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So let me get this straight. Gura leaves an unwashed dish in the sink for, in her words, "three weeks minimum", long enough for the rotten egg to turn black, and despite the horrible stench it took her that long to check it? Probably longer from the way she worded it? How can someone be this much of a slob? This is one of the most disgusting stories I have ever heard, only beaten by "I ate pizza off the floor of a public bathroom *hic*." But that story is just "I'm eating thousands of germs" disgusting, not "I live in a complete pigsty" disgusting. And Gura's story is much more recent.

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yea its called depression

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you see this could be easily avoided if gura just married me

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i live in a complete mess and i ain't depressed, i just don't care specifically about being tidy

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Unironically correct. It's easy to tell. Poor Gura.

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Talk to more women in their 20s. This isnt even surprising.

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maybe you should visit a doctor if you're so confident about not having depression

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And be replaced with cumstains on the floor and on the bedsheets?

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All women know is eat hot cheetos blah blah blah

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I'm depressed and my house is spotless. I don't think someone's tolerance for dirtiness has anything to do with their menhera. Unless it's OCD.

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could gura have a hoarding disorder?

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Doctors are expensive, it's why I've never been diagnosed with OCD even though I'm practically certain I have it.

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you have no idea how bad black egg smells, and the smell doesn't go away for a few days after you clean everything. BUT I didn't really notice that one of the eggs I had in storage was cracked for a week or two as well, and it only started stinking up the place once I had to move it. maybe she had other stuff containing the rotten egg stench on her sink.

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Yeah this is honestly quite terrible. And not normal.

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American millennial women typically live in disgusting conditions.

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You get used to the smell if you dont leave your house like a NEET. My parents had a dead rat under the oven and forgot because they went noseblind

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Americans in general really. A result of being milked constantly to keep the corporations turning properly.

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A dead rrat lol

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>book an appointment with expensive psych
"what seems to be the problem"
>"nothing really"
actually i guess i could get diagnosed with something by doing that, coz it's fucking retarded

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>muh corporate machine
clean your fucking room pinko

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Get off the benzos then talk to me Dr. Peterson

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I cleaned the dishes out of my sink for the first time in a couple months today after losing my mind over small flies being all over my house, still not sure where they're coming from it's possible it's my bathroom because I only flush the toilet once a day or two. I was just washing the same plate and cup that I kept stacked on top of all the other dirty dishes daily. There was a smell too, but that might have been coming from the trash. I'm not even a NEET, I'm just dead tired after work and hate doing anything that feels like a job on my off days.

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>feels like a job on my off days.

Bad mentality. I consider cleaning a necessity of life and actively choose to engage. Someone needs to tell Gura.

Humans are naturally dirty so it makes sense everything they come into contact with needs to be washed.

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>He thinks I will waste any of it outside of her
You w0t mate?

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>Humans are naturally dirty
Being alive is naturally dirty. You know most animals have to have sex in order to have children and create new life? Life begins with one of the most dirty possible actions that exists.

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Communism is worse but that doesn't mean what's better is any good either.

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Sex isn't dirty. Wtf.

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I must marry Gura and take care of her.......

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Cam you imagine being Gura's house husband?
>She's cranky after a stream and wants something to munch, no matter how late it is
>She asks you to rub her back or feet to feel better
>When you've gone to bed she just flops right on top of you with a 'wheee!' waking you up
>She occasionally mutes her mic in a stream and tells you to 'pipe down!' when you're trying to clean up messes she made
>She asks you to hug her during her lonely moments and promise you won't go away

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I dreamed that Gura tried to kill me, woke up screaming and everything. In the dream, I was at an amusement part eating a candy apple and she just came out of nowhere and jumped on me, keep trying to choke and she overpowered me and was hitting my head against the pavement. I remembered being terrified but also pissed cause i dropped my apple.

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i had the same dream

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I am unironically too good for Gura, but I'd gladly lower my standars for her

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There's unironically a girl in a discord server I'm in that lives like such crap it makes me want to marry her purely out of concern for her wellbeing. This reads like either some sort of shitpost or a horny desire to take advantage of a vulnerable girl but jesus christ that girl needs help. Somebody please get her out of her parents house her mother is going to end up poisoning her with expired food.

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Maybe she is depressed
I'm clinically depressed and have no motivation or drive for anything, this includes cleaning and staying clean. I feel detached from myself and the consequences of the neglect.
You're only hearing the version of events that gura actually puts out there, the reality may well be worse.

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Or she might just be a dirty fucker because of chronic laziness for it's own sake. I've lived with multiple people who were like that at some point, and I've been that dirty out of both depression and sheer laziness alone at different times. Eventually you snap out of it and stop tolerating the mess and the flies and you simply build better habits. It could literally be nothing at all and she's just a lazy messy fucker.

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He said depressed, not a hoarder.

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>after losing my mind over small flies being all over my house, still not sure where they're coming from
Drain flies. They're coming from a dry trap in your house if you have a bathroom sink, toilet, or drain that hasn't been used in a while. You can solve this by keeping the traps filled by running water into them at least once a week or getting a plug for drains that you don't use often..

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>I have nearly 3 million subscribers and am by far the most popular and successful person in my industry but man am I depressed!
Can Gura be any whinier? I swear, so you got killed in Among Us a few times. Get over it.

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It's OCD. When everything feels empty and your brain refuses to give you the happy chemical for all but the most fucked up shit - and only once - you stop caring until something necessitates you care.

