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The naming rights have got to be expired by now, right?

Make your ideal 22-woman roster for a hololive fighting game. DLC and special guest characters from outside of hololive are allowed, but the bulk of the line-up should be hololivers.

1) Tokino Sora
2) Sakura Miko
3) Hoshimachi Suisei
4) Shirakami Fubuki (transforms into Kurokami during her ultimate)
5) Akai Haato/Haachama (the two personalities would change like a stance mechanic)
6) Minato Aqua
7) Oozora Subaru
8) Nekomata Okayu & Inugami Korone (technically one character that operates like a tag team)
9) Usada Pekora
10) Uruha Rushia
11) Houshou Marine
12) Kiryu Coco
13) Tsunomaki Watame
14) Tokoyami Towa
15) Shishiro Botan
16) Omaru Polka
17) Moona Hoshinova
18) Kureiji Ollie
19) Calliope Mori
20) Gawr Gura
21) A-Chan (hidden unlockable)
22) Amano Pikamee w/ Hikasa Tomoshika and Jitomi Monoe (hidden unlockable; Tomo and Monoe act as in-battle summons)

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>Shirakami Fubuki
probably work like ryu from street fighter then her ult would be raging demon.

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I was thinking she'd be one of the more complicated characters to learn. After her ult, she remains as Kurokami until the end of the round, and has an entirely different moveset.

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Sora and Gura would be the shoto characters. Low learning curve, popular with starting players.

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>DLC and special guest characters from outside of hololive are allowed
Kagura Nana (Ayame's mama) all the way then, for being an actual martial artist

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Sora: The standard do-all Shoto.
Haato/Haachama: Stance change character
Subaru: Kinda like Rock Howard.
Ayame: Ninja Character. Gets the Izuna drop.
Mio: HftF-like stand user with Hatotaurus.
Pekora: Set Traps, get blown up by them.
Marine: Basically a Soku character.
Coco: Gets a second meter on top of the regular one that can be used to buff specials.
Kanata: Big grab damage with a Flight mode.
Botan:Long range fighter using modern weapons.
Polka: Has attacks that move her around and doesn't have her sticking to one spot.
Iofi: Setup character who can paint little friends to help her.
Gura: Mix between Rushdown and poker with her fork.
Amelia: Speedster who can apply debuffs.

Assists would be their fanbases (Nousagis, Chumbuds, etc.). DLC packs will at least fill out the main Japan gens. A-Chan is the default System voice/Announcer.

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>Botan is Deadshot

I both want and hate this.

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Fuck you I didn't need those flashbacks.

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>4) Shirakami Fubuki (transforms into Kurokami during her ultimate)
Fubuki's known for showing up in other peoples' streams at random, right? If it's a tag-team game, I'd say that translates into great switch-ins or assist attacks.

>12) Kiryu Coco
Clouds of hallucinogenic gas that screw with the opponent's controls Y/N?

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Oof. Reversed control mechanics are always a unique brand of frustrating. That seems appropriately Coco.

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you know, you could just create your own fighting game and then use existing characters but are very close to a vtuber in terms of appearance. Then just create a pallette color for them that matches the vtuber's color.

it's not that hard, for example [pic unrelated] you can use 2d version of alice from KoF and change the color pallette to make her look like an adult pikamee. and sound ripping/voicepack is easy peasy.

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Meanwhile Haachama can turn the screen upside-down.

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How do you implement "snapping the controller in rage" as a mechanic? Give her a NEEEEEEEEE meter that charges as she takes damage, and can be expended to break out of combos?

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Implement it as an after-death postponement mechanic. If she gets enough "rage" during a round, she can automatically recover upon receiving a killing blow and continue fighting.

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Dark Phoenix Rising mechanic? If Green Rushia is KO'd with a full special meter, she transforms into Pink Rushia and regains health?

Couple it with a move which lets her charge her meter quickly, like summoning a Fandead and eating it.

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So you're suggesting something like Vinny then.

Not sure if it works out that well for most Vtubers since their designs are a lot more elaborate.

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sakura miko was on " Dawn of the Breakers" and she had electric powers

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And Rushia's definitely a spellcaster, like Shang Tsung. Big on keepaway and knock downs.

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Sora has a counter super where she negates everyone's gimmick (costs 2 bars) and causes the opponent to fall into a stun state.

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I don't really know how I'd handle Miko, but electric powers don't really make sense. Since she's technically a shrine maiden, maybe her theme can be around archery and self-healing.

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>their designs are a lot more elaborate
i'm starting to understand how other anons feel when they said that the holos are overdesigned
on top of my head:

sendai hakurei no miko can go well for miko
the bunny girl from waku waku 7 for pekora

weird that it's hard for holo girls to find familiarities but it's easy if it's with nijisanji

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lol did she voice herself too?

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I mean for example, Baby Bonnie Hood from Darkstalkers fits perfectly for Otogibara Era

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yeah, it was a collab

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Marine should be a trap character; has a ranged pistol shot and throws down explosive barrels. Her ultimate is splashing grog on her opponent and obscuring their vision for a few seconds.

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Marine should have "Too Bad, I'm Into That Shit!" mechanics. Like a block that causes your opponent's attacks to heal you. Or her special meter passively increases over time while she's under the effects of a debuff.

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>Duck has iron man gloves

And I can't find a good demo vid of Fubuki searching in both english and japanese

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Aqua: Kirito + Wraith
Kanata: heavy ninja
Ina: Shuma-Gorath/Arakune + zoning spells
Korone: metal slug weapons

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I think it might be funnier if Korone was a grappler. Like a dexterity-based Zangief.

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A troll character that tosses items (asacoco) around that has various effects like poisoning the opponent or exploding on contact with the opponent. She'd also have several useful moves to keep her opponent away, like a heavy punch that has a high knock back. she could have a super where she runs into the opponent (behaving like a command grab that can't be blocked, but can be jumped over and attacked out of) and shoves a plugin tail into the opponent. the tail would remain in the opponent for the remainder of the round and could have a debuff effect.

A long range character who summons minions to fight for her. (similar to Aliza from skull girls) her kit could compose of various abilities that keep her opponent away from her but have limited options in close range. I'd also imagine she'd have a relatively low health bar but a fast charging special bar go allow her to keep using her supers. Her supers would probably be a crowd of undead running across the stage, and a scream that knocks her opponents away from her.

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I picture Watame like Pom from Them's Fightin' Herds. Physically weak herself and with little combo potential, but has a bunch of untargetable minions that you're meant to keep between you and your opponent.

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Like Clark or Ramon? Okayu will be the grappler. She will sit on the opponent and every other special move will be a counter or a setup for sitting on the opponent.


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I doubt it will really go anywhere but someone's trying

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it'd be pretty cool if anyone could do it, honestly

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Unfortunately, like most indie games featuring copyrighted characters, this will be slapped with litigation the moment it even threatens to make money.

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I like the idea of Ollie being like Raphael from Soulcalibur. Her sword isn't exactly a rapier but it's pretty long.

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