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kooper love

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koompaloompas on suicide watch

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I heard she was joining a small new org and I read her manifesto, but I still don't understand why this place is losing their shit.

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Threw her old fans under the bus and fell for a groomers tricks.

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can you elaborate at all or are you going to make me do my reps

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Don't care still voting Kooper!

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>t. she isnt falling for OUR grooming so she's being groomed by spacer

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It's literally just the sound tweet + the manifesto. She met with a male vtuber irl, people freaked out, and she wrote a very poorly worded statement, and followed it up with the manifesto.

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Do your reps. Its best to see it raw.

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>poorly worded
>admits she knew what she was doing
>every excuse felt like she was doubling down on it

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she basically said she's going to be growing and changing as a content creator and that while she's happy for everyone who followed her up until now, they should be prepared to find a new oshi if they don't like the way she has changed.
She made this statement around the time she joined an org and will be introduced to a new audience

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if that's it, I pity her for having to put up with the schizos here

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which is why she's making these announcements and finding new audiences
she'll finally be free of her shizo OG audience

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She just fucked up with her wording and actions, and this was poorly timed around the same time she's joining an informal twitch group to network some more

The twitch group is a total nothingburger

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The funniest thing about the Koopa drama is that the antis are actually cockblocking Spacer because Koopa is freaking out over it

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I'm not saying I want her to abandon her roots; I very much like how she is >one of us in a sort of muh sekrit club kinda way and how she interacts here. I just understand that she's free to do whatever she wants and she shouldn't be held captive by schizos, even if those schizos are a part of her "original" audience.

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It's the pink cat all over again.

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She knew was going to happen taking an idea from here and pandering directly to this audience.

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Not really.

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I didn't read the thing but I can already imagine it's basically "In order to grow as an indie I need to become more normalfag and 4chinners won't like that so I'm gonna say goodbye to them now"

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Not remotely and also fuck off

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Nah, more like she was just fucking around making shitposting content but is so autistic her word choice made her sound like a complete asshole.

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https://pastebin.com/BQUfL96N well, here it is so you can read it carefully and in its entirety. You wouldn't want to be willfully ignorant and go around sowing rrats and fury, would you?

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Good now maybe i have a chance with spacer

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Good, I hope the menhera wards him off.

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I don't know what's going on

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>But if my content or how I portray myself does not fit what you're looking for in a streamer, I think other people would deserve your viewership over me. I want you to enjoy the content you watch online, if I'm not what you are looking for anymore, don't force yourself to watch me out of obligation.

Good lord. It's fucking over,

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how do you interpret that as a bad thing

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She says something to that affect 4 or 5 times. It's not a great sign for things to come.

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She is basically saying "fuck off if you don't like it".
Which is perfectly fine but it's just sad to see for the other side that will drop her.

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this is all the fault of the schizos who stopped koopa horny posting

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the koopaposter is to be truly feared.

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The problem is she doesn't even know what she wants to do.

Okay sure Koopa, you can get rid of all your cute flirty redeems, stop reading stories and doing cute zatsudans, etc, but what are you replacing them with? Little_S collabs? Do you know what your endgame is? Only then will I feel confident that "yes, Koopa isn't changing, she's just changing what she does."

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Is this just about her collabing with male vtubers? Because it sounds like it's literally just that.

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may as well be, considering how unironically NO MALES this board can be

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She's off-collabing with spacer.

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She said she's going to keep on doing her own thing because everytime she does something ten fucking stalkers come out of the woodwork all pissed because they can't control her.

Honestly it's about as polite as "fuck off" gets.

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boring fans are mad that she's having off-kais with fun and interesting fans

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Are we loosing pseudo ASMR streams? Is she doing more collabs in this group?
What's her end game?

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Of course a schizo created a now thread just to doompost. Real troopas understand what she's going through and want to give her some time for herself.

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There's no endgame, you mega dork. She's not playing 4d chess. There's no dark, underlying motive. She's just doing what feels right to her at the time, and it could be different 3 months from now.

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>She's just doing what feels right to her at the time
Just what I'd expect from a woman!
I'm not implying anything negative, but does she even have a plan for what she wants to do instead? >Implying

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She should have been more transparent about it. Everything she.has done so far feels out of character. I didnt care that she did collabs with vtubers. Male or otherwise. Her recent actions just come off as cold.

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Feels like she's sick of having expectations for her and keeping up with the grind.
She became a Vtuber for fun and has now officially reached rigamarole status.

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She wants the pay off but not the work?

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collab tourists shitflinging

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she wants to do what she wants to do.
she said if you don't like that then you're free to stop watching her

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But what does she want to do
I'd still watch her if she did nothing but autistically rant while doing reaction videos all day, but is about her content, or is it more about perception of her?

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Can you blame her? I'd fucking hate for my funny haha hobby to become a torturous chore, not to say that isn't not her "job".
Shitty of her if yes, but I doubt even koops would be naive enough to think that. She probably just wants freedom to have fun with it.

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>Everything she.has done so far feels out of character.
I don't think so at all. Did you perhaps built up an image of her in your head?

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>But what does she want to do
Probably have fun with her friends and not have a bunch of retards get all booty blasted about it. Honestly these threads are getting really tiresome just from all the little entitled shits angrily complaining that she doesn't pander exclusively to them.

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I don't want her to pander, I want her to actually know what she wants to do before throwing a fit over it

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If it's any consolation, it is mostly male chuubas angry they became vtubers to get close to Koopa and that Spacer succceded where they failed.
This is no longer a parasocial schizo issue, it's a spurned lovers issue and it can be ignored.

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It couldn't be ignored before?

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It is interesting and fun to discuss the side effects of vtuber culture.
Being salty because a girl you were hitting on doesn't like you predates agriculture.

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I am sure a lot of had no real delusions about actually banging koopa. She just handled this whole thing poorly from her words to her timing.

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I honestly believe it's all gonna be alright, Koopa didn't really mean anything mean-spirited it was just a combination of shitty circumstances and her inability to react accordingly

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She got too big for her britches. Just drop her and be done with it. She'll change her model into a pink cat in a little bit.

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Both seem to have good reason to hate this place given the utter schizofest the last few threads have been

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Fuck all this

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You do your thing, Satan

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>it is mostly male chuubas angry they became vtubers to get close to Koopa
An interesting projection, anon.