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Nice clean room you got there with all the roaches and rats in your home, cockroach-chama

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All the rroaches and rrats lmao

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On the other hand, it could be none of that. So, with respect: Nah

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It has to be one of the two. Unless someone is paying her to not clean, or holding a family member hostage and will kill them if she cleans anything. I mean some of these schizos can get really fucking out there if they don't take their meds for a few days, you might be on to something with this.

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I assume she lives alone? When you live alone some people do not feel the need to clean because they don't have anyone to impress. I mean she's a member of Hololive, that automatically means she has no friends.

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You know she could just be a lazy person who uses her any regular life struggle to excuse herself from responsibilities.

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>practices her talking in the mirror before leaving the house
>often complains that she's lonely
>can't tell the wagecuck in McDonald's he fucked up her order
>has memory issues that are making her consider going to the doctor
>fucked up sleep schedule
>recurrent nightmares
>eats spoiled food
>constantly says she hasn't spoken the whole day until the stream
this is the most successful person in the virtual youtuber industry

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It reminds me of all the stories where all the people who won the lottery have immediately seen their lives crumble and fall apart.

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Then you aren't doing it right.

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she still says that her life is much better since she joined hololive. Imagine all that greentext but cleaning bathrooms and small voice acting roles instead of streaming

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It's an industry for mentally ill women who cater to depressed delusional men, we aren't talking cream of the crop here.

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I want to be Gura's house-husband and get so frustrated and annoyed that we're at each other's throats until one day we murder-suicide.

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Yes, but that a) falls under the purview of sheer laziness and b) I live alone and I clean because the flies were driving me insane. It's gotta be someone with power over her or who she's desperately dependent on for validation. It makes sense, right? Either they have some dirt on her from her past, or she's so dependent on them the threat of leaving is enough to force her hand. They clearly have a thing for lazy, dirty girls, so they forbid her from cleaning her apartment. They come over, maybe a couple of times a week, and walk around criticising the newest additions to her cesspit. The pile of pizza boxes has gotten a little higher, the sink smells worse, and the bathroom is as much a disaster zone as ever. They then pick a pile of filth that strikes their fancy, and they push gura over into it and take in the sight of her looking up from her soiled floor at them. What comes next doesn't stop until gura is a half naked, quivering mess who can hardly stand up from among the trash. They then sarcastically tell her to "clean yourself up", and then leave to come back again in another few days.

Life's hard for a catshark.

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So this is what people mean when they talk about schizos.

>> No.5262256

>your oshi
>how clean you keep your place
I scrub till my hands bleed and the floors sparkle

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Gura seems like the type of person who would ignore their p-trap getting siphoned out.

>> No.5262368

gura is always trying to gross out calli because she can't bant with the cuck-deadbrap

>> No.5262654

Their what?

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they rack disciprine

>> No.5262850

imagine a wealthy cute anime girl and still being depressed

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A pipe beneath a drain which use standing water as a barrier to keep sewer gas from entering your room through the drain.

>> No.5263062

And why would someone siphon it out? This is some sort of sabotage technique?

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Water evaporates anon, so you should run a bit of water through your faucets every now and then to prevent it from drying out.

>> No.5263255

>Imagine having bad genetics so your brain chemicals don't mix right
Yeah, imagine that.

>> No.5263282

Oh. Isn't that going to happen naturally anyway though, like if you wash your hands in that sink some water would go through it.

>> No.5263300

To prevent this ->>>5261414

>> No.5263331

The the air pressure beyond the trap is fucked then the weight of the air above the trap siphons (pushes) the water out of the trap towards the sewer. After that there is no water barrier (at least until you run water through the drain again) so sewer gas escapes.
The air pressure can get fucked up for any number of reasons, but if your plumbing was done correctly it shouldn't be common. I've been in my current house for 5 years and only had it happen once.

>> No.5263340

you would think, but if she only ever uses the bathroom sink - the kitchen gets ignored. Vice versa.

>> No.5263356

depression doesn't care about wealth, anon...

>> No.5263417

Assuming she even makes that much after all the cuts get taken. Hololive base salary is pretty shit.

>> No.5263481

As you add water to the trap the old water gets pushed out and the new water goes into the trap. When you finish pouring water through the last of the water to go down the drain is stuck in the trap until you run more water.
The evaporation issue >>5263136 describes is prevent through regular use of the drain (pouring water down the drain every so often).

>> No.5263496

Pretty sure they'll get less cuts if they negotiate for more base salary.

>> No.5263505

you have to realize girls these days dont cook and just spam ubereats

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pls andastand

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I used to live in a sea of garbage, so take it from me when I say that the state of your surroundings is a reflection of the state of your mental health.

>> No.5264563

Model citizens ITT

>> No.5264573

>constantly says she hasn't spoken the whole day until the stream
damn, must be nice to be a streamer and get social interaction

>> No.5264771

>has memory issues that are making her consider going to the doctor
I really hope she does get that shit looked at.

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Every single EN girl is a fucking trainwreck.
>Kiara doesn't eat till she starts having fainting spells
>Ina probably only eats because she lives at home and even then sleeps on her floor and gets sleepy due to sunlight since she works at night
>Gura in general already covered here
>Amelia still eats gluten despite being allergic and complains about her mouth hurting cause she got new fillings in her tweet and eating ice cream makes it hurt(she wont stop eating ice cream)
>Mori just Ubers everything and never sleeps

I don't know how any of these women aren't dead yet.

