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Coco Kaichou thread
Kiryu-Kai is forever

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These asacoco and wata no uta anecdotes are priceless

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why does she use her old l2d? I missed this.

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She just likes it. It has its own appeal.

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Bros, I want to show Kaichou how much she means to me, but the only way I can do that is growing /fit/er.
Will I make it?

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Yeah, she used it a few times, i remember at least 1 supacha reading where she switched to it.

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In two weeks? Nothing visible.

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next shitpost review is gonna be 10 AM JST. So I assume it's going to be with another EN girls?

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After reading most of the last threads final posts and all the other info weve gotten over the week i think ive come to full acceptance where im more happy for her than sad for myself as it was kind of selfish for me to feel that way and i dont think ill ever forgive cover for letting it get to this point ever. Ill probably still have a drink and cry on the 1st however. Thanks guys

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Happy for you anon, i'm slowly reaching the same conclusion.

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This is the gayest I've ever felt in my life. Constantly on the verge of fucking tears over a shitposting dragon I fell in love with.

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looks like she cannot visit Nishinari server. Man this is sad.

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what are you 12
falling in love with a cartoon character

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Clearly I'm more of a baby than I thought

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Its ok anon she wasnt even the one i watched the most and im still broken about it

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Every time I think I'm over it, I think of something I'd like to see her do, and then it hits me again. I was buying milk at wilko and Angel Eyes by Wet Wet Wet was on the shitty shop radio, and I had to stop for a second. I don't even like the fucking song, and there's no way Coco would be able to sing it. But the possibility of a gen4 80's karaoke collab is going from 0.01% likelihood to 0.00% and it's fucking killing me.

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You'll be like me. You'll accept it and almost move on, but then july 1st will come and then we'll truly die.

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No problem, we've been dead before.

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I'm coping by going back to anime. It hurts so much bros... ;_;

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After graduating, what are the chances of Cover still using her design and name for future merchandise? When they get around to making Gen 4 stuff, I imagine it'd be really awkward to not have her among them.

If we take stuff like Love Live's graduated members that are still getting new merch even now, would the same rules apply to Coco and other future Holo graduates?

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It's uncharted territory for the most part, but I doubt it.

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She said her character will likely appear in Alternative. She's fine with it.

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Alternative is going ahead unchanged. Her character might show up in group photos occasionally too.
Aside from that it won't show up.

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Really? I was actually expecting them to totally memory hole her, at least as far as Alternative and merch went. Not sure if I like this better or not.

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No she's leaving on the best terms as possible. Her presence will still be felt, she won't be erased, she'll be in alternative, the other girls can still talk about her if they met with her after graduation, etc. She's confirmed all of this herself.

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>watch E3 stream with Ame and Gura
>Yakuza and Fallout get shown
>Both games I've watch Coco's streams of
Everywhere I go, I keep being reminded of her

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Same thing man... i just saw the among us update and remembered Coco playing it with tatsunokos

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Solo games I can handle missing out on, because if she really liked them, we'll see them on that other channel. Its all the group stuff we're losing that I just can't get over.

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If Coco doesn't appear in another Holo Graffiti episode before leaving then Cover can go fuck themselves

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Here's a rrat - Melody is Coco's friend, and they communicate often. Vshojo is being run amazingly well by twitch - the girls have as much freedom as they want (within the guidelines on the platforms they perform on), they own their characters (arguably), and they're not censored in any ways (except that they have live in fear of twitch and Chaturbate TOS). They can also play any game they want (within TOS and what is socially acceptable to their fans) because they understand how selling out and pandering actually works, and no autistic boomer businesses is breathing down their necks(except Amazon). Vei played Conker's Bad Fur Day (a childrens game mind you), she didn't need to ask for fucking permissions from people who obviously don't give a damn. That's because delinquents are far more familiar with selling out and pandering to the lowest common denominators, we know how this shit works.
So Coco, who thrived on silly ideas and crass humor and got only 2k live viewers for it multiple times, looks at this shit and realizes that something is very damn wrong with herself. She sees that these businessmen retards have no idea how streaming actually works, and the girls suffer for it. So maybe she wants to be the change she wants to see in herself, and that's why she needed to step down from the stage and get her shit together like she originally planned when she applied for management (but became an idol instead, after some pimp pillow talk).

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quads of truth

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Coco is just calling someone who she exchanges a couple of discord messages every now and then a "friend", they aren't actually "friends" in the real sense of the world.
She also said she's never joining another agency again.
Coco's strongest point has always been her japanese content and how relatable she can be to her audience, her crass english shock humor was always a complement, something that she wrongly felt she needs to do when using english to stand out.
Also a few weeks ago someone asked her about Ironmouse and she said she didn't know who she was, she doesn't watch Vshojo.

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I'm similar but a little worse. I'm mostly at acceptance, but accepting that a lot of what I enjoy is just off the table permanently. I don't find the time to watch solo game streams much already, so what I do watch tends to be an even split between zatsudan, utawaku and collabs. I'm losing the majority of my favorite content.

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There's a good chance she'll do utawakus, maybe with her avatar.
She knows a huge part of her Coco audience loves them.

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I dont know, she still seems pretty self conscious about her singing ability. She clearly has fun while singing, but talks it down a lot when she isn't. I think there's a real chance she drops them and lets her voice degrade now that there's no management forcing her to do certain types of streams.

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I'm gonna make sure to akasupa her on her first stream after july 1st asking her to do utawakus then.

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I've come to acceptance that she's leaving and it's going to be better for her, but I still feel like cover forced her out and that even if she feels like it was her fault and her choice, it's not

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The only way it's actually going to be better for her is if she manages to funnel in enough tatsunokos into her roommate, which is possible, but even then i have my doubts, because this is only taking into account the monetary side of things.
I honestly think what she loves the most about hololive is it's members, even more so than doing innovative content, and she'll never be able to interact with them again on stream as long as she's gone.
I try to rationalize it in many different ways and i just can't understand her, there's some holos who clearly don't give a fuck and barely stream, why can't Coco just stream less and take breaks if it's about her mental health.

It just looks like she's being a martyr, again, it's like she thinks she still hasn't repayed her senpai so not giving her 100% isn't acceptable, it's so unfair when there's others who don't even give her 10%.

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She's self-conscious but I'm pretty sure she really enjoys it. She often randomly starts singing stuff when she streams games on Mildom recently, which I've never heard her do in any pre-HL archives. I think she'll keep singing in the future.

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That's a good mindset to have, anon. Let her excitement over the next step wash over into you. I'm gonna be big sad on the 1st too.

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I wonder how long will it take for youtube to add that subscriber mode for the chat that Mori had during the Mario Party collab into all channels.
Having to be subscribed to her for some weeks to use the chat will fix all her problems on her roommate.
There's really no reason to continue on mildom after she graduates, she needs to stream exclusively on youtube.

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>I try to rationalize it in many different ways and i just can't understand her
She can't do any of the shows she wants to do, there's behind the scenes bullshit that she doesn't do, she has to constantly filter herself so she doesn't talk about any topics her boss doesn't want her to, and all she gets out of it is that she can go to work with her friends sometimes. She's just not happy being there.

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we don't know excacly what she is plannig afterwards(her vague explanation are nonspecific for obvious reasons, only clear one is, "i love vtuber culture and have no intention to stop streaming")
we can only speculate,
if she want fame she should stream on youtube or move to twitch, if not she will just stream on mildom for 400-800people. Also we don't know if she gonna instantly resume her activities on youtube, etc. if she don't, she might loose momentum.
I bet on youtube, you don't open memberships to stream on other platform, also subs and mamberships increased madly after the announcement.
Time will tell, and im still feeling like shit.

