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I'll drop some:
Some random loser kindred who dubbed himself the Prince of this shit-tier town that only has corn but got pushed off by someone else, who might be in charge of those vamps Tiara faced. That can mean anything, but there's definitely a more powerful entourage setting up shop in Mythton. Somehow he knows about the Hunter Cell operating in the city, and sounding acquainted with Totally Not J-Chad (assuming she's the leader instead of a recruiter), I have a feeling he cut a deal to get rid of whoever put him in this jam.
>Chad, Greg and the Brohood
Just formed their own Cell and would totally get wiped the fuck out if Yuul chose to follow them, but now there's a chance they can show up later acting in the background, or straight up becoming a gang of redshirts obliterated on campus. Since Chad and Greg are the only named ones, there's a chance one or both of them can be recruited later on. I'd personally love if Chad dropped the bad news to Yuul that everyone including Greg got mauled, gotta have that need for vengeance running hot in their blood.
>Dr Oopsie
By telling Yuul to grab the sticks and stones, the doctor is either a Loyalist colluding with The Hook, or trying to figure out how those would help in (unknowingly?) creating a Promethean. The sorority may also be involved in this mess, by orders from a different Fae.

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>Chad and Greg are the only named ones in the Brotherhood

Don’t forget Nita. Her dying would be interesting to see Yuul’s reaction for.

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How much juice is in this pepper? >>>/tg/79823585

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True, from those three Mori has a full plate of who she can choose to bite the dust. I feel Greg will be it since he has the "Just got recruited and happy to serve!" energy and that's just ripe to get redshirt-ed.

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Should I read up on the lore of WOD or just learn it from the collabs?

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The latter.

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Justin too

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Chances are that Mori won't follow the lore of monsters and Hunter's setting 1:1, so might as well just learn along with the girls.

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If I recall correctly there was a post with a confused Gura image attached asking how viable playing a blind character would be minutes before Gura revealed she was thinking of making her character blind

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Shouldn’t this be posted on /tg/?

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They probably have their own thread there, but I don't see why not have one here too.

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Shouldn't half the threads on this board get posted on /v/?

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If your interest is piqued check out the books, if you're learning for the sake of the collabs just watch. Mori will provide any needed context to the girls so you'll be fine.

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Not going to lie, but the Hunter Myth threads on /tg/ were overall great, save for, the two or three anons trying to derail it, thankfully, the mods ban them. Can't wait for the Amelia stream, when's that?

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Same time every week it seems. That’s why it’s called TTRPG Tuesdays and why Mori’s song cover ends with “See You Next Tuesday”

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Ninomae Ina'nis is one of the worst roleplayers in hololive that I’ve had the “pleasure” to watch. A sullen, dull and quiet girl, she added nothing to the TTRPG except, “Gee, let's run over Vic". Also, illegally edited many classified dice rolls. A real dope!

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What's the difficulty check for an anti-posting action.

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How many plot hooks you think would be forgotten by the girls before the campaign even starts?
My bet is 85-90%.

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Hi Mori, love your streams.

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>will actually RP
>will not RP


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That could just as easily have been L*serb*it cast out into the world on an errand.

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So far we've only seen two, but
She has two major plot hooks that she will never be able to forget: Pendant and brother.
A good majority of it, but her professor will at least remain.

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Depends on the Storyteller and how the player is doing it, I would ask for a Manipulation+Expression as a generic one. Then add or subtract dice considering the site you're trying to shit on. 4chan for me would've have a -2 dice because of the shit that flies on some boards.

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I bet Mori won't let them. Old plot hooks are just a too convenient way to make players interested in where you want them to go. I think.

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>Character specced almost entirely for vehicular homicide
>First reaction to danger is to step away from the vehicle
Ina made a lot of bad decisions.

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Mori, if you are reading this, don't abuse perception checks. You can also use investigation and empathy as "notice stuff" skills.

And also, WTF was using a true fae (and one that only wants to kill and has on interest in kidnapping people) in a tutorial with a mortal character?

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What the fuck is Watoto's one shot gonna look like? Tiara and Yuul are pretty standard easy to Rp easy to write for characters, watoto is a gremlin mad scientist? How will ame Rp this for two hours? What hooks can this character have?

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Watoto is also a conspiracy theorist I think? Which makes it really easy to stumble upon the apparently myriad kinds of supernatural in Mythton (Vampires, Fae, Promethians, Witch Cults, Oh my)

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Oops I found the Shreknet and have been following the movements of vampires and other supernatural beings, but they found out and tried to send someone to kill me while I was dealing mushrooms!

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Isn't Shreknet dead in nWoD?

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This is why I like oWoD better, they ruined portions of their lore in nWoD.

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Yeah, Mori even gave her a hint that the shadows were following her, not coming from the van.
I don't know the lore or how tough this hookdude is but I imagine 3+ tons of steel at highway speed would have to give it some pause at the very least.

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This is why you should put 5 into dexterity and firearms on every character.

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Nah man Watoto is going to punch the werewolves in the nose.

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In /wah/ we determined with her skills etc hitting Hook at maximum speed, even with soak from the armor, Hook would take 19 lethal damage from the van. Wouldn't kill it but would take out its 17 health and wrap around to two lethal, knocking Hook out and making him easy prey.

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I'd be happy to answer any sorts of questions you might have. Goes for anyone in the thread too. If you're going to go read up on stuff though make sure you're reading stuff for nWoD/CofD and not oWoD. The latter is bigger but totally unrelated lore-wise.

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Punching Caine Epic Prank (Gone Wrong) (Gone Sexual) #MythRape

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No they didn't, because nWoD lore isn't oWoD lore. It's something totally separate. nWoD lore didn't effect anything going on it oWoD anymore than V5 change what was going on in VtR2e.

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Not at all, maxing out combat pools is a waste for most characters.

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Is there a shreknet equivalent in nWoD, also is there a technocratic union also around still?
When they try to push nWoD as the new and improved edition that everyone should play and create edition wars pointlessly by doing this shit, yes they have ruined the lore if you want to use a more up to date ruleset. I read that they are trying to make a new crb etc that uses what they learned from this to try and bring players of oWoD and nWoD together.

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Nah. Anyone who doesn't do it is dead weight.

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No reason to spoiler yourself. And WoD can have anything Mori wants really. Hunter has an entire section about making custom enemies.

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Dude Ina basically committed suicide. Hook was interested in the van and shit prof was doing not her. Yet instead of running away or doing anything really she was just standing there for multiple rounds pissing him off with a flashlight. And then only started running when he was basically in her face.

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No you go to 4.

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It's not. You should be decent at fighting but 5 is overkill. 4 + 4 with specialization and decent gun is 12-13 dice for normal attacks. Up to 16 with full auto gun. Get automatic shotgun and they all reroll on 9-10 too. 4 hunters packing this kind of firepower are going to take down a lot of stuff.

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If 5 is overkill, then maxing out is a waste

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5 is simply too expensive. Better to put those points in a lot of skills that will come useful. Kiara sneaking at 1 die or Ina trying to run away at 2 were obvious examples.

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The 5th dot costs double, which is why is not worth unless the skill is really good.

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Not in the same fashion, although there are two main contenders. The Mekhet bloodline of the Lynx fucking love the internet, they're bloodline Discipline, Web, is all about connections and networks. The Invictus are all on board the internet train and use it in similar fashion to oWoD's Camarilla, mostly as a tool for upholding the Masquerade. Naturally then you find an awful lot of the Lynx in the Invictus as those two are very synergistic. Secondly there is BriarNet, the digital Hedge, that Changelings can use. The is more like SchreckNet in some ways but also serves some additional functions. Such as letting them use any electronic device to transmit short messages to anybody whose name they know, and the message will arrive as happenstance. Like graffiti, or scribbled on a bill they get as change. They can also use BriarNet to travel the digital Hedge by transforming themselves into data. Which lets them find Bastions of information housed on other devices and hedgespin into them.

The Technocratic Union isn't a thing in nWoD. Doesn't really fit in anywhere and there isn't much point just cramming stuff from oWoD into nWoD for the sake of it. That's actually 1e's biggest problem is being too much like oWoD. So, no, not a thing and I can't say I'd expect it to be a thing anytime soon.

I don't disagree that they shot themselves in the foot with their less than stellar advertisement, but nWoD =/= oWoD. The oWoD lore was not in any way changed by anything nWoD did because they're separate settings. Conflating the two doesn't do anybody any good. They're both their own things. Every game also got a translation guide for how to run oWoD games in nWoD rule sets. Noting was ruined though because nothing was actually changed. The 20th anniversary stuff didn't incorporate anything from nWoD into oWoD because they're just different things. Vampire 5th Edition didn't incorporate any of the VtR2e fluff, only a few of its mechanics but nothing that changed the fluff. You're just being bitter, and it's pointless. You could have a whole new set of games inspired by things you like, or you could have some awful thing you think ruined a thing you like. Your choice, but only one of those is actually the reality of the situation.

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>She has two major plot hooks that she will never be able to forget: Pendant and brother.
She literally forgot about her stolen pendant within 30 minutes until chat started spamming it.

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>And also, WTF was using a true fae (and one that only wants to kill and has on interest in kidnapping people) in a tutorial with a mortal character?
Someone who wants to make sure that their players know those supernatural critters mean business.

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I actually was gonna ask whether Perception isn't being overused. Never played WoD but it's a bit dull that it's being used in every single scene, sometimes multiple times. When it's such a common and useful skill it just seems overpowered.

>> No.5182774

I always have to resist rolling my eyes a bit when a group of random strangers who have recently encountered the supernatural for the first time all just happen to be at or near the peak of human ability in firearms, stealth, and physical attributes. Not like a few extra dice matter when a grad student meets a true Fae unprepared.

