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So, what happens next?

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Wait for the next big tragic event like a shooter showing up at a pride parade, or something equally as fucked that would cause political outrage and finger-pointing.

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/vtpol/ must go and stay go

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Was there at least one rrat which turned out to be true at this point?
Or is it just that /vt/ards consider collabing with people they don't like as dooming?

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I-is this a glownigger thread? What kind of psyops is this?

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At least pol is a board here, unlike where you'll be going back to

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You're the only ones making it political.

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You mean the one you hired? I'm wondering just when and where you decide to unleash him. You wouldn't enlist a white male... that would be too easy

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Trips of truth. Hololive wont go woke unless cover allows it. The screeching SJW will just fuck off to another channel since they aren't interested in video games or anime girls.

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And the only people who care are /pol/tards, aka tourists, which need to fuck off from this board

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If that western whore they're collabing with says anything political and Kiara and Calli refuse to go into it because of their contracts American SJW twitter schizos will make the Taiwan zhang schizos look sane in comparison once they start doxing and spamming.

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you say like if they started talking about right wing policies your type of people wouldnt start canceling them...

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When will a hololive collab with my dick?

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why is the top half tilted

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Uh huh, and? You honestly expect any this to come up in conversation during a shadowverse sponsorship stream?
Cover have a policy against bringing up politics for obvious reasons, and we've seen Kiara avoid acknowledging trans stuff time and time again. Keep /pol/ shit out of girls playing video games.

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>for now
every dam breaks, give it time.

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>He thinks contracts will stop woke activists
At any fucking moment she could go "I'm sorry but I can't keep quiet about X anymore". And if Kiara and Calli refuse to get into it, the woke inquisition on twitter will dox everyone that breathed air in the same room as a cover employee until they all start doing AOC presidential campaign fundraisers onstream.

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That's nice /pol/ your tactics don't work here, this fucker here is your bane but a legend here, enjoy your stay

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>phoneposting dramanigger has been spamming his own screencap
Kek and people will defend these schizos

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You mean literal fucking facism and neo-nazi fuckery?!

Yeah, if my oshi was doing that I'd drop them.

Also, the overton window is absolutely ratfucked. Most countries should look like Sweden by now, with the extremes being a proper Marxist state and current Canada as the conservative.
God damn cold war.

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>Also, the overton window is absolutely ratfucked. Most countries should look like Sweden by now, with the extremes being a proper Marxist state and current Canada as the conservative
Too based, even if I can't fully agree about that Canada thing.

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sorry, this isn't /pol/
if you want outrage you have to convince us that AOC got fingered while playing Amogus or something

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>Cover have a policy against bringing up politics

Their shit with china is dangerous as they want to build viewership.

I think they could benefit from being
"Free Palestine"
There's a single China, it's the ROC, and the main-land is West Taiwan.

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>woke inquisition on twitter ... until they all start doing AOC presidential campaign fundraisers onstream.

I see no downsides here conservachama.

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when will this meme finally die?

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>Most countries should look like Sweden by now

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it's not a meme, slavchama.
It's going to be relevant as long as egoist globalist neoliberal capitalism is considered the default state.

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>People have been so toxified by corporate propaganda that they think Sweden is Marxist and can't distinguish between cultural "Marxism" and actual economic Marxism.

Marx would have let their fag asses burn. Dude hated jews to boot.

lmao tho at retards who think Celebs having political opinions is a problem tho. Like who cares what retarded shit they say? They aren't paid to be politically intelligent. If you can't -as an adult - filter out their content from personal opinions, that's incumbent on you

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ogey, but can american zoomers please stop romanticising it as if it was an actually good political philosophy? I have family members still traumatised by those times.

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Based high IQ anon pointing out the slippery slope isn't a fallacy. Buy beans, silver and ammo and get ready for the stock market implosion as Blackrock buys all the houses. The SJW tards need to get what's coming to them.

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It's okay slavfriend. That faggot will be the first one up against the wall when he gets what he wants.

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8th flag already happened. It's just been kept a secret these past 4 months. Buckle up before reading the thread. Some anons decided today was the day to start Armageddon. Between the nyanners collab, the eceleb shadowverse collab and this, we have the hat trick of happenings.


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ame casually admitted to liking ayn rand this stream but it's one of her relatively lesser known books (anthem) so i wouldn't expect most of the people watching to catch the reference

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>90% of board is seething at smelly zhangs
>/pol/ slowly being overrun with chuubas

The only appreciable difference between /vt/ and /pol/ is that there are more canadians posting pro-china threads on /pol/.

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They won't stop until we starve them out. Many such cases.

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Stop taking rrats seriously, there will be always a new ones as they are made mostly out of boredom and coping.

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>proper marxist state
>ridiculous gun laws
pick one

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That's toooootally what happened to movies, comics, video games. Look at how good they are now.

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separate marxism from stalinism, which by no means was communist and let alone marxist.
Maoism didn't want to have anything in common with USSR after Krushchev's shit.
North Korea is literally erasing any communism mentions.
Khmer Rogue didn't even consider themselves communists and got rightfully invaded by actual communists.

I'm confident enough to say that nobody cares about your family since it's either the past, the soviet union or colorised histories. Or sometimes you'll encounter a die-hard tankie who'll claim that the Soviet Union did absolutely nothing wrong.
For every "communists took my mansion and my servants" is "socialists gave me a flat, a job, a car and both me and my wife could easily work and still have two kids".
People will always try to search for the easier solutions and a state giving them everything they need really is easy.

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holy based, its actually one of Ayn's good books

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if this is bait this is good bait but people are really that retarded on the left so who knows

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>every time it was tried it wasn't real communism

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>b-b-but that wasnt REAL communism

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That was actual, real, communism. It existed. The fantasy you have of "real communism" will never exist outside of your mind.

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Not only isn't that a lie but also >>5217787
didn't say that.

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> it wasn't real communism
Because it wasn't, it was a facist dictator / panel using a label.

In other news, water is wet and OP is still a faggot. More at 11.

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Yo, hold up, anon, it's far from fascism. You're jumping to SJW-tier shit.
t. slavic commie

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It's like the people who ruined /v/ in 2014 with GG never grew up and their political philosophy is entirely based on hating trans people or people with pastel-colored hair because they saw a twitter screencap on /pol/.

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I hope you both get your communist revolution in America so that I can laugh at the thought of both of you ending up in a mass grave with your last thought having been "surely next time it will be real communism".

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This take is normal on mainstream media.
I don't even know whats bait and what isn't

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>its another episode where commie doesn't understand that the more radical aspects of communism got gradually rolled back over time cause they worked so poorly, even in initially communist states, to the point where they abandoned it entirely

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exactly my feelings

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>f-fucking goobergoys
Why are you projecting so hard? Like are you really still seething over GG nearly 7 years removed from that?

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not a russian, Im half serb, half croatian
now wanna tell me about how good my family had it while getting a flat, a job and a car while having to conform for fear of being imprisoned or sent to goli otok?

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The rest of the world are sick of your shit American politics infecting everything. Just fuck off and fuck up your own country.

>> No.5218077

Fuck off /pol/

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Daily reminder that GG was more about Marxism and anti-corporatism than anything you're standing for.

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Who the fuck said I'm american
That country is rotten to the roots and I wish it to be nuked
Is that a *default country* joke?

>> No.5218103 [DELETED] 

t. American

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right, ethics in gaming journalism was it?

>> No.5218152 [DELETED] 

>theory/ideology for workers targeted to western industrialized societies doesn't seem to work in an eastern postfeudal country recently torn apart by wars

>> No.5218173 [DELETED] 

in the years since GG every single major institution in the entire US adopted Briana Wu tier ideology and enforces it through soft and hard power, why would they move on

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It never worked anywhere, ever.

