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Pekora completely ignored Miko as the Flare inc. joined the server one by one. PekoMiko is even more dead than FilthyFrank.

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Miko did nothing wrong

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thanks for the news

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pekora is the face of hololive, why she must care about miko?
eventhough miko brought pekora into hololive, but it's the past

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That's ok, Mikomet has just as much quality as old days pekomiko.

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if I had to characterize it, it's like pekomiko on coop mode.

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The chemistry of MiComet is real good ngl

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Sakura "Hololayfu is layfu" Miko probably just shilled for the company too much when it was shit to Pekora, so is my rrat.

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Pekora literally got the job through Miko. What are you talking about.

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her canned projects, badly produced music videos, shitty birthday celebration, no hologra apperences etc. quite a few nousagis seem to believe Peko is bullied by Cover since months.

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source: ass

I've never heard anyone claim anything like this.

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I have seen the Peko-bullied theory

But as a joke

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MiComet is so forced its not even funny

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Peko slapped Yagoo in front of Yagoo's wife and he's out for retribution.

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pekora (miko from iosys) have always been a superior to the inferior miko(coco from iosys)

the weak should fear the strong

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*sad autistic noise*

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What is this schizo comparison

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Peko is a cuckold
She cries as she yells Miko's name while digging a 9' bad dragon in her bunny cunny
It's the only way she can cum now

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Pekora is the strongest idol with the highest amount of live viewers. She doesn't need a partner

JP loves her
EOP loves her
chinks loves her

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I see. So it's just another, "my oshi is popular, why won't she get more episodes?"

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How many threads have been made about Pekomiko this week? Collab beggars and dramafags, can you at least limit yourselves to one thread per week?

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Sorry /vt/, I tried

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but Miko just keeps getting away with all the rape

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>SUISEI_HOSIMATI joined the game
>sakuramiko35 joined the game
> ...
><sakuramiko35 > konpeko~
> ...

im legit sad about this. i hope they can fix their relationship

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I think it depends on Pekora’s attitude

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Pekora is definitely the one holding the grudge. I think she's a bad person, honestly.

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based parkour

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Idk why she’s being so obstinate on this. Talking out things like that wouldn’t be hard

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Pekora holds a mean fucking grudge. She still refuses to talk to Aqua over shit that happened years ago (that Pekora was the aggressor in) despite repeated attempts by Aqua to mend things between them. Pekora is just a bad person, through and through.

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Aqua raped Pekora too?

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She isn’t quite socialized indeed

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Pekoras a manipulative bitch and that's why she's at the top!

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tl;dr: pekora attempted to raid aqua's totsumachi back when they were both streaming on NND and recruited a scary sounding oji-san listener to scare aqua, but the oji-san didn't join the discord call and left pekora to talk to aqua by herself, during which aqua acted snobbish to pekora because she was a literal who compared to her at the time. pekora tried to fake niceness to her and asked if they could be friends, to which she received a heated refusal from aqua, who hung up on her. aqua then received a call from another streamer and put on a damsel in distress act telling him that some weirdo girl was harassing her. pekora was listening in on the call from the stream, got angry, and called aqua to confront her about it until she got so flustered she started crying.

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Her lack of true friends may lead to her destined downfall

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no source, no happenings

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ah yes... the infamous incident that no recordings exist of.

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based onion

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Yo the rabbit hole

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this was fucking it? i've been hearing about this for over a year. the harassment story of the decade. what I got is two autist barely able to have a conversation.

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Pekora is true egoist, doesnt give a shit about anyone other than herself fucking based

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Based egoist, only caring about yourself

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Learn Japanese

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I'm starting to believe that Pekora is a bitch off camera. She outright won't talk to Aqua. Aqua seems to be more or less unaware of the grudge because she'll still visit Usakens stuff all the time and leave reviews.

Miko is aware of it but has been actively trying to men bridges but gets ignored.

She obviously said something to Kiara at some point that made Kiara look at her differently because of Kiaras who " never meet your hero's " tangent months back. Plus Kiaras changed her oshi which despite what you might think of her is a huge deal because she is a loyal person.

I don't know how it got this bad.

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>Kiaras changed her oshi
to who?

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How has this not been obvious to you based on how she treated her mom on stream?

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Most of the holomems are normal while Pekora being atrociously autistic

Like me:)

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Pekora is an absolute batshit psychopath and holds the grudge longer than elephants. `Anybody who watches her long enough knows that. One day she will legit snap - that's what a lot of her fans think.

