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>Contract an animator to do work
>Throw him under the bus and start smearing him for being a "scammer"
>He reveals all communications that reveal you're an incredible fucking retard and a pain in the ass to work with
>All the money disappeared because you ghosted him for 2 weeks with an animation team on stand by
>Double down and cry on twitter for hours about it being unfair that you lose money because of unprofessionalism
What's her end game here?

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>thinking she has an endgame
wew lad

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>>All the money disappeared because you ghosted him for 2 weeks with an animation team on stand by

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Boa's massive jugs

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James Wicks made this thread.

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Let me see if I got this right.
>this guy is a retard
>retarded women still hire him
>he doesn't deliver
>they accuse him of being a retard and leak half of the conversations they had
>he leaks the rest parts they omitted and calls them retarded
Basically 2 groups of retards are fighting and people expect me to pick a side instead of laughing at both?

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yup, sounds like your usual western whore to me

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I laugh at what non-holos have to put up with.

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Pretty much. Dude clearly bit off more than he could chew with the amount of projects he took on, but as usual, retarded /wvt/ whores made it worse than usual by literally forming a union and trying to "expose" him on Twitter, which fanned the flames and made him pull the Uno reverse card via a 20+ Google document. Clown world

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>guy is a retard
>retard guy worked for animation companies and is working with other people
>so women hire him
>he quarter-asses Giri's video
>doesn't deliver on anyone else's
>gets rightfully accused of scamming
>just about everyone who ever worked with him comes out calling him a scumbag
>Bao says he even blocked her lawyer
>releases cope doc
>cope doc leaks shit
>Bao says that doc is also full of lies and only part of the story and messages

I get /vt/ is contrarian by nature but backing this guy because muh westurn hoorz is cringe even by this place's standards.

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>>Bao says that doc is also full of lies and only part of the story and messages
so just leak the full story if there really is more to tell.

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I'm not backing anyone. If you hire someone and then ignore them as >>50468782 posted, you deserve to lose your money.

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>all of this text
>yet the supposed scumbag is the only one to have released documented presented proof

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>Bao says that doc is also full of lies and only part of the story and messages
And you're believing what a whoretuber says when it's already been proven she's a liar why?

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sorry anon I'm really tired right now can we reschedule this thread for tomorrow?

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Go back to /lig/

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>hired to make like 10 videos
>he only made 1 and it sucks
>"le hooooores are le liars"
Where are the other videos, James?

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>wahhhh w-where are the videos???
part 2 of the exposing Google doc coming up whore supporter

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He's gonna expose the work that he was paid to do?

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t. james wicks

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Retard diva women and retarded scammers
Great. Wonderful. Amazing.

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retards here will excuse literally anything if it means bad things happen to twitch envtubers

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anyone smart would be distancing themselves from this landmine

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Bao doesn't give a fuck about you.

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anon, how can you defend bao of all people here?
all her dm's prove she wasn't taking giving a guy $15k seriously and just excused it as depression

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i'm aware of this, james

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All Twitch streamers are grifters. They only get into streaming on Twitch because they think it's easy money. A bunch of entitled zoomers looking for a free lunch they are.

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To be fair, she gets that from her long-time abusive boyfriend. Bao is literally the definitive cali girl.

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explain how bao is in the right here after
>fucked up and gave the double the deposit money, $7,500 with her non business account
>didn't come up with proper lyrics until months after the initial contract
>ghosted the manager and the director for weeks
>came back talking about her depression and pivot shifted the entire project
>then proceeded to just want a refund with her lawyer after the animation staff were held on paid retainer for months on end after having to scrap the original project

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Don't care about either. But I'm enjoying the fuck out of this shit show. Good job Bao you fucking retard, you did something useful in being entertainment for the night.

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This applies too all streamers.

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>look up guys name
>doesnt say animator
>gets hired as an animator anyways
>lol okay he says
I call that a hustle. If it happened to my oshi I'd still think the same.

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Gonna expose what homie?
The other jobs he took and couldn't deliver?
GirlDM did say a shit about him but he put her on his doc, he never delivered GirlDM anniversary stuff
she claims she is yet to be refunded
So tell me what more he has to expose that looks him look better? He could only use Bao and Saruei cause these are the only ones he had to back him up, the rest of the indies got fucked over by his incompetence and nothing more

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someone link the one animation that was actually made

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He worked on gura's video apparently.

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i don't personally care about james but i am loving how shitty these girls treat the money they've been given by fans

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I'm on no sides because this is retarded, but Bao sucks (my dick). She takes forever to give lyrics, reschedules like 5+ times, ghosts him for nearly a month, the project had to be restarted, and she made this public when this should be entirely legal.
The dude was a dumbass from taking so many requests and trying to work with indies that have no sense of professionalism.


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The money is technically theirs. They can do whatever they want with it. Just like how your company isn't reponsible for how you use your paycheck.

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Girl_DM said he tried extremely hard to convince them he was with his studio, and used all sorts of old documentation to convince her he was legit.

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just give up, bao

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Imagine if this guy just did something wild like his job.

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I mean her being retarded isnt anything new, but regardless, dude still promised to deliver a product he ultimately didnt, lied about his profession, lied about having a studio and didnt give her even a fraction of what she paid for. Its likely she has a solid case if she wants to take this to court.

