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Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cimrai

If you haven't heard of Cimrai, she's a blue elf demon thing that has a sexy accent and likes BDSM. I know that sounds like literally every single EN vtuber but hey, at least she's not a cat.

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Went to check, awesome character, with a strong English accent. Noice combo.

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>BDSM theme
So when can I expect her to talk about the male gaze and ask me to donate to her only fans?

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>hot voice
>British accent
Mixed feelings

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>god tier design
>decent rigging
>great voice
>checks twitter bio
aaand dropped

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>demon girl nÂș20384304823084
No, fuck you

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This is why you shouldn't delve into chuubas non-streamer shit, anon. Live in ignorant bliss like I do.

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Friendly reminder that she hates loli and is part of the crowd that tried to cancel Kyuotto. Don't support nasty people.

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thanks for letting me know. dropped like hot shit. design is generic anyway.

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Do you people genuinely believe that this is a British accent? She sounds like an American trying extremely hard to do her best impression after watching Downton Abbey, and it still sounds shit. Fucking horrible.

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she hates lolis

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I don't know if it's an American base, but it keeps slipping out of whatever she's going for.

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seethe more pedo

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What's that got to do with my post, this is the first time I saw her and got know from OP.

>Went to check, awesome character
I meant character design - demon + elf hybrid - it is fresh and right out of a fantasy game like Skyrim.

It has got nothing to do her likes & dislikes and personally, I too hate lolis and into milfs.

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Yeah just avoid her Twitter. I don't care about whatever her opinion on loli is she's just annoying as fuck on there.

Kyuotto is shite anyways

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Definitely one of the most unique VTubers I've seen (bonus for not being anime style), I've always wondered what a semi realistic model would look like after rigging. I checked out a recent VOD and her voice is a massive turn off. Only thing good about this person is their model.

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I'm English and to me her voice sounds completely fake, she's constantly acting. Even if her real underlying accent is British, she's definitely putting it on in her streams. Either way it's far from sexy, to me it's just grating.

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Good. So do I.

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>likes bdsm
nice, that sounds intere-
>she hates lolis
dropped, thread hidden

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>her not being a pedo is a bad thing

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What world do you live in where 'demon elf hybrid' is fresh lmao? Shit's stale as fuck

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No thanks

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This is the first time i actually went to check vtuber stream because of design
Nice boobs, i gotta say

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Cool design
Shame about the everything else.

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You'd think demons would be evil. So why's a demon supporting some socially acceptable nonsense? I think a true demon would support things like racism. Kayfabe is dead.

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