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Doesn't that make her a twitch streamer then?

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I do know Japanese you fucking retard. Maybe you should take your advice to heart.

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Twitch thot with anime skin and shitty socializing skills

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There's a reason that shit is never brought up in any nip communities, because it's literally nothing. People here just make up shit to exaggerate and others eat it up.

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Well that may be some tiny ass incidents that we may overlook, however to Pekora

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Add Korone to the list too of people Pekora will never talk to again. Korone was too much of an alpha bitch for the bunny an bruised her ego multiple times when Gen 3 was still fairly new an had to rub elbows with their senpai.

The more you think about it Pekoras shitlist is actually quite big. Usaken is a huge example of her insecurity. She doesn't hires people who are incapable or don't care enough to oppose her. Nobody is allowed to bully her the same way Aqua gets bullied by Marine / Mio.

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Answer you lying nigger

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Miko gets along just fine with her Minecraft group. Stop trying to force things

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Pekora should graduate

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Fact. Just look at the favorite moona

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Kiaras new oshi is Watame. It's well documented. Try watching streams.

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this freaking rabbit... just why, I believe she is really aware of what she's doing, this may cause her major flaws and stuff...
Does miko did something about her "current relationship" with pekora?

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She is confident enough to flirt with a man but not enough to order food or go to the hospital alone?

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what's even the incident? pre-pekora asking her if she wants to be friends, and aqua jokingly saying "nah", and then they started talking how this means "war", while pre-aqua was doing her usual "quirky awkward act" and both laughing at times at how cringy the whole thing is

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>Korone was too much of an alpha bitch for the bunny
This reminds me to watch their Hide and Shriek collab. Peko got bullied so thoroughly there was even some small normie backlash in clipfag comments lmao.

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But it's probably just lip service.
Just like when she said Pekora is her oshi.

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Damn this is sad. This isn't even a rrat anymore, there's only so many "coincidences" that can keep happening before "coincidence" is not a rational explanation anymore.

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Not just off-camera. Whether Miko fingerblasted her or not doesn't even matter at this point, that stuff is left for them to deal with off-camera.
But Pekora not being able to be cordial around Miko like you would a coworker is both unsightly and unprofessional, let alone an insult to Miko.

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Sasuga ruthless businesswoman peko

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We already had a taste of this

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this is back when she was still going to school, so she was less socially retarded
the neet life not only retards your social skills, it actively degrades it

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Might be, but the sheep is a legitimate empath who serves as therapy for all sorts of schizos, so she might be effective therapy for Kiara too.

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>It doesn't exist
>Even if it did it's nothing
You are here
>Even if it was something, She wouldn't hold a grudge
So on and so forth

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The cope is impressive.

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>She doesn't hires people who are incapable or don't care enough to oppose her
Are you retarded?
>Be minecraft autist
>Hmmm, who do I want to hang out with in Minecraft
>Other Minecraft autists
>Or people who don't give a shit
She only ever allowed Botan and Moona in herself because they actually contribute to the server. Everyone else was forced on her.

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So, this is what the schizos here seethe about.
Just 2 girls having a normal conversation with each other.
Thanks for confirming that they were crying about nothing all this time.

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If sheep heals Kiara she should be nominated for sainthood.

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Yeah, the level of cope you schizos have is impressive.

>> No.5282667

cope about what? are you stupid or just an EOP?

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This place sure is a shining example of mental health. Take your own advices

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I start to hate pekora now

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>Be minecraft autist
>Some whore coworker cries your name like a madman
>Already fucking some indonesian chick who's also a minecraft autist
>Forced into a collab with the whore anyways
>Want to see if she's cool with Minecraft
>Collab starts and she's crying about how you saved her life or some shit
>Have your friend start something just to make the stream entertaining
>Work goes well
>Later the whore starts crying about how your friend saved that entire stream
Hmm, I wonder why Pekora and Kiara don't click

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The only thing he's right about is that she only hired people below her gen. But that's a given because the whole senpai custom.

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You guys convinced me Pekora is bad news. Thanks for letting me know.

>> No.5283145

so is pekola a bad guy?

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I don't speak nip but this seems legit, the basic structure checks out at least. Can anyone say what's actually happening if it isn't true?

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i dont get it

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what the fuck rabbit...

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peko peko miko miko peko peko miko miko

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Are you teens?