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Sounds like she's trying to avoid responsibility.

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Sounds about right for Bao.

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She loves me

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If the fault of performance is due to the client, bao has no luck.

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>Fraud is permissible if there are multiple victims in a scheme

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how did she mention marine? qrd?

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she liked treasure box

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>you're an incredible fucking retard and a pain in the ass to work with
That kind of answers your own question, but I saw it coming from Bao. Too bad I'm a sucker for dumb girls

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Bao is a Becky BUILT for chud cock

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>saying GirlDM of all people wants to avoid responsibility
Baotard and Sarucunt is one thing, but GirlDM is the most level head big indie outwhere

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holy shit you are gullible

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>putting words in my mouth

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>actively gets involved with every retard
>gets pulled into one of their scandals
your oshi is just as dumb anon, sorry to say

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Just because Bao is a pain in the ass with her animations that doesn't give anyone the right to take the money and run. That's an actual crime and it doesn't excuse the guy. He could've just refused.

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>at the company that made her video
>also fired from said company

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So she said something positive? I guess ths is good?

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Never trust chinks.

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Hope she sees this

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Just refund the money James. It's not that hard.

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Who cares about the right? It's funny.

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I'd laugh if she paid for it, got the animations, and it wasn't what she expected causing her to breakdown and be awkward but the dude conned 10,000 bucks and fucked off of the deal. That's actual jail time.

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Where's the money James.
You didn't put it in bitcoin did you James?
I bet you put it in bitcoin.
James why are you so stupid.
Well tell me OP. Why you do it?

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>implying he has a job

>> No.50477790

I'm laughing because she's a retard who spent money without doing her reps and I'm laughing because James is a retard who thinks any of this is helping him. Again
>Who cares about the right? It's funny.

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Post tits.

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>being this mad (you) paid for a literal who that ran

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Listen to your ghostly latina friend and break up with him already, Bao. He's only making you dumber than you already are and not in a cute way.

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twitch vtuber whores deserve worse.

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what worse is there than revealing you only see your viewers as cockbrained wallets?
like we all already know thats all they see them as, but now THEY know

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she typed her name in discord. It made me have a Will Smith moment.

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I don't understand this view at all. They are spending their viewers money on an animation for the viewers to enjoy. It's unfortunate that the animator was running a Ponzi scheme, but they didn't know that.

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>I don't understand this view at all
followed by
>plot doesnt matter its just an HMV lol

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this is why you either hire a studio or ask a big name animator to do the job.
idk who this james guy is other than the fact he did the marketing for gura's Shark'd animation when he used to work for the studio that made it at the time.
but then again, they don't have gura levels of 'fuck you' money or a corpo backing them to fund a studio to do animations for them.
>who's at fault
every party involved.

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So he should have directed his animators to make some concept art/key frames to show to Bao. He's supposed to be directing it.

>> No.50479021

So this is what you meant? That doesn't sounds as positive as I was imagining

>> No.50479160

He isn’t the director though, that was another guy.

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All im getting from this drama is that American banking fucking sucks. How do transfers fail so fucking much.

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>parasocial e sex
do these people even fucking listen to themselves? what the literal fuck does that even mean?

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My point stands. They were given a prompt "like Treasure Box by Houshou Marine", so they should have made some scene concepts and sent them to Bao to see what she ultimately wanted.

>> No.50479459

Like describing the feeling of peeing inside Suisei's ass.

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Bao is obviously a retard and a nightmare customer, she's the classic "idea guy". But that's just kinda how this shit is a lot of the time. Commissioners have ideas in their head that they have no fucking clue how to even describe. But once you take their money your only options are to push through their retardation to make the product,or give them the money back and tell them to fuck off.
The fact he doesn't understand this is probably why his dumbass got fired from his previous studio

>> No.50479489

The difference is that cakes could have become vtubers 7 years ago so any cake becoming a vtuber this late in the game is clearly someone who burned out of a real or 'real' job.

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His icon is the perfect reaction to her behaviour.

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Why did she not just contact the old studio instead of taking everything a random guy with no proof of work said at face value?

>> No.50479594

>contract team to do work
>they can’t even confirm the team working on it or the amount of money needed
>give them a portion of the money
>don’t talk to them for a few days
>suddenly another project they worked on is going up in flames
>contact disappears in a hospital
>shits getting leaked
>back out and lawyer up
>”wow what a bitch how could you do this to those defenseless animators”

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this thread would avidly kiss a grown man's ass if it means they can "own all le whores!! xd"

>> No.50479804

>fuck up so badly your client has to become the director and animator on a project she spent $20k commissioning you for

Bao is a retard for going radio silent for a week with a discord animation team but holy fuck you cannot say this guy isn’t a scammer. As far as I can tell his/their only completed project was with Onigiri and that was so shit even he can’t defend it.

>> No.50479867

When he started working for her he was with them, but almost immediately after got fired.

>> No.50480238

Do people unironically come to 4chan and hoping anons will fight for their causes for free?

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He was a marketing guy not a CEO, director or animator. He's clearly not the person you should be talking to.

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Okay, so they're both retarded but in different ways, got it.

