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I just clipped the whole pekomiko segment where peko is not only silent but is actually pissed flying around and breaking ice which even suisei notices by the end and tries to make pekorr laugh but pekorr just throws a potato at her face & continues breaking ice aggressively.

bonus for the chat being confused as fuck at the bottom right.


here's the actual timestamp of 8 minutes of pekorr's passive aggressiveness if anyone's interested

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Alright schizo gimme the QRD on your rrat, I'm not watching all this garbage.

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It's so obviously an act you fucking spastic. Why are pekomikotards obsessed with this shit?

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I'm starting to believe the rape rrat. It perfectly explains everything...

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>chat bottom right
>actually bottom left
save you the trouble, its fucking nothing.

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ogey, now take your meds

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>breaking ice aggressively

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It's not an act its an autistic fit

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Don't forget the earlier part when Pekora met up with Suisei. Pekora tells Suisei to kill the demon lord, meaning Miko, which Suisei later does by shooting her into lava.

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Okay, but what she mad about though?

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What the fuck do you mean "act"
Was ignoring Miko supposed to be a funny joke

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i'd throw my potato at suisei's face

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Miko slapped Pekora in front of YAGOO

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Botan invited miko and suisei on the usaken server without letting pekora know at all. After they joined she just went silent the whole time they were there and was just doing her own thing.

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You schizos are something else.

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Since when does Usaken have its own server?

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>usaken server

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Discord server

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I meant discord server

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ogreayrrata rogeayr oraet ograye ograeeyry ogaeyrryeoyeyrerrat oyrratott roerarraor yararo ryaroaryrorr roogetatto rrorayy y at oarao aeroary r oryt oat oggery goe yerrat

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Peko seems down whenever Miko is close. Its easy if you understand women. Miko wanted to smell Pekos rodent cunny, Peko said no. Fast forward, Miko like the well behaved holo she is, left her alone. Miko spotted another prey, meanwhile Peko regretted her actions. She cried on stream in March, and Miko cancelled her stream that day to talk with Peko. Peko said she was ready to be raped by Miko, but Miko was over PekoMiko and instead went with MikoComet. Peko knew she fucked up and was depressed. Nothing lasts forever, Peko hasnt been the same..

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>instead went with MiComet
Is Suisei in danger too?

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sasuga fellow empath

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Already happened. It's why she had to change her voice. Miko gave her such a strong orgaam is literally tore her vocal coords.

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The lesson here is you need to accept rape in youre lyfe. Or else you will feel regret rape.

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Tis a poor rrat dealer who doesn't know that rabbits are not rodents

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holy shit you can actually see through her eyes how she is getting affected by the ptsd

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So, this is how a mentally ill person looks.

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This proves nothing.
Pekomiko is alive.
Miko and Pekora are friends, nothing has ever changed that.
Pekora ignored Miko as a joke, joking around like that shows what good friends they are.

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ogey rrat

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You sure about that?

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35p having a meltdown because the only relevant collab partner Miko had doesn't even want to look at her anymore

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>Suisei is such a screamer that it permanently changed her voice

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Tell me anon, when you girlfriend starts acting quiet and refuses to tell you what she's thinking about, do you assume that literally nothing is wrong because she didn't say so?
Use your fucking brain when it comes to women. I'm not saying she was raped, but something is clearly wrong. The only thing that rrat posters are doing is filling in the gaps in an obviously fractured relationship

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seventh trumpet will happen when pekora starts getting it off her chest

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Nousagis having a meltdown because the only relevant collab partner Peko had doesn't even want to look at her anymore.

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Anon...Miko instantly joined Pekora's Mario party game that Pekora posted the invite for on the holo discord server.
Pekora's heartrate then skyrocketed.
Then later in the game Miko asked Pekora why she wasn't replying to her discord messages.
Miko clearly craves that bunny cunny. Not the other way around.

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Pekomoona is deader tham pekomiko. Pekora pumped and dumped this bitch.