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While I'm starting to come to terms with her leaving, I wonder if I'll ever really enjoy hololive as a whole again. The only streams I watched this weekend were hers, where normally I spend a big chunk of day on weekends catching up on other girls' streams. No desire to do that now.

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Nope, for me at least it's over, i'll only watch her roommate, i love other holos but if Coco is gone they aren't enough to make me stay.

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same, and because of that i will leave hololive alongside Coco, i like the girls, and i wish them best, but every stream will remind me me of that one orange doragon that is no longer there.

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i watched koro play some sonic yesterday it was the first stream i had watched that wasnt a coco one in 4 days. I may still watch just in reduced amounts i feel pretty disillusioned in covers capability.

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Is this one of you?

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Back to sleeping pills again uh

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This is basically where I am right now. I've only watched a couple of Hololive clips since the announcement and no streams, and I've been avoiding Coco's content specifically. I don't want to torture myself for a month knowing the fun will be gone July 1.

Cover are total idiots and are going to regret forcing her out.

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Sleeping pills and candles aren’t a good combination...

>> No.5072456

the first few days were brutal, affected my work ethic and my sleep. past 2 days its been getting better the sadness receding like waves then washing back over whenever id go into my own mind remembering its happening again. today I was feeling the most recovered now at full acceptance through most the day, work went well as work can be, but now as i get ready to sleep the thoughts crawl back and i cant sleep again dreading the 1st and what it means even though ive accepted the reasons and know what we know so far i just want to go back to how things were it felt so carefree but it never really is in the end.

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I'm mostly gonna quit watching vtubers because the anger and hurt hasn't subsided. Kaicho doesn't want her fans becoming antis, so I have to respect her wishes, and leaving everything is the only way I see how.

>> No.5073485

Don't hate the vtubers, hate cover for being incompetent. I was willing to give them a benefit of doubt even after all of their faults and fucks up but this is way out of the line. Making your talent graduate because of your excessive micromanagement and being an antithesis of what makes Hololive popular is beyond incompetence and borderline malicious.
I will still follow them because Nene and Luna are still there but once they starts getting chummy with the chinks or does not change their draconian management style, I'm jumping ship.

>> No.5073531

OK, Zhang.

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chill, Covershills call everyone chink if you criticize Cover in relation to Coco graduation.
inters and redditors damage controlling everywhere they can

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Cocochi is too good for this world....(look at chat)

>> No.5075364

Yeah, i saw it too.
I remember when she showed up in the chat of an indie like 10 months ago, her reaction was so cute.

>> No.5075400


Glad to see a lot of you also feels the same as I have. I just don't think I'll be strong enough to keep watching hololive after July 1. Every other stream after that will just make me wish she was still there. I've thought about only supporting the rest of Gen 4 for her sake instead though.

I'll probably take a huge break from watching VTubers after she leaves, or just leave the rabbit hole once and for all.

Also it just ticks me off whenever someone just says "Just follow her roommate lol". I just can't.

She may sound like her but deep down she'll never be the same dragon I once knew. If I follow her roommate I don't wanna be that fool that will still hope that "she's still in there, I just need to wait for her to come out", like any of the other idiots who might have the same idea.

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i think you should reconsider or at least try to watch her roommate(some time after 1st of july), it might not be full dragon mode, but now as she can solely focus on roommate channel, content will be made and personalities might merge, 2d avatar didin't create Coco, but personality behind it.

>> No.5075729

That just means you aren't commited enough and that's perfectly okay.
I'll follow her to the end of the world, but that's just me.

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I urge any fans that are not watching Coco out of fear of getting hurt to reconsider. Kaichou is doing her best to put on the best show ever for us and you will regret not being there to see it. All her streams since her graduation announcement have been kino of kino. Lets see things through to the very end.

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Coco was going to have a sister...

>> No.5077611

You will eat the bugs

>> No.5077669

I hope retards will stop romanticizing koko. she's a selfish bitch.

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File: 994 KB, 1008x820, Coco joins VShojo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry, she's joining VShojo.

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3 great posts by 3 new ips, sugoi

>> No.5077996

can fucking global retards stop shitting up the thread and leave us alone in peace.

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File: 1.45 MB, 2500x2400, SeeYouSpaceCocoIV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Drew this earlier, might colour it later. Thought you guys would like it.

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Love you anon

>> No.5078572

Awww, I love you too, anon.

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love it, thank you, anon

>> No.5078972

Just woke up. I missed a stream??

>> No.5079010

Did you see the post in /jp/? i have the whole stream but i don't want to share anything because she privated it.

>> No.5079182

Oh. I'd watch it, but it's up to you.

>> No.5079216

How bad was it anon? A yab or that she just realised it wasn't anything worth keeping up

>> No.5079260

What the fuck are you guys whispering about

>> No.5079323

It will spread and i don't want that, i don't think there's anything really yab but she doesn't want it to be seen
Lasted 22 minutes, she started the stream by saying she took her sleeping pills 30 minutes ago but couldn't sleep, at the 7th minute mark she said "i hate those sleeping pills, they taste like... mazuuuui", she made a bed with a fouton in front of the camera, turned the lights out, lit 2 candles, chat told her it's dangerous but was mostly concernfagging, nearly feel asleep twice, it's a miracle she didn't fall asleep with the stream on.
By the end she was high as fuck.

Another sleeping pills incident.

>> No.5079618

Has she been taking those since last year? That's not good.

>> No.5079702

I’d wager that Coco has trouble sleeping in general. Absolutely broken sleep schedule, 9000 dollar high quality bed, and some pretty amusing incidents of her taking sleeping pills and deciding to stream for some reason.

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Now and forever, I fucking love this bitch.

>> No.5079885

will i ever feel better or will i always have this feeling of impending anxiety until shes gone... even if she goes i wonder if i can even keep watching hololive or if itd just remind me shes gone all the time god i hate this

>> No.5080044

I feel better mostly because I have faith it will not be the last time we see her. And as retard as it is she’s only been around for not even 2 years. That’s barely any time think about it. And all she done in 2 years. How long will she go without being a superstar again? Not long. Because shining is just in her nature. We will see her again and she will just achieve some more great things

>> No.5080351

She got to Big Dick Indie tier in 2 days.

>> No.5080705

strange when i put coco in the context of what i was doing in my life on her debut to where it is now shes been around less than ive played some games that i still play to this day. it hasnt been long, a flash in the pan in a sense in the grand scheme yet one of the hardest hitting things for me in recent memory i remember i had vtuber clips in my feed occasionally, the one that got me to go a bit deeper was watching watame sing balalaika back in like march(or may?) of last year so i dug to see where she was from since i thought it was pretty cute, from there discovered 4th gen and the rest of hololive wasnt much english content besides clips and well Coco had some stuff actually so i watched her from time to time and i kinda kept tabs until holoEN became a thing since im pretty hard EOP thats when i fully got invested. It feels like so long ago but that was only 9-10 months ago when i started to invest hard. Coco leaving hits me hard since she was part of my entry into finding hololive with 4th gen.

>> No.5080721

Holy fuck lads. Chill out. It ain't like cover is taking her behind the shed and putting her down. She ain't even leaving youtube. Just losing the avatar.
Acting like you just got served divorce papers or something. Jesus christ.

>> No.5080784

You know what's funny?
Even is Cover would do that, ther would be still tons of people defending that company.

>> No.5080830

The reason why people love her so much is because her interaction with other members and her stories about it. While it's true she has other highly successful channel, it will be different.