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She treats her mother like the neet brother of the student council president in welcome to the nhk

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Pekora never denied being an asshole though. Inf act she plays on it, especially in the prison outfit stream, where she makes everyone praise her, then tells them to fuck off and now traps them and leaves.

I dont know why you guys are surprised, she literally admits being a dickhead in her old streams, she was basically maxilmilianus of nico nico, she would start flame wars and raid people on nico nico.

>> No.5283872

Even zhanglover Aqua said kondragon to Coco after the Taiwan affair. Peko either playing up some ARG, this is kayfabe drama, or the rrats are true and Miko gave her the munch.

>> No.5283890

imagine the giant numbers their next 3D collab will do and then out of nowhere miko pulls a double leg

>> No.5283892

>I dont know why you guys are surprised, she literally admits being a dickhead in her old streams, she was basically maxilmilianus of nico nico, she would start flame wars and raid people on nico nico.
Because she literally hasn't let go of those grudges, see her treatment of Aqua. If she's a grudge holder then people deserve to hold grudges against her.

>> No.5284111

People who knows before: she's so nice and cute, she is a good daugther, she's so shy, etc.
People who doesn't speak the language as her: she's a bitch that only cares about numbers and use people at her own convenience.
I wonder which group should I trust.

>> No.5284116

miko should start griefing her in minecraft to get her attention

>> No.5284195

It should be obvious now that Pekora is an unlikeable bitch. Seriously, did you ever stop and think for a second that the only Hololive member she is really close to is one that can't speak or understand Japanese? Let that sink in.

>> No.5284214

that would be unprofessional, which miko isn't, unlike pekora who will let personal grudges leak into her on-stream interactions.

>> No.5284263

Learn to speak English yourself before commenting on other people's interpretations of a Vtuber.

>> No.5284322

>unlike pekora who will let personal grudges leak into her on-stream interactions.
This. I don't really give a fuck whats going on between the two but Pekora should at least act like they're friends on stream. Her literal fucking job is to entertain people, acting like a cunt isn't entertaining, at least for me. I stopped watching her (and Miko's) Minecraft stuff because it's blatantly obvious. At least her solo streams are still fine.

>> No.5284370

pekora knows as long as she doesn't do anything directly, her nousagi will defend her every whim and mishap.

>> No.5284672

can someone spoonfeed me why doesn't pekora like miko now?

>> No.5284736

It's your fault for enjoying PekoMigo stuff to begin with.
If you are watching Pekora, you should never expect good collabs stream.
There are other Holo if you prefer collabs stream.

>> No.5284767

jesus christ

>> No.5284772

Just like Gura

>> No.5284774

What is it about Pekora that attracts the mentally ill?

>> No.5284888

>What is it about 4channel that attracts the mentally ill?

>> No.5284907

>Why does a Germany have more people that drink water than Madagascar?

>> No.5284956

>>a Germany

>> No.5284953

Miko is a whore that abandoned Pekora to do stuff with Marine.

>> No.5285067

Every single rrat here always paints Miko as the aggressor and Pekora as the victim. This couldn't be further from the truth.
During the sleepover Miko showed her carrot shaped dildos to Pekora and Pekora commented 'why are they so small?'. Miko got offended because her pussy isn't a gaping cavern like Pekora's. Miko cried and demanded an apology but Pekora is stubborn and refused.

>> No.5285079

Don't be such a grammar Nazi about a typo

>> No.5285084

>Pekora didn't call Miko for her birthday celebration stream.
>Miko didn't call Pekora for her birthday celebration.
>Miko didn't call Pekora for her 900k celebration stream.
>Miko didn't call Pekora for her new outfit reveal stream.
>Miko and Pekora no longer retweet anything related to PekoMiko.
>They don't congratulate each other or like each other's tweets on twitter like they used to.
>Miko is calling her Usada again.
>Marine avoids talking about PekoMiko in collabs with Pekora.
>They no longer stream the same games at the same time like they used to.
>Ayame doesn't send "Welcome Back Return" Message to Miko
>The last time they collabed was in December, Bloom was forced by the company.
>Marine tried to bring up Miko during a collaboration with Pekora, Pekora was uncomfortable with how Marine alluded to Miko really having a thing for her

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I wonder if we'll ever know for sure what happened.
Maybe when Cover collapses?

>> No.5285715

100% of what anon said is facts you 人CumPoop. maybe next time get your brain out ya ass and think.

>> No.5286040

Maybe, but the way she acts makes the viewers act a certain way as well. Hence why they tend to bully her a lot. It is fun seeing Pekora getting her just desserts.

