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Welcome to the Troopa Hole.
Turtle mom schedule and threads will resume at a later date.
Keep rrats/drama to a minimum and be patient.
In the meantime; Post stuff you've been working on lately that you don't mind sharing, fellow troopas.

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Is she dying again?

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I was working on a Gyaru Koopa drawing, but at this point it might come off as poorly timed and people may use it for something I don't want them to, so please give me some drawing ideas so I can fill my Koopa drawing void.

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In a cosmic sort of sense, yes.

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There was that image of her as a Zeta mecha musume from a while back. Maybe you can take a shot at the Mark II Gundam (pic related)?

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Hmmm, I might give it a try later, but I'll be honest and say that I'm pretty rusty on gundam stuff and don't know if I could do the design much justice, but I'll keep it in mind

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nta but there's a kit of that design if you need a reference
there should be some videos and pics of it floating around if you search up "ms girls mark ii"
good luck

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Thanks troopa, I'll definitely try it out later now, if there is any other reference I should know about for this let me know, I started thinking of some ways to go about making it.

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the mark ii msgirl from the pic is designed by one mika akitakia
the mark ii only comes up a small number of times though, but it'll give you more reference as to the general artstyle akitakia uses
that's basically all, though

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Experiment? Or experience?

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Gold Experimence Requiem
Reverts the fanbase to zero

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did I miss something?

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Awkward time for this announcement.

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Okay but... why

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>not the GORLS
so she's really rebranding...?

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>No Nina
>No Rose
>Koopa's only actual "friend" is ASS
>Koopa doesn't really know anyone in this team
>Koopa is literally there to provide clout


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Koopa is fucking retarded.
Does random shit on whim like yesterday, no marketing, no planning, can't monetize properly, can't be consistent with her schedule, does collabs inexplicably with people, now joining a group of people she hasn't or barely has interacted with.

I just have to wonder what she's thinking, if at all. She's lucky she got such a boost from being early and having an attractive personality, because she'd be fucking floundering otherwise.

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she really is the 4chan tuber!

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She won't be for much longer at this rate

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Too bad, yesterdays collab was amazing

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Who can explain Koopa's actions?
Not even Koopa herself.

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I don't see anything really changing from this honestly, if anything she might collab with smaller literally who's less if anything

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i wonder what the gorls think about this

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Newfag here, can someone explain what's going on?

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>Koopa's post was actually written by her manager
No wonder it was shit

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Spacer work on your manager speak...

>> No.5059093

I'd actually be willing to accept that excuse despite knowing it's bullshit. I really liked Koopa.

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koompaloompas on suicide watch

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its not been a great few days no

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Based koopa, troopas have been obsessed with her for too long, enjoy the wake up call lads

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honestly after sleeping on it I don't really care all that much anymore, I'm here to stay

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i am on the opposite side to you i am really thinking of dropping her.

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I just want her to say literally anything about what she said before, the group, etc.
She can deal with the Spacer shit later.

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That's the point retard

>> No.5059811

I'm holding out that she'll say something soon and that she's putting some real thought into it after her fuckup last night.
That's fair enough and I totally understand why people would want to, but she personally motivated me to get my life back on track so I just can't leave.

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I mean, she won't be a Vtuber at all if she can't keep her shit together.

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I just learned about this whole spacer thing and I'm gonna be a bit controversial.

Honestly people would have reacted better if they didn't had come into vtubers from a Hololive newfag fanbase (not saying hololive is bad though, just the mistake of thinking of it as the standard). In Nijisanji you have mixed collabs all the time, nobody gives a fuck over relationships, etc. Basically any non-idol infused vtuber group. No need to go as far as vshojo really.

I've always liked kwapi because I share and enjoy her multiboard oldfag antics, her personality and brand of shitposting, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Always had that feeling of shooting the shit with your bros.
I'm not against responsible goslings (most ninabros), and even I personally gosling for haachama even thought it makes me suffer..., but I don't go full unicornfag.
I also like chuubas like stalkeralker the gosling exterminator so yeah.
Also, I've always found mommyposting cringe as fuck, but to each their own. Maybe because I'm on the older side.

That said, the "experiment" line feels very shitty. It comes up as unnecessary coldness and distance. That's the only criticism I have. Kwappers, be honest, do your thing as you want, dont be twofaced or manipulative, and people who genuinely enjoy your streams will keep watching.

t. koopafag since the beginning

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I love Koopa-Mama

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I always that aspect of idols was really stupid. Let them be people who have lives. But the experiment line was really distasteful, and hangs an unfortunate shadow over a lot of otherwise pleasant memories.

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i like mommyposting, but I just want more solo content, nothing against collabs, its just what i prefer

>> No.5060553

draw her as a babysitter, and the babies crying all the time so it's historically accurate

>> No.5060908

え? That was unexpected. Let's see how things are going to develop in the next days

>> No.5060927

well that's not news

>> No.5060930

>That said, the "experiment" line feels very shitty. It comes up as unnecessary coldness and distance
This is exactly what pissed me off, I don't mind of she has a boyfriend but that was just a scummy thing to do

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NTA I agree that it's pretty scummy, but I'm still not sure she meant to word it so sterile. She's a retarded turtle brain who probably overreacted and let the goslings get to her so she defaulted to a distanced response. Or at least I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Still waiting on a response but otherwise I'm still with her after I've cooled down from last night.

>> No.5061476

I'm not convinced she didn't mean to say "experience". She typo'd the word in question either way so it's possible. That doesn't explain why she didn't just go "oops I meant it's been an experience, sorry" but Koopa does a lot of dumb shit, and I don't know if this is even much dumber than making the post in the first place.