>> No.5080856

>>5052927 people don't realise that like in the lore she is the dragon that stopped streaming and left the group, she's not being unpersoned or written out of Hololive

>> No.5080956

>that, i don't think there's anything really yab but she doesn't want it to be seen
>>>5079216 #
>Lasted 22 minutes, she started the stream by saying she took her sleeping pills 30 minutes ago but couldn't sleep, at the 7th minute mark she said "i hate those sleeping pills, they taste like... mazuuuui", she made a bed with a fouton in front of the camera, turned the lights out, lit 2 candles, chat told her it's dangerous but was mostly concernfagging, nearly feel asleep twice, it's a miracle she didn't fall asleep with the stream on.
>By the end she was high as fuck.

Also cases where she can't sleep and streams on roommate mildom channel instead

>> No.5080963

Its been less than a week eventually people will move on and this will be another chapter in their life that some wish lasted longer some need more time than others to accept it.

>> No.5081429

What did she say about Youtube/Mildom? I did not do my reps

>> No.5081568

Guys, how the fuck do I hide the chat? There are so many of those gift stamp things today and my browser can't take it.

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I hate her reddit meme review with a passion, both content and execution, even worse to know it's suit-filtered. I hated the AEK-arc, I couldn't watch her alone-streams because of her weird english.
She was still integral to holo. She pulled tons of shit behind the scenes, I believe her plans for the holohouse were legit, she had a good dynamic with most of JP and brought spotlights to chuubas who really needed it to come back into acknowledgement (Aki, Shion).
It's weird, I won't miss any of her content but I'll still miss this bitch. All the holos doomerposting over it is understandable but heartbreaking so the hole she leaves must be huge. I'm with you in being sad about it, let's hope she dodged a goddamn bullet with this move and stays a great friend to Kanatan.

>> No.5081637

Click the star icon and turn off almost everything

>> No.5081695
File: 549 KB, 3000x3000, E0bUuFFVoAEEkiG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cheers, dude, that did the trick immediately.

>> No.5082251

my sense of time's warped, did the thing occur like a day a ago or some hours earlier? I'd assume it's simply all the stuff that's she trying to do this month or it's just an unlucky slip-up. At the very least, *she* seems to be OK now based on her stream she just did

>> No.5082253

Don't share it, she said some yabai things at second half of the stream that could cause her troubles.

>> No.5082690
File: 301 KB, 425x346, 1EABB200-A241-4841-929D-8533F7C9FF0F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5083034

New mengen video upload and oh boy, people are definitely going to get creative with this...

>> No.5083312

Yea, It's time to dust off FL Studio, I'm gonna have some fun with this.

>> No.5083451

Imagine Coco + 15.ai

>> No.5084369

is the coco+ame r*dditreview watchable or am I going to die of cringe?

>> No.5084412

It's English Coco with no filter. Do you find gross things cringe? Then you won't like it.
If you're not a baby then it's great, Ame was an actual living guest unlike a certain rapper.

>> No.5084430

It's better than the others at least.
it's still kinda shit.

>> No.5084467
File: 508 KB, 800x800, 1608175402264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gentle reminder to participate in the /vt/ sings for Coco, deadline is the 20th. If you think your singing sucks, feel free to listen to some of the submissions first. We need your SOVL!

>> No.5084493

Everyone says it’s one of the best, but personally I cringed hard.

>> No.5084620

It was OK, like any of the meme reviews where the guest actually participates

>> No.5084736

Yep. I hope she starts uploading more frequently elsewhere

>> No.5085049

She only took it down after waking up, it was up for some hours.
Don't worry, i will never share it with anyone.
What i can say is this, she looks absolutely adorable when she's high, the stream made me want to hug her from start to finish.

>> No.5085391

what have we done for her to collab with calli 3 times, wasnt graduating enough pain?

>> No.5086094

I feel like there something off about coco graduation like what exactly is management doing. Cause first they wanted her to hide the fact that she gradating form her co-workers until the announcement.

Secondly management shot down her ideas for things like asacoco which was one main reasons her channel blow up. It's like they only want their talents to do gameing,singing, and zatsudon and everything else is pointless.

Thirdly is coco herself. Is just the whole thing feels weird. Like is hard to tell what exactly does she plan to do next. Cause if it was just matter of not playing certain games she can do that on her roommate account like she been doing before. It just seems like something off about the whole thing.

>> No.5086467

>She only took it down after waking up, it was up for some hours.
Now I'll be forever sad there was no notification for it.

>> No.5086732
File: 212 KB, 960x1200, 1607045406010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only reason i managed to watch and record it was because i opened her mildom channel to see a stream or two and was curious when i saw a stream that i didn't remember before.
I don't know if it's funny or sad that i may be one of the only people that have the video yet i haven't done enough reps yet to understand the supposed yabai stuff.
Funny thing is that i understood most of what she said when she started talking about aromatic candles.

>> No.5086800

I don't like that she keeps saying "Stay positive and smile". Especially when https://streamable.com/ueawlc
doesn't sound healthy

>> No.5086852

Didn't she mutter 'hololive' while lying down in bed or was I hearing things?
If that was the yab then it was literally nothing.

>> No.5087105

Is there any chance you could look in your history and post the link to the stream? I want to try something.

>> No.5087209

>they wanted her to hide the fact that she gradating form her co-workers
Management was likely worried that if she told her plans in advance to the others, it would put a damper on the mood for a lot of them (which it did for some). However, Coco valued friendship more than a corporate self-defense tactic so obviously she told everyone against management's wishes.

>Secondly management shot down her ideas for things
They've been turning down a lot more ideas from everyone as Hololive as a whole got wildly more popular and came under the scrutiny of YT, social media, etc. Not to mention each time Hololive had some form of drama it blows up to something big, even if it's technically a small issue. They're playing safe by trying to please everyone, but unfortunately that's going to make Hololive go stale faster.
Coco's exit is their wake-up call.

>the whole thing feels weird. Like is hard to tell what exactly does she plan to do next
She can't give all the details because of NDA.
It's clear she didn't want to do this, but decided it's the best course of action despite the downsides. It's like having to self-amputate a diseased limb. There's a chance you can save said limb, but there's also the chance that the infection can get so bad it'll kill you.
In Coco's case, she's cutting her Hololive career short before it fucks her up. It's anybody's guess if it's the right choice in the long term.

>> No.5087210

I have the link but why would i do that when i don't want to spread it, she privated it for a reason.
It's one thing to be blitzed using the Coco avatar and then stream reacting to it, she's in control and it's behind an anime avatar.
This is her mubmling with her real face and she obviously doesn't want others to see her like that.
Don't share the link

>> No.5087239

I thought her mentioning Hololive and Sankisei was false info? Was it really true? I'm just so worried and curious

>> No.5087498

why do this moral grand-standing about not sharing the video/link since she herself made it private, but keeping the video yourself? shouldn't you also delete it to respect her wishes of "she obviously doesn't want others to see her like that"?

>> No.5087514

You clipped it? Because she already deleted the archive.

>> No.5087626

Seriously. Plus the more people talk about it, more people are just gonna keep digging.

>> No.5087698

She only said hololive randomly, that's the "yab", didn't even talk about it.
Ok, let's stop talking about it.
The only relevant thing about this is that she's back on sleeping pills.

>> No.5087778
File: 357 KB, 1373x2048, E3xFmoJVoAU5v4q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coco gets to be your personal maid for a day. What would you do?

>> No.5087795

According to 5ch she was on sleeping pills, then laid down and said Hololive while sleep talking and then they went back to arguing about China after 5 posts. So basically it's nothing.
I'm just curious if you can download a private Mildom archive. I've never actually seen one before.

>> No.5087798

I would tell her to take it easy and let me be the maid while she chills on bed and watches something on netflix.

>> No.5087814
File: 1.12 MB, 1357x1056, __kiryu_coco_and_amane_kanata_hololive_drawn_by_ohkuro_marimo__79b3c3710297f0cffaa52ee71cd11a65.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5087856

>implying she was ever off sleeping pills

>> No.5087867

She would just shove an asacoco up your ass and tell you to wash your own clothes.

