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Vtubers are for parasocial relationships. If you just watch them for entertainment then you're a faggot and need to leave. The whole point of vtubers is the girlfriend experience

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Sure, but nene is fucking cute and great so you're a fucking idiot.

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Interesting post. I'm sure some mentally ill idiot will take the bait.

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based nenenigger

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If vtubers aren't for gfe then why are they so heckin cute and valid?

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rushia saved my life so i agree with this post.

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Based, normalfags fuck off

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Nene agrees so I agree

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Based and GFEpilled

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Based and cuckpilled

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I use the chuubas for rape fantasies, if it's my oshi it's something like "light raping" ... how to describe? There is a playful element. The same for her friends, it's more "banter" and forced cuddling than rape. But if it's one of the ones I hate then it's heavier, more serious.

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you can't even understand 99% of what she says

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Touch some grass

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can I touch your moms ass instead? whoops nevermind I already did looool

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unironically kill yourself nigger

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Why do EOPs keep watching vtubers if they can't understand shit? Serious question. How are they entertained?

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I dont know about other people but I only watch english vtubers and only clips of JP

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you're not even worth my (You) get out of here and neck yourself faggot

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Please do not use my wife for stupid posts. Thanks.

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I agree
let me contribute

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it's not a stupid post, OP is speaking the truth.

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Oh, it`s easy for many of you. For watching vtubers some of us must learn both Eng and Jap.

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That's reasonable, it's why holoEN was made after all. What's weird is for example EN Rushia fans that call themselves gachikoi even though they can't even comprehend what she's saying.

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I recommend you to try Marine. Her streams are very understandable, especially if you know the game she playing.

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Based. If I wanted to be entertained while watching someone play videogames then I would watch a dude do it. Better yet, I could play games myself. People watching vtubers for entertainment are worse than reaction channel audience.

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Why not just get a girlfriend or a tinder fuckbud? Shouldn't be pretty hard

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A lot of Japanese Holo fans don't watch them for entertainment but just because they're cute

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I have some tea and cookies for you.

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if my girlfriend isn't entertaining then she can gtfo

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Someone can say, that you looking for a clown...

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>trying to get a parasocial relationship with a fake 2d avatar played by some ethot
>after the stream, another man comes and ravages your oshi
>oshis roommate gets a train ran on them every night,

Yeah i dunno whos the faggot, do you eat the cum from your wifes boyfriends dick after hes done with her?

Then again you people wouldnt have wives so fictional cuckholding is the best experience you can get

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Truth that idol fags are cucks yes

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I wouldn't touch a disgusting 3D whore if you paid me to

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Some sort of female validation is the only reason to watch them. They have real women beat. I don't have to court vtubers, I don't even need to spend a cent on them. When I am through I can close the tab and get on with my life. What is the point of real women anymore? I can get the best parts outside of physical contact for free from multiple women. Women are obsolete.

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idk man, I like getting my dick wet from real pussy juice tho

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You are human cancer

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ogey nigger, and?

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you're a nigger

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The GFE is fucking cringe and a sign that you have failed in every aspect in your life

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Not worth it if they have baby rabies. One tried to coax me to pull the condom off and I refused. I knew she wanted more kids. The vagina is a man trap designed to manipulate your lizard brain. Disregard 3D women.

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LMFAO, because it's pretty apparent that you weebniggas cope with "oh it's my deliberate decision to not have sex, it's not because I'm hideous and autistic" no cap bro just keeping it real

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better a nigga than a virgin

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IQ sub room temperature thread going here, I see

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nice job outing yourself with your niggertwitter speak, faggot, either go back there or suck on a 12 gauge, preferably the latter. 4chan is for the hideous and autistic and normies aren't welcome here

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Anon I dont' know how to break this news to you, but vtubers are real women.

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Not OP but I could smell the body odor radiating from this post. I want that 12 gauge for this cringe I just read.

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if you're over 16 and still talking about the importance of 'getting laid' you are a retarded and waste of space

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LMAOOOOOOO. Now that's a cope if I've ever seen one my nigga and you know it deep in your heart that sex is important in life. You're desensitized to the fact that you can't have it and that's why you convince yourself that you don't need it. No cap of course

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Your girlfriend experience is being taken away from you by vshojo normies flooding the vtuber community. Sorry bro

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Niggers translate

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this is true

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have sex cucked faggot

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Never forget that the normalfag descends into ebonics when they have been defeated, unable to cope with their own empty self they degenerate into lesser beasts

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he's trying to say ''massa im a buck who needs to be broken''

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Shut the fuck up reddit monkey. Nene is an idol and takes her idolness very seriously. I bet you aren't even one of Nene's husbands you fucking grey name. Kill yourself faggot.
T. Day one husband of ultra max nene

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>willingly entering a parasocial relationship with someone who's taking cock behind the screen
idolcucks have to be the most cucked people on the planet. make an effort to find a real girlfriend faggot. have sex.

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My oshi is a fucking 2D moving picture, not a real girl. I couldn't care less who fucks her roommate, I'm just happy that in her streams she's a cute snow elf with a beautiful voice, not a 3D whore. Just like she says I shouldn't cheat on her but that's all part of the experience and she wouldn't actually care if I had a girlfriend and fucked her IRL.

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Quit that nigger speech nigger

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>Girlfriend experience
>Literally posts wife

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Good for you.
For other people it may or may not be worth it pretending like they are a normal person for some coochie. I'm not saying that the avoidance of social and sexual relationship is a variant of the norm rather than a deviation from it, but for people on this particular website it is the norm. It should be respected, not mocked, as you are clearly not a part of this community. Or you were a part of this community and became normal - again, good for you.
Actually, it was kind of empowering to hear all kinds of normal people cry on Twitter after a week in lockdown. They should try living like that for a year.

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You can’t fault anyone for daydreaming about having a cute, fun, talented, entertaining, like-minded gf, (especially since it’s relatively rare for a girl to have all of these qualities)

But yes, at the end of the day it is an illusion

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