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Its more of I feel like people keep driving that people should play nWoD, but I like and would want to continue using the lore from oWoD. But the system, especially vampire, doesn't support that. So what I'm being told to do is leave behind the thing I enjoy to play something I don't, which doesn't make much sense. It's kind of like when D&D (I know D&D uhg, just bare with me) went from 3.5 to 4e. It doesn't support the things that fans of 3.5 liked and thusly when people tried to push them to 4e they said it ruined shit. It's the same thing. Hopefully with whatever they're making now to "bring the fans together" turns out well. The moment I realized Malkavians weren't their own bloodline and they gutted how that shit worked I just lost all interest. I guess this is what happens when lore is very intertwined with the system itself.

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If they're actually playing with 2e rules now, it doesn't cost any more than anything else. CofD thankfully got rid of scaling costs. Even so though 5 dots is any Attribute or Skill is hardly mandatory for fucking anything.

Same here. People always seem to forget that there is a whole narrative part to these games. Like, 4 dots in Firearms is high-graded military tier, 4 in Brawl is champion MMA fighters or the special forces. 5 dots is literally "You're one of the best in the world". It's makes so little sense for most starting characters to have Skills that high.

>> No.5183414

CofD games are hands down better than anything oWoD has had going on in my opinion, and so they'll always be my first choice of WoD reccomendations. But if what you want is oWoD fluff there are all the 20th anniversary editions for that, or V5 if you want a continuation of the universe. But people can and do play with CofD rules in the oWoD setting for lots of stuff. I don't know who is telling you to never play oWoD and only play CofD, but they're being retarded. Play whatever you like. I don't know what "bring the fans together" thing you're talking about, AFAIK nothing official has been mentioned about that in any capacity. As for Malkavians, nWoD isn't oWoD. They are not the same thing nor is one trying to be the other really.

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I thought because Hunter was still 1e they were using 1e rules? It's honestly pretty confusing because even Mori is getting lots of things wrong.

>> No.5184475

I mean I feel like a lot of DMs/players wind up using skill checks weirdly/too much and perception is almost always the biggest offender.

People use perception for just basic looking at a room. It should really just be used for noticing something that wouldn't be normally noticed.

>> No.5184825

Calli apparently said that they're using Chronicles rules at the start of Ina's session. I haven't seen it but that's what has been said.

>> No.5185117

She mentioned Chronicles of Darkness but they are still playing Hunter not core CoD so who knows.

>> No.5185170

Yeah but the 1e books don't have core rules in them, you need the World of Darkness book for that. So she could have just used CofD and is taking from Hunter for fluff. There isn't a lot of crunch in Tier 1 Hunter anyway. There is also the 2e manuscript she could pinch from too.

>> No.5185256

Watoto is conspiracy theorist and herbalist apparently. So her occupation requires her to go into the forest which seems to house half the pantheon of weird shit WoD has. And being a retard obsessed with finding lizardmen ruling over humans is bound to lead you to find it's not lizards but vampires.

Mori said in member stream today that her own very first session also had Hook chase her character down, but she managed to escape without getting hurt much. Ina just had a combination of terrible decisions and luck. She somehow was wary of all shit going on at the party before but seeing a figure form outof the darkness didn't set her alarm off.

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It really felt overused throughout the two campaigns. And Calli feels like the sort of DM to go: "You failed a Perception check, so I'm no longer able to describe the physical appearance of this object to you."

That was the only thing I found weird, though. Absolutely love these sessions, she's a great DM and puts so much passion in.

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Yeah it was a bit weird how she was just standing there looking into the darkness while something obviously bad was approaching.

>> No.5185424

Well, I hope she does exactly that since 2e is a big improvement. But honestly the likes of Gura need to select merits for zero then since 2e has a lot of stuff including esper abilities.

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Back in za day


>> No.5185595

There definitely isn't lethal damage errata for 2e. Even the most up to date books, stuff that has yet to be published fully, keep it at Bashing. There might be for 1e, but if there is that's super dumb. And there is a reason it was reverted for 2e. 12 Lethal doesn't kill him though, doesn't even give him a Health penalty as he's got 15-17 Health. and that's at the extreme ends of what can be expected. There is no real scenario where that actually happens. 30 would kill him, but it's not doing Lethal in 2e.

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Mori has excellent prep, is a good story teller, and can think on her feet/improv well. She also has nice world building. Most of her shortcomings seem to be related to mechanics and integrating them smoothly with narrative and gameplay and I have no doubt she will improve with her players. Think back to your first character/campaign/run at dm. Good lord I can barely tolerate thinking about it. I would crawl under a rock and die if tens of thousands watched and commented live and hundreds of thousands watched the replay.

>> No.5186105


Christ, don't remind me. First game as a player was cringe as hell, I walked in on an LGS store and a bunch of dudes let me into a one-shot on the spot. I'm glad they had the patience to deal with 13 year old autism.

First time DMing is kinda fuzzy, I'm pretty sure I locked those memories away so I don't kill myself thinking about it.

Love Mori! She's already great, and I'm so excited for next week.

>> No.5186186

That'll explain why I couldn't see the errata, the WW site is long dead now. Either way it's both stupid as shit and doesn't kill The Hook.

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Oh, also heres from The God-Machine Chronicle, the CRB for 2nd Edition.

>> No.5186275

It's only like that in the GMC. Chronicles proper and every 2nd edition game has it deal bashing, as is sensible.

>> No.5186334

GMC is the fucking CRB for 2e, you are arguing with written rules bro. If you want to use 1e then it's still lethal as written in Spirit Slayers.

>> No.5186338

Yuul True Faeslayer bros we got too cocky...

>> No.5186407
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Except just go look in CofD, it does bashing. Go look in any 2e book, it does bashing. The GMC isn't the CRB it's an update to 1e books to make them 2e books but the rules in it are early and stuff changed. It only does lethal in 2e if you're using the GMC rules, which are essentially un-errated.

>> No.5186501

Then tell me what is the CRB for 2e hmm? Because I can't seem to find it.

>> No.5186522

Chronicles of Darkness.

>> No.5186688

>Health: 15–17
>Unearthly Fortitude: The Hook has five additional points of Health
I would take this to mean it has 20-22 health, Yuul needs to get a cold-iron bumper for that van, it's the only way to be sure.

>> No.5186862

This is not DnD GM won't let a van kill a true fae in one hit because some text in a book said so. Not to mention fucker can just dodge or use contracts.

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Ok then, Calli has said repetedly that she is playing World of Darkness, not Chronicles of darkness. So they are playing 1e. And thus it's lethal.
Basically it boils down to "What takes precedence?" and it also depends on "What does Calli want to do?" I found the errata by the way, it helps if you check the mega that /tg/ has.

>> No.5186893

I would think improvised explosives would be right up Yuul’s alley though the rules are vague from what I remember. It’s easy for them to be overpowered but arguably they are in real life too as OKC and IEDs have shown. Makes for some fun narratives and allows humans to cause even very tough monsters problems if you use them right though

>> No.5186913

His contracts dont help with that, I looked at what he can do and nothing would help him reduce damage from being hit by a van.

>> No.5186986

Hey autist, she's said clearly multiple times that they're playing Chronicles of Darkness. She said it again at the start of Ina's tutorial, and even started dialing back the oWoD elements she tried to kitbash in.

>> No.5186998

Sure, but I'm just talking about both games here. I kinda get the feeling you're acting like this is an argument to be won or something. I don't really give a shit. Also, Calli said they'd be using Chronicles rules at the start of the last session.

I also found it too, but not anything obviously official. Just a text document that could have been written by anyone. Although I wouldn't actually use those folders. They're not nearly as complete as these ones.
>[email protected] <dot> ly /WOD-CODpt1
>[email protected] <dot> ly /WOD-CODpt2
>[email protected] <dot> ly /WOD-CODpt3
replace the "3" with an "e", the "@" with an "a", the "<dot>" with a ".", remove all the spaces and it's case sensitive.

>> No.5187054

Why are you faggots arguing over this when Mori is houseruling half of everything anyways?

>> No.5187086

Certainly, although I think that's sort of a pointlessly hostile way to phrase things. Dodging cars is actually pretty tricky to do in either version, and as other anon mentioned his Contracts aren't super useful for it. His actual mechanics are important though, as they back up all his narrative. He's supposed to shrug off most mundane attacks.

>> No.5187152

In what world is getting hit by a van going at 105mph a mundane attack?

>> No.5187170

Mori will be dangling plot hooks everywhere hoping for a bite while watoto spends 3 hours trying to sell mushrooms to chad.

>> No.5187188

Cars don't tend to be magical, at least not to my knowledge. Nor do they really have any sort of metaphysical property to the,

>> No.5187264

So you're saying he would brush off a nuclear bomb because it's "mundane" then.

>> No.5187325

This girl loves WoD huh

>> No.5187366

Essentially yes. There is a reason the technocracy had to use spirit doped nukes to kill zarathustra

>> No.5187442

Technocracy is oWoD this is not oWoD

>> No.5187452

Nah, nuclear blasts just kill pretty much anything. The Hook shrugs off bullets and bashing damage like it was nothing though. He's hard to take down with mortal means, but not impossible.

>> No.5187477


I sort of agree - hopefully she comes out of her shell more and improves with time, her delivery and characterization was a huge downgrade in comparison to Calli and Kiara.

>> No.5187539

Well. We all must've saw a slasher film where the killer is run over and just gets up. Hook is magical fairy Jason so for him that would be a mundane attack.

>> No.5187542

Considering the Fae are creatures made of stories and the Hook represent the idea of slashers he would probably "dissapear" to apper the next year.

>> No.5187547
File: 582 KB, 210x278, red_raspberry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ok, so we do a thing to the bad guy
>nuh uh, my super special bad guy is super special because fuck you
WoD powerwankers are the worst

>> No.5187661

It's not powerwank, its the narrative of The Hook. True Fae are all about tales, and The Hook's is one of unstoppable and abject terror. Him getting run over is a lame way for him to go out. He's got plenty of built in weaknesses to his tale, along with the innate Fae stuff. He's also actually one of the most powerful being in the setting, True Fae really aren't something to be taken lightly.

