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The ultimately end result of what happens to those who pander to the severely mentally-ill fanbase known as Unicorns.

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t. male feminist white knight groomer

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Well, she needs to stop acting like this pure girl while at the same time, fucking guys behind their backs. Just don't fuck guys and stop being a whore and then lying about it

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>Aaah he's here oh no!
Just ban him?

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I think that's in Elden Ring

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Who the hell is nazuma?
And if she is like that it means she was lying about some stuff to make more money
Dont mess with fire

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You wish everyone who disagreed with you was disgusting, even though that wouldn't prove anything. Pretty pathetic

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>twitch chat
>full of mentally ill retarded
that's why I never watch twitch

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"You will be forever alone just like me" "I am human too"

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>Blah Blah Blah Unicorn bad
>it was actually tranny like OP who harass her
go touch some grass

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You act like that kind of shit doesn't happen with non unicorn fanbases. Retard just doesn't have anything better to do, so he finds a target to hate, it's literally can happen to any other vtuber, and it probably did happen to most.

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this, just because you don't pander exactly for those kind of fans doesnt mean you don't have them.
Noone can avoid having those kinds of fans, not even fleshtubers who already said on stream that they're already in a relationship.

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What happened to SAFETY?

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She is fighting Radhan right now

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>Cultivate mentally ill fanbase
>Complain that they are mentally ill

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>stalker = unicorn
Nice logic you got there, vshitshow fag

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Not all stalkers are unicorns, but all unicorns DO become stalkers.

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this girl needs to stay off the internet for her own sake

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It doesn't even have to be a "unicorn", just someone who doesn't like you, or someone who is coping with his shitty situation by shitting on you. Let's be real, if she wasn't pretending to be seiso etc, it would be way softer blow, and less likely to have schizos. I don't know how to explain it properly, but, she is a dumbass for going that route if she wasn't prepared for idiots like that. It's not her fault that they're harassing her, however she chose that way where it's more likely she will have such fans/antis.

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I mean, if they didn't want people to think that, they should choose a different metaphor than "oshi no ko-ing girls for not being 'pure'"

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>Believing the master-rank unicorn manipulator

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You're a falseflagging SEAmonkey. Unicorns don't harass or stalk their oshi, that's what antis do.

As a, what would be, 4 year fandead I'm afraid she'll quit her online activity altogether or at least become extremely inactive. Things have been suggesting that will happen but Rushia has been for me for over a year+ now so what does it really matter.

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Well the same thing that happened with LEGAL SUPPORT! It didn't exist!
Want help dealing with harassment after playing Wizard Game? Nah Senpai we're not a company! Also your co-worker is collaborating with the harassers! Enjoy the knife in the back

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>Unicorns don't harass or stalk their oshi
You should see their freak out over looking at her Apex logs and concluding she is playing with men.

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>Unicorns don't harass or stalk their oshi, that's what antis do.
lol that's all they do

being an unicorn is basically defined by being the kind of person who obsessively stalks their oshi and starts harassing them the moment they feel like she falls out of line

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>Cons: Nothing

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mooncuck deflection thread

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unicorns and purist should've got burned like jews back then

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her 3rd twitter replies are limited now
leaving vshojo soon?

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If you keep saying it maybe it will become true! That's what you're thinking, huh faggot? Cause then you'd feel justified that fanbases you've shit on for over 3 years is as bad as you want people to think they are.
You should post the screencaps where Nazuna is complaining that all her unicorn antis are ruining her stream and community by constantly starting fights in her chat and twitter

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>unicorns are bad
>unicorns aren't bad because other people are bad

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i don't know how to address your response. you could very well think that eventually every unicorn becomes a stalker, but that means that every unicorn that isn't a stalker is still a potential stalker (or a future ex-unicorn), and there's no argument around that. believe what you will, but i think you're wrong

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every single one of her problems can be directly traced to the fact that she conducted herself the way she did in hololive, literally every single one of them

had she just been a funny streamer who yells loudly she would still be a cute necromancer and probably one of the more popular members in hololive as a part of the most successfuld generation

pandering to the freaks is never worth it

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What is there to being a unicorn other than trying to harass girls into falling in line?

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that's being a schizo, it's the same people that will stalk and harass someone they broke up with
most people aren't mentally ill freaks and simply acknowledge that they can't make their partner happy, and wish them the best and move on
obviously just from a numbers game you can get the former in your fanbase unfortunately
sorry I had to explain it to you since you're so stupid

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She could have had that by simply not contacting dramatubers or trying to bang a dude with a larger, even more schizo fanbases. The type of audience she herself has was mostly irrelevant to that situation.

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i don't think you realize that most fans, of any type, even the paying ones, are non-participative and barely interact with the streamer. you may or may not know this, but there's people that are very invested in certain streamers but are too shy even to send anonymous messages through official means like marshmallow. most fans, whatever expectations they might have, and however warranted these expectations might be, once they're broken they move on, ignoring whatever grievances they might express privately
if you don't like a certain culture because of its moral implications or ideological disagreements, then that's fine, but your argument is unfair
this isn't a defense of stalkers, i dislike them myself, to say the least, but i really disagree with you here

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She cultivated her fan base into what they were/are. She stalked her own paypigs and threw fits if they watched/donated to other Vtubers.

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>chudcels are pedo groomers

Who would have tought after drumpf, geatz and various party/religious figures?

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Unicorns are not most fans, it is not the norm to be a unicorn

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>Panders to lonely men by doing GFE stuff
>Betrays them by secretly dating another e-celeb
>Her betrayal accidentally got leaked by herself
>Consequences occurs
Shouldn't have sold your sovl to the devil if you weren't ready for the price.

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Sound like homobeggar modus operandi, same mo on this board.

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That's the best you can do really, move on. Clearly she is just too comfortable in being uncomfortable and miserable if you know what I mean. It maybe for the best for her to become inactive, or she will kill herself, who knows.