>> No.5087931

I believe her though, she said she wasn't taking them when she just moved out, those first holohouse months were peak happy Coco.
Given the circumstances i can't blame her for starting to take the again.

>> No.5087993

I hope so. Taking them for an entire year is pretty bad.

>> No.5088137

Is it? I have trouble sleeping (Staying wide awake in bed for 2 to 6 hours unable to stop thinking) and I've been taking pills for the better part of a decade. Pretty sure it's much lighter stuff than hers though.

>> No.5088228

Look at the dates

>> No.5088367

In other news, Kiara put out her schedule and it confirms that Coco will be a guest on Holotalk this week. That's going to be a tough watch for a whole different reason.

>> No.5088507

Will Kiara cry? She seems like an easy crier.

>> No.5088582

With a good headphones you could clearly hear what she said, but let's not talk about it, she deserves some peace of mind...

>> No.5088601


>> No.5088605
File: 30 KB, 509x371, 1608724034854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

with the questions for holotalk being sent by the viewers, I don't envy Kiara right now
she's gonna have to sift through thousands of questions like "why'd Coco leave", or "is she gonna stream on roommate acc"

>> No.5088716

I guess it depends which drug. Some of them like ambien are bad news to take for more than a few weeks.

>> No.5088798

Reminds me that Heath Ledger died from sleeping pills. Had me look up how dangerous they are, but turns out the actor just took it alongside painkillers and other depressants.

>> No.5088849

Did coco have a members stream recently? If so could I get a tldr of any important info she dropped?

>> No.5088927

She's definitely gonna try to make it about herself somehow.

I hope to God Coco has the energy to stop her from doing so.

>> No.5088966

Spill the beans or stop doing that, it's weird.

>> No.5088992

Think it a blessing. It would stop the more personal questions from being asked like >>5088605

>> No.5089072

Most of what I can remember is that she has no plans of moving to any new group or agency for the meantime after graduation, and also has no plans of becoming a manager or staff member despite the speculations.

Also she already decided on graduating 3 months ago, management tried to keep it a secret to the rest of the group but she said "No, I have to tell them!". Also basically a lot of the girls tried so hard to ask her to stay, but ultimately respected her decision.

>> No.5089110

Bet that faggot Hololive Historian already knows about it and is itching to upload the clip.

>> No.5089396

All I heard was hololive and unintelligible muttering. There were 800 people watching that stream. If it was really YABAI you'd know exactly what she said by now.

>> No.5089595

She said they tasted bad

>> No.5089658


Even if her identity wasn't an open secret, it wouldn't even be the second time she's slipped up. Not a big deal.

>> No.5089761

Yeah, the only big deal is finding out the bed isn't working anymore.
I really hope she never does something like this again, it's so dangerous.
On the bright side... if you're someone who cares about what they do outside of stream, Coco doesn't seem to have anything.
Which only makes me worry more.

>> No.5089812

I will watch HoloTalk for the first time for Kaichou, but damn if I'll ever like the other orange woman

>> No.5089817

It's fine as long as she erases the archives, a few month ago she started her Spanish stream on Mildom by mistake, dumb dragon.

>> No.5089843

She started asacoco on the wrong channel like a month after she debuted.

>> No.5090108

How did i miss this and at the same time saw nobody talk about it
Lol i remember that, she didn’t start asacoco she started one of her RE4 streams with the asacoco overlay

>> No.5090284

Seriously? Oh my God this Dragon. But how tho? It seems impossible to stream on another platform as Coco though

>> No.5090839

Not really if you forget to change your OBS preset.

>> No.5091043

There are a wide variety of things called "sleeping pills" but with completely separate mechanisms of action between the five or six major categories (I forget). It's really difficult to speak in concrete terms about sleeping pills in general. You really do have to it down to the specifics. Just considering risk of addiction, for example: very few sleeping pills are considered habit-forming. Then there are one or two that have extreme risk of being habit-forming and are almost never prescribed for more than a week-long periods because of that. Similarly, risks from interactions: It is a bad idea to mix most sleeping pills with alcohol or painkillers. You probably won't die from most (be safe: don't). Then there are a few kinds of sleeping pills with a much, much higher risk of death from interactions, as >>5088798 mentions.

It's okay to be concerned for her, but I wouldn't panic too much unless we know exactly what she's taking, which we don't.

>> No.5091106


>> No.5091162

If the incident hadn't happened, she would be doing mandarin learning stream on bilibili right now.

>> No.5091223

I didn't want to talk about it, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore.
She started her intro and said "Juan come manzanas" and deleted the archives right after. lol
Here's the reaction of the chat: https://files.catbox.moe/43xl0z.png

>> No.5091295

Regarding pills, even in recent months there have been a couple of times she has casually mentioned taking some to fix her sleeping schedule after getting so tired she slept all day and woke up at like 11PM. These last weeks are so packed she must want to control her sleeping time as much as she can.

>> No.5091507

He only does low effort doxxing by uploading random clips from roommates, actually watching the stream is too much effort for him

>> No.5091719

He lurks this board though.
If anyone posts it he will 100% upload it.

>> No.5091772

That goes for all gossip leeches. Some even tried shilling their channels here under the guise of discussing wild rrats.

>> No.5091928

I'm more or less with you on this. Tho less 'hate' and more 'indifferent'.

>> No.5092002

Despite the cringiness of the show in general, Amelia knows how to be a good guest. If the Mori incident is your barometer of cringe, you'll be fine.

>> No.5092017

why is his channel still up in the first place? Didn't his old one got 3 strikes in no time? How is he evading the ban for so long this time.

>> No.5092473

They need to hire a lawyer to file the copyright strike for them, and that's a pain in the ass.

>> No.5092792
File: 1.49 MB, 1543x2089, E33BIMGVgAEJaEB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5092898

This is the cutest clip of her I've ever seen and it's her talking about pharmacodynamics.
Kaichou, can you be my uni lecturer after graduating?

>> No.5093343

Great, now Im sadly reminded of the skit she did with Asacoco university after her post taiwan comeback. I will miss her antics.

>> No.5094193

What I find funny about this is that it took Sora to be dead first before they could sing together

>> No.5096133

I'm especially bummed because I feel like I should make a tribute to Coco, but I don't know what to do; or rather which one to do.

>> No.5096331
File: 203 KB, 1480x1288, いけない 雨が降ってきたみたいだ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, looks like it's raining again?
Well, RBC sure is cute in 2914.

>> No.5096439

I'm making a shitpost; not sure if it'll be appreciated, but eh

>> No.5096542

just give her an akasupa with that message

>> No.5096646
File: 328 KB, 490x477, 1606988277549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man, i already was feeling down since the day of the announcement, not geting better, so this sudden stream she did while high on sleeping pills just has me extra worried now

>> No.5096956

I really hope the Hololive main channel uploads a goodbye video for Coco. Containing her best moments, like the CocoMiko statue of liberty. Although I doubt it happens

>> No.5097119

Its cover we`re talking about, if they actually have her on hologra after 9 months will be a surprise.

I can see more them actually announcing EN2 the day after so people can forget about it faster

>> No.5097274

Ohayou gozaimasu!
gata gata gata gata

>> No.5097551

I'm sure it won't be the day after, but I'm positive they'll get announced within a few weeks. It's now obvious that they were taking so long was because they are planning to use them as a post coco distraction.

>> No.5097730

there will likely be nothing but a redditpost a twitter post and a post on official websites as sad as that is.
i was the same way. kinda feeling better now that ive collected my thoughts and believe her leaving is for the better since Cover put her in this situation in the first place, she just has a couple weeks and some to get through and after shes out she can take her time and collect herself hopefully and figure out what she wants to do. If her exit is clean and graceful theres always a minor chance she comes back if she finds herself wanting to after sometime away no guarantees however as she might just find herself happier in the end with her choice, thats why i think she chose graduation instead of a long break in the event she is good with her choice to leave rather than leave her fans with some hope she will come back only to immediately quit if it was a hiatus.

