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Gura x nyanners collab when

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Keep that whore away from Gura. Gura is pure unlike that pottery mouth. Gura has never even talked to a man.

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Zero chance, they know each other from years ago and have bad blood

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Never. She's going to collab with Forsen.

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>another VShitter tries to force a collab episode
It's all so tiresome

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There is no chance that Nyanners would collab with someone who enjoys the Cute and Funny

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Nyanners hate lolicon I think. Gura is top cunnyseur.

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Gura will collab with Belle Delphine first

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She was already super nervous with Kiara, this would be a complete spaghetti fest.

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Is gura hating nyanners just a rrat?

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No and in that regard Gura is based

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You sure?

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Please no. Gura's more boring and worse than Kiara. I don't want another low-tier stream again. Nyanners doing great by herself.

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Gura's old self and Nyanners have probably talked because they made similar content, but they never interacted publicly. Everything claiming they hate or like each other is a rrat. We don't know.
Pink cat once said on stream that she likes Gura.

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They did make similar content but at like very different points
Nyanners stuff is like a decade old and she switched it up a lot, I can't see Gura hating her so much as nyanners maybe even inspiring her
All the rrats saying they hate each other are stupid

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Nyanners is friends with Melody. Pink cat doesn't care about other people's opinions on loli as much as you think.

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Are you lacking critical Euro Truck Simulator knowledge?

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ogey retard

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I like Melody but that still doesn't change the fact that Nyanners is an anti-loli grifter. She can go die in a ditch for all I care.

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Yes I'm sure she followed vtuber sneezes specifically because of his opinions on loli.

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Yes, she follows literal who antis and she blocked pro-loli vtubers because of their opinions on loli.

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they did cross paths with the VN voice acting thing but we dont know if they talked about it in private

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I swear I remember seeing either a tweet thread or youtube comments thread of Nyanners arguing with Senzawa , Gura's previous incarnation.

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Even though she followed that account before he said anything about loli? She just somehow could sense the guy who posts clips of vtubers sneezing was anti-loli beforehand?

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Nyanners follows like 600 people, of course there will be some retards in there. If she really cared that much then you would be able to find likes and retweets by herself on anti loli stuff and wouldn't need to dig through her huge follow list.

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True, but I doubt there's any bad blood there. It wasn't Nyanners who fired Sen from that role. She just filled the open spot.

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She doesn't need to like and retweet every anti tweet. Blocking prololi vtubers is already enough, on top of the gajillion other shit she said against loli.

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Agreed. That would make her some kind of hypocrite, which she clearly is not.

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What makes you think that Gura even wants to collab with the pink whore?

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Show me a single loli NSFW artist she follows or a single NSFW loli she liked, then maybe I'll give it the benefit of a doubt. All evidence points to her being an anti.

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>prololi vtubers
I like how you say that as if she's blocked a ton when you only showed one who could've been blocked for any reason.

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>She doesn't need to like and retweet every anti tweet.
Yeah, but did she like or retweet even one? Not to my knowledge. Meanwhile she's friends with an open lolicon.
I'm not saying she's pro-loli. I'm saying she doesn't care as much as you guys think.

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Seems more like all evidence points to her not wanting to get involved in internet drama, if she ever brings up loli in a direct manner like that you know she's gonna get a load of shit.

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Say who and drop their twitter

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do they though?

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>say that nyanners inspired you to be a loli vtuber
>immediately get blocked by nyanners afterwards
Nyanners doesn't even appreciate the good things she did. She's a massive cunt who should kys.

Meanwhile Gura likes and even retweets a ton of loli NSFW stuff.

If she didn't want to be involved with drama then she would not follow antis, which she does.

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She probably is an anti, but the mildest form of anti you'll find. She doesn't tweet anti shit on twitter, she doesn't like or retweet anti shit, she doesn't talk about it on stream. She is friends with Melody. She obviously barely cares.

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There's a middle ground between actively liking loli and being rabidly against it.

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Nyanners is definitely rabidly against it. We should've let her rant more in discord for her to show her true colours.

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>Actually caring about twitter bullshit
Tell me when she goes on an anti-loli rant on stream.

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Regardless of anything Nyanners may or may not be, there is one fact thing that is a fact.
As Gura herself said, she has no interest in non-hololive Vtubers.
I believe the only ones she has even briefly mentioned are Pikamee directly after her collab with Ina and, of course, Amashiro.
If there is one thing that is almost guaranteed to be blocking such a collab, it would be Gura herself not giving a fuck about Nyanners

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>immediately get blocked by nyanners afterwards
She's showing she's blocked while saying that though.

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If she didn't want to get involved in internet drama, and she wanted to disassociate herself with the loli stuff, she would have stayed silent and not sperged out about it on social media when she deleted the pomf song. She'd been on 4chan long enough by that point to know that being vocal about that sort of thing is something you do only if you want to generate heated responses.

Reasonably likely to be the case

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>mildest form of anti
an anti is still an anti
if she was neutral then idc, all evidence points to her as an anti

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Pikamee is not a hololive vtuber, but Gura said she'd be down for a collab. I do agree that a Gura and Nyanners collab is unlikely right now, but not because Gura said she's only interested in hololive.

What I could see happening if collabs keep happening and are successful is some sort of big collab where multiple holoENs, NijiENs and Vshojos play Amongus or something. I doubt a 1on1 will happen.

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Why didn't Nyanners apply for HoloEN? She would have been a shoe in.

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So she's based? You fuckers jerk off to images of toddler porn all day whilst doing mental gymnastics to convince yourselves you aren't pedophiles. That's the only reason you even dislike the pink cat, she threatens your delusion simply by holding a viewpoint that 99.98% of civilised society agrees with. The only difference with her is prior exposure.

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Yeah but that was then, I'm talking about how she feels now.

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don't delude yourself sjw trash, you're full of contradictions that if you really believe that you would hate nyanners as well
nyannerfags like you are hypocritical pieces of shit just like her

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She talked about that when holoEN gen2 auditions opened. She said she didn't apply because wasn't confident enough when gen 1 happened and she still thinks she wouldn't have gotten in despite being a succesful vtuber too now. For gen 2 she immediately shut down any discussion about it by stating that she's very happy in vshojo.