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>The type of audience she herself has was mostly irrelevant to that situation.
why do you think her audience freaked out over a discord DM exactly

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>that's why I never watch twitch
Not like YouTube chat is any better. If anything, the lack of decent filtering options makes it worse especially once harassment campaigns target you. Anyways, because she's signed with vShitshow, she's locked to Twitch.

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Wdym, it's easy to filter, sub-mode or 30 day follower mode

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No, that's who is stalking her. John Elden. Fucking monster. She needs to kick his ass.

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>Thread full of roasties seething over Rushia
>Reee fucking incels!!!!
As expected. You all should be gassed

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So it's not true even though the stalker in question is the same one that was being hailed as the representstive of unicorns during that time when she apparently told all anticorns to fuck off.

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>unicorns aren't bad because other people are bad
See how homobeggar consistently doxxing other talent on this board just to owned le unicorn. They by far the worst then.

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>her audience
SHE freaked out, as did the ayylmao’s fans.

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>Do GFE stream to get some quick bux
>Get dox/stalked
Oh no woes is me, as if it's not the consequences of her own action

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Not all unicorns express it, surely, but the type of fans that seethe and burn their merch because "their oshi is a whore" are more likely to stalk and harass her than most.

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Why did SHE freak out? Because it was breaking the image she was trying to uphold.

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>hey guys I need someone who can pwotect me uwu
Imagine being so desperate to fall for this.

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Famously Rushia's audience took it in stride and didn't even care she was living together with a man who calls her cute pet names

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>t. unicorns

>Not all unicorns are stalkers, but all stalkers are unicorns

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>Anyways, because she's signed with vShitshow, she's locked to Twitch.
There are Vshojo who stream on yt. Kson does almost daily. Other members have done one-offs, and Henya just today said she could but doesn't really have plans to do so. It's literally just Nazuna who can't due to some "third-party agreement" based on the VshojoJP's president's words.

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And she overreacted because her audience was willing to accept whatever explanation she’d give at that point.

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>It doesn't even have to be a "unicorn"
There is a LOT of unicorn coping ITT so I'll spell it out for ya'll. The only people who are invested enough to engage in this shit are unicorns. Period.

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i didn't say that. i was responding to
>What is there to being a unicorn other than trying to harass girls into falling in line?
and i replied that most fans, of any type INCLUDING UNICORNS, don't participate AT ALL, that includes anything that would constitute harassment. that's my point, not to mention i disagree with your definition of unicorn
that's true, but i don't think the likelihood is significantly higher than that of gamers committing violent acts irl because they play gta, but i could be wrong and am willing to admit i probably am

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The Homobeggars are projecting again. Luckily most of them are troons and will rope before they hit 25

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What's a unicorn? Am I unicorn for not wanting to watch a girl flirt with dudes on stream or have a boyfriend behind the scenes, or be a whore? Because I feel like most people feel same the same as me, given that they still watch her even after aylmao guy yab. I'm not gonna anti vtuber, or send hate, or even criticism because she will be shielded by few noble cucknights of hers. I'll just move on and maybe discuss it here.

>> No.50312923

So you're calling arigathanks and the bunker squad antis?

>> No.50312968

>Say one thing to your fans
>do the opposite behind there backs
That's not Unicorns just be truthful to your fans, That's all.

As Pekora said

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She just needs to ignore.
Clearly Vwhorejo and reddit dragon fault this happens.

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>this is why it's okay for me to obsessively stalk vtubers and harass them if i feel like i've been tricked by the way

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Don't care. Won't watch homoshit. Won't watch vtubers who collab with the Homostars. Seethe.

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Rushia never did any of it. And her calling men during her outfit reveal doesnt count

>> No.50313108

What's happened to the not on stream/not of our concern?
Has she collab'd with men already?

>> No.50313116

We know that

>> No.50313115

i mean, yes, you are by definition a unicorn with that behavior. even if you are not the stalking type you are a unicorn

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I don't give a shit what Nazuna fans do, Her fans are morons, Nazuna is a known liar.
I'm just saying if you're honest with your fans even if they don't like it they you won't get crazy fans (for the majority at least)

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>in ancient rome vestal virgins were expected to be virgins until they hit 40 and retired, in return they would become rich and taken care for the rest of their days
>if they decided to fuck around her lovers and her would be executed by being buried alive, if an angry mob of men did not get them first
Understanding that if you present yourself as a pure woman and then you're a whore will make people angry should be easy to get, but somehow we live in an age where simps and shameless whores think they deserve cash for free.

Do not deceive and you will not receive any angry unicrons, but apparently it is difficult for some whores to not covet the money a paypig whale might bring. SAD!

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>It's literally just Nazuna who can't due to some "third-party agreement" based on the VshojoJP's president's words.
Yeah, I just meant it's part of her contract with vShitshow based on her own words when someone asked because people had to follow her to Twitch. I mean, she's clearly only streaming because she has certain contractual obligations to fulfill. KSON was a huge existing indy signing for them so it sounds like they gave her the world. Nazuna is clearly different because she was given a character and basically has to build from scratch as a corpo.

>Wdym, it's easy to filter, sub-mode or 30 day follower mode
Tools are better than they used to be but using them will hurt engagement and word and spam filters are still really weak compared to Twitch, as I understand.

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All of her unicorns left already who cares
Chloe took all of her viewers

>> No.50313186

sounds to me like someone just called her out on her bullshit, and once again, she's shifting the blame.

>> No.50313201

I dont like unicorns that much, but the only people I really strongly dislike are the ones who use "idol culture" as a cudgel to shittalk.