>> No.5061509

I still think she should have either said nothing at all or even flat out denied they are together even if they are, it's the best way to put that sort of thing to sleep. But oh well, turtle brain.

>> No.5061579

I only watch from time to time, so i missed all the drama. What's this about the experiment?

>> No.5061585

I think drawing a hard "this is a part of my life you aren't entitled to control, I make these decisions and not you" was absolutely the right call for dealing with delusional goslings. It's just the rest that was shitty.

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Can I get a quick run down on the latest drama?

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Yeah but the way she worded it was poor is all, if she literally just said that then yes that's fine but it was in such a roundabout way is what I mean.

>> No.5061628

>Koopa already has at most two streams a week (she may schedule more, but we only ever get around two because health issues)
>basically confirmed with her corpopost that there's going to be a lot of working alongside Spacer
>now is part of a team
>also will almost certainly not collabing with non-team chuubas like the GORLS
So, solo streams are over, right? Never gonna get another one again.

>> No.5061686

>>also will almost certainly not collabing with non-team chuubas like the GORLS
there's nothing to suggest this, it's litearlly just a twitch feature integration team for hosting and shit, other indies are in teams and they rarely even interract outside of using the built-in features like Shimada. There's no way she'll stop interracting with the GORLS or doing solo streams.

>> No.5061701

I actually don't know what happened to that sentence. I think I forgot my meds. I meant to say something along those lines, that non-team collabs would still happen. So with all those factors combined, solo streams are fucking over.

>> No.5061737

Ah understandable anon, but I don't think solos are over, team collabs are probably something you'll see once in a blue moon rather than even weekly. I think it's generally a good thing for her though as it might give her some well needed structure.

>> No.5061764

she can correct her mistakes on her tweets about her new group but she can't do it to her fanbase when she self-post.
remember that.

>> No.5062038

>After Chinalive sells out to Changs and bans Coco I swear off corptubers and decide to try indies like Koopa
>Koopa announces she's becoming a grouptuber
...So Beatani's supposed to be good, right?

>> No.5062078

If you don't like yabs, avoid the yah. Her fanbase is pure cancer.

>> No.5062108

>don't want to watch m*les
>women are all retarded
Life sure is tough.

>> No.5062172

Honestly, loosely connected groups of independent vtubers like what she's doing is a good idea. Big corporate groups are far too restrictive and have too much red tape, and a small group like this have the members help each other while still staying independent. She could have just handled this way better.

>> No.5062180

Yeah, if she literally just said "Yes, we're dating" or even "What's going on in my off stream life isn't anyone here's business" and then ended with the "If you don't want to support me anymore because of that then goodbye and thank you for your support up to now" stuff.
I'd be fine with that
It's her life, whatever
But the "experiment" line and the general sterility is just...
Koopa what are you DOING?

>> No.5062239

I hope she addresses things. Just ignoring it at this point is going to make it seem like she's snubbing people on purpose.

>> No.5062256

because she is

>> No.5062340

There are alternatives anon..

>> No.5062342

>She could have just handled this way better.
Anon, she's from 4chan.
I mean, /jp/ 4chan.
If she didn't manage to fuck everything up it would be surprising and suspicious.

>> No.5062395

Really? Seems to have active threads on the board.

>> No.5062519

Yes, and the dads there are schizos of the highest order.

>> No.5062535

I want to fuck koopa! Even if it's spacer's sloppy seconds!

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>> No.5062655

i for one welcome schizos, keep things fun

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I don't mind this at all, but I can't say this group feels like a natural fit for Koopa based on what I've seen. I know she did one collab with Little_S and Yozora, and I think I recall one with ASS at some point (and they're obviously friendly off-stream), but I can't recall her interacting with Bat much at all and I'd never even heard of Eros until this announcement.
I guess I'll stay cautiously optimistic for the moment. For all we know they could all interact a lot off-stream and have great chemistry that we've just ever gotten to see before.

>> No.5063277

I think a lot of opinions are based off of the expectation that being in a group means constant group interaction and collaboration with rules and regulations with regards to creative freedoms, however with groups of chuubas in the past this just isn't the case and it tends to just be a means by which a few people who like each other make use of twitch's teams built in features.

>> No.5063359

What are those features? Because if this changes basically nothing, then... why bother?

>> No.5063621

I'd also like to know what the features are, I've seen a few chuubas who were apparently part of teams but I have no idea what the significance of that actually is.

>> No.5063776

Has it ever crossed any of your minds Koopa is doing this because it sounds...fun? And that having friends or at the very least colleagues with mutual interests..is fun?

>> No.5063825

koopa is a shitposter

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S-she's starting to lose followers! I saw it, it went from 2020 to 2019, sometime after from 2021 from 2020. No, I noticed something worse, two troopas that regularly show on chat aren't following her anymore! AAAAAAHHHHH

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from what I understand it's mostly stuff like hosting priorities and whatever else, can probably look it up

>> No.5064005

Please stop im already mad and i still care about Koopa

>> No.5064059

People cab get you to do something good or be inspiring and still suck ass. Supporting her is probably supporting lots of other people misery to come

>> No.5064094


Nice copes. It is fun, and yet, should be kept separate from her vtuber career, at least in this sort of way she had it

>> No.5064095

Stop falseflagging, she doesn't acknowledge this place, at least publicly.

>> No.5064129

Put yourself first anon, just like she does

>> No.5064157

I'm serious, I've been supporting her since the beginning, nobody is asking her to make a video or a twitter post you moron

>> No.5064210

Not everyone is a falseflagger, her last post here was abysmal and insulting

>> No.5064473

looks like copium season up in here, lighten up a bit fellas you should've seen this coming

>> No.5064909

>wins at Jeopardy
>jeopardizes her /vt/ followers
Sasuguh losing mom.