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>She'll change her model into a pink cat in a little bit.
That woud be for the best.
Those things belong to /hlgg/ and she should return them if she wants to finally cut all ties with them and their ways.
The dream shall return to the dreamer.

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Lol no

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Like 45% of her fans are euros dude

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Have you ever been in /wvt/?
Groomers figured long ago that the easiest way to get close to a vtuber is to be a vtuber yourself.
The number of vtubers outed as schizos is downright impressive, and those are only the ones we know about.

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Now that you mention it when she posted that on twitter everyone in the thread was perfectly fine with it, i just realized those were European hours

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>Groomers figured long ago that the easiest way to get close to a vtuber is to be a vtuber yourself.
That's grooming 101 in VTubing, since apparently vtubers can do no wrong as opposed to regular viewers

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It can't be helped because of her origin as a spin-off from /hlgg/, but having the majority of your initial fanbase be mostly hololive fans is a huge mistake. Lots of idolfags and a handful of unicorns have made up this schizo spergout over the last few days.
If Koopa were just any other indie, or were part of some other group initially, this would have blown over in a day because vtubers interacting with males isn't taboo outside of the holosphere.

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What did Koopa do? Join a twitch group? Something about a pink cat model?

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She has a twitch group which is a nothing burger yeah, pink cat model is just people saying she's going to be nyanners like idiots.

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She said she was going to collab with her friends on a more official basis and confirmed that this is the direction she wants to take the channel in because some people don't like it and she wanted to be upfront about it.

Psychos predictably, are upset.

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>Koopa selfcest

>> No.5098670

Who the fuck is mad about the Twitch group thing? It's a nothingburger, I'm more just confused about the weird roster.

>> No.5099093

>I'm more just confused about the weird roster
From what's been deduced, Yozora wanted to form a group and invited a bunch of her friends, even if those friends haven't interacted much.

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i love koopa and if this board ever treats her the way it treats nyanners, i WILL cry

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I'll only truly dislike her if she comes out and says she hates guys who are into mommies.
Then Koopa will really be dead to me.

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You have to admit that Koopa fucked up with how she explained everything. She grew an audience and then threw them out once she had the chance to get a bigger one. I will still watch but with more apathy than anything.

>> No.5099356

>and then threw them out once she had the chance
I think she doesn't know what she wants, more like she fucked up and accidentally implied that unintentionally.

>> No.5099448

where are people getting this idea that she's abandoning her fans?

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Its just so tiresome...

>> No.5099529

From her admittedly bad wording, but you can see that she just has no idea what to do with her content and has thrown her arms up if people don't like...whatever she plans on doing. It's not her fanbase she's abandoning, it's uh, whatever she thinks she doesn't want to do anymore.

>> No.5099577

I'm not going to treat her like Nyanners until she start acting like Nyanners (probably not far off, but that's a separate conversation.) I'm just going to distance myself from her as much as she's distancing herself from her old fans.. That's probably for evertone's benefit anyway.

>> No.5099590

It's a small handful of schizos shitposting and riling up other people

>> No.5099733

>will be introduced to a new audience
a new normalfag audience

>> No.5099742

Wasn't she doing a collab today?

>> No.5099768

No Koopa schedule posted, I sleep on collab

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i regret making this thread and giving schizos a propaganda platform

>> No.5099882

Are these the new designated shitting threads?

>> No.5099911

yes and?

>> No.5099944

Koopa really has herself to blame. She should have just stayed off the internet until she came back. Then SLOWLY eased into all this shit.

>> No.5099958

Koopa isn't leaving us or dropping her audience you retards

>> No.5099980

What everyone seems to forget is that almost everyone was fine with the collab/any personal implications until the corpo post. "Not being an idol" wasn't what upset fans, it was the that the fans were something she could experiment on, implying a much greater degree of detachment than she had let on earlier. Whether you believe it was a miscommunication, or whether she's now backtracking because it blew up, or if that greater degree of detachment was always the correct amount, at least be accurate with why people were upset in the first place.

>> No.5100024

i told you, i hate to say it but i told you.

>> No.5100085

I believe it was miscommunication but also she's dumb and doesn't know what she wants.

>> No.5100123

>even if those friends haven't interacted much.
Koopa wasn't even following the irrelevant vampire at the time

>> No.5100222

Speaking of, holy fuck that creature is a Final Yabbening waiting to happen
>a woman so fucking insecure that she names her """""""persona"""""""" (literally just her because, as discussed, women don't have kayfabe) after two sexual concepts and STILL posts IRL pictures of herself to prove she's not ugly
I don't want her having anything to do with Koops, but I guess that ship has long-since sailed.

>> No.5100360

I still understand why the fuck Koopa would join a group with THIS

>> No.5100412

Can't wait for this girl to drop out first and ruin the naming theme of the group

>> No.5100420

still don't understand
fuck made a typo but I'll correct it instead of waiting 6 hours

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>fuck made a typo but I'll correct it instead of waiting 6 hours

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Troopas your oshi will collab with her

>> No.5100635

So? Caring about that kind of thing is unironically schizo groomer shit. Hopefully it turns out well, maybe it won't, but there's always another stream.

>> No.5100695

so you're the kind of person that wants dogshit unfun streams?

>> No.5100737

>caring about chuuba and IRL personae being different is schizo groomer shit
I see. Perhaps indies WERE a mistake.

>> No.5100870

Show me a stream of this person that is bad. I don't care about what's on their twitter, only what's in their content and how they treat their fans.

>caring about chuuba and IRL personae being different is schizo groomer shit

>> No.5100991

>I don't care about what's on their twitter
that's how they'd act on twitch

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koopa wants to smash that pussy, obviously

>> No.5101070

Good god, Koopa is the living example of "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity". I get if she wants to change, I get if she wants to distance herself from 4chan. It's fine, it's not like we're only watching /here/-chuubas. What irks me the most is just the pure autism of hers. Growing is a slow process, you can't just look at what Nyanners did, follow her footsteps and hope for the same success.

Think Koopa, THINK. What type of content do you want to make. Was that Corpo-Post necessary? Was the manifesto necessary? To me this seems like burning all the bridges, whilst somehow trying to build the road ahead of her.

She should be honest, open and upfront about what she wants to do and how she aims to achieve it and whilst the manifesto (I swear to god, I'll be put on a list because of that word) tried to do that somewhat, it's still mostly nothing.