>> No.50313242

brainlets think unicorn is some special thing unique to vtubers, when it's simply the psychology of not wanting to get cucked
besides it's not even a male interaction thing for everyone, whatever principle they value that's violated can trigger someone to become upset with the chuuba they're invested in to cause them to want to anti them
in either case, it's their schizo level that determines how much of a pain in the ass they are

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I'm certain this was due to notpikamee not raiding into her but sure nazukeks.
Virtual whores now have virtual stalkers that are immune to the usual block and ignore.

>> No.50313254

Retard,every successful vtuber have one or two dedicated schizo.This has never change since idol era 20 year ago.

>> No.50313264

>Lamy took all of her viewers

>> No.50313277

Yes I said that in brackets you fucking ESL mongloid.

>> No.50313293

Lamy isnt the one that is rising to become the #1 superchatted on youtube

>> No.50313294

So now being a unicorn is just "having dealbreakers"

>> No.50313309

Yeah but the sisters have nothing on Lamy or Chloe so they need to keep bringing up this year old has been because it's literally the only thing they have

>> No.50313310

So she's getting married?
Screencap me so her retarded fans don't cope later with "we didn't know"

>> No.50313359

Chloe only attracts the filthy paypigs because she says she doesn't bathe, but Lamy's got the largest number of parasocials which was Rushias core audience.

>> No.50313379

That’s not quite the same, as the Romans believed that they’d receive divine retribution if they did nothing to expiate that transgression, regardless of their personal opinions. Roman religion was essentially “do these rituals exactly, or the gods will fuck us up.” Unicorns don’t have threats from on high to spur them to action.

>> No.50313419

no wtf?
please link from where you get this definition and examples cuz you are wrong.

>> No.50313427

This isn't a unicorn or even a vTuber thing. It's "you're a public figure" thing. Who was that Minecraft guy that had schizos trying to dox him so they could guro him IRL out of some schizo form of love?

>> No.50313447

>compared to Twitch
I'm retarded and thought you were shitting on Twitch chat filters. Sorry.

>> No.50313449

she watched reddit blue sorry i meant oshi no ko

>> No.50313455

wat I specifically said it's the psychology of not wanting to get cucked, and that it's one type of dealbreaker

>> No.50313492

you type like a discordfag

>> No.50313499

the difference is that chloe is also completely honest about only playing a character and being a regular extrovert irl which is why i can stand her.

>> No.50313503

Only if you’re accepting OP’s dumbass premise that all unicorns become stalkers. Otherwise they’re just the purityfag version of that.

>> No.50313513

All right let's break this shit down because i'm as tired of this bitch as she is of her "stalker" more on that later...
>dm'd me
ok block him lol, get a new room or just gtfo discord altogether, furthermore just sue him I thought she was so happy with that previous settlement she won from a alleged harasser.
>had to stream
No you didn't what happened to TALENT FREEDOM? gunrun have a gun to her head? what she "had" to do was get sympathy from her simps and more money
>ahh he's here oh nooo
BAN HIM WHY IS SHE LETTING HIM HARASS HER LIVE? at this point it really feels like a grift I highly doubt that someone would be that bold especially Japanese men
>digging into my private stuff
don't leave a bad paper trail then

All of this shit with her is usually self inflicted and people are still falling for the "want to quit" shit for the #434085804385 time, then do it !

>> No.50313518

Its true, the Romans were some of the most superstitious motherfuckers out there. The early Christian church spent a lot of time debunking superstition because that was one of the most popular objections to them.

>> No.50313523

I wonder what OP thinks of Mitos stalker incident? Oh right it's a filthy EOP who doesn't know about anything vtuber related beyond what they read in their trannycord.

>> No.50313559

>I just meant it's part of her contract with vShitshow based on her own words when someone asked because people had to follow her to Twitch
She never mentioned it being in her contract with Vshojo, just that she had to which is what started speculation. Still no one knows why, and the only words we have are "third party agreement".
>Nazuna is clearly different because she was given a character and basically has to build from scratch as a corpo.
But Henya is in the same boat and she says she can stream on Youtube. Also, Nazuna wasn't given the character, Vshojo only negotiated for artist and the rigging. Her design came from her, based on asking her fans on preferred features as Mikeneko. She owns Nazuna, per Kson. Likewise, Henya owns her own IP.

Why can't she stream on Youtube? No one knows for sure, there's only rrats.

>> No.50313562

Oh my fucking shit you subhuman retard, no shit it's not 1:1 the same since they didn't fucking have idols in ancient rome, the point is that they're positing themselves as not fucking around and then they fuck around.

Stop simping for whore behavior.

>> No.50313566

I do agree with what you're saying in terms of psychology. I won't watch girls with boyfriends/males on stream even if I don't really attracted/attached to them. Just feel like a thirdwheel.
But I thought unicorns are the ones who want virgins who've never dated anyone.
Anyway it's fine if the girl isn't a virgin, or dated before. As long as she wasn't a huge whore and truthful with her viewers, and cherishes them, she is fine in my book.

>> No.50313571

after what she did with Rushia, That's fucking funny.

>> No.50313585

well I don't use it so you must be projecting

>> No.50313590

Your bizarre oldfag appeal doesn't change the fact that the people harassing nazuna are her unicorns. She literally named one of them.

>> No.50313626

this. every single time.

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>Lulu quits due to getting stalked and Any Color not doing anything to stop it
>Nijisisters "Reee it's the unicorns"

>> No.50313658

The people supporting this behavior are tranny homobeggars who think people should be forced to spend money on PRODUCT that sucks, women who like the idea of fucking their boyfriend and getting paid by simps for it and retarded simps from twitch who cannot fathom why people would consider this a dealbreaker since 'all the people they know' are fine with it, truly the worst devolved species of man created on the internet.

In any case Hololive isn't for them.

>> No.50313675

>I thought unicorns are the ones who want virgins who've never dated anyone.
That's correct and any cuck claiming otherwise is a coping retard who uses "unicorn" as a kind of anti-male collab identifier.