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Miko you stupid fucking idiot, you actually raped her my god what were you thinkging

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why do you have to be so mean anon

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>Miko instantly joined Pekora's Mario party game
You mean instantly, as in 25 minutes? Miko had pity with Pekora, she was constantly asking why no ones joining and thinking how wierd it was. Miko saved her from, bless her.

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>deader than pekomiko
>Pekora the eternal sperglord loner that she is was literally making date plans for taking Moona to disneyland
>Literally used the word "date" when describing it

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why did she ignore suisex like that?

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plese undastand, usada jelous, very sad

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Pekora exposed as 5ch user while Miko hate 5ch. Peko embarassed and avoid Miko while Miko don't understand, simple as

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Suisei said hitsu was a shit character, so now they are gonna battle it out this saturday, don't wanna miss it anon!

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Can't you fags go back to Kiara and Ollie rrats? It's not like Pekora or Miko will ever even hear about this retardation.

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Was she just mad because Miko, or was she mad her stream got taken over?

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What would you do if you see your ex with a new girlfriend who looks just like you but is smarter, more handsome and not an autistic sperg.

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Miko now has a new blue-haired playtoy to fuck mercilessly. Even though the rape was a traumatic experience for Pekora, the image of Miko's fingers digging into her cunt still renders her speechless. She can't stand that another woman has taken her place.

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Pekora loves moona. Not in a romantic way of course
But come on, nobody loves her indonesian as much as Parkour does
I think the pekomiko is kinda forced, it's not the same since the dumb song, Pekolli probably regretted taking part in it

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yes, cope more

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Isnt that just Pekor freaking out over suddenly having them both in voice chat? She has said multiple times she doesn't do well with large groups of people, and I can imagine she specially doesn't when it's a surprise collab of sorts, Im sure its just her being autistic about it more than her just hating Miko or Suisei

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Pekora doesn't usually say anything because she has group anxiety. I have the same problem so I understand completely. If you check a few minutes before, Pekora immediately responded to Miko with konbanwa, and at 57:40 of Pekora's stream she was the first one to greet her with a nyahello. When Moona's busy interacting with others she doesn't say much to her either.

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Don't ruin it with logic
Miko mikoed Peko's pekos who pekoed all over Miko's mikos

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if the rape rrat is real then why is Pekora still such a cocky bitch? Can her malfunction only be fixed by cock?

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Why Hololive attracts schizos like this?

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>why would Pekora abandon Miko when she even fought Aqua cause of her
>For recent cold attitude, start UsaKen and becomes more popular than miko
>instead of joining her, miko plays weird Demon Lord stuff and joins someone else
>goes menhera
>greet miko w/ nyaharro when she gets on MC
>Miko goes and plays with suisei instead of looking for Pekora
>get super jealous but couldn't say anything
>ignore miko and sui in discord call as a protest

>This sounds plausible. Pekora immediately greeted Miko when she joined the server but them Miko went and played with a different blue woman instead. Pekora was probably jealous. Maybe Pekora is a little gayer than we were led to believe. I think she legit loves Miko and they suddenly became more distant once Miko began to collab with other members a lot more within the last 6 months. Pekora is filled with jealousy. It all makes sense and all the pieces fall into place.

>It's obvious pekora wants the elite miko to push her against the wall and kiss her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. Yet she is too autistic to correctly woo her and Miko simply thinks Pekora doesnt like her anymore. If she just went for it, they'd both finally get to be together.

>Truly a shame Pekora can't be more upfront and instead goes for the jealousy thing.

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i cant stop fapping about the thought of Miko skillfully fingering holomems

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That's our Migo, always working hard for our enjoyment.

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I'm a believer now.

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It's almost entirely high IQ individuals that watch Hololive and schizophrenia is a disorder that mostly affects those with high intellect. It also just so happens that Pekora and Miko are the most intelligent holomems and fanbases tend to mirror their oshis. Pekora also has schizophrenia.

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Pekora needs to get the fuck over herself, it's incredibly silly for her to be mad at Miko just because senior management favors Miko over her. Like how is that Miko's fault, especially when you're supposed to be actual IRL friends with her?

