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Now that the dust has settled, how do we feel about her?

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We will support her to the end. It was really sad that she had to be viciously mauled by an Austrian ostrich so hard that the stream crashed.

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This thread has been posted about 10 times in the span of 12 hours. Maybe check the archive fagotchama?

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>no one else makes an anti bait thread so nyanners faggots make one for her
Vt lives in your head

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American weeb who pretends to like Japanese anime but actually just wsnts more vieweres for her own and never watched good anime like GITS or Akira.

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Speaking of drama, was the fag tweet by Kiara a fake?

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she has no friends and family.

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Cute and good.

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I don’t care. I have never cared about nyanners. I just don’t want to see her or her content. It has been a decade.

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I'm only doing this to make fun of her fans more accurately

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i want to cum inside her tight cunny

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we have to save her...

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She hates you pedo faggot nazi

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> how do we feel about her?
Fucking piece of shit.

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We can start by getting her dad back on his feet.
I know a mexican that can help

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Her screaming how much she hates me and how should I kill myself will make me nut even harder

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clout chasing disingenuous garbage even among VS, even more so now

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this is one of the biggest lies ive ever read on this board.

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no forgiveness until she purges the sjws in her fandom

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bad then, bad now

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2D=3D retard
I’m not an anti but I don’t like her, I ignore everything where she’s involved.
I’ll only be there if she collabs with Matsuri or says Gura is sexy

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>the dust has settled
Nigga not hasn't, people who hate the pink cat have been hating her for years and keep hating her because she is still a hypocrite, that fact is never going change unless SHE changes.
The dust hasn't settled and it never will

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Pomf pomf kimochi
What's this sticky stuff on me
They play with me until
I smell like salty coins and milk

Morning, everyone!
Today we will have lots of fun
UGUUU am I cute?
In my favorite swimsuit

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Women are naturally hypocrites. Are you saying you want her to turn into a tranny? Anon....

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It settled, everyone loves her now!

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Does it really smell like salty coins and milk? Asking for a friend.

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Okay, so it's my first time watching Nyanners in like 10 years. Why does she sound so high? Her voice is so nasally now. Is her age just catching up to her?

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New York?

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It tastes like that

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Nyanners is live right now!
Why not tune in real quick to confirm your bias? What's the worst that could happen?

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nice try
didn't work

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Come on anon... you know you're curious. Maybe when you tune in she'll be talking about western SJW politics and (You) can be the cool kid who clips it and shares it with everyone on /vt/!
It's so easy, you just have to follow the link: https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners

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These are all me

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still a piece of shit

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Still the same
There are thousand of better and funnier vtubers out there that I have no reason to waste my time with someone lacking any of that on top of having no principles. Won't stop people from spamming her face over the catalog tho.

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If only she was actually like that, and not the total opposite

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cat got dominated into submission.
chimken good.
order has been restored for now.

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she should get therapy for her social anxiety if she wants to grow

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She seems annoying, retarded and unaware

Just like Kiara

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I think I've outgrown her brand of cynical & sarcastic humour. But I still enjoy a lot of her song covers.

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Shit and boring.

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Gus Cringe?

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She still encapsulates a certain type of internet humor that I find endearing and amusing in a maybe nostalgic way.

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I still hide all of her threads or the other vshojo threads

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I like her, always have

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I like her with big boobs.

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She is completely correct, lolicons are pedophiles.

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>how do we feel about her?
I feel the same as always. Watched her stream for an hour or two today, had some laughs, I left and jerked off to some loli doujins, then came back later in the stream to watch some more.

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Nyanners, please stop making these threads. The outcome will always be the same.

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shes fuckign boring lol

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I want hate fuck by her badly.

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She was good on the kiara collab, but that had heavy moderation and restrictions (one can assume). Give me REAL Nyanners, or show me this is BECOMING new Nyanners, and i'll say she's worth it

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>hate fuck by her
You want to be hate fucked by her? Not the other way around?

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I want to bully this pink cat like you wouldn't believe.