>> No.5101313

Seriously. Koopa, tell us upfront. What do you want from your fanbase? What do you want to be reduced or eliminated? What content do you want to pursue? What content do you want to cut back on? Where do you see yourself going? We're all here damn near desperate to support you, but your full retard posting has us drowning in rrats.

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Oh fuck she cute

>> No.5101546

Get some standards

>> No.5101590

>She should be honest, open and upfront
She has been this entire time. Calm your autism.

>> No.5101605

she's out of the league of everyone on this board and in this thrad

>> No.5101620

Don't you tell my dick what to do

>> No.5101677

I hardly understand what's going on but it makes me glad that the only Koopa streams I ever watched were debut and RE4 so I dont have to be angry about whatever this is

>> No.5101690

Speak for yourself I'm a combat veteran

>> No.5101713

>combat veteran
*welfare queen

>> No.5101805

Soldier here. Solid kek, you're not fucking wrong.

>> No.5102156

First pic made me think that she was Digibro for a second.

>> No.5102179

she posts on this board and frequently in /asp/ and /wvt/ so you're probably replying to her

>> No.5102250

Yes, and?
Free college nigga

>> No.5102253

>she posts on this board and frequently in /asp/ and /wvt/ so you're probably replying to her
eros never does

>> No.5102326

Nah dude, I'm fat and have a cock. No dice bro.

>> No.5102804

>it was the that the fans were something she could experiment on
The sentence is worded weirdly if you think the typo was experiment and not experience, go look at it again. I don't think she meant experiment. Hell, she had a type on her Twitter saying she is not in her new Twitch group for an hour before addressing it. She just needs to stop phone posting.

>> No.5102926

her biggest crime was being a filthy phoneposter

>> No.5102999

she also said she was shitposting so she shouldn't feel bad when she gets shitposted back. Can't take the heat get out of the kitchen

>> No.5103015

A lesson we all could stand to learn. Phoneposters get the fucking rope, even my oshi.

>> No.5103044

but anon we need women back in the kitchen...

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File: 116 KB, 342x504, 123434567678674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



A Scandalous Romance Revealed, Philosophers Wonder, "Are Troopas Cucks?"

Tricks & Traps, and a Turtle's Joke Gone Wrong

"Experient", A Word Employed By Manipulative Hags or Loving Autists Too Exhausted to Spell Check?


"The Manifesto of the MommyDaughterWife Party"

>> No.5103135

>Today's headlines
You fucking rat fuck pink, half of these are YESTERDAY'S headlines! I pay for the deluxe subscription to the Sunday edition so I can get this shit on time, and this is the swill you try to pass off on me on Monday? I want to cancel my subscription, and I'll be sending a strongly-worded letter to the editor.

>> No.5103171

>How did Eros join the group?
Simple, they didn't want to pay for a logo.

>> No.5103199

Based muckraker.

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>> No.5103414

I'm excited for the group just cause I want to see Koopa and ASS collab.

>> No.5103428

>Pink Journalism

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Wait what the fuck is happening I haven't watched kawpis in months

>> No.5103458

Scroll up

>> No.5103486

Leave it to Pinks to at least try and get a few laughs out of it. DAMN I LOVE BEING PINK! not sure how i feel about Koopa these days, though

>> No.5103495


>> No.5103500

Autist on Autist combat,

>> No.5103506

"Please be patient turtle has autism"

>> No.5103530

oh no, it’s not koopa baby

>> No.5103538

Koopa is retarded and also let Spacer kidnap her

>> No.5104034

Koopa slapped Nina in front of Nekoreen and that's why she isn't joining a twitch team with Kitanya

>> No.5104295

>she, little_s and shirara posting photos of themselves
Imagine Koopa doing it next. Imagine, she must be a really gorgeous lady!

>> No.5104406

we get to see Koopa's mecha gundam robot hands!

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File: 33 KB, 174x180, 86545u734567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Need koopa soapland massage.
>need koopa soapland massage
need koopa soapland massage
koopa please

>> No.5104516

"collabing" with male vtubers.
Running a train on your koopa milf

>> No.5104577

She talks like fucking Trump in this

>> No.5104627

I don't know about Trump specifically, but it sounds like politician talk, yeah. Probably why it pisses me off even if it's better than the first post she made.

>> No.5104775


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File: 8 KB, 259x194, 7 years of retardation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's because it's talking around the issue without actually talking directly about it.
So koopa, the person behind koopa, proves to be an opportunistic braindead woman who can't plan 3 steps ahead and consider things?
She's going to get wrapped up into some bullshit sex shit at some point and it'll be too late for her to even say anything about it other than her being left to her own devices.
Why are women like this?

>> No.5104854

she's a retarded southern hick what did you expect

>> No.5104882

>She's going to get wrapped up into some bullshit sex shit at some point and it'll be too late for her to even say anything about it other than her being left to her own devices.
I predict a pregnancy scare by the end of this year and then graduation.

>> No.5105129

Just thought of something too. The consistent talking around the issue like a fucking politician means she would actually be rather untrustworthy in an actual relationship. She would be spending a majority of her time dancing around issues, discussions, and other shit to the point of manipulation. Even if you got home after a long day of work and caught her midfuck with someone else she would panic and go retard mode on trying to "explain" it.
pregnancy scare for sure.
It's a shame it's come to this. To think dream anon's dream would become so broken and crushed. I feel bad for dream anon. So see the arching apex and now the fall.

>> No.5105244

Why are you like this?

>> No.5105300

why would he be here if he wasn't like that

>> No.5105372

Oh boy, I see the schizos have leveled up. Guys, you realize we don't give a shit about this anymore, right? The drama has cooled. At most, people have reduced their adoration of Koopa, but no one is interested in drumming this shit up for three days straight. You can go away now.

>> No.5105412

many such cases! /vt/ isn't sending their best!

>> No.5105437

Hook, Line, Sinker you dumbo

>> No.5105453

>Guys, you realize we don't give a shit about this anymore, right?
Yes, the collective we

>> No.5105511

The people who are kicking up the embers just like drama and are baiting (or "shitposting," as Koopa would say). Everyone else has settled into their long term positions.