>> No.50481094

They just like to spit buzzwords without really understanding what they mean

>> No.50481949

Pretty much, just watch and laugh

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Bao and her posse have always been whiny women

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>pulls the mentally ill suicide card the moment he is accused on fraud
the most classic bitch move in the book. I hope he goes bankrupt. what a pussy

>> No.50483215

Calling him a scammer implies this was planned and calculated. I think he's just a fucking retard who can't run a business and is way out of his depth and quickly drowning. I feel bad for everyone who is out of pocket over this but also, if bao is as much of a client from hell that she appears to be, then it does feel good seeing her get reemed like this. Karma is a bitch.

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File: 2.01 MB, 2048x1058, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I mean what did you expect? Most of the fags who are siding with the scammer are soulless SEAniggers and insecure holofags.

>> No.50484174

>parasocial e sex
Western whores just can't stop projecting their disdain for their audience.

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I'm not buying this, but I have no sympathy for these whores.

>> No.50484828

If you are in their position, you would have a hard time to contain your disdain too.

>> No.50485050

Woman post

>> No.50485168

Nope. My head is just not as fucked up as average anon here.

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Death to whores.

>> No.50485675

t. bao

>> No.50485819

Every time Bao has ever been involved in a drama or cause da drama it was her being a stupid cunt, why should I believe this time is any different?

>> No.50485858

Nobody cares about your bullshit, James. Pay back the money and fuck off

>> No.50485929

Maybe they shouldn't have put themselves in that position by making their content pander to the worst kind of people. Oh wait a minute, that option was thrown out the window with their unending hunger for clout.

Bao is not an artist or creative person. She is vapid whore

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>tried to bypass the Animation company (Tonari) to cut cost
>contacted a literal who with 100 Twitter followers, probably got baited by Gura Shark'd as the faggot worked on it as ''marketing'', probably not even an animator
>got scammed
oh nyo, how could've Bao prevented all of this? ?? HAHAHAHAHA

>> No.50486142

>becomes vtuber despite hating the average audience
anons are retarded but not as retarded as some of these whoretubers

>> No.50486217

I mean she was late and delayed things a lot but on the same hand if she paid for a product and didnt receive it while also under the belief that she was hiring a guy in charge of a studio and not just a middle man, then I still think that she has a solid case

>> No.50486410

Post proof then, im not taking her word without some sort of discord log

>> No.50486468

Anyone have a mirror of the leaked Bao song? Surely someone could've saved it from the google doc before she took it down

>> No.50486474

Bao is jealous of Gura.

>> No.50486501

damn man your angry that bao wasted your money, huh? Try supporting a vtuber who is not a retarded whore next time

>> No.50486603

he's in the description

>> No.50486758

Money will make people do things that they otherwise won't do. Many artists hate furfags, but they'd still draw for them for money. I'm sure many vtubers won't choose to be a vtuber if they are given a second chance in life.

>> No.50487046

More like they all want to be included in gura mv, how the fuck marketing even needed to be credit for something on gura channel. This seem like he beg to have his name included.

>> No.50487064

Just because they hate it doesn't mean they get a pass to throw shade at people who care

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>Western vtubers and it's consequences

>> No.50487374

>Many artists hate furfags
Hate is a strong word. Most people are neutral toward furries and there is an extremely vocal minority of furry-haters.

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File: 1.68 MB, 1080x1622, 1685276433517093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who tf is this bitch and why shes talking about Houshou Marine??
Bitch show some respect.

>> No.50487431

unless they make it big they have no reason to stay a vtuber if they hate it. they can make more money doing almost anything else

>> No.50487449

Meanwhile Jap vtubers get in trouble for putting a doujin in a fridge lmao

>> No.50487606

He was credited for marketing he wasn't an animator or even a production person

>> No.50488020

why no hire hololive animator? they deliver
they're fantastic

>> No.50488259

Bao sissies, your response?

>> No.50488519

>show some respect
This is THE fundamental fucking problem with Western vtubing in general. Lack of respect - to the medium, to why it's viable at all in the first place (holoEN flatly, there were almost no EN tubers before then and almost-all besides ironmouse were literal 2views).

Buncha fucking years-late trend riders jumping on board and shitting on Hololive, Holo fans etc every fucking chance they get. It's like some shitty knockoff soda talking mad shit about Coke and Pepsi and how great it is to not be those companies.

>> No.50488549

Well duh. They ain't stupid enough to entertain a group of people they hate for no gain. That's just self torture. All these vtubers would have quit if they have been getting no views and donations.

>> No.50488757

Also, it's lack of respect to the fans, and especially lack of respect to fans of the OGs who made the medium viable for their parasitic asses to make a living off of to begin with.

At best you usually get some flippant condescending kind of "respect" from some of them but it feels rather like a waiter dripping with sarcasm and disdain going "Yeesss sirrr" towards his customers. In the real world that guy wouldn't get a tip and if anything get complaints (or an ass beating if he took it far enough). In the vtuber world, people habitually try to dismiss it as all "teasing" and act like nothing's hugely fundamentally wrong with the truly needlessly entitled attitudes tons of indies (and quite a few corpos such as nijis) have

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>legit cute both in flesh and avatar
>meets her fans in flesh doesnt care cause her fans arent parasocial retards
>legit paid for something she never got

>/vt/ somehow takes some discord grifter side

Theres no hope for you people

>> No.50488967

I didn't. Fuck scammers, and fuck anyone who thinks only people who do research deserve to be treated honestly.