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And not having financial and romantic collusion between game award committees and awardees while also trying to obfuscate these actions by wrapping themselves in typical progressive causes or topics.

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I thought that only tense 40s/50s and die-hard ustashe were to fear anything. That or Croatian Spring.
And I don't think that's something anyone would consider strange.
Unless there's something I don't know about Tito and his state.
I'm getting a degree in serbian filology this year so I don't think my sources are bad

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every single time it was possible for it to happen in a western country it was instantly crushed by more popular right-wing options
even fucking christian communes in 17th century England
Maybe let it happen correctly once and then judge
We've had globohomo capitalism for decades and I don't think it's the best option

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At the very start it might've been that, but by the time it morphed into a general on /v/ with Uncle /pol/ comics being drawn, it was a SJW screencap circlejerk.

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>it failed because of X not because it's a shit system that never works
>even though it has been tried a million times and always ends in the worst genocides known to man
>next time it will work for sure

>> No.5218312 [DELETED] 

>no communist purges and terror didnt happen
>oh well maybe theres proof of it, but who cares it was a good thing
literally every time, why not just skip to the point instead of exhausting everybody

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Get that fucking politics discussion out of my vtuber board
I'm not watching mentally challenged anime girls as a form of escapism just to encounter that anyway

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>Coco leaves Cover because they're becoming too restrictive
>Simultaneously, Cover will love control of their talents and Hololive will go full SJW
You're not a very intelligent person, are you dramafag?

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didn't know there was a global stateless socialist society

>> No.5218364

You people deserve everything that will come after this. Everything.

>> No.5218406 [DELETED] 

>It's not real Communism until the entire world bows down to our will
>there totally won't be purges this time

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Schizos gonna schiz

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NTA, but a simple test would be: "did the workers actually really own the means of production?" Or was the power concentrated in the hands of a party elite, or a single dictator at worst? Only the former would be the textbook definition of actual "communism" as a political/economic system, while the latter is just usual autocracy with a different coat of paint.
There's a debate to be had that the former will always invariably lead to the latter (or rather, it always starts at dictatorship and it's questionable if it ever relaxes), but that's why I'm personally not a communist in the first place, even though I'm sympathetic to the idea that workers should own their own production without some Shlomo boss sucking up all the profits for himself at the top, but those worker-owned companies (cooperatives?) should then still compete against each other in a free market, none of that central planning shit. Basically just syndicalism.
But yeah, that shit has not much to do with vtubers anyway, and all the culture bullshit that gets mistaken for it is rather odious.

>> No.5218480 [DELETED] 

>every single major institution in the entire US
Are you talking about the same US I'm in? Because the one I'm in has conservatives gerrymandering control of state governments and likely the House of Representatives next year and completely fucked up the judiciary for decades to come. Thanks to the Roberts court for deciding federal courts don't have a say in the constitutionality of drawing districts as well as the Citizens United decision. Those are much more substantive setbacks than some corporation changing their twitter logo for pride month.

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>no communist purges and terror didnt happen
I literally said that there were tense years and people weren't fond of fascists who actively destroyed the previous state. Kusturica even made a movie about the harsh post-war reality and its atmosphere of constant fear due to Tito's repressions.
>oh well maybe theres proof of it, but who cares it was a good thing
>I did not say that it was a good thing. I just don't consider it strange. Yugoslavia got fucking isolated by both the East and the West and still had to deal with what was left from the war. Not to mention restructurizing five [six, 7+ if you consider some visibily different groups as nations] extremely nationalist nations into a united society. Bratstvo i Jedinstvo had to start somewhere.
Every single country which got into such situation resorted to increased political control.

tl;dr you're projecting.

>> No.5218524 [DELETED] 

There won't ever be one. You guys are as bad as ancaps.

>> No.5218571

You can use the same "it's cool they're not supposed to talk about politics though!" defense even if they invite Bernie Sanders on for a collab. It doesn't fucking matter what they say or not in the collab if their political shit is laying out there in plain view for everyone to see. Doesn't fucking matter if it's left or right. It's a wrong defense.

If you're friends with someone spouting a bunch of political stuff and say nothing people just inherently connect you to those stances and assume you must be OK with all of it because you're not saying anything about it. That's just how people are. I would think Cover would understand this but it seems Enma was sacked or something because literally everything holding EN back from being a corruptive force in holo fell apart in only a month.

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Tell them to stop. Please.

>> No.5218575 [DELETED] 

no, if you knew someone in charge (I mean on a local level) you had it good as long as you kept your head down. It's brainwashing of the highest order. My grandfather still talks about how good they had it, but goes into a panicked state when I pretend to rip a 5€ bill apart ("no, dont the militia will get you"). He's not even demented, but the fear is so deeply ingrained, it's almost a reflex. Suppression isnt a viable strategy for a healthy population. Even if you give them flats, jobs and a car, you can't give them a feeling of being free.

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MFW he's really not wrong...

>> No.5218600 [DELETED] 

There could be though, humanity can change for the better.

Also, ancaps are fuck-heads who can't find the term "libertarian" in a dictionary.

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>I think they could benefit from being
>"Free Palestine"
based dubs
>There's a single China, it's the ROC, and the main-land is West Taiwan.
based dubs

>> No.5218739

maybe enma really is coco

>> No.5218794

>noooo anything but people who hold retarded irrelevant opinions that run contrary to my own retarded irrelevant opinions
Replacing a healthy, normal social life with an internet hugbox for mentally ill nazis hasn't really worked out for you

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>the freedom to die in wars of ethnic cleansing
>the freedom to sell your country to saudis and chinese

>> No.5218940

I said nothing about what I think and in fact your pathetic strawmanning is completely wrong about me. You have no rebuttal, because there fucking isn't one. Being friends with political people = you're now associated with their politics. The only way to prevent this, is prevent people with their political baggage hanging out from being around Holos. This is 100x more true for West vs Japan as Japan literally doesn't understand how forceful people are with politics here these days, because they just aren't like that over there. Many of them think cancel culture etc is a "small minority" of vocal online people and so on. Yes really.

If anything this would explain why they don't see the danger in letting western ecelebs be around Holos. They don't sense it. They'll walk into another Taiwan type situation sooner or later only a Western equivalent as a result. All it takes is one guest wading into it, and basically the Holo on the other end is going to be in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation - reply frankly and directly and break Holo's own rules, or don't reply and risk getting interpreted as disapproving and getting canceled. Either way a crowd is going to get angry.

What is most disappointing about all this is it had seemed Cover was actually surprisingly sensible/wary about these kinds of things with EN and that all guaranteed is what helped make EN the most successful story in Hololive, it being its own self-contained world independent of the tired shitty real one. Break that down and you extinguish the magic.

>> No.5219094

good. accelerate.

>> No.5219118

This is an absurdly shit strawman, Bernie Sanders is an actual politician. These people are just entertainers who happen to have political beliefs they've shared just like almost every human being who regularly uses social media. If your criteria for being able to interact with Holos is "has an opinion that isn't shared with 100% of people" then Cover wouldn't be able to collab with or recruit anybody.

>> No.5219202

I'm saying that the degree of how directly political someone is or not doesn't fucking matter if anyone can come on as long as they don't directly talk about politics.