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Do you really doubt the words of a fellow anon?
Everything you read here is true

>> No.5269655

>doing mental gymnastics to convince yourselves you aren't pedophiles
Isn't that what Nyanners does all day? She believes 2d = 3d while having a loli avi. Take it to her niggerfaggot.

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This. Holy fk I remember Nyanners talking shit to Sen and it only flared up in the Okay Boomer fiasco, Sen basically didn't do shit because she's a bully's cum towel.

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They wouldn't let her say peepeepoopoo.

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You are getting baited.

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I fucking hate that Nyanners is still relevant. She looks like an ogre and needs to be put down ever since her meltdown years ago.
This aging woman needs to be pomfed off the internet

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I will forever believe she is only so against it because she feels so much shame getting off to loli shit in private. I 100% believe this of most people who can never shut up about it. That includes (You).

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I guess some people like Dr Thunder more than Dr Pepper but still, if you have the chance then do it. I mean she had more credentials than the gremlin.

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I find that hard to believe after the way Nyanners was nearly melting into a puddle the other day, a puppy could dominate her.

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The only good thing about Vtubers is that they aren't real and Holo forces them to stay in character at all times.
I cannot believe you pathetic cucks simps for rabid sjw freak Nyanners

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>I fucking hate that Nyanners is still relevant.
I actually love it. I disagree with the things she wrote in her meltdown years ago, but seeing the shitposting girl from /a/ still being relevant 10 years later and more successful than ever before fills me with happiness.

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Why could'n't V*nti attack Nyanners instead? Why do we live in an unfair world?

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really? After she stabs /a/ in the back?

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Her singing is average and the only thing special about it are the meme songs.And her humor relies on lewd gradeschool jokes.I really doubt Cover would have taken her.

>> No.5269812

I think she had that whole outburst mainly because of the genuine creeps who had ended up in her fanbase and she went full anti to get rid of them.

>> No.5269847

>genuine creeps
She got her mind wiped by tumblr newfag. You can see all the horrible takes she posts on her tumblr going back the past decade.
Its much more than being anti loli hypocrite.

>> No.5269855

I don't feel backstabbed, even as someone who likes loli. I would have preferred a timeline where she doesn't write that shit on tumblr, but I have moved on long ago.

>> No.5269869

streamer wise, she was hovering around 300 viewers before having a big steady incline just before joining vshojo, so it's understandable she would think she wouldnt be able to be relevant enough in time for HoloEN auditions

>> No.5269883

>You can see all the horrible takes she posts on her tumblr going back the past decade.
You actually can't anymore. She deleted her tumblr a while ago.

>> No.5269884

>Coco's singing is egregiously bad, but fans flock to her karaoke streams anyway
>Almost everyone in Hololive makes lewd gradeschooler-tier jokes
Nyanners would have fit right in except for one crucial aspect that is an absolute red flag in the Japanese industry: she lost her shit and took it out on her fans when she did.
Lashing out at your audience is never acceptable in Japanese media. It's an unforgivable sin.

>> No.5269912

No there were some nyannersfags back then who seriously came of like they weren't just into 2D, she obviously could've handled it better but I can't be mad at a young girl getting concerned and just going nuclear in response to that after a point.

>> No.5269922

this. It was a shit move back then but it feels like melody and co have made her more sane. I enjoy her for nostalgia's sake, considering how insanely heated and radicalized people are nowadays I'm ok with her current behavior as long as she doesnt go off the deep end again.

>> No.5269936

>He believes wahman facades

You think she'd be liked if she said she hates puppies and dislike Gura?

>> No.5270011

The only time Nyanners has ever talked about Gura on stream was when she called Gura a genius and incredibly talented.

>> No.5270014

Yes but they don't rely on them ,they have other jokes or things they are good at.Pink Cat can't do anything else.

>> No.5270020

I'd say her singing is pretty damn good, she has a few original songs even.

>> No.5270021

>Lashing out at your audience is never acceptable in Japanese media.
Does someone have the screenshot of a JP vtuber who lashed out on otakus on Twitter calling them disgusting and creeps and whatnot, and she lost most of her followers? That was funny as fuck

>> No.5270022

some examples of her softening up on the SJW issues:
-has joked from time to time against cancel culture
-before vshojo, in BLM times, she did a charity stream, but instead of choosing a radical group, it was an org focused on physically improving black neighbourhoods and getting them jobs. That's very a reasonable choice both for the right and the left.

>> No.5270039

>seeing the shitposting girl from /a/ still being relevant 10 years later and more successful than ever before fills me with happiness.
you sound like a nice person. I could never stand nyanners or her brand of humor.

>> No.5270064

nyanners has a higher power level than most shitters on this board and that scares them

>> No.5270068

Damn, this is what Gura should do. Make an original citypop song.

>> No.5270091

>Gura didn't stream during Nyanners birthday charity

>> No.5270114

that's another reason why I'm ok with her. She's a scholar of ancient /b/ culture that's basically dead nowadays. Not just giga puddi or more known memes but actual obscure shit.

>> No.5270134

Anyone that isn't a poser knows this isn't remotely true

>> No.5270136

Nyanner brand of humor is too direct for me kinda like an american sitcom where they expected you to laugh along with the laugh track. I guessed this is why I love Gura’s humor more, it reminded of British humor, it is subtle but it can be dark and there’s layer to it

>> No.5270144

O shit I thought they were the same person for the longest time

>> No.5270147

I don't know much about music so I can't put my finger on it but there's something a little off about this, it just doesn't feel like the style suits her.

>> No.5270172

I'm not a nyanners fan but I'm old enough to have known of her for around a decade now, she's been posting here she she was underage and still browses (?). She genuinely loves otaku culture and has an extensive knowledge of oldfag shit. /vt/ hounds on her for saying pedos are bad when she was 16 like half a decade ago but if someone they like got cancelled for saying nigger years ago they'd have a sperg attack

you're probably like 18 even if she only browses once a blue moon nyanners is a true oldfag from before 4chan was a /pol/ shithole

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I think her voice fits perfectly for a song like this since she's very soft-spoken.