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same bro

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Devoid of talent and really annoying. The only reason anyone talks about her here is because she's addicted to drama on top of that.

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>I want to bully this pink cat
Well if one thing has become clear over the last several months of watching her, that's actually her fetish, though she tries to hide it.

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>moves on
>rapebait again
Who could've predicted this?

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vt schizos cant stop her barbed cat futa dick from breaking their bucks

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Why do you think she keeps coming back despite all the shit that happened, most people would have abandoned having an online presence at this point. It's obvious now, deep down she really wants some anon to just push her down and hate fuck the hell out of her.

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>keeps coming back
anon the nyanners in your head isn't real

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>she tries to hide it.
Well not in this case, she said she loved how Kiara bullied her on stream.

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I liked her pomf video from back in the day but heard she now feels too good for that or something.
Well I saw some clips and she's pretty entertaining, still kinda stupid she acts like she is beyond that now though.

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Extremely talented and funny. Good variety content too, she's probably one of the few actually decent EN vtubers. I'm not quite sure why holobronies vehemently hate her, but their brain has rotted from watching corporatized content so I don't judge.

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Do not take the injection that is not a vaccine.
It is an depopulant.

>> No.5255986

Too late, she's getting her second jab tomorrow.

>> No.5256048

I wouldn't be surprised in the very least if the opposite is true.

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the dust will never settle

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I want to choke the pink cat

>> No.5256507

she thinks beavis and butthead is kino so all is forgiven imo

>> No.5256549

Do you think she's into choking? She seems like the kind of girl who is.

>> No.5258605

No, but Mel is.

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how long until she decides to stop vtubing and denounce the fanbase as pedos or whatever the new millennial lingo is

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Who the fuck tastes coins

>> No.5262829

She’s geriatric

>> No.5263006

Literally who?

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I will track you down Nyan
I will find you
I will put my filthy hands around your neck
And no matter how much your thrash and fail, I will snap your neck like a twig and and this world will finally be free of your poison

>> No.5263165

pink cat good
meds you faggot

>> No.5263237

You can't stop me nyatasha, I will track you down and I will kill you

>> No.5263769

Pink cat cute
I want Kiara to push her down, gag her with her own panties, then fuck her her brains out

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I truly dont understand the hate.

>> No.5263970


anon roleplays as a menhera hikki to feel more japanese

>> No.5263984

based Based BASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.5264002

I feel worse for Kiara for walking into that conversation than for Nyanners for living that life.

>> No.5264083


I am just laughing that these videos are still growing viral in the comment section and views LMFAO



I would fucking die laughing if Kiara or whatever other V-tuber thats not V-shojo blasts this in a collab with her.

>> No.5264152

But anon, her friends already tease her about it constantly already. At least Haruka and Ironmouse. Nyanners cringing at her old videos is already classic stream content for her.

>> No.5264181

She should stop impersonating haachama with that trembling voice.

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The fuck did I just read?

>> No.5264227 [DELETED] 

discordfags trying to hard to epic raid

>> No.5264239 [DELETED] 

She's an austrian, she knew full well what she was getting into.

>> No.5264302

She is a small pink girl and I would not have sex with her.

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She's still a hypocritical sjw. Nothing has changed.

>> No.5265377

PINK CAT is no pedo.
Nyanners might be more /pol/ than /a/
and it is not like the one song propelled her forward.
flat is justice.

>> No.5265406

Nyanners has always been /v/

>> No.5265933

medposting isn't a good idea, anon. Drink water.

>> No.5265993

now THIS is medicated posting.

>> No.5266295

I used to watch her videos because the music was funny, and I liked sharing the dumb covers with my friends. Her content now just ain't it chief.

>> No.5266543

pink cat best cat

>> No.5266623

I think I remember seeing her in Vinesauce once, so I think this is Joel.

>> No.5266645

she'll always be a fake who used this site and is using vshojo. fake cunt, may you never find happiness.

