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Hey, I'm fairly new to this board, and while I do understand people may not like VShojo (I don't watch all of them or even watch them that often, I'm usually watching HoloEN/ID and sometimes JP branch from highlights), the hate seems so full of vitriol to the point any critique comes off as redundant and borderline, as many of you may say on this board, "schizo-like".

What I'm mostly referring to here is stuff like the Nyanners situation back in 2015 where she addressed her Pomf Pomf video back in 2012. People seem to be stuck on the fact that she's a "hypocrite" for, mainly, 3 reasons:

1.) Despite her denouncing her creation of the video, she still associates with people who like Lolis.

2.) Her model is a "Loli".

3.) She references or even talks about topics that may be referring to sexualizing Lolis.

I'd like to clarify firstly that I'm sure there are many other reasons she may be considered a hypocrite, but these are the main points being brought up. And while these points are being brought up the most (#2 and #3 being a pretty big stretch in their accuracy), I'd like to know: why is this a bad thing? Everyone has terrible opinions (even I consider it a terrible opinion as someone who watches her casually). No one is being hurt by these opinions. Yes, they're shit, but at the end of the day they are just that: shitty opinions that do no more than getting someone a bit salty; like hearing someone say that pineapple on pizza is bad (lol). I'd also say this whole thing even stretches as far as the rest of VShojo and some people outside of Vtubing who have chose to collab so far. It's a huge mess being fueled by blind hate and, ultimately, ruins the whole Hololive/Vtuber community in general (as much of most of you probably don't want to hear that). I don't know, I'm just hoping for a decent discussion here and not one based on heavy bias with some nuance. Thanks.

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Not reading all that. Fuck vshojo and fuck you. I love Towa.

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Shes a whore

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The people that enjoy this cunt are newfags or the kind of people that say thank you when they are getting robbed

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then why are you siding with the kinds of people that tried to graduate her

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Funny, I remember being on a thread JUST like this.
Oh yeah!
Check the catalog faggot.

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fucking tired of seeing 10 of these threads a day, go jack off or something

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vshojo is doing more damage to western vtubing than antis could ever dream of
they'll kill off western vtubing in a couple of years and thats a good thing

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This post isn't meant for people like you. You can blindly hate if you want, but you're the type of people I'm referring to here: people who choose to start shit instead of seeing the damage they're doing and improve things in the community.

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Orange woman good; pink cat bad. It’s quite simple, really.

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Did she ever play Nekopara?

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i hate them because they are hard to watch without pain from cringing so hard

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why do we need constant nyanners threads? its just shitposting. nyanners fans cant discuss anything and nyanners anti's would be better off not making threads about her. its better to ignore. having these battles only creates more fans and keeps her name in people thoughts. stop

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only japanese women can be vtubers

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No the points aren't really warranted. People just like being mad forever because it's something they can feel

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Honestly, I have no clue. But even if she did, I don't see how that would change the post of my post. That's also the point I'm making from #3, which is the nuance of those characters and why using it as a counter point proves pretty much nothing in the grand scope of things other than that she's a "hypocrite".

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What does that have to do with the post though?

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There is no vtuber community newnigger.

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You really think the dramafags care about your facts and logic? You're wasting your brain cells.

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If your head so full of brainworms you can't even address the post? I know some people on this thread are long gone, but at least bring up something of relevancy.

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What would you do when something you hate and actively avoid keep being push into your face ?

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Maybe. But it might be worth discussing regardless. It's doing more damage than people realize.

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Nyanners is fine. I honestly have no idea why or how she makes people seethe harder than Kiara (a literal Austrian) after like 6 fucking years. Honestly the constant schizoposting and/or people being literally autistic is starting to wear me down. People who are mad at Vshoujo for saying "toilet words" are either American (read: puritan) or idolfags and should be disregarded.

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I'd avoid it as much as I could and not start drama relative to what has happened with Coco. I don't know, might be worth a shot.

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>makes meme songs about “killing niggers”
Nyanners sounds pretty based to me

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Cool stuff mang. You should address what I said though.

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yes, this post is meant for redditors so go back

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That's crazy dude, but you forgot to reply to original post.

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Am I not allowed to voice my dissatisfaction ?
Should I just leave whenever the trend hopper come and destroy the hobby ?

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Seriously, is it really that hard to believe that someone wants to disavow some of the dumb shit they did as a teenager?

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Why leave out the most important part?

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>disavowing her sexual attraction to loli
I don’t think it works that way, anon

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nah just the Machinimas

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Never post this retarded shit with botan again nigger.

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>Am I not allowed to voice my dissatisfaction ?

I never said this and you know it. I even say this in the original post that people are free to not like VShojo, the problem stems from this board going so far and to ruin collabs and cause damage on par to what happened to Coco.

>Should I just leave whenever the trend hopper come and destroy the hobby ?

This is beyond vague and you know as well as I do they aren't collabing 24/7. It's barely gonna change anything.

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>People seem to be stuck on the fact that she's a "hypocrite" for, mainly, 3 reasons:
You forgot "they watched a YouTube video and think they're part of some personal army of the eceleb who made it". That's where "hypocrite" comes from and nowhere else.

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yeah, and you also forgot that this isnt reddit

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Not a single person has replied to my original post in good faith so far. Not surprised to be honest.

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>Yes, they're shit, but at the end of the day they are just that: shitty opinions that do no more than getting someone a bit salty
Why not let us have fun with a bit of Nyanners hate circlejerk? It's just opinions. You sound a bit salty here.
Fuck off, disingenuous cretin.

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he's not the one shitting his pants over a kitten

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Yeah, and you also forgot to reply to my original post. Try again.

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Because it’s just rehashed bullshit that’s already been responded to more times than Nyanners has cried about her critics. Fuck off.

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i don't like nyanners for the 14yr old level of converstation and tangents she thinks are funny
In fact i think this level of humour can be extended to most of the vshojos and its fucking boring

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Yeah, he's the one who wrote a text wall about incels of 4channel dot org who need to touch grass disliking a kitten.

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Everything and the fact it goes over your head is why nobody bothers humoring your garbage "galaxy brain nuance" post.

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>disingenuous cretin

Uh-huh, right.

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I literally couldn't give less of a shit about /vt/'s autism about things that happened years ago.

I hate them just because they're cringe as fuck and extremely unfun to watch.

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>OP is responding to every post
Do nyaniggers really?

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I made the image so I'll post it as much as I want, thank you very much :)

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like i said this isnt reddit nigger

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I'm an unironic purityfag and I don't want this https://files.catbox.moe/6lbq01.mp4 fucking abomination of an agency anywhere near hololive. In fact, one of the core reasons I watch hololive over other streamers is because it allows an escape from this stuff, even if it's only an illusion. So why should I sit silently and accept it as entryists like kiara and mori slowly change what got me into hololive in the first place?

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You should explain how it goes over my head then. :) Don't worry, I already know how this ends: you won't respond to it.

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Hello Nyanners. Take this and fuck you!

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terrible opinion warrants terrible reaction

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Maybe because the entire premise is in bad faith. Also, you decided it would be a good idea to bury your question in a tl;dr rant. It comes off as a flaccid attempt at damage control when the best question you could muster after a wall of text is “what’s the big deal?”

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You should say Nigger more. Might show how intelligent you are.

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>unironic purityfag

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if you have ever brought up opinions that run contrary to my own you are a terrible person

simple as

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im not the one who made a long reddit post to try to get my intelligent point across

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Not him but you’re a nigger

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People don't like pink cat so they watch hololive, avoiding vshojo. Then pink cat collab with hololive. They don't like it and voice their opinion. If there's enough people being again the collab to the point of ruining it then maybe it shouldn't happen in the first place.
But don't you worry, Kiara will not cancel the collab because she really need the number.

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>more racial slurs

>> No.5167365

Go back

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Not that guy but I will never not chuckle at how saying your a purityfag or an idolfag or whatever outs redditors like you. You just can't not respond.

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we already know how this is going to end, so why even waste your time?

Nothing is going to be satisfying enough for you no matter how genuine and nuanced the responses are, because you already have your mind made up, because you want to lick the pink grifter whore clit.

Everyone replying here knows this already, because they've been through this song and dance 20 times already, so, in summary, you're a faggot and fuck out of here.

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Based chumchad

>> No.5167398

Scale of 1-10 how much did it hurt you to type nigger, faggot?

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honestly i just wanted to use that reaction image, it's been sitting in my folder for years and I've never used it.

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>Maybe because the entire premise is in bad faith

There is nothing bad faith about addressing what is seen as hate-fueled posts used to bring down others in the community. If people can't read the post that's their problem.

>> No.5167483

Lmao and there’s the truth of it. You weren’t looking for nuanced discussion. You didn’t even pose a meaningful question. You wanted to get up on your fucking soap box and everyone itt saw right through your bullshit. Fuck off back to where you came from.

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haha funni amy schumer tier humor "my pussy my pussy my pussy sex joke sex joke loli joke(but loli is bad)"

but in all seriousness, it's full of people who would be titty streamers if V-tubing didn't take off and one of them is literally a dude pretending to be female and using a Text To Speech to do so.

V-shojo is inheritely awful and I hope these two collabs bomb so Cover never has to deal with these cringe weeb girls and the guy who makes the weed edits of anime OPs who owns them ever again.

>> No.5167514


Doesn't hurt to type Nigger at all. I've been called one my whole life. But I love stabbing racists like you IRL.

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Does vshojo seriously have a tranny?

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>hate-fueled posts used to bring down others in the community
Yes. What about it?

>> No.5167540

Lmaooo sure thing, kiddo

>> No.5167544

No, Zen isn't a tranny. Zen is a man who uses a female avatar and was caught using his girlfriend for her voice. Zen is two people, one dude controlling the movements and someone else doing the TTS

>> No.5167546

>You didn’t even pose a meaningful question

I don't know, maybe read the original post next time, yeah?

>> No.5167560

What's the other Vshojo collab?

>> No.5167561

Trying to hard. Next time no reddit spacing.

>> No.5167569

Mouse and Mori

>> No.5167578

lmao you've never stabbed anyone tough guy, you're here arguing with spergs about why they hate some eceleb whore at like 2am.

>> No.5167584

>Mori and Kiara are the two who pursued Vshojo collabs

>> No.5167597


What do you mean? I was being serious.

>> No.5167604

They should fire them and hire Pomu and Finana

>> No.5167615

They're never firing Mori, she makes too much money due to her singles topping streaming services

>> No.5167640

I will never understand this. Her music is unfiltered dog shit.

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JFC the worst thing about this fucking collab is the Vshojohomos and KFPs and all of their antis shitting the entire catalog up.

>> No.5167659


Believe what you want.

>> No.5167671

You left some stuff out of 1. She associates with those people now but she didn't for years after she pulled pomf pomf.

Most would have understood a quiet distancing from Pomf Pomf and a takedown of the video, but she went far beyond that.
She spent the next 3+ years loudly shitting on anyone that liked the video/lolis calling her old fans disgusting and cut everyone that liked it out of her life for that time period. And then she crawls back to those very same people she spent years shitting on because she realized there was money in loli content.

>> No.5167675

sick dude. how much karma do you have?

>> No.5167754

She's a hypocrite because even if you do no consider her model loli-like the type of people who seethe about lolis on Twitter considers anything remotely child-like bad and deserving of being canceled. Just see the Uzaki-chan debacle that happened on that hellsite. She also compared fiction with reality and called anyone who likes loli/shota stuff with pedos on that post, and still made tweets about this opinion not long ago. She probably started dodging the subject when she became a vtuber. And considering how much of a cesspool the indie EN scene became, full of ironic weebs that act like the "community" must have a standard and harassing anyone they deem unworthy of streaming as a Vtuber, and how she follows some of those mouthbreathers it's safe to say that she still has the same opinions doesn't have a problem with people acting like that in the "community", which makes this situation even weirder since HoloPro has a lot of talents who are open loli/shotacons. I doubt Vshoujo/Nyanners fans will stay after this collab, but there is a small possibility that they could try to attack members like Matsuri and Marine (or even Roberu since he likes onee-shota) for their tastes, and right now the last thing the the JP side needs are ironic weebs going full anti on them.

