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Nothing to discuss, she needs to go

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Needs to graduate

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Hijacking this awful thread to tell you to read Yukio Mishima

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>t. Eggman

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>t. Kiara's Fuming Cuck

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kiara has the best model in hololive

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shit man
there's obvious, there's REALLY obvious and then there's this shit

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yes, she does. her eyes are the most pretty by far.

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i think she's cute.

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that like to dislike ratio on her collab stream keeps shrinking, how about that

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of course she has. It isnt even a competition at this point

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I love Kiara.

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>5k likes vs 800 dislikes
if it hits 1k dislikes, then she HAS to cancel the collab! its the rules!

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overdesigned model but its still pure SEX so shes alright with me

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Im Hijacking this thread by posting cute Kiara pics and (You) cant stop me

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i don't understand why more people don't realize kiara is the most beautiful

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'Kino' post fellow KFP.
I think I will do the same!

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She WILL seethe and there’s nothing you can do about it

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Hi 300k yen!

>> No.5168679

nah i'm sure she'll be completely unfazed by that being somebody who's really good at dealing with criticism

>> No.5168681

i guarantee she'll mention the dislikes for about 1.5 minutes during a 6 hour stream and it'll be forgotten.

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It’s her stupid fucking mouth. It’s looks so dumb when she opens it. Otherwise, her model and rigging are S tier.

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Let's see how the Kiara's Fuming Poofters will cope on THIS thread!
Do we have a bingo card?

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No. But I do have this cute Kiara

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>it’ll be forgotten
Not by her. It’s like you don’t even know her, anon.

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the only thing that the dislike bombing can lead to is a 2nd nyanners collab out of spite.

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Her singing voice is really weird. She is apparently from ostria and therefore her instinct is to find out ways to ruin everything apparently.

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Sanguokushi is probably a better parallel to the modern society, what with the tail end of degeneracy producing a total societal collapse. Also women get murdered and cannibalized which is based.

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based chicken

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is this before or after going full menhera in the next member stream?

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Hard sell after 5 hours of WOW BUTT ASS SHIT FUCK CUM that will drive away the less insane viewers.

>> No.5168808

believe me i hope that will be the case

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Anon, I’m praying for another Nyanners collab. Kiara nuking her fanbase is exactly what EN needs.

>> No.5168841

Do something about it instead of endlessly seething about it. Nips and Zhangs did it, so can you

>> No.5168880

>Do something about it instead of endlessly seething about it. Nips and Zhangs did it
Except endlessly seething about it is exactly what caused Coco to graduate.

>> No.5168894

Kiara is a whore

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I don't see spambots spamming Kiara's chat to oblivion, do I?

>> No.5168915

Shes not ready for the Nyanner hate shitstorm she has thrown herself into for some stupid ass reason.

>> No.5168948

Antis are returning.
/vt/ nature is healing and returning to the nuclear wasteland that it has always been.

>> No.5168969

damn even I shed a tear seeing this much desperation. All you can do is cry about how others should step up their game, while doing the exact same thing they do.

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/vt/ will shit on chinks attacking coco, but will not hesitate to copy them.

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well I don't hate Kiara but I just want to see chaos unfold and I don't like dirtying my hands

>> No.5169119

She just turned off her pre-chat because of spam, retard

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Takanashi Kiara is the worst thing Austria has produced in the past 132 years.

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nice rrat, but she was actually turning it off preemptively

>> No.5169191

Post the other one

>> No.5169229

what happened 132 years ago?

>> No.5169268

Worse than Hitler?

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