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Why is her dirty perverted antics so cute bros?

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Coz pheromones simple. Female bitches in heat exude ungodly amount of pheromones to attract males to fuck the life out of them. The same goes for this bitch.

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She's so cute wish she was pure

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Literally built for BBC

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I want to show her my penis, have her laugh at it, flash a lot of it, then see her compose herself as she tries to seductively suck it

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I like her for not speaking baby engwish to attract western retards

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>jap girl, pure
He doesn't know, elmao

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She's not cute if she doesn't fuck Matuli

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t.fujo schizo with a sandy pussy

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t. Summer Color Festival

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Yeah, her English is actually pretty good


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Alright, Winter Fiesta.

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Whatever you say, Autumn Color Celebration

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Ah yes, internet pheromones; my favourite!

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Buck breaking cock?

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Brit Bong Cock

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Nice try, Spring Carnival

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Why is matsuri so into sara?
Is her roommate that hot?

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Sumfest love blonde cunny

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Actually, I think Matsuri is better looking of the two, she probably just sees Sara as the ultimate high-energy extrovert idol that she herself has always wanted to be.

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I think it's because Hoshikawa will humiliate her by rejecting her and flirting with other streamers, which is Matsuri's fetish.

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Brazilian Bulbous Cock

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then just think about it, if she can make you this horny just by seeing her in the vids then what would happen if you ever meet her in real life.
Your body will go into auto-pilot mode and wont stop breeding the shit out of her till she is popping out kids.

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Hold the fuck up, that is definitely a licking motion, how did I not catch that the first 12 times

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It's not, she rubs with her cheek. It's cute, not lewd.

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Anon, from the third second, that's literally a licking motion.

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At first yeh, but at the 4 sec mark she flicks her head backwards a bit and her mouth moves. It also prompts Gundo to actually bump her away.

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Oh I'm blind. Still cute.

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Stupid sexy slut

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juat watch the whole stream they sniff each other too

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Yes, she is very beautiful

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She's isn't 100% asian so she's automatically hotter.

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Why she's so horny for this hag?

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She gets to live out the "getting groomed by your teacher" fantasy that she missed out on all through high school.

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Gundou is by far the hottest niji

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>Watch Sara ofter
>Find her sexy as fuck
>Try to watch Gundou
>Fucking disgusting
I don't know why, but I can't stomach her

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I only care about NijiEN but Hoshikawa's design is SEX

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I remember reading or hearing from her that she has like 4 new outfits in the making?
When can we expect to see them?

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Same, I unironically hope that she gets impregnated by an Englishman one day.

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As a purebred Englishman, I volunteer my services.

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Think she's better off with a Scot.

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KEK, that's fine for me.

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A reminder that she likes it rough

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No, Dola is definitely the hottest.

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Is Hoshikawa like the Nijisanji version of Coco, minus the bugmen and graduating?

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