>> No.5167762

>booOOOOTH sideeeEEs
kill yourself in real life.

>> No.5167775

towa is no better than the vshojo whores

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>Asking tribalfag paranoid schizos to be reasonable.
That was your first mistake. Anyone "reasonable" doesn't care already. You're just congregating all the mentally ill in one place and setting yourself up to get btfo'd by them. Just let them do their crazy shit. You're not going to convince them of anything. Sometimes people just don't care what you have to say. They want to believe what they want to believe. And confirmation bias and other distortions will keep them from seeing otherwise no matter how objective you place the evidence. Point being: Just stop caring and stop making threads about this stuff. It'll become just as free rent for you as it is for them. You'll save yourself from high cortisol levels and a headache too.

>> No.5167906

I said it in other thread and I'll paste it here

My feelings about Pink Cat are quite mixed, I don't hate her but I can't bring myself to support her.
You know the story, she deletes Pomf, denounces lolicon, goes full tumblrina, suddenly tones down the SJW bullshit, and then she becomes a Vtuber. On one hand, I want to believe she changed her opinion since she hangs out with lolicons (Melody and Bunny_GIF come to mind), and in the other hand I'm not convinced (her Discord server rules and the Nekopara cancellation come to mind).
If I'm not a Nyanners anti is for two things: 1) I don't care about 4chan drama, I'm a newfag, I only care about 2D=3D stuff; and 2) as I said, she toned down the tumblrina, if not, I would hate her for being what I consider to be Mother's Basement's daughter.
Anyway, I would not try to shit on her, but I prefer to avoid watching her. I understand she will probably never adress her thoughts that seem to be up the air since it can bring new controversy, but I would be more cool with her if she just gave more hints that she's okay with it.

>> No.5167919


The first part I was actually not aware of. So I appreciate you responding in good earnest. While I agree something like that is very malicious overall, I can't exactly agree with the last part. Whether her model is Loli or not is overall a pretty big stretch and honestly I haven't heard a good argument for that. None of the mannerisms she exhibits on stream aren't even like a loli character would act. It's pretty ridiculous. But I won't argue against your first point. I'm sure she felt pressured to do so, knowing the nature of twitter.

>> No.5168028

unironic weebs

>> No.5168085

This! Based! Best post here! I still have a little hope for mankind.

>> No.5168093

Op you are clearly from reddit but you're completely right. I have no idea why these fucking schizos don't see the irony that they're acting like the assholes that harrased Coco and anyone she collabed with.
That or they do release and they don't care because they're brains are fucking small.

>> No.5168143

>the hate seems so full of vitriol to the point any critique comes off as redundant and borderline, as many of you may say on this board, "schizo-like"
That's because this exact same conversation has been discussed at least a thousand times already. Anyone that didn't care moved on, and the others that chose to pick a side already did long ago. No amount of discussion will change anything at this point.
As for the why is this a bad thing, I just don't like people that demonize loli content. That's it. The fact that this whore got famous thanks to this site then threw her fanbase under the bus to appeal to political correctness is just the icing on the cake.
I'm not going out of my way to harass her or shit up anything with her face, simply because I don't think it's worth my time. I just don't want to see her while browsing the catalog, and the recent events have done the opposite of that.
Hopefully both sides fuck off forever and I forget she exists while browsing this board.

>> No.5168235

She wears a loli swimsuit... can't get more loli than that.

>> No.5168259

Here is a reason nyanners needs to fuck off. She post political opinions attached to the nyanners name

>> No.5168285

Lolicon here. Nyanner model is not loli. It looks like a skinny fag.

>> No.5168320

That's not even close to a good reason. Sorry you're too much of wuss to stand up for what you might believe is right.

>> No.5168350

>being political

>> No.5168358

So you're less worried about about her, but her fans potentially attacking JP members because of their lolicon taste?
Do you understand just how unlikely that is?
>it's a subject she rarely brings up herself since becoming a vtuber and as a result most of her new fans probably don't even know what the fuck her views on lolicon and her history with it even is.
>a lot of her modern fans are probably fucking lolicons themselves given her design.
>her fans are mostly English speak twitch users who probably wouldn't bother to ever watch a JP member outside of clips and even then.

If what you fear happens happens, it'd be absurd anyway and nyanners would probably shit on them for harrasng the JP hololive members cause it's bad for her image and business.

So just relax, let them have fun and stop harassing them like chinks

>> No.5168363

Why do Americans feel the need to politicize everything? You are not wanted. You are not a hero. You are an unpaid establishment shill.

>> No.5168365

>I'm sure she felt pressured to do so, knowing the nature of twitter.
Being pressured to delete something "problematic" is one thing, being pressure to act like a fucking asshole for almost 6 years is a completely different thing and she lost all goodwill for doing that. You can't justify acting like a shit person because an internet mob forced you to do so. And once again, if her model is or isn't loli-like is irrelevant because the type of people she associated with after deleting "Pomf Pomf" went after fucking Uzaki, who has boobs bigger than her head, just because her face was youthful.

>> No.5168369


why do you care so much to know all of this tho? i have no idea about 90% of the stuff you're talking about because I spend my time doing things i enjoy. try it.

>> No.5168382

You're probably right. I suppose that was my mistake for thinking I could get a decent conversation going.

>> No.5168388

Pressure would be an acceptable reason to quietly remove the old stuff. Its absolutely not an excuse to do what she did going out of her way to shit on her old fans for years.
There was not even any significant public pressure on her at the time, she was just fading into irrelevancy when she did it.

And no, she specifically chose a loli model, and even loli swimsuit costume and such to bait in the same people she called disgusting for years. And how she acts is practically the definition of an erogaki loli.

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File: 441 KB, 589x1671, 1550646644685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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The mention of Nyanners seems to have brought in fake oldfags who claim gay shit like "the racism was only ironic hehe" so that's another reason to dislike her.

More importantly besides anything else, I think she's just really fucking bad at business/probably mentally ill. She's just kind of dumb, reminds me of my mother in a way since she's really bad at hiding her shitty side of her personality but thinks she's a smooth operator.

>> No.5168455


People who are 30 can easily look about the same as they did when they were 20, it's not even clear why an 18 year old WOULDN'T be youthful. It's quite literally just roastie cope because they can't compete with shortstacks.

>> No.5168465

>You can't justify acting like a shit person because an internet mob forced you to do so.
This is such a surreal thing to read on 4chan, especially in the context of this thread. I can't tell if it's self aware or not.

>> No.5168485

>liked the tweet when you took the screenshot.

Anyway you can dow hatever you want tagged, but a Zhang by any other name is just as autistic. That's all you are.
Nyanners may be a hypocrite, but so are you.

>> No.5168486
File: 90 KB, 551x541, 1623013799663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>post about leftwing politics she doesn't really believe in but spouts for money
>rebut with rightwing politics
>immediately receive a warning or ban because leftoids on pretty much any part of the internet are hypocritical scum

Yeah miss me with that shit mmkay?

>> No.5168490

>nyanners dindu nuffin
fuck off

>> No.5168503


are you an ai trained on 2013 /v/ posts

>> No.5168514

You're right.
You can't justify a shit person.
So why are you trying to justify the faggots trying to harras Kiara from just wanting to stream a fucking video game with someone they don't happen to like?

>> No.5168522

That's not my screenshot. And how am I a hypocrite? I hate Nyanners completely openly. If I never saw her being metioned again that would be too soon.

>> No.5168538

You don't have to like her.
If you attack people for collating with her though you're an autistic sperg.

>> No.5168544

I didn't comment on Nyanners at all in my post anon, take your meds. I was observing the hypocrisy of someone on 4chan, in a thread about shitting on Nyanners as part of an internet mob, saying that there's no excuse to act like that.

>> No.5168547
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nyanners is a nigger


>> No.5168548
File: 77 KB, 1024x576, bots on 4chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The funny thing I've noticed is that bots are probably more coherent than most internet retards.

>> No.5168554

everyone who's shitting on nyanners is incapable of watching streamers purely for entertainment, they are vtuber fans who watch for the wifu/gf/friend experience and who get, as a wise person once said, tricked this easily by the on screen personas. these fans are the real hypocrites, if they compare in an unfavorable light the person whose past is known to the chuubas they like, who deliberately hide their past.

>> No.5168558

Do you think what Chinks did to people who collabed with Coco is acceptable?

>> No.5168570

That was peak internet and you know it.

>> No.5168572

idgaf about nyanners in particular but everyone associated with her brand is a cum brained white whore with triple digit /cow/ threads. each one documenting how they cheated on their husbands or slept around and sent nudes to get rank boosts in overwatch or whatever else.

And frankly? I put up with enough white woman bullshit in my day to day life already, I don't need it infecting something I do for fun.

>> No.5168588

Are you still R*ddit spacing?

>> No.5168603
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That's NOT what my post was about, you retard. I don't care what she fucking does on twitter but you come here and say "ummm you should just post ur own politics!" in rebuttal, knowing you're a thin-skinned wannabe stalin with the physical strength of a flee so you get off on telling on people to the *annies. Just fuck off, you retarded faggot.

>> No.5168615

So dont watch the fucking stream sir sperg?

>> No.5168617

You're mixing up racism with "right-wing politics", anon. I know it's an easy mistake to make. Try advocating for lower taxes or for more support to entrepreneurs next time instead to avoid bans.

>> No.5168625
File: 21 KB, 328x353, 1623202672356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or maybe people recognize it's a business and people take their business elsewhere rather than help a retarded whore and her retarded fanbase of retards.

>> No.5168648

My politics involve burying you alive in DOTA.

>> No.5168664


so that's a yes lol

>> No.5168674

I'm not gonna read all that shit. Isn't it fine to hate people without 'good reason'? I mean, I fucking hate some of the Nijiniggers, especially some Nijimales. And my reason for hating them is they have collabed with my used to be favorite female vtubers. I think my reason is pretty similiar to people that hate Vshojo, we both just don't want our oshis to get close to people that we hate, even if Vshojo collab with some Holos that they don't care about, it's still bad enough to make them mad because 'Vshojo collabed with Holo' happened.

>> No.5168689

I'm not that anon you were replying to before retard. I never said anything you're saying.
I'm just saying people shouldn't harras Kiran because they don't like Nyanners

>> No.5168692

Holy fuck kill yourself

>> No.5168693

Nyanners is like barely passable. Hime Hajime is a no. Vei is never. The rest are okay.

>> No.5168709

Because, whether you like it or not, she is an influence for the western scene, which currently is chock-full of ironic weebs that are actively harassing people using loli avatars or who just like loli/shota stuff. I can't say she is directly responsible for it since she mostly shut her mouth about the subject and I don't have access to her Discord, but it's not impossible that some of those inspired by her know about what happened in the past and feel justified in attacking other streamers that don't conform with the "community rules". What I want is more freedom in the EN scene, not a bunch of ironic weebs dictating what streamers should or shouldn't do. This is no different than unicorns being mad about male collabs, for fuck's sake.

Where did I ever justified that? I don't give shit about the collab. Kiara can stream with whoever she wants. The thread is about discussing why people hate Nyanners, and I'm saying why I dislike her, but I don't waste my time acting like a no-life anti trying to stir up shit because of the collab. People are capable of expressing disapproval of something without acting like assholes towards it, unlike Nyanners.

Take your meds, anon. I never agreed with people harassing her. If you believe people talking shit about someone in fucking 4chan is the same as acting like an anti then you should go back, this place isn't for you.

>> No.5168713

>Isn't it fine to hate people without 'good reason'
If you go out of your way to harrass unrelated people for associating with them, yes.

>> No.5168719

Ever considered that you are doing damage to the vtubers you care about as well? I don't think you are looking at this rationally, anon.