>> No.5270231

this. even though nyan has introduced 4chan (and 4chan 'culture') to people and done a lot of what you might fucking call 'goodwill' for this site, because she said she thought a lolicon rape bit (based on a meme) made her uncomfortable over half a decade ago she's been "canceled" by 4chan.

>> No.5270244

This is absolutely the case, Nyanners herself was a full-on lolicon back in the day. Her references to the doujin the girl in the pomf song is from and other materials she posted around then are more than confirmation that she actually read them and wasn’t just memeing the concept of loli. They’re pretty hardcore doujin too, featuring not just aesthetically loli characters but literally child abuse type content.
The truth is this is because she was underaged b&’d back then and got off self-inserting on loli characters. After she actually was taken advantage of sexually by men she met online, she eventually began to resent those experiences and the entire concept of loli later. This is why she can’t understand the concept of lolicon as a fetish that doesn’t relate to reality. Because a) she always got off on abuse-type loli content she could self-insert into, and never hentai where the loli element was just aesthetic. So she reads all interest in loli through that lenses. And b) because she was actually taken advantage of in her youth as a result of who she mingled with online. After she aged she became like women who used to be into the BDSM lifestyle in an unhealthy way and got abused and end up denouncing all kinks. Just in her case, for loli.

>> No.5270248

I'd reckon she'd be a lot more successful if she never disavowed her past. loli sells.

>> No.5270249

imagine people judging you based on what you did in your edgy teenage phase several years ago
is growing and changing as a person such a foreign concept to people?

>> No.5270270

Regarding /b/ she's a powerhouse, that's not a question.
Regarding /a/ and /jp/ she's an oldfag, but it feels like due to her tastes I'd say there are some other vtuber oldfags like Picky I'd consider have more niche indepth knowledge. Like, nyanners probably wouldn't know about the Lain playstation disk.

>> No.5270277

You're probably just used to her doing dumb parody songs.

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Same thread over and over.
Nothing but shilling. Just a waste of time.

>> No.5270304

You're reading way too much into attention whore rationalizations. She only did it for internet points with her new crowd. Not because she got cyber "groomed"
She grew into a worse person. She's rapidly approaching 30 and fell behind her contemporaries

>> No.5270336

>he doesnt know about the ancient secret /a/ skype cabal
Literally the predecessor of the modern discord pedogroom nests

>> No.5270343

>Her singing is average

>> No.5270349

oh I thought there was some genuine discussion to have but it's pretty obvious you're not all there

>> No.5270353

she also probably genuinely disavowed it due to the fact she was groomed through Loli hentai grooming her to think things are okay

>> No.5270387

I don’t have the images on hand but in old tumblr posts she’s made references to being taken advantage of by men she met online before. It isn’t just a rrat. Only the extent of what that refers to is up in the air.

>> No.5270391

you're all also clearly zoomers
rather than just lolicon it wasn't uncommon at all to accidentally stubble upon actual cp on here
it makes sense why she would distance herself

>> No.5270399

Was she really groomed, though?

>> No.5270409

That makes sense. I think it's a mix of this, the tumblr brainwashing of that era, and something else: Her being an edgy teen with some issues plus the internet groomer events for sure made her go into psychotherapy, and the average therapist of that era would be super against loli, /b/ edge and such things.

>> No.5270423

>be a 14 year old girl on the internet into anime
>Start posting online
>Discover lolicon and like this the girls kind of resemble you
>Begin posting on 4chan for fun
>Have a pretty decent YouTube following
>Make a parody of a popular song featuring a really popular meme
>Get groomed by literal pedos
>Distance yourself from them
>Get cancelled for not supporting pedos and have pedos constantly post threads seething about you

>> No.5270427

Such a weird and schizo way to phrase your posts. Life isn't a video game where you compete for a leaderboard. It's hilariously hypocritical to criticize someone with a lot of success when you're a non-entity behind a screen.

>> No.5270435

Everything about her feelings is just speculation. I like her because she makes me laugh and references nostalgic 4chan shit occasionally.

>> No.5270449

Imagine if Gura was literally here right now, doing lewd songs at people's requests. Would she be groomed?
Hint: back then, there were private chatrooms tangentially related to 4chan, on Skype and IRC, and they weren't any different from modern Discord servers.

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File: 302 KB, 465x400, 1617801024435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's quite a similar tale to our modern chernobyl disaster (pic related). Underage, edgy, into loli and worse, fucked up in the head, but also got pedogroomed.

>> No.5270475

She wasn't underage stop spreading this rrat.

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my favorite part about these threads is that the history of nyanners and 4chan is all jumbled up because 90% of the posters only know her from scattered schizo screencap collages and from posts that are basically a game of telephone between dozens of other newfags

my second favorite part is the cute pink cat

>> No.5270494

I'm not asking if it could have happened, I'm asking if it actually happened? Is this something that she has actually talked about or is it just speculation?

>> No.5270500

there's no solid proof of her age to be honest
The only real hint is a romanian poster who confirmed you only get paid for going to classes when you're in highschool and she did say that before.

>> No.5270512

If you're not sure yourself why would you bother getting upset by her in the first place..?

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File: 1.46 MB, 1504x1208, Opinions on Nyanners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At this point I'm so apathetic towards Nyanners that I stopped giving a damn about her, but people outside of here (kinda a minority) actually and vehemently hate her for her opinions about lolicon, and they'll also bring the fact that she's allegedly an hypocrite or even that "she backstabbed her fanbase"
And there's more examples I could show

>> No.5270540

she literally did Ero voice clips for /a/ and /v/ back in 2011

>> No.5270545

She did mention it, but I don't think she talked about it in length. Not that I blame her, it's not the most fun topic to bring up anywhere.

