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>I can’t stream because my house is haunted
What’s the best excuse ever used by a vtuber?

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I mean it was a little more than that lol, considering she would have had to sow the seeds months in advance if it was all just an excuse to not stream for a few days
>Chloe casually drops on stream that the reason she's so afraid of bathing is because when she was younger she was taking a bath and saw the face of a woman she couldn't recognize reflected in the water.
>Chloe talks about how her mom used to have "weird experiences" and see "ghosts" all the time
>talks about how she would see shadowy figures move around out of the corners of her eyes and would see figures staring at her in dark hallways
>months later, thinks she heard a female voice saying "urusai" to her on stream
>convinced her place is haunted, has a public freakout, and moves out of her place almost overnight, stays at Iroha's while she tries find a new place as quickly as she can.
>literally hires an exorcist
>while staying at Iroha's she has another freakout about ghosts haunting her, Iroha was with her and canceled her stream that night because she wasn't feeling well
>Iroha doesn't elaborate on what happened or if she even saw anything but describes the experience as something "disturbing"

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Canceled the concert because of covid in 2023.

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Nijiboys got screwed...hard. I feel bad they have a retarded audience that couldn't take the hints they were giving on twitter.

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Why are people still butthurt over this? she streams normally now

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And it wasn't even out of nowhere either, she seemed to have something actually going on >>50421381

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an ONLINE concert lol

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>thinks she heard
False, she didn't hear it, she only noticed it later after chat said they heard it and she listened back to the recording.

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Ghosts are not real

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Explain literally everything that happened to Chloe then.

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>spent exactly 3 months in the hospital for "medical condition"

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She probably has actual schizophrenia and is undiagnosed because japan just thinks you need to shut up and work harder and the ghosts will respect your work ethic and leave you alone.

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God punishing for being a whore.

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People love exaggerating and making shit up that they can't explain. Gonna have to also let you know Aliens are not near earth much less flying around our air spaces, ghosts do not exist, Big foot and other mythical creatures do not exist, 99% of conspiracy theories are the work of mentally ill people, Etc. Please look in the mirror and remind yourself that you live in reality.

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Chloe's ghost experience was probably mental illness. Which is why the whole situation suddenly got swept under the rug and never discussed again. The scenario she described about her reflection was definitely a red flag for a very specific type of mental illness where the person has difficulty recognizing their own face or even the faces of others.

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Yes. And also no. But there are a lot more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Could it be a gas leak or a ultrasonic vibration or the sort of neurosis that is best treated with a functioning placebo like exorcism (which in Shinto is just a thing people do when they move into houses, it's respectful to the spirits being placated as opposed to the Catholic adversarial fashion).

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yea, giving birth to me

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That doesn’t explain why Iroha also got freaked out. It’s literally the same thing my friend experienced when his so called “indigo” friend asked him if he wanted to see some ghosts hanging around
Well he did. He said it was an amusing experience lmao. Thankfully it didn’t made him as paranoid as Chloe, just made him thought that reality is many times weirder than fiction

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I will never not find that hilarious. I am still laughing about that.

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Unbeaten, unless you can count actual, and I do mean actual self-inflicted injuries.
That ghost arc was 10/10 though.

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>That doesn’t explain why Iroha also got freaked out
If you see your friend having a genuine schizo breakdown in front of you I think you would get a little freaked out yourself.

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a friend having a mental episode in your home will do that to you i guess

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They are but they aren't what you think they are.

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everything can be explained with tricks, unreliable narration and even delusion.

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love this schizo orca

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yes they are. you're veganism is the real mental illness.

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said that in green!

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if ghosts don't exist then explain why my hand is attacking my penis.

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>Mentally ill people who think ghosts are real
Please get that checked out at a psych ward

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Tommy hurt

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>>months later, thinks she heard a female voice saying "urusai" to her on stream
do you guys think ghosts even understand today's technology? would a ghost understand the concept of a vtuber?

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>I can't stream because my back hurts... oh by the way my back was completely fine the whole time lol
>I can't stream for 3 months because I forgot my phone at my parents' home (which is literally just down the street from me)
>I can't steam for 1 year because... I just can't, okay????
And people wonder why HoloEN is declining.

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>You're crazy and I'm not
I'm probably the most grounded person on this entire site.

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So they have Miko in the company why not have her perform a banishment ritual? I mean it aint even that hard considering what ainmu shows you and ghost are actually kinda pushovers

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>I'm probably the most grounded person on this entire site.

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Unironically schizophrenic orca. My sister was like this before she tried to stab me

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>So they have Miko in the company why not have her perform a banishment ritual?
She said it was too scary.

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Compared to the stuff I see daily of you all literally worshiping 2d/3d anime girls and people complaining and having anxiety over the most mundane everyday life problems...yea.

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one of the managers also visited chloe's apartment and agreed that the place felt wierd.

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There is nothing that can beat Chloes Haunted House arc. Best excuse ever.

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Anything Gura has said

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And yet I still don’t believe in ghosts

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It's not belief. I know what I saw to this day and my own mother and brother can attest to it too.