>> No.5286162

Miko fucked Pekora's brother and got pregnant. Pekora will never forgive her. Also Pekora's brother is Roberu.

>> No.5286248

This thread is proof why pekora stopped pandering to yuri shitters

>> No.5286320

You can even hear Pekora saying "ko-" but then she realizes who wrote it and stops herself.

>> No.5286473


>> No.5286514

Sadly, she doesn’t care shit of her profession. It’s pretty ironic that this dumb cunt shed some fake ass tears and claimed that Cover won’t help her with some projects to pay back her subs. Literally fuck off retard rabbit fag

>> No.5286621 [DELETED] 

She's talking about the attraption.
Fucks sake.

>> No.5286640

Every comment in the VOD mentioning the 22:00 timestamp getting deleted.

>> No.5286661

She's talking about the mechanism and downright focused on it after the original greeting.
Fucks sake you /u/ shippers are downright mental.

>> No.5286690

That’s really an insecure move
Same as the #nochin maybe this time it’s #nomiko

>> No.5286796

why can't pekora just get over the rape

>> No.5286841

Pekora should be careful, Miko can just talk with Yagoo and graduate her in any minute. We know that Miko and Aqua are Yagoo's favorites, if Aqua can graduate Coco, then Miko too can graduate Pekora no matter how big she is.

>> No.5286915

She’s super cute

>> No.5286948

Duh. Most comments that try to shitstir drama like you fags do offsite get deleted.

>> No.5287007

Not anymore, they have been replaced by the superior Polka

>> No.5287176

Polka is just one of them now, but they are still Yagoo's favorites, that's why their projects (Miko's collab cafe, Aqua's Sololive) is easily approved by Cover unlike a certain shitty rabbit's project

>> No.5287939

We all fall and die eventually. But she managed to climb a mountain and be on top for at least a while.

>> No.5287952

well Coco for example got 0 (zero) since the chink thing

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What is the context of the Ayame line in this rrat? She does her own thing and ignores everyone else at any given time

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I enjoy Pekora because I like cunts.

>> No.5288114

Based zhang bro

>> No.5288375

>a fucking chink

>> No.5288402

Literally everyone in holoJP (even Gen5 members who don't even personally know Miko at that point because they just debuted) except Ayame sent Miko a welcome back message on her return concert https://youtu.be/_SWjDWUBDio

>> No.5288456

>Miko does stuff with Marine and ignores Pekora
gee I fucking wonder why Pekora is upset.

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>> No.5288548

Nope. Pekora is too powerful at this point.

>> No.5288558

What's with the fixation on pekomiko, no other pairing has managed to atract so many schizo and drama shitters.

>> No.5288585

Most candles fade, but this one seemed to have been blown out

>> No.5288621

Good, hope the sun never shines on pekomigo ever again.

>> No.5288643

They're friends not lovers
Or were friends I should say

>> No.5288698

>Miko ignores Pekora
>Pekora ignores her

>> No.5288783

Or maybe it’s because the content of the project is a little bit Yab. Whereas Aqua and Miko’s are senpai friendly.

Knowing Pekora, it wouldn’t surprise me that her projects would go over the line.

>> No.5288789

Do you have any evidence of Miko ignoring Pekora?

>> No.5288830

You don't know pekora

>> No.5288849

She literally fucked off to stream with Marine a lot and ignored Pekora. Pekora is 100% right to ignore her.

>> No.5288870

I treat my mother the same way

>> No.5288891

But how do you know who the instigator of that was? And why do you think it would make anyone mad? Streaming isn't friendship

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>suichan starting to interact more with pekora
i hope suichan finally shows that rabbit bitch who is the real boss of hololive

>> No.5288939

She ignored Pekora. Pekora is right to ignore her.

>> No.5288950

Man I feel so fucking bad for Miko. What an embarrassing thing to get the lesbian hots for your bestfriend and get rejected after you misread her feelings. You guys keep talking about Pekora being autistic but the most autistic and pitiable is clearly Miko.
Also they clearly don’t hate eachother, but it’s just not something a friendship cam recover from. It’s sad and nobody’s fault

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>> No.5289037

i see /jp/ still visits us from time to time.

>> No.5289059


>> No.5289079

I'm asking how you know that

>> No.5289112

That's what Cocofags likes to say before she announced her graduation. Just get yourself ready nousagis

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Miko should've stopped thinking with her bean for 5 seconds to recalibrate her gaydar before she made a move. Going after Usada "kill all fags" Pekora was always going to end in disaster...