>> No.5266697

>loli bad
>using a loli cat avatar to exploit 12 year olds on Twitch good

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Don't care for cat. Don't actively watch cat. Don't watch clips unless they're in a compilation.
I will now post my oshi to clean up the thead a bit

>> No.5266723

she's a grifter that started on this very site.

>> No.5266744

yeah she finds it so funny she has to write giant blog posts to disavow it and say "that isn't me!"

>> No.5266785 [DELETED] 

Someone smart enough to make sure she won't re-collab with anyone close to importance with vtubing.

Seriously, would have been bad to post her real Yabs. Like yeah you have her saying nigger and pomf, who cares. If you saw what she did on camera as a kid (not the porn nobody cares about that) + a few years ago you'd know she's got enough yabs to be nuclear to anywhere, let alone something public facing.

As long as she stays in her corner I don't have to post shit. Another collab, especially if she gets close, it's gonna be bad.

>he sold them through TOR for like a few btc, no, not the porn, I mean he did but I didn't buy that
>a few others sold their spicy stuff through other market places too

Friendly reminder to not be an idiot, I know you lurk here. :^) Don't worry though, it's not illegal for me, you know, I don't have to break a single law, remember that.

>> No.5266852

That was 7 years ago.

>> No.5266873

well they say anonymous doesn't forget, and many don't forget she grifted this site and plays a fake SJW now.

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Deserving of nothing but a bullet.

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Yes, but she herself got over it, even if you didn't.

>> No.5267216 [DELETED] 

That's why she needs to be harassed off the internet. Shame /i/ no longer exists. I wonder if baph is still in working order.

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Until she reupload her pomf song and NotoriousKKK cover to make amends she will always be a grafter willing to switch masks depending on where the money is.

>> No.5267259

Yay, Moonman!

>> No.5267263

real baph is around but you had to be there from the I days to find it. Essentially the same place if you were in habbo and had friends tell you.

8baph has been gone for a long time now. Sade, honestly.

>> No.5267281

The dust is far from settled.

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Sad indeed. Well, here's to you anon, a toast to older, better days.

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>> No.5267697

She's my favorite NPC from Corruption of Champions 2

>> No.5267935

The amount of disdain I have for your "Now that the dust has settled"-bait. It's not even that I hate (you), but why the fuck do you have to pretend that something caused /vt/ to completely fall apart 20 times a week and make these threads as if it suddenly stopped being in everyone's minds. I didn't even realize they were going to collab until 1 hour before the stream. I expected a nothingburger and got utter Gigastacy domination. I kind of felt bad for her.
t. holobrownie

>> No.5267979

Did Kiara actually dunk on the pink cat?

>> No.5268189

There's a second one!?!?

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Yes, written by one of Fenoxo's lackies while he works on Furries In Space™
It's pretty good.

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Life's like a car without reverse

>> No.5268261

Nyanners is wonderful, really talented.

>> No.5268304


>> No.5268305

Isn't it ironic that Kiara is more of a VShitter than Nyiggers at this point?

>> No.5268435

This board loves her to death because muh oldfag and muh seething but I never liked her ever since she started posting her stupid vocaroos on /a/ almost 13 years ago and the fact that while I don't even like loli shit either I'm routinely called a pedo for saying I simply don't like the LOL INTERNETZ cat. I'll just stick to Ina and Pikamee. Fuck Kiara too

>> No.5268518

Yes but pink cat clearly liked it.

>> No.5268586

Yes, Nyanners was super nervous and didn't know how to play most of the games, it was cute. Kiara won all 8 matches.

>> No.5268589

She's still a cunt-ass bitch.