>> No.5097823

So how do we find where she streams after her graduation?
Is it just waiting for the army of aspies digging through every new vtuber until they find her?
Or will she be allowed to say/announce where she'll be streaming?

>> No.5098018

>will she be allowed to say/announce where she'll be streaming?
Fat fucking chance.

>> No.5098036

i do feel a wide range of emotions about her graduating, one of which is happiness!
i am very happy that she is doing this for her own happiness and (presumably) mental health. but there is also a lot of sadness, anger (towards chinese antis), and frustration (towards cover's inability to accommodate and protect Coco), among some other less prevalent emotions

>> No.5098227

Roommate, duh. I doubt she'll return to corporate vtubing.

>> No.5098276

Yeah. I was under the impression she'd stream freelance/indie.
But how do we find out what persona she takes up/where she streams?

>> No.5098325

Literally google it, her roommate is the most open secret amongst all of HoloJP.

>> No.5098345


>> No.5098511

Yeah, but how is her roommate going to help?
She's still part of Hololive. She's probably not going to be allowed to talk about her much.

>> No.5098643

Anonchama... her roommate vtubes occasionally. She doesn't need Hololive. All she needs are her closest friends

>> No.5098732

If she will go full vtuber indie on new channel after leaving Holo, she probably hint it on roomate channel.
But i still think that after graduation she will stick only to roomate streams. At least for some time.

>> No.5098754

Intentionally being dumb or just that new? Roommate doesn't mean roommate when talking about vtubers, it means real identity.

>> No.5098789

All I've done is this https://voca.ro/1ke5uNE5TSWs , but I feel like it isn't enough.

>> No.5098818

I thought everyone was talking about Kanata

>> No.5098819

This is biggest loss for me.
No more colabs with Hololive girls. Or even at all.

>> No.5098861
File: 706 KB, 704x653, 1613221257848.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>5 hours ago
>Just now retweeted fanart

She's not sleeping for shit is she

>> No.5098902

Could you sleep in her situation? She needs Kanata to do the thing.

>> No.5099005

It's good.
Maybe use this as BGM for some tribute/compilation video? Fragments of 3D streams, Hologra, famous clips ect?

>> No.5100045

What even is her sleep schedule at this point?

>> No.5100097

If it's like me, it would be carrying on until you're so tired you fall asleep the moment you lose focus on staying awake.

>> No.5100377


>> No.5100734

Kaichou... your sleep reps...

>> No.5101149

>be, you don't open memberships to stream on other platform, also subs and mamberships increased madly after the announcement.

I'm pretty sure thats what she's gonna do.
She said she already decided 3 months ago, and thats when she opened Membership on her old account, also had the birthday stream one day before the announcement, to show that she'll still actively use her old channel.
And she also has the nod with announcement Thumbnail "last time on CoCo ch. on Youtube" just meaning last time on THIS account.

>> No.5101555


Yeah, pretty much.

I don't think there's much incentive for her to try and rebrand with a new "secret" vtuber identity. She doesn't want to join a corporation, and she already has a large audience.

Obviously there's more possibilities of shit like merch and fanart with a new character, but seriously, why rebuild an audience for the third time?

That's how I read her comments about continuing to be "interested" in vtuber culture, anyway. She can be part of the community without being an active Vtuber.

>> No.5101795

Kaichou is literally Mafty Navue Erin

>> No.5101981
File: 31 KB, 493x622, images (33).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When she opened the memberships a bunch of people started screaming graduation,at the time i thought they were just overreacting schizos...

>> No.5102027

i mean, she also has a vtuber model for her IRL channel, so she ain't really lying with still being part of vtubing

>> No.5103244
File: 4 KB, 605x104, ISVwmI2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So big she gets her own twitter topic
Good for her. I expect on the day of her graduation that some twitter admin puts her roommate's account under said topic because the algorithm keeps associating the two together

>> No.5103351

Pretty nice to see her roommate and Coco trend at the same time in JP twitter when she announced her graduation.

>> No.5103829

It was a clear insurance policy at it's most charitable interpretation.

>> No.5104116

Sucks but she has the clout to Collab with literally any indie or non-HLer if she wants.

She'll probably leave it a bit and establish the audience first though or it looks like she is "sniping"

>> No.5104395

Wasn't that alarming, there's a lot of Holos with non-Holo revenue streams.

>> No.5104419

Will Papa Dragon sign her excution paper as well?

>> No.5104536

The differnece was that she was streaming on Mildom and then suddenly came back to Youtube. Her last Youtube video was before the September attack.

>> No.5104647

That could be explained by the spam. She couldn't stream on Youtube without member only chat, so she explored other options for a bit, then decided she liked Youtube more.

>> No.5104751

She streamed so much in mildom because the audience there is much smaller and she used it to relax, i know it sounds weird but streaming there is what she does when she wants to chill and not have to worry much about it.
I'm positive the vast majority of her streams will be on youtube after her graduation.

>> No.5105302
File: 21 KB, 600x480, 14532568575646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5105774
File: 265 KB, 1200x1466, 1604434610204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5105922
File: 39 KB, 1280x720, 1465154842841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5106049


>> No.5106271
File: 2.40 MB, 1920x1080, godspeed you magnificent bastard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5106411

Only thing to worry about is whether the newcomers have the good sense to not disrupt the chill atmosphere she has going, or at the very least the shift isn't too disruptive for very long. A good chunk of them don't even know about her streaming elsewhere for the past months and I even see a few think her showing her face is some yabe or new thing when it's always been this way

And we're already past this topic, but at the very least Coco still has Kanata to fall back on or to reign her in if it ever gets out of hand. Like remember the time when Coco was out of it from stomach flu or that time Kanata took Coco to the hospital when it was looking like she had stroke symptoms? But for this instance I would chalk it up to be an impaired lapse in judgment that she's probably fully aware of.

>> No.5106621


>> No.5106698

Either post some good relevant music, or get a room you two.

>> No.5106819
File: 1.28 MB, 3500x3500, E3sn2m5VcAANrXM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5106852

Even calli sings better lmao.

>> No.5107039

her karaokes were so fun she made me appreciate shitty songs for what they were, just fun songs to have a good time with like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHnAQ33gK7w

>> No.5107081


>> No.5107441

She's definitely the best worst singer. She always seemed to be having so much fun doing it.

>> No.5107500

Which holomembers actually belongs to Coco's social circle? Kanata is obviously a given

>> No.5107748

Susei & Rushia and pretty much all of Gen4 maybe Luna less so. and i think she also often hangs out IRL with either Fubuki or Marine

>> No.5107772

>Don't worry, i will never share it with anyone.
Go away you blue balling piece of shit

>> No.5107809
File: 129 KB, 1210x1649, 1614232388854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aki, Fubuki, Towa, Watame, Haachama and Rushia are the closest.
After that it's probably Luna, Miko, Choco and Marine.
Her relation with Pekora always struck me more as "colleagues with mutual admiration" than actual friends, but they do love each other, it's hard to be friends with Pekora in the literal sense.

>> No.5107976
File: 253 KB, 1200x1600, 2322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5108072
File: 98 KB, 700x1007, aZyv0L3_700b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been thinking, doesn't Coco exclusively "own" Coco Kaine?
Couldn't she just use that alias for brand recognition when she restarts as an indie, and not that kinda mediocre one her roommate uses?