>> No.5289227

Pekora's reaction to Miko tells me that.

>> No.5289230

I can't fucking wait for the Christmas pekomiko stream that will BLOW all you rrat fuckers AWAY so hard you will be too ashamed to ever post here again

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File: 2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 1614335235194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remember this? this is dead.

>> No.5289353

>company mandated stream to keep the /u/ fags satisfied.

>> No.5289358
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Imagine if Pekora's IP adress will get leaked and 5chan admins gonna publish all post under this IP. She gotta vent somewhere you know.

>> No.5289388

on this stream pekora actually started tickling migo first, no wonder migo misread the situation

>> No.5289390

Speak english

>> No.5289425

And what are you going to do when it doesn't happen?

>> No.5289467
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As an ESL with near perfect English, I think it would be nicer of you guys to provide corrections instead of just blatantly mocking a poster as you call him out.
I say this because I always spent a good amount of time trying to figure out where I went wrong when someone decides to point a finger at me.
I don't give a damn that English is my second language. I'm actually proud of that fact, and I will always look to improve on my mistakes.
You losers on the other hand can't even speak nor type in your own language properly.

>> No.5289621

no one cares about your improvement they just want you to shut the fuck up retardchama
shutdafuqup peko

>> No.5289657 [DELETED] 
File: 237 KB, 1137x1125, 1618264098769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no one cares about your improvement they just want you to shut the fuck up retardchama
>shutdafuqup peko

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File: 2.36 MB, 1920x1080, 1604709803915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.5289929

That's not likely related at all, Ayame didn't say anything about Coco graduating right? She's in her own world.

>> No.5290014

Coco was a result of rage against gaijin Americans. Cutting off Coco was a mortal wound, the next would be a deathblow

>> No.5290040

Well we still have a war. It's just a cold war.

>> No.5290352

Miko's minecraft is great.
But I suppose unlike you, I never got to experience what PekoMiko was like. I only started watching Miko after her return from sickness.

>> No.5290466

Most likely explanation is that since she knows them better now she sees how much of a wonderful person Watame is. Also Pekora's manager sent her a cease and desist.

>> No.5290529
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absolutely based cocky high IQ bunny cunny, I kneel nye~

>> No.5290824

Because other pairings involve low teir holos that nobody cares about like Okayu, Flare, and Watame. Pekora and Miko are not only two of the most popular Holos but Nousagi and 35p are both insane in their devotion. Its only natural this would happen.

>> No.5291410

Hypotheticals use past or present instead of future tense

>> No.5292190

Fucking kek, pekora can't handle critisms at all.

>> No.5292282

This was a top notch comment and it shouldn't have been deleted.

>> No.5292770

Did this happen because of jealousy or is Pekora really that much of a coldhearted person?

>> No.5292840

Pekora is a neet and her social skills didn't develop normally.

>> No.5293015

why does the one who holds a grudge always the bad guy, fuck that, could have been miko

>> No.5293038

Kiara has good taste
t. AntiKFP

>> No.5293091

>but it’s just not something a friendship cam recover from
An arc where they end up having a tearful reunion when they both realize they still need their best friend would be kino, ngl.

>> No.5293190
File: 197 KB, 980x588, kneel before the elite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is jealousy.
Pecour may have the numbers but everyone with a brain can see who is the better streamer.
Also loved by every other horo.
Plus the most loyal fanbase.

>> No.5293374

also the only single mother in Hololive

>> No.5293436

imagine putting yourself on some retarded internet group and behave tribalist
i can only cringe

>> No.5293660
File: 1.82 MB, 1466x4087, pekomiko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5293697

Does nobody find what Miko did was odd? Instead of saying nyaharo, she says konpeko, which seems like an attempt to call out Pekora directly.

>> No.5293757

Miko was right though, but Pekora wasn't ready for it

>> No.5294615

botan pulled miko into the usaken call 2(3?) days ago when they were building the ice race course. peko was very quiet and didn't address miko at all.
also miko has asked other holo if peko is mad at her. i still haven't watch that miko x suisei x peko collab so not sure if there's more to it.
as far as i can tell, this all started around the time peko took that break. if anything, it's probably because miko and aqua both got approved for 3d stream but peko didn't even though it was her birthday.

>> No.5294730

Maybe Miko wants to watch her reaction because she might be genuinely confused by the situation

>> No.5294837

Miko said Nigga first , she's hololive

>> No.5295032

Chinkoid as always

>> No.5295363

miko miko'd pekora's peko until pekora peko'd all over miko's miko.