>> No.50488985

She tried initially to be a seiso idol type and failed out of that so fucking hard she just memoryholed it. That's why she seethes about Hololive actually, because she wanted to be that and wasn't remotely good enough by a country mile. She's just some easily-influenced insecure bimbo who instantly got corrupted by all the bottom feeders on twitch, mistaking clout chasers for friendship.

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File: 324 KB, 713x413, FIMmPP1X0AoaQgn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.50489078

The scammer is a total fucking piece of shit too but really it's just one loser ripping off another fucking loser here so it's just a heaping helping of schadenfreude all around. The blind leading the blind off a cliff.

>> No.50489139

bao is literally the same dumb party girl in real life as she acts as
i bet she was shitfaced partying hard and couldnt be assed to bother

she still got scammed, not replying to someone for a week dosnt mean he gets to take tens of thousand of your $, if a contractor is paid to do something he better do what ever then, hes not getting paid by hour here
thats why contractors charge some advance to not get fucked on delays
she should push with legal action

>> No.50489179

I'd rather they be true to themselves than preventing to be nice and wholesome so the viewers' feeling ain't hurt. This is why I post on 4chan.

>> No.50489226
File: 738 KB, 867x805, FIMmR0cXoAICsdP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she is seiso compared to Numi and that other bitch

Numi is talking about her various vaginal infections and bao is saying she has a nice hair style

>> No.50489350

Bitch aired her dirty laundry on Twitter instead of getting in touch with a lawyer. It's always fucking women that squeal to the internet whenever they feel wronged. Fucking whores need to stop doing this shit already. Handle the shit in private or get roasted over the coals.

>> No.50489457
File: 9 KB, 300x168, images (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it depends on the contract honestly you can't pay Jose for a bathroom tile make over and then refuse to talk to him for 3 months

if the work had a time table both parties would be considered in that time table

this dude sounds like a total discord scam artist though and bao is fairly retarded so i doubt they even had a formal contract

>> No.50489496

Numi has nice abs

>> No.50489559

Does seem odd to see multiple threads popping up to defend James Wicks.

>> No.50489602

both of them are perma horny and going crazy with the attention they are getting

>> No.50489600

Is this in the manifesto too? Nobody highlight it on twitter?

>> No.50489644

It's a good PR for them though.

>> No.50489647
File: 135 KB, 1400x1400, 31b050b2d0f8b42e086645578c9155eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

probably has a discord fan channel that bought into his shit and stalks this board

picks his next victim based on who we talk about

>> No.50489741

she was right about vtuber, i kneel

>> No.50489747

It's backfiring a little

>> No.50490059

>it depends on the contract honestly you can't pay Jose for a bathroom tile make over and then refuse to talk to him for 3 months
you wont be paying in advance, and any budget is expected to still be there if the project falls through, even if that entire sum was the deposit the client still has to break the contract, and unless they had a some tight deadlines, 2 weeks isnt any kind of delay when animations projects take months or years to make

but yeah, bao seems like a retard with money, she was scammed for sure, dunno how the law looks there, but where i am the message exchange would count as a legitimate binding contract

>> No.50490326

Keep your cuck fetish to yourself

>> No.50490405

Doesn't matter at all, you can't just charge people for services and then not provide them.

Also going by the shitstorm currently going down he has scammed half the EN vtuber community and owes probably somewhere in the 6 figures. Apparently he embezzled a shit ton of money from Tonari Animation.

The guy is fucked.

>> No.50490431

Whoretubers have no rights. They deserve to get scammed because thats what they do to their audience.

>> No.50490495

>Also going by the shitstorm currently going down he has scammed half the EN vtuber community
Holy fucking based. EN whores getting wrecked, I love it

>> No.50490638

>buy ticket to concert
>dont show up to the concert
omg this is so unfair the band scammed me

>> No.50490754

>Doesn't matter at all, you can't just charge people for services and then not provide them
You definitely can or do you think Netflix is in trouble if you pay your subscription and don't watch it. The service was there, Bao was retarded and ghosted him. Her own fault.

>> No.50490760

A tiny ripple in a lake. Maybe they have run through with their lawyers about what they can or cannot say in public. This helps to bring public attention to their case and gain public favor. It's pretty clear James owns them money, be it on purpose or not.

>> No.50490762

I didn't know it was possible to be this retarded and still operate a keyboard, genuinely impressive

>> No.50490891

Organizing a hate mob against someone when you were so hard to work with is still a bad look

>> No.50491043

just because your time is completely worthless doesnt mean everyone's is

>> No.50491111

There is no part 2 that is going to save you on this and you really need to stop trying to run away and ignore lawyers.

They all have a case against you for fraud, and at this point you have stolen enough money to make this a real problem. A felony problem.

You should get your act together and try and pay these people back, because if you don’t, this is a clear case of wire fraud and you are going to be raped in any civil courtroom

>> No.50491116

He's not the one defending a scummy whoretuber anon

>> No.50491185

Are you people fucking retarded?