>> No.5105744

>pregnancy scare
>she actually becomes pregnant weeks later
>dies at labor
So, we would be allowed to take Spacer's head, right?

>> No.5105772

Obligated, actually.

>> No.5105803
File: 1.56 MB, 1248x976, we.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5106443

Who woulda thought that koopa was retardchama all along

>> No.5108410

I'm not caught up with Koopa, what happened? Why are there so many antis shitting up the threads?

>> No.5108542

Bros, I miss Draygon. Where'd he go?

>> No.5108575

>>5103081 is unironically a good summary. Just put shizo gosling meltdowns after the first two links, then more of the fanbase turning on her after the quoted post and pastebin manifesto.

>> No.5108580

Just look at the archives at this point. Koopa, just fucked up hard, and keeps making it worse.

>> No.5108603

Even he doesn't want that pussy now that it's all briny.

>> No.5108752
File: 1.48 MB, 320x280, pQuXDr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5109125

its times like this I wish there was some guy who compiles all this trash because going through the archives for literally anything usually takes an assload of time unless it literally just happened an hour or two ago
But then again whenever some asshole takes it apon himself to compile shit like this its either super heavily biased or full of lies to create more rrats/drama for more clicks so I guess theres no winning

>> No.5109616

Honestly the experiment post and manifesto are definitely the result of Koopa being a legitimate retard for pouring gas on a fire with the intent to put it out. It’s annoying, but I don’t think it’s anything damning like what some of you all are trying to say.
This vtuber group is a whole other story. Why in fucks name is she joining a bunch of people (One of which posts selfies to try and prove they aren’t ugly behind the avatar, that’s disaster waiting to happen) she’s barely ever or never once interacted with publicly? Why fucking join one in the first place? How is this not the thing that’s setting alarms off for everyone? You would think your oshi going along with blatant behind-the-scenes discord trash would be what gets people upset but no it’s 2 posts on 4chan that are essentially her dancing around issues and tripping over her schizophrenia that makes the troopas go nuclear. I guess simply stating “but I’m not corpo (under Cover) you guys!” is enough to satisfy, which really does go to show how much she royally fucked up those 2 posts.


>> No.5109726

Twitch groups aren’t corporations in any capacity

>> No.5109993

>joining a group that has a selfdoxxer
definitely retarded. That's just asking for her own face and shit to get revealed.
Run away koopa! Leave! What is wrong with you?

>> No.5110050

and by run away I mean away from that group. Bad shit's going to happen and it's just going to go down hill!

>> No.5110368

The whole post is an irl death flag if I've ever seen one. Not literally, knowing Koopas condition sometimes, but her career.

>> No.5110604

Koopa joining a group is her decision. Whether I think it's a good decision or a bad decision doesn't matter, because it's hers and she thinks it's the right thing to do. I can respect that. Koopa's attitude towards her fans is a whole different ballgame, and I don't know if I buy "it was just a prank, bro!" as an excuse.

>> No.5110746

The Indie V-Tuber Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

>> No.5110950 [DELETED] 

>Woman takes a man's dream (literally) and exploits it for profit
>Exploits the group around said dream to create an easy platform to start out on
>Proceeds to have no idea where to go from there resulting in her dragging one man's former dream with her to eventually crash and burn horrifically

It's tragic but I'm laughin to be honest

>> No.5111000

>Woman takes a man's dream (literally) and exploits it for profit
>Exploits the group around said dream to create an easy platform to start out on
>Proceeds to have no idea where to go from there resulting in her dragging one man's former dream with her to eventually crash and burn horrifically

It's tragic but I'm laughing to be honest

>> No.5111078


>> No.5111080

>I wish there was some guy who compiles all this trash
someone fucking did you tard read the thread for fucks sake

>> No.5111128

No but it does imply more collabs with said group especially the selfdoxxer

>> No.5113973
File: 590 KB, 3238x3975, 1594074933775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's nothing wrong with Moriko, she's tight with Nina. Shirara's high spec herself but is a dumb bitch and is hounded by SJWs. However, >Yozora, Snake and the Literal are strange ass-picks. I think this group was planned during Koopa's supposed Mohun collab.

>> No.5114074

If nothing else, the whole drama has gotten me back into small/mid sized indies again. As long as you never post in chat, it's nice to not be taken for granted.

>> No.5114355

I feel like Kwap would have much more support if she had at least Nina with her and wouldn't be ""alone"" in this team.

>> No.5115173

Nina decided to abandon Koopa in the group though.

>> No.5115488
File: 164 KB, 313x245, 1606929230969.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nina is making friends with people with more pristine records.

>> No.5115854

God I want Nina to step on me and call me garbage.

>> No.5115905

God I want Bat to step on me and call me garbage.

>> No.5116739

The group is lead by Yozora she's the one that made it that's why all of them have connections to her but no real connections to each other

>> No.5116772

It's a Twitch group to expose viewers to one another it's a formal handshake at best stop with the weird autistic meltdown

>> No.5116815

it also promises collabs between the members including the selfdox chick I don't want her fanbase in chat

>> No.5116827

I know. That's why it's weird as fuck. Moriko+Koopa+Ass would've been fine, and little_feet too but he's >male.

>> No.5116829

You get one introductory collab and that'll be the only time you see them all at once

>> No.5116850

>stop with the weird autistic meltdown
It's silly, but I am not surprised. People's confidence has been shaken.

>> No.5116861

I don't want you in chat, but here we are.

>> No.5116895

Koopa is not known for good collabs that aren't The Girls and this group is all about collabs

>> No.5116931

It is not though. Bat already confirmed she won't be doing any more collabs this month outside of the two this week and I doubt the rest is keen on organizing stuff by themselves. Have some faith when told it's just for the sake of Twitch networking

>> No.5116946

I'll forgive Koopa if she has sex with me. I might even take ERP depending on how horny I am at the time.

>> No.5117003

>It is not though.
"collabs often"
>this month
is half over she's never said anything about July

>> No.5117008

I still think it's not that easy, I genuinely think Nina loves Koopa as much as she loves the Bat. Some anons think there might be more to this.

>> No.5117022 [DELETED] 

I think if there was going to be a dumbfuck team Koopa, Nina, Kitanya and Nekoreen should have been the team not those fucks. Koopa says
>This is a bunch of friends with similar content, humor, etc.
which is bullshit

>> No.5117041

I think if there was going to be a team Koopa, Nina, Kitanya and Nekoreen should have been the team not those dumbfucks. Koopa says
>This is a bunch of friends with similar content, humor, etc.
which is bullshit

>> No.5117042

Wouldn't the gamer word have gotten her banned from the game?