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File: 1.33 MB, 1247x692, Based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trannies getting exposed for doing what they accuse "the unicorns" of, a timeless tale

>> No.50313703

Everyone knows its the holofags that harassed,stalked and doxxed Lulu because she was collabing with men

>> No.50313715

where is the vshojo tech?

>> No.50313720

>I'm retarded and thought you were shitting on Twitch chat filters. Sorry.
Ah understandable. Yeah by all accounts I've heard, Twitch chat filters are simply more mature and better developed. I only hate it because ad block doesn't work and the ads are just obnoxious.

>> No.50313731

>they didn't fucking have idols in ancient rome

>> No.50313744

So they want a boyfriend free girl? Lmao

>> No.50313754


>> No.50313777

Funnily enough, I never get ads, you should try watching twitch with VPN in sanctioned country, like China or Russia and see if ads disappear.

>> No.50313814

you fucking retards will never get over your strawmen villein huh the fuck is vshitshow doing here? in japan they can go after this guy they locked her out of youtube and dont even help her with this stuff whats the fucking point?

>> No.50313853

Really? The only time I've managed to avoid ads is by subbing

>> No.50313861

roasties stub their toe ; damn unicorns.

>> No.50313876

>But I thought unicorns are the ones who want virgins who've never dated anyone.
It's not a really practical definition. Yours is overwhelmingly more applicable. I mean obviously virgin is gonna be preferable for most guys. At this point we're just doing semantics though. I don't care what term people use, but there needs to be one for the biggest distinction, which is cucking or not.

>> No.50313896

there's a few extensions you can try like ttvlolpro or etc.

>> No.50313902

That's the meaning of it, but a lot of the self-proclaimed unicorns here claim they would be fine with anything if they don't see it.

>> No.50313914

kys nijinigger the blood your filthy kind has on there hands warrants death by boiling water you dont care about your organs and will do all to make them suffer your presence is vile

>> No.50313930

They need someone to blame when the golden goose they poached turned out to be a failure she is also leaving the company

>> No.50313956

i genuinely wonder how people that think like you live anon, like what gives you the drive to get up from bed everyday if you found yourself in a situation where blaming everything else but your own awful personality on your life and social circle crumbling to pieces to the point where a virtual interaction with a dude from another girl that undoubtedly has a active sexual life behind the screen becomes a deal breaker for you granted this board is essentially /r9k/ level of pathtic so it shouldn't be surprising but it still amazes me sometimes

>> No.50313972

i wish so, that place is only a bad influence for her to learn to be a total whore. nothing good is waiting for her in there.

>> No.50313975

Not a single one of you faggots blaming trannies/roasties even watch this whore.

>> No.50313997

watch out dude they're gonna analyze your typos

>> No.50314012

You fool no one, paki.

>> No.50314027

She was too menhera even for Hololive.
Why do you blame Vshojo for her fuckups?

>> No.50314032

>Make bait thread #9458546 about the unicorns
>People start shitting on you for being a fucking retard shitting up the board
>"N-No you need to care about this non-hololive related shit!!!"
Fuck off you worthless cunt

>> No.50314035

>fine if they don't see it
That's definitely not a unicorn, and cuck thinking. Like saying your partner going out for flings is fine because you can't see it.

>> No.50314042

michlecat...... if only you were patient you woudnt have to deal with this shit its making me sad again fuck

>> No.50314058

virgin whore throwdown

>> No.50314073

She sounds like she's terminally online and has no filters. This is such a woman problem. Just, look away and don't give it attention. Ban people that cause problems. How hard is this? For fucks sake I just don't get people that act like this.

>> No.50314104

I heard a story on ancient Greece, idk, where there are priestesses who are supposed to be pure but they broke their oath and got killed as a result.

>> No.50314110

You're in a thread full of deranged women who pore over anything Nazuna does to try and drum up hate against her because they still can't cope with the fact people don't like whores.

>> No.50314117

Arigathanks is an unicorn and there's nothing you can do to change that.

>> No.50314122

honestly she is so fucking menhera right now i think being even more alone will make her do more stupid shit she is spiraling downwards i thought she would improve after that streme on youtube

>> No.50314145

Anon, I wasn’t even arguing about “simping for whore behavior”. I’m just saying that you’re using a terrible example because some streamer fucking around isn’t seen as a national security issue. Also, where the fuck do you think the word “idol” comes from?

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File: 529 KB, 1080x1080, 1628999875159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't know who that is. Don't care. I won't watch homoshit and I'll keep telling trannies to kill themselves.

>> No.50314178

>undoubtedly has a active sexual life
nta but it sounds like you're projecting your whore thinking

>> No.50314194

Well, idk, I'm just russki with adguard and I haven't seen ads few years I think. I know that there is Xtra on GitHub(twitch alternative player basically) for phonefags that doesn't play ads for me too.

>> No.50314195

Ironic post.

>> No.50314202

See you just proved that you have no fucking idea what the OP is about. You don't watch nazu/mike.

>> No.50314220


>> No.50314250

It's another thread for the discord troon squad to try and push homoshit. Don't care.

>> No.50314266

Sure, it doesn't matter for me. Just people who argue in bad faith will use more extreme definition of unicorn, as in, she should be basically a shit in virgin, who never held guys hand.

>> No.50314270

if you think that proves your point you are the one with deficient reasoning ability.

>> No.50314276

being a completely cynical edgelord isn't truth, either

>> No.50314304

Whoretuber cope thread

>> No.50314326

She is currently having a meltdown in the twitcasting stream

>> No.50314332

so, i don't watch nazuna/mike/rushia whatever she calls herself now since the suicide bait shit, what exactly is the issue here? was this during a stream, is there a link to it? need the full context

>> No.50314333

>retarded simps from twitch
But doesn't she get more noombers on Michael?