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Matsuri trained her well

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Fuck off rrat, hang yourself

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When are they going full lesbo, where's the sex tape?

>> No.5166235

They truly are

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Pekora's breaking ice aggressively too when rushia got a sudden call from tamaki. What does that mean???

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We 35P always hate that turbo whore rabbit though.

>> No.5167746

You hate every holo after all redditard

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Plebbit unironically loves all holo, so no.

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Pekora got into hololive because of Miko's nepotism and she leeched off of Miko when she's still new. Veteran 35P always hate that clout chasing whore bunny from the start, we knew she's up to no good and only used Miko as her stepping stone back then.

>> No.5170371

He said relevant

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Just like how Miko used others from Nijisanji and etc and never talks to them anymore. I'm not a rabbitfag. I actually like Miko more but she's just as guilty.

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the rrat is starting to infect me, bros...
whenever i look at the pink bitch, my face winces like that time when someone farted in the elevator

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You retards know that Begora is still mad about the sports festival right? Migobi spent so much time planing and building shit with Mio and Kanatan, and the end result was the best massive collab Hololive has ever done. They love each other, but they're also rivals, and Begora doesn't want to accept defeat.

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It's not rape if she came.

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>Tell me anon, when your girlfriend-
Come on now, is that really how you should start that post?

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Tonight, we feast.

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>Empathy is a mental illness
You are an NPC

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she has magic thumbs.

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it's a well known fact that Miko fingered Pekora while she was sleep in their off-collab, Pekora didn't know how to react at the time, and she is not into gay shit, they were never the same since then

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>breaking ice aggressively
That gave me a good laugh.

>> No.5178565

HOLY CONFIRMATION BIAS. if you actually knew enough Japanese to follow the stream, you would know that the icicle course wasn't going as planned so Pekora was going out of her way to fix it on the fly. She literally stopped looking for materials and flew back to see how Miko would do in the course.

>> No.5178726

Seeing 5ch having a fit over this was already funny enough, but seeing EOPs trying to interpret it is on a whole other level.

>> No.5178845

do you think they laugh at all the schizo rrats off stream?

>> No.5178867

I'd love a link to that

>> No.5178992

>For recent cold attitude, start UsaKen
>newfaggots can't rrat properly
Usada kensetsu started in 2019

>> No.5179080

The heart rate thing is a rrat anon. If you actually watched the stream you would have seen Pekos heart rate jumping around constantly before Miko joined and it hitting like 110 when she did. It hit higher than 110 before Miko was there too

>> No.5179087

>Plebbit unironically
false, they only care for HoloEN

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Pekora and Miko are not as close as people think they are. Remember that she thought once that Pekora hated her: https://youtu.be/CRHNNnX5hQ8

They're clearly not best friends forever like some people try to paint them as.

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>if you actually knew enough Japanese to follow the stream
Anon do your reps first before posting, the rrats are flying indiscrimenatly on the nips sides as well, Pekora blocked the chat on the video btw

>> No.5179754

What's happening? Pekora don't like Miko anymore?

>> No.5179844

Anyone else think that Pekora is seething too hard about this than simply rejecting Miko? No, there was no rape but Pekora is still handling whatever happened poorly. Even though she's giving the cold shoulder Miko is handling it way better.

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they noticed Miko reaction when her signboard was missing

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>> No.5179972

woah didn't notice this, was this in the latest minecraft stream?

>> No.5179983

Pekora is acting more like a woman scorned than vice versa.

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>> No.5180339

Why do all the rrats assume Miko was the rapist?

What if Peko overcame all of her deeply ingrained self-hatred due to her repressed homosexuality to confess to her lifelong friend Miko, then Miko turned her down? Miko wanted to remain friends which is why she is still so chipper when talking to Peko, but Peko is wallowing in shame and can't interact normally with Miko anymore.

>> No.5180362

nobody assumes, it's just a joke.

>> No.5180459

you're genuinely insane

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Joke? Rrats are serious business, kid.

