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What's with Vtuber fans' desire to spam their shit on every other board? Isn't it enough it have a board entirely for yourselves? What the fuck is wrong with you

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Cry more faggot

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we are the new bronies

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It's just the Holobronies. You don't see Nijiniggers doing that. I guess it's all greek to you as an outsider though. Just know that Holofags are hated even by other vtuber fans.

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there's a faggot that keeps making a thread on /m/, probably the same faggot that occasionally posts pekora images in the gunpla/plamo general too

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This why we call them Holobronies. Same behavior as the ponyfuckers

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you think it's funny now but if you keep this shit up ppl will start to look down on your hobby

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Always hide your power level.

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Everyone already looks down on a hobby that consists of sending your hard earned paychecks to a grown woman LARPing as a shark loli, nothing they do at this point could make them be seen as lower.

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>go on /tg/
>post shit from /pw/, /sp/, /a/, /v/, /lit/
>no reaction
>post a hyper distorted ogey pekora
>everyone goes ballistic
Admit it, it's the site who has the problem and we are the well adjusted ones

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Who even knows you in the West?

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Nobody. And that's a good thing for the reasons outlined in this very thread.

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vyt sperg you’re the one who was autistically spamming Hololive threads on other boards until the meidos got tired of your shit.

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>No u

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Not VTuber fans, just holobronies.

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This boards notorious at this point for having a metric fuckton of tourists, they don't understand how things work

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And that's what happens when you tell faggots to go back. They'll then go faggin' somewhere else after take a souvenir with them.

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But every thread on this board is pretty much Hololive

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Wait, when did /vm/ and /vmg/ get added? I swear I blink and a new /v/ spin-off board is made.

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dumb phoneposter

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Do you perchance hang around another board and try to collect every instance of someone posting Pepe and then screech like the autist fuck that you are that it is a discord raid?
if you get anywhere close to /tg/ again, I'll skin you

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I'm not phoneposter OP, there's a faggot that keeps shitting up a slow board like /m/ with thinly veiled vtuber threads that barely have anything to do with "mecha"

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I guess 94 containment threads aren't enough for the holobronies. Hiromoot should just ban vtubers outside of /vt/ already

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Sperging out every time someone posts a reaction image from a medium you don't like isn't "spamming".
I don't like /co/shit but people post it on other boards all the time and no one complains, including me. Hit puberty already you underage fag.

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Nijiniggers don't do that because there's like 10 of them in the west that know them and they are irrelevant, cry more. Tell AnyColor to step up their game on choosing who gets in Nijisanji instead of spamming 50 talents per year that stream once a month

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they already do anyway. But at fucking least we'll never stoop so low to become bronies

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It's not just pictures. The other day niji and Holo fans were derailing a fucking FGO thread on vg

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holy based

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The fucked up thing about this is apparently Mouse lurks /m/ which isn't a surprise if you're aware of her love of toku and she saw the thread. In her stream Saturday she mentioned seeing for the first time ever a comment accusing her of being a fake Sentai fan.

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>there's like 10 of them in the west that know them and they are irrelevant, cry more
What's there to cry about? No embarrassing containment breaching on the fanbase's part? I'm bawling.

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Not much else to talk about in thread for dead game, especially when lore thread is on /jp/
Do you bitch about ddlc thread talking about random shit too?

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you niggers deserve it for killing every good general under a flood of gachashit for every single chink jpg casino in existence

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I'm not kidding...

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Doyers anime poster is based.

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those threads are always getting good quality anime images so its not that bad

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About your oshi's irrelevance outside of Japan

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But I'm glad they're irrelevant outside of Japan. Exactly for the reasons you can see in this thread.
>Inb4 cope
You don't need cope when you get loli swimsuit bondage 3D streams uncensored by Susan.

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Well, popular things bound to invite cancer. They're probably the same people that like /mlp/ when it was at their peak. Like people in this thread that trying to justify it.

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>Vtuber fans
you mean holobronies?

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It triggers the tourists and hopefully convinces them to leave.

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The most recognizable Nijis are generic anime high schoolers. I can't even false flag with Nijis.

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kinda funny vtubers images are still allowed in other boards when /vt/ exists as a containment board
mlp images are still banned everywhere but vt gets a pass i guess

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>if we can't find any holobronies, we will become them
what did they mean by this?

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we need our own barneyfag desu

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There are chuuba fans in every board.

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Yeah, because they are irrelevant. So irrelevant that YouTube doesn't even care about Nijisanji

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