>> No.5187748

why do you post this every thread

>> No.5187887

>Slashers always kill slutty people first
Did... did Mori think about The Hook's tale and her Deus Ex of him leaving Ina alone is actually him following proper slasher protocol?

>> No.5187948

Well guess what, most WoD endgame creatures are the literal living definition of Magical Bullshit. True Fae are powered by belief and fairy tale insanity of Very Specific Rules, unless you got a pocket H-Bomb powered by arcane magic you'll need to perform an entire ritual of steps to completely destroy a True Fae, and even then you have an entire pantheon of them who would just laugh it off and keep doing their assholery to mankind.
Of course, if your GM wants they can beaten in much easier ways, but then where's the fun of that.

>> No.5188006

On one hand, Yuul is smart enough to check if the drink is spiked, and smart characters don't last long in a slasher flick either. Unless she's the Final Girl.

>> No.5188036

equinox road makes killing them even harder

slashers themselves also exist as kind of anti hunters and do follow slasher rules the stronger they are

>> No.5188079

Of course, I should add that True Fae lose their God-ness when they get in our world. That's how you can kill one, but you'll need more to Kill it.

>> No.5188088

I haven't seen the session, but The Hook isn't a Slasher. Slasher's are a very different think, they're mortal serial killers for the most part although plenty of them end up supernaturally other. They're a load of fun and I'd be happy to talk about those as they are very much a Hunter-centric threat. The Hook's tale does come with a lot of those slashery tropes though but I'm not sure how close Calli is sticking to it.

>> No.5188360

Hell you can have a mixed slasher/ hunter party if the players are good enough. Hunters do have a habit of becoming slashers if they go off the deep end

>> No.5188385

Victor did call him The Hook, which also adds a question of how some vamp knows about a True Fae as well, assuming it's the same and not somehow a local monster/Slasher with the same name.

>> No.5188505

Sometimes vamps and changelings interact. Core Changeling book has a scumbag vamp as a pregen'd antagonist who found out changeling blood is basically Vampire crack after a motely saved his neo nazi as.
Problem is, stupid fuckers got got by something in the hedge, probably keepers or changeling turn coats or goblins or mad changeling
So neo nazi vampire, who had gotten rich selling vials of changeling blood, which taste like so many wonderful things and emotions (Like I believe he tasted buttered popcorn, could be misremebering), which normal blood can't do, needs to find a new supply or other vampires would murder the fuck out of him in a tantrum that they can't get I dunno, blueberry crumble flavored blood anymore

>> No.5188522

Hmmm, true...but still, first kills in slasher flicks tend to be some popular kid though, right? So even if Yuul's don't register as a Final Girl for Hook, he couldn't just kill the Smart Kid in the "movie's prologue"

Oh I was talking about the "Slasher" stereotype that would be the origin of Hook's tale, not the Slasher sourcebook, I forgot that the term has an extra connotation on CofD

>> No.5188618

Granted that I know nothing about the character, but he was examining Yuul at first and afterwards he was carrying her off. Maybe this Hook fellow didn't want to kill her there and then?

>> No.5188660

He used to be a prince, he said that multiple times in Kiaras tutorial.

>> No.5188680

He probably intended to changeling her. Which, would've made Yuul not alright

>> No.5188709

While at size 5 he will die from 30 damage.
While at size 6 or 7 he will be unconscious.

>> No.5188803

are changlings and fae the same thing? cause it seems like half of you are using it interchangeably. right now my understanding is true fae would be like the king or origin and a normal fae is a changeling?

>> No.5188868

>Either way it's stupid as shit
I have shit in public toilets smarter than that rule.

>> No.5189024

>Yuul slaved by the Hook, forced to craft him all sorts of weapons, traps and apparatuses
Fuck, this is too good, Yuul would be a perfect Wizened changeling...

>> No.5189027

Nah, Changelings are people who became partially fae by being kidnapped by true fae and put through a "Durance" Which is basically a period of magic torture of them being the True fae/ keeps plaything.

And that means they can be anything from servants, decor, furniture, food, pets, slaves, lovers, actual playthings and anything else. This changes their nature, because the thorns of the hedge (A reality between the real world and arcadia) rips chunks out of people's souls and it gets replaced with fae bullshit.

Fuck the example character in the book, spent years as a living candle. They can legit be forced into any role for the fae's amusement, which is how the types of changelings come about both kith and seeming.

>> No.5189043

Yeah cars don't hurt The Hook in 2e, or using sensible 1e rules. Cars just shouldn't deal lethal damage. I did the math in the other thread but a 2e car crash deals basically double the damage in this scenario. This is the way it makes the most sense to be handled. Car crashes are obviously a thing that can kill you but damage rolls over and upgrades existing damage.

Now, I'm going to assume most people here aren't crazy familiar with how the games systems really work. So I'm going to explain the whole thing so people get why Bashing damage is what damage cars should do, and how it works. If you understand everything already skip to the last paragraph or two. If you don't care just ignore all this section.

So. There are three types of damage in nWoD/CofD you've got Bashing, Lethal, and Aggravated. When you take damage you add it to your left most Health box. If there is already damage in that box you move that over to the next one along, so the most recent damage is always in the left most box. Bashing damage is represented by a slash [ /], Lethal damage is represented by an x [x], and Aggravated damage by an asterisk [ *]. These shapes are so you can easily upgrade them as you take damage, if you have Bashing in a box you need to put Lethal in you just add a slash in the other direction, if you need to make it Aggravated you draw a line down the middle.

Here is a visual representation of someone with no damage and 10 Health.
If they take 2 Bashing damage you'd place them at the far left, and there Health track looks like this
>[ /][ /][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
If they then take a Lethal damage you'd place it at the far left and move the rest up, making it look like this
>[x][ /][ /][_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
If they take 2 points of Aggravated damage they'd then look like this.
>[ *][ *][x][ /][ /][_][_][_][_][_]

If your Health track is already full up instead of adding a new point of damage you start upgrading existing damage. If a character’s Health track is filled with Bashing damage, each point of further Bashing or Lethal damage upgrades the leftmost point of Bashing damage to Lethal. So if it looked like this.
>[ *][ *][x][ /][ /][ /][ /][ /][ /][ /]
And you take 2 Bashing, you upgrade the 2 leftmost Bashing to Lethal like this
>[ *][ *][x][x][x][ /][ /][ /][ /][ /]
If a character’s Health track is filled with Lethal damage, each point of further damage upgrades an existing point of Lethal damage to Aggravated. If there is Bashing damage in the rightmost box you might pass out, if there is Lethal you're bleeding to death and take a point of damage each minute, if there is Aggravated you're just dead.

Hopefully that was simple to understand. Now, the reason why cars doing Lethal damage is silly is because of what the damages represent. Bashing damage is blunt force, it's stuff that causes bumps and bruises. Thinks like fists, clubs, and getting tossed into walls deal Bashing damage. Stuff you can pretty much just walk off, mortals recover a point of Bashing damage every 15 minutes. Lethal damage is cuts, puncture wounds, or burns. Stuff like knives, guns, or getting crushed between two things deal Lethal damage. Lethal damage takes 2 days per point. Aggravated damage is grievous stuff like flesh melting acid burns, or serious organ damage, but also supernatural stuff like silver vs werewolves. Supernatural sources or just horrific mundane sources cause Aggravated damage. It takes a whole week to recover from a point of Aggravated damage.

Now, with all that being said which damage makes the most sense for a car crash to deal? Is it Bashing damage so that low impact crashes are just gonna causes bruise, and high impact crashes will roll over and start doing serious wounds. Or is it Lethal where lower impact crashes gives you slashes and punctures regardless of the cars speed? It's obviously Bashing which is why 2e car crashes just do more damage instead of doing Lethal from the get go.

>> No.5189067

Changelings and True Fae are both subsets of Fae.

>> No.5189087

Oh and its heavily, heavily implied in the changeling line, that if a changeling reachers 10 wryd and 0 clarity, they wander into the hedge towards arcadia and become true fae. And there's even a society built to achieve it more or less.

So changelings are basically baby/ larval true fae

>> No.5189155

I thought True Fae were gods?

>> No.5189237

True, I remember the 4 vamps Tiara bumped against saying that they were bringing him back. So it makes sense that he knows, then.

>> No.5189240

There are spirits, true fae, demons, the machine god, actual gods and many more things like that

True fae may be based, have inspired, or been mistaken for gods, and in their domain they are basically god. If you follow equinox road's lore changes they even exist as a collection of avatars!

>> No.5189349

True Fae are Gods or at least godlike beings when in their own realms, but when they enter the mortal world they lose a portion of their power.

>> No.5189358

Everyone knows about the True Fae really, even if they don't know it. Most True Fae are urban legends and folk tales. The Hook is also called The Hookman, The Claw, Hook-Hand, the Hook-Hand Killer and is a real world urban legend. So you probably know a fair few of them if you were in the WoD. The stories and myth surrounding them are largely true as well

True Fae are god-like, but not actual gods. Some are certainly worshiped as gods but they're aren't gods in the traditional sense. nWoD has very little of that sort of thing, its more the dominion of oWoD. nWoD2e/CofD did introduce the coolest god though, who is actually probably god, in the form of the God-Machine. An unfathomable eldritch super computer, of sorts.

>> No.5189427

It really doesn't help WW got so scared of having a metaphor, they barely set anything about the setting and lore in stone . Autumn nightmares, introduces the idea that fetches can become wyrd devouring gluttons that cannibalize changelings, goblins, other fetches and anything else with wyrd.

Then proceeds to em and ur, saying it's probably just spooky campfire story before saying but you can make it real in YOUR game, like they do with everything.
Nuggets couldn't even put back stories in place for bloodlines without doing that
WW deseved to die honestly

>> No.5189467

>getting crushed between two things
So would running someone over after hitting them then be lethal damage?