>> No.5168727

I would if I were a chink. It's a conflict and there are sides to it, Nyaggers isn't some neutral party who dindu nothing. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

>> No.5168759

There’s literally nothing wrong with being racist

>> No.5168761

The harassing shit us all I care about personally so if you don't agree with that I'm happy to hear.

I'm just sad that your justification for not liking someone is gonna fuel people to go and harrass Kiria like autists.

>> No.5168770
File: 34 KB, 592x290, 1596089497142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop with this obvious shilling garbage. Nyanners has a big SJW following and should be as far away from Hololive as possible.

>> No.5168779

Lmao XDD here’s my upvote

>> No.5168789

room temp iq

>> No.5168807

>who want to kill you
These people are delusional in so many way. It’s a wonder they manage to feed themselves.

>> No.5168832

>I would if I were a chink
So harassing people for collating with someone is ok when you dislike the person, but not when you do?
That's your moral stance on the subject?
Then yeah, but the textbook definition, you're a fucking hypocrite. You do something you disdained before because the target differs.

>> No.5168853

Ok retard

>> No.5168855

Unironically it's dismissal due to racism.
That's just 4chan 101.

>> No.5168859

Gatekeeping is defending not attacking. Nyanners can fuck off to wherever she wants to and no one cares as long as it's not hololive.

>> No.5168870

you are most likely conversing in this thread with people who liked that post. Just remember that.

>> No.5168876

I don't care for the collab mainly because it's Kiara that's in it and I don't like her at all. The only real problem here is that vshojo allows its members to spout political opinions, I know most of them don't but the fact that they can taints the whole group and that gives people a justifiable reason to dislike them as a whole. Nyanners is a bitch but again, it's Kiara who's collabing with her, KFPs won't care because they probably love vshojo and non KFPs shouldn't care because it's just Kiara that has the collab

>> No.5168890

Judging from your post you havent been here for when pomf was uploaded. If you can't understand why a fanbase might get disillusioned with a contentcreator calling them pedophiles and horrible people for enjoying the content said creator put out, then that's on you. But you probably don't care about that, since this is a disingenuous concernpost made by a nyanners whiteknight.

>> No.5168903

Your point would be valid if:
>Nyanners discarded her past handle and went by a new name
>everyone found out who she was and shat on her for that
Mind you, this probably would happen if she did change her name, but the fact that she didn't shows that she values maintaining the clout of her old brand more than the weight of it's past. Everything she has done with that name in the past affects the context of what she does in the future and with how easy it is to discard the name and start a new (only the most autistic retards know that Gura was originally Senzawa) the backlash she receives is entirely her fault.

>> No.5168912

>So harassing people for collating with someone is ok when you dislike the person, but not when you do?
Uhh, yea, dummy. I want those I like to succeed and I want those I dislike to fail. It’s not that complicated.

>> No.5168921

and they're definitely shilling nyanners too
most of nyanner's fanbase is comprised of people like them

>> No.5168923

People keep saying "Pink cat fuck off" is the same as "End yourself Kiryu Coco". I wonder how tsnk feel about this.

>> No.5168936


>> No.5168955
File: 146 KB, 272x324, 1596457947414 [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fcunfge.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just don't want them collabing with any of the holos, they bring trouble with them wherever they go, nyanners especially. Simple as desu.

>> No.5169014

That's the unfortunate part of this situation, unfortunately. I don't hate Nyanners as a streamer, what I hate about her is how she went full fiction is reality and the ironic weebs that use her as a justification to act hateful towards anyone who doesn't comply with their rules. Maybe if Nyanners collabed with someone like Kyuuto or even Matsuri I would have a better opinion on her, since it would be her way of holding out the olive branch, but I doubt this would ever happen. I really want the EN scene to prosper and grow, but the way it is right now it could just end up dead tomorrow and I wouldn't feel sad about. Too many people who are trying to gentrify it when it barely started out, actual antis acting not much different that JP antis who get mad when their oshi collab with a guy, call out posts every other day and too many indies who are treated no different than how Aloe, Coco or Hoshikawa were treated after their controversies, just to name a few. You can't complain about chinks if you try to doxx someone for liking lines/pixels arranged in a way you don't like.

>> No.5169049

I dislike Nyanners because of all those horrible things she said about Koreans. Ina made me love the Korean people. I can't forgive Nyanners for saying those things anymore.

>> No.5169183

I mean..... Kiara cant be so stupid she didnt know this was gonna happen.

She literally asking to be harassed for some dumbass reason.

>> No.5169217

I don't need a reason to hate pink cat I just do.

>> No.5169278

that video was pretty fucking funny

>> No.5169311

170 posts 60 IPs
Oh yeah it's a schizo posting thread

>> No.5169359

Yall need to touch some grass its just vtubers they are for entertainment

>> No.5169400

>Are the points really warranted?
Vshojo is the direct opposite of everything Hololive stands for.

>> No.5169416

>vtubers they are for entertainment
You’ve clearly never watched a Nyanners stream

>> No.5169419

Kill yourself.

>> No.5169421

>its just vtubers they are for entertainment
They're more than that. I love them and there's absolutely nothing wrong with me protecting people I love.

>> No.5169444

Come on

>> No.5169489

You are far too gone it’s literally just entertainment if you watch them for anything other than that you need help

>> No.5169490

>That's your moral stance on the subject?
Fuck off, crusader.
>You do something you disdained before because the target differs.
I don't disdain Zhangs for hating Coco. I disdain Zhangs for the reason they hate Coco for because it means nothing to me. Taiwan is a country. People are not all the same. You'd think that a retard preaching tolerance would know that.
I'm not stalking pink cat and whoever she collabs with by the way. She can fuck off from Hololive and do whatever she wants in her twitch ditch.

>> No.5169531

>he doesn’t love his oshi

>> No.5169539

They are ruining entertainment. Much like how SJWs infest and ruin other media like Movies

>> No.5169606

>he loves

>> No.5169650

This is going to be just like the MorixGigguk one except that Kiara notified people in advance about the collab. I admire her for that. She's going for the collab that she wants regardless of hate. The only way another collab will be shutdown is if the amount of dislikes and negative comments is more than 30% than likes. I have never seen a hololive vid have so many unproportionate dislikes and be ignore by Cover. So if you really dislike it, just dislike it. No need for all of the excess hate. Don't foam too hard.

>> No.5169654
File: 383 KB, 1280x720, 1621717689284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So Nyanners hate all Gura's fanbase? What's pretty based to me.

>> No.5169688

She also hates her own fanbase and only likes their money, that's why she's a grifter. If she wasn't a grifter, she would stop vtubing, and detach herself from any anime related content, and become like any other Karen who complain about everything.

>> No.5169788

Great, go watch vshoujo, I don't have any problem with people enjoying that kind of content. But "peepeepoopoocuminmymouthchat" is not what hololive is about.

>> No.5169790


>> No.5169799

or she has mixed feelings like anyone who actually thinks about what they're doing.

the collab will be fine. If there's significant hate Kiara will reiterate her "I like this, please like this for me, if you don't like it, fuck off I have other streams" line from when she announced this.
they'll play chess and one of the two things will happen:
1. once again, nobody will know how to force an end to a game, so it'll go on forever
2. Nyanners will stomp Kiara and end it quickly
(why not "Kiara has since learned how to end games and will win"? How DARE you ask that question. Kiara's doing her best. Don't you put unrealistic expectations on a mere chicken.)

>> No.5169851
File: 1.57 MB, 633x356, 1623795126800.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5169866

Based unicornCHAD. Fuck whores.

>> No.5169930
File: 175 KB, 326x282, 1607225368452.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hey, I'm fairly new to this board
Stopped reading after that. Lurk for 2 years.
>but this board was made a few months ago!
Yes, well the threads started on /jp/ a good while ago, so shut your twitter, discord or reddit ass up and lurk for a good long while. And if at all possible, go back.

>> No.5169973
File: 51 KB, 720x718, for you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5170030

Why are you all simping so hard for Domo’s sloppy seconds?

>> No.5170097

I don't want a gate, I want a wall. It's the only thing China ever did right.

>> No.5170166


Build the damn wall.

>> No.5170248

Entertainers have no place promoting any sort of political content. 99.999999999% are not qualified to say shit and the vast majority at worst spread misinformed propaganda and halftruths.

>> No.5170384

If the collab does not even get a ratio of 20% dislikes to 80% dislikes, I doubt Cover will care.

>> No.5170486
File: 845 KB, 810x1300, 86173663_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Takanashi Kiara is the best holo!

>> No.5170501

Did Gura, Ame and Ina graduate?

>> No.5170526

>taking a screenshot from a phone with another phone

>> No.5170552

Make me go back asshole

>> No.5170597

Go back, triplenigger.

>> No.5170607

I like her. She is cute!

>> No.5170703

It's hillarious how low tier ammunition you idiots have. If
>she follows vtuber sneezes and they said something anti-loli
is something worth putting into an image you really have to dig deep and hard to validate your headcanon.

>> No.5170737

They hate Vshojo because they've deluded themselves from "western whores" so if they collab ppl will see that there's not much difference and their illusion will crumble

>> No.5170797

She, to her own admittance, has proclaimed her disdain for lolis. This would be fine if she didn’t utilize them for her own model. Where exactly is the lapse in judgment?

>> No.5170841

>They hate Vshojo because they've deluded themselves from "western whores" so if they collab ppl will see that there's not much difference and their illusion will crumble
Do any of the other groups have a man LARPing as a woman?

>> No.5170882

>2.) Her model is a "Loli".
Her model is definitely not a loli, looks too old to be one. Ironically enough only ironic weebs think she's a loli.

>> No.5170896

I mean it's pretty simple, every remaining medium of entertainment is being consumed by the all-devouring SJW locusts. Hololive 2020 is the first time that we've ever had any "real" entertainment that doesn't preach to us as if they're above. It's worth protecting for that reason alone.
The horde will not let go once they have an inch. They will ruin this entire medium, mark my words.

>> No.5171074

i just feel dirty when i watch them
i am a degenerate but i want to be teased subtly those whores have no shame and think innuendo and dick jokes are cool

>> No.5171105

Pretty sure Zen's irl girlfriend left them.

>> No.5171130

who else was left? were there three people in the relationship?

>> No.5171144

Nah, orange woman is pretty bad as well.

>> No.5171161

Based grammar checker

>> No.5171171

I just don't like westerners thinking sex is the peak of comedy

>> No.5171172

>Nyanners is the bad one.
>Zentreya scammed her community, ditched the community that built her fame, and ditched the team she made on twitch just to be a vtuber.

>> No.5171212

They're all bad.

>> No.5171234

They’re for people from other websites, and I don’t like those people or websites or the things they like to watch

>> No.5171290


>> No.5171295

Zen's probably the worse
>Sub goal is a voice reveal
>girl talks, doesn't even know half of the people she responds to
>guy talks, speaks in zen memes
>drama starts when zen's email was leaked like 'skaterboy' or something
>her community, from vrchat, gets left behind now as she ditched them
>the stream team she made to help get them more views? fuck it, vshojo exists, better ditch them too.
All those people she met in VRChat were really nice people too. She doesn't even speak to people like Shiro anymore.

>> No.5171462
File: 65 KB, 256x249, 9365245956486326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5171491

Babinikus are epic

>> No.5171523

When she tried to distance herself from pomf all these years ago she called lolicons pedos, that's pretty much all there is to it.
She doesn't promote any anti-loli agenda or whatever the fuck you try to portray. Nowadays she doesn't touch that subject, is close friends with lolicons and makes a point of letting everyone enjoy whatever they like.

>> No.5171591

>the fact that she didn't shows that she values maintaining the clout
>how easy it is to discard the name and start a new
anon, you can't possibly compare starting anew as an indie all by yourself to having your career presented to you on a silver platter by the biggest vtuber company.

>> No.5171682

Are you done with the falseflag yet?

>> No.5171784

>I'm fairly new to this board
Charitable way to say that you just got here, reddit tourist. Go back and kill yourself, nigger

>> No.5171809

based and truthpilled. Never give an inch.