>> No.5270575

>they'll also bring the fact that she's allegedly an hypocrite or even that "she backstabbed her fanbase"
that's the rev fanbase, you can spot them a mile away with a trained eye

never trust anituber scum

>> No.5270579

Let the soft zoomers keep donating to her. They make them feel like oldfags or something. Anyone around back then that were in those threads knows the whole story and it isn't because she was "groomed"

>> No.5270585

yes she's talked about it, I think it was a stream the month before joining vshojo, it's no secret

>> No.5270591

Who said I was getting upset at anything? I just think she's lame and not funny.

>> No.5270618

Without a doubt she was to some extent. She knew and had personal connections to a number of other 4chan figures, it’s how she ended up doing things like the vidya game awards back in the day. Do you really believe that a naive underaged girl like her with a loli fetish wasn’t taken advantage of by anyone here?
And again, she’s indicated she was to some degree on her tumblr before. I don’t care to go hunt for screencaps though.
It’s not an uncommon story either. When I was in highschool my best friend was a fairly menhera girl who posted here. She met up irl once with an anon she met here and got forced into sex.

>> No.5270630
File: 1.59 MB, 360x260, PERSONAAA 3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop larping zoomers

>> No.5270655

Anyway, even if people don't believe the hypocrite or backstabber parts, they aren't going to forgive Nyanners for being anti-lolicon. Lolicon anitwt has quite the hate boner for Pink cat, the only thing that I would say makes them different from this place is that at least they aren't trying to ruin her by using zhang tactics

>> No.5270664

I'm pretty sure that the people hating her on twitter are mostly from here. There are people on twitter who are on actual crusades against loli, targeting them would make way more sense than shitposting about Nyanners, who hasn't said anything about the topic in years. Targeting Nyanners only makes sense for people who think she betrayed 4chan.

>> No.5270678

Funny how these things are brought up the most when in reality her biggest fuckup by far was including the "salty deary product and pennies" lyrics into her song. If you know what this is about, then all the other shit this trash human did pales in comparison. And she has the nerve to lecture others about being nice or whatever feminist bullshit she comes up with after doing THAT?

>> No.5270691

Well, I'm sorry to hear that. I was under the impression that she was just kind of a two-faced bitch but clearly she's a damaged individual. I still don't like her content and I think her Tumblr brainwashing is pretty dreadful but her behavior makes a bit more sense now.

>> No.5270695
File: 92 KB, 586x565, 1620131861269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but people outside of here (kinda a minority) actually and vehemently hate her
I checked every account in that pic, and the ones that aren't deleted already are obviously "from here", either breaching containment openly or just acting like retards.

>> No.5270706

Do you know how old she was? How the fuck do you groom a 16 year old? She was legal age in most countries she wasn't a little kid you fucking buffoon. Women are never held accountable.
Don't forget her BLM posts. People love to pretend she didn't do all this for SJW clout because all her internet friends at the time her from tumbl

>> No.5270718

Does Nyanners genuinely like Hololive? If she does I don't mind it her at all. I was never an anti but I don't like cynical popularity crabs with no heart. I mean Vaebei can stay up her own ass until the universe's heat death but there is no law against liking holomems even if you hate Cover.

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>durr groomed
At this point that word is just a buzzword with no meaning at all. What even happened? Some retard begged to roleplay with her? It's a literal nothingburger overblown by perpetually triggered sjws and no one cares.

>> No.5270738

>Gura herself not giving a fuck about Nyanners

>> No.5270755

>Those two art pics were commissioned by the same guy
Someone seems tsundere.

>> No.5270760

Nyanners definitely watches a few holo vtubers. She talked about them a few times, even way before collabs with Cover were in the realm of possibility. No idea what she thinks about the company but she likes some of the talent.

>> No.5270761

I remember back when we fucked with Jessi Slaughter, now we have to pretend older teenagers should be coddled and capable of being groomed. top kek top kek

>> No.5270768

the pipeline roughly speaking was
weird brain underage girl finds 4chan > integrates the culture here and participates > groomers go for her > ??? > gets into tumblr and integrates > denounces loli

She's not a mastermind or the kind of cold bitch Venti is, she's more a shy autist, easily influenciable, who got bounced around by the cultures she got herself into.

>> No.5270769

>Don't forget her BLM posts. People love to pretend she didn't do all this for SJW clout because all her internet friends at the time her from tumbl
But that is still WAY different imo. I mean, fuse all the annoying feminists and SJWs in the entire world together if you want, but the result would still not be quite on the same level as deriving fun from a raped child and then spinning on your heels and virtue signal to everybody what a good person you are.

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I think it's the hypocrite part, for example, she collabs with Hololive, since people have the image of Nyanners being anti-lolicon, they will see her as a leech, at least that's what I believe I could be wrong
There are some obvious containment breachers, but there's also the ones who are restrained to Twitter and usually are reched out by the first guy, what they have in common is that they hate 2D=3D retards

>> No.5270775
File: 243 KB, 819x728, 2BD3A70C-2D32-42AB-871D-1A1E41CC285B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how the fuck do you groom a 16 year old
Calm down there my pedophile friend. In non-goat fucking western countries we have moral standards. Of course a 16 year old can be groomed by a much older man.
Here’s a spoonfed screenshot then. According to it, about 11 through 17 back then. That age range yabe enough for your muslim pedophilia standards?

>> No.5270781

>As Gura herself said, she has no interest in non-hololive Vtubers.
you cant expect me to take that without linking the source

>> No.5270807

>How the fuck do you groom a 16 year old?
Do you seriously think a girl just suddenly becomes immune to grooming once she hits 16?

>> No.5270815


>> No.5270816

salty milk and coins is the ancient meme response of how does sucking a sex organ feels like, I don't see how it is any worse than the rest of the lyrics

>> No.5270821

Nigger you live in a backwards ass country triggered by everything. There is no moral standards only moral panic over literally nothing

>> No.5270832

>I really only watch Hololive. I watch my senpais and I watch my friends

>> No.5270852

4chan would improve overnight if all IPs from third world countries where they fuck children were banned
the amount of legitimate pedos who justify it to themselves is retarded

>> No.5270857

She's not saying she won't collab outside of Hololive. She's saying that she only watches Hololive (although I doubt she actually does, maybe only the ones that speak English).