>> No.5189480

Yeah the god machine also happens to exist right along side to actual god, and other gods as seen through mummy

>> No.5189499

Thanks for taking your time to do all this math/explanation /tg/bro, I know a little about nWod/CofD but by no means am an expert on the matter and it's mechanics, the games I played were all on some historic period like the Age of Discovery so I never interacted with much of the mechanics besides medieval combat and social interactions.

>> No.5189516

Like motherfucker didn't even include stats for one! They barely have any premade stats for monsters in the game, outside of the night horror books
Fucking criminal

>> No.5189524

Yeah, just parking a car on someone is going to do Lethal. Although there aren't really rules for that sort of thing off the top of my head.

Judges are weird though.

>> No.5189618

Forgot to say, capital G Abrahamic God doesn't actually exist exist. No more than they do IRL at least, they get talked about in the same sorts of terms through the lens of factions but not in the "The God-Machine exists and is all about X, Y, Z" sense.

>> No.5189624
File: 90 KB, 200x218, 1432375363679.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This entire discussion is kinda pointless since even if they somehow manage to run The Hook over a few times and "kill" him he's not going to actually die, just return to Arcadia. And he could be back the next day or a year later.

Best way to play this would be the classic slasher horror stuff, they hit him but couldn't find the body or any other clues so everybody is scared he may be back soon.

>> No.5189685

It's not pointless. Discussion is fun, and I enjoy educating those who would like to know more about a thing I love. Doesn't matter what goes on in the game.

>> No.5189699

Nah he does in the lore of the setting. Pepe just think the god machine means he doesn't, and forget that there's a hunter compact that are the descendants of Lucifer, standard demons exist and are started, and so do legit angels and divine Providence.

Like Owod however, big G doesn't show up. Unlike old wod, they don't make a punch of pagan gods into strong vampires, spirits or whatever else

>> No.5189782

Capital g god just doesn't meddle in either setting, but he is around based off in universe proof. Fuck in old Wod one ante wanted to diablerize him, and got really fucked up for even thinking about it

>> No.5189867
File: 2.23 MB, 342x498, 1618467409827.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

had fun reading, Im new to ttrpgs and have only played once, my other interaction with the genre was reading /tg/, so you at least entertained me

>> No.5190293

Oh my fucking god is that who I think it is?

>> No.5191555


>> No.5191824


>> No.5191941
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>> No.5192892

Whenever I think of crazy shit happening I always think about two things. A boat ramming into Cthulhu, and the guardsman with a brick. One of those is immensely hilarious, absurdly lucky and fits the setting of madness, and the other is bad storytelling by some old dude with a cat.

>> No.5193149

Yeah that part always gets me when people talk about unbeatable eldritch abominations.

>> No.5193705

she really is into this stuff thats why she is so good as a gm kek

>> No.5193771

In this context, asshole "D&D bad" anon aside, it really doesn't fit the tone of the world all that well. True Fae are urban legends incarnate, they're stories and myths given flesh, they're literal fairy tale characters. That sort of logic defines and rules them. There are certainly great subversions to be had within that framework but I really don't think "we just hit him REALLY hard" is one of them. There are edgey dark ways, and exceptionally stupid ways to do that too. So it's not a tone thing, it's a narrative thing.

>> No.5193874

Glad you find the effort worthwhile. Feel free to ask about anything, always happy to answer whatever questions people might have about the game.

>> No.5193912

Eh, honestly creepy horror killers get killed by cars pretty often.

>> No.5194268

Sure, but he's not a slasher he's a fairy tale character. If we were talking about the run-of-the-mill Brute or Mask then I'd be all for this, that's a super classic thing. But even then, most of the time all it does is let them escape. Jason getting flattened by a van doesn't kill him, he's back up in the next scene.

>> No.5194460

I have no problem with mortals using cold iron and large numbers and maybe a delivery van with a wrought iron gate strapped to the front being able to at least temporarily putting down a Fae. Have it slip away beyond the hedge and have a powerful supernatural creature with a grudge linger over future narrative. Even mythical figures/fairy tale creatures are defeated by regular people through clever ruses or exceptional skill occasionally.

>> No.5194682

>i don't like the rules

>> No.5194737

And that's what I'm talking about, using cold iron strapped to the front of a van is clever and plays into their nature. It's a narrative consistent way to take it out of the fight for a while, just hitting it hard isn't because the Hook is built to be basically unstoppable through ordinary means.

>> No.5194986

Yeah. I don't like that getting hit by a car going 10mph leaves you all slashed open. Cleaving to the rules when the rules are nonsense is just dumb. RPGs universally have a rule zero of "if shit is stupid, change it". Discussion of the rules is a healthy part of any RPG community too, RAW is not a thing you should worship.

>> No.5195063
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I don't care if you can see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch if you can't see why dragons have sex with cars.

>> No.5195892

>Hello, my name is Alex Jones and this is Jackass.

>> No.5195950

Getting hit by something traveling at almost terminal velocity of a human should def hurt even true fae. Unless you are saying you could drop Hook from orbit and him be fine and walk away.

>> No.5196111

Why should fairy tales stick to real world logic?

>> No.5196174

Ironically car vs pedestrian is by far one of the leading causes of lethal traumatic injuries and routinely cases lacerations, internal organ damage, and open fractures. A car at 25 mph isn't even on the same planet as a truck going 75. The former is very survivable. The latter turns you into literal ground meat. It just doesn't map cleanly onto a WoD type of system so I'm fine with ST just fudging it however, they want, same with explosives.

>> No.5196248

Werewolves in the forest.

>> No.5196276

Why use rules then?

>> No.5196322

The rules are for the fairy tale logic.

>> No.5196417

>subscribed to devilcube

>> No.5196439

You don't use your rules based on science and logic, you use their rules based on fairy tales and folklore.

>> No.5196499

All that stuff does map onto WoDs damage system though. Getting turned into ground meat totally works in CofD. The max speed van example outright kills most people in CofD, it does like 30 Bashing damage. That's 10 Aggravated damage on something with 10 Health. That's about as close to ground meat as you get. But just getting a bit of a bump from a car doesn't instead start slicing you open.

>> No.5196500

They are weaker in real world so honestly getting run over by a truck could banish him. I can buy that. It's not like they are omnipotent.

>> No.5197117

All the rules for their manifested in the mortal world, in Faerie there is no hope in hell. The Hook is stupidly durable though, even by True Fae standards. 15-17 Health, 9 defence, 4/4 armour, is bulletproof, ignores non-cold-iron bashing damage, gets 5 extra Health. Just a total tank. His whole thing is "unstoppable dread incarnate".

>> No.5197273

Yeah but honestly he's not that bad compared to fuckers that can throw 16 dice ranged attacks.

>> No.5198268

The rules literally are "Bashing damage does not affect the Hook at all, unless delivered by a cold iron bludgeon."

>> No.5198278

Yuul has killed before

>> No.5198406


>> No.5198704

He's got a 15 dice 2L melee attack that heals him. For every point of L or A he deals he can heal a point of B or L, get a WP back, or a Glamour. He also has 2 dots in Stone Contracts, which means he use Might of the Terrible Brute to spend a Glamour to roll Strength + Wyrd and get Strength in successes. Which means he's really looking at a 19 dice pool on average. 30% of the time he gets an Exceptional Successes on the Contract, giving him 8-again on his next Str based pool. So lots of hooking.

>> No.5198862 [DELETED] 

Honestly, I'm impressed.

>> No.5198917

>gets 5 extra Health.
That's part of the 15-17. He has 5 stamina and is a size between 5 and 7.

>> No.5199138

Oh yeah, I organised that list and now it makes no sense. my bad

>> No.5199327


>> No.5199479

say that to my face instead of the mirror
i'll reorgan your eyes

>> No.5199565

Calm down Tzimisce.

>> No.5199983

Chimera Virus*

>> No.5200290

Tzimisce aren't a thing in nWoD? Lame.

>> No.5200317

I miss Tzimisce, gluing a cock on someone's forehead is always a good party trick.

>> No.5200834

I don't miss them, but CofD shouldn't really be though of like a version of oWoD as the're very different things. CofD Clans don't fulfill the same purposes as oWoD Clans in a broad sense. oWoD Clans are sterotypical, nWoD Clans are archetypal. Tzimisce just don't really play to an archetype of vampire all that much, their nobility is better portrayed elsewhere and the rest of them is mostly better suited towards Covenants.

Happy to talk about how Clans and Covenants work in CofD, as well as the places the Tzimisce have influenced stuff if you care though.

>> No.5200837

Being her first session ever, according to her, she did good. Some bad decisions, but not bad overall.

>> No.5201019

Holy kek how did people find this

>> No.5201103

So vampires in nWoD are just standard base vampires, and all of their differences are social or something? Don't tell me the Tremere are gone too.

>> No.5201147

There are two people in the video so that's at least two people who already knew about it.
If we're being generous it had around 200 views early today, so that's another 120 or so people.

>> No.5201351

Mori is doxxing herself again...

>> No.5201415

Just another Doxx video or something more interesting?

>> No.5201475

Why bother asking? If it got deleted then don't bring it up. Don't doxxbait.

>> No.5201603

>lewd activities

>> No.5201621 [DELETED] 

>>5201415 git gud
but also warosu.org/vt

>> No.5201766
File: 1.46 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Lord El-Melloi II Case Files - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.12.786.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So mages for Ame and werewolves for Gura?

>> No.5201889

Why does everyone assume Gura is getting werewolves?

>> No.5202012

Gura loves to get chased by big ugly monsters.

>> No.5202538

>So vampires in nWoD are just standard base vampires, and all of their differences are social or something?
Nah, Clans still do everything you'd expect. It's just that what a Clan represents is now different. So the 5 main VtR clans are Daeva, Gangrel, Mehket, Nosferatu, and Ventrue. You'll recognise three of those names but VtR Clans aren't VtM Clans and the similarities they share aren't really for quite the same purposes.

