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She deleted this tweet pretty fast, did she post it on the wrong account by accident?? Lmao

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Jesus fucking Christ

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Do you faggots really?

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What the hell is she doing??
Jenma caught that one quick

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I know chikin is capable of it, but still, give me the deleted tweet's link.

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See >>5135900

This is what Hololive is now. Pack it up boys, let's just stick to indie JP vtubers from now on.

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Fake and trying to stirr shit

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Do fags really...?

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you can try harder than this, cmon.

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post archive or I won't beleb

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they really do

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It's in the OP retard

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fine ill spoonfeed you this one time

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What the fuck chicken

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oh no..

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>making up tweets for drama
Worst kind of schizo

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Damn it Lmao I almost believed you..Almost

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Let me paste what a random anon posted
Japs don't associate rainbows and bright colors with fags. There's an infamous clip of Kuzuha making fun of a rainbow flag because he didn't know.
DO NOT WATCH INDIES I repeat DO NOT WATCH THEM, you spend a month or two with them and then they dissapear in thin air, the indiepill is a cope

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If she deleted it (Assuming it was even real) who cares. Kiara's roommate's politics aren't a secret, why does it matter if she doesn't leak into her Hololive identity?

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I fucking TOLD you faggots EN would be the end of Hololive
And did you listen? No

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If you want to make a shitpost, at least archive it, you fucking newfag.

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Meds schizo

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She deleted the tweet in like 5 seconds lmao it was impossible

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and people here will believe because they are retard

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So it's fake, got it.

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That exact pattern is the INTERNATIONAL trans flag. Japan isn't in Mars you idiot, they know what it is.

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If funny because it wouldn't be considered "controversial" anywhere but here. And even here, people would be only ironically mad.

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Hello reddi.t

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Keep coping I guess I'm not a KFP so this effects me in no way

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>using the retarded onion for your agenda
Please kill yourself and die.

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Kore baito desu

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fucking hilarious how people still fall for this kind of bait

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oh no no no no lmaooo

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Based and redpilled anyone who watches indies is an unironic cuck

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Some actually good bait with past precedent. Good job OP.

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The Vshojo collab hasn't even happened yet and she's pulling this shit lmao

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The final yab...

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The OP is graduating before our eyes!

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NOOOO it's over my veechewbas are turnin into heckin ess jay double (you)s

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the kfpnigger cope in this thread is something else
we already knew she supported BLM this is hardly a surprise

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Wtf I love Kiara now???

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Sorry if I use my mother tongue but... Madre de dios...

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Thread theme.

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What a bitch.

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Someone should SCed this in her next stream/nyonners collab lol

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Forget about BLM, she went on a rant complaining about why Japanese media isn't portraying Trump as negativity as the western media

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hey doxcord
what happened to the 1M mass unsubbing?

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holy based

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We're getting ready bigtime for 10mil

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>orange woman has publicly and personally acknowledged me
KFP on suicide watch

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Eurotard living in Japan seething about american politics. What a pathetic existence

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She probably meant to post it as K**kihime and fucked up, literally who cares there is nothing (nothing) wrong with being a faggot

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towa baby...

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I can't wait till the chicken dyke "graduates"

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women amirite

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>>5139571 >>5139603 >>5139618 >>5139713 >>5139841 >>5139994 >>5140137 >>5140178 >>5140501 >>5140765 >>5140775
if this was real it would say this tweet doesnt exist anymore

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so this is what eggs have been reduced to, huh...

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Last person to reach 1 million
Now go and donate your paycheck to her to sooth her pain

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>there is nothing (nothing) wrong with being a faggot
Incorrect. Nothing wrong with being a homo, but faggots should burn.

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We know retardchama, it's shitposting

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Works on my machine

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I wouldn't donate my paycheck.
She's making enough living rent free in your head.

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They do be like this tho.

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you will never be as successful as her. keep seething.