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Every single one of you are autistic for believing anything they say as real

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She didn't want to get her hands wet.

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>been depressed
>lived alone
>been an alcohol
All at the same time, and it's astounding how few fucks you give and what you'll let happen. Especially true if you don't stop drinking for enough consecutive days to let your senses rebalance. Add on top of that that Gura's worked as a cleaner and wouldn't want to do more of the same work at home, and something like leaving a dish on top of food in the sink is an inevitability.

Also, the "Move tupperware food to the backs of the fridge and it goes away on its own" is a common occurrence from living alone, but even my cleanly boomer parents pull this shit from time to time.

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damn so youre depressed and retarded. depression doesnt manifest itself the same for everyone. that being said, she could just not be depressed and instead be a slob, in which case Slob Cute!

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youre socializing right now dingus

>> No.5265072

But she's a shark. Her hands are always wet.

>> No.5265104

anon, i know several people who i would consider upper middle class and still have to fight the urge to off themselves every day, depression dont give a shit how much you make

>> No.5265115

Assuming that none of them drink like fish like SHE used to, the only really worrying one there is Kiara. inb4 she burns her house down cooking while starved.

>> No.5265119

Gura is Asmongold of vtuber world

>> No.5265143

Has Kiara ever passed out on stream?

>> No.5265266

A true gamer.

>> No.5265310

all vtubers, with few exceptions, should be assumed to be slightly off in some way, it comes with the territory

>> No.5265332

that's insanely reductionist

>> No.5265362

chark seems to be literally retarded. I'm not sure how she survives on her own, nor how she did as an indie who didn't have coworkers pinging her all the time to make sure she didn't drop dead.

>> No.5265364

No cause she tends to eat before streaming, but twice now she's told stories on how she was cooking and kept having to lay on the floor of her kitchen till she felt better.
So either she's starving herself or she has a gas leak when she cooks.

>> No.5265388

She's not retarded, though she often plays that she is as part of her persona. She's just depressed, which is why she ghosts people, lives in such a filthy way, etc.

>> No.5265398

Coming from someone familiar with Ame prior to hololive, her friend group was relieved when they found out she made the cut because it meant that it might force some sort of structure and normalcy into her life. Ame's half retarded.

>> No.5265413

>Hey Ame do you have any funny nicknames?
I think Gura might be genuinely stupid.

>> No.5265460

That moment was perplexing, for sure. I think it was not a symptom of stupidity, but just her trying to think of a name. And the first name that came to mind was the one name she shouldn't have said.

>> No.5265472

>And the first name that came to mind was the one name she shouldn't have said.
Remind me

>> No.5265475

She's still a mess of a person with no self control. At least she doesn't live in some shit ghetto now.

>> No.5265559

I honestly think it was dumber than that because Gura said weird nicknames for herself that literally nobody had ever used, and not only did she use that name as an example, she repeated it. It was a ridiculously dumb moment and it must have taken all of Ame's willpower not to choke her out.

>> No.5265599

To me it was more just Gurautism. Even smart people who are awkward flounder in conversation like that and say weird dumb shit sometimes.

>> No.5265624

I don't know how much stock should really be put into any of this stuff because Pomu was supposed to be deathly ill or something and yet here she is as if nothing happened. I just try not to spend my time thinking about stuff like that and just be happy that someone I really love is back.

>> No.5265853

>shit ghetto
Detective is from the hood? What kinda ghetto wer talkin?

>> No.5265902

How much of these narratives should we consider truth, and how much should we assume are being exaggerated?

>> No.5265928

"The stories and information found here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything found here as fact."

>> No.5265974

She's not deathly ill, this place just exaggerates things. She just has a genetic condition that predisposes her to certain types of cancer, so she is having a preventative surgery in the beginning of August.

>> No.5265999

I can fact check most of these through various channels. It's rather nice to be able to know.

>> No.5266001

I hunt and regularly leave elk/deer heads hung from tree branches to rot out over the winter/spring then boil them in the fall. I also shed hunt (elk and deer lose their antlers in the spring and you can go find them) and find dead rotted animals and take their heads and boil them to get clean skulls.

The smell of boiling rotten deer head outside is almost better than rotting food in someone's depression neet cave. I had a friend in a fucked situation say some some depressed suicide shit over text, so i had to go over to help him. They lose the sense of smell over time, those people don't even realize how bad it is because they get desensitized.
The smell of rotting food bowls, garbage bags that haven't been taken out in weeks, un cleaned urine soaked bathrooms, and sweaty unshowered bodies and their sheets is unbelievably bad, its like a rotten body

>> No.5266008

She gets BLACKED daily

>> No.5266036

do it anon, give her children. Then when you are on your deathbed surrounded by your loved ones, your wife, you children, heck even your grandchildren. Say you just married your wife out of pity and leave this world in the same way you came, with making people cry.

>> No.5266067

We already have something of an agreement in place, she knows what's up.

>> No.5266115

>can relate to every single one of those aside from the spoiled food one
well shit

>> No.5266122

Why do you need to let them rot? What does that do?

>> No.5266132

her roomate was poor loser girl with no education no work just an internet autist, became very online and saw streaming as a was to continue neet internet lifestyle. Worked out in the end when she got the offer

>> No.5266200

Rotting is the process of everything that isn't the skull fucking off. He wants the skull.