>> No.50314369

she should have never joined vshojo. It's oil and water with everything she was before and yeah the fanbases don't mix.

>> No.50314396 [DELETED] 

What is my point and how am I wrong?

>> No.50314398

It’s a common idea with ancient religions. Do something that goes against the divine, and the entire community suffers unless the transgressor is punished, either by exile or execution. It’s not entirely a purity thing (Mesopotamia had temple prostitutes after all), but that can be one of the rules that can incur divine punishment.

>> No.50314404

Retarded Emperor of this thread.

>> No.50314409

If you narrow down your definition of unicorn to specifically only include schizos rather than just their attitude to male involvement then sure, but that then becomes a pretty useless definition.

>> No.50314419

here is a hint. n=1 demonstrates nothing.

>> No.50314422


>> No.50314429

Because they want someone they can relate. Because in real life if a woman who you are interested in have more sexually active life you will be turned off, unless you are into that. So same principle here. I don't wanna think about the girl I have a crush on spending my money on her boyfriend. Or something like that.

>> No.50314439

yeah, for example i don't watch or support male collabers, but at the same time i don't go around harassing them. i prefer seeking more affectionate chuubas instead.

>> No.50314465

man, she really needed Cover to keep her in check to be a functioning streamer

>> No.50314482

She has completely lost her mind

>> No.50314481

It doesn't matter that much to me, there is only one streamer I actually want to watch on Twitch and I don't care enough to make the effort.

>> No.50314489

If only homobeggar could act civilised instead of blaming the entire fanbase and chubba because of what they read on twitter and clip.

>> No.50314490

True and real.

>> No.50314521

Chat is calling her out on lying about her age its pretty funny

>> No.50314548

Arigathanks is a unicorn, he herassed her
He is specifically the one that was in the center of the previous event where mike totally btfod homobeggars and said unicorns are the best.

>> No.50314608

*would still be.

But yeah, I agree with this. Selling yourself to the demons dressed in whitw isn't worth. All it takes is one pixel too far of a male to make them ruin you.

>> No.50314610

>mike totally btfod homobeggars and said unicorns are the best.
Ah ok now I see where all the seethe against her is coming from

>> No.50314615

No we must change human nature or the evil unicorns will win!

>> No.50314618
File: 53 KB, 828x467, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you think Nazuna plays up her mental health issues, and problems with people harassing her to bait sympathy donos and subs from saviorfags? She mentioned wanting an Ipad and asked how much they cost in between lamenting how depressed she was during this same stream.

>> No.50314634

What is the point of being a unicorn when you will do literally nothing when your wife is found out playing around with men?
Do youb just convert into being like the other cucks who call themselves unicorn but say their "oshi" can do anything she wants off-stream?

>> No.50314638

What the FUCK she is getting married!? Just checked the stream and its right there its not some trolls message
Rest in fucking piss Rushia

>> No.50314675

Anon, she literally just called out that specific unicorn and said she is harassing her.

>> No.50314717

She's been harassed by twitter troons who hate GFE for months now, one more won't make a difference

>> No.50314719

Im 28 already, a cis male, and no plans to rope myself. What then? 2 more weeks? Heh.

>> No.50314751

>a cis male
Could've said "normal" and kept the charade going but you just couldn't help yourself could you kek

>> No.50314757

And? She just went back on her word from when she called out those "twitter troons" and antagonized the unicorns.

>> No.50314769
File: 197 KB, 316x310, b1515f5d2614038a66c582a21cd45f19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Implying this doesn't happen to people who abolish Unicorns and get mentally-ill Twittards doxxing them and doing much worse.
Okay weirdo.

>> No.50314781

Until you post proof that image is fake

>> No.50314814

Verification not required.

>> No.50314815

I don't care I just hate homoshit and I hate roasties who try to attack Hololive with shit like this. kys.

>> No.50314835

Link: https://twitcasting.tv/95rn16
currently listening to this and fits so fucking much lol https://www.twitch.tv/thecoffeeelf

>> No.50314849

JK Rowling is renowed for having a very sane twitter audience after all.

>> No.50314908

In that event she lauded the schizo a hero, now she's calling him a stalker.
Take your adderall you fucking retard.

>> No.50314914

Who is attacking hololive? This thread is about mikeneko/nazuna. I don't agree with OP by the way.

>> No.50314924

You pander to the mentally ill if you actually work anon

>> No.50314953

OP is attacking "unicorns" and in twitter tranny lingo that means anyone who enjoys CGDCT and doesn't like homoshit in Hololive.

>> No.50314974

not gonna lie i thought that image and this entire thread was bait but this menhera really put it there, and is now talking about dudes and pros she has to get married...kekekek

>> No.50314981

anyone that still falls for this girl deserves the fleecing they get from her

>> No.50314982

No charades here. Unlike your mindset.

>> No.50314997

You cut all connections and leave that relationship...
Are you retarded? Your brain left your body?

>> No.50315016

Shit like Love Live is bad for society. This post proves it.

>> No.50315033

True, the crazy roasties who attacked Rushia for Mafu and Reimu for Vox have no accountability.

>> No.50315046

never stop the grind

>> No.50315047

"I feel like I'm cursed"
The curse: Mafumafu
The cure: Learning to disassociate your work-account from your private-account.

I can't to this day feel bad for what happened to her as Rushia. She had everything going on for herself, she had a massive fanbase, she had everyone wrapped around her fingers with her girlfriend act, even other Vtubers like Marine and Tamaki who played along with her "Stabby girlfriend" act.
I really don't get to this day how a manager thought nothing was wrong with Rushia's Discord, given how she drilled her fans to think of her, given how she tried to sell wedding ring merch for Valentine's day.
I wouldn't call myself an anti as someone who'd take Rushia back in Hololive any day, but I just can't act like she didn't have this coming. She got into trouble over that MathuFacku before already and she thought in her pretty little mind that she could go on pretending nothing happened.