>> No.5117062

As much as a Gorls team makes sense from the viewer perspective, it might not make sense from the business end. Besides, Nina doesn't want to be in a game group, she wants to be in an art group. I wouldn't read too much into it.

>> No.5117065

That's why they have vampire with them

>> No.5117111

Koopa says "It is a hosting feature at the core of it " in that case why not host the Gorls instead of face reveal vampire who now gets hosted on her page like a leach

>> No.5117124

If the Gorls group was going to be a thing Nina would of made it as soon as she hit partner but she decided not to. This group is made of the strongest /wvt/ chuubas + Eros to hide the 4chan links to the normie viewers. You’re retarded if you think Koopa could ask for better promotion at this point.

>> No.5117156

The issue with staying within the Gorls is that they cannibalise each other’s viewership. You need fresh blood in order to grow.

>> No.5117174

Hosting happens when offline so now when Nina and Vampire are online at the same time instead of showing Nina off she's showing that face instead

>> No.5117193
File: 1.19 MB, 5312x2988, Koopa_and_troopa-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatever the hell happens, I'm finishing this project and I'm gonna make look sexy and official

Koopa, I believe in you.
Troopas, I believe in you.

>> No.5117198

>"collabs often"
that doesn't mean Koopa will collab with her she wouldn't do that right?

>> No.5117209

On twitch only Koopa streams anon.. how do you imagine Nina making anything if Koopa on Twitch is recent news and Africats are YouTube streamers? Think Anon..

>> No.5117211

So how twitch hosting priority goes is that you can choose channels in what order you would like to host them at. All Koopa needs to do is set the Gorls to a higher priority than her team and then she will host Nina instead in your situation.

>> No.5117213


>> No.5117236

Teams have highest prio

>> No.5117240

I’m waiting until the launch steam to make judgements on if this is a dumpster fire. I don’t know any of the chuubas involved other than Koopa so it could go one way or the other.

>> No.5117260

No, they dont. Even by default your featured streamer list is higher than your team.

>> No.5117282

Even if they didn't why would she join this team if she was going to do that. Eros is in some part the future of Koopa channel. For better or probably worse.

>> No.5117286

Troopa love, anon. It's a neat project and I'm excited to see how it turns out.

>> No.5117321

the snake and yozo are annoying coomers so expect him to flirt with koopa. vampire is a whore, ass menhera and bat a fucking kraut

>> No.5117362

Your meds Anon…

>> No.5117369

Can't deny the coomers or vampire being a wild card. But ASS improved a lot as a chuuba and actually took her meds to be less menhera and Bat has that hapa mix going on which makes her double autistic but also very fun. Let's just see how Saturday turns out

>> No.5117447

She entered the picklejar.

>> No.5117456

Nothing I said was wrong
ASS is also really fucking unstable right now after her grandma LETS GOOOOOOOO'd.
Bat is fine if rather bitchy

>> No.5117501 [DELETED] 

Can't wait for the team Yokomeshi Pride Month collab

>> No.5117531

If this is a dumpster fire I have no troubles abandoning koopa for battuber or someone like snuffy.

>> No.5117751

>I love my Troopas. Okay? They're the best. I love Troopas. No one loves Troopas more than me, BELIEVE ME. I have the best Troopas.

>> No.5117805

Actual snuffy or yozo snuffy?

>> No.5117889
File: 133 KB, 770x998, 1623552775183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been away, am I supposed to hate Koopa now...?

>> No.5117912

No, she's just dumb as usual and wrote while stressed during vacation. Give her the breather she needs so she can return at full power

>> No.5117924

>at full power
she hasn't been full power for months

>> No.5117931

Is "Experient" just Koopa's "covfefe"?

>> No.5118003

She's also been in and out of the hospital. Cut her some slack.

>> No.5118053

full power koopa is the same as january mori
never happening again

>> No.5118896

Maybe she should have just not been on the internet at all on her "vacation".

>> No.5119208

Anyone who thinks she's really going to change her content, do you even watch her?
Just from her personality and hobbies alone there's no way she's going to change too much.
It's mostly a "I'm gonna keep collabing with people, chuuba friends and males included" message, just worded like a fucking trainwreck because she's not exactly a social prodigy. Say, a nijisanji approach to collabs more than a holo approach.

The twitch team thing is both social reps and boosting between friends, it's a nothingburger. I guess people aren't used to twitch teams.

>> No.5119460

Looking kino

>> No.5119609

It's changing the content anon because now she needs to fit in and she is locked into collabs she wouldn't have otherwise.

>> No.5119683

>Just from her personality
The problem is, I don't know what that is. Before this drama, I wouldn't have thought Koopa would want to intentionally fuck with her fanbase. Put them back in their place when they overstep, sure, but fuck with? I wouldn't have thought she viewed her own content as satire. Cheekily leaning into a knowingly ridiculous fiction, sure, a wink and a nod, but satire? Etc.

I don't know what Koopa's roommate's personality is like. I had an assumption, which was admittedly a mistake that is 100% my own fault and 0% hers. However, I am not entirely sure what to replace that assumption with. When she streams again, we'll see. But my intuition is that, like literally anyone from /here/ who gets big, she will eventually loudly disavow any connection or relation, reinvent herself, and move on permanently. It happened to Nyanners, it happened to Notch, it happened so many other times. Why would now be any different?

>> No.5119818

Because half of them are on YouTube and there’s no cross site hosting.

>> No.5120011
File: 37 KB, 827x406, 1607509210790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thx I hate it

>> No.5120070

Yes, Koopa is bad because...
She's just bad, okay?

>> No.5120331

She's a deranged shitposter who's been here for a long time (see the VN family trees, that shit's old), I don't know what did you expect.

Nyanners was younger, her edgyness a phase and she's always been extremely influentiable. You won't see koops going SJW or shit like that.
Notch did use to post in /v/ but wasn't that deep into 4chan culture, just like the devs who pop there with their indie projects from time to time.

She has a don't tread on me attitude which is precisely why she will keep collabing with people outside that team, it's very obvious.