It isn't a "they can never collab with anyone" result either, it isn't a binary equation. It's not hard to find people who aren't espousing super-political shit on the same account connecting them to a Holo collab. Like it was not hard at all for someone to take one look and see >>5214991. On Holos, their personal thoughts/stances are either not known or are thoroughly buried in roommate shit you weren't supposed to see anyway, if not utterly dynamited off the internet even on those. That's a very different set of standards than what we see now. The direct name on the collab leading people right to that twitter with political stuff is the same degree of separation as if a Holo was posting political things on their Holo profile. It is fucking absurd things are sinking this low this fast.

>> No.5219285

The people on this board who like to see the board angry are worse than /pol/ raiders
There, I said it, I said the truth, and I'm tired of pretending otherwise

>> No.5219314 [DELETED] 

good strawman, guess the only choice we have is to surrender it all to a communist dictator instead

>> No.5219359 [DELETED] 
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>good strawman, guess the only choice we have is to surrender it all to a communist dictator instead

>> No.5219473

? You nigs talk about pol shit here all the time. But If its not your flavor of /pol/ shit you want to see, it doesn't belong?

>> No.5219543

>and we've seen Kiara avoid acknowledging trans stuff time and time again.
her roommate or actually on stream?

>> No.5219560

>Cover wouldn't be able to collab with or recruit anybody.
You say that like it's a bad thing

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Faye Mata being all “muh black lives” is hilarious considering in every photo/video of her she uses filters to lighten her skin and make her eyes blue, not to mention she dyes her hair blonde.
Anyway, I guarantee this SV collab will come and go and you yabfags will conveniently forget about it and move on to the next thing to cause drama over. Even wannabe whitegirl Faye is smart enough to know that by bringing up muh blm in this context only puts Grant, Kiara, and Mori in an awkward position.

>> No.5219699

I'm not mad at her for existing or for saying what she wants. That's fine. I'm mad AS FUCK at Cover for letting things get this close to someone openly political in a Holo collab when for a good half year+ they were fucking rock-solid about blocking any trace of that kind of thing.

Did they not realize that people were giving Enma major kudos for those kinds of policies? Did they misinterpret what "cover should stop stifling talents" means? It means let talents do ideas for weird or novel streams as long as it doesn't break any of the cardinal Cover rules like porn or politics.

Not "let them fly closer and closer to the sun with politics until EN's icarus wings melt." The latter literally seems like sabotage pushing EN to get fucked over. Which who knows, Cover doesn't seem to give EN a lot of weight for how massive a success it is, maybe that's what they want?

>> No.5219840 [DELETED] 

Yes it is, this is 4chan. Tourists from /leftypol/, like (you), are the invaders and need to be purged like the filth they, and (you), are.

>> No.5220395 [DELETED] 

>if you can't enjoy things, that's your problem

>> No.5220457

If this politics shit gets inside of Hololive, I will 100% never watch a hololive vtuber again.

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what an absolute shit show Takamori hamfisted themselves in

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Everybody here is either a /pol/tard oldfag or a literal nigger tranny who started using imageboards in 2016 & never got banned from /a/ for muh ecelebs.

>> No.5221857


Its a shillstream. You do whatever the sponsor asks. Its why you have peko sharing the same stage with aqua for curry. Just do the stream, collect the bux and drop them afterwards.

>> No.5221920

That's an oddly specific fund.

>> No.5221950

Coco is leaving Cover because of the endless Zhang harassment of other Holos.

>> No.5222331

death to america

>> No.5222671

Thought I was the only one and going insane, wtf is happening with the picture?

>> No.5227965

Only a picture bro. Why are you going insane about that?

>> No.5228823

I don't understand how Twitter works but is that chick saying that black voice actors cannot compete against non black VAs?

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>> No.5229345

Takamori is the worst thing that happened to Hololive...

>> No.5229559

Debunked. Enma is hell mode gamer, Coco isn't.

>> No.5229658

If dramafaggots could keep their doomposting in one thread instead of painting the whole damn board with the same topic, there would be less of that.

>> No.5229699

if they're planning on growing further in the west, then expect them to start doing all the typical western corpo shit.

>> No.5229766

Anon, Cover is the one pushing it. This Shadowverse thing started as and still is a sponsorship agreement between the companies. It's about the money, Cover has never been what you think they are, but fags always memory hole everything that happens before for the sake of the next drama.

People are really naive about Hololive and Cover as corporations for some reason.

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>> No.5230041

Why are you all so afraid of trans people? Do you think they posses some eldritch powers that will suck out your fucking souls or something?

>> No.5230128

/pol/acks out

>> No.5230157

name a single flaw in the take

>> No.5230843

They are mentally ill people that shouldn't exist. Their entire personality is based in the fact that they mutilated their genitalia and I'm not even going to talk about their contact political activism and the fact that they constantly complain about people not wanting to date them because they are ugly as fuck and no one wants to stick their dick in a fucking wound.

>> No.5231057
File: 3.60 MB, 500x216, b7b61d42d6f1bbcadfb0748462a72216.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5231110

are we being raided? sure seems like it

>> No.5231121

I can't believe this board is unironically filled with troons and l*dditors

>> No.5231175

A trans woman once tried to suck my soul out through my dick

>> No.5231334

Mentally ill people that would ruin your life if you publicly say you won't suck their "feminine penis"
And most people don't fear them, they hate them.
Neck yourself.

>> No.5231346

you faggots do understand that by EN collabing with marxist blm activists just means that hololive will kill their EN branch in the next 24 months right? which I'm perfectly fine with. Will mean less EOP's in every stream. less spics too

>> No.5231384

/jp/ was right, even if it's painful to me to admit it

>> No.5231524

>A movie gif reply.

You really are a twitter tranny.

>> No.5232036
File: 20 KB, 443x332, average SJW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>gets an honest answer
>still complains

>> No.5232386

Yup. Nyanners' discord, or so I hear. Definitely from somewhere. This thread isn't even the worst of it

>> No.5232441

I can't wait for a CN like implosion for EN

>> No.5233915

but it doesn't matter as long as they don't bring anything up on stream, which they never will because Cover will always have a no-politics rule.

>> No.5233987

Source: trust me dude

>> No.5234030

sorry image limit. i'll post proof next thread.

>> No.5234140

Kyara pushing to be in a Hololive pride ad seems like a very plausible thing.

>> No.5234183

Right wingers cant cancel shit, they don't have any cultural power.

>> No.5234189

>Ame is unironically AnCap
Oh lord.

>> No.5234255

Kiara would help the doxxers. She's a full on kool aid drinker.

>> No.5234270
File: 59 KB, 720x1022, 1623937413699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sorry image limit.
>14 images posted

>> No.5234271

>Bernie Sanders is an actual politician


>> No.5234453

Feels more and more like twittards and go backers are bringing their opinions here lately

>> No.5234701

Chink managers trying to sabotage Hololive with these collabs, nothing to see here
EN managers have been blocking Haachama and Coco from interacting with EN for months because of the Taiwan-word chinkincindent, and now as soon as Coco's leaving, they approve a collab with this kind of person

>> No.5234750

Basically she? is admitting there are less blacks competing for va roles and therefore, the talent pool is smaller, so fuck talent and just hire blacks because equality and such. These people want equality of outcome which means different standards between the races to get the same results.
Trannies are mentally ill and sometimes very violent. I dislike their beliefs but not their existence. What makes me angry is society's insistence that their bodies are wrong and not their minds. If someone said, "I'm supposed to be a frog so give me some gills, doc" you'd but them on med and/or mental hospital yet with their sex/gender we tell them their okay and that surgery and hormones will turn them into the 'correct' gender. It's a big lie.