>> No.5172337
File: 240 KB, 784x1668, nyan problems.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nyanners hates everything, basically

>> No.5172540
File: 55 KB, 500x500, tumblr_c0ef8a7b7c6df7abe94b9c71dbc5dbed_21ae2b71_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey Nyanners. Cancel this stream. You know it's going to be a disaster. Even the normies already know that you're a con artist! Look at the dislike ratio. It's not only /vt/...

>> No.5173067
File: 138 KB, 463x453, 1612368257536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you think being antiloli isn't a stance that hurts real people you're fucking insane. You have artists being harassed on the daily and mobs attempting to cancel chuubas because their model looks young.

>> No.5173110


>> No.5173212

too long only speed read, so here is your answer:
They all feel so fake except for Ironmouse. They are the definition of fad and clout-chasing. This is on top of them being Western.

>> No.5173257

I dont understand why people even keep trying to positively discuss Nyanners here.
There are so many other places for that - reddit, discord, other forums.
Its like trying to discuss "Her Story" on /v/ or Avatar on /a/. You arent going to get the discussion that you want here, and you arent going to change people's minds.

>> No.5173331

Pedophilia is a genuine mental illness worse than transexuality and faggotry.
Cunnyposters and "lolicons" are pedophiles and they deserve all the harassment and ridicule they get.

>> No.5173521


>> No.5173967

Nice cope there Nyanners
You should quit vtubing then

>> No.5174568
File: 992 KB, 2048x1426, 1623847312615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5174702

>hehe these women want to have sex with children too, same as me, therefore you're wrong and im not a mentally deranged pedophile.
Do me a favour, show your father a loli (a child) and tell them thats what you find attractive. Tell your family you're an actual, honest to god pedophile.

>> No.5174761

it is nice that you are demonstrating the exact way people who Kiara is inviting in think, this surely cannot be bad for Hololive in the long run

>> No.5174822

not him but my family know and they don't care about anime, also 2d =/= 3d
stfu nyannerfaggot

>> No.5174833

She's extremely unfunny and her voice sounds so fake that I can't watch more than 5 minutes of her without turning that shit off.

>> No.5174858

Would you be gay if you were a male and jacked it to yaoi? 2d == 3d, you're just a coping pedophile.

>> No.5174860
File: 83 KB, 600x888, 1621993224388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5174896

>hurr if u like anime girls u must be epstein
Come say that to my face irl nyannigger and I'll use your face as a floor mop

>> No.5174932

All she said was she wasn't okay with pedo's referencing her song and was uncomfortable with it. Which is completely understandable.

>> No.5174950

you sound like faggot who faps to male tits and think male and female breasts are the same

anime and cartoon are not the same, even moreso with lolis

>> No.5175003

Not yet unfortunately. But when Gura and Ame eventually do, they can go back to streaming on twitch alongside Nyanners!

>> No.5175007

So is it gay or is it not gay if you jack it to drawn gay porn? It is, right, we're agreed on this.
So how and why is it not gay when you jack it to drawn child pornography? The answer lies in you being a bonafide pedophile in denial.

>> No.5175021
File: 38 KB, 491x560, 1622407873882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're implying Gura did this on purpose?

>> No.5175033

it's gay
but we know the difference between loli and real people unlike you

>> No.5175046

What does anything I said have to do with Gura? I'm talking about Nyanners and her issue with actual pedophiles who molest real children and how she was uncomfortable being referenced and being associated with them. To any normal well adjusted person that's completely understandable.

>> No.5175075

So there's a difference between a drawn child and a real child but not between a drawn faggot and a real faggot?
You sound like the "traps are not gay" reddit faggots, word by word. You're both mentally deranged.

>> No.5175112

Loli advertises and demonstrates the difference between a loli and a real kid
Where does yaoi demonstrate that?

There are sculptures and paintings of real minors but we arent interested in them because we only like loli
Check yourself dumb cunt, maybe you're the delusional pedo who can't differentiate

>> No.5175118

Do you think everyone who watches loli knows the difference? What percentage does and doesn't? What is the exception and what is the rule? Don't you ask these questions?

>> No.5175124

Riddle me this fag
I beat my meat to futa regularly. Yaoi makes my dick soft in seconds. Am I gay now?

>> No.5175140

open the link

>> No.5175146

No I'm fine thanks.

>> No.5175149

All weebs do, if you don't separate 2d from 3d you are not a weeb an should be hated like Nyanners
Ask yourself the same question regarding games and serial killers

>> No.5175162

Nyanners is trash.

>> No.5175172

>why do we need constant nyanners threads?
Because 50% of this board is obsessed with her and looks at her like an ex-g/f they really liked at the time but ended up having a break up with over something stupid. They need to reaffirm that they hate her at least once a day. The other 50% just want to hate fuck her.

>> No.5175225
File: 388 KB, 1920x1080, 1597557580623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every single otaku does, even Japanese people

>> No.5175257

Yes, you're a faggot. Why would you think "I like cock, am I gay?" would be a good point to make?
>loli is not child porn because ???
It is though. There's no attempt at making it not-child-porn outside of the usual stylization and conventions that also apply to yaoi.
You're a pedophile.
> i only like this particular brand of child pornography, the other ones are tasteless
Still a pedophile, do you actually believe "I only like drawn gay porn" means you're magically not gay? Get a grip, faggot.

>> No.5175270

>all weebs do
You can't possible believe this.
>if you don't act in the way I do you're not a true weeb
Ah the logical fallacy of the one true scotsman. Do you live your life in these convenient mis truths? Do you really not understand that in the realm of dopamine addiction you need more risky and perverted things to get off in order to stimulate the receptors? Do you not see how something that may be fine and tame may lead to other more dangerous and harmful things? Do you not understand that many people do not have the luxury of self control to prevent them moving from 2d to 3d child porn?
>Japan has no pedophiles
You are someone who knows nothing about Japan except what you've seen in anime.

>> No.5175329

seeing the hatespam I'm looking forward to the possibility of orange woman or pink cat getting harassed by spergs and antis in the same level as coco getting harassed by chinks for the long term.
would be a spectacle to behold.

>> No.5175345

That's a false analogy, no one likes 1:1 ratio of a kid even other mediums, but all weebs like stylized ones because they don't resemble an actual kid anymore
Even weebs dont like cartoons """loli""" , so your argument falls flat

We are talking about anime, and regarding anime content every single one knows the difference between 2d and 3d

>> No.5175369

So what's the big deal anyway, why are people so upset? Ina collabed with pikamee, no one talked about that.

>> No.5175372

Your argument is basically saying everyone who loves tomboy is gay
Fuck off retard

>> No.5175447

But Anon-chama my dick goes soft when I see acutal men and not unrealistic people with dicks and vaginas.
What could this mean?

>> No.5175457

Would Nyanners collab with Pikamee?

>> No.5175467

>comparing simulated pedophilia to actual pedophilia is a false analogy
Are you serious?
>everyone knows the difference between
This is the key point between the stupid and the intelligent. Intelligent people understand that not everyone thinks or act like they do. Stupid people apply their own logic and thought process to others around them. It is the stupid people such as yourself, who say things like, "Everyone thinks" and "Everyone knows" because your own sheltered life has caused such social neglect you know absolutely nothing about others, their motivations and their fears.
The only person saying that everyone is anything is you. I said that 2d loli has, does and will be a path for people to go onto 3d child porn as they desperately try to gain the 'fix' and appeal to their burned out dopamine receptors. You see this in every sexual community, but somehow you claim that "EVERYONE" knows not to do this when it clearly isn't the case.

>> No.5175472

I fap to trap doujinshi, as long as the trap looks girly enough to make my dick hard and at that point it's a girl. Im straight and whatever makes my dick hard is a girl. Now kill yourself, faggot.

>> No.5175487


>> No.5175492
File: 16 KB, 102x125, A single fact.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could argue that jacking off to traps isn't gay in the same way that jacking off to lolis doesn't make you a pedophile actually. It all just stems from the fact that 2d does not equal 3d. People who aren't brain damaged can understand this phenom on. Mainly because fiction is a representation of an idealization, not an individual.
>Do you not see how something that may be fine and tame may lead to other more dangerous and harmful things?
You got a source that lolis lead to child exploitation? because I have sources that say the exact opposite.
>Do you not see how something that may be fine and tame may lead to other more dangerous and harmful things?
>Do you not understand that many people do not have the luxury of self control to prevent them moving from 2d to 3d child porn?
If this was true why aren't there more gamers causing violence in real life? Even if this were true why should something get banned because of people who had underlying problems before their consumption. Why should the majority who don't do this kind of shit have to deal with that punishment?
You're literally throwing out "Video games cause violence" arguments. Do you have a single fact to back any of this shit up.

>> No.5175502

Even psychologists disagree with your nonsense babble conflating 2d-3d. Cope Nyannerpedo.

>> No.5175506

To Discord-chama:

Lolis are unrealistic drawn characters, you can’t compare them 1:1 with actual children, without saying that they aren’t real people and don’t supposed to represent any individual. The brain learns to separate fictional settings from the real world, that’s why you don’t feel guilty or horrified after killing demons in DOOM. What about rape hentai/furry/guro? Does that encourage real life depravity?

Educate yourself



>> No.5175525


Fuck off loli-hating roastie.

>> No.5175595

>Are you serious?
Yes, because it isn't. The person has to acknowledge conflating reality with it first for it to be pedo, same deal with people with terrorist threats. If I said I wanted to bomb your house in minecraft that doesn't make me a terrorist, but if I said whitehouse instead then that's a whole world of difference.

>> No.5175603

First off
disgusting redditor slime. use the words as they are intended or dont use them at all.
>all weebs like drawn child pornography
evidently we dont else we wouldnt be having this conversation. you're a pedophile that likes anime because japanese culture and the "its just a drawing" separation layer means you can freely jack off to children and keep the moral licensing.

>futa is gay therefore tomboys are also gay
Tomboys are biological women. They have a vagina, no matter how you slice it they're still XX women.
A "girl with a dick" is a man with tits.
This isnt hard unless you're a troon.
If you like cock you're gay. Thats how this works.

>I jack off to men in dresses, im straight
No the fuck you're not you colossal faggot.

>jacking off to traps isn't gay in the same way that jacking off to lolis doesn't make you a pedophile
In the sense that both statements are a lie, yes. If you jack it to men you're gay. If you jack it to children you're a pedophile.

>> No.5175683

If you can't separate 2d from 3d despite all the anons pointing out what makes them different then that's on you Nyannerpedo. They don't view the world black and white like you do. Stay away from preschools pls.

>> No.5175693

>If this was true why aren't there more gamers causing violence in real life?
Have you not turned on the news lately? There are school shootings constantly. Mass murderers are rife in the american community. Violent crime is rising in most western nations despite a decrease in non-violent crime.
Do you really think that this has nothing to do with culture?
>You got a source
Why would I need a source for a logical argument? You should be able to argue against my points with rational and logical debate rather than requiring someone else to speak for you. I think that the fact I called you unintelligent struck a nerve that you can't handle.
Are you suggesting that sexual communities haven't become more liberated and in turn more sexually obsessed over time?
Quote me some and their studies.
>because it isn't it requires
This is such a load of horse shit I couldn't actually imagine someone saying that to me in real life. It's so stupid it is on a level of stupid I don't think I've ever heard before.
We use simulations in order to explain reality. We do it with fucking everything. From weather to social science. But somehow simulated pedophilia has absolutely no relation to actual pedophilia because... The person has to think it does first? I mean what kind of stupid childish level of rationale is this?

>> No.5175698

>If you jack it to men you're gay. If you jack it to children you're a pedophile
What men? What children? I only jack off to lolis and traps.