>> No.5064918

How about an actual post addressing the problem, Koopa?

>> No.5064959

Ok Spacer

>> No.5066369


>> No.5066374

Come and get it, your copium doses have arrived.

>> No.5066629

Knowing it is a 4chan autist that is typing that makes it funnier.

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Might just hang out in this thread for now

>> No.5071101

koopa really fucked up her thread with that shitpost she loves so much huh.

>> No.5071317

I know, it's great. Everything that goes wrong is 100% her own fault. She's a literal failure to the extent it is impressive.

>> No.5071408

That's the real kayfabe nigga

>> No.5071559

I'm beginning to buy into that final Yab-apocalypse after that pastebin

>> No.5071905

the real rrat is that she is slowly separating from /v/t with this. If she wants to monetize herself properly she can't pander to 4chan audience.

>> No.5072297

idk, yeah her audience has /vt/ in it but its not like she is out there making super nsfw content.

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File: 48 KB, 384x512, 1623357277882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyanners, you have to get bigger before abandon your fanbase.

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File: 875 KB, 1180x1180, Dream remastered.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she's been trying to become picrel all along

>> No.5075204

It'd just be nice if this didn't have to happen around the same time other things are falling apart in the vtuber space. People are on edge right now.

>> No.5075223

being on edge is for fuckin pussies.

>> No.5075485

Reminder to Koopa to take a week off from this place.

>> No.5076326

Regards from /trash/

>> No.5076371

im gonna fuck Koopa, even if its right after this guy and Spacer!

>> No.5076393
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You're alright sometimes, /trash/

>> No.5076459

Is Koopa Forrealla?

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Please, all I want to know is where pink Koopa and pink Troopa came from. There's too much archive to search through!

>> No.5076770

In case you missed it Koops addressed everything in koops thread 7h ago

>> No.5076789

Oh it was posted, and it was more than 7h, I'm retarder

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You too random Troopa!

>> No.5077562

>I love my troopas and I wouldn't give them up for anything
>gives up a portion of her fanbase

>> No.5077629

IIRC, pink troopa was just an alternate color scheme from the person who drew the troopa design. Pink koopa aka Fortuna was her anime dub voice given a persona in her early god hand stream.

>> No.5077887

The moral of this story is
>don't be a filthy phoneposter or else the goslings will get you when the autocorrect hits

>> No.5077926

That wasn't an autocorrect mistake. She literally did a wrestling joke talking about how we fell for it and stuff. It was an experiment. Sorry, bros.

>> No.5077949

I haven’t been following Koopa for a long time (think when /wvt/ was still in /trash/), how’s she doing? Doesn’t sound too good by the looks of it

>> No.5078002

Can a nigga get some context? I’m completely out of the loop in this thread

>> No.5078206

>It wasn't a whole "Oooh, Koopa is playing with her fans right now. How evil" Nobody is a lab rat to me or a toy. I never assumed this. I value my troopas. And I apologize if I came off as taking them for granted. You're my special troopas and I'm really thankful for all of you, even if you're only here for a short bit of time.
This line got me, I'm gonna KOOPA LOVE again...

>> No.5078273

What does "it was me, Austin" have to do with the "experiment"?

>> No.5078290

An intentional trick to get reactions.

>> No.5078293

Spacer is still in the threads talking about Copium and I am sure Koopa is venting elsewhere about it too. I just don't trust her at all anymore.

>> No.5078314

Wait, I completely misinterpreted what you were saying in >>5077926. Sorry, my bad.

>> No.5078394

What, are copium posts really Spacer's? Proof?

>> No.5078480

I'm not sure if i can trust her myself but i really want to believe, i love this girl too much

>> No.5078525

I was her way of damage control she probably thought it was a good idea i honestly doubt she really planned the whole thing

>> No.5078548

*It was
But yeah I don't think she had bad intentions

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This is an improvement on your last post, but it's still mediocre.
The biggest problem with your first post by far was the fact that you didn't think about the consequences of posting it or the soundpost.
This pastebin suffers from a similar problem in that this feels more like a blogpost you wrote on a whim rather than an actual statement and it suffers because of it.
If you're going to release text based statements don't be so verbose and if you're going to be verbose you might as well read out your document and start throwing in shit like Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. In fact this reads like you meant for it to be read aloud.

Here's how I would've written it:

And for the love of god, stop throwing around your "feel free to fuck with me, but not others." it's starting to become your dramafag catchphrase and doesn't work in this situation for a multitude of reasons I will not go into.

>> No.5079067

feel free to fuck me, but don't tell others.

>> No.5079095


>> No.5079210

>And for the love of god, stop throwing around your "feel free to fuck with me, but not others."
This is probably because she's worried people will attack spacer, some guys over at /wvt/ said they would

>> No.5079235

I will do it if it turns out he's trying to influence her like this

>> No.5079458

Yeah, well the phrase was originally meant to refer to bystanders who were getting attacked like Eira. Spacer is directly responsible for the drama and is not a bystander in this situation.
Even if someone attempts to force onto it the nuance of her not wanting anyone but her getting heat, it loses the reasonableness that caused people to respect her wishes in the fist place.
So for as much as she would love for Spacer to be kept out of this, he will still be brought in, harassed, and dragged though the mud.

>> No.5079521

I dislike the narrative of pure innocent Koopa being manipulated by that nasty Spacer. Koopa is plenty capable of she herself being manipulative.