>> No.5108136

You forget Mio

>> No.5108444
File: 55 KB, 521x600, Kiryu.Coco.full.2863905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5108488

I'd imagine there's probably some sort of convoluted ruling or whatever for Coco Kaine since it's directly linked to Coco the model. That and I sort of doubt Coco would seriously try and use Coco Kaine since the whole concept was meant to be a reoccurring joke and probably not a design she would use for the long-term.

But speaking of, did she ever talk about getting some tweaks or upgrades for her current avatar? I vaguely recalled an anon or someone mentioning it from one of her recent streams, but I can't say for sure if it's just in my head

>> No.5108864


>> No.5109492
File: 333 KB, 1500x752, yande.re 630824 sample amane_kanata chiyonekoko cleavage heterochromia himemori_luna hololive horns kiryuu_coco pointy_ears tokoyami_towa tsunomaki_watame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. I've lost my appetite for a few days and have had a lump in my throat all because of a shitposting anime dragon that I'm never going to meet in my life. What gets me the hardest are her collaborations with others coming to a stop after the 1st. But I was feeling the most "recovered" today once I went back to listen to Still Alive and applied it to Kaichou https://youtu.be/Y6ljFaKRTrI
The dragon will never die. Coco is a staple of Hololive and wants to leave on the best terms. She will never be forgotten nor erased. It's best to appreciate her time left and to appreciate all the Holos who are "still alive". Even when she's gone, Kiryu Coco will be still alive.

>> No.5109716

At this point it's probably easier to give names of those who aren't. Also I don't remember where but Korone mentioned they talk alot off-stream.

>> No.5110282

There is a term in most entertainment companies I signed contract with: "Every creations during the leigh of the contract belong to the company". I think Cover is not an exception.

>> No.5110488

Holy fuck just got off work and see a number of faggots retweeted Coco's roommate tweet

>> No.5110524

yes and?

>> No.5110582
File: 38 KB, 750x363, E3pnHvSVoAMiRpZ.jpg:large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There going to be an horse race delicate to Kaichou's birthday which sponsored by multiple tatsunoko over at this channel.


Hope you guys don't miss it :^)

>> No.5110595
File: 44 KB, 601x381, camLvx3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The agencies are starting to do the headhunting.

>> No.5110692

>Coco wont collab with Vshojo
>Kson might
Kumicho, I don’t feel so good about this....

>> No.5110781

Kumicho is not an idol, she can do whatever the fuck she wants, and if you don't like it, go fuck yourself.

>> No.5111067

as much as k is coco, coco isnt k.

>> No.5111125

sorry meant other way around im a bit tired.

>> No.5111304
File: 59 KB, 755x1065, 1619673693073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you guys haven't seen it, her LBP2 stream with m-chan is really good and it has a hilarious ending.

>> No.5111733

It's a shame the bugmen will target Fubuki next.
I thought they would lose interest after Coco leaves

>> No.5111809

Why are vshoujo replying to her roommate tweets? Do they smell clout? Will roommate turn into a political streamer?

>> No.5111919

if her roommate is smart, she knows she should not collab with anyone outside hololive for the first month. Especially not with those politically obsessed clout chaser whores.

>> No.5112061

I'm thinking that she should take a few weeks after graduation to think about her future. I'm sure the stress is taking a toll on her health.

>> No.5112095

Anon, I doubt she'll be allowed to stream with Hololivers, at least to start.
Also there are plenty of non-HL indie or niji chuubas who are perfectly fine and would like to collab with her. hell, not all the vshojos are bad.

>> No.5112176

What I mean is exactly like that. She should not collabing with anyone for the first few months. Because more often than not, those people who reaches out to her are leeches, especially the western whores like vshojo.She should just take a break for a few weeks, go back to stream like usual, then start accepting collab (only if she wants to) when things go back to somewhat normal

>> No.5112249

>hell, not all the vshojos are bad.
only 2 of them are okay. Ironmouse and Melody

>> No.5112993

I've always found it hilarious that the one who does literal porn is also the best adjusted one of the bunch.

But yeah, bringing it back to Coco I think she will be taking a few weeks to cool herself off and let the fans grieve and after then she will just keep doing small streams on mildom with the occasional stream on youtube for a while. I don't think she will be making any big moves until things have calmed out and until youtube starts rolling the anti-spam measures to all channels, which will take another couple of months at the very least.

>> No.5113007

Those are the leeches replying to roommate

>> No.5114011

I doubt she’ll take a break from streaming on Mildom, especially after the outpouring of support she’s received to the point she’s tweeting about feeling loved. It would be surprising if Coco’s roommate activities altered much at all.

>> No.5114091

Coming up. Hearing the announcer say the gachikoi shinasai out loud without warning cracked me up.

>> No.5114157

Enough roommate posting, please watch the horse race... JP Tatsunokos put a lot effort on this

>> No.5114251

She should be rest Anon for her healthy mind and body. We see dangerous signs about her depression a very long time.

Let her rest

>> No.5114472

>they wanted her to hide the fact that she gradating form her co-workers until the announcement.
Pretty normal procedure in any organization - do not announce it till it is finalized.
Coco herself confirmed that it was finalized only recently'

>> No.5115423

There's something very funny about them saying those race names like they're completely normal.

>> No.5115497

gebokawa doragon kek

>> No.5115882

oh jesas, its real
that's fucking tactless, same as all the people with coco avatars replying too

>> No.5115934

I remember seeing vehement reaction towards the possibility of VShojo collabing with Hololive, especially Mori and Kiara getting shat on for even entertaining the thought, getting called traitors and should leave HL and stuff like that. Wonder how reactions are gonna be if Coco decides to follow through with a VShojo collab some time in the future since I doubt she cares for whatever baggage any of those girls may carry and it's not like she has much reason to refuse.

That said, I'm gonna be real pissed if some "fans" unironically turn on Coco post-graduation if it happens. So much for 'respect' and 'loyalty' to someone who's done so much than what they would ever achieve, am I right?

>> No.5116048

what people don't realize is people outside the vwhorejo bubble despises vshojo. They are the antithesis of what vtubing should be. Especially with their SJW trash audience and their tendency towards being fucking political despite the entire vtubing hobby is about escaping from all the real life bullshit.

>> No.5116064

Yeah, a very strange feeling seeing these two contexts cross: hearing very 21st-century internet terms while watching a video feed of a very pre-21st century sport.

>> No.5116080

>Just watched the race
Amazing and hilarious at the same time.
I kneel tatsunokos

>> No.5116105

If coco continues vtubing on her roommate, I don't think anyone would really give a fuck about a vshojo collab. Even the few schizos upset about it seem more worried about "ruining" hololive more than anything. Could be wrong.
That said, I do dislike vshojo with a passion, and while I don't want a collab to happen, I'm not going to drop coco just because of that.

>> No.5116159

Well, if Cover hadn't forbidden it Coco would have collabed with Melody before Vshojo was even a thing. She showed up on Asacoco.

>> No.5116167

Antithesis... It's streaming with an avatar. Just don't put dumb rules on things beyond what they are.I don't even like most of the Vshojo people but they aren't calling themselves idols or shit like that.

>> No.5116193
File: 756 KB, 2550x1428, coco birthday races 2021-06-15 R6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget these magical title screens for the races.

I feel like I'm in the "silent middle" on these things. I don't care about VShojo, don't know much about them, don't see myself following any of them, but can't see myself being bothered by them either. I will hopefully k's contribution, and otherwise judge it as I would any other collab.

>> No.5116247

>I will hopefully k's contribution, and otherwise judge it as I would any other collab.
Ah meant to say "I will hopefully enjoy k's contribution".

>> No.5116756

What exactly is the type of message the chinks spams into Coco's chat? Is it insults like calling her a whore and etc.?