>> No.5175717

>I said that 2d loli has, does and will be a path for people to go onto 3d child porn as they desperately try to gain the 'fix' and appeal to their burned out dopamine receptors.
There's 0 proof for that. Multiple neurological and psychological studies that proves that fiction, no matter how it's consumed, does not affect a healthy person's mind in any way. Your argument is no different than Jack Thompson's bullshit about violent video games making people more violent. And don't even try to use real life examples, because all of those people were severely broken before and had problems other than "they player violent shooters". I do agree that fiction can warp the mind of someone already fucked up, but if we gonna ban loli/shota porn because of it then ban all depictions of violence, pedophilia and anything that could be considered dangerous in other media, which there are many. Because, from your argument, we should ban books like "Lolita" and "Carmilla", and if you don't see how fucking retarded this is then I'm sorry, you're really fucking dumb.

>> No.5175732
File: 24 KB, 677x330, 1610929977991.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Quote me some and their studies.
There are plenty. You didn't do your research because you're a massive retard
Kill yourself nyannercuck

>> No.5175799

The Venn diagram between the "its only a drawing" pedophile ans the twitter NOMAP pedophiles is a perfect circle.
You're both pedophiles.

>> No.5175850

This but for all Nyannerfans instead. Every single Nyannerfan I met who defended Nyanners also defended her 2D is 3D CP stance only pedos agree with. Nyanners is the issue and should be cancelled.

>> No.5175890

I know lesbian fujos that get off to yaoi. Turns out a fantasy is just that, a fantasy.

>> No.5175899

"n-no someone else is the pedophile, they called me a pedophile"
Maybe you're both pedophiles, who knows? Drawn gay porn is gay porn. Drawn child pornography is child pornography.

>> No.5175926

>there's 0 proof for that
There's plenty of proof for it. Lots of pedophiles arrested have plenty of 2d and 3d pedophilia on their computers when arrested. Are you somehow saying that pedo's interested in 3d pedophilia have never viewed or jerked off to 2d pedophilia? Are you saying that's NEVER happened? Does that seem likely to you?
>Muh jack thompson!!!!
Oh here comes the complete ignorant straw manning. Can't handle the topic and can't argue against it, attack the arguer instead. Absolutely expected from someone who is as sheltered as you obviously are.
>If you molest kids but view 2d you're not one of us
One true scotsman again. The fact you refuse to see a relation between simulated pedophilia and actual pedophilia probably inform this warped and contorted view of reality.
How many 2d loli enthusiasts moving onto 3d pedophilia would it take for you to admit a correlation? Percentage wise I mean. 20 percent? 50? 80? Tell me at what point you'd be convinced.
You haven't posted the study. Also it's on you to prove your arguments not for me to research them for you kiddo. Also this does not show any stastical information or studys conducted on a population but the ramblings of a single person. Can you explain how most western nations equate 2d loli with a path to 3d loli if most psychologists believe as this person does? The reality is that most western psychologists actively do think that 2d loli is a pathway to 3d pedophilia and that is why we arrest people for it.

>> No.5175929

It's not like there are way more actual pedophilia cases within those who say fiction = reality than those who just fap to lolis and don't act like fucking retards, right?

>> No.5175940

They don't look like a child, they look like anime girls to all weebs. Get your eyes and brain checked

>> No.5175945

>Have you not turned on the news lately? There are school shootings constantly. Mass murderers are rife in the american community. Violent crime is rising in most western nations despite a decrease in non-violent crime.
Do you really think that this has nothing to do with culture?
I know that it's not the problem of video games because most of those people aren't gamers.
>Why would I need a source for a logical argument?
You can have logical arguments and be imbolden with sources. My logical argument is that there are no real people, only Idealizations of a character. If (You) can't separate the distinction that's not a problem with humanity, that's just your schizo mind bugging out. I came up with these ideas myself. I just became embolden knowing of the confirmation as stated with >>5175506. If you don't want to read up then just say it.
>Are you suggesting that sexual communities haven't become more liberated and in turn more sexually obsessed over time?
Stay on topic. Just so you know, the topic is the conflation of 2d and 3d.
>But somehow simulated pedophilia has absolutely no relation to actual pedophilia because... The person has to think it does first? I mean what kind of stupid childish level of rationale is this?
You also believe video games cause violence so it is what it is at this point.

>> No.5175998

Drawn gay porn is not the same as gay porn.
I can easily picture someone being into /y/ stuff but not interested in watching the 3D stuff.

>> No.5176006

The couple of very high profile pedophiles that are rightfully rotting in prison (dr pizza) hardle trump the hundreds of genuine anime pedophiles that are still at large on twitter.
You must be delusional if you think most pedophiles are caught, much less sentenced.

>> No.5176008

The study there was posted, and it's specifically about Anime characters. Ignoring doesn't make you correct, it only makes you stupid

>> No.5176058

Nigger I aint reading all that shit, fuck you nyannerstrash

I just wanted to say Nyanners is a piece of shit and deserve all the hate she gets

>> No.5176071

It was retarded when Britanny Venti said it and it's retarded when Nyanners says it. Equating fiction to reality is an indefensible position only taken upon by retards who attempt to force a "moral" crusade. Hopefully this one blows over just as Jack Thompson v GTA did.

>> No.5176135

Nigger, you don't even realize I'm against nyanners. You are just as bad as her in my eyes for the conflation of 2d and 3d. Either use reading comprehension or kill yourself.

>> No.5176151


>> No.5176154

These degenerate whores not only need to be gatekept out, they also need to throughly flogged masshallah. These are women that not unlike those jezebels who brought down kingdoms with their pride and licentious ways. Prophet (pbuh) protect us

>> No.5176181
File: 127 KB, 1049x781, 1592642198230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>most of those people aren't gamers
Have you seen pic related? Are you saying these people aren't fucking gamers? Are you so addicted that you cannot rationally and reasonably assess the drug yourself?
>you CAN have
Can being the point here. I don't need to have it. You CAN argue logically against the point I've made without the need to resort to having a scientist or more intelligent person than yourself speak on your behalf. If you're unable to make the argument yourself and need someone else to make it for you, the problem is your own cognitive capacity.
>If you can't separate
We're not talking about me. We're applying the idea that EVERYONE can separate fiction from reality when that clearly isn't the case. Most people cannot do this until they're 18 years old which is why we have laws prohibiting people from voting or drinking because we understand that for almost a quarter of someone's life they are unable to make rational decisions.
Yet someone you say that EVERYONE knows the difference even though any normal person who has ever interacted with a few other people knows that is not the case.
>stay on topic
It is on topic. Sexual communities gain more proclivities towards sexual relief, liberation and enjoyment as shown in modern culture. But somehow this sexual community is completely immune to that? I don't agree.
>You also believe
>So that means I don't have to argue
So you lose. That's great. The fact you have become so despondent and cognitively impotent that you just throw your pens down like a child is pretty funny to me.

>> No.5176203

Pretending that consuming gay pornography as a male is not gay because its drawn instead of filmed is a mongoloid statement.
Gay porn is for faggots. Child pornography is for pedophiles. If you defend child pornography you're most likely a pedophile yourself.
The format doesnt matter. Live, recorded, VR, claymation, drawn, it literally doesnt matter. A statue of Epstein fucking a 9 year old up the pooper IS child pornography because it is pornography featuring a child.

>> No.5176205

This. Why don't Nyannerfags understand this simple concept.
I don't even jack off to cartoons (only anime) because they aren't appealing to me, and even more so with real people.

>> No.5176245

kyle did nothing wrong

>> No.5176247

We don't think it looks like one so your argument is invalid. We just think of them as loli and nothing more
If it resembles a real person then it stops being a loli anymore

>> No.5176252

Nyancuck, I went to a therapist, he told me there's nothing wrong with lolis because they are animesque and not real, it's a kink, the problem is when you sexualize real children.
Also, stop avoiding my sources and fucking read

>> No.5176369
File: 27 KB, 378x264, MagrittePipe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's still 0 correlation between 2d being a path to 3d. You really think Anders did what he did because of CoD? Are you so fucking retarded to believe that fiction will make ANYONE more likely do do the real thing? Or you're using cases of deeply fucked up people that went further than they should've to justify you stupid argument? Psychology and Neurology both disagree with you, and there are new studies every single year that have the same fucking results. And Japan has way less cases of ACTUAL pedophilia than the fucking UK, which most likely had a increase in this shit with the lack of actual punishment to dumbfuck immigrants who act like they're still in their old shithole country. But let's fucking ignore all those child protection orgs across the word complaining about how they can't use a lot of the reports they receive to tackle down ACTUAL child pornography distribution. Maybe because they're all fucking pixels and lines and have 0 impact in actual pedo rings.

>> No.5176390

statues aren't loli though, if it's not anime it's not a loli
you should learn that, nyannertrash

>> No.5176394

Wait you actually believe games casue violence?

>> No.5176411
File: 156 KB, 600x784, 1623708481316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5176438

He defends Nyanners, of course he does. He's a living breathing contradiction, like Nyanners herself.

>> No.5176644

This is why the collab worries me. I don’t hate Nyanners, but I DETEST her fanbase, if these actual retards try to cancel the Holos I’m going to grab a pitchfork. This is also the kind of people that harasses loli Vtuber indies, they just can’t fucking shut up and try to listen other thing that isn’t “defending pedophilia bad” when there’s no pedophilia involved. I also assume this people report drawings to institutions aimed to stop CSA or that they’re pedos projecting because ALWAYS is the most vocal ones against lolicon and anime

>> No.5176674
File: 382 KB, 1073x636, 139 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I started reading your gishgallop of unrelated articles and literally the very first one in the "highlighted screen captures" (that I assumed would be your best and more condensed, thats why I started here) says exposure to child porn results in subsequent attraction to children outside of a pornography context.
Do I keep reading or does every article that proves my point?
Please just point out the article that says 2D child porn does not excite pedophiles when contrasted to 3D child pornography and viceversa, I have no need for art therapy in college students.

>> No.5176703
File: 379 KB, 491x643, 1606345117126.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5176784

It's clearly not a study and is instead a supposition paper. Show me statistics whenever you'd like kiddo.
>there's 0 correlation
There are lots of pedophiles arrested with 2d loli or importing 2d loli. Is that not correlation enough for you?
>Any fiction will make ANYONE
I've capitalized it so you'll read it. I've never said EVERYONE or ANYONE. I've said it CAN. The only person who is saying NO ONE can be influenced by 2d loli to go onto 3d loli is you.
I've merely put the suggestion that it has, is and will continue to push SOME 2d loli enthusiasts into 3d pedophilia as they attempt to gain their dopamine fix with harder materials.
The only person here who is saying EVERYONE and ANYONE and NO ONE is yourself. This is why I know you're an intellectual light weight and retard. Because if you've had even the slightest societal interaction you'd understand that no one talks in those fucking terms.
>meanwhile lets ignore
No let's not. In the majority of western nations we understand that 2d loli CAN and OFTEN DOES cause people to indulge in 3d porn. We're so convinced of it we arrest people for it. We've put away hundreds of pedophiles who actually have harmed and molested real children on 2d drawn pedophilia laws.
But you'll ignore that.
Not an argument kiddo.

>> No.5176864
File: 634 KB, 680x650, Puritans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have you seen pic related? Are you saying these people aren't fucking gamers? Are you so addicted that you cannot rationally and reasonably assess the drug yourself?
So like 5 out of the what? 100s of shootings is your argument for video games cause violence? Again, you gotta prove there is a real correlation, unless you can show that by being the fucking majority then fuck off.
>Can being the point here. I don't need to have it. You CAN argue logically against the point I've made without the need to resort to having a scientist or more intelligent person than yourself speak on your behalf.
Like I said, I came to the idea myself. Found the sources that said so to. No sources say otherwise. I feel right in my logical idea that 2d is not reality because there's shit t support it. I won't say that your logical argument are null and void. You can believe whatever you want. Still, I the anon here who can have opinions and back it up with shit. You only have opinions.
>We're not talking about me. We're applying the idea that EVERYONE can separate fiction from reality when that clearly isn't the case.
Then we should ban all problematic behavior in media. No action films because those prmote violence, No porn because that promotes rape. If there is a minority who can't stop themselves then we should get rid of EVERYTHING so the majority can't enjoy it. Are you those fucking puritans man?
>It is on topic
It's not. We're talking about the conflation between 2d and 3d.
>So you lose. That's great.
Just because you want to argue in bad faith doesn't mean I should respond.