>> No.50491245

No, he's just defending a retarded scammer. Both parties can be wrong

>> No.50491297

Quads of truth confirm the prophecy is true.

Pay them back before you get put in ass-rape prison in addition to spending the rest of your life paying draining legal settlements.

>> No.50491354

In this case its like Kitboga "scamming" a scammer. His actions are justified based on the fact it was against a complete piece of shit.

>> No.50491441

Why bother with part 2, part 1 says absolutely fuck all apart from some of these vtubers are a pain to work with.

Being a pain to work with doesn't give you the freedom to scam them.

Mr Wick's is going to get fucked over this as it appears he has not only scammed Vtubers but also embezzled money from his former employer Tonari Animation.

>> No.50491443

I’m afraid the quads have spoken and the constant rhythm of fate has determined you are wrong


>> No.50491471

The only people on his side are /here/

>> No.50491542

Roastoid seethe

>> No.50491562

So lemme see if I got this straight. A guy scammed a bunch of Twitch indys who are just big enough to give him large amounts of money and his plan was to delete his Twitter andrun with the money while saying its not his fault. Meanwhile this OP felt the needd to take a side instead of shitting on both the whole time making him a unmitigated faggot acting like a reddit tourist acting like he belives 4channers are supposed to

You have passed the little bitch threshold and should be the target of derision now

>> No.50491568

This whole situation is so retarded im gonna need some popcorn while i see how it unfolds. Its like that two retards fighting video.

>> No.50491577

Not surprising considering 99% of this board can’t tie their own shoes

>Verification not required

>> No.50491659

Quads have spoken, James.

Not a femanon either. Though honestly I may go ahead and submit your shit to the FBI tip line as you’re pissing me off and I think it would be funny to see you in ass-rape prison

>> No.50491720

Holy fuck this cuck is mad lmao
You're never getting the money back :)

>> No.50491807

How would that result in the money disappearing?

>> No.50491822

Could be a ploy to try and negotiate rather than saving him.

>> No.50491833

>it's ok for me to steal thousands of dollars if you don't respond to me right away

>> No.50491851

> implying the glowies aren't already on this shithole

>> No.50491856

OP is James (the cunt who stole the money) running damage control because he’s retarded enough to think that spreading leaks on /vt/ is enough to save him from felony fraud charges and serious civil legal trouble

>> No.50491910
File: 56 KB, 209x161, birb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn it parrotman go back to doing the next video.

>> No.50491963

> that's actual jail time
Keked at how retarded the average zoomer here is. Nobody is going to jail for 10k

>> No.50491990

Twitch whores deserve to get scammed and its funny when they do. We can all agree on that

>> No.50492133


>> No.50492207

>Bao and friends
Stupid for hiring a middleman to do animation
Stupid for thinking he can manage all of this
Whore who couldn't hide her disgust for viewers and projected that disdain onto Marine

>> No.50492244

Nope, and honestly it’s a bit rich of you to have this line for /vt/ considering your google doc is classic Twitter crybaby bullshit

You’re not fooling anyone and honestly aren’t you like 40 or something? Imagine having worked for/with Ghibli and being reduced to a confidence man scam on some vtubers

Quite the fall from grace. What did you spend the money on? I’m betting you have a drug or alcohol problem, maybe both.

>> No.50492303

>right away
Literally weeks with no response
If you book someone's time, you owe them for their time, even if you waste their time

>> No.50492306

She should learn from Marine about how to hide it better.

>> No.50492359

I think it's funny that James's document focused so much on Bao because it's probably the only person he was able to construct a narrative around blaming for what happened, and 99% of the people this thread are ignoring every single other vtuber he scammed. Most notably probably girl_dm_ and Geega, who are 2 of the most mature and levelheaded EN vtubers around.

>> No.50492360

He's stolen over 50k in total. That's a felony in his state

>> No.50492571

All the vtubers involved are claiming that this doc takes things out of content and omits anything that would make this thief look bad

The guy has demonstrated he isn’t to be trusted by taking everyone’s money and not delivering what was promised. The money has gone up his nose in the form of white powder or down his throat in the form of liquor if you ask me. Either way, point is that you can’t trust thieves and there’s no reason to trust anything this guy says without a secondary, unconnected source to verify his claims.

>> No.50492610

Girl_dm didn't even say shit about the whole situation until he called her out. Dude is such a fuckup

>> No.50492645

>Most notably probably girl_dm_ and Geega, who are 2 of the most mature and levelheaded EN vtubers around.
I can't tell if this is written by a shill or chatgpt.

>> No.50492752

>Stealing 50k from western roasties who bring shame to vtubing
Incredibly based

>> No.50492780

True, he left out Vienna

>> No.50492793

You can just say you don't watch anyone outside of your bubble anon. They're both very big indies.

>> No.50492812

Apparently none of the people in his "studio" even knew Bao was a client when she talked to them in March

>> No.50492840

mad that some fag scammed your favorite ewhore and took her hard earned simp money? gonna cry lil bro?

>> No.50493026

Oof, did she ask if said James even work there?