>> No.5079560

Eira was also in herdcord, which was seen as splitting up the community at the time, the response never really protected any innocent bystandard. It was just deflection

>> No.5080045

I just dont know who to believe anymore. Koopa fucked up bad, she should know from being a vtuber fan how this kind of stuff riles people up and a GOTCHA was the worst damage control she could have gone with and felt like a malicious kick in the dick.

>> No.5080415

Mediocre is amazing considering her previous post was atrocious

>> No.5080899

Well she acts like a menhera, talks like a menhera, and looks like a menhera. There's no reason not to chalk her up to the dramawhore that she has to repeatedly insist she isn't and drop her for it before she forgets all this in 2 weeks and does it again or just outright doxxes herself like she's prone to.

>> No.5081449

Well, he deserves it. He's 50% of why this nonsense happened, but when these guys hell mess up shit for Koopa's reputation, where are they?

>> No.5081489

>Well, he deserves it

>> No.5081539

He's directly involved like >>5079458 says, but he doesn't catch any heat because he's an irrelevant m*le Vtuber. Koopa's the only one catching shit because she had to rush in to make a (bad) statement herself, and Spacer didn't come in and say "yeah we rigged it via microphones to sound like a Twitter sound clip" or something to rationalize it.

>> No.5081774

Involved in what? That he fucked your oshi and she was dumb enough to flaunt it? Koopa makes her own mistakes anon

>> No.5081842

If he's the copium poster he absolutely added to the PR disaster. Though maybe his fanbase is having their own PR disaster wherever they congregate.

>> No.5081918

>If he's the copium poster he absolutely added to the PR disaster
What reason is there to assume that it's him making those posts and not just one of the local schizos?

>> No.5081961

So a rrat with no way to prove anything, got it

>> No.5082164

those rats grow the strongest

>> No.5082373

You're just pissing people off more, do you know how easy it is to ruin small streamers, fuck up their chat, get them banned

>> No.5082458

I don't care if koopa had/has/or is getting a boyfriend, as long as he's actually a great guy and treats her right. However I still think it's retarded to date within the 'workplace' and with a collegue (if she really is) because as others have said already it's generally a bad idea especially if a nasty breakup happens the possibility of doxx leaking is exponential. Also the fact that he's long distance which makes it even worse, again if they really are dating. These are obvious redflags in themselves.

>> No.5082655
File: 4 KB, 391x40, 1623522807480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5083069

What the fuck is even happening. I was in the thread when she posted the Spacer Voice stuff, thought it's about as cringe as you'd expect from Koopa but she also said that she was doing some voice stuff with Spacer. Went to bed just to wake up to see two threads being on fire because of either the group announcement, the NTRrat or the Koopapost. Thought it was fine, she's special in her own way. Day passes, go to bed again and when I wake up, the thread is burning again because Koopa posted a fucking Manifesto before no-scoping a part of her fanbase.

Koopa is literally too braindead to deal with her PR. She's probably panicking right now, brooding internally, thinking what she can do.

>> No.5083109

She creates a vicious cycle of panic and anxiety for herself by haphazardly throwing herself into situations trying to fix it and making it worse instead.

>> No.5083211

t-thats our koopa... losing mommy...

>> No.5083243

Wait, did she delete the voice tweet that started all this? Pretty sussy desu

>> No.5083267

>Also the fact that he's long distance which makes it even worse, again if they really are dating
This can't be understated, LDRs are fucking shit

>> No.5083309

Schizo samefagging and whipping everybody into a frenzy. Literally the exact same situation as the B*yes drama.

>> No.5083367

Still there, just buried.

>> No.5083440

That's good then, deleting it would have been even worse.

>> No.5083545

>Koopa posted a fucking Manifesto
Looks like I slept through this part. I was just ignoring those threads until schizos get bored, what did she say?

>> No.5083563

This, it's literally just a few dedicated schizos and shitposters fanning the flames to make it look worse than it really is.

>> No.5083598


>> No.5083609

One of the things in it is "Koopa, isnt creating rrats for drama" like did someone else write that or is she trying to that that her koopa persona wouldn't do that? Either way its sketchy as fuck and doesnt sense.

>> No.5083691

Thanks, looks like it's still a nothingburger blown out of proportions.
I'm glad that Koopa wants to be that honest and transparent with us, but this is just more ammo for rrat peddlers to twist and spin drama out of thin air.

>> No.5083805

I think in her autistic manner, she's referring to her persona and not herself. "Koopa Fortuna isn't creating drama for fun." And I think, despite the weird phrase, she's honest because she doesn't seem like she can handle the stress of appearing like a troll. She fucked up so bad it took her even longer to really approach the situation, so I take it as a total rejection of making people think she was trying to bait for reaction.

>> No.5083866
File: 3.86 MB, 240x266, 1562008812523.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So the whole drama stemmed from her having an off-collab with a male chuuba? Who cares?

>> No.5083868

You are all overthinking it, she's a woman of course she's a bit retarded

>> No.5083901

>a bit
If spacer is actually trying to get with her, become her manager instead dude. Stop trying to be a m*letuber and just focus on wrangling this braindead turtle.

>> No.5083939

The off-collab pissed off insane goslings that, rightfully, were being mocked by the rest of her fanbase. It was her subsequent reaction that pissed the rest of the fanbase off too.

>> No.5083952

>Who cares?
Nobody sane. Vast majority of troopas are just like you, watching this dumpster fire of a thread an wondering "Why the fuck is this even a thing?"

>> No.5083981

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

>> No.5084000

Off pako

>> No.5084033
File: 176 KB, 368x360, 5436212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did my reps like an hour ago and while her reaction was kind of cringe, this has been blown way out of proportion.

ok good

i wish I was a kid....