I'll say it one more time just in case you don't understand. 2d does not equal 3d. The minority of bad actors should not dictate what we enjoy. No, there is no correlation between violence in real life and violence in video game. No, there is no correlation between child exploitation and lolis. Fiction is a idealization of a caricature. It is in no way representation of an individual. Just to cover a few bases... No, not everything in media is a message. No not all media is the same. The brain can differentiate between reality and fiction. It's the reason why people can play no russian and not feel a damn thing. The only people who become embolden by fiction are those who had underlying problems already. If (You) believe otherwise, (You) are a schizo. I can play violent video where I nuke entire nations and commit war crimes. I fuck hookers and kill them afterwards. I go on killing sprees that can make Jack look like a fucking joke. I can also turn off my games and live a normal life without any doubts. I can jack off to lolis, traps, tsunderes, onee-sans, and yanderes. When I stop and turn off the computer I can leave it all behind me.

Why, because it's not real. It's a fantasy, and there's nothing you can do to change that.

>> No.5176890
File: 81 KB, 198x212, 1606228805519.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kiddo kiddo kiddo
Literally kill yourself nyannerpedo

>> No.5176902

no really, do you actually believe games cause violence?

>> No.5176924

Why are you so desperate at equating 2D to 3D? Are you that insecure that lolicons aren't pedos like you are? Have shame in yourself

>> No.5176980

Do you seriously not understand how big of a jump jacking off to a drawing in your room to attacking an actual kid is? I kinda worry for your mental health.

>> No.5176990

I'm still waiting for your hard proof that normal, healthy mind people are more likely to consume ACTUAL 3d child porn because of 2d. I'm saying that there isn't any fucking research proving your retarded slippery slope. YES, UNHEALTHY PEOPLE ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE INFLUENCED BY FICTION, THAT DOESN'T MEAN SAID FICTION IS HARMFUL SINCE ANYTHING, EVEN A FUCKING CHILD'S BOOK, COULD MAKE SOMEONE WHO'S CLINICALLY RETARDED DO SOME STUPID BULLSHIT. You're the faggot acting that 2d WILL influence, since there's 0 proof that it OFTEN DOES. You pulling this shit out of your fucking asshole, and Japan didn't saw a significant rise in csa in years. Also, whenever someone is arrested by having 2d porn is on a dumb fuck country like Canada, Australia or the UK, and don't fucking act like those countries are perfect moral bastions.

>> No.5177010

There ARE research posted here even LINKS and you fucking ignored them you massive triple nigger

>> No.5177160

I'm not going to point anything at you, retard. You are arguing in bad faith. Literally the last paragraph on the pic supports my point. Read fucking everything.
This thread has tried to discuss with you and you ignore everything. We give you evidence, even claimed by science, and you can't give any source that proves your point, you are repeating the same things you have been saying.
Yes, some pedos are lolicons, but not all lolicons are pedos. It's that difficult to accept?

>> No.5177191

You said NONE were gamers. I showed you some of the worst offenders who committed arguably the most heinous of acts recently who clearly were gamers. Keep moving goal posts though.
>No sources say otherwise
What about nearly all western nations with the exception of the USA who arrest people for 2d loli because they clearly believe and are advised that there is a logical connection and correlation between 2d enthusiasts and real pedophiles? You still haven't addressed that.
>We should ban all problematic media
Oh lord here we go. I never said that. Or insinuated that should be the option. I haven't even made any arguments for a solution only that maybe we should consider there is a problem.
Most people who I argue with about this just skip talking about the problem and instead say retarded things like this. As though all fiction should be banned or something because it can influence people.
Well fiction has been influencing people for years. Many have been driven to violence, elation, works of incredible art and speeches that motivate nations on the backs of fictional media. Songs, books and art all inspire us in different ways.
But of course video games and 2d loli don't according to you. Out of all mediums and fictions these two are totally immune and separate because... Because you like them. Basically that's the reality. You like them and you will defend your addiction to the death.
>It's not
It is. A community of 2d loli enthusiasts is completely relatable to other sexual communities and their histories.
>argue in bad faith
That's literally what you've done though. You haven't argued anything and instead attempted to tarnish me for a separate belief you refuse to even attempt to broach in argument.
Maybe google what a bad faith argument is.
>Why are you equating
Because it's demonstrably true.
>Do you realize
Do you realize how big of a jump it is to jerking off to a 2d picture of a kid being railed and then jerking off to a 3d picture of a kid being railed?
>Normal healthy
Okay this is another goal post moving exercise. Normal healthy people don't jerk off to 2d loli because it's not normal to do it. But even if it was, the idea we're comparing the most normal people in a community instead of looking at exceptions and rules is just an act of you attempting to take the best and claiming everyone is like that person much like you've already attempted to say that EVERYONE who jerks off to 2d loli is like you and can differentiate when that clearly isn't the case. Not EVERYONE can.

>> No.5177268

Videogames cause violence yes or no?

>> No.5177295

Books can cause violence. Yes or no.

>> No.5177296

>Do you realize how big of a jump it is to kill someone with a gun in call of duty and then killing someone with a gun in real life?
This is your argument. I wonder why you're even wasting your time writing those blocks of text, everyone is laughing at you right now.

>> No.5177297

This feels like straight up cope from someone who's an actual pedo. Seek help dude
Defending Nyanners won't get you a crumb of her pussy
People understand the difference and there's that, whether it's psychological or cultural
You're also conflating video games and violence and ignoring all the research posted here

>> No.5177361
File: 278 KB, 426x599, 1620312391179.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy might be legit mental.

>> No.5177387

>Because it’s demonstrably true

>> No.5177458

You are the most self entitled person I've seen on this site

>> No.5177459

Oh here comes the equivalence attempts now.
My argument isn't that people go on to molest kids (although clearly some do) but that the jump between 2d loli masturbation and then masturbating to real produced child porn probably isn't that big of a leap compared to the idea that you've put forward that someone may watch 2d loli and go rape a little girl next door the next day.
But of course your examples get more and more extreme in an attempt to move away from the reality that what I've said isn't extreme at all. Keep coping.
The majority of western nations punishes it saying that 2d leads to 3d pedophilia and consumption. There's my source kiddo. It's literally the accepted mainstream view in psychology.

>> No.5177490

>EVERYONE who jerks off to 2d loli is like you and can differentiate when that clearly isn't the case
And when they can't, was 2d the sole case for them to diddle kids? Can you prove, 100%, that 2d porn was the only thing that made them cross the line, and not a combination of other factors that fucked up that person's brain? Or we're acting like 2d is the end all, be all for those people to descend into the 3d realm and absolutely nothing that could've damage their psyche previously influence them to make stupid decisions? You do know there are studios about how a not insignifcant number of rape victims that end up developing a rape kink, right?

>> No.5177496
File: 28 KB, 527x206, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not him but the other guy you're arguing with. Your links are absolute garbage, the google docs one is about play therapy and barely touches on pedophilia. The drive has more on art and writing therapy (again) than in pedophilia. Even the articles are extremely broad reports on pedophilia and barely if ever mention or focus on 2D animated child pornography.
What am I supposed to be looking at? The part where the child molester behavioural analysis puts "drawings" in the child erotica section that is a part of the behavioural pattern of a child molester?
The part where between 30% and half of the reported "fantasy pedophiles" are also child molesters and have groomed children irl?
What part is it that you want me to read to understand your position? Whats the part that proves me wrong? Am I the first one to actually read this? There's no way no one has told you these things before.

>Literally the last paragraph on the pic supports my point.
The first paragraph says that after exposure to underage porn the subjects associated underaged models more sexually than before.
The second paragraph says that even after this they dont see pedophilia as normal and that exposure to CP doesnt make adults accept child pornography. Its literally what it says.
These are two disconnected statements. Please read your own articles, its a bare minimum.

>> No.5177544

not him but do they have anything for ageplay, diaper and cosplay? loli is essentially no different from that

>> No.5177682

>You said NONE were gamers.
Nigger, my whole argument is that there's no correlation. (You) started saying that there are a few gamers. So, I stated there's no correlation because there's only 5 and not a majority.
>What about nearly all western nations with the exception of the USA who arrest people for 2d loli because they clearly believe and are advised that there is a logical connection and correlation between 2d enthusiasts and real pedophiles? You still haven't addressed that.
They're just as stupid for making the conclusion. I remember when the U.N. tried to ban lolis and a few months after ther main guy who started pushing it was arrested for child exploitation. I also remember recently australia tried to ban porn of petite women, because they believed it would lead to child exploitation. Governments are fucking retarded. We can see this because the government in the U.S. still tries to push 2d equals 3d. Fuck the government bro they're retarded. I'm trying to enjoy the shit I like. They're just taking it away for no reason.
> I haven't even made any arguments for a solution only that maybe we should consider there is a problem.
Nigger, if you can see the problem and know what it's caused by you should just nip it in the ass and end it all. The entire point of that reasoning is that if it was true we'd know exacly what it's caused by. If violent video games and lolis cause problems, then we get rid of it. Butterfly knives caused people to hurt themselves at super high rates. The U.S. now regulates the shit out of butterfly knives. The cases for that has gone down. If it's a direct problem, you kill the problem. It's just here, with this shit. There's no problem.
>2d loli enthusiasts is completely relatable to other sexual communities and their histories.
No, they aren't. 2d isn't 3d so there isn't any confusion between enthusiasts. Again, the minority should not dictate the entirety of the community. The minority are the problems with the conflation.
>You haven't argued anything and instead attempted to tarnish me for a separate belief you refuse to even attempt to broach in argument.
Maybe google what a bad faith argument is.
Here's the argument. 2d is not 3d. There is no correlation between the fiction and reality. Those who show any problems are people with underlying problems already. Fiction is an Idealization of a caricature. Not my fault you can't understand that.

>> No.5177700

I'm not the person saying that 2d loli is or is not the reason. What I'm saying is that there is obviously a correlation that should be examined instead of being dismissed outright. If you want to claim something else is there then fine, but it seems a little superfluous to me.
As I said a post above, going from jerking off to a 2d loli to jerking off to a real kid being molested isn't that big of a leap and moreover there is a clear connection between observing a simulated act and then going on to observing a real act.
If you want to say "Well they were just pedos infiltrating" or some other weird stuff then so be it. But as I've said before it's clear fiction DOES have an effect on people. It does inspire and influence. It has for most of human history. But as soon as we say perhaps video games and drawn child porn may influence the viewer, people such as yourself jump up and say
When the world is full of people who do not understand the difference between fact and fiction. Many cannot discern the difference between the truth and a lie.
We are constantly influenced by fiction in the modern world which is why the idea that 2d loli and other media can't influence us is such a huge level of cognitive dissonence.

>> No.5177715

>Do you realize how big of a jump it is to jerking off to a 2d picture of a kid being railed and then jerking off to a 3d picture of a kid being railed?
Yeah it's a fucking huge leap that most people will never take. A lot of people who jerk off to lolis prefer 2D porn in general, 3D porn is just disgusting to them, be it women, men or children. And that's perfectly fine and more healthy, because in 3D porn industry you can talk about people being forced to do this, 3D porn patterns being source of retarded stereotypes etc, but jerking off to 2D drawing literally doesn't hurt anyone besides schizos like you. You just close a tab and that's it, it doesn't affect your daily life and lives of people around you in any way.

>> No.5177739
File: 519 KB, 1600x900, 1608589962748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I schizo reply to me? I've gotten no (You)s today

>> No.5177816

>it's clear fiction DOES have an effect on peopl
There it is, boys.

>> No.5177850

Lmao wtf no

>> No.5177854

I won't be replying to the schizo anymore. He's a baiting puritan. Glad he outed himself, though.