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This thread is why Marine id telling (you) to insert things in your butt, she knows that (you) are sexually frustrates and need some love

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>streamer does the yuri thing with another streamer (actually several of them)
>not allowed to post on her Twitter appreciating gay fans

You people are weird.

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Japan doesn't like fags

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>this page doesn't exist
So how do we know you didn't just make this shit up and then put a fake link into the description?

Oh wait, it's schizo bait post #5139343. Thought you guys moved to hating Calli?

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I learned something new everyday...

>> No.5141112

see if it pops up there in the next hour, if not OP is fake and gay

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Last person to reach 1 million

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>nyanners won't bring in sjwism they said

Annnnnnnnnnnnd it's gone.

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Most people are fine with them. The government lags behind, but it always does.

>> No.5141172

Why would she dox herself by tweeting the same thing on her roommate account?

>> No.5141207

I hope Japan holds strong and doesn't make the same mistakes the west does in entertaining these degenerates.

>> No.5141243

Pretty much

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>another yuri = lesbian faggot
2D > 3D, fuck off.

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All of this "ur a bigot" shit is literally pushed by globalist megacorporations because a disjointed mentally ill society of weirdos is easier to sell things to, especially if your entire existence revolves around yourself. You are unironically the bad guy and a simp for dystopian rule by bankers.

Short the US.

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if she hasn't made a statement yet, drama like this will force her to make one
I'm not sure why wvts aren't all over the pride stuff. its incredibly corporate friendly and they gain much more than they lose.

>> No.5141294

there is a difference between anime yuri, which is a fantasy genre and mentally ill people in real life

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get the fuck out, pedo

>> No.5141307

it's been awhile this got me

>> No.5141310

>Thought you guys moved to hating Calli?
doxcord niggers will jump on anything that's new and current.
just yesterday those fags were trying to make a deal out of whatever that Rushia "yab" was supposed to be.

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Based chicken.

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Off yourself reactionary

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> He thinks yuribait is genuine

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They already have some areas allowing gay marriage, and local courts ruling that preventing gay marriage is unconstitutional. It's only a matter of time now.

>> No.5141347

Any mobileshitter literally just check for yourself. It shows up clearly as "this tweet was deleted" to me.

>> No.5141351

Nice try, eggchama

>> No.5141356

Join the 41% tranny faggot

>> No.5141396

He literally made up the tweet anon are you completely retarded.
Meidos should do their jobs without having to summon them with >she

>> No.5141437

How many subs do you have?

>> No.5141456

>drama like this will force her to make one
Literally no one cares outside here. I'm sure some people would appreciate her making a statement, but frankly most gays find constant corporate virtue signaling more annoying than anything so I don't think many are clamoring for it.

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Fuck Trannies. Heil Hitler.

>> No.5141468

Last person to reach 1 million
she cares more about us than about you
now go throw some money to her while she complains about us, cuck

>> No.5141476

can't wait to cover put a rainbow flag on their profile pic

>> No.5141504

I don’t think anyone’s oshi here is Kiara

>> No.5141578

I wish she would really tweet something like this though

>> No.5141584

>but frankly most gays find constant corporate virtue signaling more annoying
lel, no they dont

>> No.5141600

Corporations will bring it in via entertainment and will be normalized to the people form the top down like it was in the west.

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>> No.5141632

>he thinks people are shitposting
>he is unaware

>> No.5141640

OK "Non Anon" with 200 subs, 6 twitter followers and a disgusting spic accent.
Keep circlejerking those old rrats in your doxcord server while nobody watches you.

>> No.5141662

lol I don't give a shit. Kiara can say whatever as long as it doesn't ruin a stream on her end.

>> No.5141675

retard, have you never heard of pride parades

>> No.5141677

This should surprise literally nobody.

>> No.5141703

They do. Everyone hates obnoxious prancing faggots except the faggots themselves. Regular normalfags just want to live their own lives. Western "muh politics = life" worldview is fucking retarded.

