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Bros, something is wrong with the queen of vtubers...I'm scared.

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Why don’t they just introduce a bunch of people to play Ai? They won’t even have to let the people know since they’ll be none the wiser.

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They are normal people. Normal people get sick time to time

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the queen of vtubers is miku hatsune aka fubuki

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Another publicity stunt for more subs. How desperate can you be?

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She will be in my thoughts

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no one cares

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>no one cares

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Who even still cares about her?

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she will be eaten by the shark soon

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People saying no one cares is like saying who cares about the soldiers who lost their lives to give you freedom, motherfucker she paved the way for you to enjoy your virtual youtubers, pay fucking respects to the OG

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The holos are responsible for this.

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Stop watching corporate whore, support your indies

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What does it mean that she's in trouble? Is she dying? Did she get a DUI?

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why do we have to suffer from chumbabies raiding every fucking ai thread?

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she got coof

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I don't care about the army

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What soldiers? The pointless terrorists who got btfo only for a decade later independence to happen anyway because the Bongs were too poor to keep their empire?

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>What soldiers? The pointless terrorists who got btfo only for a decade later independence to happen anyway because the Bongs were too poor to keep their empire?

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who asked her to "pave the way" you schizo? vtuber would exist eventually with or without her

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fuck off phoneposter

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Her soul probably got the coof or something. She'll be fine.

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She's dying because Gura is going to reach 3m before her. Being sick isn't going to help her reach 3m though lmao

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Don't worry there's like 3 other Kizunas, just watch them instead

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graduation incoming

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It says
>Kizuna Ai's poor condition has continued
Since this was tweeted by the company account while her personal account is dead she's probably quite ill

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They should get her a new soul.

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>kizuna actually stays in character even during a sickness announcement
>schizos who can't tell reality from fiction think she's dying

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yeah, it's not like they didn't try that and it didn't end up a disaster.

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why would she need to stoop so low? she can just post a short meme clip of her doing something goofy like some vtubers do and get instant sub boosts

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this is a schizo board so it is how it is

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It's just a ploy to garner sympathy so she gets to 3 million. Pekora pulled the same shit for numbers.

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