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What did she mean by this?

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koopa is just another nyanners in the making

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>goes to twitch
>becomes meme sprouting retard

Many such cases!

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she was already like that on youtube

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Finally at home. I missed these threads

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Well, I think she's starting to go off the deep end.

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I really thought for a moment that Koopa went entirely mad and uploaded the nippon voicefile.

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Nyanners is smart enough to exploit lolicons for money and network into a company that helped her overtake even some Holos. Koopa is....just kwappin it up I guess.

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California corrupted her

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Gentlemen: Koopa love.
That is all.

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anyone have the character sheet for kwappi's sentai outfit?

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I love the tortle like you wouldn't believe, but in a platonic way

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I've waited days to tell you this

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As time's gone on I've started to see Koopa less like a mommy or girlfriend figure and more like a cute retarded imouto (even though she's probably older than me)

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I kiss Vergil.

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koopa is probably younger than me, I see her like a female bro and fellow oldfag more than anything

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>I see her like a female bro and fellow oldfag more than anything.
So she's Mori basically.

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I wanted to love koopa but she went full retard and never looked back. Guess it’s only a matter of time before she denounces us like the pink woman did all those years ago. Hope you like your new fanbase kooper, I suppose it was cool while it lasted.

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lmao homo

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i see Koopa as a fellow shitposting oldfag who i would also have drain every drop of my balls into given the chance

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>Guess it’s only a matter of time before she denounces us like the pink woman
Nah Koopa's too dumb to do that properly.

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reminds me of years ago when there were those wrasslin streams on /v/, how nostalgic

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She’s referencing another vtuber, Noel

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But in that tweet she's referencing a vine from an american eceleb

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My favorite koopa arc was telling her and koopa cucks to fuck off to /trash/ because she didn’t belong on JP but now… all I can do is call you koopa cucks… koopa sucks!

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Cope and sneed

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you'd think people on this board would be use to women wanting to avoid them

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>Ecks Eye Vee
Elira, don't go full Finance

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Fortuna is the pink one you retard Koopa would never do that.

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kind of, yeah

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wrong thread nijibro

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>get propped up by hlgg
>support and initial push all from here
>suddenly gets ahold of some normie audience
>gives board culture the finger to do her own thing
Oh right
>is a woman

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The litmus test for me is going to be whether Koopa will drop her existinf friends in the new content direction. The PR shit was crazy bad but her interactions with gorls was a massive selling point for me not to mention the tangents everyone loves.

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you're her fan, not her friend.

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>you will never be spacer and slip your pickledick in her velvety soft pussy
Why even live bros

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Is this the girl that was born on the jay?

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>>suddenly gets ahold of some normie audience
This never happened.

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Hmmmmm I think I’m neither actually. I just hope this makes some of you think twice next time some vocaroo woman starts shitting up a thread on this Mongolian basket weaving forum. Seems like history can’t help repeating itself.

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Why would I want that? I want my kids to be healthy and grow up in a country without a mass shooting every day.

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she's infinitely better than Mori wtf

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So what's the rrat here about how Koopa will give a birthday post and a drawing for some literal who she collabed with once, but not the editor turned chuuba who created her most viewed content across all her platforms?

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I agree with you Bromega, it's kinda odd

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It's ok Bromega, it's Koopa. Never forget that she's too braindead to get most things right. She probably wanted to congratulate yesterday but woke up today and it completely left her mind

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By the by, what was the short stream Koopa did a few days ago? Did she just use the stream to make the clip for twitter?

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she hit the go live button instead of the record button by accident since OBS puts them right by each other

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That's our girl

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Big ups liquid richard

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New to the plantation, could someone please tell me what Massa Koopa does to troopas when they act a bit...peculiar?

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Lmao fuckin saved your shitposting image will not be forgotten

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ahhhhhhh i want koopa's unshaven cunt on my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I actually stopped following her once she moved to Twitch. Did anything big happen?

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>Drop Koopa
>Reeeeee she didn't wish me happy birthday
She's good friends with Junii and has been for a while. Stay mad.

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All hands on deck.

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I'll take freedom, guns, and koopa's tight and lightly trimmed pussy over being a faggot europoor with a faggot accent that can get arrested for mean words on the internet.

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Biggest cope ever, I can practically feel the pushed away pain from your words

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You mean dick

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I agree with you but that meme is reddit-tier.

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I don't get it, she was always a schizo

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Not the good type of schizo that you can associate with, but the parasocial one that will stump you without thinking twice and then sweet talk you until you forget

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She's not dropping anyone she just cant into PR, don't let schizos convince you otherwise

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Koopa is a good girl, I don't trust you schizos anymore!

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Oh, thread is up, I can finally ask this.
Where the fuck is the deu sex VOD for the stream she did couple days ago? I was at work and missed it, saw a mail notification that it started, but no archived video on twitch.
I need answers.

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What exactly did Koopa/Fortuna do at the end that Spacer declared she would regret?