>> No.50493052
File: 458 KB, 750x423, IMG_5598.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t watch any of these people, i’m a phasefag lmao

On Twitter and in the Google Doc you cried about being “dogpiled” like a little whiny vtweeter bitch, now you’re here acting like king shitposter

Keep going, this shit is hilarious desu

>> No.50493077

Come on that line reeks of simping.

>> No.50493144

I'm sorry some people have positive opinions of vtubers you don't know. I'll be sure to only praise the ones you like going forward. :)

>> No.50493164

The SJW of vtuber lol.

>> No.50493300
File: 429 KB, 623x868, IMG_5501.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyway just tell me because I gotta know, was it nose candy or something else?

What’s your poison bro?

>> No.50493409
File: 119 KB, 1080x499, 1680232497131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50493463

wow haha maybe shouldn't be a fucking grifter then

>> No.50493499

It was cocaine wasn’t it?

>> No.50493554

Let's be real, that money probably went to superfluous things. Like a nice TV or a car or a plane ticket to get the fuck out of the country

>> No.50493683

Bro 50 grand buys a lot more than a plane ticket or a nice TV, but it’s not enough to pull an exit scam.

This money went to something degenerate; drugs, alcohol, or gambling. My money is on drugs and alcohol here but I could be wrong, maybe he pissed 50 grand away on Genshin pulls

>> No.50493940

Her fans should learn from her.

>> No.50493984

making up a second part is a scammer ploy. Just like "it's in the mail" or "i'll have announce my plan in 2 weeks" hoping everything will blow over while people wait for the drop that will never come.

>> No.50493990

Nice try, James.

Now kindly go off yourself.

>> No.50494084
File: 251 KB, 413x446, IMG_5538.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Given you went quiet, i’m gonna assume I was bang on the money about the columbian marching powder

Lmao you absolute mong, 50K up your nose

>> No.50494142

what in the world are you on about

>> No.50494164

Numi is a turbovirgin tho

>> No.50494240

Phasefags are mentally ill. Please understand.

>> No.50494296

I’m on about the mountain of coke you vacuumed up your nose at other people’s expense

>> No.50494364

>Basically 2 groups of retards are fighting and people expect me to pick a side instead of laughing at both?
One "group" is going to jail (or sells his house if he has one) the other didn't commit any crimes.

>> No.50495111


This is why ShyLily is a top tier vtuber. She is a whore, but she isn't a DUMB whore. She understands the medium, she understands what the fans want, and she gives respect where respect is needed

>> No.50495189

>James Wicks made this thread.
He's retarded enough to try to recruit /vt/ as his personal army. /vt/ is a pretty new and civil board, but I hope there's a few people here from the old 4chan days to make him see the error of his ways.

Probably just trolls, though

>> No.50495381

the most braindead take I've seen in these threads is that bao somehow deserves to be out 35k because she didn't answer for 13 days.

>> No.50495763

So you guys are newfags to this site?

>> No.50496074

Nga I was on this shitposting on this site when you were watching Sesame Street

>> No.50496141

I didn't know 4chan existed back in early 90s.

>> No.50496389

The stupidity is immaculate. How do these women function in adulthood

>> No.50498514

James wicks sucks dicks lololol

But anyway it's hard to sympathize with bao - even though technically she'd merit it, basically vtubers exactly like her, are exactly the types who blame unicorns for falling for vtubers instead of blame the vtubers themselves for relentlessly coomerbaiting and GFE catering and then slipping up proving they don't actually-want or need their chat's affection (because they already have a dude IRL). So if I were to play by bao's rules I'd say it's her fault for falling for this guy and not the guy's fault. Wouldn't that be fair.

>> No.50499103

Still doesn't change the fact it's two retards fighting anon

>> No.50499527

ITT SIMPs who will paint their whores are holy and good and the animator as evil and wrong

>> No.50499543

Holy shit kek

>> No.50499610

t. James
just refund the money you fucking kike

>> No.50499677

I really doubt that they talked to their lawyers before posting that shit. Mostly because a lawyer would say "Let's be careful, he might go full schizo and doxx your shit revealing that you're kind of a cunt in private."

>> No.50499728

I love SIMPs who think females never ever lie to make themselves look better at all

>> No.50499838

so you think a faggot male who pulls the "I tried to kill myself" card isn't lying?

>> No.50499979

I'm sure your whore will let you see her used cum filled cunt if you keep acting like she the scammed one

>> No.50500145
File: 36 KB, 2209x839, 1685515279480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From another thread: a timeline of the projects, their original agreed apon deadline and when it was dropped by him or the client canceling it. Only giri got a half finished animation, the rest didn't get anything.

>> No.50500236

he definitely doesn't have it anymore. given how long this has been going on I hope he hasn't tried to pull some tax tomfoolery on top of everything

>> No.50500457

I don't give a fuck about bao, but this guy caused my oshi to not stream and for that I hope he rots in jail

>> No.50500608

> trusting a whore

>> No.50500614

I do not care about the plight of a twitch thot in anime-face....but their misfortune amuses me.

>> No.50500712

ogey bao. pretty sure you got your money back with simp money you whore.

>> No.50500924


>> No.50500925

Wow rude

>> No.50500994

Is there an indie that fell off harder than Girl_DM?

