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Melody is very cute and I enjoy watching her content.

I've also seen her naked on multiple different occasions.

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That's a lie. Melody is practically a nun.

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Whores can't be cute

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I don't think your mother would appreciate hearing that.

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She's a leaf, anon. Canadians are the enemy.

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porn is bad, op

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amy schumer

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What? I thought she was from California.

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Nobody really knows, but the way she talks and speaks about the states makes people think she's a leaf.

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There is no way a girl this cute comes from my godforsaken hellhole.

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her gimmick ran out. i stopped watching her once i realized she streams while taking drugs, i fucking hate Junkies.

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Dude she's a camwhore what did you expect? An upstanding church going girl?

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Jesus Christ these rrats get crazier by the day. Will Melody be former SS tomorrow?

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same, i love her regular stream. i think her chaturbate shit etc. is lame though

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Melody literally whores herself off on chaturbate and yet comes off as less of a whore than her western vtuber "friends".
Says a lot about our society

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Isnt she bitch?
She looks like Major frim GITS.

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Being a whore and being cute aren't mutually exclusive anon. You can be cute and a whore. The same reason just because a girl isn't a whore doesn't mean she's cute.

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which ones?

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That would make them love her, so no.

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>proof of a rrat

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She definitely looks like a methhead

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kys whore

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you said it jokester

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