The 5 clans broadly fill each major archetype of pop culture vampire. Daeva are seductive social predators, they're the sexual/sensual side of vampire myth. Gangrel play to the animalistic nature of vampires, their savagery, and their shape shifting abilities. Mekhet are secretive and shadowy creatures, they're the vampires who lurk in the dark unseen yet seeing all. Nosferatu are the grotesque monstrosities, but also the unsettling or obviously inhuman vampires. Finally, Ventrue are the aristocratic vampires, vampires as a metaphor for the inequality of wealth and power that is often prevalent in myth, and those who bend you to their will. Each is designed to fulfill a clear archetype without tying you to it totally, you get an awful lot of flexibility in each clan so you don't have to worry about "staying true to the clan" or whatever.

Each Clan still has it's set of three Disciplines one being unique, they each get a unique Bane, and there are bloodlines that only some Clans can join. The Disciplines for each are as follows. Daeva get Celerity, Majesty, and Vigor. Gangrel have Animalism, Protean, and Resilience. Mekhet get Auspex, Celerity, and Obfuscate. Nosferatu have Nightmare, Obfuscate, and Vigor. Finally Ventrue get Animalism, Dominate, Resilience. Three things you'll notice there, Potence was renamed to Vigor, and Fortitude was renamed Resilience, and most importantly each Clan gets a unique Discipline. Also Discipline design is so so so much better in 2e than VtM it's insane. I can find a comparison between 2e and V20's takes on Protean if you want to see that, massive differences.

>Don't tell me the Tremere are gone too.
Glad you asked. The other oWoD Camarilla Clans either don't fulfill an archetype, are overly restrictive in theme given VtRs push for more flexibility in how Clan is a facet of your PC, or their theme is so broadly applicable to any major archetype it makes more sense to be represent through Covenants. A great example is Brujah or Tremere, iconoclastic idealism or a bent for the occult shouldn't be the purview of a Clan. Covenents take the place of Sects, the Camarilla is long dead in VtR's setting and as such there is no single Sect you're expected to be a part of. There are 5 major player facing Covenants each with different goals, attitudes, tools, and the like.

As a super reductive take on those 5. The Invictus fufill the oWoD Camarilla role, they're all order and tradition to safeguard the Masquerade. The Carthian Movement is inspired by the Anarchs, more modern and experimental and open to mortal solutions. The Lancea et Sanctum is the vampire church, they're a neo-feudal theocracy that think God cursed Longinus to be the first vampire. The Ordo Dracul, founded by Dracula, are a mad-sciency Victorian secret society that struggles to transcend the Curses through eldritch alchemies and rites. Then there is the Circle of the Crone which are a pagan cult that venerates female divinity, painful change, and the old ways remixed for the modern world. Each city will have Covenants in different populations, with different alliences, and some might not have any claim to some places at all.

Covenants play a much larger role than Sects in VtM and now offer a large secondary point of customisation. Your chosen combination of Clan and Covenant massively impacts who your character is. Clan is still super important but it's not quite the be all end all, and Covenants give a huge additional purview for RP and narrative expression. The interplay between Clan and Covenant lend you a lot more customisation than any single clan does.

Now the Tremere are back where they belong (as Mages) you are way more free to explore vampire magic now. There are two flavours of Blood Sorcery to work with, whether its the malevolent and wild Crúac that draws upon the Beast to invoke primordial gods, or Theban Sorcery that leverages the power of the Curse through zealous faith and deliberate ritual. Then you've also got the Ordo Dracul and their Mysteries of the Dragon that seek to transcendence of the Kindred form, mastery of their banes, control of the Beast, and more through occult alchemy and experimentation. So instead of that being just all one Clans thing you can now see how multiple clans would adapt to it. How a Gangrel might interact with those systems and philosophies is different to how a Ventrue might. The cool thing about being Tremere was magic and then basically just political, that stuff works way better as a Covenant/s than a Clan IMO.

>> No.5202559

What is Yuul's cup size, /vt/?

>> No.5202600

She's pretty skinny, so I think she just orders a small. Maybe a regular.

>> No.5202646

Caffeine dependence should be at least 16 oz.

>> No.5202688

I'm learning WoD fluff through threads, watching and wiki diving, but Mages for Ame sounds good, maybe her funshrooms causes someone to awaken, or they just use them to focus. It'd be fun to see shit going all Dr.Strange around her while she tries to figure it out.
Gura, depending on whether she sticks with the idea of being a child character, can get a fast early interaction with any monster, only to be saved by whatever the MIB/SCP of the WoD is, then she has to deal with escaping/helping them?
But it seems Mori wants to introduce the big players of the world during these intros, so that would be my guesses.

>> No.5202692

If my waifu doesn't buy a double big gulp, I don't want her.

>> No.5202730

Not him but now I'm getting settings confused. The Camarilla are gone? I thought only the Tremere were blown to kingdom come by the not-NSA in Vienna?

>> No.5202856

Skinner now that she lost about two quarts of blood.

>> No.5202952

Personally, I don't like my characters political leanings to be a portion of my character sheet that gives stats. Peoples minds change, what happens when someone doesn't believe in the invictus anymore and wants to follow a different covenant?

>> No.5202973

I came here looking for cropped Yuul lewds and am very disappointed in all of you.

>> No.5202989


>> No.5203032

So going by the trend of Mori trying to exploit the actual fears and discomforts of her plays what uncomfortable scenario will Ame find themselves in?

>> No.5203062

Someone tries to ship her character with someone else.

>> No.5203270
File: 292 KB, 220x196, 103.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yuul is a MENSA-tier genius to the point where she can make chloroform on the fly, in the front seat of a car, in seconds using nothing but beer and cough drops
>doesn't have enough common sense to not antagonize the giant shadow monster with a hook hand

>> No.5203347

Having a lot of knowledge doesn't mean you have common sense. You can be an utter genius and still be a retard.

>> No.5203526

Watoto gets forced into being an FBI mole.

Makes perfect sense if you consider she's both a scientist and her mental state after all the recent shit she'd gone through was in serious disarray. Of course, it was Ina being in over her head and having no clue what to do, but it oddly fits all things considered.

>> No.5203575

That's Vampire the Masquerad, which is oWoD . I'm talking about Vampre the Requiem, which is nWoD. Two different settings that have no bearing on each other. The Cammies are still around in oWoD, although the Tremere did get fucked. The Cammies in VtR fell when Rome did and the Tremere never existed as Vamps, only as Mages. Although they do suck souls.

It doesn't give stats, each Covenant just has it's own tools that members get access to. You don't gain anything from them at character creation at all, in fact. Having certain Covenant Status with one group will open up some doors and let you use some special Merits or abilities if you so wish. Status comes with responsibilities though. You can totally swap sides too, or not have a side at all, or be a part of multiple. All that stuff carries it's own narrative implications though. It all varies Chronicle to Chronicle as well, if in my game the city's Sanctum and Invictus are buddy buddy then there isn't much friction between me having a role in both. If they were bitter enemies then things would be different. You're never locked into anything, this is WoD after all and they are narrative forward games. CofD does even more than oWoD does to support all its themes and narrative stuff too.

>> No.5203654

It was a Coors Lite too, so assuming the alcohol was a crucial part of this effort, Yuul basically pulled pure ethanol out of thin fucking air.

>> No.5204305


>> No.5204404

Just Mori playing WoD in 2014

>> No.5204641 [DELETED] 

She'll get stuck in an elevator with a nigger.

>> No.5204786

were those vamps kiara fought sabbat shovelheads thinbloods? or something more

>> No.5204796

Isn't it technically bludgeoning damage, which Hook completely negates unless it comes from cold iron?

>> No.5204853

It depends on what book you look at.

>> No.5204864

>Man enters, nicely dressed, briefcase in hand
>Watoto shrinks back into the corner, "Ugh, a ni-" She starts, then pauses
>The man turns to see her giving him the stink eye. "You say something, miss?" He asks politely
>Watoto panics "Uh, I said uh... N.. Nice day today."
>Suspicious, but the man brushes it off, it's not the first time he dealt with bigots, but if you act on impulse then you're no better than they are. "Yeah, nice day."
>Suddenly the car jerks to a halt and the lights go out
>Watoto shrieks "OH FUCK!"
>Thus begins, Nigga: The Vigil

>> No.5204905

Seemed like some gangrel cultists working for new prince.

>> No.5204915

>sabbat shovelheads thinbloods
Not a thing in nWoD, so no.

>> No.5205055

As they're playing with 2e rules now, yes. The Hook negates all Bashing damage, and car crashes deal Bashing. 1e did get a very dumb errata to make them deal Lethal but it's not thing 2e stuck with. See this >>5189043 for a full explanation on why Lethal makes no sense.

>> No.5205071

so here we have it, everyone was so focused on Prometheans and Fae, they never realized the true splat Mori was hinting at tying Yuul to: Mage.

I hope the girls really enjoy themselves and get more into Tabletop stuff as a result. Can you imagine Gura wanting to play Traveller or something?

>> No.5205174

Nah, Sabbat ain't a thing in NwoD. Could Be crone. they tend to be the default "Wow they're fucked" group, that isn't a baali replacement without lore to be "Oooooh mysterious"

Crone's magic costs humanity to learn, and they have a ritual that lets them birth a fucking blood god by spending their own health. Its fucking broken as fuck. I did the math for it, for the lowest health you could sacrifice in damage in the "Birth the god' ritual

And fuck me, those things are busted if you go all the way from blugenoning, to lethal to agg, even when you have no health. Sure the thing isn't your slave and may decide to eat you or make you its bitch after its been summoned

But the ability to crap out something that'd wipe its ass with MR Hook, is nothing to sneeze at. And can easily fuck over a city or town if you risk giving most of your health in damage to birth it

Things get outrageous attributes , disciplines, and skills.

>> No.5205473

Gura who knows, although either is easily justifiable if she's still doing the courier thing. Atlantis bullshit fits conspiracy theorist, but I'd also be happy to see Watoto get thrown for a loop by spirit shit.
However for fetish reasons if Gura is playing a child please put her against werewolves Mori, thanks.

