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>over a year later and people are still hung up over a lazy nepotism hire who threw in the towel

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She made fat stacks by being the first EN graduate. She's probably set up for a long time now, though it might be getting blown on gacha.

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Greatest virtue signaling exercise ever. None of them gave a shit about Sana when she was around.
Not to mention Sana quit for the most underhanded and jewish reasons. Not someone you want to worship as a "fallen martyr".

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What are some achivements sana did during her time in hololive? Why do these people miss her like its their dead mom. Honestly i dont understand.

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You wouldn't get it.

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She made one meme pic that got fairly well known and released an orisong relatively fast which is quite the feat for an EN. But yeah, not much.

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At least Sana had a tangible run with Hololive. The real dumb shit was when people mourned Aloe for as long as they did, and pretended they had any real connection with her.

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Yes, and?

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Every time I see that image from her announcement, the thumbnail always looks like she grew an afro.

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Lying bitch.

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Who will remember any of these? If you went into the Niji general and asked about Umiyashano Kami nobody would know who it is and would assume you are trolling

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this, a lot of people trip over themselves at the opportunity to flaunt their own posturing bullshit by just using her as a boo-hoo sad story. she literally barely streamed. ever. she barely existed.

even despite all that, she actually still got decent numbers when she streamed and was fairly liked when she wasn't in one of her months-long disappearance episodes. Only fucking children and mentally stunted people think it's totally fine for someone to just give up and not work and not get shit for it and she knew it and wasn't going to just play the cynical bullshit game putting on a smile and pretending nothing's wrong at all with her streaming once every 3 months vs other many girls going near-daily. She just wasn't cut out for this and her leaving was IMO an actually a dignified act, she didn't want to be a fucking asshole and abuse the EN fans' pathetically naive goodwill, so stepped down knowing she just wasn't able to do what the job expected (stream). I actually give her mad props for this, it's a relatively noble act compared to most other Holos, but it also means the idea of Sana is gone just as she is from vtubing so there's no use pining for someone who quit a job out of not liking/wanting it. It wasn't a tragic end, it was as good an end as one could get.

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as if sana's any better
>that one nepo hire who took a job from those who are more deserving then just threw it all away

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She had lowest amount of viewers and after she graduated everyone suddenly started loving her.
No wonder Cover is being careful about hiring EN3.

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>I want to stand
I believe it

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Funny how even being the lowest in holoen would still have her be leagues above everyone except vox in nijien
No wonder they were seething about her 24/7 in their discord

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she brought banter, was a shota, has the largest tits, has a big dick, is a dogfucker, is the laziest, is the best artist, and also is an australian

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The retrospective polishing-up of her as "she was a perfect angel best vtuber ever I cri evrey tim" reminds me a ton of how there were a bunch of EN Aloe """fans""" despite her having like 2 streams in her entirety.

I dunno what you'd call it, it's not really savior complex because there's nothing left to save, it's more like "look how good and empathetic a person I am for forcefully keeping the memory of this chuuba alive." Sana did have some legit fans out there but it feels like she got several times the attention/hollow expressions of support after she left. I think some subset of Holo fans basically treats Holo in specific like a long meta-story/contuity, like this is an Avengers combo series or something and a graduation is like a death in the story.

Maybe this deal with pretending any of this matter is because so many zoomers only know media IP through long convoluted franchises these days (marvel movies, star wars, tons of vidya etc) or maybe it's to try to convince themselves that this is all important business with epic happenings to try to drum up their own motivations to be interested in it, or at least pretend to still be interested. In reality they are just streamers. They don't amount to anything and some of them starting or stopping is not like life or death matters in the fucking slightest. Then again Cover doesn't want fans to think that way, otherwise people wouldn't donate as much if they didn't see this as some special deal.

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>No wonder Cover is being careful about hiring EN3
they better. 2 years later and still no 1m subs from council. shows how fucking dumb their gen hires were. how do you even fuck up being a holo gen? even fucking holo id got a 1m nay, 2m vtuber on their latest gen.
i remember the seethe for fulfaggot's discord leak, turns out the faggot was right all along.

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>people are still hung up
like yourself op? literally you are the only one who posted about her today.
Move on, its been a year already.

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Even fucking Reddit tells people to fuck off with Aloe shit at this point.

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I think what people mourned Aloe over was the wasted potential. She had a good design and voice which got people interested but she never got the chance to live or not live up to her potential

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i agree with this.
now if only kronii would realize the same. even though she has done more than sana, she's also shown herself to be a liar and without backbone. she's also digging a hole she won't be able to come out of with her ridiculous GFE, and it's going to make the crazies of her fanbase even crazier.

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Lulu, Gibara, Bora from KR, and Nina on the EN side.