>> No.5270873

Are you a SEAnigger? Stay in your shithole country, muhammed. If you don’t think 11-17 is a fucked up age range to groom girls Nyanners is literally right about lolicons online only being triggered at her because they’re non-ironic pedophiles. Thanks for proving that point then.

>> No.5270959

Pedos from the old times were from first world countries since there was a higher barrier of entry. Also more sneaky except autists like MadThad. Nowadays smartphones opened the floodgates for pedo third worlders and other scum.

>> No.5270997

She seems to be in a good place now with the vshojo girls at least.

>> No.5271003

>literally nothing related to anime
>suddenly bring it up and conflate 2d = 3d
I always knew Nyannerfags were fucking retarded. Thanks for proving that point then.

>> No.5271041

madthad was always retarded and publicly talked about his cp and loli addiction. western pedos at least try to hide their antics
third worlders live where it's ok to rape a baby so they don't care about repercussions and will gladly talk about child rape online

>> No.5271054
File: 346 KB, 1024x748, Hm_success.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only started this thread to see retards fight yes keep it going

>> No.5271057

MadThad never liked loli dumb cunt, stop it with the falseflagging

>> No.5271081

I know someone who literally went to youmacon with him. MadThad literally posted on his fucking Facebook about loli

>> No.5271084

In like half the US states 16 years old is the age of consent. You people are massive massive faggots. Go back to freddit

>> No.5271101

The age of consent is 16 if the other person is like 19 at most, Romeo and Juliet
Most people with common decency don't want to fuck children

>> No.5271109

If you knew its origin, then you would not think it was this trivial.

>> No.5271110

Nope. Don't talk bullshit, he got interviewed about it and he said he didn't like it at all. He was only interested in Kotonoha

>> No.5271129

>Only interested in kotonoha
>Arrested for possessing child porn

>> No.5271143

being tolerant about it doesn't equate to liking it like the people in this board

he's a massive normal faggot ofc he prefers 3d over 2d

>> No.5271169

No your retarded ass clearly has no clue what you are talking about. This has nothing to do with Romeo and Juliet. 16 is the straight up age of consent in many states. Maybe look up the age of consent throughout Europe or most first world countries as well. You are a complete coddled buffoon who likely has never actually met a women offline.

>> No.5271186

The best part of this is that she was over 18 when all of this happened and she lied for pity points

>> No.5271195

Only non-ironic pedophiles think grooming 13 year olds is somehow acceptable or the girl’s fault. Die pedophile nigger. You deserve the scorn of the world.

>> No.5271202

Where did I say that? Kill yourself Nyannertard

>> No.5271229

It surprises me that since the Kiara x Nyanners collab date was revealed, almost every Nyanners related thread ends becoming a discussion about the morality of lolicon or the issues with IRL pedophilia

>> No.5271241

>implies it's for Gura to decide
if management says jump she will jump
Kiara collab went well enough for numbers, the world didn't end either. Mori/Mouse collab will probably go much better this Saturday. So it is a possibility thought it might be Apricot/Ina next so we could all go to sleep double as fast.

>> No.5271244

This. It does not add up. She was 15-18 at the youngest. She is pretty old now.

>> No.5271248

>nyannerfags making up stuff now
who would've thunk

i hope your children and your family gets raped by one of epstein or hillary's associates you dumb nigger

>> No.5271257

Well, for one thing, she got constant phonecalls to her house and to her parents from /b/tards at one point. I'm sure you can imagine what kind of phone calls these were. Another reason why she tried to distance herself from this place.

>> No.5271268
File: 320 KB, 1440x972, Screenshot_20210618-132503_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he doesn't know that Nyanners and Senz used to be on good terms
>he doesn't know that Senzawa always looked up to Nyanners and mentioned that she's one of her main inspirations
>he doesn't know that if there is any bad blood it's not going to be on Gura's end who'd probably be very open to a collab but it all comes down to if Nyanners can swallow her pride at being ousted as the Queen of English VTubers

>> No.5271293

>to these allegations, madthad replied "it was just a joke"
those threads were fun

>> No.5271298

From what I can tell she is 27/28 now. When was the fallout, 2011? She had to spend at least several years on 4chan before that.

>> No.5271334

she was here at the very least for the habbo hotel raids since she participated. And several other /b/ raids.

>> No.5271340

I don’t know if you’re the same anon, but if you’re the third world nigger claiming 11-17 is an acceptable sexual age range and bitching women aren’t held accountable for being groomed that would be when. Keep your filthy and morally degenerate 3rd world culture in your country and on its internet please.

>> No.5271365

No. Stop conflating 2D and 3D then? You're a niggerfaggot for doing that. Do everyone a favour and kill yourself

>> No.5271374

despite being the biggest en shes third in terms of the number of shill streams done, only 1 ahead of ina due to her most recent one. she likely isn't that much of a pushover with management.

>> No.5271389

The age discussion isn't about 2D, stop backpedalling.

>> No.5271405

Nyanners doesn't like slurs or islamophobia. You better apologise or I'll tell her and that will be it with your third level discord access.

>> No.5271417

Then why are you randomly involving anime/loli into their discussion? Fuck off retard

>> No.5271424

actually with ina's draw a lot stream i think they are equal now

>> No.5271428

If you don’t want me to conflate 2d pedophiles with 3d pedophiles stop conflating them yourself by being both. One thing to fap to loli and I don’t care about that. But you’re going out of your way to push 3d pedo beliefs.

>> No.5271431

that means she was 13 at the time of habbo hotel, and she was here before the raids so her 11yo range matches

>> No.5271453

Wasn't doing any of that, stop making up bullshit. Kill yourself

>> No.5271473

Not him but an earlier post by you.
>Nyanners is literally right about lolicons online only being triggered at her because they’re non-ironic pedophiles.
Nyanners conflates 2d and 3d by making the distinction that it's, "not just cartoons" and by saying her lolicon userbase is also infact all pedos. You now also express that same old sentiment. You already believe all lolicons are pedos. The entire point of lolicons being mad at her is because Nyanners and (you) put them in the same box. So, yes (you) brought it up and started conflating. He didn't backpedal at all.