>> No.5116808

what did she mean by this

>> No.5117295
File: 1.95 MB, 4093x2894, 1616120431233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

coco was my first but haachama quickly became my oshi. I found coco after she tripped on sleeping pills and got sucked into hololive. I'm unable to cope right now I've been drinking for the past four days. I'm gonna miss them all so much. It pains me to not be able to critize management without hurting the girls I love, I just don't know what to do anymore anonchamas

>> No.5117339

They spam the word shame a lot and to get around filters they'd just spam random texts from literature and wikipedia

>> No.5117483

Yeah. A lot of these fans aren't just fans of the girls but are fans of the brand. They like that it's so insular and lore rich. Even if the girls collab with other vtubers outside, the collabs doesn't stray away from what you would expect from a holomember. The hate with vshojo to be clear is really just with Vei 70% and Nyanners 30%. Vei because she said shitty stuff about the roleplay stuff and cover itself. I personally don't like her comments about the girl, not Cover. Ironmouse was fine.

If K collabs with Vshojo, it will be fine because whatever she does isn't part of Hololive anymore. I personally won't watch it if it is with Vei though.

>> No.5118204

They changed patterns alot.
It started with basic hateful messages directed at her, or saying she should graduate, die, etc.
Once those patterns could be filtered by night bot, they started to add simileys to obfuscate the messages. At some point they started to just use articles from literature, wikipedia, news, etc. I think this was the most prominent, as it was really hard to catch automatically by just the message. It was also not the same message per bot, but it continued the text. At that point the goal was just to disrupt chat.

There were also other patterns that aimed to simulate a fight within chat with the spammers, so a lot of "members only chat please", "I hate the spammers", etc. To make users also say those things.

With the moderators and towards the end it returned to mostly hate messages, made harder to automatically detecht using icons. And with the youtube anti-spam measures, you don't see it.

On twitter it is a bit different. There they just include the hashtags in everything, from pro/anti-china news, pro american news, their own conversations, spam, hate, etc. basically just fill the hashtag with so much garbage that is is unusable.

They also did stuff like impersonate Cocos fans, etc. I would bet there is also a lot of stuff on the channels we cannot see, like DMs, the contact form, etc.

>> No.5118356

I don't want to bring it back to vsj but i do have one burning question. How much is she allowed to talk about her time in hololive. Lets assume she collabs with vsj post grad. Do they just avoid and tip toe around the elephant in the room or would she be allowed to be somewhat open about it or would be like for all kiryu coco/hololive is no relation to her memory hole in a sense. Although I guess since its the first real grad of a talent who isnt being scrubbed from history we wont know til it happens.

>> No.5118479

I'm making a tribute video. Should I put in any china memes? It's nothing racist, just winnie the pooh and Taiwan references, or would that be bad taste?

>> No.5118508

No news yet about today's stream but here's Pochi-mama drawing birthday art for her.

>> No.5118546

I feel like itd be in bad taste since its a tribute to her and also thatd be in relation to something she probably wishes did not happen.

>> No.5118582

I am a Chinese
I have no idea why she didn't admit Taiwan is a part of China
And say sorry to Chinese
Just like John Cena did

If she did it, everything would be fine
She will not be forced to retire

>> No.5118598

For a tribute I think not mentioning those bugs is the greatest insult they will ever receive.

>> No.5118700

very likely not much, if at all. For how crazy and rebellious her content is, she herself is most of the time fairly professional.

I mean in a best case graduation, it would end Kiryu Coco saying goodbye and thanks to the fans and everyone. The screen fades, it shows Kson in the studio, exhausted with her mocap equipment on, the staff in the room applauds, she introduces herself, as the person who was Coco and thanks everyone for their support, Yagoo comes over, thanks her for her work and hands her a letter of thanks. Then everyone bows and thanks the audience.
This would be the sort of end of an career that would help her be a bit open about it after wards, while still keeping really sensitive info secret.

I don't think though that a company would do this. A) If the person has a lot of haters she has to deal with them herself now that she is solo.
B) This gives the talent more power and less disadvantages when quitting, so there is less incentive to stay.

>> No.5118760

but Taiwan isnt a part of China

>> No.5118871

TLDL: as long as the information about the identity is internal information, it is likely taboo

>> No.5118987

I'm pretty sure she can just switch out some names or w/e if she really wants to talk about it. It's like how Marine talks about her black company, as long as you don't mention any concrete details like names and dates, then there's nothing to connect.

And remember, even though everyone and their mom know about her roommate, the official stance is always that they have nothing to do with each other. She can definitely use that to her advantage as well.

>> No.5119219

Speak English you dumb ping pong noodle slurping fuck

>> No.5119304

Yeah i imagine theres some clause in her leaving and getting to keep her in hololive at the same time that prevents openly talking about her time there. If it was a messy separation itd be different likely.

>> No.5119945

>I have no idea why she didn't admit Taiwan is a part of China
Same reason why Haachama, Aqua, and Choco didn't admit anything like that. They aren't allowed.

>> No.5120359

She didn't have to admit jack shit if she never denied something like that in the first place you dumb fuck.

She and Haachama were just looking at Youtube statistics and Taiwan was listed. That was it.

Yet you idiots got so mad for no reason.

>> No.5120433

I read that as pre-Half Life instead of pre-Hololive and got sad that she won't be continuing the games. Fuck.

>> No.5120486

Don't give larpers (You)s, you mongs

>> No.5120495

I don't watch much Vshojo. How often do they bring up politics?

>> No.5120743


>> No.5120995

>their tendency towards being fucking political despite the entire vtubing hobby is about escaping from all the real life bullshit.

>> No.5121036

is he loved or always involved in a controversy?

>> No.5121057

Taiwan IS China.

>> No.5121203

https://youtu.be/OyRwbAFnVOA I know they're all gonna graduate, but goddam it still hurts

>> No.5121232

>They are the antithesis of what vtubing should be. Especially with their SJW trash audience and their tendency towards being fucking political despite the entire vtubing hobby is about escaping from all the real life bullshit.
that's just, like, your opinion man. Being told what you can and can't do is what forced Coco to graduate in the first place.

>> No.5121299

>Being told what you can and can't do
Without gatekeeping you will get people like vwhores audience who know nothing about what vtubing is and enforces their shit rules to every single vtubers out there or they will bully you out from internet. Vwhores twitch audience are filled with trashes like that and the last thing you want is for anyone to be associated with them.

>> No.5121355

To add more points, if K or some Holos are collabing with them, I'm not gonna sperg out or anything really. I'll just simply not watch them and hopefully they'll just go away and not gonna bother anyone outside their lane.

>> No.5121374
File: 1.34 MB, 4096x2895, E3lvfGxUYAQhu_N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you around OP? CocoTowa should be next right?

>> No.5121416
File: 381 KB, 1535x2048, E3oqPEzVkAMf5cJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's really not a lot of art with just those two but I'll post what I have

>> No.5121436
File: 2.27 MB, 3186x4096, E3cCoZ1VoAEkWs5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5121448
File: 243 KB, 1000x1420, E3kZnMnVoAEiRbW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5121465
File: 395 KB, 900x652, EquztiLU0AAd7wF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5121996

Jump headfirst in a blast furnace Zhang.

>> No.5122121

I'll admit Taiwan is China when you admit the CCP is a failed rebellion that didn't manage to occupy the entire country, bug

>> No.5122136

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9AlyaPybvs Mengen in 2 hours

>> No.5122295
File: 327 KB, 2000x1303, 1592624229851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thumbnail is a sleeping COCO
>Was a rough day zzzz
will she address it?