>> No.5266202

because i want the skull to be clean and white, and i cant take the time to scrape all the flesh and hair and brains out and off, you let bugs eat the flesh then boil the eaten skull and brush it with a wire brush so its white and nice and clean.

You can bury them and let the worms do it, or some people have compost boxes filled with museum beetles that work really well. I don't have a museum beetle box and the ground is very cold in the spring where i live (mountains) so letting the birds and flies and maggots do it works best

>> No.5266245

If she can collab with a shit like Calli she can leave eggs on wherever. Calli's more disgusting.

>> No.5266264

the more wealthy you are, the more depressed you become

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File: 13 KB, 319x319, funnylaughingsmugface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

incredibly based

>> No.5266313

That's yucky anon. Why do all that just to have a white skull.....

>> No.5266322

You can be and do all that from not the ghetto though. I thought I missing out on some stories about running from shootings and witnessing stabbings.

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>> No.5266368

>You can be and do all that from not the ghetto though.
IIRC she's from one of the more horrid parts of socal.

>> No.5266397

... we're on a religious worship board for disembodied voices inhabiting anime girls, why do you think? I'm autistic. And so are you lol

Also its basic taxidermy, part of being in the hunting industry. I do some guiding too. I sell some of the heads and antlers and make like $1-3k a year as a byproduct of hiking through the woods and boiling skulls. People want them for fancy house decorations, and the Chinese buy powdered elk antler for chinky medicine

>> No.5266458

i like gura,she got me into vtubers,personally i think its still cringe and for weeb trash but gura is legit funny and only stumbled upon her cause of resi 8

weebs will always be weebs,but gura pulls in non weebs which means expanding the fanbase outside of the target demographic which makes her extra based

>> No.5266485

lmao cringe af

>scruffy neet girl has guy in a "agreement" in a discord server that when she finishes riding the cock carosel the simp will be there to fix her mess that is her life and run around and clean after her

reeks of total beta m8

>> No.5266546


shes a manchild living the gamer life. ive heard similar stories from speedrunners. its as common as it is disgusting. you can easily judge peoples character by their kitchen and toilet manners.

>> No.5266553

Enough with the reddit spacing dude.

>> No.5266560

These girls sit on there asses for 15 hours straight daily getting high on their own farts, you think they gonna notice some rotten food?

>> No.5266581

Bruh if there were dudes after her I wouldn't have any need to bother as long as at least one of them was a decent person.

>> No.5266595

hey i've done the same thing
and i took her advice to start using disposable plates so i don't have to wash up

>> No.5266608

What I'd like to know is why Gura was even entrusted with that information in the first place, what possible benefit could there be? All it does is increase the risk of saying it on accident, which is literally what happened.

>> No.5266630

no it's not. It's gross and creepy.

>> No.5266680

Is this in West Virginia? Blue Ridge Mountains? Shenandoah River?

>> No.5266766 [DELETED] 

western Colorado

>> No.5266786 [DELETED] 

inb4 got the joke too late lol

>> No.5266868

I wouldn't have been surprised if holos meeting and being introduced to other holos by management were only given their characters' names. Guess they have some other reason to know each others' real names.
[spoiler How do y'all even know it's the one forbidden name? [/spoiler]

>> No.5266889

western CO, got the joke now. Deleted last poast cause wrong reply #

>> No.5266916

In theory it's not that damaging because most people watching won't suspect anything. Only the truly informed would understand what Gura did. But it still pisses me off that she did it.

>> No.5266951

ame and shurk roomates were streamer types, similar circles definitely knew each other. Other roomates were internet artist and struggling rapper. They knew/know eachother

>> No.5266952

Women are a lot more sloppy than men.

>> No.5266980

You are extremely pathetic anon. You need to wake up. This will never happen you are just another embarrassing beta orbiter.

>> No.5267072

How does one become truly informed? Please ignore that I fucked up the spoiler on my last post. My fingers don't work so good I hope I'm not doing it again right now

>> No.5267087

Lmao, so much for the Chinese raiders being subtle.

>> No.5267130

>and leave this world in the same way you came, with making people cry.
top kek

>> No.5267144

>>has memory issues that are making her consider going to the doctor
Advanced alcoholism

>> No.5267252

>memory issues
Effects of alcoholism.
>recurrent nightmares
Sleeplessness and vivid dreams/nightmares are a symptom of alcohol withdrawal.

>> No.5267294

Also for new years stream she got tipsy from a glass of champagne. That is either 0 alcoholic experience or a really fucked up liver.

>> No.5267398

still better than doxxbeat prime self doxxing

>> No.5267420

Do your fucking archive and google reps. It isn't secret knowledge, faggot. Hell, find the clip they are talking about, write down the name, and then include that in your searches and it will probably narrow it down.

>> No.5267532

In the future, just press Ctrl+S while you're typing so you don't fuck up spoiler tags.

>> No.5267540

there's other imageboards than 4chan. Do your own searches and stop asking to be spoonfed, any real rrat you want can be found but do your own digging

>> No.5267673

Man, I don’t get Westerners. How come the idea of hiring a cleaner to come and sort out your mess every week or two never crosses your mind even if you can afford it (and Gura most definitely can)?
I pay $50 a month for a cleaning lady to come in twice a month, and enjoy a squeaky clean apartment most days.
Why would one ever choose to live in a dump if you have the money to outsource the cleaning? Is that some weird point of pride, like “I don’t want to exploit poor people”? Please explain, I just don’t get it.

