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western vtubers are a mistake

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let her have fun, she's probably the type to never have had friends in high school so shes using this to make friends

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it's a guy

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Sounds based, conservatives are so fragile I'm glad someone is humouring the fact.

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This the new dumpster diving thread?

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Says the "people" who have been screaming and crying about conservatives not baking a cake for a couple of fags and a fast food chain not being open on Sunday.

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Being honest, this is how I see it
Fuck politics, I don't like discussing them, maybe I'm incredibly dumb or the "politics fandom" it's just plainly toxic, probably both

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>who have been screaming and crying about conservatives not baking a cake for a couple of fags
Wasn't that over 5 years ago? And I'm pretty sure they were dykes, not fags.
Also, this is all hardly different from Japanese Keemstar's brand of dramatuber.

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>horseshoe theory
you need to be 18 years or older to be here anon

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how exactly are they going to enforce that rule?

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its actually true, all people obsessed with politics are fucking snowflakes, its not exclusive to one side.

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itt: twitter political sperg trannies getting angry

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Where are the right wing Vtubers?

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they're pretty obscure. I only know of one and that got bullied off from /vt/. There's a fuckton of leftist western vtubers though, which is pretty fucking telling

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Anyone to the right of Ben Shapiro got banned off of YouTube 2 years ago so it doesn’t surprise me. Leftoids can’t help co-opting something (like vtubers) for their mental illness cult.

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If you think vtubers shouldn't be political, YOU ARE CRINGE and you should kill yourself. They're more entertaining than all boring regular vtubers. You are literally restricting their creative freedom.

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go back

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Besides Amelia "Union Buster" Watson, no.

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Does Flamenco count?

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Flamenco is a vtuber now? That sperg? No fucking way

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>Cons fragile
>Leftist unpersons anyone who has an opinion right of bernie

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i want to see those lefty vtubers, anonchama.

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Literally almost every twittuber

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remember christcuks banning videogames and shows for being to anything they didn't like? using social presure to nuke people you don't like has little to do with your political stances, you just need to be on the side that has power at the moment

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so it's not vtubers, most of them won't even debut, I'm still waiting.

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and that's by google searching alone


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I can see that mr. obvious guy making his own model... and chadman

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static pngtubers are not vtubers

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why does nobody use this term correctly
it doesn't mean someone who's easily offended it just means someone who wants to be treated special
there's overlap, but they're not synonyms

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Now they're crying cause they got called out. Bunch of retards.

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Frankly all those cringy cultural warrior youtubers would be a lot better if they were using a cute anime avatar. No one wants to see their gormless face as they whine about whatever dumb bullshit they think will generate clicks.

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schizo weeb, most likely liberal, discarded
Mana? How's she left? I've been watching her briefly after her debut and haven't noticed anything lefty about her
<1k transgender, all they can offer, most likely liberal aswell
actual lefty, based

Not enough, sir, but thanks to you I found another channel I'm willing to watch.

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Now get out faggot

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there's actually more breadtube-wannabie 2view vtubers on twitch but I am not really on a mood to dumpsterdive an awful genre like the breadsperg "community"

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>"DnD is the devil!"
>Still going
>"Pokemon is the devil!"
>Number on franchise in the world
>Left take over the internet and vidya industry and won't shut up about how right they are, ruining both
>Cancel game devs and ruin their lives for having the wrong opinion or for simply looking at wahmen wrong
You're right, those dam cons in the 80s really did a number on the industry didn't they.

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I meant that I can see him rigging that mask

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Western streamers are best avoided in general. It isn't unique to vtubers. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with people these days but almost all of them have it.

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DnD and many major ttrpgs are victims of correctness now

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Oh, a literal leftie. Wish you well in this crazy world of today.