>> No.5122299
File: 1.37 MB, 3937x1889, C500233D-5864-4DA7-96A4-C41A24CE6B0F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im going to share my autistic idea maybe some of you anons like it. Since the japs always take pictures on suits like yakuza and send it to the cocotags. I was thinking of doing the same on the 1st. Wishing her farewell when she most shine. I know its really autistic to wear a suit for a stream in the morning. But it wouldnt feel correct to dress casual in such important date

>> No.5122698

Definitely sounds like she's busting her hump settling everything for the last day on top of wanting to stream. Probably the busiest she's ever been recently.

>> No.5122757

What about Shion?

>> No.5123029
File: 1.79 MB, 3200x1800, EeJ6M3pVAAInq73.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5123217

These animations feel already nostalgic: https://twitter.com/Hayakawakoji/status/1404769331179782145

>> No.5123312

God you're dumb. Read about Chinese history.

>> No.5123584

Hasn't been a thing since their 3D like 9 months ago

>> No.5123606
File: 444 KB, 1448x2048, 1609191039042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That one seems like the best for the OP

>> No.5124508
File: 1018 KB, 1920x1080, 1614286261604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Raped by eachother
Raped by the west
Again raped by eachother
Raped by the japanese
Again raped by eachother
Now crying about all the butthurt.
Taiwan still remains independent with their own currency, laws, and non-shit Govt.
Now go back to your pigsty and cry some more.

>> No.5124557

They are fond of each other, but both are loners so not much interactions.
Sion's pretty upset about her leaving though.

>> No.5125136

The legitimate government of China has been there since the 50's. They still consider themselves the legitimate China. God I hate it when dumb Americans try to talk about politics and history they don't understand.

>> No.5125251

Coco, your mic...

>> No.5125252
File: 832 KB, 825x724, comfy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

comfy dragon

>> No.5125405

Hope we get a roommate Gundam building stream

>> No.5125637
File: 617 KB, 2480x4000, __kiryu_coco_and_amane_kanata_hololive_drawn_by_g_li__993853cab7f11ef027efd30c81783da9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another stream missed due to work

>> No.5125821

16:19:42 Taishi Ch. 神代大使[EN] Coco: Almost all the ideas that I thought are interesting are apparently over the line.

16:19:53 Taishi Ch. 神代大使[EN] Coco: It turns out my sense of humor is itself over the line.

16:19:58 Taishi Ch. 神代大使[EN] Coco: Pretty sad, huh?

16:20:22 Taishi Ch. 神代大使[EN] Coco: It's totally kusa, right? Like, can't they lower the line?

16:20:36 Taishi Ch. 神代大使[EN] Coco: But it's understandable. Society is a bit too sensitive these days.

16:20:57 Taishi Ch. 神代大使[EN] Coco: I thought I had a good grasp of where the line is, but I apparently enjoy going to the very edge.

>> No.5125854

Only posting this bit since i thought it's interesting

>> No.5125905
File: 684 KB, 657x617, 1619186155906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now watch people ignore this and continue to deny that this is the reason she is leaving

>> No.5125906

>turns out the thing that kills Coco is SJW and fear of cancel culture
Another case of cultural marxism destroying everything

>> No.5125931

Seems cover is keen on clipping her wings even as she walks out the door

>> No.5126027

But precisely the chuubas going "over the line" was one of the reasons they became viral in the west and why Coco was so successful.
I knew Cover management was inept but now it seems almost if they have no clue about why they got so popular.

>> No.5126095

>Ideas have to be auditioned to a bunch of stern boomer judges
>if theres a single complaint with either of them, a project is declined
Christ no wonder why no one in hololive can't do shit in a creative sense anymore. Cover's killing themselves

>> No.5126224

You're dumb if you think she's only leaving because of this, very dumb.

>> No.5126237

>I knew Cover management was inept but now it seems almost if they have no clue about why they got so popular
Typical japanese corpo

>> No.5126241
File: 103 KB, 600x634, 3e3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or more likely a case of "marketing wants to farm sponsorships so we'll force everyone to be as safe and tepid as fucking Disney; no edgy memelord shitposting allowed"

>> No.5126261

>Those arm-crossing ojisans are extremely strict, that they shut down all of my proposals. I should have just spent my time streaming, than waste my time doing those proposals.


>> No.5126268

its more of a metaphor, but yeah sounds like a shitty environment for her.

>> No.5126321

Unlike your schizo theories I can just point to what she says. If that's dumb then I'm dumb.

>> No.5126371

Cover gave moderator rights to her antis, she cried on stream because of it, that was 4 months ago.
All the members have known about her leaving since 3 months ago.
Do the math.

>> No.5126432

That's all you got? And you're calling me dumb.

>> No.5126465

Oh i've got plenty of other things, but it's not worth it.
If you want to believe she's leaving because of one thing, go for it man.

>> No.5126584

It's not believing one thing. It's just listening to what's being said over and over instead of thinking whatever you want.

>> No.5126652

You do know why she joined Hololive, right

>> No.5126736

while i dislike schizos and rrats as much as the next guy, it would be foolish to not think that there is more than meets the eye here, considering Coco herself has alluded to as much
like the insane amount of hate from nationalist chinese antis, which she obviously can't talk about on stream, or even things like Cover prohibiting her from collabing with holoEN, when she's literally THE person that should be doing those in order to bring in the views/money

>> No.5126830

As it has always been said by anyone who isn't an absolute schizo it's a combination of both.

And I'm prerty sure Coco would have endured the zhang spam if she was able to keep doing what she loved.

>> No.5127039
File: 92 KB, 640x360, 1602006823226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even if she could "endure" it, at some point everyone breaks in one way or another, so I am happy at the prospect that her quitting will be a massive benefit to her mental health
I can't imagine how it must feel when the people that are supposed to help protect you pull shit like >>5126465
looking at pic related, which was one of her member posts made during her forced break after the Taiwan yab, it can't be a coincidence that the first characters of each line spell out "damn black company"
I hope all the other talent is fine behind the scenes as far as relations with Cover go, but man, when Coco says something like that, I can't help but feel that we will see more graduations sooner rather than later, maybe even Fubuki who has apparently said that she would quit if Cover ever became a black company

>> No.5127073

meant to quote >>5126371

>> No.5127136

She has said the exact reason in the clearest way she can without directly just saying it, which her boss won't allow. I think you guys are also greatly overestimating how zhang spam affects them. She can't even see it on Twitter since she blocks them and they don't make accounts that often as Twitter never bans them (I can confirm firsthand since I report them a lot), and she was fine using members mode after her fans told her it was ok with them. She cried that one day because she had just spent weeks meeting with management to try to convince them to let her make a show, and then she gets home to stream and finds out those morons created problems for her again. It's always been about management. She's a content producer who isn't allowed to make content, and every other thing she can do (stream games) comes with a shitload of red tape. She just isn't happy there now.

>> No.5127345

Don't pretend to know Japanese if you think that 闇組織 and ブラック企業 mean the same thing.

>> No.5127403

Poor imouto-dragon ...

>> No.5127477

It's the Tatsunokos fault

>> No.5127606

wow, it's almost as though different words can be used to express something in a different way, especially in situations where you want to convey something in secret
with Coco herself saying the following in her previous member-only stream, make of it what you will:
>Taishi Ch. 神代大使 (2:25 PM) Coco: There was a lot that mgmt told me not to say since the start of this year. But I still found lots of loopholes. That's how I am.

>> No.5127712

have a tattoo of her on your back

>> No.5127816

Taiwan incident was just a catalyst that accelerated Cover to this state shes unhappy with it wouldve happened eventually. The real immediate damage was blacklisting from events/collabs and initial harassment campaigns that im sure she wouldve tanked through fine if she was allowed to do what she wanted solo content wise. But this is all stuff weve went over already

>> No.5127821

the grudge will stay with me

>> No.5127831

Page 10 are not moving at all huh

>> No.5127857

Welcome tonthe /vt/ timeloop

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