>> No.50501171

At least whores do what they're paid for

>> No.50501252

All I know is that every time I think about getting more into Bao, she comes out with some stupid shit that makes her look like a toxic piece of shit. She may very well be in the right, I don't know, but there's just too much drama surrounding her, even if she is.

>> No.50501261

Don't care. I hate women more than I hate scammers.

>> No.50501707
File: 278 KB, 374x565, laf[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Ft4airq.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50502147

bao never even had a solid vision to begin with. she was just fucking linking a bunch of popular shit, going "i want this vibe!" and writing some internet yamero & overdose intro shit with 'vtuber' slapped on it before admitting she was just gonna rip off marine's treasure box song.
it's no wonder she kept ghosting him.
obviously, the retard should still refund her and stop being a little bitch, but bao really needs to stop acting like he's the sole reason why her little 'projects' never got started. hopefully she realized she should just hire a team to come up write/copy shit for her next time.

>> No.50502243


Good to see you re upped. I’m sure you bought at least and 8 ball this time James, you’re gonna have quite the night

>> No.50502259

>>50502147 (me)
*hire a team to write/copy shit

>> No.50502266

Give the money back James

>> No.50502305

Meant for >>50500608

>> No.50502390

She needs to graduate for good and stop vtubing. Clearly she is not made for entertainment. All she is and ever will be is jerk off material.

>> No.50502615

not every anon saying bao was flakey and uncreative is james, anon. he's a lying faggot that literally committed a crime, nobody is defending his ass.

>> No.50502911

I wish more Popular/Large/Corporate Vtubers get scammed more often. This is hilarious. The Schedenfraude is delicious. Seeing all of them bitching and moaning about $ that isn't theirs to begin with really makes it seem like the people that threw money at them just wasted $ for no reason. The more these things keep happening. The more distrust between Simps and Vtuber grows and I am here for it.

A Vtuber dystopia here we come. I came for the monster and I came for the monster girls.

>> No.50503007

She‘s still great

>> No.50503252
File: 1.09 MB, 1123x1296, ayame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the fuck is this schizo shit in the thread

>> No.50503289

Just people taking pleasure in successful content creators being failures for once.

>> No.50503963
File: 529 KB, 1080x1080, 1628999875159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah, I think I'll keep it. Whoretubers BTFO

>> No.50504129

James you are clearly a inspiration to us brotubers.

>> No.50504339

>actual redditors and 2 view roasties ITT kekw

>> No.50504424

Oh what's their usernames anon?

>> No.50504538

Give the money back James

>> No.50504717

bao deserved it for shit talking marine

>> No.50504770

Bao deserved it for being a complete and utter retard that somehow always manages to get involved in every drama.

>> No.50505407

I freelance sometimes; projects are usually separated into hourly or milestones. For milestones, you get clear specifications then you're fully paid when the project is fully delivered. It doesn't matter if you get ghosted by the client because you already agreed to do xyz and were paid for the project. If you want to back out because you can't do the job (or the client is uncooperative), you return the clients money based on progression.

You charge more as a freelancer to deal with shitty clients, lack of benefits, and higher taxes.

Source: I freelance sometimes while working to make money while I make money

>> No.50505555

Money paid is based on milestones and project delivery being the final milestone**

But yeah she should have had a better payment system setup and clear goals in mind before hiring someone. And maybe even used a platform to get protection for herself and the freelancer

I've legitimately made absurd amounts of money on hourly because clients don't know what they want and you can just write endless bullshit detailing options and basic shit instead of programming.

>> No.50505700


>> No.50505948

Just about anyone who charges commissions can also testify to having unreliable clients.
Should bao have ghosted him? No.
Does that give him the right not to refund? Also no.

If this goes to court they'll ask
>Did you ever once specify that if you did not hear back from her that you would pull the plug on the project she paid thousands for?
And of course that answer is no.

>> No.50506428

>defending a guy who literally embezzled and defrauded his last company

>> No.50506442


>> No.50506484

>Basically 2 groups of retards are fighting

>> No.50506553

you must be over the age of 18 to use this site

>> No.50506887

I don't see any reality where Bao deserves all the money she put up back considering he still had to find and hire artists that sat there with their thumbs up their asses while she ghosted him like a retard for weeks and missed her own meeting dates

>> No.50506968

Past trauma is an explanation but not an excuse for misbehavior, woe-is-me chama

>> No.50507210

Works for Ironmouse at least.

>> No.50507438

I won’t watch you Bao, please fuck off

>> No.50507507

GirlDM is a retard, just like Bao. Fuck em and their poor whittle money problem.

>> No.50507539

Are you braindead? Or just unable to read more than 2 sentences without forgetting what it was about

>> No.50507616

>Bao ignore the dudes, misses important meeting and doesn’t bring necessary materials

Kill yourself Bao

>> No.50507669

I don’t support whore, that’s it.

>> No.50507708

Aw yes Bao barking at a voice actor for sex, totally not whorish . Fuck of

>> No.50508044

the amount of reddit spacing in this thread, damn

>> No.50508129


>> No.50508145


Majorly these popular Vtubers fans are like. Pathetic dick-for-brains coomerbase with wallets.

>> No.50508295

The victim's a woman.
A horny American Twitch woman at that.
I'm surprised these threads weren't immediately defending James Wicks.