>> No.5267674

I'm not going to pretend I'm not retarded. It doesn't hurt to try asking for a push in the right direction.

>> No.5267691

when your house is so disgusting you feel embarrassed to have other people see it, but are also too lazy to clean it yourself

>> No.5267708
File: 417 KB, 453x565, 1609395510915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sounds fucking cool anon

>> No.5267718

Just think, if only Oga hadn't ruined everything. She seems to enjoy taunting people with it.

>> No.5267745

lucky she was born a woman or she'd probably be dead

>> No.5267764

>it's at least twice that cost where I live
>people want their homes to be as private as possible
>people don't trust cleaners not to steal
>people don't like having their stuff moved/reorganized without knowing
That's what I can relate to at least. Also what >>5267691 said

>> No.5267786

...So just stay there and watch them? What are they gonna do, stop cleaning?

>> No.5267812

Yes, and we gave you an answer. I posted a rough guideline of checking archives (remember we used to be on /jp/ so check there as well) and google. I even mentioned checking the clip for the name said. I'd assume you just need that word and maybe roommate to find it if you use the right settings (hint: what happens to most doxposts). Then the other anon mentioned that MAYBE there exist entire websites dedicated to this kind of shit, like one imageboard and one jp ran blog.

Act like a faggot and you will be treated like one. I was just feeling nice today to give you a nudge in the right direction.

>> No.5267853

it has to do with pride not the faggot kind
thirdies will never understand

>> No.5267858

lol cow farm dot , use ctlr f
Enjoy your free push, ill prob delete this post soon

>> No.5267862

If you take the time and effort to do that, then you might as well clean yourself. Much of what people attribute to laziness isn't about despising the work itself, but lacking the will to rip yourself away from doing something you'd prefer to be doing.

>> No.5267889

Thank you :D

>> No.5267942

shes one of those girls that are body clean and not room clean. half the girls i know are like that, pretty much any girl with a pet is like that. most guys i know are cleaner than girls, it's kinda fucked up.

>> No.5268557

i just stopped using dishes and only eatfast food
i have fruit flies everywhere

>> No.5268961

I have a tupperware of beans I cooked almost a year ago just sitting in my fridge. It's nice to come home and see it's still there.

>> No.5268963

Time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies like banana.

>> No.5269081

It's been more than 3 months since I washed the dishes and I now only order online and never enter my kitchen. It's nothing special.

>> No.5269215

And this gives you... power over me?

>> No.5269365
File: 102 KB, 362x500, 1320195474236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>How can someone be this much of a slob?
Let's see
>It's been 5 weeks since the last time I cleaned
my place. Filled with fast food bags, plastic plates and soda cans
>It's been 2 weeks since I did laundry
>It's been 4 days since last time I showered
>I don't even do dishes anymore I eat from plastic plates and throw them afterwards.

It happens, especially when you're neet and depressed.

>> No.5269380
File: 17 KB, 283x332, 1598884574070.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are fucked

>> No.5269429

seek sunlight

>> No.5269455
File: 34 KB, 640x480, sunlight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5269482

>its nice to come home and see its still there
this nigga marrying beans

>> No.5269492

Is this show where Gura got the idea to put a sticky note on her head?

>> No.5269516

Probably but it's never confirmed.

>> No.5269592

You people are fucking disgusting. I can leave my dishes for the night at most, and even then I feel bad about it.
Clean your shit, even fucking animals do it.

>> No.5269657

sounds like how I lived at the peak of my frat days

>> No.5269665

Kiara especially has chronic back pains and didn't want to go to a doctor until chat yelled at her (she still hasn't gone yet btw)

>> No.5269666
File: 30 KB, 640x360, cringeworth-socially-awkward-anime-characters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's called being a lazy cunt. If you're """depressed""" just eat better and go outside. Fucking bums making excuses for being slogs.

>> No.5269684

Wait all you morons on here think they don't lie all the time?

>> No.5269697

>Just turn on your happy button faggot

>> No.5269701

basically she got bullied a lot in school and had no real friends:

>> No.5269702

I mean if I were a popular VTuber like Kiara I would complain about my back pain until my fans superchatted me enough money to afford a free doctor visit.

>> No.5269747

>When I was
>A young shark
>My father

>> No.5269749
File: 34 KB, 644x800, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>some poor fuckers kept writing their sob stories in chat
>Gura just goes along with it
>"when i was a young shark, nvm"

>> No.5269764

She says this so you donate.

>> No.5269781

This board is extremely low functioning anon.

>> No.5269808

;___; she stuttered, you know it was severe. Poor shark

>> No.5269867

But why? It's like they're doing it on purpose. Just look at the complete moron here >>5269701

>> No.5269965

Why? I don't know anon they are mainly low functioning NEETs. Literal speds, Not sure how to explain it to you. Most people that watch vtubers consistently are

>> No.5269967

No anon. You were bullied in school and have no friends. And you're projecting.

>> No.5270070

And let me guess. You're here because you think you're one of the good ones?

>> No.5270111

I'm here because I like cute and funny and love how Holo has their actresses on a tight leash. Indie "vtubers" are cancer and defeat the point. Those are just ugly female "streamers" that are too ugly to show their face. May as well watch Pokimane

>> No.5270143

Is she your first streamer?
That's not even that bad compared to some.