>> No.5295615

this artist is delusional

>> No.5295799

Company can mandate company events, but even they can't mandate a sleepover.

>> No.5295862

Do you know Pekora ?

>> No.5295922
File: 467 KB, 900x900, 1611086594351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironic /u/ schizos who are dumb enough to think Miko is a genuine lesbo.
Spurred on by sabotage-zhangs as seen by the commenters on the latest videos.

>> No.5296039

>Implying that Hololive will last more 6 months after Coco's graduation

>> No.5296084

She's answered her plenty of times since then.

>> No.5296283

But Miko has alluded to being a lesbian multiple times before completely outside the context of pekomiko and her taste in eroge completely confirms the theory.

>> No.5297281


>> No.5297415

Not an argument

>> No.5297722

Neither are your delusions.

>> No.5297755

Based pegor giving miko a taste of her own medicine

>> No.5297863

Because Miko is teasing Pekora

>> No.5297994

Fuck off birdkun, you're out of meds again

>> No.5298017

can't tell if some of you guys are actually serious that someone should act professional even if they got fingered in one of their holes without consent lol

>> No.5298087

Miko will make Pekora graduate from hololive. Just you see

>> No.5298312

he thinks it's only one hole

>> No.5298387

She got hands just so she could molest pegola

>> No.5298403

>literally no fucks given by schizo jp antis
>people on here constantly stir up shit
>several comments regurgiated by zhangs youtube accounts

>> No.5298489

That's just how life works migo used to collab with men but stopped when she became popular.

>> No.5298735

That's just pre-gen 3 hololive, company mandated collabs

>> No.5298795


>> No.5298885

Everyone loves Miko but no one likes Pekora, not even her genmates. She's just too much of a cunt for a person.

>> No.5299010

I love Pekora

>> No.5299067

doesnt kiara like her?
a little too much and pokora told her to fuck off?

>> No.5299102

i love her
jp loves her
chinks love her

>> No.5299181

Yes, but not as much as she did before, because she realized Pekora is even more egocentrical than her.

>> No.5299184

It was you retard. All pre gen 3, even Aqua used to collab with men too and she's already popular back then. It's literally what you call company mandated collabs or networking back when hololive still unpopular

>> No.5299264

Still coping

>> No.5299422


>> No.5299472


>> No.5299525

Maybe put a better argument instead of using meme word you blockhead. Oh no you can't, because you don't even watch hololive in the first place

>> No.5299590

Then you're a bad person just like pekora

>> No.5299686

I don't need to put on an argument when all you have is baseless assumptions.

>> No.5299790
File: 120 KB, 568x707, 1616939634676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5299832

Every fucking thread

>> No.5300054

Not even an assumption, they literally reduced all collabs with outside of hololive when gen 3 debuted.

>> No.5300083
File: 902 KB, 1127x720, 1623811183928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5300228

Fuck off Zhang.

>> No.5300232

yeah maybe but Pekora is cute

>> No.5300317
File: 824 KB, 723x926, 1623945853531.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at least she's a cute anime girl, you'll never be cute or wanted by anyone

>> No.5300323

is miko mad because pekora didnt rape her back?

>> No.5300357

If this turns out to be some sort of wrestling work I'd be amazed because they are both dedicated to it. But it might just be Pekora is a weirdo.

My best prediction: Something happened between them that made one of them mad. Miko is trying to mend the bridge but Pekora is too asocial to either know what to do or to care to fix it so it's now this big awkward gap that as an asocial person keeps getting worse for her. If this is the case then honestly it will take nothing short of an intervention to solve. If the other girls don't try to push the subject they might never talk again.

>> No.5300542

Come on guys, it's all kayfabe for the pekomiko wars.

>> No.5300783

didn't they go to dinner together after the curry meshi collab?
shuba is the only one who knows how peko and aqua interact offline. from her story, aqua seems to be her usual autistic self during dinner.

>> No.5300820

Yes. It's 100% madeup for drama.
There are 40+ people, some of them must hate each other. They don't make it as obvious as this though.

>> No.5300926

why do people say this? Is there any reason unironically?

>> No.5300953

>giving a shit about anyone, including her viewers

2 hrs a month stream, LETS GOOOOOOO

>> No.5301067

Obviously it's bullshit.
They've been pushing the same old retarded shit well past it's expiration date when there's plenty of examples before and since showing it to be nonsense.
These threads are all just clipper centrals, chinese shitstirrers and gullible faggots.