>> No.5234886

Liking the books doesn't mean liking the ideology. Atlas Shrugged is one of my favorite books but I don't share her values. I like her writing, and it helped me understand how some people think. Hell, I've read the fucking green book of Gaddafi, and some things make sense, that doesn't mean I'll start worshipping him or spreading his ideology or something weird like that

>> No.5234916

So Mori and Kiara get graduated and we're supposed to feel bad because?

>> No.5234931

I collab with Flare and she marries me

>> No.5235007
File: 474 KB, 449x423, 1621134361103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>e-whore: "POC people are so oppressed!"
>also e-whore: "Stop saying POC, it's BIPOC!"
What did she mean by this?

>> No.5235030

I just want that Maxor x Watame collab. Quit being a pussy and do it Yagoo

>> No.5235065

>If someone said, "I'm supposed to be a frog so give me some gills, doc" you'd but them on med and/or mental hospital yet with their sex/gender we tell them their okay and that surgery and hormones will turn them into the 'correct' gender. It's a big lie.
I don't care about what people do with their bodies as long as I don't have to pay for it. If you want gills and to become a frog, cool, that's not my thing so I won't do it, I don't really understand it but I won't harass you or whatever. Just don't use tax money to do it

>> No.5235124

The rates of BPD in trans people are high, and BPD people poison the lives of everyone around them

>> No.5235204

The idea is fun but they would have nothing to say to each other

"Do as I say, not as I do". It's nothing new

>> No.5235231
File: 232 KB, 1920x1080, May-GGS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Play Guilty Gear Strive

>> No.5235249

Wish people remembered this. Cover has that rule in place for a purpose and has no reason to budge on it. The shitstorm on the Japanese side would be legendary if they did.
Also I don't see how this person is any worse than Kiara herself anyways, and Kiara is literally a part of Hololive.

>> No.5235302

I don't really like fighting games but that girl is cute

>> No.5235317

if you are a takamori fan at this point you are pretty much an anti

>> No.5235321

>Animal Crossing stream
>visits someone's island
>their room is plastered with Pride and Trans flag shit
>completely ignored and leaves the room quickly

>> No.5235331

>the rule is there, so it's literally impossible for them to say anything political!
Did forget what happened with a certain dragon and a bunch of angry chinks?

>> No.5235350

>Also I don't see how this person is any worse than Kiara herself anyways, and Kiara is literally a part of Hololive.
Kiara separates her personalities, that person doesn't. The difference isn't that big but it's here

Yes, the danger is mentally ill people interpreting anything as political because their life revolve around being part of a mob, be it the chinks or the twitter """activists"""

>> No.5235369
File: 295 KB, 334x465, 1623009656383.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no one could've predicted the shitshow that resulted from a person saying the name of a country.
everything is political if you look at the big picture.

>> No.5235429

How fucking hypocritical can the leftoids be. What a nuisance

>> No.5235465

It is but a stepping stone in the plan to Liberate Chechnya and Install Watame as Dear Leader

>> No.5235540

Leftoids are always raiding 4chan. Trying to rewrite history.

>> No.5235555
File: 119 KB, 500x375, 37EBC2C9-A3CB-4E7E-B236-361ED3B7C6E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now wouldn't that be fucking awesome.

>> No.5235576

Considering the number of people calling out /pol/ when this way pretty much a normal reaction on /jp/ /hlg/, either we are or /vt/ is plagued by newfags

>> No.5235605

Nobody had any idea that merely mentioning Taiwan would create the shitstorm it did. Coco didnt do it with the intent of being political.
>that person doesn't
Fair enough, but as long as its not brought up on stream then it shouldn't matter. Being a collab with Cover talents im confident it wont. Still, the collab partners of these two have been getting more and more dodgy so its understandable some people are getting paranoid.

>> No.5235665

Gigguk had no consequence, Nyanners will have no consequence, this won't have any consequence. The only reason you feel like something is changing is that you're a spoiled child that can't deal with not getting everything you want exactly how you want it.

>> No.5235700

>nooo you can't dislike something, you have to be a cuck and eat it up

>> No.5235720

said by me zero times. Good job, liar.

>> No.5235769

>People speaking up against a collab
>"wtf you can't do that, you're spoiled!!"

>> No.5235805

never once talked about what people can and can't do. have some herbal tea or go get a massage or something.

>> No.5235874

Stop giving the time of day to that anon, it speaks like a woman

>> No.5235887

My country is pretty socialist and pays for many medical procedures. Trans people will add a significant amount to that. Other than that I'm mostly fine with them, I've met a few introverts MTF in tech and most of them are a bit obnoxious autists, but not more or less than other people like them. I don't like people that live their life through politics and online harassment

Cover was aware of the shitstorm of mentioning Taiwan. They already had a few issues (Choco with Tibet in a quizz for example) and after them they apologized and promised that they would train their talents to avoid that kind of thing. Haachama and Coco happened, which proved (to chink's mind) that they didn't and thus they could harass them. Intent doesn't matter for chinks and Cover was already aware of that. They probably didn't think it would last this long and lead to the graduation of HoloCN but it was a minefield.

I also think (and hope) there won't be any politics, but I don't really like the slippery lope that they're on. 3DPD is fine when it's Japanese people because they're deeply involved in the anime industry usually (ex Sugita), but non-Japanese people tend to be weird guys like Giguk or something, and that Faye person. I have no idea who they are, but I sure know that they don't matter at all for people that are not in the anitwitter shithole. I don't like Cover getting closer to these people.

The collabs are getting worse and worse, getting close to these kind of people is already a consequence.

>spoiled child
Yes, that's the whole (JP) hololive fanbase, are you new? Cover try to spoil people because they give them huge amounts of money, it's called customer relations. However EN brought many people that don't fit in with the previous community

>> No.5235920

Retard alert.

>> No.5236037

I'm not afraid of trannies. They will never be women is all.

>> No.5236099

Anon broadcasts his support for trans men, happy pride month everyone.

>> No.5236120

>ame casually admitted to liking ayn rand
huge and based if true

>> No.5236278

JP fanbase gets what it wants
EN fanbase gets what it wants
The problem is that some people in the EN fanbase, very numerous and enthusiastic, merch buying superchat sending people, "want" some things that you don't like. and this upsets you. This is what i call being a spoiled child.
If it comes do the point where people start spamming and harassing the girls to get what they want at all costs, then they are the anomaly and certainly have no claim to being righteous in what they're doing.

>> No.5236301

Male trannies will never be men too. Assuming that denying trans women means that trans men are supported just shows us that you are retarded.

>> No.5236331

I just did a little joke anon. perhaps calm down

>> No.5236341

Anon, I want you to drown. If me wanting something upsets you, then you are a spoiled child, by your own logic.

>> No.5236350


>> No.5236365

It’s real telling that you believe they aren’t all leftists that are okay with those politics. News flash for you, if you’re not a white male there is a high chance you are a leftist, and even if you are a white male there’s still a high chance you are a leftist. Take a look at demographic stats sometime.

>> No.5236372

There's no "EN fanbase". Maybe Mori and Kiara love these kinds of collabs, and if so good for them, I just wish they weren't in Hololive. You're also assuming that I don't superchat/member/buy merch, which is false

>> No.5236384

Those are trudeau’s alts, all canadians hate zhangs, except senators

>> No.5236408

I am calm. Your little joke was retarded and so are you.

>> No.5236409

you know what? I wanna see her clash with Kiara's no-filter chicken brain, it's gonna be magnificent

>> No.5236418

My oshi is doing just fine

>> No.5236428

The chinks fired her dumbass
, anyone with half a brain will realize coco has been throwing shade at cover since march

>> No.5236438

I'm not a product that thousands of people enjoy at the same time, unfortunately for me. Agency over ones own body Vs agency vs a media propriety you don't own is quite different
> You're also assuming that I don't superchat/member/buy merch
nah, you're just a little retarded. I said that there are many people who are part of the people who "give cover a lot of money" who want certain things. Just like in the JP fanbase. Literally never implied you don't.