>> No.5177857

Certain legal systems believing it to be the case isn't actual proof of correlation. The law is constantly changing itself over time, using it as an objective basis of morality doesn't work out, I mean do you suddenly change your principal ideas of right and wrong whenever you go to a different country with different laws?

>> No.5177878

there are inspirations and influences, but they are all negligible and that's because it's all about regarding intent
there are people who just play video games and understand that they have no intent to kill people or commit terrorism
there are people who just enjoy anime or loli and understand the same thing
if you can't separate gamers from terrorists, lolicons or otherwise, then that's your problem

>> No.5177887
File: 23 KB, 258x330, 1603837712383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going from jerking off to a 2d loli to jerking off to a real kid being molested isn't that big of a leap

>> No.5177902

Also I need to add, the behavioral analysis (both of them) is for child molesters ie already contact offenders, and the thompson report wants to find a relation (or lack of relation) between availiability of paraphilia pornography and actual contact offence. If the people that regularly consume vore actually want to carry out vore in real life.
This is not what my point is. My point is that for you to consume and enjoy child pornography, you need to be a pedophile in the first place. The claim of whether or not loli porn reduces contact offence (it does) has little to do with this. By that point you're already saying the subject is a pedophile which is my original point.

If you have any articles on this just tell me what the articles are and Ill read them. If you dont have them then there's no point in linking me art therapy studies unless you assumed I would just see "science papers" and agree with you without reading them, which I assume is what normally happens and thats why you did it.
>you're arguing in bad faith
Partially. I do think you're a genuine pedophile, but I also think you deserve a fair shot at proving me wrong with something other than mental gymnastics to justify drawn child porn not being child porn. It clearly is.

>> No.5177916 [SPOILER] 
File: 280 KB, 480x401, 1623854161207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jesus is this nyanigger still going?

>> No.5177979

>the jump between 2d loli masturbation and then masturbating to real produced child porn probably isn't that big of a leap
It really is though, do you think there isn't much leap between enjoying shooting people in a game and enjoying watching clips of people actually being shot?

>> No.5177983

>going from jerking off to a 2d loli to jerking off to a real kid being molested isn't that big of a leap
>it's clear fiction DOES have an effect on people
I give up. I don't have the mental strength or time to keep discussing with you. It's clear your opinion is the same as so many retards who tried to play the same cards for 50 years, ever since Dungeons and fucking Dragons. If you're still focusing on the same arguments that were proven wrong time after time by different camps of study with multiple tests organized by different people then I don't know what's your problem.

>> No.5178042

So anyways videogames cause violence my dud?

>> No.5178047
File: 9 KB, 186x186, 1621018050557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well he is definitely trying his best equating 2D = 3D and painting gamers as terrorists

>> No.5178084

No and Im not the other guy, learn to follow a thread.

>> No.5178106

>NO correlation
Exactly. Which is clearly untrue since I posted 5 of the worst cases of mass murder in recent history who were gamers. Indeed I think there were some studies showing a huge correlation between mass school shooters and video games.
>They're just stupid
Okay come on now. You're losing it. Are you saying that the majority of western nations on advice from leading psychologists are wrong and that you yourself know the real truth? Do you really expect me to swallow that?
>Governments are retarded
That's not an argument. The mainstream view is 2d pedophilia CAN lead to 3d pedophilia consumption. You have no argument against this which is why you've avoided it for so long and now resort to conspiracy theory level arguments of how it must be stupid and how these psychologists are wrong despite the fact you've been claiming psychology sources are what we should be looking at to understand this problem.
>Nip it in the bud and end it all!!!
Rational people don't think this way. I suspect this is because you understand you've lost the argument and just want to act as extreme as possible to defame the person you're arguing with.
>2d isn't 3d
No it isn't
>So 2d loli enthusiasts can't be compared to any other community based around sexuality
>2d is not 3d
No it isn't.
>There is no correlation between fiction and reality
There is a ton of correlations between fiction and reality. Fiction would have no place without reality.
But the argument you're really trying to make is this:
>There is no correlation between simulated child pornography and real child pornography
And I disagree.
Not an argument. I don't think you have the cognitive capacity to really argue it and I think that kinda frustrates you.
>Legal systems
Acting on advice from psychology authorities.
>fictional inspiration is negligable
The bible.
>It really is though
Perhaps to you. Do you think everyone who views 2d loli is like you? What percentage are and are not?
Your attempt to equate one argument with another doesn't put you in an intelligent light. Argue the point.
>I can't argue anymore
Because I'm right and you can't argue with the logic of it.

>> No.5178113
File: 419 KB, 796x621, 1623802720481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need to get out of this fucking thread, holy jesas...

>> No.5178129

>that should be examined
It has been, the result is that no correlation has been found.
>But it's obvious!
Yeah and it's "obvious" that the Sun goes around the Earth, that's not how science works, it doesn't matter how obvious it seems to you it simply isn't the case.

>> No.5178144
File: 965 KB, 1242x1237, 1606679803896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes you are bro, at least change your user ID before schizoposting

>> No.5178158

We know it's you, just stop it. It's cringe.

>> No.5178161

Thinking going from something that is perfectly legal to something that could get you in jail isn't a "big leap" is so ridiculous I can't help but hope you're being dishonest.
The creation of 2D drawings harms no one, it's merely an artist and his tablet. 3D porn (and not just child, but all 3D porn) is a fucking nightmarish industry full of exploitation, coercion and tragic stories. Not only is it considerably less appealing, but there's a lot of very real pain behind what you're seeing on your screen. Not everyone is comfortable with that. So yes, I think it is indeed a very big leap.

>> No.5178255

I know Ive not been reading your retarded police reports for the last 35 minutes actually trying to argue in good faith with a pedophile just to be told im someone that thinks No Russian leads to terrorism.
At least try to read through my posts and reply to them instead of backing out. Read your own research instead of assuming I wont.

>> No.5178292

the impact is negligible*
most people have common sense and won't just blindly murder a person just because they saw it on TV

you're just making a fool of yourself
why are nyannerfags like this?

>> No.5178293

>No Russian
I haven't read the thread, may I know how you got to discussing russians?

>> No.5178403

"No russian" is a famous cod mission where you're a terrorist shooting up an airport. you kill civilians, thats the point of the mission.
its the most commonly brought up "bibeo games cause violence" non-argument, shared with columbine and lanza.

>> No.5178416

>Acting on advice from psychology authorities.
And? I want to see whatever proof they supposedly have with my own eyes, it's not true just because they say so. Psychology has definitely got it wrong before. Fucking lobotomies were considered a valid form of treatment not that long ago, I'm gonna need more to trust they're right about this.

>> No.5178436


>> No.5178500

I swear, the knots these schizos have to tie themselves into to convince themselves nyanners isn't the same as shoe or any other hypocrite ethot.

well, I guess she is different than shoe in one way, her opinion changes based on who is giving her the most attention, not who cummed in her last.

>> No.5178561

>Argue the point.
What point? You've just asserted that it's not that big of a leap just because you don't think so. What else is someone meant to say to that but that they think it isn't?

>> No.5178583

>all these schizo ramblings for pretty shitty arguments
and can easily be debunked by some weeb hating on cp while liking lolis, like any person would
absolutely pathetic

>> No.5178615

>Because I'm right and you can't argue with the logic of it.
Nah, I don't want to spend my morning arguing with a retarded schizo that abuses circular reasoning and acts like they're really intelligent. I have better stuff to do with my life, and it's not wasting it here.

>> No.5178621
File: 18 KB, 500x500, 1622650401042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




Don't fucking care anymore, believe what you want, I actually went to therapy because of bullshitery like that you're spewing, surprise, I was told I'm not a pedo. I'll prefer to listen to a professional than some retard from Twitter.

>> No.5178675

>It has been, the result is that no correlation has been found
And so every psychological authority in the west including in the US who say that 2d loli consumption has some correlation with 3d loli consumption concluded that no correlation was found?
There are laws based around that correlation. Show me where it's been proven in the main stream academia that there is no correlation.
>It's obvious the sun goes around the earth
Why are you making weird, extreme statements like this that are nothing to do with the argument? As though the idea of the heliocentrism is the same as the idea that simulated child pornography and child pornography is on some similar level?
>Perfectly legal
I've already said that it is not perfectly legal in most western nations. It's very illegal, so your point is moot.
>The creation of 2d loli harms no one
>3d porn is nightmarish
Completely agree.
But that doesn't have any bearing on the proposition that there is a relation between people who view simulated child porn and child porn. Or that simulated child porn MAY influence people to go on to view real child porn.
>I want to see
Then you'll need to ask them that. Ultimately it is the mainstream view across multiple psychology institutions in the west and the main stream view of academia that it does. This supports my point and absolutely does not support yours.
To go from referencing fringe psychologists to saying that main stream psychology must be wrong is a little cringe my dude.
>Most people won't
Totally agree. However most people did go to war over the bible. We still do in the middle east. Most modern people are influenced by fiction produced by the mainstream media. Many people are influenced by modern culture which is almost entirely based around fictional art such as music and manufactured entities.
The idea that fiction can never influence when we are still influenced by fiction every day in the guise of whatever biased news source we consume is laughable to me.
>It's not that big of a leap just because you don't think so
It's not that big of a leap because going from a realistic drawing of child rape to watching real child rape isn't that big of a difference. In fact most western nations believe this and support my view on it. That's not just because I think so, but because reality shows it to be so.
Thanks for playing.

>> No.5178730

>However most people did go to war over the bible. We still do in the middle east.
this is non sequitur
war has existed since the beginning of humanity, you are stupid

>> No.5178765

5 cases out of all mass murderers is not a enough to call a correlation. Gaming is pretty popular these days, it'd be pretty surprising if you couldn't find 5 that happened to have played games. This isn't proof of anything more than 5 murderers being known to enjoy coca cola proves that it turns people into psycho killers.

>> No.5178895

7 hours without any responses means that this is undebatably true.

>> No.5178914

>Show me where it's been proven in the main stream academia that there is no correlation.
You're the one making the claim in the first place that there is a correlation, you show us where its been proven that there is a correlation.

>> No.5178924

>Her model is a "Loli".
by what standard?

>> No.5179006

>war has existed forever so you're wrong
Absolute cope that I've proved you wrong that fiction can influence people to kill and murder.
Never said fiction was the only reason people went to war. Only that it can and does influence us, has and will continue to do so. Continue to make strawmen now that I've destroyed your entire argument.
>5 cases
Oh sure I totally agree with that. But I wasn't referencing mass shooters but school shooters which I think is a much easier group of people to look at. Mainly because school shooters tend to be one ethnicity, gamers, of around the same age group and male.
I need to dig out that study I read, but it was pretty eye opening on how most school shooters were avid gamers and often addicted to gaming.
i think that's a clear correlation. And remember correlation only means a connection. it doesn't mean a causation. But I think that we need to atleast ask the question instead of dismissing it completely because we're worried the puritans are going to stop us playing halo or something.
>You're the one claiming there is correlation
Yes. Support by mainstream academia and psychological institutions in the west who have advised governments to ban 2d pedophilia and simulated pedophilia on punishment of arrest. Which most western nations have.
You are the one asserting there is no correlation. What evidence do you have that they do not?

>> No.5179090

>As though the idea of the heliocentrism is the same as the idea that simulated child pornography and child pornography is on some similar level?
It's the same in that it's something that may seem obvious to some but isn't actually the case. The point is that science doesn't revolve around what seems obvious.

>> No.5179138

That explanation makes sense and I see where you're coming from here. But again science and mainstream psychology does believe there is a correlation. Enough that most western nations have outlawed 2d loli. So if science believes it to be the case what reason is there to believe it is not?