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You'll notice which threads are made by the IHM* cult by the OP, the frequent formatting of posts that exposes the anons behind them as well as the guidelines they follow regarding exactly what they post;

>What did I miss?
>I'm new here, can someone explain?
These posts and those similar to them are not made by newcomers or enjoyers of the content and are instead made by the cult to incite division amongst the regulars.
Regulars know not to do this as they are self-sufficient and know that asking to be spoonfed on this site is both poor form and could out them as gaslighters.
Regulars support the creators as they enjoy their content and if ever they no longer find enjoyment - they simply move on because they're well-adjusted individuals and not part of the IHM cult.

>Any post whatsoever that disregards the board sticky / site rules
Regulars know that discussion of roommates is in poor form. The IHM cult thrives on it and so any posts made on it should be ignored or otherwise.

IHM stands for the Internet Hate Machine. It disregards context in favour of senseless, irrational destruction as a means to find feeling in those who partake in it's purist anti-culture design.
They are easily angered and frequently hide behind laughter or assumed company to shield themselves from being exposed. They farm for (You)s but are by far their own biggest responder, often replying to themselves in the case that nobody bites.

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Fucking Koopa can't just go and get hoop earrings and expect me not to pick her back up.

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I think you're definitely on to something. I can't help but notice, even waaaay before the recent drama, that almost every single Koopa thread has these common "please spoonfeed me" questions that could easily enough be answered by simply lurking more/checking the previous thread in the archive/actually watching Koopa's streams. Like, it's a threadly ritual which has always seemed kinda unsettling to me for reasons I couldn't quite put my finger on. Even basic shit like "oh so this is is the fabled Koopa you guys have been shilling so hard, what exactly is the appeal of her, I was thinking of watching her" would be understandable to see once every 5-10 threads, but seeing that same question literally a dozen threads in a row with similar wording and likely by the same person is fucking eerie, I'll tell you.

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Now that's what I call a meta-rrat.

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yeah, also notice how these kind of threads don't have the usual name, links etc in the OP, but instead have a directed question that opens for answering and samefagging rratposts and forced dramaposts

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It's labelled as a karaoke vid now, I swear it wasn't like that a few days ago.

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Thanks, you're a savior.

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Not happy about the shit koopa pulled and i dont think I will ever get over it 100%. Plus she will never address it and hide behind her Twitter army now. But i will watch a few streams before making the call to unsub or not.

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I think we should've waited a bit more before making a new tread...

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Koopa has her collab soon so maybe it won’t be dead once that starts.

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go be a rrat nigger somewhere else, cultist

>> No.5271885

the only people in these threads that *aren't* cultists are the rrat niggers

>> No.5272020

>Plus she will never address it
She did, just in another overly wordy response, showing me she's just bad at addressing it. Again, I think she's retarded, not malicious.

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All posts below this are IHM cultists
Troopas must wait for next stream before posting again in the appropriate thread.

>> No.5272325

Greetings stranger, have you heard of our Lord and Saviour IHM?
Click here ---> https://files.catbox.moe/1b7619.gif to find out more.

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So, why did Koopa change? Who did it?

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What happened with greenma?

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Not happy about the shit koopa pulled and i dont think I will ever get over it 100%. Plus she will never address it and hide behind her Twitter army now. But i will watch a few streams before making the call to unsub or not.

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Can't beat the cock.

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1. California
2. Spacer
3. She was like this all along and only put up with gosling so she could get better equipment
4. Splitting her mind into 3 parts has finally corrupted her soul and she's gone mad

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Yeah I'm a Koopa anti now. She broke a promise. I'm now an Afrikat chad now

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Now kiss

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what makes you think she "changed"
She had to act in a way to appease her audience and now she's finding a different one where she can act herself.

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Not happy about the shit koopa pulled and i dont think I will ever get over it 100%. Plus she will never address it and hide behind her Twitter army now. But i will watch a few streams before making the call to unsub or not.

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Is Koopa the Kiara of indies?

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>Short hair Koops

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Go back to your vshojo containment thread

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Not really. Kiara tried and failed many times. Some rrats say that she also wasn't the nicest of people. She also did lewd patreon cosplay sets.

Koopa did none of that, she's just a Schizo mixed with a few other mental issues, barely contained in a body that wants to fall apart.
What has vshoujo to do with that?

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>> No.5272744

>She also did lewd patreon cosplay sets
nice rrat

>> No.5272859

>Not happy about the shit koopa pulled

I haven't checked one of these threads in months, what happened?

>> No.5272881

>ttrpg characters came from their imagination
>koopa is the imaginary 6th member of HoloEN
it all adds up

>> No.5272890

Oh, that's not a rrat, that's a thing that happened and her Patreon is still up.

>> No.5273024

wtf it's a scam https://www.patreon.com/keikohime

>> No.5273049

Anon, your Doxx-reps, that's the wrong one.

>> No.5273423

I don't know if Koopa's necessarily changed but the thread sure has. Kinda sad.

>> No.5273623

they pretended to be fans until they found out that she, as a grown woman, decided to fuck some men on her own time.