>> No.5236452


This, Genshin permissions coming soon. Remember to stop watching any holo that plays it

>> No.5236464

You cant be both a talent and manager in cover

>> No.5236479

You're not acting calm anon, you seem very on edge and underaged

>> No.5236505

I hate the idea that most of their managers are making tons of money for just sitting on their asses and contributing nothing, but well, that's managers, nothing new here

>> No.5236527

>tons of money
>contributing nothing

>> No.5236549

>The problem is that some people in the EN fanbase, very numerous and enthusiastic, merch buying superchat sending people, "want" some things that you don't like. and this upsets you
It also applies to you. EN fans, who are numerous , enthusiastic, and spend, don't want 3d collabs. This upset you. So by your own naming, you are a spoiled child. That you failed to notice that you have triggered your own rules also means you are retarded.

>> No.5236576

Hope this shit gets in hololive so people finally ditch this shitty company, and watch real vtubers like eliene

>> No.5236601

You don't have to be on edge to call someone a retard. I suppose that is too much for a retard like you to understand, though.

>> No.5236605

Afraid of them? I pity and dislike them just like any other mentally ill person.

>> No.5236631

Why is this thread so fucking autistic? it makes Hero Hei look like an alpha male.

>> No.5236635

welcome to /vt/ - VTubers/politically incorrect
please post, faggot niggers

>> No.5236637

There's a difference between you being against things HoloEN does and wanting them to change and me disagreeing with opinions you have on the matter and being quite indifferent on whether they change or not.
You want to change things in Hololive, i don't want anything in particular or expect something to change to cater to me.

>> No.5236670

Why do you give a shit about what other people do to themselves lmao, only think of yourself faggot

>> No.5236675
File: 201 KB, 539x541, 1623950706041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5236680
File: 48 KB, 623x247, 1621473646758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tons of money
They're paid a full wage for what they do

>contributing nothing
How new? Most talent have one manager full time for them, that doesn't do much (which is common knowledge if you've been here for some time). Search for the girls talking about their managers

I can't believe they've unbundled her into PPT and Miko

Who? Go back

>> No.5236700

>They are mentally ill people that shouldn't exist

>> No.5236759


>> No.5236768

I cant wait for an implosion for the entirety of hololive.

>> No.5236784

Gender dysphoria is in the DSM-5 so he's right on the "mentally ill" part though. For the "shouldn't exist", many express it themselves (through words or actions)

>> No.5236792

You will never be a real woman.

>> No.5236844

Anon this made me cry super hard please take it back

>> No.5236849
File: 349 KB, 709x720, 1623951074394.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5236855

Hololive has already been doomed since February, there is a reason they stagnated and stoped getting more gens, look at the rate of progress since last year.

Chinks already dug their routes hololive is finished, just have most people graduate and join another company or go indie

>> No.5236897

Hololive not getting more gens is a feature, not a bug

>> No.5236911


>> No.5236998

I actually like how this board is like /pol/ 2.0 far more entertaining than the boring echo chamber of reddit where everyone is “happy” and
Positive” over everything

>> No.5237037

Miko copied most of elienes demeanours and behaviour lol, some jp people even called her out in 2018

>> No.5237068

You mean that people that like something coming from a culturally conservative country are a bit more conservative than average? How shocking

>> No.5237452

and then what gonna HAPPENS after this?

>> No.5237481

Judging by how they look, I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.5237544

I don't care about /pol/. But I do care that this sort of regressive culture is invading hobbies and things I care about. As the OP's image put it, where is the exact moment when I say enough is enough before something I enjoy hates me for how I am born?

>> No.5237650

>watch Mori and Kiara once or twice when they first debut
>the tones of their voice and the way they speak alone makes me think they probably spend their spare time posting about trans rights on twitter
>never watch them again
I can understand being annoyed, but is this really surprising?

>> No.5237926

It is surprising that Cover let that happens. The western weeb community is a disaster and I would like Cover to not participate too much in it. Stuff like Ame's fundraising is fine, this collab will probably be but is a slippery slope

>> No.5238111

There's no point in hating on Kiara or Mori if this is a Cover mandated collab

>> No.5238210



>> No.5239313

Who can keep up with all the letters in the alphabet soup?

>> No.5239468

You are calling people spoiled children because they feel a change you do not. Do some self reflection, retard.

>> No.5239469
File: 447 KB, 600x773, 1619355231935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5239555
File: 64 KB, 700x638, Hitler and bird.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5239609

>Ame likes Ayn Rand
No she doesn't. She said that to sound smart. Please remember she is a woman.

>> No.5239640

Cover thinks these people are alright but Hachama and Coco are dangerous

>> No.5239699

Are you a time traveler from 2013? It's only a matter of time until Cover decides "We want the K-Pop stan audience, too many of them are going to Niji, turn on the woke radio"

>> No.5239858

So essentially you are just mad you lost the culture war? Well, you better get used to it.

>> No.5239908

>It is surprising that Cover let that happens.
Cover is shit at choosing EN girls. The good ones were a fluke. People here acting as if Cover hasn't stumbled into all their succes.

>> No.5239915

Why are you even here?

>> No.5239968

bet shes the type that posts "we need to anti-blackness in the asian community" every time nigs beat up another old asian lady

>> No.5240013

shut up eliene

>> No.5240022

People who constantly praise Cover's "quality scouting" are fucking deluded. They pretty much just picked people with highest subs on their roommate channel. They wouldn't hire Kiara if they spent 5 mins googling her name.

>> No.5240102
File: 1.64 MB, 1800x1800, 345345345345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I came here to laugh at you.

>> No.5240105

3 out of 5 are pretty good and I like Mori's music, maybe they didn't expect her to go to this podcast thing?

>> No.5240130
File: 175 KB, 1280x960, 1570044143173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you mention their true names they start flipping out...kinda like how demons work.

>> No.5240175

The probably asked her to. You realize they control what she does and want to grow and earn as much as possible.

>> No.5240191


>> No.5240204

>he hasn't heard
Why would she say that? After all, it's white people's fault... somehow

>> No.5240282

Trinity fags were always right, KFBeats were delusional retards that had no ability to judge character.

>> No.5240304

The real question is why are 4chan nazis so obsessed with having meltdowns over women pretending to be anime girls on youtube when they turn out to have normal politics and opinions?

>> No.5240352

Sorry I don't like zoomer twitch thot memers. Ina is cool though.

>> No.5240390

People really do be thinkin that their oshi is secretly based and shares their political opinions. It's a huge part of their personality.

>> No.5240402

>4chan nazis

You do realize modern leftism is a group of groomed fools paid off by billionaires to distract from class war or actual social intiatives and that being all smug about it just indicates how much you love billionaire cock? Like who the fuck actually likes Zuckerberg/Bezos/Google etc and the world they're building? Children? Brain damaged people? I don't really get it.

>> No.5240438

You case of internet poisoning is terminal. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

>> No.5240452

Right? The projection on Gura in particular, holy shit.

>> No.5240467

Yes and your case of illiteracy is astounding and contagious. You have to read the book not eat the pages little timmy.

>> No.5240492

It's funny too because Gura has made some oblique offhand comments critical of capitalism. I assume it's just because she's lazy, but I'm surprised her schizo fans haven't freaked out more about it.

>> No.5240507

And your way of fighting is by compaining about a VTuber company being woke on 4chan then watching hours of them on YouTube? This is how you fight the billionaires? Great strat bro.