>> No.5268610


>> No.5268752

consensual dunk

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File: 80 KB, 1000x1000, coco says based (fuck west taiwan).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fuck Kiara too

>> No.5269001

Cunt that deserves to be beaten up and choked while being raped

>> No.5269240

It was hard to tell how much of it was a bit and how much of it was Kiara trying to provide some entertaining and lively interactions. I err on the side of this being more of an act by Nyanners than anything else. But I do think it also comes from a place of non-familiarity with the Hololive culture.
>I feel fear and trepidation for Chess, and I feel an Energy coming off of you (leads to short tangent about Kiara playing chess in school)
>What are card games lmao
>I lived under a pile of rocks for thousands of years, so I have no idea what's going on in UNO hehe. . .
>Nanohodone! I get this game now! *throws Dame and Checks and Boxes*
>I DID play Connect 4 as a child with rats in the sewers, they were really good at it
In the end, it was pretty funny how Kiara just kept asking her questions like "Did you actually not have friends as a child? You do have a family, right?", but it looked a lot like Nyanners enjoyed the interactions (and she bit back occasionally).

>> No.5269370

I want to make babies with that cat.

>> No.5269480


>> No.5270656

>This board loves her to death because muh oldfag and muh seething
Those are dramafagging tourists making nyanners threads on the daily. Whenever Vshojo isn't apart of some big happening, there's literally only 1 or 2 threads up. Each and every time it's up nyannersfags get btfo'd by schizo posting and hypocrite posting. The only time this board "loves her" is when it's getting raided by /pol/twittertards.

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File: 254 KB, 1280x2048, 1615628707057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll let you guys know if politics come up on stream
Which hasn't happened
Maybe in two more weeks

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>This board loves her to death
Are you fucking high? The hate she gets is huge here
Does nyanners fans being the contrarians in this scenario cause you some kind of cognitive dissonance?

>> No.5271968

some of nyanners discord trannies came to the board to try and shitpost after the collab.
don't worry about it, just ogay them like the dilating rrrats they are.

>> No.5272062

It's wild how people keep saying this. Whenever Vshojo isn't in the limelight, these threads aren't made on mass. Whenver they are, they get routinely btfo'd by schizo hupocriteposting.

>> No.5272137

While Nyanners is obviously still hated here the board seems to slowly move towards accepting that she's a thing in the vtuber community. When /vt/ was new the Nyanners hate was way stronger than it is now. Even the dreaded first collab of Nyanners with a Hololive vtuber didn't drown the board in shitposts and the anti reaction was pretty disappointing.

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>While Nyanners is obviously still hated here the board seems to slowly move towards accepting that she's a thing in the vtuber community.
No nigger, you're being delusional. It's literally only tourists. The only reason why you see less hate is because Nyannerfags fucked off to their general and only schizoposters stay in the anti threads. Stop spreading this propaganda. You don't see tens of these threads pop up when vshojo isn't in the limelight. Stop pushing some narrative that isn't real.
>Even the dreaded first collab of Nyanners with a Hololive vtuber didn't drown the board in shitposts
were we not looking at the same catalog?
>the anti reaction was pretty disappointing.
Your first mistake was believing the vshojos were anything like the zhangs. Holobronies don't harass anyone. No, posting a collage on twitter and reddit isn't harassment. No, what veibae went through was not the same thing as Aloe. No, holobronies do not spam and cause havoc like the zhangs. You are either a /pol/twittard trying to fit in, or a vshojo lover. If it's the former go back already. If it's the latter, actually come out of your general when vshojo isn't the hot topic and it's a slow week so you can actually get some perspective for once in your lifetime.

>> No.5272327

>Holobronies don't harass anyone.
Except your own vtubers when they try to collab with people you don't want them to, kek.

>> No.5272358

>Except your own vtubers when they try to collab with people you don't want them to, kek.
What harassment? You got any proof?

>> No.5272373

exposed as an unfunny whore if unable to make dick dick penis semen cum jokes every 3 seconds

>> No.5272460

Regardless of the quality of her content, she's not a vtuber. She's just a streamer with a facerig avatar.

>> No.5272962

She's harmless. You guys promised the final yab and all we got was a shy autist girl.

>> No.5273045

She swore she was seiso in that song, we didn’t believe her. There we have it.

>> No.5273581
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>> No.5274173

anything worth discussing about the collab?
any highlights?

>> No.5274334

Nyanners was extremely nervous and didn't know how to play most of the games. Kiara won all 8 matches. "Kiara is in control" became a meme from that collab. No yabs, it was harmless.