>> No.5205518

But the Hooks stats are from a 1e book, doesn't that mean that its existence in 2e is against the rules?

>> No.5205557

All the 2e books were written to be broadly compatible with 1e books, you're supposed to be able to use most of the stuff in them with little work.

>> No.5205593

That's not how Birthing the God works in 2e, and it wasn't a 1e Rite. It kinda just sounds like you made a thing up and are now trying to sound cool.

>> No.5205902

I want it to be Demons. It won't be, and it would be terrible to do it, but Demon needs more love. They're way too cool in CofD.

>> No.5205955

>Can you imagine Gura wanting to play Traveller or something?
>Stream character creation
>Everyone dies
I know modern Traveller doesn't let you die in character creation, but imagine

>> No.5206002

God I want Watoto to be that crazy homeless guy that screams at people during the day and kills monsters at night.

>> No.5206039

That actually isn't too far of CofD Demons in a very weird way.

>> No.5206235

As others have said, the Thin-blooded aren't a thing in VtR. Their closest approximation are Revenants, which are sorta kinda not really what would be a Caitiff Thin-Blooded in VtM terms.

The best way to think of the is "spontaneous vampires". They're vampires that a sire didn't actually Embrace, yet a vampire is created all the same. The common way that happens is when a vampire kills a mortal by feeding, very very rarely they'll come back. All sorts of myths surrounding how and why though.

Mechanically they're like Clanless vampires that have been fucked over really hard. They only learn Disciplines out-of-clan and can't learn unique stuff without a teacher, they only get 1 Blood Potency max (think generation but in reverse, and it increases with age), they can't Embrace, they can't make ghouls or blood bonds, and to top all of it off they store less Vitae AND lose it all each night so they wake starving. They don't get a Clan Bane though.

It almost certainly isn't though, they're probably just low Blood Potency vamps.

>> No.5206290

Ive seen people suggest Ame find angels instead, as a bait-and-switch for both shapeshifters and demons.

>> No.5206310

Angels are almost as bad as demons, being non-fallen demons, for the sorts of things they'll introduce.

>> No.5206453


>> No.5206492

Yeah I fucked I haven't looked at secrets of the covenant for awhile since my last vtr game died still born

With this ritual, a member of the Circle opens himself up to
the creative force of the Crone. His coven convenes, and each
contributes Vitae and body parts as a sacrifice. The body parts
can come from anywhere, from anything, but must be connected
as part of the ritual. The sacrificed body parts must be enough
to build a full, roughly humanoid form. The coven determines
the god’s name, with each participant contributing one word to
the epithet title. With the name, the blood, and the body, a thing
exists where there was none before. Each such “god” is different.
Some patchwork abominations, some strange amalgamations of numerous features, some otherworldly beautiful. No matter the
form, these monsters are alien and unsettling.
For every Vitae contributed, the god receives one dot the
Storyteller can contribute to Attributes or Disciplines. Ritualists
must possess the Disciplines. This includes only the basic
Disciplines available to every vampire, and Crúac. Alternatively,
Celerity, Resilience, and Vigor can be given freely. For every
three Vitae, it gains one effective Blood Potency. Each participant
offers up a single Skill they possess, which the resulting god then
possesses. The ritualists do not lose this Skill. The god enters the
world with Vitae depending on its effective Blood Potency, and
can spend Vitae as if it were Kindred. It exudes an aura that’s
functionally identical to the vampiric predatory aura, but any
Kindred witnessing it knows that it doesn’t face a Beast, it faces
something else entirely. Determine its derived traits like Willpower
normally. It cannot learn additional Disciplines, nor can it learn
Devotions. However, if destroyed or otherwise banished from
earth, it can be “recreated” by the same ritualists with improved
capabilities. For every five Vitae spent creating the god, it has
a level of Size. Under normal circumstances, the god has an
indefinite lifespan. It loses one Vitae per day, and can replenish it
by devouring flesh. Causing one lethal damage restores one of its
lost Vitae. It quickly falls apart into nothingness if it loses all Vitae.
Once crafted, the god rapidly grows inside the ritualist, and
bursts out of him. This causes the ritualist a level of lethal
damage per level of the god’s Size.
The creature has no compulsion to obey or even respect the
participants. The primary ritualist himself receives the 8-again
quality on any Social rolls on the god.
Only the vehicle for the god’s birth needs know this ritual.
Participants, however, must each have at least one dot of Crúac

Must've gotten the "takes lethal damage for its size" mixed up with the vitae cost., Honest mistake|

And cause of my theory crafting for surviving the ultra powered version of it

"Which means, you can, at the standard 7 health boxes, summon a thing with 65 BP with having one health box not full of agg
[7:17 PM]
Meaning it'd be well over double the size of normal men
[7:17 PM]
have a blood potency of 21/22 if you round up, and 65 vitae between attributes and disciplines
BUT it doesn't fall under your control, you just get a bonus to asking it to do what you want"

Pretty sure with enough herd and a varied coven, that's still fucking powerful. Hell even with just the "Base' disciplines it can learn, its pretty strong

>> No.5206707

What's with this spacing, god my eyes.

>> No.5206809

I'm a lazy shit and I copied it from my pdf of secrets of the covenants and I can't be fucked to edit it.

Enjoy the pain

>> No.5206844

If you delete it I'll edit it.

>> No.5206891

It shall stand as a monument to your sins and mine

>> No.5206941

>almost a week until the next one
fuck bros I enjoy this too much, I just want to watch more.
Almost as painful as waiting for a session you're actually participating in which I'm doing now too

>> No.5207021
File: 303 KB, 1920x1080, [Erai-raws] Majo no Tabitabi - 02 [v0][1080p].mkv_snapshot_01.58.995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But how do you turn mages into scary bad guys? So far both tutorials ended with a horror scenario. Normal looking human that makes things explode doesn't sound that scary.

>> No.5207081

Make them schizos

>> No.5207107

you say that until you are the one exploding

>> No.5207306

Oops I tried to stop time around you but I accidentally sped up time for your left arm. Let's try again.

>> No.5207344

It'd be easy to lean into the witch angle, a scary magic user with little to no morals.

>> No.5207542

I can't believe they will fight Elaina.

>> No.5207588

Yeah it hurts. And it's going to be bi weekly later. I only hope regular sessions will be 4+ hours. Shorter sessions are usually bad.

>> No.5207626

About that, is Ame going to do the design to Watoto or will she ask Ina to do it? Also at this point I think Gura is going to wait until the last minute to decide on her Character since she's going back and forth with it since the initial set up.

>> No.5207783

do you think that if WoD is successful, they'll play other games?
like the west's favorite oneshot game MAID

>> No.5207820

Kiara better run maid if they play it, if only so the master of the manor, Giara can molest Cali's maid

>> No.5207867
File: 615 KB, 1536x1016, Left-handed Mages.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plenty of Mages are objectively evil.
These antagonists are meant to be fought by Mage player characters and Hunters will have a very difficult time without DM fiat.

>> No.5207941

mages can casually manipulate reality and are prone to god complexes
it'll be real easy to make them terrifying

>> No.5207972

I think Ina is drawing all of them either way, so if they don't have designs it'll probably come down to Ina to make them.

>> No.5208060

A one shot Golden Sky Stories would also be cute, it's by the same guy.
Or another game by him, Nechronica or even better, Zettai Reido
The man has range with the kinds of games he makes, that's for sure.

>> No.5208119
File: 704 KB, 475x1143, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well the first step is to not use actual Mages for Hunter and use witches and sorcerers. Those are both built for Hunter Chronicles, Mages with Mage rules are very much not. Witches get allsorts of fun tricks though, their magic is split into discrete themes called Mysteries, each Mystery contains 5 spells of increasing strength pertaining to its theme, and there are three tiers of Mystery that you need to be more powerful to gain access to. I'll include the full list but low tier stuff is like Fortune or Hearth, high tier stuff is like Space or Time. A decently powerful witch could inflict disease, both mental and physical, animate the dead, curse you with misfortune, or compell you to indulge in your vice. Witches are also not obviously supernatural like a vampire or true fae is, they can be literally anyone. Paranoia is a powerful tool for creating fear. They're also intelligent and cunning, likely know you're after them before you even know who they are. Myriad ways you can make rituals horrific from location, mood, or ingredients. A few skinned and gutted cats is pretty easy way to ramp up the horror. All sorts you can do.

Those aren't Mages proper though, they're a whole different league. I can explain the basics of a Mage's magic if you want me to but they're not really meant for Hunters to fight.

>> No.5208182

Kiara did hers in a members I think

>> No.5208186

Kiara did her design already of Tiara but I see what you mean. I feel if Ame doesn't have a design to work with she might struggle with the ERP but she is good at improvising so she should be fine in the tutorial.

>> No.5208227

Curious if Watoto will be a top or a bottom.

>> No.5208246

Oh yeah, what I meant was that if Gura and Ame don't have designs already Ina will probably end up doing it, but she'll just go with Tiara's design by Kiara if she draws the group together.

>> No.5208330
File: 81 KB, 500x500, A2350-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorcerors and Hunters you say

>> No.5208456

Whichever position blocks the CIA spy satellites best.

>> No.5208481

I want Ina to draw the NPC of her tutorial or at least Dr Oopsie and Victor since they might have more of a role in the story.

>> No.5208712

Vic has a design already. Dr Oopsie will probably get one from Ina.

>> No.5208730

>Vic has a design already.

>> No.5208899

Mori made it in a member's stream. She probably won't show it because it reveals other NPCs not yet seen.

>> No.5209381

>Mori made behind a paywall. She probably won't show it although people have already seen it.
Artists need to pay the art tax.

>> No.5209395

>Ame does not want to settle on desing for Watoto

>> No.5209547

So jackhammer while she's holding a tinfoil wrapped umbrella and you wear a tinfoil hat

>> No.5209913

>I don't know the lore or how tough this hookdude is

If she'd go by the setting, he'd most likely be a Slasher. They have special rules that let them work like the villains in slasher movies. Like "they vanish if you take your eyes off the body" stuff. As for how tough? They can be as tough as Jason Voorheese.