>> No.5273649

She made a retarded self-post after shitposting on Twitter, then disappeared for 12 hours before making another self-post addressing how dumb her original post was.

>> No.5273883

It only added to the fire really. Should have just realized her type and was like...welp i fucked up that troll attempt..

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I'm curious what her intent to move forward with her content is...if anything even changes, seems like she has too much fun doing shit like the foot or bed pose to stop.

>> No.5274194

I doubt there actually will be, which makes the whole "content evolves" spiel she gave even hollower. It was mostly just her having menhera attacks over people not like her bad collabs (Junii, Penelope, Mau) and attributing part of why they were bad on the partner being the opposite gender, instead of the fact that she was too green to carry the stream while playing bad and boring games.

>> No.5274240

No idea, just hope she doesnt jump the shark.

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Yeah, she's definitely more menhera than I initially expected, I get that it's tough being publicly visible, but please don't blame schizos for some people not liking content. I didn't like some of her male collabs, but even the Penelope ones weren't amazing. I duck out of most collabs because the chemistry isn't there half the time, even the Spacer one got weirdly cringe for me. Most people are there to see Koopa, so blaming it on idolfag culture isn't really the lynchpin for most people.

Koopa is definitely sensitive to this though, doesn't seem like constructive criticism is good now that she's been getting it for a few months.

>> No.5274383

Which is weird, because all the Kongou collabs were great and Worms only didn't work because she could barely play the game. Meanwhile, there were plenty of collabs with female streamers that were incredibly boring. Nothing to do with gender.

>> No.5274542

Koopa might just be better as a solo act. Even if she doesnt wanna admit it. She needs more time to get a hold of herself and find her footing before doing near constant collabs.

>> No.5274570

>abandons her Youtube fans
>abandons her gosling/idol fans
Who's next?

>> No.5274731

Abandons Vergil
Abandons trying to become a mother after early menopause due to hormonal issues from genetic diseases and becomes a lonely barren woman

>> No.5274734

Calls herself a victim of 4chan

>> No.5274735

Or, if she wants to do more collabs, that's fine, but learn to make collabs fun instead of just getting angry at your fanbase for not enjoying them.

>> No.5274933

Getting her start from 4chan is great because its full of losers who latch onto the smallest sign of attention. And then you can use those same losers as a springboard to victim status once you have a foothold
koopa is smart!

>> No.5275133

Koopa hasn't really changed at all, at least not recently. Antis just found something to latch onto.

>> No.5275193

She just let her dumb leak out more than usual.

>> No.5275429

Why would anything change? She stood by her content and said she likes doing ironic, funny shit.

>> No.5276321

Yeah, they are definitely shitting up the thread on purpose. It must be just two or three. Ignore and move on

>> No.5276435

When's the yokomeshi collab?

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Why did she have to switch to Twitch? Just why? All of the popular ones are on YouTube and streaming at the same time as them would get you in the recommended while people are watching them. That's how I found her. Now she can't even talk about her guns on Twitch. It was one thing I had in common since I don't give a fuck about faggot ass fuckin' Devil May Cry. I think my main issue is I must just want a VTuber that doesn't actually even exist yet. Maybe it's the idea of Koopa that keeps me coming back every thread because since the Twitch move not much in the way of actual uploads or streams has kept me watching.

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op here, what did he mean by this?

>> No.5277219

People who cant stand the fact that koopa is flawed and dont want it pointed out how bad she fucked up.

>> No.5277270

Because of the endless DMCA claims

>> No.5277350

>She did, just in another overly wordy response
she sidestepped it

>> No.5277486

>I'm a grown women and I don't want to appeal to a bunch of stalkers who think they can tell me who I can and cannot fuck
>"woah what did she mean by this? She must be stupid and said it by accident"

>> No.5277524

Literally what did anyone do here, stop being a schizo Koopa and stream instead of shitposting on Twitter

>> No.5277884

>Now she can't even talk about her guns on Twitch.
yes she can retard, there are twitch clips of 3D women going to gun ranges

>> No.5277887

Jesus, does she do anything besides getting new outfits anymore? Cycled through a few in just a couple of months.
I'd rather she go back to basics and actually stream fun games, even if it's with her original vroid.

>> No.5277915

No thanks. We don't need drama fags.

>> No.5277930

She'll be doing plenty of collabs with her new team member. Meet her fellow Yokomeshi member