>> No.5271494

nigger you're the one who started conflating, not him
why are nyannerfags so fucking idiotic

>> No.5271498

>third world
In every part of the civilized world the age of consent is between 14 and 16. I've personally fucked a 14 year old and it was incredibly fucking hot. Cry harder faggot

>> No.5271511

It boggles my mind that there are actually people who buy her "tihi I am a cute innocent girl" facade. She is so obviously fake and rotten that it stinks.

>> No.5271526


>> No.5271528

This. Nyanners was a lying bitch.

>> No.5271539

If you’re the anon saying 11-17 isn’t a groomable age range you are. If you’re just going out of your way to defend that anon, same thing. At that point he’s only triggered by Nyanners be he is actually a pedophile.

You’re cutting off the qualifying condition of that statement. Which was
>If you don’t think 11-17 is a fucked up age range to groom girls
The statement after the condition is hyperbolic too.

>> No.5271546

I would argue it is because how closeted EN was until recently. And Gura wouldn't be able to collab well outside of EN. Not doing much sponsorships is actually a bad thing. But that changed recently with Scarlet Nexus etc.
Reality of Holo that if they really want you to do something then you will. They won't frad you per say but they can choke any little freedom you got out of you. And if Cover wants those collabs real bad then Gura will have very little say in it.

>> No.5271570

NO. I already fucking told you. I responded to your bullshit after you conflated 2D and 3D.
It wouldn't surprise me if you and that retard is the very same person based on your responses.

>> No.5271595

>"not just cartoons"
yes and since when did this opinion stop being BASED on the board?

>> No.5271604

because you are that guy and you are falseflagging

>> No.5271606

b-but Nyanners got groomed when she was 17! don't you see!

>> No.5271614

>You’re cutting off the qualifying condition of that statement. Which was
The qualifying statement doesn't matter because You shouldn't be linking reality with 2d n the first place. 2d is not 3d. That's the entire point. If (you) want to conflate it, that's entirely on (you).

>> No.5271615

>Gura x nyanners collab when
Hopefully never

>> No.5271657

When you realize the vshojo+ general was a containment thread much like the AOG.

>> No.5271671

>fucking 14 year olds and bragging about it
you got an inferiority complex or something anon?
Or only 14 y/o dumb bitches give you tail?
Not judging the fact but that's not a great accomplishment.

>> No.5271675
File: 330 KB, 798x752, 1623871713885.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Today i will remind them where the real pedophiles stand

>> No.5271678
File: 240 KB, 1280x720, 161026562_2886785951565368_9111050585009637032_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5271681

what more freedom could they choke for gura? all she does is gaming streams with the occasional unarchive karaoke for members.
im not saying gura wont do shill streams but that you would think she would be the first one ask to do it and since she doesnt have the most it would imply she is able to say no to managers.

>> No.5271684
File: 1.22 MB, 2250x3000, gura nyanners board.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One day

>> No.5271696
File: 72 KB, 662x677, 1623872036128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5271702

You’re retarded because I didn’t conflate 2D and 3D nor do I personally think they are the same thing.
All I said is that if you Nyanners antis react to actual child grooming by claiming the concept of child grooming is bullshit you’re just proving her point about her lolicon antis.

Nice rrat. You would have to believe that not to seem retarded huh?

>> No.5271715
File: 277 KB, 720x1859, 1623872144025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5271716

hololive/vshojo collab happened and is about to happen again
thinking more is impossible is cope at this point
something isn't bait just because you don't like it

>> No.5271722

I'm not calling this thread bait, i'm calling the faggot calling people pedophiles bait

>> No.5271723

>I didn’t conflate 2D and 3D
Nope. That was exactly what you were doing. Anime/Loli was never part of the discussion until you brought it up.

>> No.5271734
File: 138 KB, 590x641, 1623872262628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5271758

She recently talked about the origin of her name. Nyanners is actually a name she used in a raid on a Naruto forum she participated in back then. The name stuck with her after that.

>> No.5271761
File: 232 KB, 510x662, 1593220130709.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That fucking inkling gets me every time

>> No.5271765
File: 79 KB, 523x729, 1623872325994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5271774

Dude she was a teenager, get over and and stop being being a creep

>> No.5271778

> tell that to the glowies who sack people for possession and board raids on drawn CP this board has done in the past
I guess /vt is the special type of retarded part of it then.

>> No.5271785

so you think nyanners is baiting us?

>> No.5271792

Why does this keep happening?

>> No.5271820

Of course, she's a veteran shitposter.

>> No.5271821

Why dont the bad guys never die? Every year, I see good people die. Bad guys? Feels like once every ten billion years. Why cant Nyanners just have a car accident. Give me SOMETHING life. I am not asking for much. Just one less bad person in this horrible world.

>> No.5271831

Actual pedophiles like to call out Loli art because they know that it will take eyes off of them, because many people conflate the two.

>> No.5271833

>bippity boppity, gimme the zoppity
Do zoomers really?

>> No.5271844
File: 478 KB, 1280x409, 1609886928068.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not him but i think they are projecting, every single one of them, it's a psychological thing
so if they care more about anime than real minors, always assume they could be a predator

>> No.5271863

This post smells of cat litter box and purulent mangina. She had the body of an instagram model and wanted the d.

>> No.5271879

>naruto fanon chatango raids
good times, nyanners was very cute in those, she had a yui avatar and people on 4chan and the fanon site both kept thinking she was one of the actual roleplayers because of her masterful trolling

they were way after habbo raids though, more like 2009-2010

>> No.5271882

i don't get it, why does every pedophile look exactly like the fucking stereotype
i'd expect at least one of them to not look like a child molester.