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nah leftist faggots are the fragile ones

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suck my cock

gotta agree, breadtube is a mess, a huge dumpsterdive as you've stated. The biggest ones don't deserve their success. All this shit makes me want to become a cute commie anime girl which isn't chinese

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The games industry is more profitable than ever before, by every measurable metric it's doing better now. You can't sit here hemming and hawing about artistic merit when chasing trends that generate the most revenue is the expected way for a company to function. The moral majority failed because secularism only increases as technology develops, so they just sounded like overbearing dorks when they cried about Pokemon promoting evolution. Muh diversity fits way better with expanding market shares so it ended up being a match made in heaven for corporations.

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Liberal progressive politics are a cancer that seemingly infect everything eventually. I sometimes wonder what will happen when there is no real entertainment left for anyone? When everything is just intolerable, preachy bullshit with disgusting-looking characters and there is no escape anywhere? Will something finally change then?

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Conservatives are definitely not so fragile they will freak out at a lower tier vtuber's video title

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so politics is only ok for vtubers as long as it's liberal or leftist?

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Only if the politics is absolute militant extremism and not sjws and cuckservatives whining at each other. I want to see stalinist tankies and tinfoil hat libertarians arguing over jewish space lasers and who has the better guns

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The gaming industry would have been successful being left or right, consumerism is rampant and the majority don't give a shit, they only care about keeping their brains entertained. The left took no part of that. The problem is if the left get a hold of a pre-existing IP or franchise they try to shove their opinions to preach on people, which potentially ruin it. When did the right ever take an IP and destroy it with their politics?
Magic is the best example recently, they banned cards because they were offensive, actively ruining the gameplay for reasons outside of the game.
Comic books are burning because the left would rather preach instead of writing good shit. Hell even then some OG comic book artist try to kickstart their own comics and some got cancelled over it. They cancel anything they can, that's why facebook/twitter/youtube have full control of media really, any competition gets deleted if they're threatened. Just recently the creator of FNaF came out as a right winged christian and they doxxed and threatened his family. That's who you want handling the internet, or anything for that matter?

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If you can't even crack 1,000 views in a month, odds are you're not important to any sort of discourse, and for someone to bitch about your existence makes them even less important. You can surely find at least one explicitly right wing vtuber that is as equally insignificant, no ones going to bitch about it here either.

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this is still pretty homosexual and you know it

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>I want to see stalinist tankies and tinfoil hat libertarians arguing over jewish space lasers and who has the better guns

That'd be nice. I, too, get tired of watching two sides of the same cuck coin slap-fighting over who sucks the most dick.

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vtubers should've been getekept from the average westerner like you. Fucking disgusting to think that you're telling me to tolerate these people from ruining whatever non-polarized entertainment left on the Internet. You fags don't deserve baacharu chuubas

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what the fuck, did they go after Scott? I thought everyone already knew he was an evangelical christian, what happened? Did he donate to the "wrong" church charity?

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I don't have anything against vtubers going political. It's just what are their beliefs and if they're terrible I have the right to shit on them.

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Right, because one libtard indie western vtuber who gets shit for views completely ruins the ability of people to enjoy Pekora or other completely unrelated jp chuubas.
They're literal whos, so who fucking cares? And why do you? That's what we call "rent free" anon.

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yeah but if I have to see politics no matter what, i'm not listening to people who don't even remember the church/concerned mother/jack thompson policing of the media and act like it's some new modern phenomenon

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my dude you are kicking up a fit over absolutely nothing, making it look like a bigger deal than it is. if that isn't an average westerner, i don't know what is.

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nah non-homsex right are the fragile ones

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We made it ;A;
I'm not even that good as Faust but we got there.

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go back to 4chan
oh wait

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I don't need that, I kind of got used to daily shitstorms about "how left is enough" or how I'm literally Hitler for approving Tito, Ho Chi Minh or catalan anarcho-syndicalists. Got called "tankie" hundreds of times.
Rightwingers don't have such problems, somehow. Or rather I can no longer see them since I took the true REDpill and grew out of fascist and liberal bullshit.
I just want the people to live well and everyone to not be treated like shit.

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