>> No.5278012

koopa face reveal when

>> No.5278057

Just wait for the yokomeshi meet up she'll be sure to post pics of all of them

>> No.5278107

You have no idea what market EN indies have to appeal to, and it might not be your fault entirely. Holorot is a real issue and its pervasive throughout the community, thinking that "if we just copy everything Cover does it'll work the same way!"
It doesn't work like that. YouTube is a fucking horrible platform for livestreaming, and the only reason eastern corporations and eastern vtubers use it is because it has the largest market share in their markets of any platform with streaming abilities. That is it, its because the money is there for them. The platform is total fucking ass though. Chat delay can be anywhere between 5 to 40 seconds, making instantaneous interaction impossible. The site does not track your live viewer count properly, and probably never will again. Connection issues on the streamer side plague the YouTube servers. (speaking from experience, my time on YouTube was wrought with connection drops, while once I switched I rarely run into those issues anymore) The promotion and ability to get noticed is also nearly nonexistent. Unless you get lucky and get picked up by the algo (lmao) you are wallowing in obscurity forever. Thats exactly what was happening to Koopa, her growth had stagnated, she could not break 70 viewers a stream for months, the subs were slowing down to a crawl, (This is the experience 90% of the other indies I know and myself also experienced) and on top of all of this the copyright system of YouTube constantly threatens you with demonetization at every turn. On Twitch they at least only mute parts of your VOD if they find copyright music, which is annoying but better than having your partner status ripped away if some bot sees 6 seconds of Africa by ToTo in your recording.
Only two sets of indies can be successful on YouTube: Those who get incredibly lucky and have a miraculous boost from outside the content (Clip goes viral, gets a bunch of outside promotion ETC) or they are pandering HARD to JP Asian markets and also get lucky in finding an audience that actually gives a fuck about that. JPs and other Asian markets do not really give a fuck about gaijins in all reality and see them as more of a curiosity, a gimmick, and you cant build a dedicated fanbase on that, its too shaky and unstable. You also cannot downplay the importance of raids as introductions to networking. Raids between Bat and Koopa were as far as we know the start of them interacting with one another, and now they are on a Twitch Team cross-promoting each other. Other missive vtubers (Massive for the EN market) like Mocca, Leaflit, Lily and Shimada have exposed their fanbases to Koopa thanks to raids. None of that would have been possible in the same way without the features Twitch provides.
Also, you don't actually know how Twitch works with the content it allows clearly. She can still talk about guns if she wants to, hell she and Leaflit had an entire conversation about guns when she raided her a few months ago while Leaflet was playing a VR shooting range game.

>> No.5278114

koops sounds rather fat and I doubt she has anything worth showing off like eros

>> No.5278116

>3D women

>> No.5278118

Absolutamente asqueroso

>> No.5278185

agreed, but that proves you "twitch means no gunz" bullshit wrong. She can 100% talk about her guns she chooses not to

>> No.5278260

Didn't she say that she stays in shape? Does exercise and cooks healthy stuff so I doubt she's fat.

>> No.5278284


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>Now she can't even talk about her guns on Twitch.

>> No.5278320

>schizos running rampant
Shouldn't you faggots be on trash where you belong?

>> No.5278369

You're replying ro bait, don't do that

>> No.5279125

She should have saved for an improved model instead of new outfits, it only works for Holos because each of those new outfits adds $1000+ worth of rigging to them.

>> No.5279184

She did nothing wrong

>> No.5279235

>She made a retarded self-post after shitposting on Twitter, then disappeared for 12 hours before making another self-post addressing how dumb her original post was.
Are those still up?

>> No.5279262
File: 177 KB, 389x389, 1621911462098111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Koopa is one of those girls who's probably builtfat from exercising while eating too much chocolate.

>> No.5279301

Her shitposts on Twitter? Yes, they're still there, at least she doesn't just delete things out of embarrassment.

>> No.5279327

When did it happen?

>> No.5279360

Built like a Mongolian wrestler

>> No.5279391
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>> No.5279476

Twitch is very normalfag nowadays. That's why it's now common for actual children to use the phrase "no cap" in real life, which is a phrase twitch streamers popularized to mean "no kappa", with kappa being a twitch emote used to denote sarcasm.

>> No.5279612

She won't get built from the low intensity exercise for cripples she does, unless she's popping anavar.

>> No.5280072


>> No.5280078

Assolutamente schif- wait she's hot ngl

>> No.5280163

Fuck collabs
Fuck CBT
Fuck new outfits
But most of all, fuck turtles

>> No.5280186


>> No.5280205

what did koopa do that everyone hates her for now, i was asleep

>> No.5280299

Do you think it's possible that Koopa is scared of her success and is trying to sabotage herself?

>> No.5280348

Barely over 100 viewers isnt a huge success.

>> No.5280361

nothing, its just /trash/ raids

>> No.5280439

lack of streams breeds the strongest rrats

>> No.5280485

I've seen nothing to indicate that

>> No.5280527

>she's just a Schizo
You know, I'm starting to think that this is /vt/ go to cope when their oshi shows a shitty behaviour

>> No.5280577

Surprise Koopa collab with Terumi

>> No.5280653

At this point, i think koopa might be losing it...

>> No.5280665


>> No.5280767

>She made a retarded self-post after shitposting on Twitter,
What exactly did she post?

>> No.5280830

I completely despise people like that

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>> No.5281156

>>I'm a grown women and I don't want to appeal to a bunch of stalkers who think they can tell me who I can and cannot fuck
Now THIS is a huge red flag for vtubers. Thanks Anon, I was getting into her, but it seems there isn't a single good EN vtuber for me to follow

>> No.5281220

Not so fast, her manifesto is scheduled to detonate in 2 days.