>> No.5274485

I hope there is a hell for her to go to.

>> No.5274523

>uses a victim of child rape to make a silly joke
no. if she was a man, she would be universally hated.

>> No.5274577

The fuck? Source?

>> No.5274627

>if she was
But she's not, she's cute.

>> No.5274951

The source are the lyrics of her pomf song. If you know where the "salty dairy product and pennies" phrase originated (Nyanshit does because she was active on /b/ back then) then you know what a horrible fucking person she is.

>> No.5275097

So nothing?
Take your meds

>> No.5275187

You should really stop acting this morally outraged on 4chan, you obviously wouldn't be here if such references actually upset you so much.

>> No.5275282


>> No.5275352

Nyanshit whines about fucking drawings yet never apologized for trivializing real child rape? Give me a break.

>> No.5275363


>> No.5275475

She did, though, it's literally the reason she took down the pomf video, and why everyone on this shithole calls her a hypocrite.
tl;dr lurk moar before you post newfriend

>> No.5275543

Give yourself a break, stop getting so worked up about a pink cat on the internet.

>> No.5275586

Is she really 170cm tall?

>> No.5275845

she was underage when she made that vid, she grew up, the rest of you did not

>> No.5275874

Nope. In everything she said about that topic, she never owns up to that. She only talks about the manga and loli and how other people made her do it.

Never did she accept the blame she deserves for trivializing child rape. Instead she acted all high and mighty right afterwards. If she had the tiniest bit of decency, she would have never showed herself online ever again. But nooo, this bitch simply cannot stop grasping for attention so "who cares if I made fun a raped kid, right?"

>> No.5275911

She left that video online on her channel well into her adulthood.

>> No.5275922

Based on roommate’s pics and past streams I’d assume so.

>> No.5276031

>who cares if I made fun a raped kid, right?
Right. Don't tell me you've never made a rape joke before.

>> No.5276165

No I never happaned to come across a video of a child being raped and then thought to myself "wow this is quality material for a goofy song! I will incorporate this!" and then was such an absolutely disgusting human being that I actually did that shit and build a career on it.

>> No.5276461

>I never happaned to come across a video of a child being raped and then thought to myself "wow this is quality material for a goofy song! I will incorporate this!"
You really think she made that song immediately after happening across a child rape video and not because it was a meme phrase at the time? Of course you don't actually think that, stop exaggerating and acting like a hysterical soccer mom, you don't have to try so hard to justify not liking Nyanners.

>> No.5276648

Retarded views aside, I've outgrown Vshojo/Nuxtaku-esque humor and delivery so she can kindly fuck of from the Holos please. The Kiara "don't you have any family" thing with her just shutting down actually made me both laugh and feel a bit bad for her though

>> No.5276757

That guy's idea of humor is far worse than any of the vshojo girls.

>> No.5276868

>eating shit is worse than eating rotting food
Eh, perhaps, idc frankly

>> No.5277122
File: 79 KB, 1799x459, Never Forget.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitch knew what she was doing and then she had the audacity to act like some kind of moral exemplar. Fuck her.

>> No.5277173

I wanna smell her butthole

>> No.5277375

>edgy and annoying and sick
Is that you? Because you're acting as melodramatic as he is.

>> No.5277397
File: 4 KB, 241x198, 1619742607036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He's gone full circle to unironically moralfag
Sometimes I forget how diverse this place can be. All types here, all types.

>> No.5277909

Nyanners is actually cute and sweet, you guys lied to me


>> No.5277961

No no no she's a hypocrite she talks about sjw stuff every stream and she hates you
Please stay away /vt/

>> No.5278022

She's too liberal and too much of an sjw.

>> No.5278275

She does unironically hate us though.
Seems kind of a cucck move to support someone that hates your guts.

>> No.5278359

In that case we should all stop posting here, nobody hates 4chan more than 4chan posters. Literally why she hates us too, she used to be one

>> No.5278404

Everyone here should stay well away from this pink whore

>> No.5278409

>gets lolicon attention with memes
>actually hates lolicons
>decided to leech up the money from lolicons which she hates
say what you will. she is smart.