>> No.5271884

>yibbity dibbity ya skrrt yes
And Nyanners thinks this girl is a genius

>> No.5271903
File: 862 KB, 600x888, 1621993224388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a phenomenon called "projection".

>> No.5271912

From my perspective I made one rude comment to an actual pedo and you start sperging about me conflating things I didn’t conflate. I just wanted to call him a nigger, I’m not anti-loli. Why are you having such a fragile reaction to one comment not even directed at you?

>> No.5271926

>when i see a loli in anime it gives me a boner so it must give everyone a boner
When a normal person sees a child they just think of them as a child, not loli.

>> No.5271943
File: 217 KB, 476x531, 1596429706738.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you're gonna act like Nyanners and involve anime/loli in your AoC discussion, you should kill yourself my friend.

>> No.5271944

Has nyanners actually done that though?
Isn't it just literally one paragraph?

>> No.5271945

and my uncle works at Shittendo
we get it, anon, now stop topicfagging

>> No.5271949

Normal people see a character. Because they already know that fiction is not reality.

>> No.5271960

Unfortunately for you as a pedophile you’re much more likely to end it by roping yourself than me.

>> No.5271980

Kill yourself thanks

>> No.5271999

The numbers friend, what do they mean.

>> No.5272005


>> No.5272012

the thing is activists can't actually admit this.
if it's all just fiction and it doesn't really matter their essentially wasting their lives on something without any impact and they lose any kind of moral argument.
so they have to keep on pretending everyone is retarded and can't differentiate reality from fiction.

>> No.5272019

could you two do a group suicide in Minecraft thanks

>> No.5272023

Gold. I need more closeted people getting exposed.

>> No.5272048

>doesn't even say seethe
what a massive faggot

>> No.5272127

> Gura x nyanners collab when
Gura would rather die from waterboarding as to collab with this pink trash can.

>> No.5272135

general consensus is if you're looking at "lolicon" characters that are just petite tomboy women which majority of "loli" characters are then it's fine.
If you're rubbing it to doujis where 7 y/os get railed then it's not. Glownegroes seem to agree with that statement.

>> No.5272157

>I've personally fucked a 14 year old
In my country this is legal and honestly, it's the best fucking thing in the universe.

>> No.5272161
File: 107 KB, 604x721, 1621218092075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This projection also happens in Japan btw

>> No.5272186

only a pedophile would collect these images for the sole purpose of defending themselves against accusations of pedophilia

seek therapy

>> No.5272218

You sound like the person who would end up in one of these images. Seek help

>> No.5272220

Hmmm I have seen more closeted people getting their shit exposed than actually lolicons being even remotely related to serious cases of pedophilia. Show me studies or data that show lolicons = real pedophiles.
You can't.

>> No.5272234

Okay pedophile

>> No.5272235

you masturbate to child porn

>> No.5272240

why are you mad your pals are getting exposed lmao

>> No.5272250

"The Left is corrupting our kids and grooming these poor underaged boys and girls!"
>fucked a 14 year old
It's supposed to be different 4chan, you were the chosen one.

>> No.5272256

Very nice rebuttal. The fact that the chances of me being prisoned are near %0 compared to you makes me laugh.

>> No.5272260

This thread is pretty good data, as you guys simultaneously circlejerk about fucking 14 year olds while also circlejerking about how being lolicons doesn’t make you pedos

>> No.5272265

I don't even like anime I only like vtubers. Pls seek help before it's too late.

>> No.5272271

Bait, and we already had this conversation like in 4 threads

>> No.5272283

You groom actual children

>> No.5272290
File: 3 KB, 125x99, 1512393283046s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys realize that you are just getting baited by that idiot, right?

>> No.5272291

>This thread is pretty good data
This is a cope.

>> No.5272297

how does it feel to project? is it painful nyannerfag?

>> No.5272299

average pedoposter

>> No.5272303

Fucking 14 year olds doesn't make you a pedophile either, it's safe, healthy and legal in most of the West. Prove me wrong

>> No.5272324

I've already told them that. Now I'm just watching an laughing.

>> No.5272331

bruh you couldn't be more wrong.
first off a lot of people lost their shit over uzaki chan, who literally has giant tits and is in university, she's not a loli, she's just short.
a lot of these niggers are hypersensitive and will lose their shit at literally anything they think is a child regardless of the actual facts.
having said that, loli porn and child porn is fundamentally different, loli porn is fictional and doesn't actually harm a child.
comparing the two is actually fucking retarded.

>> No.5272334

you finally show your true colours, nyannerfag

>> No.5272336

how to spot a Leftie

>> No.5272343

This thread already went to shit
I’ll better lurk in /ggg/

>> No.5272361


>> No.5272364

yes and it's fun to fuel the fire on both sides

>> No.5272372


>> No.5272381

we got a 4chan historian here.
i hope the thesis you write using this thread as data will help you get your social science degree as fast as possible so you can become a starbucks employee and actually contribute to society.

>> No.5272397

pedophiles on 4chan are honestly more easily triggered than any of the twitter users they seem to obsess over

>> No.5272413

Ok pedophile

What’s up with pedes and STEM? Just because you guys are more likely to be autistic??

>> No.5272491
File: 10 KB, 534x248, Bait Coupon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You dumbasses shouldn't be posting anymore when the guy couldn't reply to the numbers post. The place is being raided by /pol/twittards.

>> No.5272564

>Coroners and Justice Act 2009, sections 62-68 made it a criminal offence to be in possession of “prohibited images” of children. This is defined closely to require that the image is first grossly offensive and obscene, and pornographic for purposes of sexual arousal. It also requires that the focus is principally on the child’s genitals and sexual regions, or includes one of various sexual acts either with the child or in the presence of the child. It also covers images that depict sexual activity in the presence of or between children and an animal, whether dead, alive, or imaginary.
> PROTECT Act 2003, which was much more narrowly tailored to criminalise non-photographic pornographic images of children, but only if they are indistinguishable from actual images of a minor.

