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She is the only person who has been able to stand toe to toe with Coco without being utterly overwhelmed. She is Coco's truest successor and will be carrying on her spirit after Coco is gone.

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Coco is dominating her pretty comfortably, though

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I hope it will not happen

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Theyre actually getting on really well
Kiara.... i kneel

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based Kiara locking arms with the champ

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Bullshit, she's got too much emotional baggage. I can drop 1 SC and make her break down in tears. Stacy my ass. She's just a narcissist who leaches off of others, and emotionally blackmails her fans into giving her copious amounts of their money. At the slightest sign of criticism she caves.

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gotta love when their hyuk hyuk laughter harmonizes.

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It's too bad they collabed so late

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Ehh, tranny bird needs to graduate too.

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Let's kill them

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shut up faggot, not everything is about your retarded chicken, this is why kfp is insufferable

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Also, you killed a thread for this shit. You deserve vacations.

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Kiara has the distinct honor of being the worst EN member. It’s pretty impressive given her competition.

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boring bitch

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Moona is great but she's really quiet in collabs.

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there is nothing worse in the vtuber community than you kfp retards.

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Moona doesnt count she is way 2 autistic to understand the powerlevel of those around her, therefore Always acting like her usual Tardself + she cant speak nihongo

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>Emotionally blackmails her fans into giving her money
>I can drop 1 sc

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There is something different with that color
Orange women can only be stopped by other orange women

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As far as powerlevel goes Moona absolutely slaps Kiara around without a problem, as she has already done in literally every single interaction they have had, the autism makes her stronger.
However her personality, the autism and the lack of JP reps make her unfit for the role.

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>itt: kfp-antis post about kiara so they can get mad that there are posts about kiara

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This is the harsh truth

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Moona is everything Kiara wished she could be
>Able to stand toe to toe with Coco
>Respected for her singing
>Seen as cool by the JPs
>Seen as cool by the ENs
>Right hand to Pekora

It's honestly hilarious that Moona doesn't even try that much

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I don't want this to turn into a Kiara Vs Moona thread for no reason, so I'll bring some positive vibes.
I really think that they should do an actual collab, there is just something that tells me that they would work really well together.

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>At the slightest sign of criticism she caves
Just enjoy
Although, when looking back, it was probably Coco telling her fans to enjoy her content while she was still around, even if it wasn't what she wanted to do

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And just like Coco, she too, will graduate.

I see. It all adds up.

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Yes, fucking die Pekora die.

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True, Moona mogs Kiara in every way imaginable.

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Because Kiara is unironically based and is a massive giga stacy who doesn't shy away from any social situation. She is hated here because she triggers PTSD in all the sweaty nerds that post here. PTSD from being bullied by chads and stacys in high school. Its a very viceral reaction for them.

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yeah it will kill hololive as a whole and turn it into shit

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>will be carrying on her spirit after Coco is gone
the spirit of Graduation?

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the final meme review will be hosted by kiara interviewing coco

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It's almost admirable to have such an ear-grating voice then decide to terrorize not only the speakers of your mother tongue by never shutting up, but also two other languages spoken by millions worldwide.
Irregardless, Ame is obviously Coco's successor and will definitely learn to speak Japanese fluently at some point in the next decade.

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delusional seanigger

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t. KFPtranny
Your oshi a shit

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ENbabs will kneel.

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your oshi is a boring barely comprehensible autist who owes her tiny amount of relevance to leeching pekora

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You know even Annoying Orange posters are more respectable than KFPfags. You are even worse.

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She’s not my oshi, faggot. But she is leagues better than orange bird.

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damn. Go easy on the dirt water gargling monkey

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No you aren't, falseflagger. Fag Orange spammers like you
>post off-topic trash
>post ugly trash
>make no secret of the fact you hate both VTubers and this board
>constantly vandalise, raid and generally be underage
>have no interest in anything other than destroying or damaging what you don't like

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They constantly annoy the board, and so do the chickenfags. They are the same, except the oranges are shitposting.

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The "chickenfags" are at least posting on-topic content, images which aren't fucking hideous, and aren't only posting it out of literal malice because they're mad VTubers/VTuber boards exist.

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Jesus Christ, Kiara and her simps truly are a cancer

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why is kfp so mean to me?? i hate them :(

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t. KFPtroon

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No no little chick you don't get to back out now after starting shit like OP, you guys like Kiara fine don't start getting uppity thinking she is going to replace Coco and become some god gift to Hololive after Coco leaves, 1. KIRYU KAI IS FOREVER 2. not a single Holomem has or ever will replace Kiyru Coco, 3. Moona mogs Kiara
You want good vibes? you can know Your and your Oshi's place and not step outta line and make threads like these.

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Purple woman good, orange woman bad

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This but unironically

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Are you talking about Moona or Kiara? Can't tell.

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if she would be a real narcissist then she would not be bothered by one harsh sc comment cause her big ego would protect her by shielding off the critique.
she is simply super insecure about her standings in this world and just tries to hard from time to time to overcome her feeling of inferiority...

