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It's there trap vtubers that are fun to watch?

I miss this guy like you wouldn't believe.

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quiet but an inspiration

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>It's there trap vtubers that are fun to watch
Mashiro is great. He doesn't crossdress or act like a girl though, he just sounds and looks the part. He plays a different horror game every day. He has a bit of an attitude sometimes (once he got pissed at concernfags in chat) but that's part of his appeal.

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So he isn't a trap. Stop saying he is. He just looks girly. Someone like Kaoru on first glance would make you think 'female'. Mashiro is a bit too male to fit under the trap category.

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>So he isn't a trap
Well, he wears heels. I don't think it's so necessary to get anal about a vtuber that sounds like a girl, looks like a girl, is often confused for a girl and wears heels being called a trap. I mean a trap is just a character that tricks you into believing they're female to begin with, right? Under that idea he fits the criteria.

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No, to nobody's surprise, guys who want to look like girls so they can lure other guys by pretending to be girly tend to be boring prima donnas with the loosest sense of stable self-worth. Just take the babinikupill, faggot.

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Aw I got excited for a second since I thought it was a lewd vtuber by the picture, to me it just looks like a bit girly but no more than that. Thanks for the recommendation though.
I like both honestly, to me a guy that acts girly is cute but also a guy that still acts like a guy and has a girl model can also be cute. Take it from someone that loves Kataochi Chuuko from 30th video rentals (pic related.)

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Based and babinikupilled

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I remember coming across this vtuber due to one clip of matsuri molesting her, only few months ago I knew it was a guy, based honestly.

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It's the one with the amazing Live 2D right? Is it not a girl?

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He doesn't seem to even be tenor

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found this guy pretty recently. he's quiet but chill to listen to. does some gaming and zatsudan but is also an illustrator who does dirty fanart streams of himself.

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Amazing artist
sucks that his content is kinda dull

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> It's there trap vtubers that are fun to watch?
Yes, I found this dude.

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based if true

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I always thought she's way too masculine.

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But Kiara has a vagina
I’ve seen it

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The mainstream one. Inuyama Tamaki

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I always thought Artemis had like a smoker voice than trans but I would totally believe it since I was wondering that too.
Kinda sucks that is actually a girl but I think is based that she is kinda a popular trap mangaka.

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