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Horny hoshiyomi come home

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Hypothetically if I ever became a holostar and had the chance to go to Japan I would try my best to befriend Sora, I would treat her well and slowly get her to open up and slowly BUT surely I would start corrupting her and making her lewder and lewder until eventually I would force myself upon her taking her idol hymen in the process, I would then have nonstop baby making sex with her, making her addicted to breeding I would even make her ride me while she streams unbeknownst to her loyal fans, this would go on even after she got pregnant I would even make her slip up on stream only to torture her fans even more, my end goal would be to make her my loyal breeding slut wife, and then I would move on to correct the brats and the prudes of the branch.

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thank you for your sane and well balanced take anon
Also I wrote this

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This might not be relevant to thread, but dominant Sora x submissive Suisei has always been my crackship.

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yagoo was there first.

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same but azki bottom. not exactly a crack pairing though

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I have an entire fic of Sora fucking pouty Sui, unreleased. Happy to share it if you don't mind futa

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Do it

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holy based

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Sora is secretly an S and it turns me on so fucking much

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Sauce onegai

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Nevermind, it's M*r*ne