>> No.5301394

I can't believe that Pekora was the one standing in the way of a Gura collab all this time.

>> No.5301928

She's a shitty person even before she joined hololive, it's been know since her NND days, most of her orbiters were also shitty people. Also she said on her previous account the reason she joined hololive is pretty much because of money, she doesn't care about her fans at all. Pekora is probably the fakest holo members there is.

>> No.5302291
File: 137 KB, 463x453, 1622187128045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5302512

>Even aqua used to collab with men
Show proof

>> No.5302668

literally the only item you brought up is that she wants to earn money. That's not even bad though. I wonder what the real reason is?

>> No.5303465


>> No.5303539

If anyone in hololive is lesbian it's Miko, she couldn't be more direct about it. She seem to avoid the thing other girls do where they are friendly flirting with everyone, instead she has straight up stated her preferences and what she into. She doesn't leave much for your own interpretation.

>> No.5304025
File: 798 KB, 1080x1192, 1623944111397.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5304164
File: 111 KB, 220x220, senchou tired of your shit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are a fucking retard and know nothing about Japanese culture.

>> No.5304239

>it's just skinship
I just told you why it's not that.

>> No.5304240

You will never be japanese.

>> No.5304305
File: 261 KB, 512x512, 538a4072493e0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5304328

literally me

>> No.5304467
File: 518 KB, 540x360, EsSd-rfXUAIhSCR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to smash all of Pekora's shit on Minecraft while she watches. I bet she would genuinely cry and yell every insult she can think of while she's powerless to stop me.

>> No.5304716
File: 20 KB, 1206x92, d293i0s12s0ka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5304781

The idea of pekkers lurking 4chan is a surreal one.

>> No.5304799

This is really ironic honestly, pekora is the one who told moona that greetings are important on holo server, and moona tell the same thing to her juniors.

>> No.5304856

>she was basically maxilmilianus of nico nico, she would start flame wars and raid people on nico nico
This is why I love Pekora

>> No.5304893

because she would be on 5ch if anything

>> No.5305028

>people making up complete bullshit based on old lies about the NND days, old lies based on old disproven rats, contradictory claims about the latest minute details on minecraft that gets disproven within a week only to be repeated for months on end by clip-watchers
If I could permaban every one of you retarded fuckers I would.
Fucking /trash/ scum with IQ below 60 and pattern recognition abilities to match.

>> No.5305314

Miko is not a lesbian you fucking faggots

>> No.5305365

Explain why she hates men then.

>> No.5305530

presumably because fags like you technically qualify as one.

>> No.5305531

Pekora hates chinks, thank god.

>> No.5305539
File: 46 KB, 576x576, 1622772486991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah well I fucked ur mum

>> No.5305601

she won't be a lesbian after spending tonight with me, that's for sure

>> No.5305649


>> No.5305861
File: 675 KB, 1127x916, 1622128656281 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Miko is one of the best streamers on the planet, vtuber or not. She is just a natural entertainer and few vtubers, or streamers in general, can compare.

>> No.5305903


>> No.5305939

She did go to 5ch iirc, which has a worse reputation among nips than 4chan does among English speaking countries.

>> No.5305993

It was gone when I checked a couple hours ago. Her mods have been on the ball lately

>> No.5306001

>ignored miko and acknowledged polka of all people instead
it's over.

>> No.5306038

35p are legitimately mentally ill. It's no wonder Miko had to tell you psychos to stop harassing and attacking people(which you didn't stop) leading to her taking a break after her fujo yab.

>> No.5306083

5ch is literally the reddit of japan you stupid EOP

>> No.5306089

>will get
got* or was*
>gonna publish
>all post
all posts*
>She gotta
She has* to* vent
She probably* vents*

You're not near perfect. Below average at best.

>> No.5306104
File: 259 KB, 683x683, miko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Talk shit get hit madafaqer!
35P don't fuck around.

>> No.5306140

This is what happened.
>during the christmas collab Miko gets her Irish up and starts molesting Pekora
>Pekora doesn't stop it, which she could have easily since she's way bigger than Miko and Miko's medical condition makes her even weaker than most people
>Miko gets to third base
>Pekora likes it but is having an internal struggle since she isn't gay
>Miko passes out and stops
>Pekora is disappointed because she is starting to feel something
>Miko wakes up apologizes, saying it was a mistake and she's sorry
>Pekora takes this as a rejection
>que Miko being apologetic and trying to make things right whereas Pekora acts like a woman scorn
The only thing killing this is Miko probably is awful at foreplay since her tongue is short.

