting or hype they'll eventually sink in to obscurity because nature abhors their existence.

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>What killed their numbers?
a YO MAMA bant

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>Singlehandedly kills the male Corpo vtuber scene Luxiem unironically created

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That's pretty poetic. Too bad they did this by accident and not because Vox want to redeem himself.
He's too self centered to realize his fuck ups.

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I warned you about going into China nijibros

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Chinese fujos are incredibly inconsistent in their preferences.

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>le retard de Vox Akuma

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plavesister i kneel...

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Cover isn't Any colors

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The british word "plonker" perfectly describes vox really.

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girlfriend, being a cunt to your own viewers, etc.

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they always pull this shit around anniversary streams, these fucking losers have a harder mercenary mindset that their coworkers who actually pull in the big money.

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Because the majority of people that watch EN, especially male, vtubers are just tourists that do not actually care for the content they're watching and therefore do not care enough to stay around for an extended period of time.

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this is what happens when you invest in fujos lmao

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Yeah Luxiem didn't do as well as expected

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Man Vox is getting fucked in every dimension

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This was already its own shitty thread, why feel the need to post it again in another thread

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