>> No.5084110

>goes to California saying its for vacation
>releases an audio clip that makes it seem like she went there to fuck a male vtuber
>tries to play it off as a joke
>words it in such a way that her fans are just an experiment to her
>doesnt correct this for hours
>then makes a pastebin response that fucks things up even harder
This isnt nothing

>> No.5084138 [DELETED] 

>Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
Unironically this. I haven't followed Koopa for a while and have only watched the Jeopardy recently, but nothing will convince me that a woman flying herself across the country to live with a man she met on the internet (in Cali) aren't "off-collabing". To think otherwise is a literal cope.

>> No.5084197

So what if she went to california and got pumped full of kids by a make chuuba? I've read the experiment line and it didnt seem like she meant that all of her fans are just an experiment to her.

>> No.5084292

>then makes a pastebin response that fucks things up even harder
Only schizos are getting worked up over the pastebin apology

>> No.5084471

The pastebin is at least not a corporate jargon post so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt of her opinion on Troopas.

>> No.5084672

We in the same thread?

>> No.5084720

I still think she's not even fucking spacer but the dude who made her bloopa outfit desu

>> No.5084752

I unironically blame spacer, he was there with her and he absolutely supported her decisions and she tusted him, this guy is a scumbag.

>> No.5084765

All her herdcord friends are being emotionally cucked right now.

>> No.5084777

And he'll get off scott free because she's too nice/easily influenced and he's too small and insignificant to face any repurcussions.

>> No.5084843

If he was there when she made the original post and he wasn't against it, or even worse if he "helped" he's cutthroat

>> No.5084887

>he absolutely supported her decisions and she tusted him
I don't see the problem here. She didn't do anything wrong and even if she did she's a grown ass woman.

>> No.5084905

meds now

Koopa is an adult and completely responsible for everything she does. If she wants to fuck some guy live on stream and make that her new content, then just move on instead of blaming everyone else.

>> No.5084912

I know she doesn't want us to put blame on him or attack him but honestly how the fuck did he not try and prevent this? I mean he's got this autistic idiot turtle in his house for the first time for a whole week and he lets this slip under his nose without even helping her to calm down or work through this in a sensible way? Seems like her groomers are always more retarded than she is in how badly they fuck up

>> No.5084915

She's a grown woman, she's allowed to have sex with men. Jesus fucking Christ grow up.

>> No.5084940

Goslings are one thing, but not even mommyfags wanna hear boyfriend flirting.

>> No.5084951

We don't even know if they're really together, they could just be friends and she's allowed to have male friends.

>> No.5084969

>Koopa is an adult
We've been over this, most adult women are just grown children and Koopa is extremely impressionable.

>> No.5085002

This, you can be an adult without being mentally matured fully, especially since we know she's easily influenced and has a hard time saying no. Plus with her being a NEET with little social interraction prior to this.

>> No.5085012

Having sex with retards is questionably legal

>> No.5085015

This is right, she can stream whatever she wants and change her content however she likes. You don't have to consume it. There are more English speaking vt than ever, find one of those to support. That's my plan.

>> No.5085056

>blame Koopa
>all good
>blame Spacer
his groomer friends out in full force, i bet they even provoked Koopa and then he wrote first post with her.

>> No.5085057

so you're just complaining that she got groomed by the wrong person?

>> No.5085084


>> No.5085094


>> No.5085098

NTA but yes. don't date collegues.

>> No.5085115

>most adult women are just grown children
>herp derp wimminz are just too dumb, amiright, lads?
If this is how you treat your oshi the moment she does one thing you don't like, fuck off somewhere else. Stop finding a way to groom her yourself because you don't like her being independent of a 4chan thread full of mommyfags and mentally stunted adult males with no social sense.

>> No.5085128

This too, but even if they are together, it's really nobody's business.

>> No.5085131

she should inform a month before the content change so people can cancel their subscriptions in time

>> No.5085148

100% this, I think her only true mistake was being too loose with her private info and plans. Loose lips sink ships.

>> No.5085170

I don't want to groom her. I want her to stop being stupid. I'm more concerned over her repeatedly unwise actions than being jealous.
You seem upset over this idea.

>> No.5085243

>s-s-she's doing things that *I* personally don't like?!
>I-I could teach her better, I'm just concerned, she should be doing what I like instead of what she wants to do, dumb woman
Touch grass bro. Your brain is so melted you don't notice how fucking dumb you sound.

>> No.5085271
File: 137 KB, 463x453, peko8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon, but
>I dont want to groom her
>I want to control her decisions

If her entire online presence goes up in flames, because of what she does, that's on her. Stop concernfagging over a vtuber.

>> No.5085272

if they make it public in their vtuber accounts it becomes part of their public persona and is valid discussion topic

>> No.5085279

Just visited/wvt/ and apparently Spacer is a groomer or something?

>> No.5085322

>Touch grass bro.
Kill yourself zoomer.

>> No.5085327

It fucking nothing

>> No.5085363

I just got back from a vacation of my own and am doing archive reps, was hoping to only find a nice thread about the kino jeopardy I missed...
What the fuck? The rrats were real? I was happy for her staying at a guy friend's place for a week, as if one of my sisters were meeting a guy, I give them my blessing, but it being confirmed to be a pngtuber gosling from fucking 4chan now makes it feel so weird. I'm a day0'er and am honestly considering not watching anymore, something feels spoiled.
What a shellshock for a troopa.

>> No.5085383

I'd rather be a zoomer than some psycho faggot who just admitted he's pissing his pants over Koopa because HE wanted to be the one who did the grooming. Eat a bullet homie.