>> No.5281243

There's a bunch of really good ones for us idolfags, I won't post them here though, this is Koopa's thread.

>> No.5281290

>Does this https://twitter.com/Koopachaneru/status/1405898692855406597
>forgets to tweet about her own collab
The brain on this woman is about the size of a walnut.

>> No.5281293

>green hair
>nose piercing
>e-girl makeup
Holy shit, I pity the fools that follows her

>> No.5281370

She just wants to have a nice stream with her friends, without weirdos showing up complaining about how she's collabing.

>> No.5281430

In case you couldn't tell from the thumbnail, this a gorilla stream

>> No.5281483

Hope you enjoy seeing her during the collabs

>> No.5281505

How does a builfat girl even looks like?

>> No.5281514

ill stab myself in the eyes

>> No.5281531

I am getting massive red flags from this one. Where did they even find her? She's not from /wvt/ thats for sure.

>> No.5281532

a refrigerator

>> No.5281544

So she's barred from tweeting about it when the stream starts?
>implying her followers on twitter are only the goslings from here

>> No.5281590

>oh no she's meeting people from outside our clique
>this is worrisome
This is an actual stalker, abuser mentality. You need to take a break

>> No.5281630

she's hot

>> No.5281646


>> No.5281651

She made the logo for their group
also bonus tweet

>> No.5281719

There's -a lot- of people outside the clique to choose from.

>> No.5281768

Hi Koopa!

>> No.5281795

I think Koopa is afraid of having people get personally invested in her i.e
>Don't fall in love with me, I'm not worth it
showing that she clearly has self esteem issues and her resistance to others attaching to her, whether that be from a Vtuber or personal perspective. That kind of self loathing behavior and resistance to criticisms means she's afraid of letting others influence her decisions, which she doesn't seem capable of making herself.

t. Armchair psychologist

>> No.5281826

Hi Koopa/Spacer

>> No.5281856

I'm firmly under the belief that no matter where she goes, someone as impressionable as her will get groomed into thinking she's happy with something for a while, then trash it and move onto the next thing and not be happy again.

>> No.5281857

>roommate posting on main account
I HATE white women

>> No.5281863

i thought koopa is supposed to be based and 4chan

>> No.5281887

Koopa is too busy gushing about otome mobage to be posting right now

>> No.5281895

Koopa is a based retard

>> No.5281947

Proper Koopa/Terumi collab on the 24th

>> No.5281977

>Woman acts like a retard
>Boy I hope the person I like doesn't interact much

>> No.5282041

>actual stalker, abuser mentality
Holy shit, look who’s talking. You’re such a fucking schizo whitenight, the sheer amount of armchair psychology you pulled out of your ass is awe inspiring.
Take your meds and work on your reading comprehension if that’s what how you interpret that anon’s post.
And yes, this person does have massive red flags such as roommate posting.

>> No.5282074

She forgot that even 4chan has standards

>> No.5282242

/vt/ newfag here, I keep seeing roommate-posting references here and there, but haven't quite pinned down what it means yet, can I get a QRD?

>> No.5282293

Roommate = IRL faggotry

>> No.5282296

look at this post >>5281857
and use your brain?

>> No.5282301

Roommate = real life persona
Now lurk for 3 more years

>> No.5282304
File: 6 KB, 225x225, averynormalimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5282369

Could have been more than that or something else entirely.
Thanks, will do.

>> No.5283345

I'm not even an idolfag, is just that every man should stay way from women that says things like that

>> No.5283403


>> No.5283571

How was Koopa on terumi's stream

>> No.5283668

Ok every newfags here out or i will fucking punch you all in the mouth

>> No.5283683

Pretty horrible sounding, but she had a cute tech talk and otome talk with a fellow sperg.

>> No.5283707

Nina Stream is live,
Thread here:>>5185540
Stream here:

>> No.5283713

Did she fuck up her mic or something? She was fine before.

>> No.5283771

Having a "4chan" vtuber was never going to work out. 4chan is small as fuck, as soon as they get a bigger audience, why wouldn't they go with that?

>> No.5283817

this, is there a way to get donations back

>> No.5283900

She hasn't even gotten that big yet though

>> No.5283918

The thing is, if 4chan was disproportionately wealthy and made up the majority of donations or something, then yes, you could have a vtuber cater just to you. But it isn't and they don't. You can get like 200 viewers with the 4chan audience, you can get 1000+ with the Reddit/Twitter audience with the potential for even more growth. You can't even blame them for doing it, this is their job, of course they'd want to make more money. Sucks for the people who helped them start out but you've been replaced by 10 new fans.

>> No.5284184

The problem is not the vtuber growing an audience outside of 4chan, but completely shitting on the people who helped the vtuber grow and pump&dumping them, like what p*nk cat did

>> No.5284244

She was on her phone because her laptop was shitting the bed and shes still on vacation away from her desktop

>> No.5284538

>She was on her phone

>> No.5284632



>> No.5284661

Remember when Koopa said she wasn't into mommy dom and now she wants to bully us over being goslings...