>> No.5210063

Hookdude is The Hook, a True Fae. A Mask Slasher would have been a better choice, and a Brute Slasher and even better choice than that.

>> No.5210081

hookdude isn't a slasher. he's like. the personification of a slasher, made manifest. essentially, a god of slashers.

>> No.5210104

Nah, the Hook is a true fae. Nothing to fuck with. Slashers are something else that got added in a hunter splat. Scare crow ministry might emulate a slasher's legend like they would any other folktale or urban legend to scare motherfuckers away from actual dangerous shit
god I love the scarecrow ministers

>> No.5210569


Oh really now? I both had to step away from the stream at certain points and don't know much about the lore of Changeling so that just went over my head. I figured it was a straight Slasher.

>> No.5210642


>> No.5210696

Nah,a Hook hand Slasher is a Legend slasher if anything. Never a Avenger, just straight into Legend. Of course the Hook is true fae, but if the concept was used for a slasher, it'd be a legend undertaking scourge

>> No.5210761

Sure, The Hook is a Legend if he were a Slasher, but I'm saying for the role he plays a Mask or Brute would have been better for the tutorial.

>> No.5211104

Alright, here are the girls as slashers.,

Gura: Brute
Ina: Charmer
Calli: Charmer
Amelia: Maniac
Kiara: Legend

>> No.5212878

i fucking love this series so far, cant wait until next weeks sesh

>> No.5213501

So The Hook basically requires supernatural powers or cold iron to hurt, right? But even if the group has that, he still has 5 extra health boxes.
They're fucked, right?

>> No.5213695

I doubt he'll be coming back except as an end game boss. And if he comes back earlier than then I'm sure Ina will tell everyone to gtfo.
That said, there's plenty of ways for hunters to get some kind of supernatural power, so we'll see.

>> No.5213781

I want to see them run my favorite game but it's objectively a bad ttrpg so it's for the best that they don't

>> No.5213834

I hope they play Mage next.

>> No.5213973

I heard people talking about Ina being interested in running CoC later on, which I hope is true since its my system of choice

>> No.5214080


I think it was implied that Gura might start with some kind of supernatural ability.

>> No.5214156

Im hoping her supernatural ability is walking with big booba. Stick with the kino motorist, gura.

>> No.5214517

Corruption of champions?

>> No.5214541


I wish.

>> No.5214560

I thought Ina had 0 experience in TRPGs, do people really jump to GM in their 2nd games ever

>> No.5214563

Call of Cthulhu

>> No.5214605

I did, it's not impossible

>> No.5214908

There are a few ways to deal with it, either in built to the legend of the Hook or just general ways to deal with monsters.

The first is just not being scared of it at all, as The Hook is essentially abject terror incarnate and it feeds upon fear it cannot abide someone who does not fear it. Should you prove immune to the elemental dread it embodies it will flee to the Hedge. That is easier said than done though as it's got 11 dice on an Intimidation roll. Next up, the Hook cannot harm the truly innocent, even unwillingly, or else it suffers in kind. Mechanically that means any time it deals damage to a character with a 9+ Morality stat with its hook, the Hook takes an equal amount of Aggravated damage. Further more for each point of damage dealt you can count that many weapons in the blood of the innocent to have said weapon deal Aggravated damage to the Hook too. If it harms an innocent it will also try and flee to the Hedge. Finally you've got the Hook's hook itself. If the Hook fears anything it is its own dread weapon, if a character manage to somehow remove the hook from its wrist it can be used against it, and deals Aggravated damage. It should be noted that if you manage to take its weapon is it going to do *anything* possible to retrieve it.

For your more mundane options your actually problem isn't so much hurting it, as that's pretty easy, it's hurting it enough to make a different. The Hook has a stupid amount of Health to chunk through. But you can just blow the fucker up. Not many things in the WoD like being exploded, the Hook is no different. Bombs will fuck him up just as much as anyone else. Similiarly fire is a great tool, as are any traps that would deal Lethal damage or better. So pipe bombs or molotovs are a pretty solid bet to piss it off. You can also attack it with Lethal melee weapons, you'll likely never hit it and it will probably gut you for trying but that' is possible.

As they're playing CofD now they also have access to Supernatural Merits more easily. They could potentially pick up something like Psychokinesis which would give them a source of supernatural Lethal damage. I really don't see that happening though.

>> No.5214909

Read the core book, search some tutorials online to understand the rules better and watch some people playing to get a feel on how to run and you're mostly set

>> No.5214956

Well, yeah. You think every GM ever has been a player in multiple games?

>> No.5215047

I started GMing with 0 games under my belt over 10 years ago. I'm still the GM for my local group.
I just want to play a game ;-;

>> No.5215125

I kinda figured yeah, seems hard, though I guess it depends on the game and you probably need some natural talent for enacting NPCs.
Then again I'm only playing my first game ever myself.

Sorry to hear anon, hope you'll get the chance to...

>> No.5215488

where didja get the stats? is he standard?

>> No.5215493

She tried to back away from it and it followed her. She tried to run and rolled badly. What else was she supposed to do? She would have had to go towards it to reach the van, but she fucked up her run anyway so it would have lead to the same result. In terms of fighting it, assuming that a shadow creature might be weak to, or at least run away from, light is pretty logical.

>> No.5215552
File: 190 KB, 543x1824, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's in a Changeling; The Lost 1e book called Night Horrors - Grim Fears. I've attached his stat block but that doesn't have all his fluffy weaknesses.

>> No.5215611

Ugh, Calli is Matt Mercer all over again. She totally flubbed that fight when Yuul should have been dead three times over. You can only hold peoples hands - even noobs hands - so much before they gotta sink or swim.

>> No.5215659

You sound like possibly the worst ST there has ever been. It's tutorial session, for a player that has never played, for a livestream.

>> No.5215680

>Duuur kill first time player in tutorial duuur

>> No.5215684

You're a shit GM and even worse entertainer. If it's literally their first time playing an RPG, you give them breaks. If you're trying to put on an entertaining production, you keep the entertainment going.

Literally no reason to kill someone in the Tutorial Mission outside of stroking your own ego.

>> No.5215744

Fucking beautiful anon

>> No.5215767

Fuck them and fuck you. WoD is not D&D. If you can't hack it, you get got. If that upsets you, fuck off. My table is where gatekeeping goes to get an extra coat of paint.

>> No.5215797

Cool, why are you bringing it here.

>> No.5215829

Yeah, PCs can an should in WoD. You would still be a shit ST for killing a character in a tutorial session for someone who has never played and the whole session is for other people's entertainment. How are you this stupid, and this fragile to be offended by this?

>> No.5215859

Cept it isn't, it being hyperlethal is bullshit. It's easy as fuck to become a power housem you've never ran nor played the game just heard people jerking off about how "hardcore" it is. Its a dramatic system retard

>> No.5215872

As someone who has GM'd Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green for many years, you're an absolute retard. Get your own dick out of your mouth for a second and realize that you're poisoning the well you kike faggot.

>> No.5215877

>someone has never played a game before
>spent a lot of time coming up with a cool character
>made a full-on professional art sheet for their character
>gets killed without ever seeing any actual play
you must be fun at parties.

>> No.5215972

Yeah, WoD has always been more fluff than crunch. No idea why it's lauded as lethal. Pvp is rocket tag however

>> No.5215994

It's not the most lethal system around but it really isn't hard to die in for Hunters especially.

>> No.5216046

Very good anon. Kill the newb first character in the tutorial session. I'm sure it wont ruin their first experience with the game. After all i'm sure with what happened absolutely NO ONE learned that the system is dangerous, they could only grasp that if Yuul actually died right? What a great gm you must be

>> No.5216051

Yeah, but people always compare it to like, dark heresy, CoC and shit. Its much closer to DnD and is made for storytelling not number autism

>> No.5216102

It's definitely closer to the lethal side of things than the super-heroics, even if it's not a meat grinder.

>> No.5216137

Not very, depends on if you stick your dick in a woofs face or have a brain

>> No.5216192

Imaginary friends don't count you fucking schizo, take your fucking meds

>> No.5216202

/vt/, as a parttime fa/tg/uy it's time to tell you a name we call people like this: "No game"s, it means they're morons who impose all these ideas of how games should be played by others but probably have never even played a game in their life.

>> No.5216205

That's sort of just proved my point. You go up against something equivalent to a woof in CoC, you die unless you're smart, in Hunter, you die unless you're smart, in D&D, you face tank and have an epic battle. Just because the game is built around less direct means of confrontation doesn't mean it's less lethal.

>> No.5216258

>I can find a comparison between 2e and V20's takes on Protean if you want to see that, massive differences.
I'll bite before the thread dies. Why is any of that shit cool?

>> No.5216266

Yeah but people jerk themselves off because of how "brutal" and "hardcore" it is. When it's a rpg heavy system by design

>> No.5216298

And I wasn't disagreeing with that, but it is definitely a lethal system.

>> No.5216342

The difference is that (usually) in CoC you die trying to run away and in Hunter you die trying to fight the beast

>> No.5216355
File: 553 KB, 975x772, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If there is a thread up after this one I can answer any questions, but I'm going to sleep now.