>> No.5085411
File: 43 KB, 500x375, 1619890669897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're right, she only has herself to blame, not us.

>> No.5085422

>something feels spoiled
Good thing this is rooting out all the purityfags and goslings. You won't be missed, shitforbrains.

>> No.5085462

Take some Xanax and a nap, man. Groomers must die.

>> No.5085482

I agree with you, but the grass touching thing makes you come off like an immature spazz.

>> No.5085495

It's not confirmed they're actually together, but even if they aren't you're right about her spending a week at not just any guys house she's never met before, but some goslingtroopa turned pngtuber is for sure a little creepy.
Not dropping her but damn that doesn't exactly sit well. I want her to find romance and love and I dom't gosling over her, but that is just kinda creepy.

>> No.5085552

>getting this tilted over a funny phrase
I'm probably older than you and have a better job. Grow up dude.

>> No.5085585
File: 44 KB, 460x494, buffame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah? Well I'm 7'6 and jacked off.

>> No.5085621

>older than you
doubt it
>better job
wow someone's insecure, gonna post a pic next just to clarify you arent a fat tranny?

>> No.5085659

grooming koopa and going bankrupt from her medical bills!

>> No.5085678

>insecure gosling mommyfag calls someone a zoomer and gets mad and moves the goalposts when they respond to it
Koopa's rooting out the retards at least

>> No.5085751

This, now hopefully she'll post a Twitter audio of getting fucked, can't wait bro

>> No.5085769

>>jeopardizes her /vt/ followers
most people would consider this to be a good thing though

>> No.5085822

You have to actually be consistently growing and financially stable for that though, which Koopa lacks the schedule consistency and is probably one financial emergency away from a begging stream.

>> No.5085828

is me btw

gonna keep throwing out insults or behave like an adult? I didnt even call you a zoomer, just pointed to the fact, that telling someone to touch grass is one step from telling them to "have sex incel". You're acting like a self-righteous retard.

>> No.5085936

Touch gross bro

>> No.5085947

Spacer probably just woke up, it's 7:30 on the worst coast

>> No.5085963

Touch grass? I just wanna touch koopa's bush you know what I'm saying

>> No.5086035
File: 119 KB, 640x640, 1605082764044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stellar image quality you've got there anon, truly elite.

>> No.5086042

More like touch ass

>> No.5086062
File: 79 KB, 1077x1061, 1623268686644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5086063

more like ouch tass

>> No.5086082

touch bush and ass, I wonder if she's got a hairy butthole. I sure hope so because I would rim her for hours

>> No.5086090

Is that what this zoomer speak means? I don't speak tumblr.

>> No.5086103


>> No.5086105

Its too late, koopa, made this bed and has to lay in it now. Its only gonna get worse.

>> No.5086140

at least she isnt the only one in the bed now

>> No.5086174


>> No.5086184

Isn't this whole drama over her having a boyfriend now? She'll have financial stability form him

>> No.5086263
File: 626 KB, 1920x1080, 1612886208664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just leave the thread until her next stream, friend. I highly recommend it.
And I sincerely hope Koopa is not here either to read all this shit and take it even a little bit serious.

>> No.5086275
File: 75 KB, 572x577, Troopaverg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5086295

artfags if you're still alive, get on this please

>> No.5086345

It wont matter anyway, she wont even address it on stream or with an audio post.

>> No.5086351

I want to touch ASS

>> No.5086359

Nigganon ask commission on me i might take a consideration

>> No.5086389

She won't address it but she'll probably stay away from streaming the more the threads get out of hand just so that she can cope some more.

>> No.5086416

Fuck you guys it might be controversial right now but I'm gonna still

>> No.5086433

okay who are you? I either just want a picture of her spreading her anus with a ring of hair around it or her getting rimmed

>> No.5086451

Spacer hate

>> No.5086500

Koopa betrayal!

>> No.5086515
File: 121 KB, 330x330, turd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5086524


>> No.5086543

That dumb bitch juice really works

>> No.5086563

You silly girl you overdosed on that juice

>> No.5086571
File: 1.78 MB, 751x1021, R4f96dc6d399106c87d64604b55f886e1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5086587


>> No.5086664

pink troopa

>> No.5086682

Let me get this straight, the current cope is koopa is retarded so spacer took advantage of a mentally disabled person thus it's his fault?

>> No.5086692

fucking koopas hairy stretchy NEET anus so hard it prolapses with a nice rosebud!

>> No.5086772

I mean, we KNOW Koopa is retarded. Spacer's just doing whatever he wants at this point with little repercussion.

>> No.5086867
File: 383 KB, 900x582, 1575076107577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>UNITY-posting was never the same again

>> No.5087007

Ok groomer

>> No.5087034
File: 28 KB, 357x400, wegb6ydm2s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5087081

Has everybody worked it out of their system yet?

>> No.5087143

So, who is who? We have Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Nurgle. I'm gonna assume that Nurgle is Koopa. But what about the others?

>> No.5087149
File: 674 KB, 663x1199, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5087158
File: 42 KB, 610x645, Star_of_Chaos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kinda but now i am chaos chad

>> No.5087185

Remember when the worst drama Koopa had, was the whole ROTUND thing? Good times.

>> No.5087206
File: 137 KB, 318x307, 1610796662923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5087221

Slaanesh is Fortuna, i want to say Tzeentch is bloopa but she's a fighter so she's Khorne

>> No.5087286

Remember when the worse drama Koopa had was the image she's too afraid to talk about?

