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Gura is alive!!!

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>homo shill thread disguised as gura

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Your edit makes zero sense

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if this ever happens we will know that she is really dead and was replaced by an AI

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This will be an improvement. AI fags get to work.

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gura is dead. holoEN is picrel now. the rebranding is complete

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just stream

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Realtime voice conversion is already possible with the AI models people are using to make covers. We just need someone willing to stream using one.

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To be fair Fauna is streaming too just doesn't have the stream reservation up yet

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Why do I see that same art used for so many chuubas? especially Idol.

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>Posts people not considered part of holoEN by general fanbase
Your psyop game is as limp as your wrist certainly is.

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idol paid the artist to do a bunch of poses/expressions

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Too bad those are literally the only people with streams up right now in EN.
If you rather watch nothing then by all means.

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Amelia Watson confirmed that their managers can use their accounts.

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why doesnt kronii join the boys?? is she only starving for noirs cock?

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The boys already have a full party because the homos actually like to play games together.

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good to hear

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Who? This is a vtuber board, sir

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"Rebranding" is a funny way to say "I got rugpulled by lazy whores"

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I rather watch nothing, you know like normal functioning people who on 4chan(hobbyist site) rather than watching any vtuber that you don't like.

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>Normal functioning people
Nah dude. If you post on 4chin you have some kind of mental illness. We all do. So sit back and accept it because denying it will only reinforce the idea that you'll be ridiculed out of /here/ harder than usual.

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I see

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There's no room for speculation. Gura has hard confirmed that her manager uses her account for likes and retweets. Basically Gura is in charge of retweeting cute and lewd shit and shilling her own streams while mane-chan does the corpo shilling crap and the phony quirky girl UwU tweet we get once for every 20 days of complete radio silence.

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but for how long?

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Who's gonna tell ^this retard that Noir's gay af lmao

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Is she healthy?

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Dude this is like stan Lee's Twitter retweeting some shitty marvel movie. It's just sad, flayon just fucking graduate my guy. A fucking takodachi has more brand recognition than your entire life.

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apology for poor english
when were you when gawr gura lives?
i was sat at home watching ayame stream when yagoo ring
‘gura is live’

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