If she thinks she's cursed, it's probably because she has mental health issues and can't come to terms with the fact that she lost so much over Mafumafu's dumbass DMing her at work.

>> No.50315057

And? This thread is not about hololive.
You seem mentally ill and schizophrenic.

>> No.50315095

This bot broke under pressure, pls replace it.

>> No.50315101

>The cure: Learning to disassociate your work-account from your private-account.
Doesn't work.

>> No.50315134

You should write a longer essay

>> No.50315139

need to have proper fuctional brain to do that

>> No.50315155

>This thread is not about hololive.
The implication is that Nazuna is getting stalked because she did GFE and therefore Hololive should become whoretubers. Nobody is falling for it.

>> No.50315157 [DELETED] 

Honestly I don't understand homobeggars, just stick to your whores and homos, I'll stick to my whores and fleshtubers males that won't have association with them.

>> No.50315183

the schizos will find out anyway

>> No.50315191

in a way it is good that this board is full of EOP because if somehow there was still any gachikoi left for rushia thinking she wasn't as bad as the yab made her to be, this would break them. kinda impressive. but goddamn man she really is just naming the dude straight up, who the fuck is arigathanks, can she just say that kek

>> No.50315223

>nooo you can't just name your harassers, isn't that like, illegal?

>> No.50315241

why did marzia have to do it bros
only now i realize, i didn't want the brofist, i wanted the brohand (in marriage)

>> No.50315278

Yes that what a sane person would do but the fanbase cultivated by this person isn't like that. She told them she is their actual wife so they became like this.
If you cared about your proud unicorn image you would stop parading her around.

>> No.50315319

She is getting stalked because of that. The only issue is that she is a whore so these fans are giving her trouble.

>> No.50315336

She should pander to better unicorns. Takes a good guy with unicorn tendencies to stop a bad guy with unicorn tendencies. Even if she doesn't pander, there will still be terrible unicorns.

>> No.50315342

i dunno man, the menhera held out on being this direct for like 2 years, so what is the breaking point...
''i love japan but it's full of weirdos'' boy she is quite pissed she really removed all filters. so what the fuck did the dude even do other than dm her saying she sounds like hanazawa kana over and over, i started listening midway

>> No.50315355

The only threads that have been made about her since joining Vshojo are her generals and anti threads. Not a single person outside her core fanbase even gives a fuck about her anymore and we still get roasties pouring in to claim some new retarded drama BTFOs "the unicorns". I know they're desperate because they can't do shit against Lamy or Chloe so they need to resort to pretending Nazuna is relevant in 2023

>> No.50315399

>The cure: being more effective in lying

>> No.50315405

All of her old guard went to chloe
Absolutely nobody gives a fuck about Rushia

>> No.50315411

Arigathanks is a long time Mike unicorn. He has a bad habit of harassing her in DMs every time he imagines he has been cucked. He's American so she's not talking about him when she says Japan is full of weirdos.

>> No.50315445

ok anon

>> No.50315453

i can't...this bitch is cooking curry while venting about stalkers and occasionally switching the topic to how she wants to get maried..this is too surreal is she actually bipolar

>> No.50315467
File: 183 KB, 1300x1300, 1616239852037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bait thread about Nazuna or whatever name she goes by nowadays, BAIT thread, not serious
>"its about her therefore it's about holos!"
>If it's about holos then it's about homos!"

>> No.50315473

There were several threads about her completely destroying anti-unicorns and proclaiming her love for unicorns just a few months ago.

>> No.50315495

I'm going to keep repeating it until you finally get it through your thick skull. You are inventing a enemy for Rushia that doesn't exist

>> No.50315546

Actually, I don't know why I typed it, I'm gonna deleted lmao. Idk what I was thinking, I'm retarded

>> No.50315553

What if I told you that her voice has no movement?
"She" is clearly cooking and the phone is static, but no movement from her as in manipulating the pan or ingredients.

>> No.50315570

Have you been seething about it for that long? Pretty sad sis

>> No.50315582

All of her old guard is still with her, both the "bad" and the "good".

>> No.50315610

including orca-san?

>> No.50315617

The bait is "Hololive should stop doing GFE or this will happen!"

>> No.50315645

Pretty sure he superchatted her just recently.

>> No.50315642

yes he recently send a rainbow on her birthday

>> No.50315654

Who's seething? She just shit on the unicorns that she claimed to love back then.

>> No.50315656

i mean i don't really care if she got a dude in the kitchen is the actual unstable behavior that is trhowing me off. like i've seen some of her menhera shit even the suicide bait, but it's the first time i just *hear* this woman talk and she is setting so many redflags for me it freaks me out

>> No.50315680

>proper fucntional brain
but I can't expect from average retarded Japs like her. I mean no one find out Anya and she's doing good job hiding her rm stuff

>> No.50315688

orca should just embrace holox supremacy already

>> No.50315697

That rrat is retarded.

>> No.50315705

>everything is about hololive
Take your medicine

>> No.50315706

No, it's not the psychology of wanting to get cucked, it's the psychology of feeling cucked when it's not appropriate. "cucked" has nothing to do with it when it's someone you don't even know or have ever had contact with; using the word 'cucked' to describe that implies that you are a victim. What it is is that you are extremely jealous over something you never had.

>> No.50315710

cuck should've neck himself what a sad man

>> No.50315721

>ayylmao fans sending death threats
>denies they're in a relationship to put out the fire
>EOP Twitter retards still tagging her in "We support your right to have a relationship!", even drawing fanart of them getting married
>Got to the point dramatubers picked up the story to dunk on the unicorns when she was trying to stop the harassment from the ayylmao fanbase
Perfectly reasonable why she would freak out

>> No.50315763

>went from dropping capped donations every stream to once a year
So he left, thanks for confirming

>> No.50315795

Even without any relationship the situation was still humiliating to her unicorns.