>> No.5278642

Don't include me with you schizos, Nyanners loves me

>> No.5279395
File: 575 KB, 1000x994, 06a138da36bbdb6d6dbe89ba156133ff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She is rightfully austistic irl? Or just pretend to be?

>> No.5279794

she seems to understand social cues at least

>> No.5279994

>every fucking time 4chan thinks a chick is cute

>> No.5281188

Not autism but she does have ADHD and social anxiety. And face blindness apparently.

>> No.5281248

>social anxiety

even as a chuuba, that doesn't seem right

>> No.5281415

Streaming to an abstract audience you can't see is different to interacting with somebody one on one.

>> No.5281618

No mentally healthy girl would've been on 4chan as a teenager.

>> No.5281864
File: 781 KB, 2821x2015, katawa_4chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Froot: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/cold-urticaria/symptoms-causes/syc-20371046
Ironmouse: https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/common-variable-immune-deficiency/
Nyanners: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosopagnosia
Veibae: https://balermo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Pepega-1024x1024.png

>> No.5282020

I think veibae just has an IQ of like 70

>> No.5282062

Melody definitely has some sort of issue as well, considering her reaction to that DDLC scene.

>> No.5282162

Veibae must have the opposite of Froot with how much she's complaining about the heat.

>> No.5282354

>Vshojo has elemental weaknesses

>> No.5283646

i dont really get why people hate on someone for tying their brand to blatantly pedo shit 15 years ago and then distancing themselves from it. she didn't even change her name unlike everyone else who just posted anonymously. To open yourself up for a big boi cancellation like that in current year is based

>> No.5283847

Can someone post the clip of Kiara bullying her?

>> No.5284142

Just the whole vod or?

>> No.5284367

Prosopagnosia? So that's where the meme comes from that is senile?

>> No.5284383

Just took my meds and realized every reply in this thread is me with 30 phones.

>> No.5284658

see your fags gura-hololive threads and shit. Fuck there is even more disgusting shit than others lol

>> No.5285189

Yeah I understand...

>> No.5289120

You think ADD isn't a fictitious disease, it's own inventor admitting firsthand.

>> No.5289998
File: 41 KB, 563x539, 1605870379836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has always been cute and creative, but she's a hypocrite. Back then she shat on all the people who made her in order to chase the success of Lilypichu who managed to ditch her 4chan audience and become successful as a league leech and now an actual content creator with a huge org behind her. She would 100% do the same if vtubers all of a sudden died and people jumped ship to another weeb fad. Call me a schizo, but to me its about principles and shit. Genuine people are so much better to watch and interact with. But hey, that's just me.

>> No.5291680

I love my cat wife

>> No.5291708

Nyanners is alright. She helped inspire Senzawa to become what she is today.

>> No.5291749 [DELETED] 
File: 526 KB, 644x800, 1620403688656.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nyanners is alright. She helped inspire Senzawa to become what she is today.

>> No.5292257

A 2 faced bitch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZARdunyooDw

>> No.5292290

Well she's got something, she's very easily distracted.

>> No.5292449

Disingenuous clout seeker.

>> No.5292741

Both sides are shit here. Yes, she is a fucking hypocrite who would jump on any bandwagon in order to get more fame.
But then again, nobody in their right mind would want to associate themselves with this putrid hellhole either.

>> No.5293601

unfunny and ugly laugh

>> No.5293737

Sen definitely saw her but lurked, she didn't go full Nyan, she did something actually decent and has a real, new medium of entertainment.

So now pink wants in on it and wants Sen to let her leech. Why would she? I genuinely dislike pink because of a lot of other more serious shit she did (and her friends sold over TOR, you can find it if you look), but even at just a petty level, she's annoying and a bad person that panders to anyone willing to pay her instead of just being a genuine personality and good internet culture.