>> No.5180500

yes, i stamped it here

>> No.5180514

All hints of Miko being a genuine lez also hint that she is a massive sub. How could a sub lez girl, who is extremely weak due to illness, rape a girl who has 8kg and 15cm on her?

>> No.5180515

It's real

>> No.5180584

Pekora stopped liking pekomiko fanart since February and even then it's only one pic.

>> No.5180614

Pekora let it happen and liked it. Now she feels shame.

>> No.5180671

Just follow the Pekora threads back to the time of the stream. They're not that fast so it should be pretty quick. If you want really high levels of schizo you could go to the anti thread, but those are so ridiculously fast I wouldn't even bother trying to find it.

>> No.5180706

She's not a genuine lesbo, just has a girl preference

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File: 332 KB, 883x2048, 1623762013784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5180774

I know. I'm just saying that even if she was it is very unlikely she could or even try.

>> No.5180872

Imagine being this schizophrenic

>> No.5181022

>Miko stopped being enough of a raging lesbo long enough to respect Peko's wishes
Honestly pretty based, if this is true than my respect for Migo has gone up.

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File: 827 KB, 2404x1260, 1617164298079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so basically Botan did this to Peko

>> No.5182550


>> No.5182582

stop posting this image you fucking retard, normies and women are there since day one

>> No.5182713

Pekora just don't know how to join the conversation. At the beginning when Miko join Peko is talking but kept being talk over so after a while she don't know how to join in, just the usual inkya behavior. Did you guy forgot Pekora is a Hikikomori?

>> No.5182856

Imagine this person's life without the internet

>> No.5182907


get off my internet

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Pekora was legit mad, after she left she started speaking again. 10 min later.

>> No.5183045

get out tourist

>> No.5183073

It's a shame Botan undermined Peko cause this means no more Botan Peko streams.

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I think at this point its pretty obvious that Peko doesnt like or at least doesnt care for Miko like she once did. Something between them happened to make Pekora just shut her out, and no im not talking about finger in the pooper either. I think Miko either purposefully or accidentally pissed off Peko and in her autistic rage decided to cut Miko out forever. I hate to say "I've been there" but I will say I have seen it happen, someone with low or no social skills will sometimes just up and delete someone from their life if they so much as talk to them wrong. Is it stupid? Yes. Is it mentally unhealthy? You bet your ass it is. But, unfortunately it happens. Not to say Peko wont be professional and greet Miko here and there like she has, but its very obvious she doesnt see Miko as a friend or even as an acquaintance anymore. Anyone who cant see that is either baiting or legit as socially autistic as Pekora. Plus its not like we dont have a proven history of Pekora having some serious grudges from something stupidly minor.

>> No.5183160

Pekora is so moe.

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i ogey your rrat

>> No.5183433

Pekora isn't menhera though.

>> No.5183605

By her own admission she is a socially autistic neet who barely had any friends before holo. Do your reps

>> No.5183649

But why do our eyes work the way they work?

>> No.5183653

That's the word used on the picture iirc

>> No.5183690
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she's a mildly schizophrenic sociopath

>> No.5183753

Pekora is so fucking cute.

>> No.5183773

As someone with the same brand of autism as Peko, Peko takes her success in Hololive as an endorsement of her behavior. The only way to revive PekoMiko is if Miko rallies to 2M subs before Peko, which Peko will interpret as herself being in the wrong and a need to reevaluate her relationship with Miko

>> No.5183819


>> No.5184029

I want to pekopeko mikomiko's migo so hard she gets preggomigo.

>> No.5184125

>that chat
i bet her heart rate was in triple digits

>> No.5184200

Nope they only care for Kiara Ame and Coco

>> No.5185099

Let them collab with whoever they want and behave however the fuck they want you mouth breathing parasites.

>> No.5185311

Where's the potato part?

>> No.5185417

What's the context here?
She's mad Coco's leaving?

>> No.5185482

4:19:50 is the potato part, start at like 4:19:00 to see Suisei circling around her while she breaks and replaces glas for no reason

>> No.5185510

kek, PekoMiko is so dead that newfags don't even understand what this is supposed to be about.