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>When you can't deal with not being the centre of attention so bad you make a JSL speak Jap the entire stream just so you can repeat it in her native language
Kiara is such a malignant narcissist that she banned Coco, an American who can speak perfect English, knows the audience are English, and wants to do Holotalk in English, from speaking English so that everything must be translated via Kiara and outting the spotlight on her instead of the chuuba who's gonna fucking DIE. And what happened? Coco ends up correcting Kiara's bad translations!

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>She is the only person who has been able to stand toe to toe with Coco without being utterly overwhelmed.
? Ame did fine too in that regard. Mori's the only one who had a problem.

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Coco's main audience is japanese, my retarded dude, she wouldn't want to alienate them just to accomodate us when she can easily do both of them. Are you gonna cry when the EN girls go to Holotalk and she translates to japanese?

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The point is Let Coco Speak for herself. Heck she wanted the Holotalk to be English, and ended up correcting Kiara's mistakes. If Coco can communicate in both English and Japanese then all power to her, the spotlight is on her, after all she's gonna die and these are her last days. Instead what this Holotalk proved is that the spotlight is always on Kiara.

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Where did you even get that she wanted it to be in english? You're just projecting, my dude. Nothing took the spotlight away from Coco and your pet peeve against Kiara is not going to change that. What you wanted was a interview that Coco did herself and that Kiara only read her the questions, this was never the format or intention of Holotalk and this is not the place of the guest to take. Its like saying Coco was narcisistic because she explained memes to the english audience as well even though Ame and Calli were there with her. Get your head out of your ass.

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awful bait, try again

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bad ending

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You must have missed the Korone stream. Or the Watson stream. Or any and every interaction with Marine.

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One thing is for certain. She is not going to inherit Meme Review.

>> No.5368973

if anything she's gonna inherit the graduation part

>> No.5369922

No thanks, let sleeping cocos lie and axe the reddit reviews

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I think people are starting to slowly like Kiara more over time. That’s been my observation.

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>turns live chat to only members

Okayyyyyy sureeeee whatever you say

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Looks like Reine can handle Coco pretty well too. What is it with birds and being unfazed by dragons?

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i agree

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>if she would be a real narcissist then she would not be bothered by one harsh sc comment cause her big ego would protect her by shielding off the critique.
Narcissists tend to be very emotionally fragile since their inflated ego is largely a coping mechanism for deep seated feelings of inferiority.

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birds are dinosaurs

>> No.5375834

Why wouldn't Kiara let Coco translate herself? Don't you think it's pretty retarded to be translating for a person who already speaks English? Also it was pretty obvious that Coco would've preferred to just translate herself

>> No.5376062

I didn't make the thread retard, that was my first post here and Moona is my oshi

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Yeah it was really weird. Honestly they should have talked in english and then let kiara do a summary in japanese. There are many reasons for this but the chicken cannot help but do shit that pisses people off.

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>able to stand toe to toe with Coco
Why is this supposed to be a good thing as a host is she trying to be the vtuber version of Eric "fuck my wife' Andre

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Kiara was right to do the collab in japanese or else she'd have been stuffed with asacoco by unfiltered Coco and sold off just like Reine did in their collab.

>> No.5376927

Oh shit that's genius. I would pay for Eric Andre's show's retardation in holotalk.

>> No.5376973

Kek isn't this kiara?

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she's already following in her footsteps.

>> No.5377187

Unironically true

>> No.5377357

End yourself, my dude, wowzers

>> No.5377461

Just when I was warming up to Kiara she pulls this dumb shit on Holotalk. Seriously hope her upcoming vacation never ends, fuck her.

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You're a faggot, OP!
And so is every other nigger arguing in this thread because in all likelihood Coco is not going to have any single "heir."
Other holomen will carry on the spirit of aspects of her legacy that best suit them, but literally, no one is fit to carry on the whole thing
Nor should we want them to; let them do their own thing and be emboldened not constrained by those that have gone before
But if you insist on continuing with this faggotry I'd say Watame and Ame are far more likely to carry on the truly special aspects of Coco rather than Kiara
t. a KFPhaggot

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Will she suck on Coco's super clean camel toe though?

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>bunch of falseflaggers baiting each other to shitpost
lmao /vt/ whats even the point

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To make you kill yourself.

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ow this underage edge lmao

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Is this the best you can do? Fucking tourists, man.

>> No.5379101

>t-tourist ;-;
aw boo hoo gonna cry?

>> No.5379218

Kiara: walks along the line
Coco: Crosses the line

>> No.5379241

Nah, just shit and cum for today

>> No.5379256

Kiara: requests coochie pics
Coco: says "Cameltoe"
Kiara: *brain shuts down and explodes.

anonchama, Coco completely destroyed the shitbird. It's not even close.

>> No.5379289

destroyed her in being more vshojo like.

>> No.5379393

Coco still made kiara her bitch though. And that's all that matters. Complete domination. Callie would agree.

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Nice Vshoujo tier chuba, KFP.
Here, this is how you do a creative stream & be a true successor able to surpass your idol.

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