>> No.5179202

One last time, do you have any source to support this? Not "many countries banned it", show articles, reports, anything where it is indicated that there's an inherent correlation between fiction and reality.
Tl;dr: Give a link or GTFO

>> No.5179212

western laws rarely rely on scientific findings, but more on moral outrage

>> No.5179219

>referencing fringe psychologists
What? The guy who invented the lobotomy procedure got a fucking Nobel prize, it wasn't some crazy fringe thing if that's what you're implying.

>> No.5179220

>show reports and news articles
>laws aren't a source
Are you serious?

>> No.5179276

>rarely rely on scientific findings
That's for you to prove. Show me how they did not when most western nations regardless of individual cultures have outlawed it.

>> No.5179303
File: 429 KB, 542x572, hat korone with video camera.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>compared fiction with reality and called anyone who likes loli/shota stuff with pedos on that post
That's pretty fucking normal. Trying having this discussion with someone outside of this basket weaving chinese cartoon forum and see how it goes. Ask your fucking mom about it. See how she reacts to the idea of liking underage cartoon characters. Hell show her one. I've had the discussion with plenty of people who find it vile and are still into anime even. Your average person does not see the difference between cartoon child and real child when your jerk off to them, bro.

>> No.5179367


>> No.5179388

>school shooters tend to be one ethnicity, gamers, of around the same age group and male.
No shit, teenage boys often tend to be like video games. If you pick a schoolboy at random there's a good chance he plays video games, it's a very common hobby among young males today.

>> No.5179428

There are laws that ban homosexuality and that allow child marriage in some countries, your point?

>> No.5179434

where? loli cosplay, diaperplay and ageplay are a thing

>> No.5179443
File: 3 KB, 93x135, 1543632194242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not how it works, nigger, you went in saying, because it's law in some country it has to be backed by science. Prove your initial assertion first, otherwise I can disregard it without providing any proof of my own.

>> No.5179445

She looks like a lanky twink with pink hair. Like Hillary Swank in boys don't cry.

>> No.5179593


>> No.5179633

I completely agree. And that could be a good argument and factor when considering the effect games may or may not have. But I think that asking the question as to whether having young boys exposed to murder simulators at a young age is a good idea as I would also ask whether having them exposed to modern pornography is a good idea either.
I believe young psyches and personalities are heavily influenced by the fiction they consume growing up. More so now than ever with absent fathers becoming an epidemic.
The question whether No Russian murder simulations and borderline rape porn have no effect on a mind we don't trust to drink, drive or vote is a good idea, I think is a valid one.
This has nothing to do with the point I'm arguing. Trying to deflect onto other laws when this one is almost universal across europe all the way to canada is a little disingenuous.
I'm unsure what you're question is asking. Any depiction of drawn pedophilia is treated as normal pedophilia in Europe, the UK and Canada.
>Because it's a law it has to be backed by science.
Yes. You make the claim, you prove it.

>> No.5179718

Vshojo are the Bratz dolls of the vtubing industry

>> No.5179728

but thats when a real person is involved or someone's intent crosses over the 2d/3d line, you don't need to commit actual terrorism for you to be raided by the fbi for wanting to bomb the whitehouse, it's the same thing, no one cares about anime or video games and they are ignored

>> No.5179729

>This guy actually thinks the law is based on science
It's always been based on what the masses deem to be right or wrong, not on science. The law would be the same everywhere if that was the case.

>> No.5179737
File: 63 KB, 615x615, 1534028495706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>But again science and mainstream psychology does believe there is a correlation. Enough that most western nations have outlawed 2d loli.

Prove this point please. Prove how lolibans are based on scientific findings. You made this claim, I didnt.

>> No.5179804

Where does it say I can cosplay Megumin but can't draw Megumin being fucked? You're the one being disigenuous lol. You don't even know how it works

>> No.5179851

>You make the claim, you prove it.
You're the one who kept using laws as a source because you're convinced they must all be backed by science, so you prove it.

>> No.5179857

You're going to have to frame your argument. I'm not sure what you're asking here.
You made the claim that the law has no scientific backing. I'm asking you to prove that claim. I don't have to do shit.
The law is clear about the depiction of children in sexual situations. You're questioning the law itself which is fine but I'm not a lawyer and I'm not here to answer your weird sexual fantasy question about dressing up as a child and it's legalities.

>> No.5179919

You don't know jackshit then and you're talking out of your ass. They are talking about intent and actual people, which video games and anime are not a part of.

>> No.5179948

>You made the claim that the law has no scientific backing.
After you made the claim that it does.

>> No.5179976

>The law talks of intent
>No you made the claim!
I'm not going to do research work for you to prove or disprove your claim. You made the claim it doesn't. I asked you to show it. Go do it or continue to seethe about it.

>> No.5179979

Not them, but if you’re the accuser you are the one who needs to give evidence first, faggot

>> No.5179990
File: 14 KB, 227x223, 1504222053294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You claimed first, that they do have scientific backing, providing no proof. Take your own advice and prove to me, that laws are made on a scientific basis.

>> No.5179994

i said a pretty factual statement there, you should do your research so you don't sound like a journalist who knows nothing at all

>> No.5180030

Yep they do. That's how CETS and COPINE work, retard. I take it you haven't read actual case studies then.

>> No.5180051

You don't have to perform such ridiculous mental gymnastics anon, you can enjoy pink cat without trying this hard to convince everyone and yourself that she didn't say some dumb shit on her tumblr outburst.

>> No.5180073

No. You claimed the law wasn't made on a scientific basis. Show me why you claim that. Otherwise continue to seethe with your anime reaction image posts.
You made a retarded statement questioning a law I didn't write on it's logical basis. I only say there is a law and it's almost universal across western nations.
>Case studies
Are you stupid?

>> No.5180134

You're the one who's stupid and don't do your research. The cases are cited over and over again and talks about intent, which is why no one cares about anime or video games.

>> No.5180150

>I'm not going to do research work for you to prove or disprove your claim
Same to you then.
>There's totally scientific backing but I'm not gonna show you!
Why should anyone bother trying to discuss this with you if it's gonna be like that?

>> No.5180169

Can you show a map indicating all the countries where lolicon is banned so at least you can support your claim?

>> No.5180189

You made the initial claim providing no proof, I even linked it further up for your convenience. In case you dont know, if you make the first claim and don't back it up, that's on you, not me to prove you wrong. I simply said you were wrong and pointed out you didnt provide any proof for your claim.

>> No.5180201

I think you're an actual retarded low IQ nigger. Are you going to talk to me about Qanon or something next?
My claim is that the law exists and informed by psychologists. It is. Your argument is it is not based in science. Prove it.
Nope. Google it.

>> No.5180232

Why? Do you show your mom your milf porn or something?

>> No.5180236

What are you talking about?

>> No.5180279

I only see it being about minors and nothing about loli. The only argument is that it's offensive and obscene and nothing else. It's not recognized by Interpol and international orgs as CSA, so fuck off with that nonsense

>> No.5180289

My argument is that you have made a claim without any evidence. It's not up to me to disprove something that you haven't supplied any kind of proof for in the first place.

>> No.5180301
File: 1.84 MB, 320x180, chocominto_gun.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>My claim is that the law exists and informed by psychologists. It is.

Prove it


>> No.5180354

>depiction of minors isn't loli
Wow it's like I'm actually arguing with legitimate schizos...
>Made a claim without evidence
>A law isn't evidence
Are you the same dumb tardo who wanted news clippings as sources as compared to laws?
Nope. You prove it isn't influenced by science. You made the claim it isn't. Show me or accept my claim.

>> No.5180406

>Wow it's like
Yes, because that's how it works. And you're a massive retard. They judge by intent and not your schizo ramblings.

>> No.5180468
File: 2.02 MB, 1691x957, 1548224548262.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Again, not how it works, I dont have to prove shit, until you prove your first claim. You claimed it without providing proof, so I can disregard it without proof. Your argument literally holds no water.

>> No.5180473

You're asking someone to prove a negative. That's disingenuous at best.

>> No.5180490

how are you this stupid?

>> No.5180497

>A law isn't evidence
Of scientific proof? No it isn't. You must know it isn't because you immediately tried to justify it by claiming the law had scientific backing, but you can't actually show this scientific backing so you ultimately haven't said anything worthwhile.

>> No.5180524

The real problem with lolicon is that some of it is traced over real child porn. Not all of it, but some of it, usually hyperrealistic. This puts actual children to harm, but can't really be proven unless investigation finds the source material and considers the derivative similar enough to be considered traced.

But yeah, let's demonize those who don't have anything to do with children for supposedly endangering them.

>> No.5180557

I mean I live in the UK and sell naked loli stickers. Dunno what you're on about man

>> No.5180636

>loli isn't a depicted minor
...Okay explain this to me schizo. How is a depicted minor not a loli. I'm kinda interested to hear how a pedo justifies this.
>Not how it works
Yeah it is. You asserted that science wasn't used to make this specific law. Show me or accept my claim.
No I'm not.
You've gone from losing an argument that fiction can and does influence people to murder, violence and sex. You've then moved onto the idea that simulated child porn and real child porn have absolutely no correlation which I promptly destroyed. You have asserted that EVERYONE knows the difference between fact and fiction which I showed using both modern and historical examples. You moved on to saying that EVERYONE who views 2d loli won't masturbate to 3d loli which also was promptly destroyed in a logical and obvious argument before you went full schizo in your examples. You've now moved so far down the checklist having lost every battle to die on a hill that a law on child pornography didn't have any scientific involvement.
It's so hilariously pathetic at this point. How far will you go to defend your addiction?
If you have nothing to fear post your business name and address.

>> No.5180644

Truth is most of the time those laws are never even properly implemented, nobody gives a shit beyond importing stuff, apparently. Only Australia seems to get truly pissy about it, but they also do stupid shit like ban flat chested women from porn.

>> No.5180651

Holy shit, look up "burden of proof" you retard. The basis of this whole argument is you trying to make the case that loli leads to real child abuse, the burden is on you.

>> No.5180694

>You prove it isn't influenced by science.
You literally asked them to prove a negative. This is not up to debate, this is what you said word for word.

>> No.5180711

Not him but I live in Australia and Fiona Patten has our ass lol. If anyone gets in trouble for drawings and live in Aus just contact her and she'll get it all sorted. It's not even against the law here, it's just some dumb classification thing that has no legal power.

>> No.5180723

>this law is made and is obviously made using scientific collaboration.
>Okay prove it
I don't have to prove obvious points. It's obvious the law is made in consultation with psychologists and child protection authorities.
I don't need to prove an obvious point. Much like I don't need to prove to you the sky is blue.
Show me why you think the law isn't influenced by science.

>> No.5180759
File: 3.36 MB, 225x324, 1609221115305.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yeah it is. You asserted that science wasn't used to make this specific law. Show me or accept my claim.
You asserted first that it is, prove your claim first or accept mine

>> No.5180792

Nah. I don't have to prove obvious and well accepted points. You are asserting that something accepted by the majority of people isn't so, prove it or continue to seethe I've destroyed you for the last 2 hours.

>> No.5180815

He refuted your assertion that science was used to make this specific law, you don't need evidence to not accept a claim someone else made without any evidence of their own in the first place, it is up to you to prove your positive claim that this backing exists.

>> No.5180836

Refutations contain evidence. He has presented none.

>> No.5180895

Claims with no evidence can and should be refuted without evidence.

>> No.5180916
File: 79 KB, 734x778, fat_mashiro2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you can't even prove something that is obvious? If it truly was a priori knowledge, it would be fairly easy for you to "destroy" me further by providing proof of your own claim.

>> No.5180961

You know, what amazes me of these retards is that they came here because the collab is being threatened andthen they claim lolicon is pedophilia. The irony is that Nyanners is collabing with a company that employs “pedos”, so if these retards actually stand by their beliefs, technically they should be on the side of the antis to stop the collab, at least I suppose

>> No.5180982

>Much like I don't need to prove to you the sky is blue.
If I had never seen the sky you would. It wouldn't be hard, you'd just need to show me it and it would indeed be obviously blue. And in this case I haven't seen this scientific backing of yours, so if it's so obvious you should've been able to show proof of it by now.

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