>> No.5284689


>> No.5284744

after her vacation, I feel you pain though... I want time with just koopa...

>> No.5284855


>> No.5284880

you have to koopee on me

>> No.5284898


>> No.5284951

she was on anime linus' stream?

>> No.5285012


>> No.5286575


>> No.5286650
File: 2.56 MB, 190x200, 1620772054726.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5287511

And yet people still forgive pinkcat and love her, we have fucking daily threads about her. So obviously there's nothing to fear, you can shit all over those people and they will either forgive you or be replaced by new people.

>> No.5287701

Troopa, I know you feel abandoned by koopa but Vergil will abandon you for longer and treat you even worse.

>> No.5287770

Who is Koopa's Nero? Can we go follow her?

>> No.5287959

thats pretty cool

>> No.5288030

At least Vergil never gave up judgement cutting...

>> No.5288063
File: 334 KB, 461x418, 1615563668569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not watched Koopa since she moved to twitch
>meme spouting retard
>Abandoning 4chan
>Abandoning goslings
>None of these absolute mongoloid faggots jumped ship to Beatani during all this
So what, you're all cucks now? Is that what happened? I actually found to this thread looking to maybe get back into watching her, because she was cool, but Jesus motherfucking Christ, I have NEVER seen so much fucking cope. I should sue you all for doing irreparable damage to my sides with this thread
The absolute fucking state of "Troopas". KEK

>> No.5288111

Wrong link, I meant to post this instead:

>> No.5288205

Why couldn't she just embrace the mommydom...

>> No.5288237

she's always wanted a real man and been an S, it's your fault for not realising this.

>> No.5288314

I am looking around for someone to replace her with. I'll check out Beatani.

>> No.5288343

Beatani is the most reddit shit I've ever seen

>> No.5288363

oh no no no

>> No.5288607

falseflagging trying to cause a chuuba war
dont fall for it

>> No.5288608

Reddit masturbates to pichu ryona?

>> No.5288692


>> No.5289193


>> No.5289220
File: 484 KB, 463x453, 1621138948342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

UPDATE: Doing my archive reps. Somebody help me, I'm going to die! I'm fucking dying!
>Troopas showing discomfort to some drawfag shipping her and Spacer
>She flies out to Carlifornia to meet "a friend"
>Nervous troopas
Oh god help me...!
...Haha... lol
>"It was an interesting experiment"

...Fucking hell, what did this bitch do to my brothers?!

>> No.5289261
File: 320 KB, 600x407, 06a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros, I don't get it...

>> No.5289383

imagine the thing in the image is a demon

>> No.5289410

Ahh, naruhodo ne...

>> No.5289763


>> No.5289934
File: 295 KB, 486x463, 1618690486612.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update 3: Finished my reps.
I'm sorry anons.
I'm so fucking sorry.

>> No.5290493

She actually even cancelled on a collab previously so she's basically full on vacation mode

>> No.5290524

Can you spell it out? I'm really out of the loop

>> No.5290867

Koopa's biggest mistake was trying to do fucking anything during this cali trip, should've just disappeared for the whole month.

>> No.5290911

Her biggest weakness is never shutting up when she should, and also tending to be quiet about shit when she should speak up.

>> No.5290955
File: 366 KB, 528x528, 1617396442614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The dream died. It died and we weren't there for them when it happened. Now we can only aid them in picking up the pieces.
I've basically already spelled it out. You can do your own reps, the climax only happened last week apparently. Be warned, if you've ever been a gosling, it's not for the faint of heart. I wondered why my first provocative post only got muted responses...
Bitches ain't shit but hos and tricks

>> No.5291003

Is this drama with Koopa another b*yes situation or is there genuine reasons to worry?

>> No.5291084

...she actually fucked pickle boy? Wasn't he russian or something?

>> No.5291176

this but unironically, as much as I hate to admit it

>> No.5291213

sort of but the threads are also being raided for some reason

>> No.5291219

not actually confirmed but you can't convince me she hasn't in being with him for a whole week

>> No.5291346

I don't know who the fuck he is, but yeah apparently.
I just hope everyone here has learned a valuable lesson from all this
>sort of but the threads are also being raided for some reason
I'm not raiding, as a former regular Troopa, I just always passed by the koopa threads when browsing /vt/. The previews + coincidence attracted me this time.

>> No.5291385

>Be warned, if you've ever been a gosling, it's not for the faint of heart.
Haha, speak for yourselves Troopa's. I'll take good care of her for you.

>> No.5291418

Frick off, Spacer. Face me in MegaMek.

>> No.5291462

>I just hope everyone here has learned a valuable lesson from all this
Yes. All the people on this board are just as much of boring losers online as they are in real life. vtubers are no more your friend then strippers at the club, everyone in these threads are the guy who thinks the girl giving him a lapdance is his gf

>> No.5291587
File: 164 KB, 1080x1080, 1623871088110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There there. Let it all out friend.

>> No.5292093

i'm just laying it out for everyone who's upset she's out getting filled with some guys cum right now
I don't care either way

>> No.5292931

>I don't care
What did he mean by this?