>> No.5120505

Mentally ill "fans". I feel bad for koopa

>> No.5120576

It's less about the act itself and more about the mentality. "Experimenting" implies a very detached, superior mindset, rather than a shitpost or a troll that implies a back-and-forth or just nonsense for the sake of nonsense. Yes, she's since later clarified that was the wrong word to use, but that explanation doesn't really ring true. It feels much more like it was how she really felt and didn't expect the reaction to be so negative. Of course, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, and it's not like I'm going to become an anti or anything. I just don't have high hopes for where this is all going.

>> No.5120696

Yeah the wording was total shit but I think it's just her being her. We'll see anyways in the next solo stream eventually

>> No.5120986

This feels like that one nerd girl who got a bit popular and decided her fellow nerds were not her friends anymore...

>> No.5121056

At this point you should use all the blackmail material you have on her to force her into sexual servitude.

>> No.5121100

Why do you wanna take it to such an extreme just to make the rest of us look bad?

>> No.5121109

Wanted to balance out the doomer posting with some coomer posting.

>> No.5121817

>to make the rest of us look bad?
>implying you bunch need any help doing that

>> No.5121894

Please just go enjoy your vacation.

>> No.5121979

not all the GORLS are even on twitch

>> No.5122016

Enough, Koopa probably didn't even mean anything bad she just acted hastily in panic

>> No.5122036

>a whole day between equally shit posts

>> No.5122075

Sure and at this point most of the thread is dogging on her for being an autistic phone poster and generally incompetent.

>> No.5122098

Pastebin is alright tho

>> No.5122234
File: 329 KB, 1000x1000, koopachama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Koopa is a fucking idiot and I love her

>> No.5122250

My Oshi is so dumb bros

>> No.5122374

This is very plausible, prior to this she had a great collab, previous koopa thread and unity thread were good, and that was after the tweet was posted, this is all so weird that i suspect we have schizos forcing the drama as people originally didn't care about the tweet, her initial reply was bad but i think that was because she got stressed out and she probably didn't mean it, i mean i myself say dumb shit in bad situations trying to get out although I don't mean it, most people can probably relate, all in all i don't think this is enough to completely turn on her

>> No.5122481

it 100% is a few people acting in bad faith just to fan the flames because it's just what some people do when it comes to any spark of drama on the internet. Though it has probably cascaded into the thoughts of some legitimate fans and cast doubt on them which is unfortunate

>> No.5122547
File: 1.97 MB, 2797x3642, IMG_20210615_071716104~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want to hate my oshi she's a retard but I really like her

>> No.5122562

Based, looks great so far bro
Based, this is why we must KOOPA LOVE, to fight them!

>> No.5122612

didn't buy because h*rd designed it

>> No.5122614

>completely turn on her
Less turning on her and more waiting for the other shoe to drop. But getting caught in this timeloop isn't healthy for anyone.

>> No.5122646

Who? I just wanted to add to my patchie collection

>> No.5122711

Just some Troopa who's been drawing Koopa constantly since day 1 and schizos hate on him because of some reason or another. Doesn't matter really as long as he keeps supporting my oshi.

>> No.5122762

Reminds me of the guy who constantly draw kyuotto art them people are dedicated to choobas

>> No.5123272

You aight pink boy

>> No.5123282

Come draw stuff with your fellow Troopas over on Aggie.io!

>> No.5123309

Literally it’s only a group, and every chuuba there is /here/

>> No.5123359
File: 13 KB, 523x116, E5281904-9F61-46DE-ACE7-54B23D693D12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5123438

Yes yes, we already saw that post. It's still weird what "cursed and friendly chemistry" she's talking about considering they've barely interacted with each other. But whatever, the Teams mean basically nothing and if it helps Koops with her growth, then she can do it.

>> No.5123590

Koopa fucked up and made a typo and had to go masturbate for 8 hours on and off because she was so stressed out and made everybody hate her.

>> No.5123710

Honestly experience sounds more logical

>> No.5123842

The thing I think people need to stop focusing in on is this "never interacted" bit. I know for a fact she has been interacting with at least 3 out of the 5 behind the scenes for months, some even since her debut, but has just not gotten around to an on-screen collab with any of them yet, and vtubing at the level they are all at means you dont have time to sit in eachothers chats all day so that everyone knows you are friends implicitly. (Not to mention people already sperg out about "vchatters" anyway) I know this mainly because I have a memory like a steel trap and I remember everytime shes mentioned interacting with someone in the threads (/koopa/ and /wvt/, all versions of it) and I never miss a stream or tweet. The thing people need to understand with vtubers interacting is that this is not a TV show. We do not see every moment of their lives and we do not see who they talk with when we are not around. We can pick up context clues from things they say and moments when they interact in eachothers chat, but for all we know two vtuvers who have had zero public interactions are best friends who have been DMing for a year straight, and saying things like "but they have never interacted before this makes no sense" is ignorant and assuming we are all-knowing about how they operate in private. Dont assume you know everything about vtubers and dont play backseat manager when you do not have a complete picture.

>> No.5123901

>"but they have never interacted before this makes no sense" is ignorant and assuming we are all-knowing about how they operate in private.
Two roommates interacting positively over discord != two chuubas having public onscreen chemistry. I don't deny that it CAN work out, but the initial concern is valid.

>> No.5123922

I want to kiss Koopa on the temple, hug her tightly, and tell her everything is going to be alright

>> No.5123939

>knows for a fact
Who the fuck are you,

>> No.5124121

A day -15 Troopa who pays attention to Koopa lore, apparently better than most if everyone forgot the ASS tweets 4 months ago, the Little S selfpost in /wvt/ 2.5 months ago, and the Bat raids/chat interactions a month and a half ago

>> No.5124126


>> No.5124236

I don't believe Kwappi is doing anything in bad faith, she's a good girl

>> No.5124388

Dumb faith

>> No.5124463

Who said it was about Kwappi?

>> No.5124554
File: 14 KB, 592x126, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5124555

I'm gonna draw kooper a nice picture!

>> No.5124588

Is it finally safe to come out? Are frens who said they would return when dramafags and schizos leave back?

>> No.5124615

Good thing that Koopa left her shell of anonymity once she starting vtubing.

>> No.5124619

I never left, I will always koopa love even in the face of schizos. Have since day 0.