Dunno what to tell you man, but Shark definitely wouldn't collab with her if she's got a good manager and her head in a good place. Killing Vtubing for that isn't worth it.

>> No.5294210

She's a grifter is all.
>does the loli thing when it was fun and edgy
>saw woke shit, probably went to uni or something idk
>became a tumblrite SJW to appease new crowd, loli bad, durrrr I was being groomed (this word has lost any meaning thanks to zoomer faggots)
>realizes she wants cash and uwu loli avatars get that, is now trying to walk the tightrope playing it both ways

>> No.5294465

Wow I've never heard this
Do many people know this about her?

>> No.5295201

She sucks.
I'm glad Kiara absolutely bodied this worthless waste of a semen sample with her Stacey level energy and confidence. Nyanners will be internally sneething for weeks over this.

>> No.5295359

Everything I've learned about this bitch has been against my will. I've been here since 07 and ever since Boxxy it seems like there's a new whore every month trying to be "4chan's girl". None of them ever were. You were stupid for paying attention to them in the first place. Zelda Williams did it right, you shouldn't care who's here. I know of this bitch simply because off topic faggots would bring her up randomly in anime threads, video game threads, technology threads, card game threads, even gun threads. Fucking cancer.

>> No.5295638

I've known of the "salty coins and milk" meme for years at this point, perhaps over a decade, and I never knew it was taken from an interview with an abused kid. I just thought some adult had described semen in that way. I wouldn't assume anyone necessarily knows the origin of the phrase.

>> No.5296064

Every fake raspy geriatric cackle reminds you that this elderly hag is on the bad side of 40.

>> No.5304764

Is it not just possible that an edgy teenager grew up and changed their opinions on certain things? She obviously hates a lot about what she used to be. People are just triggered because they're into loli.

>> No.5304894

>She obviously hates a lot about what she used to be.
Yeah obviously, seeing as the avatars a loli, and she's going on 30 and speaks like one.

>> No.5306227

Melody sounds like an ex-drug user 100%
Vei is so fucking stupid

>> No.5306861

>Because the face seems to function as an important identifying feature in memory, it can also be difficult for people with this condition to keep track of information about people, and socialize normally with others.
Bros…this is too sad. I wanna hug this pink cat even though she won’t recognise me afterwards.

>> No.5306927
File: 414 KB, 516x399, 1600363640900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

outperformed by a MALE WOW PLAYER

>> No.5307253

fuck off fag

>> No.5307266

cry more Nyanners

>> No.5307311

Be careful as all of the so-called oldfags (who are actually trannies on Twitter btw) who claim they were here before you will call you a newfag

>> No.5308733

she looks retarded but i always thought she is a mutt nigger

>> No.5312113

nigger you know where you are?
The dust never settles

>> No.5312460

>Do you not have friends? Parents?


>> No.5316530

I'd still fuck her

>> No.5316567

i will forgive her when she sings pomf again

>> No.5318309

She was really awkward and really shy in the collab nothing at all like I was expecting considering the posts I see about her on here .
Almost made me cringe honestly.

>> No.5318483

>expecting someone to act a certain way based on schizoposts seething over something that happened a decade ago

>> No.5318730

I dont watch nyanners at all so I wasnt expecting an awkward dork but more outgoing person for someone that allegedly makes constant peepooppo far jokes

>> No.5319087

You should've known an outgoing girl wouldn't have spent her teenage years on 4chan.

>> No.5320715

absolutely boring

>> No.5323656

Fucking nyanners I know you're stalking I know I fucking feel it

>> No.5324280
File: 94 KB, 243x252, 4614354365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit character and shit person.

>> No.5324325 [DELETED] 
File: 738 KB, 1785x3000, 1623010196032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shit character and shit person.

>> No.5324408

The song popped up around the same time when the video (which was not an interview btw) was spammed regularly.

Nyanners described 4chan as her home and said that she spent a lot of time there. It is 100% certain that she knew what she was doing.