>> No.5293566
File: 35 KB, 92x169, FUCKING PISSED.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5293771

You're a Schizo, I'm a Schizo, Koopa's a Schizo, are there any OTHER schizos I should know about!?

>> No.5293845

Is the worms collab the stream where they supposedly alluded to having intercourse?

>> No.5293847

all me

>> No.5293883

that was before they even met

>> No.5294161

Which one then? I can't find any recent collabs between the two for some reason.

>> No.5294193

because that was the only one, everything else was her talking to him while he was in her chat like with the stalker stream also before she met him

>> No.5294603

Seems like Koopa wanted to screw more than Spacer Pegwire.

>> No.5294604
File: 1.07 MB, 843x640, 1623679640482.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been here since the very beggining. I saved the first vocaroo she ever made and every other one after that. I cheered her on in the threads, during debut, during every major milestone and even after she moved to twitch. I've made art for her and supported her in many ways.
Now I don't know if I should just keep interacting with her normally or slowly distance myself. Either way it's painful bros...

>> No.5294665

Why did KOOPA betray our trust?

How do we fix her?

>> No.5294716

>Why did KOOPA betray our trust?
Too dumb to keep her mouth shut and PR properly.

>How do we fix her?
Get her out of California before it's too late.

>> No.5294871

Tired of the schizo arc?
You can always take shelter in the other friendly threads - /africat/ , /nina/ and if you are desperate, /wvt/. Do it for yourself!

>> No.5294875

just fuck off she said that much

>> No.5294909

herd is that you

>> No.5294920

Calm down schizo

>> No.5294938

>Why did KOOPA betray our lust?

>> No.5294953

Is it the fate of anyone who even gets a sliver of popularity to tell the ones who got them there to fuck off?

>> No.5294975

she basically said that on her Pastebin, less harch yes. but is the same advice.

>> No.5295031

I feel that her chat and Twitter content would take a drastic nosedive before she actively told people to fuck off like pink woman, I think she's kneejerk reacting to criticism right now.

>> No.5295076

4chan has never been a hugbox...why would she think that would change? One of the good things about 4chan is its honesty.

>> No.5295126

I imagine she's been getting nigh unconditional support for the most part, so people telling her to be more professional is probably stinging. That and she's probably tired of having to keep up any pretense of GFE (which she's actually good at but probably has to act being a gigantic autisic after all).

>> No.5295281
File: 280 KB, 576x714, !PbMMyJK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I'm Russian as well
>tfw it could be me fucking koopa if I went into vtubing

>> No.5295367

Spacer? He isn't even that funny. Does he have any good jokes aside from being needlessly verbose?

>> No.5295411

but he's an epic shitposter! she found someone to shitpost with haha!

>> No.5295414

No just 4chan. 4chan is small as fuck and also toxic for anyone who wants to become famous. Nobody wants to be associated with this site, it's career poison.

>> No.5295442

what company? nina and africat are nice but they arent beating even the lowest holos

>> No.5295468

He's boring and seems mildly autistic. Sorry Koopa, I'm not watching your boyfriend(?).

>> No.5295522

Vhoes, on good days Nyanners and co. are outperforming low tier Holos like Mel, Indos, Aki, etc.

>> No.5295564

>Almost 100 IPs
Yeah nothing weird about this at all

>> No.5295565
File: 40 KB, 500x527, EhcP3fcVoAEADcg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And? I'd still rather watch Mel or Aki because they didnt tell their fans to fuck off and die.

>> No.5295608

I miss old Koopa when she was super responsive to whatever was going on in the chat. That's the number one reason I don't like her collabs, top notch chat interaction was her best point for me.

>> No.5295622

all your donos paid for the birth control pills, though

>> No.5295649

I didn't say she was good, I said she was smart enough to turn her online lolicon personae into hopping the Vtuber train. Koopa...not so smart on that.

>> No.5295698

>top notch chat interaction was her best point for me.
when the fuck was that she used to always be bad at chat either prioritizing other vtubers or just missing stuff. Only recently did she get better and improve

>> No.5295710

>BC pills

>> No.5295714

Were corporate vtubers the good ones all along?

>> No.5295721

I think kwaps' problem is that she was starved for affection and upon starting vtubing just overdosed on it, without knowing any better how to handle it. That's why she was super reactive to chat and never refused collabs.

>> No.5295752

Guess I won't be using my free sub on Koopa this month after she pretty much ruined everything.

>> No.5295761

Exactly. I could not care less what she does with Spacer, but I would much rather watch someone who wants me to be there than someone who doesn't. Not on a personal level, duh, but on the abstract "viewers are here!" level. There's no amount of content or aesthetic mismatch that would change that, and I am already pretty used to ignoring scuff.

>> No.5295763

>either prioritizing other vtubers
Literally before others started even appearing in chat. Basically, way before twitch.

>> No.5295783

100% this

>> No.5295955

>Literally before others started even appearing in chat. Basically, way before twitch.
when she was on youtube? Same shit but with chat delay and chuubas replaced with artists

>> No.5296038

Does anyone know anything about the other members of Koopas group? I only see the one who has posted their face talked about.

