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>biggest small corpo yab in history
>channel still growing
>didn't lose a single paypig
>gen 2 soon
How did EIEN Project do it?

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>>biggest small corpo yab in history
That's the entire existence of WACTOR

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>2view corpo
who cares?

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>>channel still growing
proof? last time I looked she was a 2view

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>channel still growing
Is it? I think she’s stagnated like crazy

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I hope she does some live cucking again, I want to see the kichains reaction

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it's okay because she said she's sorry

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uuuuu my little strawberry girlfriend i will correct her

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>How did Idol do it?

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Idol aren't anywhere near as bad

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Cucks are a real demographic that people didn't think existed, and EIEN was smart enough to tap into that market, become the first official NTRcorp in vtubing.

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Kilia and Skye are single though? Why should they be stained with Kiki's shit?

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See you at the next yab that was totally unforeseeable

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One of them was a whore who got fired for trying to shill her onlyfans

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We don't know if they are single or not. But i can tell you Skye doesn't do GFE and is actually an amazingly entertaining streamer. give my bro Skye a shake if you're interested in true brotuber experience

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The only people still talking about it are existing fans desperate for this corpo to stay relevant.

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Kiki's ASMR got good numbers. She's doing great. Kilia is a 3view and Skye streams at shitty hours but is easily one of the best small corpo vtubers out there. EIEN won.

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>biggest small corpo yab in history
So is WACTOR considered a big corpo now or something? It seems to me like WACTOR has had about a dozen of the biggest small corpo yabs in history, and they barely exist anymore as a result.

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It was all revealed here instead of anywhere that mattered, so she cleaned up her tracks. Then vaguely apologized for "lying to make you like her uwu" so her regular fans are none the wiser

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It's a shame how low she went. She could have been something great.

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>none the wiser
bull. Few of her most loyal whales (including the ballsack chair recipient) follow her from her PL, even though she was a 1view. And they all are talking in DMs and have their own private fan server where they share all the info. They all know and choose to stay. Unironic cuck mentality.

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Gaslighting, sunk costs, cognitive dissonance, and a whole lot of simps in a Discord

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I had a chat on Twitter with "ballsack recipient", they are wise indeed. They do not care so much about all the drama and just enjoy the entertainment. Seems like a healthy mindset, even if I disagree with it.

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she's never had an onlyfans anon

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True, but don't reply to bait

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hard to tell between retard and bait sometimes anon

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I guess schizo give up https://rentry.org/fo9pp

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This is her BF btw

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wdym? They're reclining harder than ever. The remainder of her fanbase are only thinking with their cocks while everybody else left that shithole company weeks ago.

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>Biggest small corpo yab
I think the Cyberlive manager fucking paypigs is still number one.

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It was the funniest one, particularly because of the whole otome game protagonist

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I don't even want to know the length some people will sink. Disgusting.

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power of cucks

the channel has pretty much stagnated now though

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