>> No.5185572

>for no reason
She was adding light squares.

>> No.5185630

I don't watch any of the JP girls because I don't understand Japanese

>> No.5185734

and when Suisei went to greet her?
two times!!
and you don't trow the potatoes at your friends when they come to say hi

>> No.5185757

She was seeing Miko's face on the ice so she was breaking it aggresively to vent her rage over the rape.

>> No.5185914

she really rape her??
or was a game Miko won and Peko can't cope with that?

>> No.5185959

>he's never had a potato fight with their buddies

>> No.5186211
File: 711 KB, 754x756, MLE25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>potato fight
>potato fight as greetings
>and I don't say hello when friends come to my place
Peko is acting like someone who got some real shit against a molester

>> No.5186295

that was the payment for a successful hit

>> No.5190525

It was rape.

>> No.5191551

the rape rrat is a spook. peko just cant handle the creeping inevitability that comes with miko's rapidly declining health and is trying to emotionally distance herself as a way to brace for the impending reality of a miko-less world

>> No.5193456

I'm sorry to go against your rrats, but I was just watching it from Miko's point of view (I watched Pekora's live) and there really wasn't anything worth writing home about during that call. The only thing that stands out is that Suisei and Miko were all hype and shouting around while the other three were just focused on building. If you watch it from their point of view you can see they were like that for over an hour already, not just when Miko and Suisei arrived, and they carried on doing the same thing when they left too. After a while, Miko and Suisei realized they might be getting in the way and left because they can read the mood. They even talk about it after they cut the call saying they should probably work more seriously on the haunted house too. That's all there was to it. You people are just freaking out because you have some messed up idea in your heads that whenever Pekora and Miko are in the same place they're obligated to be just like the funny clips you saw.

>> No.5198371

There's no point in watching it from Migo's perspective, it's all about Pekora's seethe

>> No.5199648
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no I want peko and mikora to get married and have children together. I want them to kiss and hug and be lovey dovey. I dont want them to ignore each other. I want them to be wife and wife. Anon you dont get how much I need pekomiko....

>> No.5202983

kys yurifag, you spread nothing but cancer

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Pekora is just mad that Miko has chemistry with Flare and Marine. She's so autistic about friendship that she assumes Miko is stealing her genmates and also distancing herself from her in the process. It's retarded but that's how introvert niggas think.

>> No.5204609

Jesus, take your meds

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File: 1.36 MB, 3153x4096, 1623413725592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5214875

Miko mikoed Pekora's bunny cunny until she pekoed all over Miko's thirsty shrine maiden lips.

>> No.5214951

i cant believe they are in love !!!

>> No.5215392

PekoMiko was never the same after they bomb the newly wed game on Ponpoko 24 hour steam.

>> No.5215436
File: 125 KB, 850x850, __akai_haato_hololive_drawn_by_haruyuki_yukichasoba__sample-75ee14d4da99299affca62e62cc73d53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh yeah, the same thing happened between Miko and Haato. It feels like Haato was distancing herself away from Miko for some reason. Maybe Miko did something inappropriate to Haato and Pekora?

>> No.5215715

haato and miko were never that close to begin with.

>> No.5215837
File: 30 KB, 720x262, FB_IMG_1623839678355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The future is now old man

>> No.5215909

You're right. Haato has been gone for too long that I barely remember anything about her anymore.

>> No.5215916

By Japanese law rape would have to include atleast one man, so no matter how hard Miko made Pekora cum it was not rape

>> No.5215963

So if Suisei suddenly starts avoiding Miko like Pekora and Haato do, that'll mean the rape rrat is confirmed right?

>> No.5216041

why are hololive fans like this

>> No.5216150

We all wanna imagine pekora and miko holding hands and eating their pussies.

>> No.5216238

I like Peko content and thinks she is a great streamer, but she seems like a terrible person irl.

>> No.5216255

Every single holo is menhera

>> No.5216632

Sui-chan and Flare are great with Miko.
More importantly, they treat her good.
As long she's happy, I'm happy.