>> No.5240553

I can't judge her enjoyment since I didn't watch the 3DPD collabs

Ah yes, the terrible nazis that hurt millions of people with words on a relatively obscure and now mostly irrelevant imageboard. How terrible. We'll surely learn about them in the history books

Isn't saying "X bad" and then still consuming it typical leftist strategy? It worked pretty well for them

>> No.5240579

Much of the appeal of vtubers is them coming from the cultural nexus of Japan and at least some of EN respect that and try to imitate that. If I wanted to watch Pokimane or whatever fuck her dog on Twitch I would be over there. So I will write angry letters to cover management when its appropriate not much else.

>> No.5240587

Hmmm, yes. The leftists. Quite.

>> No.5240614

Fuck you unironic weebs. You lost.

>> No.5240665
File: 152 KB, 600x722, 0414_OAT_Anime_Manon_Caroni_Tarrant-Chan_Saint_cloak_rifle_book_pose_religion_sunrays_light_hand_gesture_black_sun_ethno_nationalism_pol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/vtpol/ pride chanwide

>> No.5240672

>oh no this retarded religion that is invanding every placing and forcing people to conform with the treat of coercion and violence, if you complying about it must be my strawman
fuck off, faggot, you religious fanatics, aka racialist marxists, can go fuck yourself

>> No.5240679

It's very amusing how triggered you get by this, and I will continue laughing at you while you throw irrelevant tantrums from the ash heap of history. Get fucked, nerds.

>> No.5240692

>be black
>don't care about any of this BILKHMJKPOC bullshit and just live my life playing games and going to work
>none of my black family cares about any of this shit
>multiple homeowners ect all just enjoying life
>none of my black friends care about any of this shit
>white people with followers for some shitty reason continue to go on twitter and convince the retards that every black person is extremely political and cares about any of this bullshit
>used to be able to go where I wanted without a care in the world
>now people watch me in stores me and randoms will even come up to me trying to show that they are cool and down with the "POC" rights
I really wish I could flay all these faggots

>> No.5240707

Criticism of capitalism is common on the (alt-)right too, so they may be interpreted both ways. Saying "life sucks now and work is mostly meaningless" doesn't help much if you're trying to place people left or right. Could be a tankie, could be a unabomber fan, could be anything

Call the woke twitter mob however you want, they're not good at all at boycotting because they can't stop themselves from consuming but still manage to have corporation follow what they say. It's mostly surface level but that's what we're arguing about here. Sorry if you consider yourself a leftist and feel insulted by being compared to them

>> No.5240750

And as long as she doesn't bring up those beliefs in the stream, then there isn't a problem. Unless...no it couldn't be, does 4chan want to cancel somebody for their political beliefs? Fucking twitter snowflakes.

>> No.5240778
File: 94 KB, 512x375, 1603569412199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I really wish I could flay all these faggots
You probably can if you participate in their "rituals"

>> No.5240820

>everybody that does not conform to my world view is a nazi
fucking retarded piece of shit
entertainment industry exists to supply demand, not social change, you fucker, kys

>> No.5240878

>gura made critics to capitalism
holy shit, you religious fanatics are obsessed
the schizophrenia is so much that you see validation for your shit world view even on vtubers shitpostings

>> No.5240892

The thing is, before Mori when Holo collabed with 3D people it was people from the Japanese anime industry. With Mori it's become first western anime industry, with at first someone that seems "apolitical" (the trash taste or something guy), and now it's with someone that's more vocal about her beliefs. Nothing wrong with that as long as they keep their mouth shuts during the streams, but you can see why people fear a slippery slope

>> No.5240949
File: 156 KB, 448x448, 1621135834225.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no no no. The Nyanners discord raiders moved to this thread! Did you get discouraged or was it just dilating time?

>> No.5240965
File: 520 KB, 851x957, 1603160466340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>could be a unabomber fan
She's definitely Tedpilled.

>> No.5240985

This looks like a twitch emote. Cumbuddies never fail to not disappoint.

>> No.5241003

Gura will be the person who completes german idealism.

>> No.5241016

Send her a superchat about the "power process" and "surrogate activities" and see how she reacts

I was just replying to the other guy. "Life sucks", "work sucks", "the corporations are getting all the money" and "jeff bezos should be taxed" is what most millennials think and say but it's not really political orientation, it's an expression of malaise

>> No.5241048
File: 71 KB, 1104x1104, 1494553907321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is gura a mk ultra victim?

>> No.5241068
File: 46 KB, 499x338, 1615416500308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he's never seen this image or its variants
Yup. Discord tranny. Hi discord tranny. I was kidding about it last time but I really might just check it out now

>> No.5241072

Considering the insane video with the pet shops that I saw, she might be. Just be careful if some of her merch is a "secret box"

>> No.5241102

You know you can reverse search it and see that it's only used on 4chan? Of course you don't since you're a tourist/raider

>> No.5241106

i could argue the problem is State monopoly on money and corporatism turning in to "market socialism" or State capitalism that is ruining their lives

>> No.5241200

You could, the "not true capitalism" defense of capitalism is valid. That's basically what I understood from Ayn Rand but I'm not very good at all of this

>> No.5241262

The twitch zoomer infestation is worse than I thought.

>> No.5241273

I wonder if she knows they're doing this and/or is prepared to accept responsibility.

>> No.5241319

Is this recent? I haven't been here since may, and this has turned a bit into a shithole with half of the post being probably raiders that call people poltards or something

>> No.5241370

There are dumb faggots who do that but I think the people doing it today are just Nyanners zoomer fans who are upset at her being shit talked for the collab.

>> No.5241396

Uh bros is this true? Is Ame a racist capitalist bigot?

>> No.5241400

Yeah, it's not the fact that they exist, it's the sheer volume

>> No.5241416

Yes and no, there have been more newfags as of late, but yesterday's Nyanners collab brought in legit raiders. Not that many, I've counted at least 4. They're very easy to identify

>> No.5241498

This isn't even center left this is far left Twitter shit. Good job cover.

>> No.5241521

HololiveEN has continued to bring more and more people in and they are mostly clip watchers and twitter fags.

The HololiveEN revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the vtuber race.

>> No.5241549

This bitch deserves to have her skull caved in.

>> No.5241554

pee pee poo poo
suck my cock OP i don't care
i come here to jack off not to watch retards argue about their retarded mutt politics


>> No.5241585

They're literally everywhere. Yesterday I asked a nyannerfag to tell me what the numbers mean on nhentai and if he could link the doujin. Retard actually said, "I'm don't know what those fucking numbers mean because I'm not some unironic weeb". These people stick out like a sore thumb, I just wished they'd go back because they don't fucking belong here.

>> No.5241614


>> No.5241666
File: 139 KB, 381x351, 1619115395893.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They'll get bored eventually, I beat one over the head with shcizo stirner posting yesterday, they're just generic college aged illiterates.

>> No.5241737

Calling someone illiterate as an insult is proof that you are an incel.

>> No.5241787

It's my favorite insult because it applies to almost anyone and they have no rebuttal except seething or saying they read Brave New World in high school.

>> No.5241825
File: 334 KB, 461x418, 1615563668569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I saw that. Un-fucking-real. Nuke codes are literal basic bitch reddit-tier knowledge. He even thought that 2D meant literal 2D characters. Doesn't she teach them anything over there?
Kill yourself nigger

>> No.5241843
File: 183 KB, 402x360, Kooperphone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your oshi is a whore, anon. They will never be accepted.

>> No.5241928

Not OP but let's not delude ourselves anon, she has been accepted basically everywhere but here, and a lot of people here are fine with her too.