>> No.5141748

>Last person to reach 1 million
Who? Not you, you'll never achieve anything half as significant as that.

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and people keep saying that this won't happen

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not even the first time she's done this lmao

>> No.5141790

they're trying hard but you have to realize globohomo money is tempting as you can see with cover kicking coco out just for more game permissions and less attacks.

leftists are pretty good at attrition where normal people would rather cede ground to them than actually fight because they think it isnt worth it.

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>> No.5141826

Yes, they do.
Most gays want corporations to stay out of pride parades too. The problem isn't the rainbow flags and shit itself, it's that it's clearly souless and they just want your money.

>> No.5141846

Of course no-one should be surprised by a fake screencap.
These idiots think Kiara would type in ENGLISH in Akiroze's chat. They still spam that 6-month old picture as if anyone except SEAnigs would fall for them.

>> No.5141911

>They do.
not really, its similar to niggers saying they dont like BLM while they dont do anything to stop it and support it internally.

you can stop doing damage control now for some outlier faggots who dont LGBTP stuff

>> No.5141951

>i-it's fake
Holy shit, the absolute cope. Kiara supports gays, get over it.

>> No.5141968

Anyone remembers Dallas' Buyers Club? The faggot-hating texan did more for the homos than anyone else in the entire movie.

>> No.5141982

lgbtq wouldn't be popular with the average person at all if it wasn't for corporate media shoving it down everyone's throats.

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Surely they can see what has happened to the west and know to not even step one foot on that road though. How can any other nation look at the state of America and think "yeah I want to do that too"

>> No.5142016

I don't think you're actually reading what I'm saying. I'm not saying most gays don't support pride, I'm saying they specifically don't want CORPORATIONS there.

>> No.5142087

Yeah. You have to laugh at the fake outrage here from the kind of people who complain incessantly about others being triggered

>> No.5142125

I hate dramafags so god damn much

>> No.5142137

This is a gossip thread alright

>> No.5142192

What's the story with this one

>> No.5142210

>Most gays want corporations to stay out of pride parades too
Ah so the gays and troons don't like it when corps get in the middle of their child drag parades and their wearing leather fetish gear in front of 6 year-olds? I guess that makes it ok, then

>> No.5142238

Kiara loves niggers

>> No.5142256

What does that have anything to do with the fake Akiroze screencap you fags spam in your doxcord server? And Kiara's a pretty bad supporter of gays then after unfollowing and ghosting Artemis on twitter.

>> No.5142262

>I'm saying they specifically don't want CORPORATIONS there.
this is also false because of the simple fact of them attacking every company/actor who DONT post about LGBTP shit. you're fighting ghosts here thinking this is plebbit.
you need to get the fuck out.

>> No.5142285

The eggcord can't get traction in /hlgg/ so they have to make their own splits and spam them in a futile effort. Insane but what can you do.

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Step it up then nigger

>> No.5142320

1. I don't even know what Aki screencap you're talking about
2. Artemis isn't gay he's a perverted heterosexual tranny

>> No.5142347

Every EN supports gays at the very least.

>> No.5142349

this entire board is gossip

>> No.5142352

>Asleigh Shackelford
Oh dear.

You just noticed?

>> No.5142380

there are really two different branches of gays here. The liberal gays who are happy they are seen by corporations, and then the more social gays who are angry about it

>> No.5142415

The doxcord too, lol.
If you're in there, their main chat has been oddly quiet for the past 15 minutes. You know all 20 of them are here, lol.

>> No.5142421

You can say most all you want but the loudest ones on twitter will keep yas queening every company that puts a rainbow on things like it is going out of style.

Though those are probably just paid accounts that hype up the gay marketing to try and trick lgbt people into buying shit.

I really just don't know why anyone is one twitter or trusts anyone on the internet.

>> No.5142429

>unfollowing and ghosting Artemis on twitter.
you know we can see kiara posting happy birthday on the tranny's channel right?
who do you think you kfp are fooling?

>> No.5142435


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