>> No.5270158

So, am I correct in assuming you're happy that Coco, that vulgar bitch, got fired?

>> No.5270236

I have no idea who the fuck that is I only like Gura and don't give a fuck about these other holowhore millionaires

>> No.5270281

Well, okay, at least you're not a hypocrite. Usually people like that make an exception for Coco, and we all know why. Granted you're still a hypocrite because we're literally in a thread about Gura talking about disgusting shit but whatever, not worth arguing about it since the end result is you still like Gura.

>> No.5270355

I only hear things like "oh I only took shower once a week", "I haven't clean my dishes for a week" and "foreskins are dirty" from anglo americans
Having bad hygiene is a thing in anglo saxon cultures. You "people" are all filthy pigs

>> No.5270378

>accusing people of being lazy while using the laziest bait

>> No.5270385

Gura is the most professional about not bringing up negative topics etc.

It's most likely something Ame, Ina or especially Kiara would be happy to bring up, and not that serious, it's just Gura's style to self-censor

>> No.5270492

>disgusting shit
You realize nothing she says is true right?

>> No.5270526
File: 62 KB, 720x720, 1603452143786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The virgin Gura:
>When I was young... um... I didn't... Maybe that's too much for right now. Sorry.
The chad Kiara
>Of course I didn't have friends. Isn't that why we're all here?

>> No.5270559

>constant sound of cans hitting the floor every stream ever
You are holding on to that rrat as if it was for a dear life, and yet it is so easy to disprove.

>> No.5270581

I'm utterly jaded myself, but something makes me buy the "Gura is generally sincere" narrative over the jaded anon's rrat. Why would she stop herself from finishing that thought if she was superchat fishing? I think she was gonna say something true, but I'm not filling in the blanks with my own childhood problems. The only shared experience I fill in is that she used to drink too much to cope with negative emotions, and that's all but confirmed.

>> No.5270610

I think all Hololives are sincere. They feel like they're just being themselves.

>> No.5270625

Doxxbeat prime sure is being herself, which is to say a bitch.

>> No.5270677

top kek

>> No.5270685
File: 655 KB, 2048x1728, 1620327940693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn right my bitch wife doesn't give a fuck what you think.

>> No.5270698

He's right though.

>> No.5270700

Your bitch wife is gargling nigguk balls, wake up.

>> No.5270736

You have neve spoken to a human being IRL

>> No.5270737

Hence the lack of argument on the other side. This muh actors bleating is literally the basest normie shit, anybody even remotely familliar with the scene can list you lots of socialization yabs for the holos off the top of their head, en, id or jp.

>> No.5270754

My bitch wife is currently repeatedly reserving and deleting her shill stream because she keeps forgetting to turn off SCs

>> No.5270758

What is a socialization yab?

>> No.5270790

Fucking up your general normie-tier social functions in a noticeable way, duh.

>> No.5270800

The Chinese government and Western leftists are currently pushing them to subtly force Socialist propaganda into their stream content. They occasionally slip and get too overt resulting in streams that are quickly immediately deleted. There are no clips because those are very quickly mass copyright struck.

>> No.5270820
File: 86 KB, 548x612, 1620919066508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My god, this thread is basically nothing but people trying to dox Gura. Is that the only way you can have fun with this hobby? By obsessing over their personal life? Go to /tv/ if you care so much about 3D women. VTubers are not for your kind.

>> No.5270844
File: 231 KB, 500x354, 1029203912.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look I'm depressed from chronic pain and even I can wash a fucking dish

>> No.5270847


>> No.5270886

Like what? Not saying something when they should? I see Aqua do this sometimes, when a normal person would say "Thank you" she's just silent.

>> No.5270891

>t. someone who's never dated a woman
Women are absolutely disgusting. I could tell you stories about my ex girlfriends leaving fucking congealed tampons just around the fucking house. Or other nasty shit. It's disgusting. Women's bathrooms are also way worse than dudes. It's NASTY.

>> No.5270905

Thanks plumber bro.

>> No.5270910

>Women's bathrooms are also way worse than dudes. It's NASTY.
This is true, they are absolutely horrific.

>> No.5270925

I'm a little excited to see what happens when they all stay in a house together for a month in japan.

>> No.5270928

You have to admit that dropping a whole egg down your sink is pretty rare, though.

>> No.5270931

>Women's bathrooms are also way worse than dudes. It's NASTY.
former service employee here, this is 100% true

>> No.5270995


>> No.5271002

Not a bad example, if a bit mild. You can get right up to supposed Pekora lesbian rape, if you want to.

>> No.5271018

This is why you are not an anime woman. You must be psychologically unable to.

>> No.5271076

>supposed Pekora lesbian rape
Excuse me? Context?

>> No.5271130

Nah, it was chewed and chewed again on this very board, just scan warosu using these words.

>> No.5271172

Oh, the Miko thing. Just the dumb rrat people keep posting with no proof. This board can't even come up with convincing narratives, it's always the most outlandish "I got this from a TV show" ideas.

>> No.5271265


>> No.5271277

I start to believe the gura is a stinky, dirty, ugly, brown fatty rrat

>> No.5271362

>stinky, dirty, ugly, brown fatty
You're doing a terrible job to make me hate her

>> No.5271495

Just incels who think that if a girl isn't into close sexual contact with other girls she must have been raped by a girl at some point.