VtM up first. It's "the mystical ability to manipulate your physical form", although it doesn't do much of that
>Eyes of the Beast •
Your eyes glow red and you can see in the dark
>Feral Claws ••
You grow some claws and do aggravated damage, they also let you climb
>Earth Meld •••
You can sink into the earth and meld with it to sleep, hide, etc, and maintain some vague awareness of the area above you
>Shape of the Beast ••••
You can turn into an animal, either a wolf or a bat. Wolf is pretty good at fighting, the bat can fly, both have enhanced senses. If the GM allows it, they might also do other animals.
>Mist Form •••••
Immune to damage that isn't from the sun/fire/magic. Do general mist stuff, like floating around and being spooky. Can't feed

VtR2e now. It's flavoured as letting the Beast slip out to twist your form to match it
>Unmarked Grave •
This works like Earth Meld, except you can drink blood spilled on the ground and you can spend Vitae to meld with harder materials than earth and stone
>Predatory Aspect ••
This is where Protean starts to shine. You choose three "aspects" (I've attached the list to save space), ideally representing a type predator/scavenger, and then when you use this power you can manifest any and all of your aspects to become more bestial. You can change them by spending Vitae and resting in Unmarked Grave
>Beast’s Skin •••
Like Shape of the Beast except much heavier on the theme. You get a number of forms equal to your Protean, and before you can assume a beasts form you must hunt it, drink it to death, then spend time absorbing it's flesh in Unmarked Grave
>Unnatural Aspect ••••
Ditto for •• but a single monstrous aspect you can spend more Vitae to manifest with ••
>Primeval Miasma •••••
Like Mist Form but way cooler because you can feed while mist. Open wounds can have their blood evaporated out of, or you can force yourself into their lungs. It also counts as Unmarked Grave for swapping aspects

>> No.5216383

Sure CoC is more lethal when confrontations like that do happen, but Hunter is closer to that than it is to D&D is all I'm saying.

>> No.5216427

Except dark sun and ravenloft

>> No.5216489

Eh, Ravenloft isn't much different. It never really changed any mechanics that mattered. I think the context is more for 5e here too, so Dark Sun isn't super applicable.

>> No.5216508

I get it yeah, but for me considering those three systems, i'd say Hunter is the middle ground between DnD and CoC. Yeah it's way more lethal than DnD, but players can still go face to face against the monsters with some chance of survival unlike CoC

>> No.5216509

Nah old school dark sun

>> No.5216542

I killed a dark young of shubby with a car once in CoC. Lost a party member and another nearly died, but I got out unscathed even considering sanity

>> No.5216553

So VtR2e is better because it's more op, got it.

>> No.5216558

same anon
Middle ground in letallity, player power level, atmosphere... you get the gist

>> No.5216572

Is Yuul going to be Vic's fledgling or get some kind of body mod? Like, what's that thing on the back of someone's neck that shakes when a vampire gets close?

>> No.5216712

I know what you meant but Dark Sun isn't a thing in 5e and no body is talking about 2e when they say stuff like "X game isn't D&D because X game is hardcore and lethal"

>> No.5216833

She's going to get a combat wheelchair. With a cold iron bumper.

>> No.5216941

I'll give you a better response than that sort of dismissive and disingenuous reply deserves, for the sake of others.

Overpowered is relative to everything else, Protean isn't OP in VtR2e because it's not particularly stronger than anything else. VtM had shit like Celerity, Obtenebration, and Vicissitude that were all actually overpowered. Far and away better options for the same cost as other things. Almost everyone would tell you Feral Claws was way too good as well. Protean is better in VtR2e because it's more fun, it's more interesting mechanically and has much stronger flavour. It's not only tied into the Beast, the thing that makes Vampire vamps unique, it's also customisable to reflect the exact nature of any given Kindred's Beast. Whether that's wolf, bat, shark, rat, or anything else. There is better expression of character available, and more ways to use it to solve problems in clever ways. Protean is far more predatory in VtR2e too, and Gangrel is the Clan that embodies predation over all the others in both games. Unmarked Grave and Primeval Misama let you feed, Beast's Skin requires hunting the animal you wish to turn into, and the Aspect powers are reflections of predators or scavengers. It plays to the themes of the Gangrel better, the themes of vampires as a whole, all while offering you more interesting mechanics on top. It's a better designed Discipline in 2e than it has been elsewhere.

>> No.5217000

Well yeah, it's obviously a middle ground out of those three options. It's not a middle ground for RPGs as a whole though, it's way closer to CoC than D&D in comparison to the plethora of RPGs that exist.

>> No.5217117

New protean does look and sound a lot more fun. I think some sort of sharkman would be cool to play as.

>> No.5217172

I'm just going to point out that everything you type makes you seem extremely biased in your explanations. You're obviously a fanboy for nWoD. What you typed out before was "It's exactly like the previous game, but you can get stronger or eat while doing it." More fun and better flavor is a matter of opinion, not objective fact.

>> No.5217190

Im fairly new to wod, is it customary to use female pronouns for kindred instead of the neutral "they"? Was a bit surprised, since I havent seen that yet except for when referring to exclusively female groups.

>> No.5217217

Easiest way I can determine what is more like what.

How many hits on average will it take for a pistol to kill an average person?

D&D5e has a pistol do 1d10 piercing damage. A commoner has 1d8 (4) hit points, and will do 5.5 damage on average. That's 1 shot. (Though, a tutorial character, you're looking at 6+CON to 12+CON, resulting in 2-3 shots)

Call of Cthluhu 7e has a lot of pistols, though .38 revolvers tend to be common. It also does 1d10 damage for an average of 5.5, with an average person/player having 10 HP, for a total of average 2 shots to kill.

WoD(Specifically CoD) has a .38 pistol doing +1 damage with an average person having 7 health boxes (since 2 dots is average and humans are Size 5 on average). Unfortunately it also relies on bonus successes to cause actual damage, so it's hard to guess, but considering an average professional has 4 dots for shooting before modifiers, defense doesn't apply, and succeeding only 30% of the time, a gun will require at least 4 shots before they start bleeding out, and 3-4 more to kill.

Of course, at higher levels, D&D becomes a lot more survivable, as does WoD if you focus on surviving. Call of Cthluhu keeps you in the mundane, making the eldritch all the more horrifying.

>> No.5217274

Fun fact, theres a specific race of weresharks that start as sharks and are born in the ocean and shit, but then shift to humans and are "fish out of water" when dealing with society.

>> No.5217295

White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing like to use female pronouns or swap from male to female intermittently and make it confusing.

Most of these people have never heard of the singular they, and are more comfortable making up pronouns like "xir".

>> No.5217303

Only in Owod. Nwod has the brine bornm the poor, poor brineborn

>> No.5217454

They use pronouns interchangeably between sections. If a section is using male pronouns it sticks to male for that section. Generally it does it because the games are personal horror and he/she is a little more personal than they, and because it's just nice to have a mix of representation.

>> No.5217651

Wow my opinions are opinions. What a crazy revelation. Obviously it's not fact, it can't possibly be fact. I think being able to feed as mist is cooler as it's better flavour given their themes. Doesn't much matter if you disagree with that because my opinion is just that, my opinion. I like both games, but I like CofD more and I'm not trying to hide that. I literally started off saying it was better.

>> No.5217683

They can be born humans too. Like all oWoD shifters, AFAIK.

>> No.5217819

Here is a decent homebrew list of aspects if you want to see some other ideas for it.

>> No.5217914

I think the comparison falls flat when you consider that a regular gun in DnD is probably one of the weakest weapons you could get considering all the magic stuff, while guns in CoC are quite powerfull because its the most accessible / most reliable way of self defense an investigator can put their hands on (and it still wont do much against eldritch abominations). I never played WoD, but with all the endowlments and merits and whatever, a gun damage seens much more dependable on "buffs" and other variables.
Tl:dr the three systems treat firearms too distinctly to compare them only on that

>> No.5217965

They aren't wrong. Masquerade had its fair share of jank, and a lot of boring powers. Chronicles games have almost universally better design and balance.

>> No.5218026

Sounds fair. D&D characters can go toe to toe with dragons, but the math means guns hurt more at level 1. Clearly it is more lethal.

>> No.5218055

god you sound like an absolute faggot

>> No.5218501

Pretty sure the whole point of the final fight in these tutorial sessions is to ALMOST kill them so they understand that just rushing into a fight is legitimately dangerous.

>> No.5218577

>the whole point of the final fight in these tutorial sessions is to ALMOST kill them
Nope. WOD's monsters are actually THAT dangerous. Hunters usually hunt in packs.

>> No.5218586

>Most of these people have never heard of the singular they
In their defense, singular they could be confusing if it means an individual or a party, so switching between he and she for different examples instead makes some sense.

>> No.5218608

And true fae tend to be the kind of monster the campaign builds up to face off against. They ain't nuffin to fuck with

>> No.5218660

What I meant was that I think Mori is intentionally putting them in encounters that will kick their asses (4 vampires against a mortal, or even a mortal and 1 vampire, was already excessive, and a fucking true fae is even more so) and then (if need be) bailing them out instead of just killing them, so that they understand the danger without losing their characters. Now they'll (hopefully) be more inclined to run away from fights in the future.

>> No.5219028

So, my interest for WoD has sparked, and I want to play it, but I've seen people talk about different versions and what not, is there a site for newcomers?

>> No.5219310

The WoD thread on /tg/.

>> No.5219705

>And Calli feels like the sort of DM to go: "You failed a Perception check, so I'm no longer able to describe the physical appearance of this object to you."
She doesn't seem to be like that. When Kiara/Ina failed perception checks in their runs what Calli did was that she made details vague, like how Yuul was unable to clearly recognize her savior in the van or Tiara was unable to recognize the dream figure.

>> No.5219876
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In DnD 5e it's incredibly hard to actually die. Getting to 0 hp doesn't kill you you just fall to the ground. Healing potion or spell (that are super common) bring you back up. Also d20 systems are generally horrible with hp bloat. Lv1 characters can drop from a lucky goblin arrow or one magic missile while few levels later they can tank completely unrealistic amount of damage.

Also 4 die in guns is low for a WoD enemy. On average it's 5-6. That's average of 2 successes + weapon damage. So a common rifle will do 6 damage. After two hits you are on the ground crawling with -3 to everything.

>> No.5220312

I don't know it makes a strange kind of sense for the Hook being able to die to a speeding van, even without the cold iron fuckery. It's not exactly trivial to have a van at top speed in a position to hit the Hook, especially with all of its contracts. It'll require some Rube Goldberg-ish trap, which is exactly how many slasher movies end.

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