>> No.5296238

snake and racoon are annoying ironic weeb coomers but at least snake can carry a collab, their audience is normalfags(also racoon is snake's oshi he became a vtuber just to get closer to her)
bat is entertaining but bitchy in an unfun way has very high endurance for streaming
ass was menhera took her meds good at singing and art
literal who is literal who only added so racoon didn't have to pay for the logo
koopa you should know her you're in her thread

>> No.5296288

So since Koopa killed her entire fanbase, what do we do?

>> No.5296346

find the anon with the cutest voice and fund his model and 2d rig

>> No.5296352

the bear

>> No.5296586

>Get a BIT of popularity and affection
>Fly too close to the sun, and spurn the people who raised you up.


>> No.5296684

Die and become deadbeats

>> No.5296745
File: 38 KB, 500x500, artworks-IcNS0YUWwkItKnYt-yjuLVw-t500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5296748

For now, I'm over at Nina. It's not the same, but it's nice.

>> No.5296928

I've never seen Mori Calliope and Koopa Fortuna in the same place at the same time

>> No.5297019

Are you in the states?

>> No.5297152

The interaction with chat was usually her reading one thing and then going on a tangent for the next 15 minutes and repeating the whole thing.

>> No.5297413

I wanted to make a similar rrat but what I'm interested in now is why didn't she get similar attention earlier? If you're a girl, you don't even need to do complicated stuff like stream, being a girl and playing MMOs is enough to get affection.

>> No.5298865
File: 258 KB, 417x388, bloopa....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>threads are still a piece of shit even after taking a break for almost half a week
>IPs almost on the hundreds
Was going to ask for art requests, but that's probably not a good idea for the moment. Oh well.

>> No.5298996

Yeah. I only hope this mess will fix itself when she streams again. Please stream, Koopa.

>> No.5299150

Yeah I guess the real sign if this is momentary or forever is when she streams.

>> No.5299581

Schizos are never going to go away but hopefully streams will mean they go back to being drowned out by positive discussion again

>> No.5300890

Koopa I don't know if you abandoned this place yet, but if you're around can you talk about CHAOS in the next twitter voice thingie

>> No.5301172

Killing CHAOS would really benefit these threads

>> No.5301240

Koopa's design is top notch, really.
She herself is also pretty ok, seething idolfaggots and her inability to do proper message control nonwithstanding. Being bad at PR is almost cute.

>> No.5301903
File: 5 KB, 400x400, 1613303237831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've learned to never expect consistency from a woman.

>> No.5302244

Look guys. You might not be seeing the whole picture. Have a bit of sympathy for what could be going on behind the scenes. Now this could be a rat, but I believe it's possible that koopa and spacer are being manipulated by coercion and blackmail. Some people and organizations like to play with people's lives and treat them like they were sims characters whose life can be controlled. If koopa keeps saying her life is in her control and you can't force her to live like she was your sim could imply that somebody out there or somebody's out there made her think her life was their play thing and she's trying to gain back her control. With fame can come the attention of scary people with scary wishes to influence scary things. Perhaps some boss gangster wanted to see his two favorite vtubers play house? Have you ever wondered where these two broke dumb vtubers came up with the funds to meet up out of nowhere? Ever wondered why things seem out of characters? This could be a rrat but all I'm saying is have a open mind and some empathy for these two characters for what they could be facing behind the scenes.

>> No.5302257

He's back and more based than ever

>> No.5302369

Spacer is a russian plant

>> No.5302469

>Koopa told everyone to fuck off because she's being chased by the mob
You know what? I belieb

>> No.5302569

No woman with that many guns is safe.

>> No.5302645
File: 140 KB, 262x302, Koopss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck all of you guys this thread STINKS

>> No.5302757
File: 164 KB, 341x307, koop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have that many saved, but I really like this one

>> No.5302774
File: 276 KB, 435x434, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5302955
File: 1.03 MB, 1200x1697, 1607036543580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5303061
File: 150 KB, 654x336, 1freeintermission.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5303089
File: 1.10 MB, 1274x540, HoloID_Gen2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5303246

>some boss gangster wanted to see his two favorite vtubers play house
you know what
i rly belieb it

>> No.5303347
File: 208 KB, 600x600, Koopa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, i lie is this one.

>> No.5303858
File: 498 KB, 698x698, shocked green woman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>10 december 2020

>> No.5303946
File: 1002 KB, 1289x1200, 1607031824215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3rd december

>> No.5304046
File: 36 KB, 112x112, pet_koopa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this one is from 24/11/2020

and the one in this post is from 8/12/2020

>> No.5304162
File: 460 KB, 1400x1000, Illustration8a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

20th December 2020

>> No.5304198
File: 256 KB, 1500x1120, twoopaas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we could have looked like this....

>> No.5304965

Literally me

>> No.5305302

Thank god that's not the case, it's shit.

>> No.5305712


>> No.5306421

Many such cases!