>> No.5087288

Huh, I'd expected someone to make the GORLS to turn into chaos gods but if Koopa alone is enough for them all, then it's fine. We could technically expand it to the gods in WH:Fantasy but that's only if we want to have the Great Horned Rrat.

>> No.5087316


>> No.5087342

Oh the Gorls, then Rose is Khorne, Neko slaanesh and Nina Tzeentch

>> No.5087372

W-why is Neko Slaanesh and not the CEO of Seiso?

>> No.5087468

While Nina really works as slaanesh I'm afraid Neko isn't really Tzeentch material

>> No.5087565
File: 85 KB, 1080x1266, c4ors1z2s1d61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why yes, I did sell all of my spacercoin to buy more turtlecoin.

>> No.5087637


>> No.5087674


>> No.5087692

I wouldn't be surprised if spacer was the one making shipper posts about them saying they have such good chemistry and how Spacer will be the dad of the troopas and weird cringe shit like that

>> No.5087706

I'm not really good at my english but isn't "Mooning" also the act of showing one's ass?

>> No.5087736

this has occured to me and is possible

>> No.5087764
File: 55 KB, 601x473, 1602295649360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5087783

I'd say it's more than possible considering spacer came out of nowhere and suddenly has people shipping them for no reason aside from doing 1collab together

>> No.5087799

It's all so tiresome

>> No.5087818

he's also known to originated as a gosling troopa turned vtuber

>> No.5087950

Has Koopa been spotted since last night? Is she okay?

>> No.5088011

Probably crying in her bed right now.

>> No.5088072

>she's using my donations for her after morning pills
this is really hot. Its almost like *I'm* the one pumping her full of cum

>> No.5088077

Me on the left

>> No.5088203

>selling Koopacoin

>> No.5088396

I don't know, i just meant as Koopa inclining

>> No.5088438

I don't sell, just damage it enough to make sure I can by some more before the next incline.

>> No.5088465


>> No.5088548


>> No.5088592

w-what, how?

>> No.5088604

Ok, well at least she's alive.

>> No.5088690

>i love my fans but creative freedom
>i need to make my own decisions
It's over. This shit has always been a massive red flag.

>> No.5088709

Stop thinking a twitch team like is a corporation retard.

>> No.5088727


>> No.5088755

It's a bold move John, let's see how it plays out so we can laugh at her or not

>> No.5088838

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, Kwappi

>> No.5088878

Pink is fucking dead

>> No.5088929


>> No.5088963

Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? Half the Troopas are begging for some sort of return to normalcy after this dumpster fire, and we can't even get an hour-long zatsu? A karaoke? Some Koopamon? Not even some off-meds unarchived Youtube meme stream? Not one fucking solo stream all week? No time for any of that, but there's time for two collabs?

god fucking DAMMIT

>> No.5088976

Good riddance

>> No.5089007

do you understand what a vacation is? She literally says it'll return to normal next week retard.

>> No.5089030

>blue is smoking
Mom is asthmatic you jerk!

>> No.5089037

>do you understand what a vacation is?
Does she? Looks like she's still working to me, if she's got time for two collabs. That's about the same pace she worked before vacation, health-cancelled streams taken into account.

>> No.5089039
File: 1.26 MB, 799x599, 1501559093281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he thought there would be a reprieve

>> No.5089107

she's only on vacation for 1 week, starting last wednesday, probably ending this wednesday, then it's back to being smuggled into her families old-folks reservation where she'll do the two collabs on the end of the week and then next week it's back to normal with her shitty cali internet. Simple as really.

>> No.5089284

This feels like those movies where the nerd girl abandons her friends the moment she gets a sliver of popularity.

>> No.5089363

You reminded me of Emergence.

>> No.5089427
File: 115 KB, 500x496, 1622621397146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, i cant go through that again

>> No.5089480

I think this just about sums up the last few threads

>> No.5089626

I know it's not a corporation. It's all the bullshit about her desire to change her content combined with her joining that group. It's over. It's that faggot spacer making her question herself. Content creators who can't be content with what they do and have this faggoty desire for change when they admit their content is just them being themselves (with a little kayfabe in koopa's case) comes down to them not being happy with themselves. Troopas have been giving her so much love, why the sudden shitstorm, self-doubt, and convoluted pastebins that look like corporate shenanigans? It's that faggot, I know it.

>> No.5089627

Here are some of her teammate's content. Enjoy

>> No.5089662

She's a thot but that guy is /fit/, gotta respect that

>> No.5089670

YABa dabba do!

>> No.5089671

It's also bullshit how she can correct a typo in a tweet about that group in seconds but she makes a typo on her own thread that causes rrats to fester for hours.

>> No.5089694

Probably because we called her out on it and laughed at her.

>> No.5089711

>gotta respect that
doesn't matter how you look posting images of yourself as a vtuber is for fucking retarded

>> No.5089740

She had abandoned us...we will never get /ourgirl/ back. I was gonna root for her during the 4 cc this year...

>> No.5089745

>“You’re ugly, that’s why you’re a Vtuber”
>Bitch where?
bitch, everywhere

>> No.5089759

I'm worried how much her chat's culture will change after the normalfag ironic weebs from the other members of her group invade, I guess those people are who she wants to mold herself into appealing to

>> No.5089780

Holy shit I want to FUCK that dirty little whore.
Couldn't care less about Eros though.

>> No.5089808

why wouldn't she want a normal chat? Are you saying a bunch of shizos who freak out everytime she fucks some guy in cali is preferable?

>> No.5089826

little_s "we are all going to make it"
eros "please tell me i am beautiful"

>> No.5089828

I still firmly believe she will remain our adorable Koops, don't lose hope frens

>> No.5089869

We dont NEED to know she is fucking someone and dont NEED her rub it our faces. All she had to do was not even mention it.