>> No.5242023

I'm glad that I like the equivalent of local technology in HoloEN

People actually being proud of being ironic weebs is really weird

Can you walk me through your thought process? I'm not sure I'm following you

>> No.5242119

Everybody is accepted everywhere unless you are actually hostile (think Vei) in some way, mainly due to forced positivity. And even redditards raise their eyebrows at her history and views on loli but don't throw fits like here because they're not allowed to

>> No.5242125

Why can people with mainstream beliefs be as hypocritical as possible in what they believe and do but any opposition has to be perfect?

>> No.5242617
File: 313 KB, 409x401, Burn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and a lot of people here are fine with her too.
Don't kid yourself. Whenever vshojo isn't the hot topic of the week, there's only ever one nyanners anti thread. Each and every fucking time that thread gets btfo'd by 4chan. Whenever they are in the spotlight, anons actually have to try a bit because of the sheer volume of raiders. A lot of "anons" aren't fine with her. The only time the board has nyannerfags of this volume is ONLY when she's in the limelight. This is literally the same shit with Veibea. Right once the drama dies down, all of a fucking sudden. The board unanimously hates Nyannerfags and they stick to their 2 containment threads. The Vshojo+ and the anti thread. So no, I don't believe that bullshit that she's accepted here. These are all just discord tourists trying to falseflag, stir up hate, and spam. No amount of their, "Touch grass" and "have sex" lines will ever change that. Those retards just need to go back from whence they came!
Fuck those niggerfaggots. TOURIST HATE!

>> No.5243024

I honestly don't care about Nyanners per se, I just don't want Hololive to collab with VShojo because I think their values are very different

>> No.5243037
File: 217 KB, 1364x2048, 1620516375818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based and truthpilled

>> No.5243047


>> No.5243202


>> No.5243317

Frankly, I just pity them.
Switching sex isn't scientifically impossible. It's achievable by merely hijacking the cell division process to make it produce cells with chromosomes of the opposite sex. The vast majority of human cells get replaced every few months or years, so a male/female given such a treatment would eventually assume a natural female/male form, down to the reproductive organs.
Ironically enough, when this becomes possible, "trans person" as an identity will probably stop existing because the transitioned person will be, for all intents and purposes, a fully-equipped member of the target sex(barring a few issues like transwomen not having any ovocytes) and will therefore be considered as such.
But yeah, there's the issue. We're not there yet technologically. Any modern procedure fights against the person's genetic blueprint instead of changing it. This is most obvious with dilation. A real vagina isn't treated like a wound by the body and doesn't need to be stuffed to keep it from healing. Trying to switch sex in this day and age is like trying to fly before the Wright brothers. The best thing you have are dinky little balloons and LOTS of hot air, mostly the latter.

>> No.5243371

Didn’t Ame vote for the libertarian candidate in some election. This honestly isn’t that surprising

>> No.5243533

Who's gonna tell him

>> No.5243616

No, you wont.

>> No.5243618

I fucking knew it would come to this the second western thots got involved.

>> No.5243631

That's not how biology works. At all.
Will changing gender biologically be possible someday? Probably, but it'd be a lot more complicated and involved than just swapping chromosomes. Honestly I'd bet it'd just be easier to grow a new body from scratch and transfer the mind over there (either just consciousness or a literal brain transplant). But of course that sort of thing is likely at least a century or two away, maybe more.

>> No.5243841

that's a lot of offtopic on this thread

>> No.5243894

It already works pretty well these days. Surgery is progressing at a pretty good pace, and with the number of trans people in tech (especially MTFs) money will mean things will get better. The next step will probably be the womb transplant. On the other hand, they're pushing for laws like ART and surrogacy. Most trans people live pretty well with their new bodies, sure there are horror stories but they are the minority. And as you said, "trans person" being an identity and staying this way is important. How do you profit from affirmative action if you're just a man or woman? You don't.

You also don't need to "hijack the cells", just take hormones and you will have most of the secondaries characteristics of the sex you target

>> No.5244076

It is, and these faggots will be warned/banned when the meidos get to this thread. Happened yesterday to me

>> No.5244176


>> No.5244327

>Ironically enough, when this becomes possible, "trans person" as an identity will probably stop existing
And also ironically, trans people would probably rally against it, because to them, the identity is more important than finding the actual solution to their problem. Remember how they got mad at the genderswapping drink ad in Cyberpunk because of how it trivialized the transition process? It's like boomers not wanting to upgrade from cable TV because of nostalgia.

>> No.5244448

>Surgery is progressing at a pretty good pace
It's literally frankenstein-tier stuff that isn't legal in decent countries.
>trans people in tech (especially MTFs) money will mean things will get better.
There are barely any trannies in tech. I've only seen them in "evangelist" roles in webdev shitter startups that make peanuts that used to go to token minorities.
>You also don't need to "hijack the cells", just take hormones and you will have most of the secondaries characteristics of the sex you target
Laughable delusion.

Incidentally progressive countries recently started banning puberty blockers for being medically unethical.

>> No.5244783

>It's literally frankenstein-tier stuff that isn't legal in decent countries.
Some of them look really decent

>There are barely any trannies in tech.
I wish

>Laughable delusion.
No, that's basically how it works. If you think it doesn't, you wouldn't mind trying to take female (or male) hormones for a few month to prove your point?

>Incidentally progressive countries recently started banning puberty blockers for being medically unethical.
On one hand, it's a way to give the kids their best shot at not becoming la creatura, on the other hand, you're choosing to influence a really young kid, I can see why some people would call this unethical. It's probably a case of no one wanting the responsibility in case of lawsuits

>> No.5244784

The scary thing is that if one of the Holo EN started talking about their political belief on stream, a big part of the fanbase would support them. If anyone voiced their complains that they didn't like to hear this political stuff in Hololive, they'd be told to fuck off by the fanbase. At what point does the gatekeeping start? Now, when nothing has happened, or in the future if it actually ends up happening?

>> No.5244888

She would also probably be suspended, and if she continued graduated for breach of contract. They're nothing more than employees after all

>> No.5245129

>Everyone I don't like is a nazi
>using the term "nazi" unironically
Fuck off back to R*ddit. You're not welcome here.
Trannies will also never be real women

>> No.5245135

Nah, by that point, shitting up the discourse would be fair game. The opposite political side would turn twitter and twitter into a hellscape that would make the chinks look tame

>> No.5245183

>twitter and twitter
twitter and reddit*

>> No.5245230

>The opposite political side would turn twitter and twitter into a hellscape that would make the chinks look tame
I don't think they would. The chink harassed Coco and any girl she came into contact for 9 months, developed (mostly failing) software, and had youtube step in to try anti spam. Also got the entire CN branche pulled

>> No.5245242

Ca you imagine the shitshow if one of the EN girls gets suspended though? Not only the fanbase, but several influencers would start talking about how big of a deal it is, and that Cover is being unreasonable. I can already imagine all the clips with a a thumbnail of the girl crying

>> No.5245375

Your point?

>> No.5245379

>election tourist confidently policing who belongs
Newfags are getting out of control

>> No.5245450

And then what? There was a shitshow while Coco was suspended too, Choco and Haachama too. What exactly did that accomplish?