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Including the dozens of others that had similar experiences that I knew personally.

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>cute orca proves the existence of ghosts
>ghost believers vindicated
>ghost deniers in shambles

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This was a year ago

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>I'm gonna go house hunting for 2 weeks, so no streaming
>House hunting?? Oh yeah, no I didn't find anything, I will just stay at my home

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You have to be 18 to post here

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Undiagnosed mental illness.

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I'm 30.

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She never specified what or who disturbed her.

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And still act like a kid? That's embarrassing.... Do you also go to bed early so santa can give you presents?

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well, bunch of bootlickers

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Nothing I've done says I act like a kid. But you know what tells me you are? That nasty attitude of yours. Go outside, get a job, actually form bonds with people. Do that instead of being a sour weirdo. I'll pray for ya, anon.

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> says the American
always hilarious to see these retards think they're culturally relevant anymore

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Idk how you can tell but is he American? Are my "fellow countrymen" this blind and dismissive? Who am I kidding of course they are.

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Anon, that whole arc was Chloe trying to cover up a fart she ripped on stream. She created that elaborate story of a haunted house as cover.

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I don't have any problem with that. Occult shit is often fun.

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Are you serious? Mental health issues or perhaps drugs.

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Americans are grown to be ultra skeptics. They're taught not to trust anyone, because everyone there has an agenda, whether it's getting into tv or getting rich and famous or just a bit of clout.
Doesn't help that their own govt lies to them all the time.
And yet they are also simultaneously the ones who always look for easy answers. All the bad shit done is by the "other side", so if we just vote for the "good guys" we will be fine.
Some people break from this duopoly but then get sent straight into the "conspiracy" zone of kooky shit.
And yet, worst of all, they think they are still the "best country in the world" when their cost of living and rent are some of the highest in the world, and they've never seen a train in their entire life.
This sneering dismissal of cultures, beliefs and viewpoints that are alien to them is VERY easy to notice in online discourse.

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Got it. Thanks anon, she's all yours.

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So in layman terms, normie Americans? Makes sense.

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>when their cost of living and rent are some of the highest in the world, and they've never seen a train in their entire life
Anon you really shouldn't get your idea of other nations from internet memes.

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>they think they are still the "best country in the world" when their cost of living and rent are some of the highest in the world
Man you must think Norway and Switzerland are shitholes then.

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> months later, thinks she heard a female voice saying "urusai" to her on stream
Anon the thing was, she didn't hear it at the time, but her chat did.
Chat freaking out was the reason she freaked out and ended the stream to check what happened.
Well anyway, it was apparently either a real ghost or a mass hallucination since her sister, mother and manager had the same experience in that house.
> convinced her place is haunted
The reason most people believed her was because she DIDN'T freak out. She tried very hard to cope with all the weird shit happening in her old house.
> shower automatically opening? handle must be broken
> hearing weird shit? must've imagined it
> oh wait my sister just asked me if I heard that too
> lights changing weirdly? I must've imagined it
> oh wait nvm, my manager was with me and asked if I saw that
> washbasin automatically opening? someone must've forgotten to close it
> oh wait my mom apparently came home once and heard the open washbasin when no one was home
After the stream where the voice was heard, she even messaged Noel (audio expert) asking whether there was any chance that it was a radio channel leaking or something (Noel said the symptoms for such a thing are different).
So yeah, she only went with the ghost thingey after multiple others corroborated the same experience.
> literally hires an exorcist
Management recommended it. According to Matsuri, everyone took it very seriously once Chloe's personal manager reported it to the higher ups.
> The topic is suddenly dropped and we have never heard anything about it since
iirc she moved out of the old house, (and maybe got herself exorcised) and it seems to have been resolved.
She can stream without issues now, so everyone involved seems content to just never mention it again. The phenomenon disturbing her streams was why it became a big deal in the first place (she said she was scared initially when random plates started dropping and shit, but later just became annoyed because it kept interrupting her streams).

Here's an EN clip covering the entire saga : https://youtu.be/jbZR7wI_91Y
Something not covered in the clip is that she was just annoyed about her streams being interrupted more than being scared.
> Whatever it is, I hope it stops.
> Because it's annoying.
> It went from being "omg scary" to "annoying" after happening for a while.
Girl just wanted to stream.

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>tfw you just want to steam but the ghosts keep fucking with you
Were the ghosts antis?

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I thought the whole "ghost" thing was a cover story for some creeper stalking her.

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>I can’t stream because my house is haunted
>still streams
what's the best excuse an anon has to hate on a chuuba?

they were telling her to take a bath.

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Creeper? Aw man...

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>just hanging out in the house you're bound too
>girl who moved in just spends all her time on her computer continuing not to bathe
I'd haunt her too.

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I'd lick every crevice of her body and soak in the pungent aroma of her unwashed clothes.

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Why not hire an exorcist or an onmyōji?

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They did>>50430020

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ISP Hort, Sun tan Hort.

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Back problems