>> No.5218227

Miko had a call with Haachama after Haachama's announcement. They're good

>> No.5218321

Actually they only care about Coco.

>> No.5218679

you do in minecraft

>> No.5218699
File: 164 KB, 200x67, sage.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cunts in these threads really need to take thier meds

>> No.5219018

This rrat make my day brighter lmao. Whoever this poster was, bless you and have a nice day! KEK

>> No.5219038

Not Marine
Not Shion
Not Suisei
Not Rushia
Not Flare
Not Aqua

>> No.5219101

That doesn’t prove Miko is not a rapist

>> No.5219104

PekoMiko is shit

>> No.5219186
File: 146 KB, 1426x1152, 1623808472099[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not Rushia
>Not Aqua
This might be the most retarded post I've ever read on /vt/.

>> No.5219508

Not the one you replied to but I wonder what happened to Miko's signboard. Did Pekora remove it?

Does the explanation explain the other incidents/rrats(?) these people are posting all over this board plenty of times?

>> No.5219872

what signboard

>> No.5220293

>5180500 For stamped vid

>> No.5220462

I know what happened but I can't give you any proof other than "dude, trust me"

>> No.5220473

Miko removed it

>> No.5220510

PekoMiko beef is a kayfabe. They'll collab again and have sex live on stream and it'll get big viewers

>> No.5220637

Miko is a bottom lesbian, she wants to get raped.

>> No.5222072
File: 24 KB, 480x480, aea9edec931ceee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Noushitters, i think your oshi deserves rape just be glad it was mikochi who did it first

>> No.5223964

Miko is a serial rapist.
Her first victim was Haato, then Pekora, now her next victim is Suisex.

>> No.5224060

miko is biting more than she can chew here

>> No.5224614

>responded to Miko with konbanwa
>first one to greet her with a nyahello
thats not a conversation its just being polite
>Pekora doesn't usually say anything because she has group anxiety.
someone didnt watch the peko castle grand reveal stream

>> No.5224866

Miko will get away with it because she's favored by Yagoo (being one of Yagoo's favorite and scouted by him personally for the Sakura Miko project) Miko can even graduate Pekora if she want to. Pekora should be careful around her

>> No.5224943

global faggots get out

>> No.5225027

>Not Rushia
>Not Shion
Just say that you know nothing about any of the Holos.

>> No.5226883

these rrat thread's are pure comedy gold

>> No.5228760
File: 603 KB, 1300x1200, o5cqh2sw6mc61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>moona i saw the pink bitch harassing president again...

>> No.5228772

You know it's true

>> No.5229748

There are a ton of reactions that only Miko can get out of Pekora on stream. Only Miko can make Pekora struggle to keep her usual voice for over 30 seconds or even actually touch her, a lot, for starters.

>> No.5231642

not really

>> No.5231716

Please do not use "though" at the end of your sentences.

>> No.5232947

>saved moona
>boosted towa
>boosted all usaken members
>mantains maincra server alive

>> No.5233219

>Please do not use "though" at the end of your sentences.

>> No.5235304

Can you shut the fuck up though?

>> No.5235961

Yes really. https://streamable.com/9ddfwk https://streamable.com/jbdec8 for example

>> No.5237205
File: 66 KB, 1080x326, IMG_20210618_014237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Retard breaks containment after seeing post

>> No.5237332

I think I saw this same nigger in that Ollie VOD where she gets fingered

>> No.5237519

>implying you need to come to this place to notice it
Even Pekora's chat was talking about it during the stream. She even turn off the chat archive because of it.

>> No.5237550

>Phuhck ZHANGZ
Why are cocofags like this?

>> No.5238336
File: 139 KB, 378x329, 8EDBC9E8-A0B0-42F6-AABA-4DE4C49E3045.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Miko is too good for Pekora even though Peko-chan is my oshi. Miko is pure kindness and full of love, Pekora just as most people can't see that or has the wrong impression.

>> No.5240608
File: 90 KB, 463x453, 1610487190194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

miko pushed her rrat into her but pekora wasnt ogey