>> No.5089904

Chat is a reflection of the streamer but the reverse is also true so how do you think Koopa will end up after she has a chat full of "TransgenderPride" emotes

>> No.5089907

>not even mention it.
and yet here you are in the thread that specifically directs you to keep rrats and drama to a minimum, doing exactly that

>> No.5089908

frens don't keep secrets from frens.
She'll have an endurance stream to raise enough funds for a good camera next time

>> No.5089935

>ignores the rest of my post
Dont cherry pick, faggot.

>> No.5089942

She really should have stopped using the internet entirely during her vacation

>> No.5089966

Little S is based and the only one I really care about other than Koopa

>> No.5089998

No one who posts IRL images of themselves is based. Also his chat is fucking cancer so enjoy them in Koopas

>> No.5090027

Based I'm right there with you bro

>> No.5090033

Haha Koopa has internet addiction

>> No.5090060

yeah well I don't even use/look at chat so really doesn't matter to me. I just do my reps while listening to the streamer. And while Little S's chat is full of unironic weebs, I enjoy him.

>> No.5090074

I honestly like everyone in the group aside from Eros, who I have never heard of.

>> No.5090091

I'm willing to give everyone else a fair chance since I've seen bits of them but never fulled watched a stream except for Eros who I too have never heard of.

>> No.5090148

>I don't even use/look at chat so really doesn't matter to me.
The streamer does though, and that changes how the streamer acts

>> No.5090177

yeah and like I said I'm okay with how little_S acts, I do my fit reps along side him and that's all that really matters to me personally.

>> No.5090209

Where did it all go so wrong, troopas?

>> No.5090234

you know his chat won't stay in his chat it will become Yokowhatever's chat and get to koopa. She'll be pandering to them instead

>> No.5090244

Koopa thought with her womb but instead of her brain, now her brain is in silly panic mode.

>> No.5090277

When does Vacation arc end?

>> No.5090279

If you say so, but I'm not going to throw a fit over maybe's. If things change and I don't like it I'll simply move on, but I've been a day zero troopa and I don't intend to leave.

>> No.5090302

People who act like they know better

>> No.5090350

It will end but the damage will only grow.

>> No.5090353

Didn't the dumpling also post some IRL pics of herself?

>> No.5090365

just waiting for her to have consistent streams again

>> No.5090434


>> No.5090465

The babies that throw their toys out of the pram.

>> No.5090490

So half of her group already have their pictures out there. Did Koopa join the group just so that it wouldn't be that surprising if she ever doxxed herself extra-hard?

>> No.5090540

At this rate i think she just wants to crash and burn.

>> No.5090551


>> No.5090575

agreed still posting IRL as a vtuber is a red fucking flag

>> No.5090580

Didn't she leak her name two times already

>> No.5090609

Yeah but that's just low-level Doxx considering it's a pretty common first name

>> No.5090639

i'm surprised it isn't already the norm for western female tubers, seeing as how much they love attention.

>> No.5090664

>it isn't already the norm for western female tubers
It is the norm

>> No.5090679

And leaked where she was because of the whale pic

>> No.5090702

can't wait for koopa to be influenced into showing off her body by her new friends

>> No.5090760

She probably at least leaked that after she already left

>> No.5090793

she's gotta find a husband somehow!

>> No.5090898

Why the fuck twitter recommend me this after opening little_s' post?
I'd laugh my ass off if Koopa gives it a like

>> No.5091236

Next week

>> No.5091275

>Face covered
Still respectable

>> No.5091285

You said that last week!

>> No.5091372

No it's not just because something isn't as bad doesn't mean it's respectable it's still bad

>> No.5091421

California has her now, the vacation never ends.

>> No.5091473

Snake is dyel tier, but still, pretty based. We're all gonna make it.

>> No.5091519


>> No.5091572
File: 14 KB, 915x455, 1611998012068.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope things return to normal.

>> No.5091883

>that blade

>> No.5092106

Carl Jung taught us that for a good troopa to be born, he needs to know what he's capable of. A troopa who thinks he can't lewd his Mom ist just as flawed as the pink troopa who thinks that his Mom is for lewding only.

In the same vein, all troopas should know that they're capable of being a schizo. Remember that everyone of you is able to create a rrat that might kill Koopa. I'm not saying you all should go and do that, just never forget that you are powerful enough to kill the turtle.

>> No.5092275

Do you take issue with chuubas showing their hands?

>> No.5092299


>> No.5092322

only if it's unavoidable for the content they are making like model making then that's okay otherwise it's retarded

>> No.5092578

They wont, koopa, dropped the ball so hard it went through the core and came out the other side.

>> No.5092719

herdcord did nothing neither will this just wait it out

>> No.5092757

Herdcord friends are seething because of this though

>> No.5092827
File: 40 KB, 261x193, 1618850589992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5092831

expect them to keep watching herd was chatting in one of her last streams anyways.

>> No.5092876

After koopa assured us nothing would change. Right before her trip even.

>> No.5092884


>> No.5093845

Koopa can improve her public opinion, but it's gonna take time.
Just worry about making the community wholesome again, and then worry about Spacepickle Gaywire.

>> No.5093961

Nah, Koopa doesn't want that community anymore. Why else would she have intentionally shaken it up for a week shitposting about Gaper Asswipe. Burn it down and salt the earth.

>> No.5094054

Its no coincidence that this is overlapping with joining a team and an opportunity for a fresh audience

>> No.5094067

She became what she hated...tale as old as time

>> No.5094248

Pickle Haywaire, funniest shit I ever heard

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