>> No.5306149


>> No.5306220

No, I don't think that's the case unless you want to prove otherwise.

>> No.5306230

It's actually mostly just me reporting the retarded comments on like 10 different accounts and youtube auto-deleting them

>> No.5306275

hypotheticals use were rather than was unless it regards a hypothetical scenario which has happened before.
>Imagine if Pekora's IP address *were leaked

>> No.5306313

>35p is backed up by Irish gangsters who Miko employs (they do it for free) solely for the purpose of restraining her rape victims
scary stuff

>> No.5306325

PekoMiko threads are basically two of the biggest schizophrenic fanbases competing to see who can be the most mentally ill.

>> No.5306362

all me btw

>> No.5306389

I believe you're right in that it'd be more appropriate, but to use "got" and "was" wouldn't be incorrect.

>> No.5306440
File: 169 KB, 800x420, 35P BROS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are talking about the two biggest fanbase of holos on this site so its pretty normal desu. /jp/ is 10 times worse.

>> No.5306640

just go to the site yourself, retard. Do you even know how?

>> No.5306859

No, I don't go to nip sites

>> No.5307012

There's a lot of overlap between them.
If anything these threads are for people who hate both and just want to create drama under false pretenses. Probably EN faggots.
Same as that fag on /jp/ who used to falseflag as a mikop.

>> No.5307120

Pekora and Miko were irl friends before Hololive right?
I think Miko mentioned a few times how much of a sperg Pekora is around other people.

>> No.5307301

iirc, yes. Pekora joined at the suggestion of Miko.

>> No.5307716
File: 119 KB, 1080x1919, 1624068340189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some taiwanese make a video analyzing pekomiko relationship and how they are enemies now, they got super mad and went full schizo now.

Pic related is them trying to bring the issue up on holo subreddit. Some comments here are probably islanders larping.

>> No.5307821

Oh shit
The Zhang's at it again

>> No.5307844


>> No.5307984

Can't read, its all chinky and shit

>> No.5308326

Yes I can tell by these runes that it’s the truth.

>> No.5308449

Miko went ass to cunny and gave Pekora an itchy infection.

>> No.5308809

Man, I really hate chinkoids.

>> No.5310347

why is this so funny im laughing like a 11 year old

>> No.5310571

Jokes on you she wouldn't give a shit.

She literally only plays minecraft for money you smashing everything means she can have an excuse for drama and pity supas.

Also she can monetize rebuilding everything over again

>> No.5310619

Thats 2ch you fucking newfag

>> No.5310697

She would get sio’ed

>> No.5311341

35P is a wholesome fanbase, please don't compare us to a fanbase full of shitposters and trolls like Nousagi

>> No.5311587

I took a look at the miko thread and can confirm that this is true.

>> No.5311644

Maybe Miko should take the hint.
Pekora is not obligated to be friends with Miko. She isn't obligated to want to be, or even to try and be.
Pekora loves nousagi first and foremost.

>> No.5311746

YuriFags btfo, stop mixing your gay ass yuri in with my 100% primo autistic bunny cunny GFE

>> No.5311781

>lot of overlqp
Fuck you, no there's not.

>> No.5311803

Nousagis is a wholesome fanbase, please don't compare us to a fanbase full of shitposters and trolls like 35P

>> No.5311942

I hope that bitch bunny graduates soon

>> No.5311993

Pekora loves money first and foremost, that's literally the reason she joined hololive in the first place.

>> No.5312001

See >>5300820 and >>5283780
Pekora specializes in a certain kind of content and it isn't forcing herself to do tee tee with other girls, so I don't think she's for you.

>> No.5312033

she wouldn't ignore miko if she wanted money stupid, that pairing prints money.

>> No.5312148

Why do you think they're "beefing" right now? because it will bring big money and numbers when they finally collabing again.

>> No.5312231

Sounds like cope, people are allowed to not like each other. The least pekora can do is pretend, but I guess she can't even do that.

>> No.5312476

The point is Pekora loves money and numbers first and foremost. Can't really trust someone who's being ungrateful even to her own mom and only using her for numbers.

>> No.5312897

this is simple, Pekora read how everyone calls Ayame the biggest holobitch so she decided to out-bitch her because Peko is always #1. If Gura ever goes to Japan it will be her doom