>> No.5271503

I was away for one week and found that my roommates left food in the sink and it was full of little white worms I was so close to vomit while cleaning that shit. I hate faggots like this so fucking much

>> No.5271597

>have been raped by a girl at some point
That's a powerful rrat right here

>> No.5271599

Only whitoid women. Female toilets don't even smell where I live since they wash everything with tons of water

>> No.5271649

Oh hi Gura.

>> No.5272181

All of this crosses out by just being a female.

>> No.5272231

Why aren't you a successful Vtuber yet, anon?

>> No.5272530
File: 337 KB, 687x601, 1623946847655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>unironic schizos
Nuke the entire fucking board...

>> No.5272548

bro it hurts.....

>> No.5272996

She's literally me except my memory is so good I'm tormented constantly with my mistakes

>> No.5273118

>>Kiara doesn't eat till she starts having fainting spells
God she just keeps getting better and better

>> No.5273136
File: 406 KB, 657x694, 1615366197374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trips of truth

Living alone has taught me better cleaning habits, but sometimes when work is rough for a couple of weeks and alcohol is the only thing to take the edge off, all the routine shit really starts to pile up.

>> No.5273184

Before I moved back in with my mum I hadn't bought raw food in over 3 years, just lived on monster and takeout twice a day. My fridge had beef mince that expired in 2017 when I move out in late 2020

>> No.5273248

Man I've fuckin been there anon, hope things are better for you now

>> No.5273409

>Tfw I haven't slept in 4 days and I'm currently driving a 40 tonne truck with one hand
Gura is my spirit animal bros

>> No.5273472

Send a nigga to the isekai, do it for gura truckbro

>> No.5273768

Nearly wiped out a guy in a juke earlier cause I was staring at a birds arse and missed him coming on the roundabout

>> No.5274560


>> No.5274741

>>Kiara doesn't eat till she starts having fainting spells
Lies. She eats non-stop on the stream and talks about what she ate off-stream all the time.

>> No.5274939

I think it was a common ESL mistake. By passing out she probably means fading out from time and space.

>> No.5275008

what do you do with the skull? sell it?

>> No.5275022

>selling your magic dick powder to the Zhangs
At least put some poison in it first.

>> No.5275471
File: 93 KB, 403x381, 1621553474912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Women's bathrooms are also way worse than dudes. It's NASTY.

Can confirm. I worked at Panera Bread for a year as the closer and had to clean bathrooms. The womens bathrooms were always fucking disgusting, no matter how often I would make rounds on them. Piss EVERYWHERE because women "dont want to touch the bathroom seat" so instead they just decide to stand and piss which means instead of the bathroom seat being dirty literally everything in the stall is dirty. Tampon drawers were provided but no they dont want to touch the lid of that so they would just clog the toilet with them or throw them in the open trash can near the door. And the sinks were COATED in makeup and other residue every fucking night.
I fucking hated that job.

>> No.5276272

Fucking kek

>> No.5276309

>tfw I have a whole bathroom in my house I just don't use
that's 3 drains right there, fuck.

>> No.5276549

Aye, but with UUOOOOAAAH juice, not water

>> No.5276587

Fucking who?
Explain, faggot (please)

>> No.5276798

>only whiteoid women
Either you're cumming in our hands, or you have the golden horshoe up your arse when it comes to women.
t. janny

>> No.5276859

Yes, let the rrat flow through you; become a schitzo. Become >>5262178

>> No.5276990

I don't get it. Doesn't she live with her parents? They just left the egg in the sink? We're they teaching her a lesson?

Also, I wanted to let you all know that I love you.

>> No.5277190

Yeah, I have a feeling that OP was raised with good parents who taught good habits. He's going to be in for a shock when he finds out just how many people don't give a shit about putting one moment's worth of effort into keeping their living quarters clean and how the worst offenders are women.

>Marrying a woman and cleaning up her messes
Get your thinking fixed anon or you're going to live to regret it

>> No.5277369

They haven't eaten enough spoiled food yet.

>> No.5280185

>and even then sleeps on her floor
What ? Why she does this ?

>> No.5280316

the pleasure of being cummed inside...

>> No.5280868

just your average /vt/ anon

>> No.5280998

Back in January she said she had chicken noodles soup that's been in her fridge for months and it was starting to smell.

>> No.5281676
File: 128 KB, 1882x966, 1518567100164.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time for pic related

>> No.5281685
File: 76 KB, 408x408, IMG-20210606-WA0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yeah, I have a feeling that OP was raised with good parents who taught good habits. He's going to be in for a shock when he finds out just how many people don't give a shit about putting one moment's worth of effort into keeping their living quarters clean and how the worst offenders are women
I find this uncannily relatable

>> No.5282056

This is the fakest story ive read on here in a long time. If you believe this youre a fuckin idiot. This person is clearly 14.

>> No.5282799

>t. woman

>> No.5283552

She doesn’t. She said in the Christmas stream that she misses them.

>> No.5283758

She can't even bother cleaning her sink and people here were thinking that she's learning Japanese

>> No.5283839

yeah sure they would double your pay in US just like that

>> No.5284362

Not even surprising, I knew a hot gal back in collage but what killed all attraction was how bad her living environment was, and overall leeching
She used to:
>Sleep in an inflatable single bed on the floor
>Ate food, shoved plates under the couch until mold grew on them and still reused them without even washing them
>lived off of cookies and peanut butter for a weeks
>Ate moldy bread
>left trashbags by the dozen at the entrance

And more, but the only reason she didn't smell like a literal corpse was because she used to take 2 hour long showers and somehow always managed to do her makeup anytime she went outside.