>> No.5124622

the vultures still lurk

>> No.5124789

Good think Kwappi has many shells (loyal troopas) back off schizos

>> No.5124817


>> No.5124841

Who're you?

>> No.5124872
File: 118 KB, 402x360, shitposting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>5124817 is a whore

>> No.5124936
File: 158 KB, 402x360, Koopa_phoneposting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5125093
File: 30 KB, 400x400, 1601015730774.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5125119

On the topic of Shitposting Nina, don't forget the Simulacra stream today.

>> No.5125148

Troopa is a whore

>> No.5125149

I rewatched some streams and my Koopa love levels are back up, I don't care anymore I just want her back

>> No.5125348

And Neko's 6 month anniversary too

>> No.5125404
File: 210 KB, 1434x978, Cringy meme i made.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5125416


>> No.5125563

This is cringe but also based, not sure where to rate you

>> No.5125594
File: 178 KB, 958x1619, image001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5125707

Pink troopas are whores

>> No.5125799


>> No.5125882

>koopa makes good content and has enjoyable streams
>takes steps to climb higher on the ladder of success to improve her livlihood and well-being
>even if it means leaving 4chan behind
based, will support
>koopa makes good content and has enjoyable stream
>stays in the indie scene and perserveres
>may or may not enjoy doing what she does given limited opportunities brought about by lack of growth
>but perseveres anyway
based, will support

>> No.5125898
File: 151 KB, 680x454, TROOPAS UNITED FC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(not racist jus don't like em)


-big troopa

>> No.5125936


>> No.5126070

Koopa should just come in and no
multiparagrah cropo/marxist bullshit. Tell us whats going on. That will calm the rrats.

>> No.5126140

Have you ever listened to Koopa speak once in your life you dumb pink kike? She rambles constantly, thats how she talks, its always been. Thats what both statements were, pure Koopa rambles. Go back to whatever shithole you crawled out from

>> No.5126161

Lay it to rest already. Let Koopa go on vacation, sort it all out, and figure out how to best approach it when she comes back.

>> No.5126251
File: 1.13 MB, 3107x1083, KOOPA FC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.5126323

Norfs are the most powerful Troopas

>> No.5126351

I'm gonna be repping me fucking oshi when the 4cc footie kicks off in july like no other

>> No.5126407

oh shit I forgot about this

>> No.5126416

>Tell us whats going on. That will calm the rrats.
This is the view of someone who's only been on this site for a few short years.
You don't explain/apologize for shit on here or anywhere else on the internet.
If you have a lick of sense, you'd understand that mob mentality is king and nothing you say or do matters the moment any drama of any form starts circulating.
Many call them schizos but in reality they're the modern Anons.
The good people shirk off the 'Anonymous/4chan' identity in favour of something else, as the bad take pride of being part of some mid-2000s edge culture long-since twisted into something more sinister.
Out of every board on this site, only one left maintains the original spirit of Anon.
These modern anons are parasites. Vultures.
Their lives are 4chan and not much else. They hang on the edge of a knife with little else to satisfy themselves. They don't have identities and embrace the hate.
Be sure to read the board sticky and abide by the first and second lines.

>> No.5126462
File: 1.59 MB, 1290x1927, 18475789457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna cheer for koopers on the pitch and stick 20 shells on her at the bookies

>> No.5126565


>> No.5126716

Kissing Koopa's cute tummy!

>> No.5126759

Herd is anti-"troopa love" and that's why I refuse to support them.

>> No.5126815

did you ignore her tweet talking about collabs

>> No.5126846
File: 125 KB, 355x355, SOUL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Koopa tries to pass the ball
>The bones in her leg shatter instantly on contact with it
>She clutches her destroyed foot in pain, but moves her arms too quickly and they both pop out of their sockets
>She crumples onto the floor
>The impact from hitting the ground causes her body to spontaneously combust and then explode
>The force of the blast sends the ball flying straight into the goal from all the way across the pitch
>Own goal

>> No.5126877

>I didn't make it into the server so that means he must hate troopas
Boo fucking hoo I didn't make it into the server either but who gives a shit, that doesn't make them anti-troopa love retard

>> No.5126981

Ponytail Koopa looks a lot like Lyn from FE. That gives me an idea…

>> No.5126999
File: 60 KB, 170x176, 1613419135831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That is without a doubt the worst vtuber I've ever heard of
>but you HAVE heard of me

>> No.5127029

Yes it does retard. That's not loving all the troopas just a select few. How is creating a secret discord monopolizing Koopa interactions with that group of groomers not anti-troopa love

>> No.5127056 [SPOILER] 
File: 786 KB, 1239x479, 1623769724425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah gives me one too

>> No.5127095

Just wait for the official:tm: Koopa server whenever that inevitably comes.

>> No.5127111

It wasn't even made to be a fucking koopa or troopa server from what people have revlealed and discussed in the past. And how the fuck is he monopolizing koopa if he's the one drawing her constantly for free?
You're retarded get over yourself and wait for the official koopa server like the rest of us.

>> No.5127212

>It wasn't even made to be a fucking koopa or troopa server from what people have revlealed and discussed in the past.
DRYBI. Why would the server immediately go private after Koopa joined?
> And how the fuck is he monopolizing koopa
Monopolizing offline interaction so only the groomer group could talk to her
>official:tm: Koopa server
which she might not even use because she's still in the herdcord this secret club tier bullshit is not Troopa Love

>> No.5127359
File: 151 KB, 1500x625, 1622324888839e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Absolutely blessed and based.

>> No.5127386

>Why would the server immediately go private after Koopa joined?
Because a load of trash schizos joined and started shitting it up/leaking/freaking people out most likely. He probably never expected koopa to hop in and the only way to handle it was to close it off. There's also the fact that small communities are just better than open ones when it comes to discord.
You don't even know if she's still in it or if she even interracts in there with anyone, who gives a shit.
>which she might not even use because she's still in the herdcord this secret club tier bullshit is not Troopa Love
Stop being such a pessimistic retard. If she makes a server it's obvious she wants it to be used. You can interract with her plenty through DMs but you're probably too much of an unsocilized retard to even wish her well through those means.
This is old drama no one gives a shit about. Have a nice day Troopa and see you in the official koopa serverTM when it comes out.