He still watches every stream.

>> No.50315864

he watches every streme and does make donations headcannon chama

>> No.50315901

couldn't do it, i hear this woman talk and i get goosebumps there is something on the way she portrays herself when unfiltered that leaks in her voice. i don't care who she fucks or how many, i knew she wasn't a really good person, but the way she conducts herself is like a menhera and not like in the meme way, which makes it more impressive that i never felt like that when she was just ''rushia''

>> No.50316064

Schizo antis have been working hard trying to harass every girl who did some light GFE. It was a lot more rare before male vtubers showed up. They attracted some really shitty fans who try to tear down everyone else.

>> No.50316084

because she didnt need to be a menhera in hololive she had everything and life was good until her sky collapsed her termination has drastically effected her behaviour and worldview

>> No.50316438

Your mental illness is acting up.

>> No.50316637

>It was a lot more rare before male vtubers showed up
Male vtubers have been around since the start.

>> No.50316749

Do male vtubers not get harassed?

>> No.50316820

you're talking to a EOP that limits ''vtubers'' to hololive, you can't expect common knowledge of the medium from them

>> No.50316871

Even for hololive they have been around for 4 years but this current "anti gfe homo menace" has only been a thing for a year which just coincides with EN coming out as whores.

>> No.50317179

yagoo was right, rushia was left

>> No.50317230

Nah. She just didn't show that side in public to maintain an image. She no longer has a need to do that, so she doesn't.

>> No.50317341

It coincides with EN males like Luxiem and Tempus debuting. Before that there was less anti behavior in the EN vtuber communities.

>> No.50317393

Yeah, everyone figured that out already. Don't talk about "male vtubers" as a whole if you're only talking about ENshit.
Also don't do that in a thread about Japanese vtubers.

>> No.50317410
File: 86 KB, 750x1334, EA5B08AC-B0E1-4E31-A1D2-F50ADCC66F67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s those unichuds that are responsible for that harassment! Definitely not us!

>> No.50317468

Arigathanks was named several times today. How are you still in denial?

>> No.50317499

the biggest twitch thot got stalked in real life so hard she had to get personal security guards 24/7 and she never did any GFE, the problem isn't pandering to unicorns that's just retarded bullshit pushed by idiots who unironically believe it because it serves their narratives
just be a relatively attractive girl online and you have a chance of getting stalkers, the bigger your reach higher the chance but it's still RNG as fuck

>> No.50317622

Pandering to unicorns makes it worse because the guy in question thinks his target agreed with him at some point. They even exchange DMs.
If she had kept him blocked he would have probably fucked off months ago but instead she unblocked him, apologized to him and said unicorns rule. Now it's all repeating and he's blocked again.

>> No.50317677

LMAO you couldn't be disingenuous if you tried. Don't you remmeber those 5000+ member doxxcords that made YT vids and compilations from everything they found on lolcow, /jp/ and kiwifarms? Also the organized harassment etc from them? Shitposting retards like you don't even remember how Coco threatened one of the biggest doxxcord owners as soon as she left holo. It was really bad back then with all the spam/threats on twitter holos received etc. If anything, it's gone down and is mostly just harmless shitposting nowadays mostly done by /#/ tards aka general catalog shitstirrers pretending to be unicorns when in actuality they don't care or a tiny number of chumtards like 50317410 who spams his boogeyman homo hate shit just as much as likely as he harasses the holos he perceives as "bad" like Ame for example.

>> No.50317794

>Posts a known schizo
>To disprove they exist
Try nigger, cmon
Go again.

>> No.50317872

Yasss, own my ass sister! Us sisters can do no wrong, it’s usually the evil unichuds who are responsible for all this stalking and harassment!

>> No.50317877

Anon, she contacted a dramatuber within hours of the incident.

>> No.50317917

She's not in a Japanese company anymore, stop bringing your JP focus here. Hardly anyone on /vt/ cares about them and you people used to be the only cancerous antis around before males showed up.
JP fans used to be the main antis but now there are a lot more of them in EN communities because the male vtuber fans joined them.

>> No.50317989

Anon said try again with your posting, not with retardation.

>> No.50317999

She is a japanese streamer and literally went onto her personal account to talk about the same shit afterwards. EN homos have never affected her or her audience in any way and never will.

>> No.50318037

TIL Rushia would have never been fired if Lixma or whatever the fuck never existed.

>> No.50318135

I don't think anyone was ever arguing that female unicorn equivalents do not exist. Male vtubers who lean heavily into BFE often end up facing the same kinds of problems with their fanbase as female vtubers that lean heavily into GFE as your picture shows.

>> No.50318246

In that case unicorns aren't the problem it's her being a fucking retard.

>> No.50318271

There wouldn't be any problem if she wasn't unfaithful to begin with

>> No.50318297

Can't stop thinking about unicorns as usual I see anon

>> No.50318392

I thought she had a a voice to text automatic translator, why is someone doing it in the comments?

>> No.50318400

True, but my point was that she knowingly invited this audience rather than just randomly having a few people like this around due to being an attractive woman online.

>> No.50318517

I really don’t give a shit if vtubers dare to actually fuck somebody, but sleeping around and pretending you don’t to maintain some mega parasocial unicorn audience is just lame, at least be honest about it.

>> No.50318546

1 troll falseflagging as scorned unicorn out of about 3,000 people.
You can't be this stupid.

>> No.50318581

This is over playing APEX offstream with guys and it's trolls from 5ch pushing it.

>> No.50318583

Arigathanks is not "1 troll falseflagging" and he's not even the only person giving her shit.
How many times do we need to go through this shit? Why are you even posting if you have no idea what's going on?

>> No.50318618

It's not trolls for 5ch though.