>> No.5324492

It is all an act. She spent time on 4chan for the exact same reason why she is a Vtuber now: because she is an attention whore. The "uwu I am so shy and cute and fragile" shit is all just part of her act. It is not even a good act, so I have no idea why anybody would fall for that shit. We are talking about somebody who would go to conventions and fuck people there. The narrative about a socially anxious loner does not hold up. She just spreads it because she knows that it will resonate with her audience.

>> No.5324621

If you're a half-decent looking girl you don't have to be socially capable at all to get laid at a convention.

>> No.5325498
File: 129 KB, 1024x1024, 1623972665613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blue county area stranglehood is so fake and insincere testament like this only rides my signal intelligence all the way very very well and she can have me fo sho.
All it takes is one well meaning highly intellignet person of similar hair, eyes and complexion that has had their last unrelatable liability person irl, and as razor edge victorious risen, lives on the 4chan always watching out for right
See lots of real high orbit spirit friends.

>> No.5329190
File: 191 KB, 1024x929, 1606549105849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blubbering pile of spaghetti who specializes in pissing off socially unaware and overly analytical schizos like a lovecraftian horror from the internet.

>> No.5330055

I will always like Nyanners, every person on this site that hates her always, without fail, comes across way worse than her in any case. Don't care about the loli shit, everyone of us is a hypocrite at the end of the day anyway, why would I care that much? It's only a big deal because this is the fucking internet and the same social retards that lived on 4chan 15 years ago are still hounding her to this day. She's funny and chill and that's all I care about. Anybody who plays old Beavis and Butthead clips on stream to their zoomer audience and cries laughing at them is a quality person in my book

>> No.5331727
File: 167 KB, 548x326, 1450160562457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TL;DR and fuck you anyways

>> No.5339862

whenever nyanners drinks water, you can hear her gulping. I've been sampling it and sending it to gts fetishists

>> No.5339955

I wish she didnt collab with unironically gross slags like veibae

>> No.5341057

>pink cat defenders are the wojack spamming pedo cucks
Wow, what a surprise.

>> No.5341466

Yes definitely not a false flag, your campaign is convincing everyone

>> No.5349101

She really ate shit in that collab with Kiara. The real surprise to me is that Mousey can work clean.

>> No.5349152

as long as you're not a turbo autist that pretends to be an oldfag that's still salty about a nothingburger that happened 10 years ago, she's fine.

>> No.5349242

>realize how cringy youre being and piece together its due to the environment that you're in
>leave environment
how is that hypocritical?

>> No.5349528

Her dad and sister died, I feel bad for her.

>> No.5349771

Also Nyanners go on Cum Town

>> No.5350230


>> No.5351634
File: 574 KB, 512x384, 1535319803294.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's cute, CUTE!

>> No.5351774

Her toilet rating streams and obsession over the Cold Steel YouTube channel makes her 10/10 for me. Also she plays really shitty indie games which is always more fun to watch than Apex and Minecraft.

>> No.5351819

>that moment i one of her streams when she's doing some dumb "which anime character you are" personality test
>some silly question "if you could have one more sibling which one would you prefer?" pops up
>she goes "eh? but i already have a brother, that's enough.."
>goes silent, clicks "elder sister" and doesn't bring it up again
this was the most pain I've been in watching any streamer ever

>> No.5352400

fuuuck I remember that, I think I could hear my heart break.

If anyone wonders why some prefer VShojo over Hololive, it's authentic moments like this. Not that I like sad moments, but just the feeling that you're watching a real person and not a manufactured idol.

>> No.5352465


>> No.5354841

>join back
take your meds

>> No.5356882
File: 7 KB, 123x233, 65613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Greetings cherished Nyanners and "VShojo".
"Ones Who Are Elect".

>> No.5363821

you sold me that pink cat is more real than the otehrs

>> No.5364434

owes /v/ an apology
sjw kool aid drinker looking motherfucker

>> No.5374617
File: 398 KB, 834x841, 1624048191217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cat posters are asleep.

>> No.5374798

everything about her is fake, including that moment you described.

>> No.5376847

Slut that should kill herself

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