>> No.50508331

it's called a buzzword anon

>> No.50508368

she was right about *EN Vtubers

>> No.50508412

He also didn't pay the artists he hired, so far none of them have made public statements but there's an entire list of artists who worked on these projects and never got paid.

>> No.50508448
File: 10 KB, 225x225, dis fucking guaiye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all of them were scammed by filename

>> No.50508455

That's clearly a Smartie.

>> No.50508489

James was probably trying to go with videogame style of paying your employees aka "You get paid AFTER product releases"

>> No.50508528

>doing it so badly that you get jailed and act as a warning to others to not do it too
not so based.

>> No.50508572

Does Tonari Animation owe an apology, refunds, or more to Wick's victims?

Funny how Tonari Animation has been radio silent regarding Wick, despite their entanglement.

According to his Google Doc (1), Wick founded Studio Cell on October 2022.
According to FalseEyeD (2), Wick was employed by Tonari Animation between fall 2021 and December 2022.

Most victim timelines in Wick's Google Doc precede his firing from Tonari Animation:

Onigiri - October 2022
Nemu - October 2022
GirlDM - October 2022
Saruei - November 6th, 2022

BAO: "How he got me: - Employed under legitimate animation company at the time." (3)

Bao appears to be referencing Tonari Animation.
When asked if Wick is still affiliated with Tonari Animation:

BAO: "When I first spoke to him, yes. Now, no." (4)

GEEGA claims Wick was leveraging Tonari Animation's name to pull clients even after he was fired. What about before?

GEEGA: "Gets fired from anim studio, starts a new one and tells clients he's still with the old one to bait them [...]" (5)

GEEGA claims Wick informed her about his new studio, but what about Wick's earlier victims?
When did Wick's earliest victims begin working with him? Under what promises?

GEEGA: "And for the record, he DID tell me when he was fired from his old studio. [...] Proceeded to trash talk his old coworkers and company so I'd be super happy moving to his new group [...]" (6)

We don't know what Wick promised, because according to GEEGA, nobody signed NDAs or contracts (7):

GEEGA: "[...] Would also like to note that he didn't have any of us sign NDAs or contracts with him. Big mistake."

A promise is a valid form of contract. What promises did Wick make to his victims while employed by Tonari Animation?

If any VTubers worked with Wick in goodfaith reliance he represented Tonari Animation, while he worked for Tonari Animation, and were expecting a work product leveraging Tonari Animation resources or artists, then Tonari Animation could have some 'splaining to do.

But they won't because these VTubers are too focused on the con artist with the empty pockets.

They seem to be overlooking that Tonari Animation is a profitable studio with deep pockets.

Where are the lawyers?

(1) https://twitter.com/Studio_Cell_/status/1663445799135576064
(2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWyXM_yCVAk
(3) https://twitter.com/baovtuber/status/1663249811427172352
(4) https://twitter.com/baovtuber/status/1663247221318631424
(5) https://twitter.com/GeneralGEEGA/status/1663250318576975872
(6) https://twitter.com/GeneralGEEGA/status/1663251568651534361
(7) https://twitter.com/GeneralGEEGA/status/1663251020103688192

>> No.50508575


>> No.50508602

Aw man beat me to it...

>> No.50508613

I reported Saruei for ban evasion. Everyone else should do the same.
Simply put in the report that the NSFW account linked onto the main isn't allowed. That should make her quit Vtubing. Do the same with every other Vtuber you hate.

>> No.50508628

I vote either brit or loli.

>> No.50508653

Is James Wicks in California or Louisiana?

>> No.50508655

Yes but consider this
>has penis

>> No.50508687

What'd she say?

>> No.50508749

Past? Who said anything about that being in the past?

>> No.50508757

There's a FalseEyeD vid covering it. Multiple yabs. The only one I remember on the spot is that he used company money to buy a car as a business expense, only to actually by a much cheaper car & pocket the rest.

>> No.50508833

Anons yesterday said he's in Cali, False vid said he tried making a scam convention in Lousiana.

>> No.50508909

My guess is that they havent done it already cause of legal advice.

>> No.50508917

"parasocial" as in "my horny ass simps would jerk off to it" gives you some idea about her attitude towards Vtubing and her audience, not exactly shocking most of this coomerbaiting indies are cynical with no respect to their fans.

>> No.50509007

Why is one retard talking about Saruei in a thread about Bao and James Wicks?

>> No.50509047

Because lo-and-behold she too also is in on the ploy. She isn't safe nor is she without fault. She deserves to be punished.

>> No.50509166

Hi Twitch Partner E-slut girl Saruei. Sucked many Twitch dicks lately? Seems like you are going to blow more for the coming days just to keep your account!

>> No.50509525
File: 722 KB, 840x803, sdfg45756h.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Death to all e-whores.

>> No.50509662

Miko x Marine offcollab drama from 2 years ago

>> No.50509745

Death to all E-Whores. Report them on Twitch. Do it bros. Make V-Tubing great again. Sluts don't need to be on Twitch. Only on Chaterbate.

>> No.50510026

Stop suicide baiting and do it for real

>> No.50510271


Its amazing how many whores Twitch hires to keep its "Partners" status afloat. Makes you wonder why Twitch likes sex workers.