>> No.50318753

The only people giving a shit about cross examining Apex times offstream are 5ch.

>> No.50318819

Is 5ch your boogeyman after the EN homo thing didn't work out?
Arigathanks is not 5ch.

>> No.50318866

The western definition of 'Idol Culture' is what happens when you take JP's Gachikoi culture and combine it with the US' Puritanical bullshit.

>> No.50318870

It's literally 5ch forcing the APEX narrative.

>> No.50318905

Again, Arigathanks and his goons are not 5ch.

>> No.50318967

1 person out of thousands.

>> No.50319008

I'm well aware. I'm talking about western dramatubers who only got their info from reading EOP tweets. Her asking them to shut the fuck up would've gotten lost in the void due to the language barrier and horde mentality.

>> No.50319073

He's just one that was named but there are several people in his group. I'm not going to start posting their twitter accounts just to prove that it's more than one person.
Also, again, he is specifically the one that was named during the "anticorns get btfo'd" saga. He is the "face" of the unicorns.

>> No.50319099

Managing the fan base is part of the skills you will need as a streamer. Don't bring in what you can't handle.

>> No.50319231

Bunker doesn't have more than like 6-12 people in it. That's what I'm saying it's an incredibly small minority

>> No.50319320

It's not the people from the bunker according to the owner of the bunker.
This is all completely irrelevant anyways. Arigathanks was central in representing unicorns and that's all that matters.

>> No.50319407

>Arigathanks was central in representing unicorns and that's all that matters.
I just said that. 1 mental patient out of 1000s

>> No.50319443

Doesn't matter if he's just one person. He's THE unicorn.

>> No.50319611

>it's not unicorns!1!1!1
>t. unicorns

>> No.50319655

Shut the fuck up.

>> No.50319686

okay unicorn
whatever you say unicorn

>> No.50319700

nta. i'm a unicorn and i don't harass my oshis, why would i do that?, i simply look for the good chuubas simple as, if a gal doesn't deliver i simply dropp her and move on to the next one until i find the correct one.

>> No.50319749

She said she's literally their girlfriend so they don't just leave but try to "solve" the situation.

>> No.50319755

good thing you're the only person watching vtubers and there aren't any other people

>> No.50319762

I never harassed anyone. It's unfair to punish people because 1 person needs medical supervision.

>> No.50319784

it really just shows how EOPs got the unicorn boogeyman from that pink haired bitch who unsuccessfully anherod after being exposed by some nijifags prior to her debut on holo 5th gen

>> No.50319796

i won't give up on her she never threw her fans under the bus so i love my wife Mike/nazuna, i love her lots for her dedication even with her mental instability.

>> No.50319828

I never harassed anyone. It's unfair to punish *1000s of people because 1 person needs medical supervision.

>> No.50319840

cultivating unicorns is laying groundworks for schizos to attach to you
streamers that tell unicorns to fuck off never have this kind of problems

>> No.50319925

>streamers that tell unicorns to fuck off never have this kind of problems
I wouldn't be so sure about that, but it's better than inviting them.

>> No.50319933

this clip hit way too close to home

>> No.50319977

>I never harassed anyone

>> No.50320046

Yes all men. Slay sister.

>> No.50320048

KSon directly or indirectly set her down this path after the whole "Unicorn" rant

>> No.50320061

Generally true but I think you gotta do it early on. Lots of vtubers try to cut out the unicorns once they start becoming an issue, which usually ends in some retarded shitstorm. Gotta cultivate an audience that understands that you may one day interact with a male that isn’t you.

>> No.50320064

sounds like you will harass some woman if she does something you don't like
every unicorn says they're the good guy untill they're not

>> No.50320086

I only heard the beginning part of her twitcast,did her friends really leak her privacy?

>> No.50320088

I think you forgot to take your meds, triangle has nothing to do with this and she never had unicorns either.
The people harassign her were chinks and some nijis.

>> No.50320269

everyone blamed unicorns for her graduating cause they said unicorn bad idol culture and shiet, not here on /vt/ but on twitter and such the discourse was pointed towards unicorns.

>> No.50320282

Why can't she just disable DMs though
DMs never helped and caused most of her problems.

>> No.50320572

Nobody even talked about unicorns back then, except maybe some faggots on twitter with pronouns in their names.
Also not a single fan even had an issue with anything she did, the chinks saw a weakness and harassed her IRL on to of spreading rrats like her being a literal whore, her leaking the model which supposedly showed her disrespect for Cover, and her supposedly spreading rumors about a niji girl (which, unfortunately, a couple nijis fell for).

>> No.50320827

>I'm afraid she'll quit her online activity altogether or at least become extremely inactive.
Why would you be afraid of that? It's genuinely the best thing for her as a person.

>> No.50320912

>spreading rrats like her being a literal whore
She's not pure in the slightest but that wasn't really a problem. Some of her "fans" still try to hide that stuff even though she doesn't.
>her leaking the model which supposedly showed her disrespect for Cover
How is this a "ratt"? It happened and was the given reason for her suspension.
>her supposedly spreading rumors about a niji girl
That did happen and she claims to have apologized to that girl in private. It wasn't really about the girl but about niji as a company which is why nijifags when crazy over that.

>> No.50321049

Yes and no. The short story is that the rrats were based on something, but it was all just pretense and no sane person would come to those conclusions from the facts.
Like her supposedly leaking her model was a thumbnail of a passworded test stream, that she had permission for from her manager, on an account with like 2 viewers (literally 2, not two digits), that only got found because of the chinks.

>> No.50321943

The Internet will always have a minority of extremist idiots that will harass and cause harm.
I don't believe Mikeneko ever encouraged this kind of behavior, her menhera girlfriend routine was merely anime acting.

>> No.50322238

>her menhera girlfriend routine was merely anime acting
She told her fans that it's not a mere act and some of them believed that.