Westerners would stop the drama after 2 weeks, the length of their attention span. The consequences wouldn't be half of what saying "Taiwan" gets you

>> No.5245590

>Some of them look really decent
With the generous help of photoshop and hiding the stuff that is obvious in real life. Nevermind that that has nothing to do with the surgeries, it's downright Mengele-tier stuff that isn't legal in most places.
>I wish
I'm in actual does-the-work tech. Unless you go to one of the few american HQ:d companies that are desperate for ESG funding you will never see any of them.
>No, that's basically how it works
No, what it does is give you gynecomastia aka moobs and fucks up your body. Nothing that actual woman have.
>it's a way to give the kids their best shot at not becoming la creatura
Utterly delusional. Kids given puberty blockers don't end up looking like women, they look like underdeveloped men. Which is probably why the pederast groomers pushed for it in the first place.

The grooming issue isn't even why it's considered medically unethical either. It's because studies showed it having no provable improvements and they have proven massive irreversible side-effects including:
* inducing infertility
* osteoporosis
* trombosis
* cardiovascular disease
* certain cancers
Unsurprising this doesn't stop trannies from trying and failing to stop these countries from making it illegal.

>> No.5245645

It's already fair game when you have EN thots shacking up with literal racebaiting americunts.

>> No.5245655

NTA but you actually will never be women, yeah. Go back
>Westerners would stop the drama after 2 weeks, the length of their attention span. The consequences wouldn't be half of what saying "Taiwan" gets you
Nigger, this is politics. But you may be right. The only real factor is if the new antis find a place to congregate and coordinate. If that happens, it can go on for literal years. If not, then yeah it'll fizzle out

>> No.5245660

Choco got suspended? And that's a different situation, they were suspended not because they fucked up but because a part of the fanbase (mostly tourists from the /pol/ equivalent in NGA) was angry at them

>> No.5245725

>/pol/ equivalent in NGA
lol there's nothing pol about those turds.
They're exactly like twitter SJWs including their strategies.

>> No.5245765

Lmao, I've probably been here longer than you, faggot.
I still remember when moot added the vuvuzela noises as background sound to /b/ after they were being annoying in the soccer world cup.

>> No.5245795

NGA unironically has crossover with ResetEra. They recommend the site for those learning chinese.

>> No.5245863

>a 2010 newfag
I swear to god...

>> No.5245973

>I'm in actual does-the-work tech. Unless you go to one of the few american HQ:d companies that are desperate for ESG funding you will never see any of them.
I'm not saying they're everywhere, but they're making nice money at the big companies, and I see more and more affirmative action bullshit in ads. Maybe they're just a vocal minority, but I think they're overrepresented in tech

>Utterly delusional. Kids given puberty blockers don't end up looking like women, they look like underdeveloped men. Which is probably why the pederast groomers pushed for it in the first place.
The idea is to prevent them to develop like men and artificially develop them like women. It gives better results than when you do this after pubery. I won't argue about the morality of it since I don't even have kids, I'll leave that to the people concerned

>The grooming issue isn't even why it's considered medically unethical either. It's because studies showed it having no provable improvements and they have proven massive irreversible side-effects including:
All of these side effects happen with hormone therapy too, although I think thrombosis is specifically an MTF disease

Choco was suspended because there was "Tibet" in one of her quizz. After that Cover promised to train their talent, and then the Taiwan stuff happens. Which explains (and in no way excuses, just explains) why Chinese antis were so against Coco, she was supposed to be train so it was more a "conscious error" than a "I don't know teehee" situation. Coco and Haachama DID fuck up in the eyes of the chineses

>> No.5245975

Because they still affect us

>> No.5246093

That was 2010?
There was also the time moot added the MGS music to /b/, claiming that /b/ or 4chan is dead.
Also, you are and idiot

>> No.5246147

>They are mentally ill people that shouldn't exist.
ok schizo

>> No.5246339

Shhh, it's our secret dpgwhistle

>> No.5246475

>Choco was suspended because there was "Tibet" in one of her quizz
I remember that she had a political question in one of her quizz, it's not that surprising it ended up blowing in her face

>> No.5246624

It was not a "political question", at least not in the eyes of normal people. It listed Tibet as a country, that's it. The question itself wasn't about Tibet

>> No.5246916

I must be thinking about another question then. I think it was something "In which did [...] gain independence?"

>> No.5247008

That was not that question. That's the most infuriating part, it's not even her trying to be subversive, it's just that she forgot to apply the 50 filters of "Will I hurt the feeling of 1 billion+ people" to everything she said

>> No.5247857

you just explained neoliberalism which isn't left leaning in the slightest

>> No.5247965

Fuck off shartemis, go take your meds.

>> No.5248088

Your mom's a product that thousands of people enjoy.

>> No.5248672
File: 22 KB, 474x450, 1615961347162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can confirm

>> No.5249616

I think they are all sexist, they are based on the idea that if you want to act feminine you have to be a women and viceversa, if there is a trap femboy they harrass him telling him that he is trans over and over. They are a bunch of sexist fuckers and believe that femboys and tomboys are trans people in denial

>> No.5249850

Get famous online by being an activist or some Twitter bullshit that gets you famous but instead of this shit promote education and hard work and say fuck you on national TV to this lib-left fuckers

>> No.5250149

Is that why I always see femboys hating trans people? I thought that was weird...

>> No.5250183

The problem with most trans people is that they just want to be recognized as this valiant fighters that struggle day by day, the most realistic solution to this and healthiest would be growing a new body with changed chromosomes but same genes and making a brain transplant, if that happens then they really will be women or men and there will be no problem but even then some will still complain

>> No.5250299

let's be honest here, she's not saying anything wrong

>> No.5250322

Get out redditfag

>> No.5251069
File: 97 KB, 512x512, CFD1EB02-19EA-401E-84BF-8A957CFDA47A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all of you need to take your meds this instant
imagine even watching holo en at all LOL

>> No.5251284
File: 151 KB, 960x983, 1623577347528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Doesn't have an decent counter argument
>"K-keep projecting, y-you schizo !!!!"
Cope, seethe, dilate. You will never be a woman.

>> No.5251332

Kiara is thankfully not interested in this shit, and used the vshoujo collab to dunk on nyanners (based)
But the pride shit is coming to vtubers soon. It'll start with vshoujo and slowly creep its way into the english companies.

>> No.5251369

This doesn't work because some cells actually aren't changed over such as bone and neural cells.
You could probably get pretty close, though

>> No.5251382

Yes, they push this word "egg" which is a gaslighting term to convince children that they are just "chicks that haven't hatched yet". The promised transformation never comes, but through coercion and drugs, they convince themselves and one another they have to believe it in order to feel normal again.
You can be a boy and be cute, you can be a girl and be interested in traditionally masculine things, it doesn't mean you were destined to be inducted into a mutilation cult worse than any branch of abrahamism.

>> No.5251403

There is a difference, femboys are boys and they recognize that they are boys. Trannies want to be the opposite sex or some blend between.
Crossdressers are the same way.

>> No.5251509

>Why do you give a shit about what other people do to themselves
I wouldn't care if they just did it to themselves, but like he said:
>I'm not even going to talk about their contact political activism

>> No.5251569
File: 613 KB, 885x954, 1623970788565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Takamori retweet

>> No.5251625

It's true though, if you got actual psychiatric help instead of an initiation ritual into a cult; you would be far happier and you wouldn't attempt to push this shit onto other people
There used to be a movement to get people to love themselves that has been wholly supplanted by the "change yourself to match what other people think you should be" movement. This is part of that, and you bitching that other people won't accept you is also part of why no one wants to associate with you and can only be forced to do it.

>> No.5251661

I thought this way too at first but no, a lot of trannies say that you don’t necessarily have to dislike your genitals or like the other more, this is a thing about their position in society which in their minds they have to be female in order to fill a certain position which like I said is sexists

>> No.5253792

You dislike mentally ill people? Man, you must hate most of the people on this board.

>> No.5259272

Maybe grow a thicker skin?

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