>> No.5284407

The only reason people claim women are cleaner is because they clean the apartment top to bottom before guys come.

>> No.5284503
File: 219 KB, 347x319, 1537465807741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's because you're on this site more time than you spend talking to real people retard. You talk to the social rejects who go can easily go a week without natural light because you're one of them. You're mistaking Americans for Frenchies and blackies because they think washing your ass is so gay they don't even let water near it in the shower.

>> No.5284531

>live in third world country middle class
>gf doesn't have disgusting habits
>female roomates have good hygiene and complain about my body hairs in the bathroom
>lived with sisters and they too have basic hygiene
>men in our highschool would pay a toll to girls to let them shit on their bathroom because the boys bathrooms were sometimes unbearably dirty

Is it an American thing?

>> No.5284642

any female born after 1993 can’t cook... all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie

>> No.5284854

Femoids are disgusting

>> No.5285325

Kind of, feminism has made it so that anything even remotely resembling housework - even if it means cleaning up after yourself - is a form of oppression. And that happened a generation ago, so now there is an entirely new generation of women who have never even seen what it's like to keep youe home/apartment/room tidy.

>> No.5285430

Its probably called not giving enough fucks

>> No.5285443

I once saw a French tourist in my third world country who had as much hair on her arms as me and even had a little mustache. I was about to vomit

>> No.5287402

Its not doxxing if they've had E-whore accounts all over the internet prior, which they all have.

>> No.5287416

Slob check thread?
>Shower before work every day (worked every single day since Christmas with no brakes at least 10 hours every day)
>pizza boxes are piled out of the big bin outside, eat pizza 2-3 times a day
>car is overflowing with mcdonalds cups and monster cans
>work van has multiple trash bags full of junk food wrappers
>haven't washed my car in over 3 years
>work van is caked in mud from the tyres to the roof
>folk have mentioned to me I smell "dry" which I blame on wearing the same clothes for weeks at a time just showering myself
I make minimum wage and work at the local equivalent of wal mart. It keeps my mind off the horror at least, and I can watch Ame and Gura in the van while driving. I've also not slept since Sunday.

>> No.5287457

>vaginal fluid
>blood and/or menstrual fluids

>> No.5287501

>I remembered being terrified but also pissed cause i dropped my apple
you got me

>> No.5287794
File: 321 KB, 480x480, 1619182740570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey anon, remember that embarrassing thing from middle school?

>> No.5287833

Living in mess doesn't bother me when it's at equilibrium and I'd rather keep 50 a month if I could even get someone out for that much

George Costanza on parking and prostitution and now maid services "Why pay when if I apply myself I could potentially get it for free"

>> No.5288044

Is sleeping on the floor bad bros? I'll do it for a few months at a time and then switch back to my mattress but I always return to the floor

>> No.5288235

Sweat, cum and vaginal fluid aren't dirty and you can get a pint of each and wouldn't make your stomach churn.
Before you go ew consider that if you're having sex with someone you're by default ok with imbibing these to some amount.

The optional ones aren't in most sexual encounters at all. Sex is far from dirty if both parties have basic hygiene.

>> No.5288565

You most definitely would not feel good after drinking a pint of sweat or cum. Do you know how salty sweaty is?

>> No.5288639

i used to sleep on the floor but had to stop after a year because sleeping on my sides resulted in unbearable should pain. I would recommend sticking to the mattress before you end up like me, because now i have to see a weekly masseuse to massage the knots in my rhomboids

>> No.5289394

Yup it’s bad, stop it

>> No.5289570

I make over $60k a year and I’m still too cheap to pay for anything I can just do myself.

>> No.5289749

are you fucking retarded
they're not poisonous, but all of those things are "dirty" in the sense that they are full of bacteria and, being organic material, will naturally decompose and rot
stop being autistic

>> No.5291173

yes it is now go back to wherever you came from

>> No.5291363

top kek the irony. The only ones afraid to talk about them are newfags and low functioning autists. if /b/ were still alive this whole vtuber thing would have been a different story

>> No.5291424

rule 1 you fucking imbecile

>> No.5291570


>> No.5292025

Fuck off
The absolute dumbest person I know is a woman who has a masters in fiscal law, absolute moron that is

>> No.5292498

If I have to oversee them, I may as well do it myself. And I'd be legit concerned about someone walking out with some firearms or tools.

>> No.5292622

> 40 Tonne

Stop driving on the wrong side of the road, anon.

>> No.5293075

Just stopped for the night anon, got another 270 miles to cover tomorrow to drop off this load. Had 3 cans of monster for dinner and now I'm watching the latest unolive. I will report back if I don't die tomorrow

>> No.5300600

>cum has, either other components, calaverin
how the fuck no?

>> No.5301154

>Get your thinking fixed anon or you're going to live to regret it
Look man, I just don't want my friends to die because their parents can't keep their home from literally rotting to pieces. If I won the lottery I'd just give her the cash to buy her way into the US (or at least like fucking Chile or something that isn't the shithole she lives in now) and set her up with a job and not even bother with the green card marriage.

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