>> No.5127557

>Because a load of trash schizos joined and started shitting it up/leaking/freaking people out most likely.
Stop rewriting history the schizo posting happed after it went private not before.
>You don't even know if she's still in it or if she even interracts in there with anyone, who gives a shit.
Herd is still in her chat that's a sign do you think they'd keep making fan art if koopa left that discord

>> No.5127763

>Monopolizing offline interaction so only the groomer group could talk to her
Kek looks like that didn't work out too well though

>> No.5127776

Hmmm maybe it went private bc the invitation key expired you mouthbreather.

Are you really desperate coomer, dm me on twitter and ask me a commission if you want a fucking porn fanart
Search for pink troopa on Twitter and we'll talk

>> No.5127815

>Hmmm maybe it went private bc the invitation key expired you mouthbreather.
suure sure that's why after content from the server leaked they had a manhunt instead of making a new invite key

>> No.5127939

>Herd is still in her chat that's a sign do you think they'd keep making fan art if koopa left that discord
That doesn't prove anything, I've heard they had issues with spacer and one of them apparently had a meltdown attacking spacer on trash beacuse she chose him instead of them

>> No.5128051

Considering Koopa never actually said she left it why do you believing shit did. If she left it she'd have said or those fucks in the discord would have leaked it

>> No.5128126

I really don't think either of those is a must

>> No.5128193

I love you faggots so much

>> No.5128198

>Hmmm maybe it went private bc the invitation key expired you mouthbreather.
NTA but that isn't a great explanation since new invite keys can be freely made.

>> No.5128248

I don't think you know how discord works

>> No.5128266

>do you think they'd keep making fan art if koopa left that discord
Not that anon (or Herd, before you accuse), but I actually do, and I don't see any reason why he wouldn't (unless you're just projecting how fickle your own admiration for Kwappi is).
Sometimes getting your art noticed and appreciated by the person it was made of/for can be a massive dopamine rush in itself that's worth chasing. And Koopa always does notice/appreciate.
Not making a concrete statement on whether she's in or out of the Herdord btw, I don't fucking know. But Herd continuing to make art doesn't prove anything.

>> No.5128290

she writes like a deadbeat

>> No.5128332

>gay drama talk died down
>fags brung up months old shit

>> No.5128402

schizos gonna schizo, they can't live without drama

>> No.5128669

the similarities with Mori are uncanny

>> No.5128797

Troopa guidelines for future threads;
Post with an original, SFW image attached - even if it's just a quick doodle relating to Koopa/Troopas.
The shitposters can't afford the repeated effort to do so which should gaslight them out of the threads.
Any repeat image doodles should be recognisable and thus disregarded.
Threads needn't be heavily active outside of streaming hours, so such efforts would do well to shoo them off.
A template for such will be made shortly.

>> No.5128839

I've been around since the start and if i remember correctly she actually is a deadbeat

>> No.5128898

I wish Koopa was streaming e3...

>> No.5128920

Last few hours being great and visiting /wvt/ made me realize how heavy we've been hit with schizos for the last few days

>> No.5129016

no, she's a teamate with dd tendencies

>> No.5129051
File: 75 KB, 800x800, verify.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Template here.

>> No.5129169 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 183x182, chimkin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiara is still mad she didnt get to play mario party with the others

>> No.5129199

wrong thread, bud...

>> No.5129274

Wrong tharead but that sucks hope she feels better soon

>> No.5130274

There was a sudden massive upswing in positivity and unironic defense of a private discord. And people are still going to say the herdcord didn't raid the thread.

>> No.5130398

>being positive and supportive of your oshi is now considered impossible and a raid consequence

>> No.5130452

There is a massive upswing cause im fucking sick of schizos and doomposting and im sure others are as well, I don't even have a discord

>> No.5130471

Don't play koi, we're all still mad at koopa for her fuckup, and the sudden burst of "koopa love" clearly reeks of gay ops.

>> No.5130481

Nigga we are always on the thread we post most of the art related to Koopa here

>> No.5130599


>> No.5130706

You don't speak for me you faggot

>> No.5131104

I'm not buying your rrat and as one of positive troopas I've only heard of this discord in these threads, if this is what they do I don't hate them desu.

>> No.5131252

You fuckin dumbass

>> No.5131653
File: 16 KB, 189x189, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck off

>> No.5131762


>> No.5131832
File: 250 KB, 480x480, [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fkqokvn.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5131834

And Sonozaki Mion, too.

>> No.5132190

Boy, seething schizos REALLY seem determined to keep the overall thread vibes negative. Shame they're fucking gay.

>> No.5132224

all we

>> No.5132274

Kill yourself back to /trash/

>> No.5132311

Jokes on you you're here too so you're also gay!

>> No.5132346

Oh shit troopas taking thread back, lets go bros, lets fuck them up!

>> No.5132363


>> No.5132430

Koopa love, simple as. Kwappi was never gonna stay the exact same. No one does. But she'll always be our dumb Kwappers.

>> No.5132466


>> No.5132588


>> No.5132591

klonopin love

>> No.5132757

Koopa Love even if she doesn't love troopas

>> No.5132823

Koopa loves Troopas

>> No.5132884

Koopa can't even play video games without exploding her shoulders. There's no possible way she could handle childbirth.

>> No.5132935

That's why he said only 1

>> No.5132961

Is it worth it to sacrifice Kwappi for Kwappi Jr? Could the next generation be absolutely broken and overpowered, like in Fire Emblem Awakening?

>> No.5132993

Let's hope that Spacer has good genes.

>> No.5133020

Fuck, Kwappi Jr. is gonna be half pickle? What do you even get when you cross a turtle and a pickle? A sea cucumber?

>> No.5133342 [SPOILER] 
File: 61 KB, 523x523, 1623781149604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no no no

>> No.5133393

Wah wah wahhhhhhh

>> No.5133463


>> No.5133961

Koopa love is back on the menu boys!

>> No.5134021 [SPOILER] 
File: 102 KB, 293x561, 1623782894171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why yes, I am the progeny of the two finest chuubas of all time, how could you tell?
I'm so fucking sorry for unleashing this monstrosity of OC at such a trying time

>> No.5134074

la creatura...
la abominacion de dios...

>> No.5134079

Sweet JESAS anon what have you done?!?!

>> No.5134141

>Green trying to act superior.jpg

>> No.5134163

nice Troopickle