It might be retarded but it operates on the "risk of harm" and possible production and destribution principles. "Victimless crime" rhetoric while valid often does not correlate to actual data of possessers.
TLDR not every loli porn enjoyer is a pedo but all pedos are loli porn enjoyers.

>> No.5272594
File: 54 KB, 490x333, Dit8Eu2UYAErIB5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5272618

Your mistake is thinking every loli is a child.

>> No.5272654

Not really, some pedos don’t feel satisfied with loli hentai because they want the real thing.
And here’s an anecdote: I found a MAP on Twitter saying that lolicon should be banned

>> No.5272699

>Laughs in AoC laws in Europe
Sneed and dilate troon

>> No.5272711

Samefag, but another mistake was thinking 2d has any correlation between child exploitation. The lawmakers of the U.S. are retared and don't know the facts. They banned GTA in a county in the U.S. recently because they thought GTA was the reason behind more car thefts. In reality, there is no correlation between 2d and 3d because the brain is able to differentiate fictional media and reality. Well, those who are more normal than others. This is obviously the majority because if it wasn't. We would be able to see a lot more people who commit crimes because of them lacking this aspect.

>> No.5272766

Combatting anti-loli arguments is just as easy as combatting anti-video games or anti-violent media arguments.
It's the exact same shit, just with a different target.

>> No.5272828

dunno what they have to do with this thread but troons really live in you /pol/tards heads rent free huh

>> No.5272868

>most people who are furries or into zoo art are zoophiles in real life given the chance.
>drawn cp (not lolicon as a whole) is different though and totally comparable to anti-violence argument.

>> No.5272964

yiff in hell

>> No.5272973

The furry thing is only said because they are one of most vocal groups against lolicon, so >we call them dogfuckers because they should apply the same logic of “you want the real thing” to themselves

>> No.5273067

Although, I don't believe furry art is really different in that aspect, there is a legitimate case for this. The culture around Furries try to make the furry persona an extension of themselves. This being OCs and fursuits. This phenomenon isn't a thing in the lolicon community because they keep their stuff rooted in drawings of stylized characters. I still think furry art is stylized enough from it to be different enough from its most close real world equivalent. Personally, I think they're deranged for thinking lolicons and furries are different. I also think for them to conflate 2d and 3d on lolicons is actual projection. They can't possibly believe lolicons are pedos and go on about their day yiffing to furry art and not conflate that too. What I'm trying to say is I don't like furries not because they're furries, but because they're massive faggots. They all should Yiff in hell.

>> No.5273116

Honestly, HoloEN x Vshojo (- melody & that period blood on poop bitch) collab is very likely to happen.

>> No.5273145

Furries have to distance themselves from lolicons so they can be seen as acceptable in the mainstream. It isn’t personal. Furries can hypothetically be accepted in a way lolicons never will be.

>> No.5273242

I couldn't look at vei the same way after she said she pooped out a huge mass of bloody uterus skin out of her vagina

Don't delude yourself furfag, lolicon is already mainstream. Just look at the biggest loli vtubers like the ones from this thread

>> No.5273264

You are thinking of child porn and pedophiles, and the heads of antilolifags

>> No.5273338

Before long society will come for lolicons. Enjoy it while it lasts. Furries will be fine though.

>> No.5273373
File: 280 KB, 687x458, 1603864850724.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should take your meds

>> No.5273403

If the Ironmouse&Calli collab is a success (and it will be, nobody can hate on a crippled girl without looking like an asshole) and we get maybe another successful collab after that I could actually see a group collab happening, like among us or some 5vs5 game.

>> No.5273440

>already mainstream
That's the worst part. Everything mainstream turns to shit.
I hate all the FBI spam garbage and hope everyone who does that suffers painfully.

>> No.5273471

Fuck them, Cub art and kemoshota/loli is still really huge in most furry circles. Right once that idea gets shown publically to the world furfags will be driven out too. They should've buddied up with the lolis before it was too late. The autistism could've overwhelmed the normalfags, but no they had to go be gay and yiff it all up. Not only that, their culture was a breeding ground for diseases and grooming just because it was super gay and open to children. Fuck furfags, they deserve whats coming to them.

>> No.5273576

>most people who are furries or into zoo art are zoophiles in real life given the chance
That isn't really true, but fuck the goddamn furries in anyway.

>> No.5273621

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. The retards think cub is fine because it "totally isn't loli". Fucking furries, you should go to Gensokyo.

>> No.5273633

It’s undeniably true. You can’t even acess nhentai in France anymore because of loli. Give it a decade or two all western countries will follow suit. Enjoy it while you still can.

>> No.5273678
File: 31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yulia is a documented unironic lolcow. a leper of the internet.

thats all you need to know.

if you fangirl for a lolcow or financialľy support it you are fucking retard and should be made fun of in public.

>> No.5273780
File: 460 KB, 1230x1974, 1623046174805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread is NOT cute and funny yet it mentions Gura!!

>> No.5273908

Anything where Gura is automatically becomes cute and funny, though.

>> No.5273932
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NTA I live in France and can still access

>> No.5273965

Why have people started using this instead of sadpanda? I'm still on sadpanda, should I switch? What does nhentai do that sadpanda doesn't?

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>> No.5274138

It's easy to access. Normalfags see sadpanda as some kind of sekrit klub.

>> No.5274145

There’s no reason to switch if you’re comfortable. Nhentai has a more modern layout, that’s all. Its selection is the same, I think it literally just mirrors sadpanda doujin releases since it froze updates when sadpanda was done in a while back.

>> No.5276699


>> No.5276760

this but unironically

>> No.5276803


>> No.5279639

The same reason why cheaters usually falsely accuse their own partner for cheating

>> No.5280728

We got live smooth brain here who larps up the act that slut pink cat puts up for them.
Seriously, how do you guys survive in this dog eat dog world with 0 common sense?

>> No.5280889

Common sense is being skeptical when the autists on this site claim one vtuber supposedly hates another.

>> No.5280908

>Nyanners hate lolicon
>Uses Loli Model
>Panders to actual Lolicons in Twitch
2 faced bitches like her are a curse to our world

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