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you're forgetting that EN management is shit. a lot of the blame can fall on their incompetence.
also, the rest of the members have experienced things that have been obstacles.
kronii is a doormat, mumei is sickly, and bae is idiotic. only fauna has demonstrated herself to be steady and level-headed.

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That and the utterly retarded circumstances on top of it. Aloe isn't someone who got lazy and decided to leave. She got bullied out by antis. The fact that she got to do all of two streams after presumably spending months getting to know her future genmates and preparing her Holo career behind the scenes, only to have it instantly ended for no valid reason whatsoever is what makes her case so tragic.

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She gained popularity after leaving Hololive and I mean Sana the character, not the person behind it
Nobody gave a shit about Sana when she was around but now people remember her as the tragically lost council member that was really good friends with everyone else and contributed to collabs and fanart and stuff
Graduation was a buff for her

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She had to go back to her home planet for the sake of her children

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>fauna has demonstrated herself to be steady
this bitch regularly takes breaks too, threadreader san. there's a reason why her cucklings are always crying and asking where she is.

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>Thread about Hololive
>Yea but Niji
Rent L Free.

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Bitch she literally bedridden for months LMAO

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I've thought about this and I feel like it's because people want to 'feel' something. Like 'feel' that sango was someone who 'touched their hearts' or whatever when in reality she was a lazy retard and fucked off as soon as she could.

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i'm guessing you like streamers who destroy their health for the sake of your entertainment.
fauna does take breaks, but not ridiculously timed breaks that raise eyebrows, like kroniii

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Also people still post the "her back was LITERALYL broken" bullshit when it's not fucking true and never was.

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No one wants to say it/can't but it's because Gen 2 came out the door being pro-Stars/males. Bae in particular was all about the Roberto, I'm surprised at the double standards too- men would get disqualified immediately if they said "I want to be Tempus 3 so I can fuck my oshi" but women are free to pass? Isn't that a little strange?

Don't worry though because Gen 3 will be even more pro-male and their first collabs will be with DA BOYS after the month collab block is up, you can bet on that.

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Love me Sanners
Will always love me Sanners
Simple as.

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kek the bitch would be healthier if she ate protein outside of gulping cum, like (you)

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>it's not fucking true and never was
Says who? The voices in your head?
Take your meds.

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>One year later
>Still living rent free in schizo's minds

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She was great and none of your foul rrats will ever besmirch her.

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Wasted sex model. Fucking nepo hire.

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Her rm literally tweeted she was lying, in good health and told her fans to fuck off.

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Yeah we need more fresh hires like Coco and Rushia! And Vesper!

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literally quit because of her shit model

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No, it did not. You fucking schizo retard.
Just because you want to twist her words into fitting your agenda does not make it true.

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The funny thing is that even the girl who made that Twitter post from OPs screen shot admitted that she was guilty of not watching sana and bae that much in comparison with kronfaumei

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Only ppl here remember her cuz muh sexo chocolate giantess but it was mid and only giantess and other fetish folks propped it up. anyone saying she had great banter w/e is hoodwinked from her trying her best… at the last weeks. No such energy was used prior, was just marathon Nintendo games sure some funny bants here and there but even Kiara can be funny once a year.

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That is some great projection shit, catalog. Now make a 50th thread about who you're really targeting you lazy dramafag.

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Longtime (likely childhood) friend of Ina.

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And Calli...

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They even had intertwined lore. What a waste

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True, but none are so blind as those that choose not to see.

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Not true.

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It's just newfags first graduation.

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If we're going to have this thread, at least post booba.

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Sana should be vilified for denying a chance to be in Hololive to someone who could actually give a shit and appreciate the opportunity. Her biggest impact on Hololive was preventing what could have been through her own selfishness.

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Designed the Smol Council models
Designed IrYs’ mascots
Designed the Smol 3D VRchat
Had one of the best mascot designs
Made a chunk of Council’s Year 1 merch
Broke endurance stream records
Was the competent Pokemon streamer
Soulful debut + costume reveal streams
Gifted Yagoo a cosmic horror space horse
Main focus of Holomyth’s animated short
Mindbroke Calli over a beach ball
Mindbroke Moona over Kaela’s name
Mindbroke /vt/ over “tee hee fuck you”
Basically made every single one of Council’s nicknames
Went out with a string of great collabs with basically every member of ID
One of the best EN songs, which is a miracle in itself as she might have been the worst singer

Yanks and Japs just couldn’t handle the comfy banter

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Noor is the only one of these who was a real loss

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Why are you selfposting

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>Designed the Smol Council models

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cum is protein, anon

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Her past NND was a perfectly valid reason to fire her.
Her nickname was literally whore(yarima) and her content was more pathetic than lows of vshojo and NijiEN. But of course you already knew that and wouldn't repeat after redditrannies.